The Missing Link - Pet Kelp Formula Feline Well-being (6 Oz)

    The Missing Link - Pet Kelp Formula Feline Well-being (6 Oz)
      The Missing Link - Pet Kelp Formula Feline Well-being (6 Oz).

      For Over 400 Years, Fishermen And Farmers Along The Rugged, Nova Scotia Coast Have Fed Their Pets Hand-harvested Kelp From The Icy Nothern Sea Waters. They Credited Their Pet's Good Health To The Nutrients Found In Kelp. The Missing Link Pet Kelp Feline Well-being Formula Combines Kelp, Flaxseed, Cranberries And A Blend Of Probiotic To Support Your Cat's Health, Hardiness And Overall Well-being. Fomulated For Puppies, Adult & Senior Dogs. Antioxidants From Blueberries. Three Superfood Ingredients Combine To Support Overall Well-being

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, food Supplements, gt, vitamins
      SKU: Missing-link-pet-kelp-feline-well-being-6-oz

    Babydan Safety Bulk Magnetic Lock - White (150 Count)
      Babydan Safety Bulk Magnetic Lock - White (150 Count).

      Bulk - Magnet Lock - Great For Child Proofers Magnetic Locks Help Prevent A Child's Access To Draws & Closets Containing Dangerous Fluids, Knives Etc. This Adhesive Maagnetic Lock From Babydan Is Fitted With B Adhesive Pads Making It Perfect For Installation Where Screw Fitting Is Not Possible. Note This Is The Magnetic Lock Only. The Key Would Need To Be Ordered Separately

      Category: New Pet Products, gt, babydan Gate, Panel , amp, Safety Accessories
      SKU: Babydan-safety-bulk-magnetic-lock-white

    Booda Bonkers Woosh Ii - Assorted
      Booda Bonkers Woosh Ii - Assorted.

      These Brightly Colored And Buoyant Toys Come In A Variety Of Shapes And Materials, Including Gatortech, The Same Amphibious Material Used In Crocs?. Dog Owners Looking For A Toy That Is Soft Enough For Fido?s Mouth But Durabble Enough To Last Through Many Hours Of Play, Look No More! The Wait Is Over With B Onkers™ Toys.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Toys, gt, balls , amp, Fetch Toys, gt, booda Fetch Dog Toys
      SKU: Booda-bonkers-woosh-ii

    Catit Fur Mouse (12/box) - Large
      Catit Fur Mouse (12/box) - Large.

      Catit Fur Mouse Are Small, Realistic Furry Mice Toys That Will Provide Your Cat With Hours Of Fun And Amusement. Catit Fur Mice Come Packaged In A Cheese-style Display Box. Mice Measure Approximately 3 Inches (7.5cm) Box Contains 12 Mice - 4 White Mice, 8 Grey Mice.

      Category: Cat Toys, gt, plush Cat Toys, gt, catit Fur Mice
      SKU: Catit-fur-mouse-12-box-large

    Durvet No-bite Ear Mite Control (4 Fl Oz)
      Durvet No-bite Ear Mite Control (4 Fl Oz).

      No-bite™ Ear Mite Control Is To Be Used As An Aid In Eliminating Ear Mites And Ticks In The Ears Of Cats And Dogs And For The Relief From Itching Caused By Such Conditions. Controls Fleas, Ticks And Ear Mites Non-oily, Water-based Formula Helps Relieve Irritation Caused By Ear Mittes Better Value - Compare To Expensive 1/2 Oz And 3/4 Oz Bottles Squeeze Bottle With Tip For Easy And Convenient Application

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, ear , amp, Eye Products, gt, ear Mite Control
      SKU: Durvet-no-bite-ear-mite-control

    Epo-equine Natural Blood Builder (30 Servings)
      Epo-equine Natural Blood Builder (30 Servings).

      Just Like In People, A Horse?s Muscles Require Oxygen From Blood For Fuel. Red Blood Cells Serve As The Oxygen-carrying Cells In The Blood.ahigher Red Blood Cell Count = More Oxygen In The Blood = More Muscle Energy. Elevated Muscle Energy Helps The Horse Perform Harder, Faster And Longer During Endurance Events. So Here?s Where The Horse?s Natural Epo Production Comes In. The Hormone Erythropoietin (epo) Is Made By The Kidneys To Stimulate Production Of New Red Blood Cells From Bone Marrow. Epo Is A Natural ?blood Builder.? Epo Production In Horseswith Epo Doping, Trainers Boost Epo Levels To Get Improved Performance. But They Use A Synthetic Epo (recombinant Human Epo), Even Though The Side Effects Can Kill The Horse. That?s Why It?s Illegal.the Great News Is ? There?s Another Option. Epo ? Equine®: A Safe, Highly Effective Natural, Dietary Horse Performance Supplement Accepted By The Racehorse Community.

      Category: Horse , amp, amp, Livestock Products, gt, horse Bone, Joint , amp, amp, Muscle Care, gt, epo-equine, amp, reg,
      SKU: Epo-equine-blood-builder-30-servings

    Equithrive Joint (2 Lb)
      Equithrive Joint (2 Lb).

      Equithrive Joint Is The First Equine Nutraceutical To Contain A Purified Form Of The Potent Resveratrol. Equithrive Joint Optimizes The Immune System To Support Healthy Joints And Maximum Muscle Performance. Resveratrol Is A Natural Molecule That: Reduces Gene Expression Of Inflammatory Enzymes. Is Safe For Long-term Daily Use (?generally Regarded As Safe? By The Fda) Does Not Produce Unwante D Gastrointestinal Side Effects. Active Ingredients: Resveratrol, Hyaluronic Acid Inactive Ingredients: Grape Skin And Seed Powder, Saccharomyces Cerevisiae 1026, Fermentation Solubles, Diatomaceous Earth. Added Protection Against Overheating Provides Additional Insulation Increases Comfort

      Category: Horse , amp, amp, Livestock Products, gt, horse Bone, Joint , amp, amp, Muscle Care, gt, equithrive Horse Joint Care
      SKU: Equithrive2lb

    Kitty Kopter Cat Toy (assorted)
      Kitty Kopter Cat Toy (assorted).

      The Kitty Kopter Cat Toy Is A Fun Toy Featuring Real Bird Feathers Attached To A Red Pom Pom. Your Cat Will Love Chasing This Toy As It Twirls Through The Air And Pouncing And Batting It While On The Ground. He?ll Feel Like He Caught A Prize Bird As He Carries It Off With Him. This Toy Is 6" Long And Is Handcrafted In The U.s.a. Playful Spin When Thrown Through The Air Features Real Feathers Available In Assorted Colors. Please Allow Us To Choose A Color For You.

      Category: Cat Toys, gt, cat Balls, gt, go Cat Kitty Kopter
      SKU: Kittykopter

    Chunky Chews Knotted Rawhide Roll 12"
      Chunky Chews Knotted Rawhide Roll 12".

      Chunky Chews Knotted Rawhide Roll 12" Are More Than Three Times The Weight Of Industry Rawhide. Chunky Chews Also Regard An Added Nutritional Benefit. Chunky Chews Are Coated With A Clear, Non-staining Formula Of Glucosamine. These Patented Long-lasting Nutraceutical Chews Come In A Variety Of Shapes And Sizes Including A Patented Premium Round Safety-knot™ Bone Design That Helps Slow Down And Enhance The Chewing Process. The Curvaceous Shape Of The Bone, Along With Its Big Round Knots, Are Appealing And Ergonomically Correct For Dogs. Three Times The Weight Of Industry Rawhide Coated With A Clear, Non-staining Formula Of Glucosamine Patented Premium Round Safety-knot™ Bone Design

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, bones And Rawhide Chews, gt, petag Rawhide Chews
      SKU: Knottedrawhideroll12

    Kong Off/on Squeaker Dog - Large (assorted)
      Kong Off/on Squeaker Dog - Large (assorted).

      Kong Off/on Squeaker Dog Is A Squeaker Toy With A Twist - An "off Switch." This Dog Shaped Squeaker Toy Can Be Turned Off For Quiet Play With The Simple Flip Of A Switch. It Is Made Of The Popular Airdog Material Which Is A Nonabrasive Tennis Material That Will Not Wear Donw Your Dog's Teeth. Approximately 8.5" Long Turn On For Squeaky Fun; Turn Off When You've Had Enough Nonabrasive Tennis Material Will Not Wear Down Your Dog's Teeth Perfect For Games Of Fetch Please Allow Us To Choose A Color For You.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Toys, gt, chew Toys, gt, kong Off, on Squeaker Toys
      SKU: Kong-off-on-squeaker-dog-large

    Kong Goodie Bone Dog Toy - Large
      Kong Goodie Bone Dog Toy - Large.

      Kong Goodie Bone Dog Toy Bridges The Gap Between Treats, Play And Exercise. This Solid Rubber Toy Holds Treats And Stands Up To Chewing And Gnawing As Your Dog Works For His Reward. Dogs Stay Busy Trying To Remove Tantalizing Morsels From The Patented Goodie Grippers. Helps Curb Destructive Chewing And Promote Proper Chewing Habits. Made Of Non-toxic, Extremely Durable Natural Rubber. Kong Goodie Bone Will Keep Your Dog Entertained And Out Of Trouble For Hours. Goodie Gripper Toys Bridge The Gap Between Treats, Play And Exercise Solid Rubber Bone Bounces Unpredictably To Make Your Dog Work For His Reward Insert Treats Into The Goodie Grippers™ And Watch Your Dog Go Wild Trying To Retrieve Them Large Size Made For Dogs Between 30 - 65 Lbs.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Toys, gt, treat Dispensing Toys, gt, kong Goodie Bones
      SKU: Konggoodiel

    Pet Odor Exterminator Candle - Mulberry & Spice Jar (13 Oz)
      Pet Odor Exterminator Candle - Mulberry & Spice Jar (13 Oz).

      The Pet Odor Exterminator Candle Jar Is A Professional Strength Scented Candle That Both Combats And Covers Pet Odors. This Product Combines Paraffin And Soy With Powerful Enzymes That Work To Attack Malodor Caused By Cats, Dogs, Reptiles, And Other Small Animals While It Burns. Each Candle Is Made To Burn For 70 Hours To Ensure That Your Home Or Work Environment Always Smells Fresh And Clean. The Pet Odor Exterminator Candle Jar Is Made Here In The United States And Is A Mere 13 Ounces For Your Convenience. This Product Features A Pleasant Mulberry & Spice Scent, But Candles Are Also Available In Other Appealing Aromas. Keep Any Area Full Of A Pleasing Scent That Your Pet Will Love With This Long-burning, Odor-eliminating Candle And Order Today! Key Features: Burns For 70 Hours Paraffin & Soy Blend Features Enzymatic Formula To Eliminate Odors From: Dogs, Cats, Reptiles, Small Animals Made In Usa!

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, cleaning , amp, amp, Sanitation, gt, stain , amp, amp, Odor Removal, gt, pet Odor Exterminator Candle, amp, trade,
      SKU: Mulberry-spice-jars-13-oz

    Naturvet Brewer's Yeast & Garlic (1,000 Tabs)
      Naturvet Brewer's Yeast & Garlic (1,000 Tabs).

      Brewer?s Dried Yeast With Garlic Tabs Plus Vitamins For Naturally Healthy Skin And A Glossy Coat. Vitamin Enriched Tablets And Powder Contain Top Quality Debittered Yeast That Your Dogs And Cats Love To Eat. Fortified With B1, B2, Niacin And Vitamin C, An Important Antioxidant. Guaranteed Analysis: Analysis Per 500 Mg Tablet: Thiamine (b-1) - 100 Mcg Riboflavin (b-2) - 150 Mcg Niacin (b-3) - 500 Mcg Ascorbic Acid - 100 Mcg Ingredients: Brewer?s Yeast, Garlic, Beef Liver, Magnesium Stearate, Silica Aerogel, Niacin, Thiamine Mononitrate, Ascorbic Acid (source Of Vitamin C), Stearic Acid, Riboflavin And Peanut Butter. Limit 12 Per Order

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, food Supplements, gt, nutritional Supplements, gt, naturvet Brewer, s Yeast , amp, Garlic
      SKU: Nabryega5ta

    Zuke's Natural Purzz Healthy Moist Treats For Cats - Chicken (3 Oz)
      Zuke's Natural Purzz Healthy Moist Treats For Cats - Chicken (3 Oz).

      Zukes' Natural Purzz Healthy Moist Treats For Cats - Chicke N(3 Oz.) Natural Purrz Are The Perfect Way To Keep Your Kitty Companion Purring. They're Soft, Delicious Treats Packed With Usda Chicken Or Ocean?caught Salmon, A Whole-food Source Of Omega 3 Fish Oil. And Because They're Healthy (and Only 2 Calories Each), You'll Feel Good Treating Your Cat To Them Everyday. You Can Both Be Happy About That. Your Kitty Will Be So Grateful They May Even Trade In Knocking Things Off Your Coffee Table For Snuggling. Maybe. Feed Nutritious Natural Purrz And Fuel The Love. Make Your Cat Purr At Only 2 Calories Each, Don't Worry About Overfeeding. Made With High Quality Proteins And Grains Enriched With Vitamins And Minerals. Made In The Usa With Usa Sourced Meats And Grains Salmon Formula Made With Ocean?caught Salmon Always Healthy And Natural 100% Free Of Wheat, Corn And Soy Made Without Artificial Colors, Flavors Or By-products Ingredients: Chicken, Ground Barley, Ground Rice, Vegetable Glycerin, Malted Barley, Tapioca, Gelatin, Water, Menhaden Fish Oil, Brewer's Yeast, Natural Flavors, Lecithin, Cultured Whey, Acetic Acid, Salt. Vitamins And Minerals: A, D3, E, B12, Taurine, Ascorbic Acid (vitamin C) Calcium Pantothenate, Riboflavin (b2) Niacin, Thiamine Mononitrate (b1), Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (b6), Folic Acid, Zinc Oxide, Sodium Selenite (source Of Selenium).

      Category: Specials , amp, Sales, gt, treats For Cats
      SKU: Naturalpurrzchicken

    Naturvet Coprophagia Deterrent Soft Chews (90 Ct)
      Naturvet Coprophagia Deterrent Soft Chews (90 Ct).

      Coprophagy Problem? Try Nixit Naturvet Naturals Coprophagia Soft Chews Are Recommended To Help Deter Dogs From Consuming Their Own Stool Or Other Dogs? Stools If They Are Fed Naturvet Naturals Coprophagia Soft Chews. Also Recommended To Help Support The Reduction Of Unpleasant Pet Odor. Product Features Coprophagia Soft Chews Help Deter Dogs From Consuming Their Own Stool Deterrent Supplement Reduces Unpleasant Pet Odor All Natural Naturvet University Product Education Puppy Care (pdf) Limit 12 Per Order

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, food Supplements, gt, stool Eating Preventatives, gt, naturvet Coprophagia Deterrent
      SKU: Ntrvtcpphgiadsfc90

    Omega Alpha Regenereq (16 Ml)
      Omega Alpha Regenereq (16 Ml).

      Omega Alpha Regenereq Supports Stomach Function And Promotes Increased Appetite And Weight Gain In Horses. This Supplement Is Complete With Nutrients That Maintain Your Horse's Gastrointestinal Health. This Formula Can Be Extremely Beneficial For Horses That Are Hesitant To Feed Due To A New Food Formula Or Stress Caused By A New Environment, Travel, Or Competition. Omega Alpha Regenereq Uses All Natural Ingredients To Ensure That It Is Safe For Regular Use. This Product Is Best Used In Conjunction With Omega Alpha Biotic 8 To Achieve Optimal Results. This Supplement Ensures That Your Horse Will Maintain A Healthy Weight And Diet In Nearly Any Circumstance, So Order Now! Key Features: Promotes Gastrointestinal Health Natural Ingredients, Safe To Consume For Maintenance Comes In 16 Ml Container

      Category: Horse , amp, amp, Livestock Products, gt, horse Digestives, gt, omega Alpha Horse Digestive
      SKU: Omega-alpha-regenereq-16-ml

    Ranch Rewards American Beefhide Bone Natural Flavor 7"-8"
      Ranch Rewards American Beefhide Bone Natural Flavor 7"-8".

      American Beefhide Bone (7"-8") Is An All Natural Premium Chew. Made From The Finest American Beef Hides. Veterinarian Approved. Promotes Better Dental Hygiene. Kennel Tested And Approved. Beefhide.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, bones And Rawhide Chews, gt, ranch Rewards, Rawhides
      SKU: Ranch-rewards-american-beefhide-bone-natural-flavor-7-8

    Spotbrites 2 In 1 Laser/led Pet Toy Exerciser & Flashlight
      Spotbrites 2 In 1 Laser/led Pet Toy Exerciser & Flashlight.

      Spotbrites 2 In 1 Laser/led Pet Toy Exerciser & Flashlight By. Ethical Products Inc. You Won't Believe Your Pets Reaction To This Super Powerful Laser Beam. It Provides Hours Of Entertainment Plus Great Exercise For Your Pet. Veterinarian Approved And Recommended. Great Exercise For Cats, Dogs, Fish, Birds, And Lizards As They Chase The Laser Beam. 3 Batteries Included. 645 Nm Red Light,

      Category: Cat Toys, gt, laser Cat Toys, gt, spot Cat Laser Toys
      SKU: Spotbritesled

    Chicora And The Little People: The Legend Of The Indian Corn, A Lumbee Tale
      Chicora And The Little People: The Legend Of The Indian Corn, A Lumbee Tale.

      Chicora And The Little People"listen " Chicora Pleaded. "last Night, I Opened My Eyes And Saw Tiny Hands Reaching Through The Lodge Flap. I Screamed, 'leave Me Alone ' And The Little Hands Disappeared."the Legend Of Chicora And The Little People: The Legend Of The Indian Corn, Begins Long Ago In The Time Known As The Moon Of The Turning Leaves. Chicora, A Young Lumbee Girl, Is Awakened From Her Sleep By Gruff Giggling And Little Hands Reaching Through The Flap Of Her Home Lodge. She Attempts To Tell The Villagers Of The Appearance Of The Little People And The New Corn. How Can Chicora Convince Her Tribe Of The Truth?watercolor Paintings Wonderfully Complete The Telling Of This Lumbee Legend Of Trust And Courage.arvis Boughman Is A Member Of The Lumbee Tribe And Was Born In Robeson County In 1964. He Received A B. S. In Elementary Education And A M. A. In Communication Disorders From Appala-chian State University. In 2003, Arvis Co-authored Herbal Remedies Of The Lumbee Indians (mcfarland) With Loretta Oxendine. Currently, Arvis Works As A Speech/language Pathologist. His Interests Include Reading The Bible, Fishing, Woodcarving, Hiking, Appalachian Lore, And Native American Cultures. He Lives In A Log Cabin In The South Mountains Of North Carolina With Four Cats, Four Dogs, Five Horses, His Wife, Kim, Son, Micah, And Daughter, Clara-ann. Delora Cummings Is A Native American From Pembroke, Nc. As An Artist, She Enjoys Working In All Media, But Her Favorite Is Oil On Canvas. She Says, "as An Artist, What I Paint, Why I Paint, And How I Paint Are The Result Of Everything I Am, Everything I've Experienced, Every Person I've Known, And Everything I Have Seen, Felt, Smelled, Heard, And Touched."delora Has Always Been Involved In The Arts, Teaching Visual Art And As A Professional Artist. She's Been Married For Forty Years To Her Childhood Sweetheart Mcduffie Cummings. They Have Five Children And Two Grandchildren.

      SKU: 13146845
      ISBN: 9781605946771
      Author: Boughman, Arvis / Cummings, Delora

    My Racing Heart: The Passionate World Of Thoroughbreds And The Track
      My Racing Heart: The Passionate World Of Thoroughbreds And The Track.

      When Nan Mooney Was Seven Years Old, She Sat In Her Grandmother May-may's Living Room To Watch Her First Horse Race ... And So Began A Turbulent Romance Between A Woman And A Sport. Part Memoir, Part Journey Into The Compelling World Of Thoroughbred Horse Racing, "my Racing Heart" Gallops Headlong Into The Wild Culture And Fabulous Creatures That Rise Up Around A Racetrack. Nan Mooney Looks At The Horses, Jockeys, And Trainers; The Gambling And Corruption; And Racing's Age-old History And Forever Offbeat Society. From The Dusty Backstretch At A Small-town Track To The Stands At Magnificent Churchill Downs, Nan Mooney Captures The Risks And The Glory, The Excitement And The Passion, For Horse Lovers, Sports Fans, And Anyone Who Has Ever Craved A Place To Run Wild.

      SKU: 189306
      ISBN: 9780060958084
      Author: Mooney, Nan

    For The Matterhorn's Face, Zermatt Is The Place, A Kid's Guide To Zermatt, Switzerland
      For The Matterhorn's Face, Zermatt Is The Place, A Kid's Guide To Zermatt, Switzerland.

      The Mountain Village Of Zermatt, Switzerland Is Nestled In A Valley Between Steep Mountains, And It Is Dominated By The Matterhorn. When You Exit Your Swiss-red Train, And See The Cobblestone Streets And Horses And Carriages, You Immediately Will Notice Are No Cars. The Air Is Clean And Fresh, And The People Want To Keep It That Way The Main Street Bustles With People Shopping, Dining And Having A Good Time, And There Are No Tour Busses Anywhere. In Short, Everything Is Cute And Fun, And You Immediately Know Where Walt Disney Got Many Of His Ideas For Disneyland, As You Can See The Matterhorn From Nearly Every Prospective In The Zermatt Village. And This Is Exactly Why Photographer John D. Weigand And Author And Poet Penelope Dyan Went There, To Capture Some Of The Magic Of Zermatt. It Seemed Like The Perfect Spot For Kids, Nestled In The Serenity Of The Swiss Alps. . . Just Waiting To Be Ogled And Explored. The Zermatt Nights Were Even More Beautiful Than The Day As The Weigand Photographs Portray, But Most Amazing Of All Was The Matterhorn, Shining White Against The Sky By Day, And Full Of Amazing Color By Night.

      SKU: 7833165
      ISBN: 9781935630043
      Author: Dyan, Penelope / Weigand, John D.

    Around Watkins Glen
      Around Watkins Glen.

      Long Ago, Visitors Reached Watkins Glen By Railroad, Steamboat, And Horse-drawn Wagon. They Came To Stay In The Grand Resorts, Watch Automobile Racing In The Streets, Stroll Through The Countryside, Attend Grange Fairs, And Ride An Early Trolley. Today The Grand Resorts Are Gone, But Millions Still Come Seeking Spectacular Gorges, The Inland Sea Of Seneca Lake, Vast Vineyards, Fine Wineries, And Grand Prix Racing.

      SKU: 2693329
      ISBN: 9780738545257
      Author: Mitchell, Charles R. / House, Kirk W.

    Alice Fantastic
      Alice Fantastic.

      "the Storytelling Has Vitality And A Spirit Of Rebellion, Giving Us Hope For The Future Of All Those Bad Girls With Dirty Faces And Bad Boys On Bikes."-the New York Times "there Is About Maggie Estep's Work A Directness, A Clear Determination-a Drive To Cut Through, To Break Through, To Claw Through-that Is Impressive."-a.m. Homes, Author Of The Mistress's Daughter "maggie Estep Is The Bastard Daughter Of Raymond Chandler And Anais Nin. Her Prose Is Hard-boiled And Sexy; She Turns A Good Phrase And Shows Soem Leg."-jonathan Ames, Author Of Wake Up, Sir Alice Hunter Is A Thirty-six-year-old Professional Gambler Living In Queens, New York. She Is Modestly Successful As A Horseplayer And Enjoys Her Work. Though Avidly Pursued By Her Lover, Clayton, Who She Refers To As The Big Oaf, Alice's Closest Companion Is Candy, A Small Spotted Dog, And Alice Likes It That Way. When Clayton's Overzealousness Leads Alice To Ask One Of Her Racetrack Cronies To Intimidate Clayton Into Leaving Her, A Few Things Go Wrong And Alice Turns To Her Half-sister Eloise, A Toy Maker, Whose Own Lover Has Just Been Killed In A Freak Accident. There Is Fierce Love Between Alice, Eloise, And Kimberly (their Unconventional Mother), But It Takes Alice's Accidental Discovery Of An Awful Secret Kimberly Has Been Keeping To Truly Bring Three Eccentric Women, Seventeen Dogs, And Assorted Lovers Together. Maggie Estep Has Published Six Books, Including Hex, A New York Times Notable Book Of 2003. Her Work Has Appeared In Many Magazines And Anthologies Including: Brooklyn Noir, Queens Noir, Aloud: Voices From The Nuyorican Poets Cafe, The Best American Erotica, And The Outlaw Bible Of American Poetry. She Has Performed Her Work In A Wide Variety Of Venues Ranging From Lincoln Center To Lollapalooza, Charlie Rose, And Hbo's Def Poetry Jam. She Lives In Woodstock, New York.

      SKU: 7813723
      ISBN: 9781933354811
      Author: Estep, Maggie

    The Triumph Of The Embryo
      The Triumph Of The Embryo.

      Of The Great Mysteries That Face Modern Biologists, One Of The Most Intriguing Concerns The Development Of The Microscopic Embryo Into Exceedingly Complex Plants And Animals-into Roses And Cacti, Elephants And Blue Whales, Apes And Human Beings. How Does One Cell Give Rise To So Many Millions Of Cells? How Do They Divide So As To Form Hearts, Brains, Eyes, And Ears? Where In This Pin-head-sized Object Is All This Information Encoded? Now, In The Triumph Of The Embryo, British Biologist Lewis Wolpert Treats General Readers To A Lucid Tour Of Embryology, Offering The Latest Theories In This Fascinating Field. Like The Best Scientist-authors, Wolpert's Writing Is Filled With Rich And Unusual Examples, Metaphors, And Descriptions. Nor Does He Hesitate To Move Beyond His Overall Narrative To Discuss The Many Issues It Raises, Such As Aging, Cancer, Regeneration, And Evolution. Readers Discover Why All Calico Cats Are Female; Encounter A Zebra-striped Mouse And A Fruit Fly Engineered To Grow A Leg Out Of Its Head; And Consider Such Topics As Why "cell Death" Is Important In Sculptin The Body Or Why There Seems To Be A 110 Year Age Barrier For The Human Body. Wolpert Also Traces The Early History Of The Field, Ranging From The Original Conflict Of Embryology Raised By Aristotle Right Up To The Belief (held Even In The 19th Century) That Every Human Spermatozoa Contained A Fully-developed Human Being. And He Illuminates Modern Embryology, Sharing With Readers A Glimpse Of The Forefront Of The Field, Including Such Groundbreaking Concepts As Cams (cell Adhesion Molecules) And Induction (a Mode Of Cell Interaction Whose Discoveery Won The Only Nobel Prize In Embryology). To Wolpert, The Triumph Of The Embryo Is Its Ability To Exploit With Brilliant Success A Group Of Basic, Elegant, And Universal Mechanisms In Order To Develop Into A Fully Formed Creature-no Matter If It's To Become A Hydra Or A Horse. To Readers, The Triumph Of The Triumph Of The Embryo Is Lewis Wolpert's Ability To Tell Us All About It.

      SKU: 570695
      ISBN: 9780198542438
      Author: Wolpert, Lewis

    Homestretch: A Celebration Of Americas Greatest Tracks
      Homestretch: A Celebration Of Americas Greatest Tracks.

      This Lively Historical Compilation Covers The Fifteen Greatest Thoroughbred Horse-racing Tracks In North America, With Vivid Black-and-white Photographs Of The Most Famous Trainers, Horses, And Races Of The Last Century. From Churchill Downs, Pimlico, And Belmont To Del Mar, The Fair Grounds, And Hollywood Park, See Why Thoroughbred Racing Si The Sport Of Kings. Nancy Stout's Work Has Appeared In "the Daily Racing Form" And "the Racing Times." Jerry Cooke Is The Nation's Top Thoroughbred Photographer.

      SKU: 2910001
      ISBN: 9780762402984
      Author: Stout, Nancy / Cooke, Jerry

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