The Hanging In The Foaling Barn: Stories

    The Hanging In The Foaling Barn: Stories
      The Hanging In The Foaling Barn: Stories.

      "when Susan Richards Writes About Horses And The Interactions Of The People Involved With Them, She Brilliantly Captures The Characters, Equine And Human."-maxine Kumin Strong, Startling, Funny-these Stories Are Rich In Their Feeling For The Human, Natural, And Sometimes Supernatural World Of Kentucky. Susan Starr Richards Has Spent Most Of Her Life Raising Racehorses In Central Kentucky, And Writing. She Has Been A Nea Fellow In Fiction. Her Stories Have Appeared In "the Kenyon Review," "the Sewanee Review," "shenandoah," "the Southern Review," And In "thoroughbred Times," As Winner Of Their First National Fiction Prize.

      SKU: 7802374
      ISBN: 9781932511338
      Author: Richards, Susan Starr

    3-pack Proflora Probiotic Soft Chews (180 Count)
      3-pack Proflora Probiotic Soft Chews (180 Count).

      Proflora Probiotic Soft Chews Proflora™ Veterinary-strength Probiotic Soft Chews For Dogs Help Support Digestion And Overall Canine Health. For Daily Use. Proflora Helps Maintain A Healthy Probiotic Balance In The Digestive System. Use Proflora To Re-balance The Microflora Population In Your Dog's Gi Tract. Contains 6 Strains Of Live (viable) Microorganisms And 1 Billion Cfus Per Serving. Use Proflora To Support: Healthy Digestion Nutrient Absorbtion Immune System Normal Bowel Function Skin And Coat Health Rebalance Beneficial Bacteria There Are Many Ways The Balance Of Good Verses Bad Bacteria In The Gi Tract Can Become Imbalanced, Diet, Stress, Medications, And Especially Antibiotics Are Just A Few Of The Ways. Having An Unbalanced Intestinal Microflora Or No Microflora In The Intestine (after Antibiotics) Can Lead To Multiple Problems; Gas, Runny Stool, Constipation, Scooting, Difficulty Digesting, Inability To Absorb Nutrients, Stomach Cramps, And Can Even Lead To Other Problems Like Low Immune System And Unhealthy Skin And Coat, Even Bad Breath. Using The 6 Strains Of Live (viable) Beneficial Bacteria In Proflora On A Daily Basis Helps Repopulate The Gi Tract With Beneficial Bacteria And Assist In Digestion. Proflora Comes Complete With Fos, A Non-digestable Prebiotic That Acts As Food For The Probiotics. Soft Chews Your Dog Will Love Proflora Probotic Soft Chews Are A Tasty Natural Chicken Flavor That Your Dog Will Love Eating And They Will In Turn Help Support Your Dog's Digestive System Health And Function. These Probiotic Supplements Are A Great Way To Ensure Good Health. ?disclaimer: Contains Dairy And May Not Ship To All International Locations.? Proflora Probiotic Soft Chews 60-day Supply Contains 6 Strains Of Live (viable) Microorganisms 1 Billion Cfus (colony Forming Units) Per Chew 200 Mg Of Fos (prebiotic) Veterinary Strength Digestive Aid Supports Immune System Helps Maintain Overall Health

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, food Supplements, gt, probiotics , amp, Digestion Supplements, gt, proflora, amp, trade, Probiotics
      SKU: 3-pack-proflora-probiotic-soft-chews-180-count

    Aquaclear 20 Filter Insert Activated Carbon (3 Pack)
      Aquaclear 20 Filter Insert Activated Carbon (3 Pack).

      Aquaclear 20 Activated Carbon Filter Insert 3 Pack Improves Water Clarity For Fresh And Saltwater Aquariums. Exclusively Designed For The Aquaclear 20 Power Filter, It Provides Superior Adsorption Qualities Which Eliminate Odors, Discoloration And Impurities.

      Category: Aquarium , amp, amp, Fish Supplies, gt, aquarium Filter Cartridges, gt, aquaclear Filter Inserts
      SKU: Aquacarbon20pk3

    Cholodin-flex (60 Tablets)
      Cholodin-flex (60 Tablets).

      Cholodin-flex Helps Support Healthy Levels Of Hyaluronic Acid (ha) In Your Pet's System. This Supplement Is Recommended For Older Dogs Experiencing Joint Pain And Stiffness From Arthritis Or Wear And Tear Over Time. Hyaluroic Acid Is Very Beneficial In Keeping Joints Lubricated And Flexible. Lower Levels Of Ha Has Been Correlated With Increased Stiffness And Inflammation Of The Joints Which Cause Discomfort To Your Pet And Reduces Their Physical Activities. Keep Your Pup Happy And Playing Even In Old Age With Healthy Joints! Designed For Senior Dogs Thath Show Symptoms Of Aging And Joint Problems Contains Choline, Amino Acids, Vitamins, Hyaluronan, And Minerals Supports Levels Of Hyaluronic Acid To Aid In Joint Lubrication And Flexibility Supports Brain Health By Increasing Cognitive Levels Helps Senior Dogs With Confusion And Behavior Problems

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, food Supplements, gt, nutritional Supplements, gt, cholodin
      SKU: Cholodin-flex-60-tabs

    Duramune Lyme + Leptovax4/c (25 Dose)
      Duramune Lyme + Leptovax4/c (25 Dose).

      Duramune Lyme + Leptovax4/c (25 Dose) Canine Coronavirus Vaccine, Killed Virus, Borrelia Burgdorferi Bacterin, Leptospira Canicola-grippotyphosa-icterohaemorrhagiae-pomona Bacterial Extract. Fordogs 9 Weeks And Older. Preservatives: Gentamicin And Thimerosal. Altogether Vaccines Are Shipped Overnight. A $29.95 Falt Rate Fee Is Charged For All Orders Containing Vaccines. Someone Should Be Present To Sign For And Receive The Vaccine Order When It Ships To You. For More Shipping Info Click Here.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, health , amp, amp, Wellness, gt, vaccines, gt, duramune Ylme
      SKU: Duramune-lyme-leptovax4-c-25-dose

    3 Pack Homeopet Leaks No More (45 Ml)
      3 Pack Homeopet Leaks No More (45 Ml).

      Specifically For Urinary Incontenience Or "leaking". Occurs Most Frequently In Older Or Spayed Females. Dosing For Dogs/ Cats Under 20 Lbs/10kg, 5 Drops; 20-100 Lbs/ 10-50kg, 10 Drops; Over 100 Lbs/50kg, 15 Drops. In Acute Cases The Doses Can Be Given Every 15 Minutes For The First Hour, Every 30 Minutes In The Second Hour, Once In The Third Hour, Then Reducing To 1 Dose 3 Times Daily. For Cases That Are Not Acute One Dose 3 Times Daily. Once A Response Is Seen The Administration Should Either Be Reduced Until Symptoms Reappear Or Ceased Until Symptoms Reappear. If Any Reduction In Dose Or Frequency Leads To Immediate Recurrence Of Symptoms, Then Medication Should Be Continued With A Reduction Being Done Every 12-21 Days To Check That The Medication Is Providing Control Rather Than Relief Of Symptoms. Dosing For Small Mammals, Exotics And Birds: 3 Drops In Drinking Water Daily. For Severe Cases A Drop Can Be Diluted In 1 Ml Of Water Or Other Oral Rehydration Fluid And Given To The Patient Orally, Taking Care To Avoid Aspiration Of The Fluid Into The Respiratory Tract By The Patient. This Can Be Repeated As For Cats And Dogs Where The Case Is Acute, But With A Volume Of Fluid Suited To The Patient. Ingredients: Plantago, Gels. Semp., Canth., Caust/, Alumina, 6c&30c In 20% Usp Alc. In Purified Water.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, kidney, L Iver , amp, amp, Renal Health, gt, urinary Tract , amp, Bladder Support, gt, homeopet Leaks No More
      SKU: Leaknomore3pk

    Lepto Vax 4 (25 Doses)
      Lepto Vax 4 (25 Doses).

      The Number Of Canine Leptospirosis Cases Has Risen Dramatically In Recent Years, Impacting Urban And Rural Dogs. Leptospirosis Is A Potentially Life-threatening Disease, And Is Now The Number One Infectious Cause Of Acute Renal Failure In Dogs. Leptospirosis May Pose A Zoonotic (transmissible) Risk To Owners. All Vaccines Are Shipped Overnight. A $29.95 Flat Rate Fee Is Charged For All Orders Containing Vaccines. Someone Should Be Present To Sign For And Receive The Vaccine Order When It Ships To You. For More Shipping Info Click Here.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, health , amp, amp, Wellness, gt, vaccines, gt, leptovax, amp, reg,
      SKU: Leptovax4

    Lipiderm Large Breed (60 Gel Capsules)
      Lipiderm Large Breed (60 Gel Capsules).

      Lipiderm Gel Capsules For Large Dogs Lipiderm, Advanced Is A Unique Product Which When As Directed, Provides Specific Nutrients For Maintaining Healthy Skin And Coat. For Best Results, Use For A Minimum Of Thirty Days. Guaranteed Analysis: Per 1 Capsule Omega-3 & 6 Fatty Acids* Eicosapentaenoic Acid...... 108mg Docosahexaenoic Acid...... 67mg Alpha-linolenic Acid...... 100mg Linoleic Acid...... 32mg Vitamin A...... 2000 Iiu Vitamin E...... 10 Iu

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, skin , amp, Coat, gt, fish Oil , amp, Omega Supplements, gt, lipiderm Healthy Skin And Coat
      SKU: Lilabrca60co

    Greenies Pill Pockets Chicken Formula 3.2 Oz (30 Count)
      Greenies Pill Pockets Chicken Formula 3.2 Oz (30 Count).

      Every Day Millions Of Pet Owners Are Faced With The Task Of Medicating Their Pets. How Many Ways Have You Tried To Trick Your Pet Into Taking Medication? Like Most Pet Ownwrs You've Poked Them Down, Ground Them Up, Hidden Them In Any Number Of Unhealthy Foods And Pleaded With Your Pet To Swallow Its Medication, Only To Have Your Pet Spit It Out, Eat Everything But The Medication, Drool And Foam At The Mouth, And Resist You, Tooth And Claw! Now There Is A Better Way. Pill Pocketsâ® Are Healthy Treats With A Patented Pocket To Safely Conceal The Medicine - It's As Simple As That. Pill Delivery Treat Chicken Flavored No Mess, No Stress Made From Human-grade Meats Highly Palatable Flavor Eliminates Need To Use Fattening Substitutes Such As Cheese And Peanut Butter Does Not Promote Table Food Begging No Refrigeration Needed Easy To Use Re-sealable Pouch Veterinarian Designed And Recommended

      Category: Specials , amp, Sales, gt, top Selling Products On Entirelypets, gt, greenies Pill Pockets
      SKU: Pocketdogchxs

    Tetra Reptotreat Suprema Sticks (2.18 Oz)
      Tetra Reptotreat Suprema Sticks (2.18 Oz).

      Reptotreat Suprema Sticks (2.18 Oz) A Safe, Affordable, Convenient Alternative To Live Foods. Reptotreat Suprema Food Sticks Are High In Shrimp And Krill And Are Highly Palatable. This Nutritious Supplemental Food Provides Basic Nutrients Plus Omega-3 Fatty Acids And Natural Color Enhancers.

      Category: Reptile Products , amp, amp, Supplies, gt, reptile Food, gt, tetra Reptile Food
      SKU: Rpttsupstcks2oz

    Dog Breed Keychain Usa Pewter - Soft-coated Wheaten Terrrier (2.5")
      Dog Breed Keychain Usa Pewter - Soft-coated Wheaten Terrrier (2.5").

      Soft-coated Wheaten Terrrier Keychain Approximately 2.5" Pewter Made In The Usa

      Category: Products For Pet Lovers, gt, dog Lovers, gt, rawcliffe Pewter Dog Keychains
      SKU: Soft-coated-wheaten-terrrier-keychain

    Vetbiotek Hylagroom Mousse (200 Ml Pump)
      Vetbiotek Hylagroom Mousse (200 Ml Pump).

      Hylagroom Mousse Is A Soap-free Hypoallergenic With Optimal Ph Balance And Ceramide Iii. Formulated Wtih Emollients For Moisturizing The Skin, Proteins For Conditioning The Skin And Essential Fatty Acids To Nourish The Skin And Help Control Flaking And Scaling. Hylagroom Is Recommended For Cleansing Of Normal, Dry And/or Sensitive Skins Of Dogs, Cats And Horses.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, grooming Supplies, gt, general Shampoos , amp, amp, Conditioners, gt, vetbiotek Hylagroom, amp, trade, Shampoo , amp, amp, Mousse
      SKU: Vetbiotek-hylagroom-mousse-200-ml

    Classic Starts: Black Beauty
      Classic Starts: Black Beauty.

      Following Sterling's Spectacularly Successful Launch Of Its Children's Classic Novels (240,000 Books In Print To Date), Comes A Dazzling New Series: " Classic Starts." The Stories Are Abridged; The Quality Is Complete. "classic Starts" Treats The World's Beloved Tales (and Children) With The Respect They Deserve-all At An Incomparable Price. "black Beauty "is The Classic Horse Story, A Beautiful And Touching Tale Told By The Title Character Himself. Set In Victorian London, It Follows Beauty's Life And Changing Fortunes As He Moves From Owner To Owner. As The Horse Encounters New Experiences And New Friends Who Reveal Their Own Histories, The Story Quietly Paints A Fascinating Portrait Of How Animals Were Treated During That Era.

      SKU: 6057723
      ISBN: 9781402711442
      Author: Sewell, Anna / Church, Lisa R. / Corvino, Lucy

    The Fleece And Fiber Sourcebook: More Than 200 Fibers, From Animal To Spun Yarn
      The Fleece And Fiber Sourcebook: More Than 200 Fibers, From Animal To Spun Yarn.

      This" "one-of-a-kind Photographic Encyclopedia Features More Than 200 Animals And The Fibers They Produce. It Covers Almost Every Sheep Breed In The World - From The Longwool Breeds Of The United Kingdom To The Tasmanian Merino, The Navajo Churro, The Northern European Faroese, And Dozens And Dozens More. It Also Includes Goats, Camelids (such As Alpacas, Llamas, And Vicunas), Bison, Horses, Musk Oxen, Rabbits, And Even Dogs. Each Entry Includes Photographs Of The Featured Animal; Samples Of Its Raw Fleece, Its Cleaned Fleece, And Yarn Spun From The Fleece; And Samples Of The Yarn Knit And Woven. You'll Find Everything You Want To Know About Each Animal And Its Fiber, Including The Fiber's Color, Density, Strength, And Staple Length, And Recommendations For Processing And Using It. This Is The Essential Reference No Fiber-lover Can Be Without.

      SKU: 12568545
      ISBN: 9781603427111
      Author: Robson, Deborah / Ekarius, Carol

    Cowboy Boots
      Cowboy Boots.

      A Collectible And Fun Little Book On America's Most Fashionable Footwear, Cowboy Boots Is A Close Up Look At The Veritable Trunk Show Of Some Of The Most Impressive Cowboy Boot Designs From The Most Prestigious And Famed Bootmakers In The World, And Is Small And Handy Enough To Carry With You When You're Shopping For That Next Pair From Detail Shots Of Stitching, To A Focus On The Design Elements Like Flowers, Steer Heads, Horses, Crosses, Initials, Hearts, Cacti, And Horseshoes, There Is Plenty Of Quality Craftsmanship To Ogle Over. A Great Little Idea Book To Have Handy If You're A Collector, A Fan Of The Craftsmanship Or In The Market For A New Pair. Tyler Beard Is The Foremost Expert On Cowboy Boots. He Is The Author Of Art Of The Boot, The Cowboy Boot Book, And 100 Years Of Western Wear. He Lives On A Ranch With His Wife, And Together They Run True West Design. Jim Arndt Is Nationally Recognized Photographer, With Many Books To His Credit Including Art Of The Boot, The Cowboy Boot Book, And 100 Years Of Western Wear. His Work Has Been Published And Exhibited Internationally.

      SKU: 7196512
      ISBN: 9781586855222
      Author: Beard, Tyler / Arndt, Jim

    Ratha's Creature (the Named Series #1)
      Ratha's Creature (the Named Series #1).

      Ratha Is A Young Herder Of The Named, A Clan Of Intelligent Prehistoric Wild Cats Who Keep Deer And Horses. The Named Fight For Survival Against Un-named Cats, Enemies Who Raid Clan Herds. Meoran, Leader Of The Named, Claims That The Un-named Are No More Intelligent Than Herd Animals, And Ratha Believes Him, Until A Clash With An Un-named Raider Who Taunts Her In Named Speech Forces Her To Question Everything. Then Ratha Tames A Power That Could Upset Everything. Threatened By Her Discovery, The Tyrannical Clan Leader Banishes Her From The Clan. Can A Young Clan Herder Who Doesn't Know Hunting, Use Her New "creature" To Survive In Exile?

      SKU: 13192237
      ISBN: 9781936917013
      Author: Bell, Clare

    An Illustrated History Of Trigger: The Lives And Legend Of Roy Rogers' Palomino
      An Illustrated History Of Trigger: The Lives And Legend Of Roy Rogers' Palomino.

      Among Certain Fans, Roy Rogers' Golden Palomino Trigger Was More Popular Than The King Of The Cowboys Himself. Some Are Still Infatuated By The Horse Decades After His Death In 1965-and No Wonder. Trigger Is The Most Famous Movie Horse Of All Time. But In Truth, "trigger" Was A Composite Of The Original Horse, A Number Of Look-alikes And One Extraordinary Double (rarely Acknowledged By Rogers) Named Little Trigger. This Book Is A Detailed Look At The Animals And Men Who Created And Nurtured The Legend Of "the Smartest Horse In The Movies." It Covers The Life Story Of The Original Horse And The Look-alikes, As Well As The Story Of "trigger," The Legend. A Filmography Lists All Films In Which Trigger Appeared, Including Some Without Roy Rogers. Television And Personal Appearances Are Also Discussed. Covered In Their Own Chapters Are Horse Hero Comic Books And Trigger Collectibles. Also Included Are A Biography Of Trigger's Trainer Glenn Randall And A Chapter On Roy Rogers As Horseman. Generous Illustrations Include Many Rare (some Previously Unpublished) Photographs Gathered From Trigger Collectors Nationwide, And Even Copies Of Trigger''s Registration Form And Bill Of Sale.

      SKU: 3089408
      ISBN: 9780786461110
      Author: Pando, Leo / Randall, Corky

    The Victorian Fairy Tale Book
      The Victorian Fairy Tale Book.

      Fr Om Robert Browning's "pied Piper Of Hamelin "and William Makepeace Thackeray's "rose" "and The" "ring" To Kenneth Grahame's "reluctant Dragon" And J. M. Barrie's "peter Pan In Kensington Gardens," Here Are Seventeen Classic Stories And Poems From The Golden Age Of The English Fairy Tale. Some Of Them Amuse, Some Enchant, Some Satirize And Criticize, But Each One-in The Words Of Laurence Houseman, Au Thor Of He Classic Rocking-horse Land- "is An Expression Of The Joy Of Living." Accompanied By The Illustrations From The Original Editions Of These Works-by Such Celebrated Victorian Artists As Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Maxfield Parrish, And Arthur Rackham-this Collection Will Delight Readers Both Young And Old.

      SKU: 1114721
      ISBN: 9780375714559
      Author: Hearn, Michael Patrick

    Bradt Belarus
      Bradt Belarus.

      Belarus Remains The Most Inaccessible, Unknown And Misunderstood Country In Europe. This New Guide - The First To Focus On The Republic Of Belarus - Therefore Offers A Rare Opportunity To Study A Country And Its People As They Really Are, Before The Rest Of The World Catches On. Anyone With An Interest In History And Sociology Will Be Fascinated By The Continuation Of Traditional Rural Pastimes And Industries Where A Horse And Cart Is Still In Use. There Are Also Vast Areas Of Marshes, Lakes And Rivers, Which Are Of Particular Appeal To Ecologists And Envvironmentalists. Lsav And Belarussian Cultural Monuments, Churches, Monasteries And Castles Dating Back To The Middle Ages, Are Exploree In Detail.

      SKU: 7465380
      ISBN: 9781841622071
      Author: Roberts, Nigel

    Pinkerton Waltz: The Oral History Of Sadie Albin Aka Etta Place
      Pinkerton Waltz: The Oral History Of Sadie Albin Aka Etta Place.

      While Historians Debate Of The Fate Of Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid, The Capital Story Of Etta Place Is Significant As Any Event That Defines The Old West. Mistress To Sundance And Matron To Butch, Etta Was A Notorious Desperada, Beautiful And Well-read, An Excellent Horse-rider, And An Expert Markswoman. In 1901, On The Lam From Pinkertons', The Family Of Three Fled To Argentina Where Detective Frank Dimaio Tracked Them To Their Ranch Near The Small Village Of Cholila. In 1908, Dimaio Reported: 'i Know Nothing Of Etta Place, But Believe She Met The Sundance Kid In A House Of Ill-fame And Became His Common Law Wife. She Returned To The United States While The Kid And Butch Stayed In South America And Were Apparently Killed In Bolivia By Soldaleros-although Some Believe They Escaped.' Based On The Oral History Of Sadie Albin-aka Etta Place-pinkerton Waltz Is The Irrefutable Saga Of The Family Of Three Settling In Anonymity On Their Cattle Ranch In The Ghost Town Of Greenhorn, Colorado In 1910. In 1966, When Sadie's Husband Eli (the Sundance Kid) Passes Away, She Befriends Mary Iris, A Cub Newspaper Reporter. Separated By Generations, They Develop An Unfailing Relationship And Sadie Reveals Her True Identity. Pinkerton Waltz Is A Journalistic Reconstruction Of Sadie's Lucid Memories Of The Family Of Three. Sadie Begins, "dead Outlaws Make Great Legends. You Bet. Better To Get It From The Horse's Mouth Than Some Horse's Ass." Pinkerton Waltz Peeks Under The Bedclothes At Fanny Porter's Sporting House In San Antonio, Where, At Fifteen, Etta's Infamy Began. On Sadie's 94th Birthday, She Recalls Riding With The Wild Bunch-robbing Banks And Holding-up Trains-and Dancing With Pinkertons' Along The Outlaw Trail. For Half A Century, Sadie Lived An Epic Life To Escape Etta's Legendary Past. Eli Is Mentored By Ernest Blumsenschein, Co-founder Of The Taos Artists Colony; Joseph (butch Cassidy) Promotes A Barnyard-boxing Match Between The Manassa Mauler And A Victorious Mountain Man; The Family Of Three Bottle Moonshine In A Still Hidden Beneath The Bear Cage At The Greenhorn Zoo. Pinkerton Waltz Celebrates An Ancient Chinaman Named Boc Yow And Laments The Demise Of The American Cowboy. In The Beginning, Etta Dances A Jitterbug To Bring Finality To A Frenetic Folklore. In The End, Sadie Whispers The Truth, Soothing As A Cradlesong.

      SKU: 6712271
      ISBN: 9781438965116
      Author: Thessen, Michael

    There Must Be A Pony In Here Somewhere: The Aol Time Warner Debacle And The Quest For The Digital Future
      There Must Be A Pony In Here Somewhere: The Aol Time Warner Debacle And The Quest For The Digital Future.

      In Her Acclaimed, Kara Swisher Chronicled The Unlikely Ascent Of A Group Of Underdog Entrepreneurs And Their Influence On American Net Culture. This Book Picks Up Where The Previous One Left Off, Investigating Aol's Merger With Time Warner And Its Aftermath. Journalists Swisher And Dickey Have An Ear For The Comic And An Appreciation For The Larger-than-life Personalities That Propel The Drama. After The Merger, A Troubled Journey Lies Ahead Both For Aol Time Warner And For Its Competitors. Microsoft, Yahoo, Disney, And At&t All Circle For Position, Hoping For The Worst. But Like The Little Boy Who Searches Through A Pile Of Horse Manure Looking For The Pony, The Companies Are Vigorously Scooping Their Way Forward - Often Without A Clue.

      SKU: 2710462
      ISBN: 9780739304549
      Author: Swisher, Kara / Dickey, Lisa

    We Are Puppies
      We Are Puppies.

      This Popular Series Now Includes Two Of The Animals Kids Love Most-puppies And Horses. Each Beautifully Illustrated Picture Book Shows Elders Teaching The Young How To Live, What Their Families Value, And What Special Gifts They Possess.

      SKU: 8467035
      ISBN: 9789058438157
      Author: Yoyo Books / Grooms, Molly

    Let Love Find You (thorndike Core)
      Let Love Find You (thorndike Core).

      #1 "new York Times "bestselling Author Johanna Lindsey Delivers A Dazzling Tale Of A Desperate Debutante Whose Family Hires An Innovative Matchmaker To Marry Her Off-starring Amanda Locke, Sister To Dashing Rafe Locke, From The "elegantly Sensual" ("booklist") "the Devil Who Tamed Her" London Society Has Its Very Own Cupid. Renowned Horse Breeder And Occasional Matchmaker Devin Baldwin Pairs Eligible Young Ladies With Suitable Gentlemen Based On His Theory Of Animal Magnetism. Beautiful Amanda Locke, The Daughter Of A Duke, Is Everything A Nobleman Could Desire, Yet She Enters Her Third Season Still Searching For A Match. Gossipmongers' Tongues Are Wagging, And Her Mystified Family Is Considering Drastic Measures To Find Her A Husband. But The Insufferable Advice Of Devin Is The Last Thing Amanda Wants. When An Earl Passionate About Horses Becomes The Target Of Her Husband Hunt, Amanda Knows It's Time To Overcome Her Fear Of Riding. Her Sister-in-law Ophelia Hastens The Romance Along By Arranging Riding Lessons, And Amanda Is Soon Taking Instruction From Infuriating Devin Baldwin. Astonishingly, In Her Daily Encounters With Devin-who Treats Her As An Ordinary Young Woman, Not A Prize To Be Won At The Matrimony Mart-amanda Experiences Passion For The First Time. Now, Her Search For A Match Takes Her In An Unexpected Direction As She Finds Herself Falling In Love With Cupid Himself.

      SKU: 21682410
      ISBN: 9781594136368
      Author: Lindsey, Johanna

    Warriors Of The Steppe: A Military History Of Central Asia, 500 B.c. To 1700 A.d.
      Warriors Of The Steppe: A Military History Of Central Asia, 500 B.c. To 1700 A.d..

      The First Book To Examine The Nomads Of Asia From A Purely Military Perspective, From The Ancient Scythians To The Manchu Conquest Of China. Across These Two Thousand Years, The Horse Archer Armies Of The Steppe-considered Here As A Unified Phenomenon, Linked By Their Reliance On Mass Cavalry Tactics And The Composite Bow-resembled An Unstoppable "force Of Nature" Which Sedentary People, Except In Rare Instances, Were Unable To Resist.

      SKU: 76764440
      ISBN: 9781885119438
      Author: Hildinger, Erik

    Wholesale-infinity Horse Bracelet Charm Girl Woman Man Bracelets Jewelry Horse Jewelry Gift For Girl
      Wholesale-infinity Horse Bracelet Charm Girl Woman Man Bracelets Jewelry Horse Jewelry Gift For Girl.

      Cheap Bracelets For Men Jewelry, Buy Quality Bracelet Skeleton Directly From China Bracelet Piercing Suppliers: Hot Sale Leather Bracelets Note: Free Shipping By Dhl/fedex Order Up To 80 Usd!!! Specifiction: Fashion: Fashion

      Category: Charmbraceelets
      SKU: 395761853

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