The Garlic In The Melting Pot

    The Garlic In The Melting Pot
      The Garlic In The Melting Pot.

      From The Streets Of Brooklyn And The Horse Trails Of Saratoga Springs, Lew Tells Of The Life He Led As An Italian-american, Becoming More Aware Of How His Ethnic Group With Its Values Of Family And Hard Work, Made Him Into The Successful Man He Became. Most Autobiographies Seek To Find The Meaning Of One Life As It Passes Through Time, Touched By The Past, Making Sense Of Where This Life Began As It Moves Towards Its Destiny. Lew Elia's Story Has Much More Depth. Lew Narrates His Story To Study How He And His Ancestors Became Part Of The Fabric Of American Life. Lew Elia's Story Was To Be A Narrative For His Children Only; We Should Be Very Thankful That He Shared His Tale With All Of Us So That We, Too Could Study The Impact That Italian Immigrants Made On America's Development. They Put Much More Than The Garlic In The Melting Pot.

      SKU: 6850766
      ISBN: 9781553693369
      Author: Elia, Lewis M.

    Zoo Med Repti Basking Sp0t Value Pack 100 Watts (2 Pack)
      Zoo Med Repti Basking Sp0t Value Pack 100 Watts (2 Pack).

      The Repti Basking Spot Lamps Have A Unique Patented Double Reflector That Focuses 35% More Heat And Light Into A Tight Beam. Ideal For Use With Diurnal Reptiles That Thermoregulate By Basking, Including Many Tropical And Desert Species. Now You Can Purchase The #1 Selling Reptile Basking Spot Lamp In An Ecpnomical Two Bulb "value Pack". Shipping: This Item Does Not Ship Via Our Priority Shipping Method. (overnight Shipping Is Available)

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      SKU: Baskingspot100w2pk

    Bio-groom Ear-care Ear Cleaner (8 Fl Oz)
      Bio-groom Ear-care Ear Cleaner (8 Fl Oz).

      Bio-groom Ear-care Ear Cleaner (8 Oz) Is A Veterinary Preparation Specially Developed For Routinely Cleaning And Drying Ears Of Dogs And Cats. Active Ingredients: Boric Acid Nf ,0.80%; Salicylic Acid Usp, 0.20%. Contains: Polyoxyethylene Sorbitan Monostearate And Eucalyptol Nf. Directions: Shake Well. Use 8 To 10 Drops Of Ear-care In Each Ear. Gently Massage Ear Until Dirt And Wax Are Dissolved. (in The Place Of Large Dogs Increase Dosage.) Allow Pet To Shake His Head To Dispel Accumulation. For Best Results Swab Ears With Cotton. Clean Ears With Ear-care At Least Twice A Month. Use Before Or After Swimming Bio-groom Ear-care Lotion Will Not Leave Ear Canal Sticky Or Oily. Should Your Dog Or Cat Have A Painful Ear Condition Or Discharge From The Ears, See Your Veterinarian.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, ear , amp, Eye Products, gt, ear Cleansers , amp, Treatments, gt, bio-groom Ear Care Ear Cleaner
      SKU: Bgearcare8oz

    Bio-groom Super Cream Coat Conditioner (3.7 Lbs)
      Bio-groom Super Cream Coat Conditioner (3.7 Lbs).

      Bio Groom Super Cream Coat Conditioner Concentrate For Dogs And Cats, Is The Most Effective Oil Treatment For Coat And Skin. An Oil-rich Cream That Contains Wheat Germ Oil, Protein, Vitamin E And Other Special Cosmetic Grade Coat And Skin Conditioners. Deep Conditions Instantly Essential For Dry, Damaged Hair. Moisturizes The Skin To Help Prevent And Relieve Dryness And Itching. Easy Wet And Dry Combing. Leaves Coat Shiny And In Top Show Condition With Non-oily Feel. Non-irritating, Anti-static, Ph Balanced To Natural Skin Acidity. Wash Out With Bio-groom Shampoo. Directions: Super Cream Liquefies When Bottle Is Heated In Hot Water. 1) To "put Dog In Oil": Add 2 Heaping Teaspoons Of Super Cream To A Pint Of Hot Water. Stir And Mix Well Until Dissolved (when Liquefied Super Cream Is Used, Mix About 1oz With The Hot Water). Shampoo Coat With Bio Groom Shampoo While Solution Cools To Body Temperature. Now, Saturate The Coat With The Solution And Massage In Well. Towel Dry The Hair, Then Brush Dry. 2) For Matted, Tangled Hair: Mix Equal Parts Of Super Cream (or Liquefied Super Cream) And Hot Water. Satura Te Mattes And Tangles With Warm Mixture And Leave On The Hair For 15-20 Minutes. Then Comb Or Be Separated Or Sliced.) Bathe With Bio-groom Shampoo For A Clean Non-oily And Shiny Coat. Rinse, Dry And Finish Grooming. 3) For Routine Grooming: To Benefit From Its Special Coat And Skin Conditioning Properties, Super Cream Can Be Added To Bio-groom Shampoo. To Prepare 1 Pint Of Super Cream Enriched Shampoo, Dissolve About 1/2 Oz Of Super Cream In 12 Oz Of Hot Water. Pour Into Pint Size Or Larger Bottle, Add 4-5 Oz Of Bio Groom Shampoo And Shake. Shampoo The Coat With This Enriched Shampoo. Rinse, Dry And Finish Grooming As Usual. To Prepare 1 Quart Of Super Cream Enriched Shampoo Double The Above Ratio, Etc. This Super Conditioning Shampoo Mixture Reduced Brushing Time And Leaves Coat Non-oily, Shiny And In Top Show Condition.

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      SKU: Bgsupcreamcond3lb

    Biorb Cleaner Pump Aquarium Maintenance
      Biorb Cleaner Pump Aquarium Maintenance.

      Biorb Cleaner Pump Aquarium Maintenance The Cleaner Pump Makes Partial Water Changes Easy And Effective With Minimum Effort. A Couple Of Squeezes On The Hand Pump Is All That Is Needed To Get The Pump Working. While Emptying Water From The Aquarium The Cleaner Pump Will Also Suck Up Dirt And Debris From The Bottom Product Features The Simple And Easy Way To Change The Water In Your Biorb Or Biube. The Cleaner Pump Can Also Be Used To Pump Water Back Into The Aquarium, Eliminating The Need To Struggle With Heavy Buckets Of Water.

      Category: Aquarium , amp, amp, Fish Supplies, gt, aquarium Maintenance , amp, amp, Supplies, gt, biorb Aquarium Accessories
      SKU: Bioclpuaquamain

    Bixbi Skin & Coat (60 G)
      Bixbi Skin & Coat (60 G).

      Bixbi® Joints - Fights Free Radicals. Helps Support Animals Achieve A Soft, Silky, Shiny And Healthy Skin & Coat. Use Alone Or In Conjuction With The Immunity Formula. For Pets With Seasonal Allergies For Dogs & Cats Nasc Certified & Usda Organic Supplement 100% Made In The U.s.a.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, skin , amp, Coat, gt, skin , amp, amp, Coat Nutritional Supplements
      SKU: Bixbi-skin-coat-60g

    Epi-pet Lavender Skin Treatment Spray (16 Oz)
      Epi-pet Lavender Skin Treatment Spray (16 Oz).

      Epi-pet Lavender Skin Treatment Spray Is An Excellent Topical Treatment For Pets With Dry, Flaky, Itchy, Irritated, Oily And Smeelly Skin And Hair Coats. It Also Treats Hot Spots, Rashes And Other Mild Skin Problems. This Spray Includes Ingredients That Repel Insects Like Fleas, Ticks And Mosquitoes. Ingredients: Galactoarabinan, A Natural Extract From The Larch Tree Is A State Of The Art Moisturizing Ingredient That Effectively Regulates Trans-epidermal Water Loss In The Skin Keeping It Properly Hydrated, Healthy And Supple. Tea Tree And Peppermint Oils Are Included To Provide Relief From Itching. Allantoin And Urea Are Included To Condition The Skin. Also Included In The Formulation Are Cedar, Peppermint And Spearmint, All Of Which Are Common Insect Repellants. Hair Conditioners Such As Histidine, Glycine And Citrimonium Chloride Keep The Hair Coat Shiney And Soft. A Pleasant Lavender Scent Provides A Calming And Soothing Aromatherapy. Application: Epi-pet's Simple Three Step (brush+spray+brush) Treatment Application Is Quick And Easy, Taking Only Minutes To Perform. 2-4 Applications Per Day Are Recommended Until The Condition Is Controlled. Continue Using The Skin Treatment Spray Daily To Maintain A Healthy Skin & Hair Coat For The Pet. Epi-pet's (cedar Scented) Skin Treatment Spray Is An (otc) Over The Counter (nsaip) Non Steroidal Ant-inflammatory Product And Is Safe For Every Day Use Throughout The Life Of The Pet. Use Epi-pet's Skin Treatment Sprays To Prevent Future Skin Problems. Warnings: Keep Out Of Reach Of Children. This Spray Is For Animal Use Only. Avoid Contact With The Eyes. Storage: Store This Product At Room Temperature. Ingredients List: Aqua (water), Urea, Ethoxydiglycol, Cetrimonium Chloride, Sodium Lactate, Galactoarabinan, Lavandula Angustifolia (lavender) Oil, Sodium Lauroyl Lactylate, Glycine, Histidine, Peg-120 Methyl Glucose Trioleate, Mentha Pulegium Extract, Cymbopogon Schoenanthus Extract, Melaleuca Alternifolia (tea Tree) Leaf Oil, Octoxynol-9, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone, Cedrus Atlantica (cedarwood) Bark Oil, Panthenol, Allantoin

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, skin , amp, Coat, gt, skin , amp, amp, Coat Topicals, gt, epi-pet Lavender Skin Treatment Spray
      SKU: Epipetlavspray16oz

    Fast Balance G.i. (35 Cc Tube)
      Fast Balance G.i. (35 Cc Tube).

      Fast Balance G.i. 35 Cc Tube (g.i. Support Formula) For Dogs, Cats And Horses Is Recommended To Help Support Proper G.i. Tract Structure And Function During Times Of Digestive Upset And Stress Associated With Garbage Gut, Food Sensitivities, Age, And Traveling. Directions For Use: Cats & Dogs: Give Recommended Serving Listed Below Until Results Occur. Body Weight Serving Per Day Up To 10 Lbs . . . . . .5 Cc . . . . . .2 Times 11 To 20 Lbs . . . . . .5 Cc . . . . . .3 Times 21 To 30 Lbs . . . . . 10 Cc . . . . . .3 Times 31 To 50 Lbs . . . . . 15 Cc . . . . . .3 Times 51 Lbs And Past . . . .20 Cc . . . . . .3 Times Horses: Give Entire Contents Of Tube 1 To 3 Times Daily When Gi Disturbance Is Present For Up To 2 Days Or Until Results Achieved. By Vetri-science Laboratories

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, food Supplements, gt, probiotics , amp, Digestion Supplements, gt, vetriscience Fast Balance Gi
      SKU: Fastbalancegi

    Hear Doggy Ultrasonic Flats Toy With Chew Guard - Cow
      Hear Doggy Ultrasonic Flats Toy With Chew Guard - Cow.

      Hear Doggy Ultrasonic Flats Toy With Chew Guard Is Perfect For Families With Dogs That Love Squeak Toys But Prefer To Avoid The Constant Noise They Produce. These Clever Toys Take Advantage Of The Excellent Hearing Of Dogs And Produce Squeaks At An Ultrasonic Frequency That Sound Normal To Dogs While Remaining Inaudible To Humans. Hear Doggy Ulltrasonic Flats Toy With Chew Guard Also Features A Durable Liner That Helps Them Stand Up To Tougher Play Sessions. Though This Toy Features A Delightful Cow Design, There Are Also Ultrasonic Flats Toys Available In Giraffe , Gator , And Elephant Designs. Don't Deprive Your Dog Of A Fun Time Or Put Up With Persistent Squeaking- Order These Ultrasonic Flats Toys For The Best Of Both Worlds Today! Key Features: 28 Khz Squeaker Ensures Dogs Hear Squeaks But People Can't! Features Chew Guard Technology To Make Secure Durability Available In Four Fun Designs!

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Toys, gt, plush , amp, Stuffing-free Dog Toys, gt, hear Doggy
      SKU: Hear-doggy-ultrasonic-toy-chew-guard-cow

    Himalayan Dog Chew - Chew & Chew Water Buffalo Horn (1 Piece)
      Himalayan Dog Chew - Chew & Chew Water Buffalo Horn (1 Piece).

      Himalayan Dog Chew - Chew & Chew Water Buffalo Horn - Stuffed Water Buffalo Horns Are The Ultiate In Durability. Specifically Designed For The Power Chewers In Your House, These Horns Are Stuffed With Himalayan Dog Chew Ot Add Extra Flavor And Protein To An Already Amazing Chew! For Dogs Under 60 Lbs. Authentic 100% Natural & No Preservatives Gluten-free, Grain-free & Lactose-free

      Category: N Ew Pet Products
      SKU: Himalayan-dog-chew-horn-buffalo

    Premier Kennel Komfy Tiny
      Premier Kennel Komfy Tiny.

      We've Recently Reduced The Sale Price Down An Additional 25% Off. Buy Now And Save. Premier Kennel Komfy Is Made Of Double Sided Faux Sheepskin. These Pads Are Quite Versatile, Designed For Crate Padding Or Any Hard Surface. Specially Designed Corners Are Notched, So The Corners Can Overlap To Make A Custom Fit In Any Kennel. When The Corners Are Folded, The Edges Of The Pda Make A Small Bumper. Made Of High Quality Faux Sheepskin And Completely Machine Washable, These Should Last For A Long Time, Provided Your Dog Doesn't Chew It. High Quality, Cuddly Faux Sheepskin Machin Washable, Keeps It's Shape Durability And Comfort At A Great Price Innovative Cut Corners For A Perfect Fit Size Chart Size Fits Kennel Size Tiny 9"x14" To 12"x17" Small 16"x22" To 16"x26" Medium 18"x30" To 20"x30" Large 2&0quot;x33" To 24"x36

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, pet Home , amp, amp, Travel Essentials, gt, crate Pads, gt, premier Kennel Komfy
      SKU: Knlkomfy

    Koe Kennel Odor Eliminator Concentrate - Fresh Scent (16 Oz)
      Koe Kennel Odor Eliminator Concentrate - Fresh Scent (16 Oz).

      Koe Concentrate Fresh Scent (16 Oz) Concentrate. Simply Add To Cleaning Solution Or Rinse Water. Eliminates Odors, Even Old, Deeply Impregnated Odors From Cages, Runs, Floors, Tables, Walls And Other Large Areas. Not A Mask Or Enzyme. A 16 Ounce Container Makes 64 Gallons. Non-toxic, Nonirritating, Biodegradable. Directions: Remove Cap From The Small, Graduated Part Of The Bottle. Squeeze Large Part Of The Bottle, With Cap On, Forcing Koe Into The Measurement Chamber. Add 1/4 Ounce Koe To One Gallon Of C Leaning Solution Or Rinse Water; Use Normally. Same Dilution In Water May Be Applied To Specific Areas With Plastic Lawn/garden Type Pump-up Sprayer. For High Pressure Wash Add To Detergent Tank At The Ratio Of 1/2 Ounce To 6 Gallons (1 To 1536). Ratios May Be Varied To Suit The Needs Of The Situation. Always Use The Least Amount Possible To Achieve Desired Results. Effectiveness Decreases When Used With Chlorine Bleach. Caution: Nontoxic. However, As With All Chemicals, Keep Out Of Reach Of Children. For External Use Only.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, cleaning , amp, amp, Sanitation, gt, stain , amp, amp, Odor Removal, gt, thornell Odor Eliminating Liquids , amp, Sprays
      SKU: Koe-concentrate-fresh-scent-16-oz

    Kyjen Mini Invincibles - Dog
      Kyjen Mini Invincibles - Dog.

      Kyjen Mini Invincibles - Dog Are The Answer When Your Dog Loses Interest After A Toy Stops Squeaking. The Invincibles Have A Heavy Duty Squeaker That Keeps Going Even After Its Been Punctured. The Double Layer Seams Also Help To Keep Your Dog From Ripping This Toy Apart. This Size Is Perfect For Small Dogs. Approximately 5" X 3" Long Lasting Squeaker Double Layer Seams Great For Small Dogs

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Toys, gt, plush , amp, Stuffing-free Dog Toys, gt, kyjen Invincibles
      SKU: Kyjen-mini-invincibles-dog

    Missing Link Canine Ultimate Hip & Joint (1 Lb)
      Missing Link Canine Ultimate Hip & Joint (1 Lb).

      Missing Link Canine Ultimate Hip & Joint (formerly Missing Link Canine Plus Formula) The Missing Link For The Overall Health And Well-being For All Breeds Of Adult Dogs. Healthy Joints Sustained Energy Levels Healthy Skin & Coat Healthy Digestive System Normal Weight No Fillers No Preservatives No Artificial Colorings Or Flavors. All-in-one Superfood Supplement With Added Glucosamine - The Missing Link Targets The Nutritional Gap Between What Nature Provides And What's Available In Commercial Foods. Missing Link Is Formulated With The Highest Quality Glucosamine, And Its Synergy With Naturally Occuring Essential Fatty Acids And Flax Lignans Proves The Ultimate In Joint Support. Our Proprietary, Patented Cold - Processing Method Ensures The Freshest Delivery Of Precious Omega-3 Fatty Acids In Combination With A Broad Spectrum Of Natural Fiber, And Phyto Nutrients. This Unique Synergistic Blend Of The Highest Quality Ingredients Combines: Glucosamine For Healthy Joints Omega Fatty Acids To Support Intercellular Health, For Absorption Of Fat Soluble Vitamins, And To Maintain Energy Levels. Dietary Fiber To Promote A Healthy Digestive System. Phyto (plant) Nutrients To Support General Health And Nutrition. Your D Og Will Love The Taste And Love The Results! * Refrigerate After Opening. Use Within 90 Days Of Opening.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, joint Supplements, gt, hip , amp, Joint Maintenance, gt, missing Link Joint Support
      SKU: Mislincanplu

    Omega Alpha Equine Antiflam (32 Oz)
      Omega Alpha Equine Antiflam (32 Oz).

      Omega Alpha Equine Antiflam Uses All-natural Ingredients To Provide Relief From Joint Pain And Body Aches In Horses. This Treatment Is Perfect For Back Aches, Joint Pain, Sore Legs And Hooves, And Inflammation. It Also Works To Repair Damaged Tissue, To Strengthen Capillaries, And To Reduce Swelling In Ligaments And Joints And Prevent Any Future Swelling That Might Affect Them. Omega Alpha Equine Antiflam Supplies The Body With Sulphur To Use In Biochemical Reactions That Are Important To Relieve Pain And To Reduce Inflammation. This Product Comes With 32 Ounces Of The Liquid To Be Administered Orally. Improve Your Horse's Wuality Of Life And Restore Mobility By Ordering Equine Antiflam Today! Key Features: Relieves Joint Pain, Sore Muscles, And Backaches Anti-inflammatory In Joints And Ligaments Contains 32 Oz

      Category: Horse , amp, amp, Livestock Products, gt, horse Bone, Joint , amp, amp, Muscle Care, gt, omega Alpha Joint Care For Horses
      SKU: Omega-alpha-equine-antiflam-32-oz

    Purebites Beef Liver Cat Treat - 3 Pack (2.55 Oz)
      Purebites Beef Liver Cat Treat - 3 Pack (2.55 Oz).

      Also Try Our Liver Bits Treats For Dogs Purebites® Are Made With Only 1 Ingredient; 100% Pure Usda Inspected Beef Liver In The Usa. Cats Love The Taste Of Purebites® Because Our Treats Are Freeze Dried Raw To Lock In The Aroma, Texture And Freshness They Crave. Cat Parents Love Purebites® Because Our Treats Are 100% Pure And Rich In Nutrients For A Happy And Healthy Life. Made With Only 1 Ingredient; 100% Pure Usda Inspected Raw Beef Liver. Proudly Sourced And Made In The Usa. 100% Natural, Pure And Easy To Digest Without Any Added Preservatives. On Average 3 Calories Per Treat And High In Protein. Ideal For Cats With Health Issues Or Pets That Are Overweight, Diabetic, Have Allergies, Gastrointestinal Disorders, Or Are On A Restricted Diet. Made Using A Delicate Freeze Drying Process That Preserves The Nutritional Integrity Of Raw Fresh Whole Food. Only Water Is Removed, Preserving All The Characteristics And Natural Nutrition Of Fresh Raw Beef Liver. Available In Four Sizes: 0.85 Oz , 1.55 Oz , 2.55 Oz And 5 Oz

      Category: Specials , amp, Sales, gt, treats For Cats, gt, pure Bites For Cats
      SKU: Purebites-beef-liver-cat-treat-2oz

    Royal Canin Gastrointestinal Feline Treats (7.8 Oz)
      Royal Canin Gastrointestinal Feline Treats (7.8 Oz).

      Royal Caninā® Gastrointestinal Feline Treats Are Scientifically Formulated To Be Compatible With Royal Canin Veterinary Dietā® Gastrointestinal Feline Formulas Or Use During A Veterinary Dietary Management Program. These Treats Are Intended For Intermittent Or Supplemental Feeding Only. Promotes A Urinary Environment Unfavorable To The Development Of Both Struvite And Calcium Oxalate Crystals. Specific Nutrients To Support Digestive Health S/oā® Index Compatible With Royal Canin Veterinary Dietā® Gastrointestinal Feline Formulas

      Category: Cat Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, functional Cat Treats, gt, royal Canin Veterinary Cat Treats
      SKU: Royal-canin-gastrointestinal-feline-treats

    3 Month Sentrypro Xft21 Flea & Tick Squeeze-on Orange For Dogs 21-39 Lbs
      3 Month Sentrypro Xft21 Flea & Tick Squeeze-on Orange For Dogs 21-39 Lbs.

      Sentrypro Xft21 Flea & Tick Squeeze-on Orange For Dogs Kills Fleas In As Littel As 1 Hour And Ticks In As Little As 3 Hours! It Not Only Prevents Against The Adult Fleas It Also Protects Your Dog From Flea Eggs Adn Larvae For Up To 9 Weeks! Plus You Can Bathe Your Pet 24 Hours After You Apply The Squeeze-on. Apply Product Monthly. Effective And Easy To Use Kills And Repels Fleas In As Little As 1 Hour Kills Ticks In As Little As 3 Hours Kills Fleas, Ticks, Flea Eggs & Larvae Controls Reinfestation For Up To 9 Weeks

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, flea , apm, Tick Supplies, gt, topicals, gt, sentry Pro
      SKU: Sentrysqueeze21

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, April & Van Aquarium Ornament Set
      Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, April & Van Aquarium Ornament Set.

      These Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Aquarium Ornaments From Penn-plax Are A Great Way To Liven Up Any Aquarium. These Ornaments Are Made From Non-toxic Polyresin Material And Are Safe For Your Fish Tank. With The Official Licensed Ornament You Can Bring The Fun Of The Movie To Your Aquarium. This Set Contains These Aquarium Ornaments: 1 - Shellraiser Van 2.5" 1 - Raphael 3.75" 1 - Michelangelo3.75" 1 - Leonardo3.75" 1 - Donatello3.75" Please Note: All Orders Will Be Shipped Out Within 10-15 Business Days.

      Category: Aquarium , amp, amp, Fish Supplies, gt, aquarium Decorations , amp, amp, Ornaments, gt, teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Aquarium Ornament Sets
      SKU: Teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles-april-van-aquarium-ornaments

    The Horse In The City: Living Machines In The Nineteenth Century
      The Horse In The City: Living Machines In The Nineteenth Century.

      The Nineteenth Century Was The Golden Age Of The Horse. In Urban America, The Indispensable Horse Provided The Power For Not Only Vehicles That Moved Freight, Transported Passengers, And Fought Fires But Also Equipment In Breweries, Mills, Foundries, And Machine Shops. Clay Mcshane And Joel A. Tarr, Prominent Scholars Of Urban Life, Here Explore The Critical Role That The Horse Played In The Growing Nineteenth-century Metropolis. Using Such Diverse Sources As Veterinary Manuals, Stable Periodicals, Teamster Magazines, City Newspapers, And Agricultural Yearbooks, They Examine How The Horses Were Housed And Fed And How Workers Bred, Trained, Marketed, And Employed Their Four-legged Assets. Not Omitting The Problems Of Waste Removal And Corpse Disposal, They Touch On The Municipal Challenges Of Maintaining A Safe And Productive Living Environment For Both Horses And People And The Ries Of Organizations Like The American Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals. In Addition To Providing An Insightful Account Of Life And Work In Nineteenth-century Urban America, The Horse In The City Brings Us To A Richer Understanding Of How The Animal Fared In This Unnatural And Presumably Uncomfortable Setting.

      SKU: 12750468
      ISBN: 9781421400433
      Author: Mcshane, Clay / Tarr, Joel

    The Senior's Guide To Dog Ownership: How To Love, Care For And Keep Your Best Friend
      The Senior's Guide To Dog Ownership: How To Love, Care For And Keep Your Best Friend.

      Thirty-five Million Americans Are Over 65 Years Of Age. Many Of These Elderly People Have Lost Some Or All Of Their Closest Associates: Spouses Die, Children Become Adults, Friends No Longer Call. Without Their Canine Companions, A Significant Number Of Seniors Would Live Entirely Alone. The American Veterinary Medical Association, The Delta Society: Health Benefits Of Animals, And Physici Ans That Specialize In Geriatrics Attest To The Fact That The Mental And Physical Health Of Older Americans Is Enhanced By The Human-animal Bond. Everybody Tells Seniors To Keep Their Dogs. Nobody Tells Them How To Do It. The Senior's Guide To Dog Ownership Is Written Specifically To Bridge The Literary Gap Between Successful Dog Ownership And Issues Of The Elderly, And To Provide The Answers That Will Allow Seniors To Keep Their Cherished Companions. About The Writer Myrna L. Papurt Is A Graduate Of The College Of Veterinary Medicine, Ohio State University. During More Than 30 Years Of Veterinary Practice, Dr. Papurt Has Dealt With The Medical And Behavioral Concerns Of Thousands Of Dogs, Cats, And Other Animals. She Is The Author Of Saved A Guide To Success With Your Shelter Dog, Compatible Canines, And Hand Raising The Orphaned Kitten (barron's Educational Series). She Is Also The Co-author Of The Dog's Drugstore (st. Martin's Press). Dr. Papurt Has Served On The Board Of Directors Of The Geauga Humane Society Since 1988, And She Conducts A Feral Cat Trap-neuter-release Program At Rescue Village, The Shelter Of The Geauga Humane Society In Geauga County, Ohio. She Has Trained And Competed With Several Breeds Of Dogs In Akc Bench Shows And Obedience Trials, And She Has Trained And Handled Labradorand Golden Retrievers In Akc Licensed Field Trials. Dr. Papurt Has Also Trained And Exhibited Horses In Hunter, Dressage, And Driving Competitions.

      SKU: 4327013
      ISBN: 9780971953857
      Author: Papurt, M. L. / Papurt, B. Sc Dvm Myrna L.

    Cherokee Warriors: The Loner
      Cherokee Warriors: The Loner.

      A Proud Cherokee Lighthorseman, Black Fox Is Determined To Hunt Down The Notorious Cat - A Brazen Thief Who Robs From The Wealthy To Give To The Poor. But His Satisfaction At Finally Capturing The Elusive Outlaw Turns To Shock When He Discovers The Cat Is A Woman In Disguise - A Breathtaking Young Hellion Who Stirs His Sympathy And His Desire, Distracting Black Fox From The Job He Has Sworn To Do. Cathleen O'sullivan Has No Love For The Law, Since It Did Nothing To Punish The Villain Wyo Destroyed Her Family. But A Bullet Wound Ended Her Personal Quest For Justice, And If She Doesn't Escape Her Rugged Cherokee Captor, She'll Surely Hang For A Crime She Did Not Commit. But The Tender Care She's Receiving From The Sexy Lawman - And The Intense Heat His Touch Inspires - Makes The Wild Beauty Burn To Have Black Fox As A Lover, Not An Enemy ... Adn To Surrender To A Fiery Passion That Could Spell Disaster For Them Both.

      SKU: 155133
      ISBN: 9780060001476
      Author: Dellin, Genell

    Leyendas, Mitos, Cuentos Y? Tobas
      Leyendas, Mitos, Cuentos Y? Tobas.

      At Present, Toba Indians Inhabit The Argentine Chaco Region; Specially The Provinces Of Formosa, Chaco And Salta. However, They Have Also Lived In The Suburbs Of Cities, Like Buenos Aires, Rosario, And Resistencia. The Toba Indians Date Back To Some Six Thousand Years Ago; They Were One Of The First Settlers Of The Chaco Region; They Are Of Mbay?-guaikur? Linguistic Stock, Which Include Also Mocov? And Abip?n Tribes. These Indigenous People Itnroduced The Horse Brought By The Spanish To The New World. They Lived Entirely On Hunting And Fishing Owing To The Incredible Animal Diversity Of These Lands. The Word "chaco" Derives From The Quechua "chacu" (great Hunting Ground). This Book Includes, Among Other Stories, La Serpiente Que Robaba Miel, El Jaguar Y El Quirquincho, And El Misterio De La Barra De Hierro. Profusely Illustrated, This Work Gives A Historical, Social, Cultural And Updated Account On This Community, . Likewise, It Includes Some Thematic Project Ideas.

      SKU: 8646964
      ISBN: 9789875502789
      Author: Sugobono, Nahuel

    Murder, She Meowed
      Murder, She Meowed.

      The Annual Steeplechase Races At Montpelier, Once The Home Of James And Dolley Madison, Are The High Point In The Social Calendar Of The Horse-mad Virginians Of Cozy Crozet. The Race Meet Offers A Cracking Good Time With Old Friends And A Chance To Get Even-on The Racecourse-with Old Enemies. Postmistress Mary Minor "harry" Haristeen Will Be In The Thick Of The Action On This Day Of High Spirits And Fierce Competition. But The Glorious Thoroughbreds And The Pinks And Greens And Purples Worn By The Riders Do Not Blind Harry To The Dangerous Undercurrents That Start To Surface. There's Sure To Be Some Emotional Fireworks At Montpelier. Still, No One Expects The Day To End In Tragedy. Found Dead In The Main Barn Is One Of The Day's Riders, A Knife Plunged Through The Jockey's Heart. The Only Clue Is A Playing Card, The Queen Of Clubs, Impaled Over The Fatal Wound. Within The Wealthy, Tight-knit World Of Horse Owners, Trainers, And Jockeys, The Victim Had Both Admirers And Enemies. Was The Murderer's Motive Greed, Drugs-a Pervasive Evil In The Race World-or Sexual Rivalry? Luckily For Crozet's Humans, The Tiger Cat Mrs. Murphy Is Right At Home In The Stable Yard...and On The Trail Of The Shocking Truth. But Will Harry Catch On In Time To Stop A Killer Grown Bloodthirsty With Success? In Murder, She Meowed Sneaky Pie Brown And Her Co-author, Rita Mae Brown, Have Penned Another Clever And Sassy Mystery That Probes The Depths Of Human Depravity And The Heights Of Feline Genius. "from The Paperback Edition."

      SKU: 1959517
      ISBN: 9780553096040
      Author: Brown, Rita Mae / Sneaky Pie Brown

    Mr.1991inc Space Galaxy T-shirt For Men/women 3d T-shirt Funny Print Cat Horse Shark Cartoon Fashion Summer T Shirt Tops Tees
      Mr.1991inc Space Galaxy T-shirt For Men/women 3d T-shirt Funny Print Cat Horse Shark Cartoon Fashion Summer T Shirt Tops Tees.

      Material:cotton,polyester,nylon;colors:as Pictures;occasion: Casual/fashion;style: Fashion;size: S~xl

      Category: Men, st-shirts
      SKU: 395765857

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