The Almanac Of Political Corruption Scandals And Dirty Politics

    The Almanac Of Political Corruption Scandals And Dirty Politics
      The Almanac Of Political Corruption Scandals And Dirty Politics.

      Watergate. Billygate. Iran-contra. Teapot Dome. Monica Lewinsky.american History Is Marked By Era-defining Misdeeds, Indiscretions, And The Kind Of Tabloid-ready Scandals That Politicians Seem To Do Better Than Anyone Else. Now, For The First Time, One Volume Brings Together 300 Years Of Political Wrongdoing In An Illustrated History Of Politicians Gone Wild-proving That Today's Scoundrels Aren't The First, Worst, And Surely Won't Be The Last.... From High Crimes To Misdemeanors To Moments Of Licentiousness And Larceny, This Unique Compendium Captures In Complete, Colorful Detail The Foibles, Failings, Peccadilloes, Dirty Tricks, And Astounding Blunders Committed By Politicians Behaving Badly. Amid Stories Of Brawlers, Plagiarists, Sexual Predators, Tax Evaders, And The Temporarily Insane, This Almanac Tells All About: -the Only (so Far ) President To Be Arrested While In Office: Ulysses S. Grant, Who Was Allegedly Issued A Ticket For Racing His Horse And Buggy Through The Streets Of Washington, D.c. -the Former New Jersey Stte Senator David J. Friedland, Who Disappeared During A Scuba Diving Accident In 1985. It Turns Out He Staged The Accident And Served Nine Years In Prison After Being Captured In The Maldives. -tape-recorded Instructions From Highbrow President Franklin Delano Roosevelt On How His Staff Should Carry Out Some Low-down Political Tricks -the Bizarre Story Of U.s. Congressman Robert Potter, Who Castrated Two Men He Suspected Of Having Affairs With His Wife. Potter Won Election To The State House While In Jail-but Was Kicked Out For Cheating At Cards. -texas Congressman Henry Barbosa Gonzalez: He Was Charged With Assault In 1986 After He Shoved And Hit A Man Who Called Him A Communist. Gonzalez Was Seventy Years Old At Teh Time. At Once Shocking And Hilariously Funny, Here's A Book That Exposes The History Of American Politics, Warts And All-and Makes For Hours Of Jaw-dropping, Fascinating, Illuminating Reading.

      SKU: 1970615
      ISBN: 9780553384352
      Author: Long, Kim

    Chilly Bone Vanilla Flavored (small)
      Chilly Bone Vanilla Flavored (small).

      The Chilly Bone Will Provide Hours And Hours Of Excitement And Enjoyment For You Dog. The Patented Chilly Bone Contains A Unique Non-toxic Water Absorbing Sponge Like Material Inside That Can Be Frozen Time And Time Again. Your Dog Will Love The Chilly Cold Sensation In The Winter And The Summer. The Chilly Bone Will Even Help Clean And Stimulate Your Dogs Teeth And Gums. No Dog Can Resist The Chilly Bone. Great For Dental Health, Teething Puppies & Full Grown Dogs Durable & Long Lasting Just Wet It And Freeze It Comes With Resealabe/reusable Bag

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Toys, gt, chew Toys, gt, multipet Chilly Bone
      SKU: Chillybone5

    Conquer K9 Mature Years Chewables (60 Ct)
      Conquer K9 Mature Years Chewables (60 Ct).

      Conquer K9 Mature Years Chewables (60 Ct) By Kinetic Is A Veterinarian-developed Formula Containing Proven Ingredients To Support The Health Of Your Dog's Joints, Cartilage And Coat. Maintains Health Of Skin & Coat, Joint Healthy & Flexibility And Provides Antioxidants. Combining Hyaluronic Acid (ha), Glucosamine, Chondroitin And Other Ingredients That Provide This Formulation With The Necessary Components To Support The Health Of Your Dog's Joints, Cartilage, Skin And Coat. Beef And Liver Flavoring Offers A Palatable Chewable For Dogs.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, joint Supplements, gt, senior Joint Supplements, gt, conquer K9 Mature Years
      SKU: Cok9mayech60

    Drinkwell 360 Replacement Filters 3-pack
      Drinkwell 360 Replacement Filters 3-pack.

      Drinkwell 360 Replacement Filters 3-pack By Veterinary Ventures Inc. Works Only With The Drinkwell 360 Fountain. The Filter Features A Plastic Cylindrical Design With A Pull Tab For Easy Placement And Removal. The 360 Filter Contains A Duo-density Polyester Pad To Capture Debris And Granulated Carbon For Extended Action! Filters Keep Water Clean And Fresh Product Dimensions: 1.5 X 1.5 X 3.5 Inches Duo-density Pad Captures Debris Granulatdd Carbon Provides Extended Cleaning Action Designed For Easy Placement And Removal Replace Filter Every 2 To 4 Weeks

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, feeding Supplies, gt, automatic Feeders , amp, Waterers, gt, drinkwell Accessories
      SKU: Drinkwell360filter

    Duramune Lyme (25 Doses)
      Duramune Lyme (25 Doses).

      Duramune Lyme Is A Vaccine To Protect Dogs With Borrelia Burgdorferi From Developing Lyme Disease. This Vaccine Contains The Inactivated Version Of The Borrelia Burgdorferi Virus To Help Your Dog's Immune System Resist Its Effects And Prevent The Development Of Related Ailments, Such As Lyme Disease. The Vaccine Includes Two Whole-cell Strains To Ensure That The Antibody Response Is Broad Enough To Keep Your Dog Healthy. Duramune Lyme Is Ideal For All Healthy Dogs That Are At Least Nine Weeks Of Age. This Package Comes With 25 Doses That Can Be Stored To Ensure That You Can Revaccinate One Or More Dogs One Year After Their Initial Vaccination, As Is Recommended. Lyme Disease Is A Serious Threat To Your Dog's Health, So Order A Pack Of These Vaccines Today. Key Features: Contains Two Whole-cell Strains Of Dead Virus Proven To Protect Dogs With Borrelia Burgdorferi From Lyme Disease Contains 25 Doses Of The Vaccine For Revaccination, Etc.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, health , amp, amp, Wellness, gt, vaccines, gt, duramune Lyme
      SKU: Duramune-lyme-25-doses

    Fruitables Pumpkin Superblend Digestive Supplement Dogs & Cats Can Food (15 Oz)
      Fruitables Pumpkin Superblend Digestive Supplement Dogs & Cats Can Food (15 Oz).

      Fruitables Pumpkin Superblend Digestive Supplement Dogs & Cats Can Food Uses A Unique Blend Of Natural Ingredients To Support A Healthy Gastrointestinal Tract. This Gluten Free Formulation Was Developed By Veterinarians To Support Healthy Digestion In Dogs And Cats. The Supplement Contains Fruits And Vegetables That Include Valuable Nutrients. Fruitables Pumpkin Superblend Digestive Supplement Dogs & Cats Can Food Can Be Combined With Your Pet's Current Food And Works Fast. This Can Contains 15 Ounces Of The Supplement And Was Made Here In The Usa To Ensure That It Is Trusty For Your Pet. Promote Healthy Digestion In Your Pet By Ordering This Supplement Today! Key Features: Contains Healthy Balance Of Natural Fibers And Herbs Fortified With Vitamins And Nutrients Supports Healthy Gastrointestinal Tract And Digestion In Dogs And Cats Made In Usa

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, food Supplements, gt, probiotics , amp, Digestion Supplements, gt, fruitables Digestive Supplements
      SKU: Fruitables-pumpkin-digestive-supplement-dogs-cats-food-15-oz

    Godog Dragon With Chew Guard - Periwinkle
      Godog Dragon With Chew Guard - Periwinkle.

      Go Dog Dragons - Periwinkle Is A Tough, Yet Soft, Chew Toy For Dogs. Go Dog Toys Feature Chew Guard Technology. This Projection Adds A Super Tough, Durable Liner Specifically Engineered To Withstand The Daily Rigors Of A Dog At Play. With Double Stitched Seams And Reinforcement, Chew Guard Protected Dog Toys Stand Up To Even The Touhgest Chewers! This Wide Bodied Dragon Measures 9" Tall, And 13" Across. With The Added Squeaker Housed Inside This Large Dragon's Body, Your Dog Will Find I Tdifficult To Let Go. The Bubble Plush Outer Fabric Is Durable, Yet Soft On Your Dog's Mouth. Toy Measures Approximately 9" Tall And 13" Across Chew Guard Technology Makes This Toy Tough! Squeaker Inside

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Toys, gt, plush , amp, Stuffing-free Dog Toys, gt, godog Toys With Chewguard
      SKU: Godog-dragon-with-chew-guard-periwinkle

    Hide & Seek - Coffee 23x14"
      Hide & Seek - Coffee 23x14".

      This Bed Features Front Opening And Is Designed For The Pet That Likes To Burrow Or Snuggle. The Wall Core Is Filled With Foam To Provide A Soft Yet Sturdy Entrance And Exit For Your Pet. The Lining Is Luxuriously Soft Which Makes This Bed A Great Hiding Place For Your Furry Friend To Sneak Into, Curl Up And Snooze The Day Away! Made With Luxurious Designer Plush Fabrics Also Features Polyester Fill From Recycled Plastic Bottles. Machine-wash In Cold Water, Gentle Cycle. Wash Separately. No Bleach. Air-dry. Size: 13.5x13x10 In

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, pet Home , amp, amp, Travel Essentials, gt, pillow, Bolster , amp, amp, Lounger Beds, gt, precision Pet Beds
      SKU: Hide-seek-coffee-23x14

    Jw Pet Grip Soft Dog Deluxe Nail Clipper (large)
      Jw Pet Grip Soft Dog Deluxe Nail Clipper (large).

      Jw Pet Gripsoft Deluxe Nail Clippers Is Used By Professional Groomers To Maintain Nails At A Comfortable Length. The "good Grooming" Tool For Regular Trimming Of Your Dog's Nails. Jw Gripsoft Nail Clipper For Large Dogs Most Cats And Dogs That Are Kept Indoors Need Their Nails Trimmed On A Regular Basis To Help Prevent A Variety Of Health Problems As Well As Keeping Them Neat And From Getting Caught.jw Gripsoft Nail Clipper For Large Dogs Features A Unique Patented Soft Rubber Cushioned Handle For Maximum Comfort And Control.heavy Duty Clipper With Built In Nail Guardeasy To Use, Smooth Action Makes Clipping Nails Safe And Stress Free. Jw Gripsoft Nail Clipper For Large Dogs Features A Unique Patented Soft Rubber Cushioned Handle For Maximum Comfort And Control. Heavy Duty Clipper With Built In Nail Guard Easy To Use, Smooth Action Makes Clipping Nails Safe And Stress Free

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, grooming Supplies, gt, nail Clippers , amp, amp, Files, gt, jw Pet Grip Soft Nail Clippers
      SKU: Jwnailcliplrg

    Dog Breed Keychain Usa Pewter - Lhasa Apso (2.5")
      Dog Breed Keychain Usa Pewter - Lhasa Apso (2.5").

      Lhasa Apso Keychain Approximately 2.5" Pewter Made In The Usa

      Category: Products For Pet Lovers, gt, dog Lovers, gt, rawcliffe Pewter Dog Keychains
      SKU: Lhasa-apso-keychain

    Marineland Led Bubble Ring Crystal Topper
      Marineland Led Bubble Ring Crystal Topper.

      The Marineland Led Bubble Ring Crystal Topper Adds Visual Appeal To Your Led Bubble Ring. This Unique Shape Securely Snaps Onto The Led Bubble Ring And Captures The Colors From The Leds For A More Concentrated Look. The Oxygenated Bubbles Rise Up Around The Crystal Topper To Provide Maximum Aeration.

      Category: Aquarium , amp, amp, Fish Supplies, gt, aquarium Air Pumps, gt, marineland Air Accessories
      SKU: Marineland-led-bubble-ring-crystal-topper

    Redbarn Bully Coated Antler Dog Chew - Solid (jumbo)
      Redbarn Bully Coated Antler Dog Chew - Solid (jumbo).

      Redbarn Solid Bully Coated Antler Dog Chews Are Delicious Chew Treats Made From All Natural Deer And Moose Antlers. Your Dog Will Love These Delicious Bones That Have Each Been Naturally Shed And Covered With A Secret Coating. Each Chew Treat Lasts For Hours Of Enjoyable Chewing And Is Completely Odor-free. To Ensure That Your Dog Receives Only The Best, No Artificial Preservatives, Flavorings Or Colors Have Been Added To These Treats. Redbarn Hard Bully Coated Antler Dog Chews Are Left In Their Natural Antler Shape For Dogs That Are Aggressive Chewers. This Particular Antler Is A Jumbo Size, But There Are Also Medium , Large , And Extra Large Sizes Available. Your Dog Will Love This Delicious Chew Treat- So Order One Today! Key Features: 100% Natural Ddeer And Elk Antlers Odor-free Available In 4 Sizes

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, bones And Rawhide Chews, gt, redbarn Bone Chews
      SKU: Redbarn-bully-coated-antler-dog-chew-solid-jumbo

    Spot Skinneeez Stuffing Free - Assortment 25" (each)
      Spot Skinneeez Stuffing Free - Assortment 25" (each).

      Spot Skinneeez Stuffing Free - Assortment 25" (each) Bring Out Your Dog's Natural Hunting Instinct With Our Realistic Skinneeez Toys. Our Stuffing Free Skinneeez Last Longer Than Regular Plush Dog Toys Because There Is No Stuffing For Your Dog To Rip Out! Now Your Dog Can Enjoy Long Lasting Play While Flip-flopping Our Stuffing Free Skinneeez. The Spot Skinneeez Plush Pet Toy Has 2 Squeakers - One In The Head And One In The Tail For Double The Fun. Collect Them All!

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Toys, gt, plush , amp, Stuffing-free Dog Toys, gt, skinneeez Stuffing-free Dog Toys By Spot
      SKU: Spskstfrjuca

    Tuffy Desert Series - Lizard
      Tuffy Desert Series - Lizard.

      Tuffy Desert: Lizzy Lizard Slither And Slide With Lizzy The Lizard. Your Pooch Will Love This Tough And Adventurous Toy! For Interactive Play With One Or Multiple Dogs. Easy To Toss And Floats! Safe Soft Edges Won't Hurt Gums Or Teeth. Tuff Scale: 7 For Dogs: All Sizes Size: 2x 9x 19 Inches Squeakers: 1 Desert Construction: Each Toy Is Made With 2 Layers Of Industrial Grade Luggage Material And 1 Layer Of Soft Fleece On The Outside. All Of The Layers Are Sewn Together To Make One Super Strong Layer Of Material. Each Toy Is Sewn Together With 2 Layers Of Linear Stitching. After The Toy Is Sewn Together An Additional Piece Of Black Trim Is Added To Cover The Four Rows Of Stitching. This Extra Piece Of Black Trim Is Sewn With 3 Linear Stitches To Give The Product A Total Of 7 Seams! Now That?s One Tough Toy! * These Toys Are Machine Washable (air Dry) And Float!

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Toys, gt, plush , amp, Stuffing-free Dog Toys, gt, tuffy, s Dog Toys
      SKU: Tuffy-desert-series-lizard

    Four Paws Wee-wee Pads For Little Dogs (28 Pads)
      Four Paws Wee-wee Pads For Little Dogs (28 Pads).

      Four Paws Wee-wee Pads For Little Dogs (28 Pack) Four Paws Little Dog Wee Wee Pads Are Sized Just Right For Smaller Dog Breeds. Four Paws, The Maker Of The #1 Best Selling Brand Of House Breaking Pads In The World Is Delighted To Have Created The Pet Industry's Only Housebreaking Pad Marketed Specifically For Little Dogs. The Pads Are So Convenient They Can Be Quickly And Easily Placed Anywhere! Highly Absorbent And Treated With An Attractant So Little Dogs Know Where To Go. Wee Wee Pads For Little Dogs Measures 16.5" X 23.5" Four Paws Wee-wee Pads Are Versatile In That They Can Be Used For Training Or As An Everyday Alternative To The Outdoors When Pets (or The People That Care For Them) Are Housebound. This Item Ships Ground Only, And Can Not Be Shipped To Po Box Address***

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, cleaning , amp, amp, Sanitation, gt, dog Training Pads, gt, four Paws Wee-wee Pads
      SKU: Weepadsl28

    Wobble Wag Giggle Ball
      Wobble Wag Giggle Ball.

      The Wobble Wag Giggle™ Ball Is A Noise-making Ball That Will Quickly Become Your Dog's Favorite Toy. This Unique Ball Toy Features 6 Clutch Pockets Spread Around The Surface Of The Ball That Allow Dogs To Easily Grab The Ball And Carry It. When The Ball Moves, It Produces A Unique Giggle Sound That Will Excite And Delight Your Pup, Enticing Them Into Longer, More Rewarding Play Sessions. Wobble Wag Giggle™ Ball Is Made Of Flexible And Durable Phthalate-free Vinyl To Ensure That It Is Safe For Your Pooch. The Ball Uses Simple Tubes To Produce The Noise Without The Use Of Batteries, Making It Long-lasting And Easy To Maintain. Order This Incredible Ball Toy For Your Dog Today! Key Features: Produces Giggling Noise When Moved Without The Use Of Batteries Made With Flexible And Durable Phthalate-free Vinyl 6 Clutch Pockets Allow Dog To Lift And Carry Ball

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Toys, gt, innteractive Dog Toys, gt, wobble Wag Giggle, amp, trade, Ball
      SKU: Wobble-wag-giggle -ball


      Hopkinsville, The Seat Of Christian County, Kentucky, Has Experienced Extensive Change Over The Years. This Volume Studies The Transition Of A Small-town Culture From The Days Of Dirt Streets And Horse-drawn Vehicles To Paved Thoroughfares And Motor Traffic.

      SKU: 2694083
      ISBN: 9780738553207
      Author: Gilkey, Chris / Turner, William T.

    Humpty Dumpty Back On The Wall
      Humpty Dumpty Back On The Wall.

      Life Does Not Prepare You For Losing Your Mind And There Is No Guarantee Of Finding It Once You Have Lost It. The Search For My Mind And An Understanding Of Why My Life Had Taken Such A Drastic Turn, Led Me On An Investigative Journey Through My Past. Plagued By Thoughts Of Never Being Whole Again, I Felt Like Humpty Dumpty Who Fell Off The Wall. Although I Did Not Have Access To The 'king's Horses' And The 'king's Men', Somehow I Was 'put Back Together Again.' Perhaps Even More Than Medicine And Therapy, Love, Caring, Forgiveness, And Nonjudgmental Encouragement Have Been Great Healers And Motivators In My Life. This Love Has Also Enabled Me To Love, Care, Forgive, And Encourage Others. When I Was In A Place That I, And Others, Thought To Be A Place Of No Return, I Found Healing From These Unlikely Healers. Having Been Blessed To Return From That Place, I Discovered That Sometimes, Tragedy Is A Precursor To Triumph And Brokenness A Prerequisite For Wholeness. In My Darkest Hour, The Love And Support That I Received Helped Me To Find My Way. One Day While Seriously Contemplating Suicide, Sitting With My Head In My Hands Crying, I Was Startled By A Tap On My Shoulder From My Three Year-old Son. He Patted My Shoulder And Said, "it's Going To Be Alright Daddy, It's Going To Be Alright." Even Now, The Thought Of Those Words Give Me A Chill, Just Thinking Of How The Words Of A Three-year-old Could Affect The Course Of My Life. In That Moment, A Door Opened In My Mind That Allowed Me To Begin The Process Of Regaining Control Over My Mind And My Life. I Knew That I Did Not Want To Leave Him Here Without A Father.

      SKU: 17707446
      ISBN: 9781619965485
      Author: Tucker, Ralph Eugene

    The Conjure Woman And Other Conjure Tales
      The Conjure Woman And Other Conjure Tales.

      Charles W. Chesnutt (1858-1932) Was An Author, Essayist And Political Activist Whose Works Addressed The Complex Issues Of Racial And Social Identity At The Turn Of The Cnetury. Chesnutt's Early Works Explored Political Issues Somewhat Indirectly, With The Intention Of Changing The Attitudes Of Caucasians Slowly And Carefully. His Characters Deal With Difficult Issues Of Miscegenation, Illegitimacy, Racial Identity And Social Place. The Stories In "the Conjure Woman And Other Conjure Tales" Were Chesnutt's First Great Literary Success. This Collection Of Thirteen Short Stories Is Told By A Former Slave Named Uncle Julius To A White Couple Who Have Recently Moved To The South. Uncle Julius's Tales Feature Supernatural Elements Such As Haunting, Transfiguration, And Conjuring That Were Typical Of Southern Folk Tales. In This Collection, "po' Sandy" Recounts How A Woman Changed Her Lover Into A Tree To Try And Protect Him. Another Story, "sis' Becky's Pickaninny," Tells The Tragic Story Of A Slave Woman Who Is Parted From Her Baby When The Plantation Owner Sells Her For A Race Horse.

      SKU: 14992701
      ISBN: 9781420942675
      Author: Chesnutt, Charles W.

    Stereoscopic View Of The White Mountains
      Stereoscopic View Of The White Mountains.

      For More Than 150 Years, The White Mountains Have Attracted Untold Numbers Of Visitors From All Over The World. The Lofty Peaks Offer Unlimited Panoramasathe View From The Summit Of Mount Washington Extends For More Than 100 Miles In All Directions And Includes 33 Other Mountaintops, Each With An Elevation Exceeding 4,000 Feet. Framing The Presidential Range Are Crawford Notch, Franconia Notch, And Pinkham Notch, Three Of The Most Impressive Wonders In The Eastern Part The Country. The White Mountain Region Has Numerous Other Points Of Interest: The Flume, The Pool, The Basin, The Old Man Of The Mountain, Glen Ellis Falls, The Lake Of The Clouds, Echo Lake, Profile Lake, And The White Horse Ledge, To Name A Few. The Stereo Technique Dates From The Earliest Years Of Photography. Stereo Photographs Are Two Images Of The Same View Taken From Slightly Different Points, Which When Observed Through Special Glasses Appear As One With An Added Dimension Of Depth. Photographers Took These Three-dimensional Views To Exemplify And To Preserve In Print The Beauty, Wonders, And Wealth Of Nature. Stereoscopic Views Of The White Mountains Contains More Than 200 Reflective Stereos Of The Regionas Mountains, Lakes, Rivers, And Streams. These Breathtaking Views Of The Landscape, The Resorts, And The Villages Were Taken During An Excursion On Th E Early Railroads. They Recall The Romance And Idealism Of The Rail And Stagecoach Era.

      SKU: 2689906
      ISBN: 9780738504889
      Author: Heald, Bruce D.

    The Missouri State Fair Missouri St Ate Fair Missouri State Fair: Images Of A Midwestern Tradition Images Of A Midwestern Tradition
      The Missouri State Fair Missouri St Ate Fair Missouri State Fair: Images Of A Midwestern Tradition Images Of A Midwestern Tradition.

      For More Than A Century, State Fairs Have Been One Of The Few Places Where Farm Families Gather In Large Numbers To Proudly Display Their Animals, To Celebrate Familiar Rituals, To Be Entertained Or Horrified By Freak Shows And Circus Peformers, And To Discover The Wonders Of New Technologies. With Over One Hundred Compelling Images And A Fascinating Introduction, The Missouri State Fair Provides A Poignant Look At That World - A World That Has Nearly Disappeared From Rural America. Richard Gaskell First Visited The Missouri State Fair In 1968 While Serving As A Vista Volunteer In Boonville, Missouri. So Captivated Was Gasklel That He Vowed To Return To The Fair And Photograph The People And Events Associated With It. Although It Was Not Until 1986 That He Was Able To Keep That Promise, He Has Made The Long Trip From New England To Missouri Every Year Since Then To Photograph Sights That Can Be Found Only At The State Fair, Capturing Dramatic Images That Say More Than Any Written Words Could. In His Introductory Essay, Gaskell Describes The Fair's Heritage - Both Historically And Through Interviews With The Fair's Contemporary Participants. He Also Offers A Personal Reflection On The Importance Of The Missouri State Fair And Its Significance To The Thousands Of Participants Who Have Been Attending Year After Year. His Compelling And Vivid Images Range From Taut-muscled Draft Horses Straining Against Their Harnesses To Belly Dancers; From Six Year Olds Lost In Thought With Arms Around Their Prizewinning Sheep To The Leathery Faces Of Old-timers, Keen-eyed Yet Wistful. In The Expressions Of The Boys And Girls And Men And Women Who Show Their Animals, Gaskell Has Masterfullycaptured All The Promises, Hopes, And Uncertainties That Come With Participating In The Diverse Events At The Missouri State Fair. An Air Of Innocence And Freshness Can Be Found In The Faces Of The Children, While Many Of The Adult Faces Reflect Both The Struggles And The Gentleness Associated With Farm People. Providing A Unique Window To The Past, The Missouri State Fair Chronicles A Decade In The Life Of A Historic American Tradition. Through His Stunning And Compassionate Portraits, Richard Gaskell Provides A Link Between The State's Rural Past And Its Present, Paying Tribute To Farmers And Their Animals - The Real Life And Breath Of A State Fair's Existence.

      SKU: 3595144
      ISBN: 9780826212733
      Author: Gaskell, Richard

    Just By Accident: Adventures Of A Modern Vagabond
      Just By Accident: Adventures Of A Modern Vagabond.

      Just By Accidrnt: Adventures Of A Modern Vagabond Provides An Entertaining And Unique Look Into The Life Of A Modern Wi Lderness Vagabond. It Is Filled With True Wilderness Adventures Encountered By "backcountry Ben" And Allows Many Of Us To Catch A Glimpse Of What Lies Beyond Where Most Of Us Will Ever Go. While Just By Accident: Adventures Of A Modern Vagabond Is Autobiographical In Nature, It Is More Than Just The Story Of One Man's Life Of Travel And Adventures In The Backcountry. It Is Also About Interpersonal Relationships That Were Formed And Fostered By Ben's Odyssey In The Wilderness. It Is About The Forest Ranger Trekking The Backcountdy, Manning A Fire Lookout, Fighting A Forest Fire, Or Writing A Recreational Plan. It Is About The National Park Service Employee Rifing Horseback In One Of Our Beautiful National Parks And Helping Both Young And Old, Novice And Experienced, Gain A Greater Enjoyment From The Outdoors. It Is About The Fish And Game People Who Protect Our Wildlife From Potential Poachers; Who Improve Habitat, Conduct Biological Surveys, And Collect Data, Not Just On Endangered Species, But On The Myriad Of Other Creatures Which Inhabit Our Forests And Wildlands. It Is About The Entire Guiding And Tourist Industry That Brings People To Visit Our Parks And Forests, Hopefully To Return To Their Urban Dwellings With A Fresh Point Of View About Nature.

      SKU: 6842948
      ISBN: 9781552125908
      Author: Benson, Bben

    Scarlett On The Case
      Scarlett On The Case.

      This Is A Wonderful Children's Story For Young Readers. From Lazy Days On A Farm To High Adventure For Pets And People Alike, The Story Introduces Us To Delightful Characters Readers Will Not Soon Forget. A Very Special Little Dog Named Scarlett Leads The Way As An Unlikely Detective, When She Tries To Solve Mysterious Cases Of Horse Theft From Area Farms. Even With The Short Legs Of A Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Scarlett Proves Herself To Be A Challenging Match For Thieves Who Think They Can Steal Prize Horses Their Owners Love. Scarlett Teams Up With Chloe, A Mischievous Chocolate Labador, And Andrew, The Young Boy Whose Grandparents Own The Farm, In Detective Work That Even Amazes The County Sheriff. In The Course Of Her Adventures, Scarlett Teaches The People Around Her Some Important Lessons About Listening And The Sometimes Hidden Talents Of Pets. With Short, Readable Chapters, It Is Also A Great Bedtime Book For Parents And Kids To Enjo Y Together. This Story Leaves Readers Hoping For More Mysteries With Scarlett On The Case.

      SKU: 4322628
      ISBN: 9780971098862
      Author: Mancl, Kathy / Fischer, Dona

    2016 New Style Polo Shirt Men Black Watch Classic Style Camisa Masculina Casual Custom Fit Short Sleeve 100% Cotton Big Horse Polo T-shirts
      2016 New Style Polo Shirt Men Black Watch Classic Style Camisa Masculina Casual Custom Fit Short Sleeve 100% Cotton Big Horse Polo T-shirts.

      Polo Shirts,more Colors,size:s,m,l,xl,xxl,best Quality,white,orange,yellow,green,black Colors,top Quality,free Shipping

      Category: Men, spolos
      SKU: 388271615

    Fashion Horse+carriage Designs Women Big Square Shawl, 100% Mulberry Silk Twill Lady Scarf,high Qual Ity Women's Printed Scarves 135*135cm
      Fashion Horse+carriage Designs Women Big Square Shawl, 100% Mulberry Silk Twill Lady Scarf,high Qual Ity Women's Printed Scarves 135*135cm.

      High Quality Ladies Scarf,latest Design,beautiful And Fashion, The Best Gift For Yourself And Your Friends. Our Scarf Have Strict Quality Testing And Reasonable Price. Welcome To Buy.special Note:al L The Products Are Simple Packaging, They Are Not Boxes, Only A Plastic Bag, And We Do Nkt Provide Boxes, Invoices.

      Category: Scarves
      SKU: 401449266

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