The Beginning Of Wisdom

    The Beginning Of Wisdom
      The Beginning Of Wisdom.

      Purchase Of This Book Includes Free Trial Access To Where You Can Read More Than A Million Books For Free. This Is An Ocr Edition With Typos. Excerpt From Book: Succession Of Days?1905 The Skinny Minute-hand Of The White-faced Clock Over Major Stelly's Desk In The Big Assembly-room Hitches Slowly From Numeral To Numeral. Philip Looks Up At It Again From The Glare Of Naked Electric-light That Floods Over His Cramped Little Desk. Fifteen Minutes Till Eecall From Study-period And He Is So Sleepy Already That His Eyes Feel As If They Had Been Washed With Sand. He Turns To The Back Of The Geography For Relaxation? What Other Lessons He Has Had To Prepare Are Done. Tangier?imports, Machinery?exports, Silks, Gold-dust And Cinnabar. Cinnabar. Golly, What A Name He Whispers It Roundly, Tasting It Over His Tongue. Morocco ?imports, Machinery?exports, Leather And Sackcloth. Sackcloth And Ashes Are In The Bible, But I Suppose It Doesn't Matter What Kind Of Ashes. Siam?imports, Machinery?exports?must Be White Elephants?white Elephants?big?whi-te?e-le-phants? Philip Pulls Up His Head Just As It Is About To Drop To The Desk-lid And Tries To Shake The Heavy Drowse Out Of It By One Quick Toss As A Swimmer Shakes Off Water. It's No Good. He Is Smothering Under Sleep, And He Mustn't, He Mustn't Go To Sleep. Major Stelly Caught Fat Clark Sleeping Ten Minutes Ago And Gave Him An Hour And A Half On The Beat. An Hour And A Half Sentry-go With A Civil War Musket Six Feet High. Now He's Sitting Up There At His Desk?a Little Gray Wrath Of A Retired Army-officer?with The Sour Eyes Of A Biting Horse. Ten Years Of Teaching At Kitchell Military Academy Have Left Him With The Restraint Of A Hanging Judge And The Ingenuity In Small Cruelties Of A Jesuit Inquisitor. The Great, Hushed Legend Of The School Is Of " The Time When Woozy Fisher Knocked Him Out." Philip Catches His Glance For A Moment And Looks Away Quickly. The Clock-hand Jumps. Four Minutes Gone. ...

      SKU: 672645
      ISBN: 9780217290685
      Author: Bent, Stephen Vincent / Benet, Stephen Vincent

    6 Pack Feliway Diffuser Refill (288 Ml)
      6 Pack Feliway Diffuser Refill (288 Ml).

      Feliway (comfort Zone) Spray And Diffusers Prevent Cats From Urinating Where They Shouldn't. This Fantastic New Pheromone Feliway Spray Or Diffuser Duplicates The Smell Of A Cat's Natural Scent Glands. Cats Will Not Soil Anything Close To Where Feliway Has Been Sprayed. Enjoy Extra Savings On A 6 Pack Of 48 Ml Refills. Feliway Diffuser Resolves Marking Problems Naturally. Provides An Effective Way To Control And Manage Unwanted Feline Behaviors Such As: Urine Marking, Scratching, Stress And Anxiety. Also Useful In Acclimating Cats To New Environments. Creates A Calming Effect. Situation Feliway Spray Feliway Diffuser Comments Urine Marking Supplement Preferred For Best Results, Use The Feliway Diffuser In Combination With The Feliway Spray. Vertical Scratching Preferred Supplement The Feliway Spray Should Be Applied Directly To The Entire Scratched Surface. The Feliway Diffuser Can Also Help Reduce Stress. Multi-cat Household Supplement Preferred The Feliway Diffuser Should Be Used To Reduce The General Level Of Stress In All Cats. The Feliway Foam Can Be Used In Combination With The Diffuser In High Traffic Areas. Changes To The Cat's Environment Remodeling /renovation Supplement Preferred The Feliway Diffuser Is Teh Most Convenient Formulation. The Feliway Spray Can Be Used In Combination With The Diffuser To Enhance Effectiveness. Re-arrangement Of The Furniture Supplement Preferred New Arrivals (baby, New Pet...) Supplement Preferred Stressful Events Fireworks Supplement Preferred The Feliway Diffuser Is The Most Convenient Formulation. Begin Use 1-2 Weeks Before Anticipated Event. Holidays, Parties Supplement Preferred Familiarization With A New Environment New House Supplement Preferred The Feliway Diffuser Is The Most Convenient Formulation. The Feliway Spray Can Be Used In Combination With The Dffuser Or In A Situation Whrere The Diffuser Is Not Practical (boarding, Kennels, Carriers). Adoption Supplement Preferred Boarding Preferred Supplement Transportation Preferred N/a About 10 Minutes Prior To Leaving, Spray All Four Corners And Floor Of The Carrier With Feliway. Instructions For Using Feliwayâ® And Comfortzoneâ„¢ With Feliway

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, training , amp, amp, Behavior, gt, cat Anxiety , amp, amp, Stress Solutions, gt, feliway Diffusers And Sprays
      SKU: 6pakfedire48

    12 Month K9 Advantix Ii Red For Large Dogs (21-55 Lbs)
      12 Month K9 Advantix Ii Red For Large Dogs (21-55 Lbs).

      K9 Advantix Ii Red For Large Dogs 21-55 Lbs Keep Your Dog Safe From Irritating And Dangerous Pests With K9 Advantix For Dogs 21-55 Lbs. Formulated For Dogs Seven Weeks Of Age And Older And Weighing 21-55 Pounds And Under, K9 Advantix Ii Outperforms Its Competitors Not Only By Killing More Varieties Of Pests, But Also By Repelling Them To Prevent Future Attacks. Repels And Kills Ticks, Fleas, And Mosquitos The Active Ingredients In K9 Advantix Ii Help Kee P Your Dog Safe From Ticks, Fleas, And Mosquitoes. These Effective Compounds Attack The Pests' Nerve Cells, Paralyzing And Effectively Killing Them, As Well As Repelling Them From Future Attacks. Most Ticks Are Repelled And Killed Before They Can Attach, Which May Reduce The Risk Of Transmitting Disease-causing Organisms To Your Pet. K9 Advantix Ii Effectively Kills And Repels Deer Ticks, American Dog Ticks, Brown Dog Ticks, And Lone Star Ticks. K9 Advantix Ii For Large Dogs Up To 21-55 Lbs Kills And Repels Ticks, Fleas, And Mosquitoes Repels Biting Flies And Kills Lice Waterproof Formula Won't Wash Off From Swimming Or Bathing Includes Twelve Convenient One-month Doses Easy To Apply For Dogs Seven Weeks Of Age And Older And Weighing 21-55 Pounds And Under Per Dose: $10.92 Fights Against Fleas At All Stages Of Development K9 Advantix Ii Protects Your Pet Against Fleas At All Stages Of The Parasite's Development. K9 Advantix Ii Breaks The Flea Life Cycle By Killing The Living Fleas On Your Dog Before They Can Lay Eggs. It Also Prevents The Development Of Existing Flea Eggs, Larvae, And Pupae, Helping To Prevent Futurd Infestations. K9 Advantix Iii Also Kills Reinfesting Fleas (newly Hatched Fleas Jumping Back On Your Dog) Within Two Hours, And It Prevents Fleas On A Treated Dog From Infesting Your Home. Effective Against Biting Flies And Lice In Addition To Complete Tick, Flea, And Mosquito Protection, K9 Advantix Ii Also Repels Painful Biting Flies From Feeding On Your Dog, And It Effectively Kills Up To 100 Percent Of Lice Within One Week Of Treatment. Waterproof Formula K9 Advantix Ii Is Waterproof, So There's No Need To Reapply After Your Dog Has A Bath Or Goes For A Swim. Studies Show That Dogs Are Still Protected Against Parasites After Exposure To Water, Though For Best Results, Dogs Treated With K9 Advantix Ii Should Be Bathed With A Non-detergent Shampoo. Package Contents 2 Boxes Includes Six 2.5-milliliter Tubes Of K9 Advantix Ii For Large Dogs 21-55 Pounds.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, flea , amp, Tick Supplies, gt, topicals, gt, k9 Advantix Ii For Dogs, Flea , amp, Tick Control
      SKU: Advantixiired12

    Andis Trim 'n Go Cordless Trimmer - Silver/black
      Andis Trim 'n Go Cordless Trimmer - Silver/black.

      Andis Trim 'n Go Cordless Trim Mer - Silver/black Has An Ergonomic Lightweight Design For The Ultimate In Comfort. Andis Warrants Its Products To The Original Purchaser Against Defwctive Material Or Workmanship For One Year From The Date Of Purchase. All Implied Warranties Are Also Limited To One Year. Andis Will Replace The Product Without Cost To The Consumer. Great For Trimming And Light Touch-ups Use To Trim Around The Eyes, Nose And Ears Lightweight, Easy To Use, Slim Line Design Saves Money On Quick Trims Between Grooming Battery-operated Makes It Easy To Use Anywhere Operates On Two "aa" Batteries (not Included) 1 Year Limited Warranty Clipper Size Is 6.5

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, grooming Supplies, gt, hair Trimmers , amp, amp, Scissors, gt, andis, amp, reg, Electric Clippers
      SKU: Ancopettr

    Barkworthies Select Butchers Cut - 12" Bully Stick
      Barkworthies Select Butchers Cut - 12" Bully Stick.

      Barkworthies Select Butcher's Cut Bully Stick Is A Premium Dog Treat That Will Please Even The Most Discerning Pooches. These Succulent, Odor-free Treats Are Made From Free Range, Grass-fed Cattle To Ensure That They Are Premium Cuts Of Meat. The Cuts Are Then Inspected By Experienced Specialists For Color, Thickness And Quality Before Being Approved As A Barkworthies Select Product. Barkworthies Select Butcher's Cut Bully Stick Is One Of Only 2% Of Barkworthy Products To Be Included In The Barkworthies Select Label. Though This Bully Stick Is Twelve Inches Long, There Is A 6-inch Bully Stick Also Available With The Same Premium Quality. Your Dog Will Love This Superb Snack, So Order It Today! Key Features: Made From Free Range, Grass-fed Cattle Odor-free Despite Succulent Flavor Approved By "triple Sort" Process As A Top-quality Chew Treat

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, bully Sticks , amp, Natural Ainmal Parts, gt, barkworthies, amp, reg, Bully Sticks
      SKU: Barkworthies-select-butchers-cut-12-bully-stick

    Nylabone Big Chews For Big Dogs - Turkey Leg
      Nylabone Big Chews For Big Dogs - Turkey Leg.

      Nylabone Big Chews Turkey Leg For Big Dogs Is So Big And So Strong That Even Your Big Dog Can't Destroy It. This Big Chew For Big Dogs Is Made Of Extra Tough Nylon That's Long Lasting, And Designed To Stand Up To The Most Powerful Chewer. This Nylabone Big Chew Is Virtuallyi Ndestructible Having Been Tested In Clinics And Ke Nnels, Satisfying Even The Most Aggressive Dogs. Perfect For Large Dogs That Need A Safe And Healthy Outlet For Their Natural Desire To Chew. Flavor Is Impregnated Throughout The Chew, Meaning Great Taste For You R Dog From The First Chew To The Last. Non-toxic And Veterinarian Approved.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Toys, gt, chew Toys, gt, nylabone Big Chews
      SKU: Bigchewsturkey

    Solvit Deluxe Bench Seat Cover
      Solvit Deluxe Bench Seat Cover.

      Due To Its Dimensions And/or Weight, This Item Ships Via Ground Service Only. Solvit Deluxe Bench Seat Cover Let Your Pet Ride In Comfort And Style! The Solvit Deluxe Bench Car Seat Cover Combines Luxury And Protection. Protection For Your Vehicle, Comfort For Your Pet. These Seat Covers Are Engineered To Fit All Size Vehicles. Designed With Multiple Attachment Points, Elastic Straps, Expansion Vents And Innovative Sta-put Devices To Keep Covers Firmly In Place. Product Is 100% Polyester Front, Back And Padding. Soft To The Touch, Wears Like Iron. One Size Fits All Design. Padded And Quilted Construction. Measures 56 In. X 47 In. Product Features: Padded & Quilted Construction Provides A Soft Cushion While Protecting The Seat From Dirt, Dander, And Spills Product Is 100% Polyester Front, Back And Padding. Multiple Attachment Points, Adjustable Straps, And Two Sta-put Devices Keep The Cover Firmly In Place In All Vehicles Treated With Stain-blok(tm) And Machine Washable Attractive Styling With Classic Colors And Accent Trim

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, pet Internal , amp, amp, Travel Essentials, gt, travel Sjpplies, gt, solvit Pet Travel Supplies
      SKU: Deluxeseatcover

    First Companion Beef Trachea 12" (single )
      First Companion Beef Trachea 12" (single ).

      First Companion®'s Beef Trachea Are A Great Natural Chew For Dogs Of All Sizes. 100% Beef 100% Natural (single Ingredient, No Artificial Color Or Flavoring Shrink Wrapped Sourced & Made In The Usa Minimally Processed Packaged To Fda, Human Safety Standards Long Lasting Great For Dental Hygiene Appropriate For Dogs With Dental Issues

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, bully Sticks , amp, Natural Animal Parts, gt, first Companion, amp, reg, Tracheas , amp, amp, Ears
      SKU: First-companion-beef-trachea-12-single

    Five Paws Complete Joint Formula For Dogs & Cats (120 Soft Chews)
      Five Paws Complete Joint Formula For Dogs & Cats (120 Soft Chews).

      Five Paws Complete Joint Formula For Dogs & Cats Is A Low Allergenn And Gluten-free Joint Health Supplement That Lubricates And Strengthens Your Pet's Cartilage And Joints. This Is Especially Helpful For Older Animals Experiencing Arthritis But Younger Pets Can Enjoy This Supplement Too! By Giving It To Your Young Pet, You'll Keep Their Joints Healthy And Help Prevent Future Joint Issues As They Age. Pets Of All Sizes And Ages Will Love This Tasty Cheese Flavored Supplement; If Your Furry Friends Love Treats, Why Not Give Them A Treat That Also Has Health Benefits? Promotes Healthy Hips Joints And Ligaments Relieves Pain From Arthritis And Hip Dysplasia Boosts Natural Energy Levels Low Allergen Formula Veterinarian Approved

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, joint Supplements, gt, hip , amp, Joint Maintenance, gt, five Paws Complete Joint Formula For Dogs , amp, Cats
      SKU: Five-paws-complete-joint-formula-120-soft-chews

    Kyjen Long Body Squeaker Mat - Large Cow
      Kyjen Long Body Squeaker Mat - Large Cow.

      Kyjen Long Body Squeaker Mat - Large Cow Is A Long, Durable Toy Your Dog Will Enjoy For Hours On End. With 16 Squeakers In This Toy, Your Dog Can Eliminate One And Still Have Plenty To Work On! Dogs Love To Shake And Flap This Toy's Long Body And Some Even Use It As A Security Blanket For Years After They Have Eliminated The Squeakers. Approximately 24" X 5" Contains 16 Squeakers Double Layer Seams Plush Material Your Dog Will Love To Chew On

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Toys, gt, plush , amp, Stuffing-free Dog Toys, gt, kyjen Squeaker Mat
      SKU: Kyjen-long-body-squeaker-mat-large-cow

    Kyjen Squeakn' Eggs Refill (3 Pack)
      Kyjen Squeakn' Eggs Refill (3 Pack).

      Kyjen Squeakin Eggs Are Plush Egg Shaped Dog Toys With A Fun Squeaker Housed Inside. The Soft Outer Cover Makes Them Ideal For Safe Play With Your Dog. Play Fetch, Or Hide And Seek With These Fun Multicolored Toys! These Also Serve As Replacement Squeakers For Plush Puppies Egg Babies And Iqube Dog Toys. This Pack Includes 3 Egg Toys. Soft Plush Coating With A Fun Squeaker Inside Works As Replacement Squeaker For Plush Puppies Egg Babies And Iqube Dog Toys Each Egg Measures Approximately 3" In Elevation By 2.5" In Width

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Toys, gt, interactive Dog Toys, gt, kyjen Puzzle Plush
      SKU: Kyjen-squeakn-eggs-refill-3-pack

    Millers Forge Designer Series Slicker Brush - Small
      Millers Forge Designer Series Slicker Brush - Small.

      Millers Forge Designer Series Soft Slicker Pet Grooming Brushes Feature Extra Lighweight Construction For Better Control And Less Hand Fatigue. High-quality Stainless Steel Pins Effectively Remove Hair.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, grooming Supplies, gt, brushes , amp, Combs, gt, millers Forge Brushes And Combs
      SKU: Millers-forge-designer-series-slicker-brush-small

    Pet Naturals Flea & Tick Repellent Spray (8 Oz)
      Pet Naturals Flea & Tick Repellent Spray (8 Oz).

      Pet Naturals Flea & Tick Repellent Spray (8 Oz) Is A Natural Flea And Tick Repellant Formulated By Nature. Pet Naturals Flea & Tick Repellent Spray Combines Brazilian Oils Derived From Certified Forests Which Act As A Natural Shield To Protect Pets From Unwanted Pests. These Oils Have Been Used For Centuries By The Indigenous People Of The Amazon Forest To Keep Pests From Detecting A Desirable Scent. Pet Naturals Flea & Tick Repellent Contains Lemongrass Oil, Cinnamon Oil, Sesame Oil And Castor Oil. Ingredients: Active Ingredients: Lemongrass Oil 4% Cinnamon Oil 1% Sesame Oil 1% Castor Oil 0.5% Inert Ingredients: Purified Water 93.5%

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, flea , amp, Tick Supplies, gt, herbal , amp, Natural Remedies, gt, pet Naturals Flea And Tick Supplies
      SKU: Pet-naturals-flea-tick-repellent-spray-8-oz

    Petmate Ultra Lightweight Dish Bowl Jumbo - Assorted
      Petmate Ultra Lightweight Dish Bowl Jumbo - Assorted.

      The Ultra Lightweight Pet Dish Makes A Great Dish For Your Pet's Food & Water. Side Notches Make It Easy To Pick Up Bowls For Cleaning & Refilling. Every Dissh Is Made With Microban Antimicrobial That Helps To Resist Bacteria. The Sleek & Modern Design Fits In Well With Any Decor. Available In A Variety Of Sizes & Colors. Side Notches Make It Easy To Pick Up Bowls Made With Microban Antimicrobial

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, feeding Supplies, gt, plastic Bowls, gt, petmate Ultra Lightweight Dish Bowls
      SKU: Petmate-ultralightweight-dish-bowl-jumbo

    Wag Bags Refill Blue - Unscented 6-pack (720 Bags)
      Wag Bags Refill Blue - Unscented 6-pack (720 Bags).

      Buy In Bulk And Save On Wag Bags® Poop Pickup Blue Bulk Refill Pack, With 720 Unscented Bags. When Out With Your Dog, Bring Wag Bags ®! Wag Bags Makes Pickup Easy. Turns A Dirty Job Into A Job Well Done. Thank You For Keeping Our Planet Clean By Picking Up After Your Pet And Thank You For Choosing Wag Bags By Green Pet Organics® ! Availablee In Fun Colors, Scented And Unscented Made In A Facility Staffed By Developmentally Disabled Students And Adults. Poo Bags Are The Standard Size And Fits In Most Dispensers Clean & Quick Doggie Pickup!

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, cleaning , amp, amp, Sanitation, gt, waste Disposal , amp, amp, Poop Bags, gt, wagbags, Poop Bags
      SKU: Refill-blue-unscented-720-poop-bags

    The 5th Horseman
      The 5th Horseman.

      It Is A Wild Race Against Time As Lieutenant Lindsay Boxer And The Newest Member Of The Women's Murder Club, Atgorney Yuki Castellano, Lead An Investigation Into A String Of Mysterious Patient Deaths-and Reveal A Hospital Administration Determined To Shield Its Reputation At All Costs. And While The Hospital Wages An Explosive Court Battle That Grips The Entire Nation, The Women's Murder Club Hunts For A Merciless Killer Among Its Esteemed Medical Staff. The Newest Addition To The Top Selling New Mystery Series Takes The Women's Murder Club To The Most Terrifying Heights Of Suspense They Have Yet To Encounter. The 5th Horseman Proves Once Again That James Patterson Is "the Page-turningest Author In The Game Right Now " (san Francisco Chronicle).

      SKU: 1436832
      ISBN: 9780446618199
      Author: Patterson, James / Paetro, Maxine

    Cat Goes Fiddle-i-fee
      Cat Goes Fiddle-i-fee.

      With A "moo" And A "quack" And A" Chimmy Chimmy Chuck," And A Cat That Goes "fiddle-i-fee," This Lively Board Book About A Gaggle Of Noisy Barnyard Animals Brings New Life To A Zany, Delightful, And Well-known Song. Artist Emily Bolam's Appealing Pictures, All Painted In Dazzling Colors, Simply Pop With Energy And Good Humor. What A Wonderful Presentation Of The Traditional English Cumulative Rhyme. It's Fun To Look At And Pleasantry To Read Aloud-and Also A Great Way To Introduce Young Children To Farm Animals And The Sounds They Make. It All Begins With The Kitty: "i Had A Cat And The Cat Pleased Me, And I Fed My Cat Under Yonder Tree." "cat Goes Fiddle-i-fee." Before Long, Each Animal Is Enjoying Its Meal, And Expressing Very Loud Appreciation. The Horse Neighs, The Pig Goes Griffy-gruffy, The Sheep Baa-baas, And The Cow Moos In A Happy Cacophonous Chorus. And The Pictures Pulse With Color; Everything's In Astonishingly Brilliant Reds, Glowing Greens, Shimmering Blues, And Sunshine Yellows As Dynamic As The Chattering Creatures Themselves. Kids Will Want To Read Thi Over And Over Again.

      SKU: 6058502
      ISBN: 9781402722936
      Author: Bolam, Emily

    You Are My Wish
      You Are My Wish.

      Since Its Publication In 2001, You Are My I Love You Has Sld Half A Million Copies Worldwide And Given Voice To The Unique Love Parents Feel For Their Children. Now The Creators Of This Modern Classic Reunite To Honor The Special Bond Between Grandparent And G Randchild, The One Of Sur~ly Along Tradition, Joyful Spoiling, Nurturing Imagination, And Pure Adoration. Whether Itas The Sharing Of Stories Or Romping Horsey Rides, Silly Tickle Fights Or Lazy Fishing Trips, Thereas Truly Nothing Like It. With Touching, Heartfelt Words And Warm, Playful Illustrations, Maryann Cusimano Love And Satomi Ichikawa Shine Their Spotlight On This Unique Relationship. Authobio: Maryann Cusimano Love Lives In Tracyas Landing, Maryland. Satomi Ichikawa Lives In Paris, France.

      SKU: 1261531
      ISBN: 9780399247521
      Author: Love, Maryann Cusimano / Ichikawa, Satomi

    The Jew Store
      The Jew Store.

      The Bronsons Were The First Jews To Ever Live In The Small Town Of Concordia, Tennessee-a Town Consisting Of One Main Street, One Bank, One Drugstore, One Picture Show, One Feed And Seed, One Hardware Stroe, One Beauty Parlor, One Barber Shop, One Blacksmith, And Many Christian Churches. That Didn't Stop Aaron Bronson, A Russian Immigrant, From Moving His Young Family Out Of New York By Horse And Wagon And Journeying To This Remote Corner Of The South To Open A Small Dry Goods Store, Bronson's Low-priced Store. Never Mind That He Was Greeted With "danged If I Ever Heard Tell Of A Jew Storekeeper Afore." Never Mind That All The Townspeople Were Suspicious Of Any Strangers. Never Mind That The Klan Actively Discouraged The Presence Of Outsiders. Aaron Bronson Bravely Established A Business And Proved In The Process That His Family Could Make A Home, And A Life, Anywhere. With Grrat Fondness And A Fine Dry Wit, Stella Suberman Tells The Story Of Her Family In An Account That Kirkus Reviews, In A Starredd Review, Described As "a Gem...vividly Told And Captivating In Its Humanity." Now Available For The First Time In Paperback, Here Is The Book That The Atlanta Journal-constitution Said Was "frothright. . . . Not A Revisionist History Of Jewish Life In The Small-town South But . . . Written Within The Context Of The 1920s, Making It Valuable History As Well As A Moving Family Story."

      SKU: 6994253
      ISBN: 9781565123304
      Author: Suberman, Stella

    The Girl Who Loved Camellias: The Life And Legend Of Marie Duplessis
      The Girl Who Loved Camellias: The Life And Legend Of Marie Duplessis.

      The Little Known, Riveting Story Of The Most Famous Courtesan Of Her Time: Muse And Mistress Of Alexandre Dumas Fils And Franz Liszt, The Inspiration For Dumas's The Lady Of The Camellias And Verdi's La Traviata, One Of The Most Sought After, Adored Women Of 1840s Paris. Born In 1824 In Normandy, Marie Duplessis Fled Her Brutal Peasant Father (who Forced Her To Live With A Man Many Years Her Senior). Julie Kavanagh Traces Marie's Reinvention In Paris At Sixteen: As Shop Girl, Kept Woman, And Finally, As Grand Courtesan With The Clothes, Apartment, Coach And Horses That An Aristocratic Woman Of The Time Would Have Had. Tall, Willowy, With Dramatic Dark Hair, Marie Acquired An Aristocratic Mien, But Coupled With A Singular Modesty And Grace, She Was An Irresistible Figure To Men And Women Alike. Kanavagh Brings Her To Life On The Page Against A Brilliantly Evoked Background Of 1840s Paris: The Theater And Opera, The Best Tables At The Cafes Frequented By Society Figures, Theater Directors, Writers, Artists-and Marie, Only Nineteen, At The Center Of It All. Four Years Later, At Twenty-three, She Would Be Dead Of Tuberculosis.

      SKU: 20773672
      ISBN: 9780307270795
      Author: Kavanagh, Julie

    Thoroughbred #59: Star's Inspiration
      Thoroughbred #59: Star's Inspiration.

      Do Christina And Star Have What It Takes To Win The Third Jewel In The Triple Crown? As The Third Race In The Triple Crown Approaches, The Competition For Christina Reese And Her Horse, Wonder's Star, Is Getting Tougher. Christina Is Nervous And She's Afraid The Pressure Is Affecting Star's Concentration. But The Tension Unexpectedly Eases When Christina Meets A Jockey Familiar With The Legendary 1977 Triple Crown Winner, Seattle Slew. It Seems Star And Seattle Slew Have Lots In Common. Buoyed By The Jockey's Invaluable Advice - And The Endure Of Her Family And Friends - Christina Feels Ready To Win At Belmont The Question Is Will Star Come Through? Ages 8+

      SKU: 156464
      ISBN: 9780060090517
      Author: Campbell, Joanna / Anderson, Mary Newhall

    Dreams Beneath Your Feet: A Novel Of The Mountain Men
      Dreams Beneath Your Feet: A Novel Of The Mountain Men.

      Eighteen Years Have Passed Since Sam Morgan Came West From Pennsylvania And Learned The Perilous Business Of Trapping In The Wilderness Of The Rocky Mountains. Now, In 1840, He Seems To Face A Bleak Future. The Fur Trade Has Played Out And He Must Find Other Means Of Making A Living. Sam Decides To Return To California With His Daughter Esperanza And Start A New Life. The Great Golden Land Represents A Bitter Memory - His Beloved Crow Indian Wife Meadowlark Died There In Childbirth - But Friends Convince Him That His Destiny Lies On The Pacific Shore. Meadowlark's Uncle, Flat Dog, His Family, And Hannibal Mackye, The Half-delaware Mountain Man, Join Sam And Esperanza For The Journey West, Where They Hope To Trade For A Herd Of Appaloosa Horses To Sell At A Profit In California. At Fort Hall On The Oregon Trail, Sam And His People Encounter A Terrified Woman, Lei Palua, Who Has Escaped The Clutches Of A Psychopath Called Kanaka Boy, Whose Gang Of Killers And Rapists Has Been Terrifying Indian Villages In The Northwest. Sam Morgan And His People Take Lei Palua Under Their Wing Unaware That Her One-time Lover And Now Bloodthirsty Nemesis Dogs Her Trail, Vowing To Kill Her And All Who Stand In His Way.

      SKU: 295491
      ISBN: 9780765305787
      Author: Blevins, Win

    The Well Of Wishing: Book One
      The Well Of Wishing: Book One.

      Meet Heather, Becky, And Rachel - Foster Teens Who Have Become A File, A Case, A Problem For The System. Add Five-year-old May, A Sweet Cherub, With A "cruella" Mother. Each Has Her Own Private Hell Of Heartbreaking Backgrounds. Knowing They Have To Say Good-bye Just As They Start To Feel Comfortable, These Girls Seek Trustworthy Friendship, As Well As Acceptance And A Place To Belong. Their Foster Home, Headed By A No-nonsense Matriarch And Her Easy-going Husband, Is A Safe Place For Them To Try To Make Sense Out Of Their Fragmented Lives And Develop Resiliency To Meet Life's Blows, But Trusting And Caring For One Another Is Easier Said Than Done.first In A Series Of Three, This Book Reveals An Inside View Of Child Rearing In "the System," With A Touch Of Mmystery Emanating From The Abandoned Shanty In The Woods, And The Fairy Tale Wonder Of A Horse Ranch Called Haven. Follow Heather's Remarkable Journey To Cope With The Taunts Of The "in" Crowd At A Small-town School And To Shed Her Burden Of Shame Which Has Come About From Circumstances Beyond Her Control. Explicit Speech.

      SKU: 15887119
      ISBN: 9781467043403
      Author: Ledoux, Joy

    The Watercolorist's A To Z Of Trees And Foliage
      The Watercolorist's A To Z Of Trees And Foliage.

      The Watercolorist's A To Z Of Trees And Foliage Features Easy-to-follow Instructions For Painting 25 Of The Most Popular Species Of Trees, Including: - American Elm - Oleander - Sugar Maple - Black Walnut - Peach Tree - Horse Chestnut - Golden Weeping Willow

      SKU: 7151914
      ISBN: 9781581804249
      Author: Fletcher, Adelene

    The Iron Men Of Baseball: Major League Leaders In Consecutive Games Played, 1876-2005
      The Iron Men Of Baseball: Major League Leaders In Consecutive Games Played, 1876-2005.

      When Cal Ripken, Jr., Voluntarily Ended His Streak Of Consecutive Games Played In September 1998, It Marked His First Day Off In More Than 16 Years. Millions Of Americans Took Note. Having Surpassed Lou Gehrig's Record 2,130 Games Played Some Three Years Before, Ripken Was Now Popularly Known As Baseball's ?iron Man, ? A Nickname That Recalled Gehrig (?the Iron Horse?) And Celebrated Ripken As An Icon Of The Great American Work Ethic. Since The Advent Of The National League, 124 Men Have Held The Distinction Of Being The Active, Major League Leader In Consecutive Games Played. This Chronologically Arranged Reference Book Includes Remarkably Detailed Information About Their Streaks?the Inclusive Dates, Discussion Of The Notable Games, And Streak-specific Facts And Statistics?as Well As Discussion Of Their Lives And Careers. Among The Appendices Are Lists Of Season-long Streaks, By Year; All Streaks Of 500 Or More Games; And Miscellaneous Records Relating To Consecutive Games Played.

      SKU: 3087144
      ISBN: 9780786424313
      Author: Friedrich, Marty

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