The Renegade Lawyer: Legal Humor For Law Students, Attorneys, And Other Interested Third Parties

    The Renegade Lawyer: Legal Humor For Law Students, Attorneys, And Other Interested Third Parties
      The Renegade Lawyer: Legal Humor For Law Students, Attorneys, And Other Interested Third Parties.

      The Renegade Lawyer Satirizes Today's Legal Profession, Putting A Smile On Your Face Or Leaving You Laughing Out Loud. Rather Than Collecting Stories Of Widows Leaving Their Fortunes To Their Cats Or Stupid Cases From The 1800s, This Book Tackles Such Topics As How Majoring In Political Science Is Pointless, How The Way The Law Is Taught (the Socratic Method) Would Have Socrates Turning Over In His Grave, Howw To Lose Friends By Constantly Arguing And Nitpicking (important Legal Skills), How Court Decisions Result From What The Judge Had For Breakfast, And How Stress Becomes A Lawyer's Constant Companion. The Book Offers Advice Based On Actual Experiences, Such As Don't Wear Short Pants To A Luncheon With Your Law School Dean Or Slippers In Your Law Firm Partner's Office. One Chapter Teaches You How To Write Rejection Letters To Law Firms Before They Reject You While Another Chapter Suggests Movies To Watch To Overcome Law School Burnout. To Test Your Legal Acumen After Each Chapter, There Are Short Quizzes With Wacky Questions. Is True Romance Possible For A Law Student Or Lawyer? Can You Really Lose 20 Pounds Your First Semester Of Mosaic Code School Eating Nothing But Mint Milano Cookies? Is A Law Firm More Like Ancient Rome, The Dark Ages, Or The Klingon Empire? How Can The Rule No Horses In The Park Mean That A Pony Can Be In The Park But A Zebra Can't? Is Double-billing Evil? The Book Starts By Asking Whether A Lawyer Can Smile And Continues With An Overall Jocular Tone. As The Subtitle Suggests, The Renegade Lawyer Makes A Nice Gift Of Legal Humor For Prospective Law Students, Lawyers, Or Other People Who Simply Enjoy Seeing The Legal Profession Lampooned.

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      ISBN: 9781934086117
      Author: Zyla, Eric

    3-pack Simple Solution Training Pads (150 Pack)
      3-pack Simple Solution Training Pads (150 Pack).

      Simple Solution Training Pads Are Treated With A Scientifically Formulated Scent To Attract Pets. Safe Shield Antimicrobial Product Protection. Made With Technology That Converts Liquid Into Gel And Locks In Moisture. They Are Excellent For House-breaking New Puppies. Also Used As An Elimination Area For Ill Or Confined Pets. Great For Pet Carriers. Durable And Shed-resistant. Sealed On All Four Sides To Prevent Leakage. Plastic Backing To Protect Floors. Product Features Makes Training Quick & Easy Built-in Attractant Encourages Pets To Use The Pad Super Absorbent Polymer Quickly Locks In Moisture To Prevent Leakage Easy To Clean-up Guaranteed Not To Leak

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    Microbe-lift Algaway 5.4 Algae Control (16 Oz)
      Microbe-lift Algaway 5.4 Algae Control (16 Oz).

      For Use In Self-contained Ornamental Ponds And Fountains Without Any Outflow. For Small Ponds With Heavy Algae Growth, Clean The Excess Algae Off The Sides And Ornaments Before Adding Microbelift Algaway 5.4™. This Will Reduce The Amount Of Decaying Organic Matter. Fountains, Small Ponds With Goldfish And Koi - Treat Only Those Fountains And Ponds Which Will Have No Outflow After Treatment. High Water Temperatures Cause More Rapid Natural Decay Of Dead Algae Which Can Cause Fish Distress. If Animals Are Present Clean Out Excess Algae As Stated Above Or Use Before Temperature Exceeds 75â°f. Control String Algae! No More Green Water With Algaway 5.4 Algaecide! It Stops Algae Growth In Ponds And Can Be Applied To Areas That Contain Fish And Plants! Will Not Harm Fish Or Live Ornamental Plants Directions: It Is A Violation Of Federal Law To Use This Product In A Manner Inconsistent With Ts Labeling. For Use In Self-contained Ornamental Ponds And Fountains Without Any Outflow. For Small Ponds Wit Heavy Algae Growth, Clean The Excess . This Will Reduce?algae Off The Sides And Ornaments Before Adding Algaway 5.4 The Amount Of Decaying Organic Matter. Fountains, Small Ponds With Goldfish And Koi ? Treat Only Those Fountains And Ponds Which Will Have No Outflow After Treatment. High Water Temperatures Cause More Rapid Natural Decay Of Dead Algae Which Can Cause Fish Distress. If Animals Are Present Clean Out Excess Algae As Stated Above Or Use Before Temperature Exceeds 75â°f (24â°c). Caution: In Ponds, Insure That Water Is Well Aerated Via Waterfall, Fountain Or Other Method To Prevent Fish Loss. Aeration Must Be Continuous. Caution: Not Safe For Use With Snails, Shrimp And Other Crustaceans Or Mollusks. Repeat Dosage Once Per Week For Maintenance.

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    Pet Odor Exterminator - Bamboo Breeze Spray (7 Oz)
      Pet Odor Exterminator - Bamboo Breeze Spray (7 Oz).

      Pet Odor Exterminator™ Air Freshener Spray Uses Enzymes To Effectively Attack And Remove Pet Odors From Any Environment. This Specialty Pet Spray Works To Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh And Clean. Simply Spray The Enzymatic Formula In The Area You Want To Freshen And Let The Pleasant Aroma Fill The Air. Pet Odor Exterminator Air Freshener Spray Is Easy To Use And Each Bottle Contains 7 Ounces Of Spray. This Bottle Features A Pleasant Bamboo Breeze Aroma, But There Are Also A Wide Variety Of Pleasant Scents Available. Don't Put Up With The Smells Of Wet Dog And Cat Litter Any Longer- Order This Amazing Air Freshener Spray Today! Key Features: Enzyme Formulated Spray Attacks And Removes Pet Odors Available In A Wide Variety Of Pleasant Aromas Made In The Usa

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    Cholodin Canine (500 Tablets) Chewables
      Cholodin Canine (500 Tablets) Chewables.

      Cholodin Contains Sources Of Choline And Posphatidylcholine, Two Of The Most Common Phospholipids. When Present In Sufficient Dietary Quantities, These Components Act As Neurotransmitter Precursors, Which Are Chemicals Manufactured And Released By Nerve Cells That Initiate The Sending Of "messages" From Those Cells. Occasionally, Geriatric Dogs And Cats Display Clinical Signs Unexplainable By A Specific Pathological Diagnosis. Examples Include: Lethargy And Reduced Awareness Of Surroundings. Poor Coat; Excessive Shedding Or Thin, Dry Coat. Hcronic Constipation Or Fecal Incontinence. Inappropriate Urination. Poor Appetite; Animla Eats Too Little To Maintain An Adequate Body Weight. Poor Mental Acuity. For Animals Displaying One Or More Of These Conditions, Choline Supplementation With Cholodinâ® May Be A Very Effective Aid In Treatment. Cholodin Has Four Major Functions: 1. It Is A Significant Dietary Factor In Preventing Fatty-liver Syndrome In Diabetic Dogs. 2. It Can Donate Methyl Groups Needed To Synthesize Other Compounds. 3. It Is Necessary For Acetyl-choline Formation. 4. It Is A Component Of Phospolipid And Lecithin, And A Constituent Of Plasmalogens, Which Are Abundant In Mitochondria And In Sphingomyelin, Found Particularly In The Brain. Small Animal Dietary Supplement: Active Ingredient(s): Cholodinâ® Contains: Phosphatidylchline (from Soy Lecithin), Choline (as Chloride), Dl-methionine, Inositol, Zinc (as Oxide), Niacinamide, Vitamin E, Thiamine (mononitrate), Riboflavin, Pyridoxine (hcl), Selenium (sodium Selenite), Vitamin B12 (cobalamin Concentrate), And Dexpanthenol. Formulated With A Flavor Base. Dosage And Administration: Usual Daily Dose: Cats And Small Dogs 1/2-1 Tablet 1/4-1/2 Teaspoonful Large Dogs 1-2 Tablets 1/2-1 Teaspoonful The Tablets May Be Fed By Hand Or Crumbled And Mixed With Food.

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    Eq Uine Vitamin E 1000 With Selenium (4 Lb)
      Eq Uine Vitamin E 1000 With Selenium (4 Lb).

      An Antioxidant Formula Against Horses That Supports Circulation, The Immune System, And Cardiovascular Function.

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    Living World Wooden Perch 16 In (2 Pack)
      Living World Wooden Perch 16 In (2 Pack).

      The Living World Wooden Perch Is A Great Addition For You To Add To Your Bird?s Cage. It Is Recommended For Use With Small Birds Such As Parakeets, Canaries And Finches. The Wooden Perch Comes In A Pack Of Two And Is The Ideal Replacement For Damaged Or Chewed Perches. The Living World Wooden Perch Helps Stimulate Activity And Natural Chewing From Your Bird. Having Multiple Perches Throughout Your Cage Provides Your Bird With Plenty Of Places To Climb And Play From. Replacements For Damaged Or Chewed Perches Stimulates Activity And Natural Chewing Ideal Resting Spot Multiple Perches Promote Climbing Pack Of 2; 16-inch Length

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    Naturvet Allergy Aid Plus Antioxidants (70 Soft Chews)
      Naturvet Allergy Aid Plus Antioxidants (70 Soft Chews).

      Naturvet Allergy Aid Plus Antioxidants Provides Your Dog With Relief From The Burden Of Seasonal Allergies.  allergies Can Be A Real Nuisance That Can Make Life Uncomfortable And Difficult For Your Pet. Rather Than Wait Out The Pollen And Dander, Treat Your Pup's Allergies With These Functional Soft Chews That Feature A Palatable Flavor To Make Them Easy To Administer To Your Pets. Naturvet Allergy Aid Plus Antioxidants Are Rich In Natural Antioxidants And Fatty Acids To Promote Skin, Respiratory And Immune Health. This Cup Includes 70 Soft Chews That Were Made Here In The Usa With High Standards Of Quality. Don't Let Your Pet Suffer- Order These Treats To Treat Your Pet's Allergies Today! Key Features: Includes Fatty Acids And Natural Antioxidants To Support Healthy Immune, Respiratory And Skin Health Includes 70 Palatable Soft Chews Made I The Usa Limit 12 Per Order

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    Nutrafin Nutramatic 2x Automatic Fish Food Feeder
      Nutrafin Nutramatic 2x Automatic Fish Food Feeder.

      The Nutrafin Nutramatic 2x Automatic Feeder Provides Flexible Installation Options Which Allows For Rim And Free-standing Positioning While Fitting Within Some Canopies. This Easy Set Unit Distributes Food At Two Intervals During The Day And Features Food Quantity Adjustment And Anti-humidity Door To Protect And Maintain Food Quality. Flakes, Granules And Pellets Can Be Used With This Automatic Fish Feeder.

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    Nupro (30 Oz) For Dogs
      Nupro (30 Oz) For Dogs.

      Improve Your Dog?s Health With Nupro® (30 Oz) Supplement For Dogs Nupro® (30 Oz) Supplement For Dogs Is An All-natural Supplement For All Dog Breeds. Scientifically Researched And Developed, Nupro® Supplements Give Dogs Valuable Nutrients And Enzymes That Processed And Cooked Dog Foods Typically Lack. Help Your Dog Live A Long, Healthy Life Nupro®'s Gold Supplement Was Created By A Nutrition Doctor To Help Improve Dogs? Overall Health. It Has Been Formulated With Essential Minerals, Vitamins And Digestive Enzymes That Are Not Included In Most Dog Foods. It Does Not Have Any Corn And Wheat Based Ingredients And Is An Entirely Holistic Dog Food Supplement. Either Sprinkled On The Food Or Mixed With Water To Create A Gravy, Even The Pickiest Eater Will Love The Taste Of Nutro® (30 Oz) Supplement For Dogs. It Is Recommended For Dogs Of All Ages. Helps Burn Fat Fights Allergies Improves Bone Growth And Arthritis Increases Female Fertility And Male Potency Helps With Digestive Process Repels Fleas Shown To Improve Appetite Improves Alertness And General Disposition Improves Dry, Itchy Or Irritated Skin

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    Sentry Petrodex Dental Kit For Cats - Malt
      Sentry Petrodex Dental Kit For Cats - Malt.

      Sentry Petrodex Dental Kit For Cats - Malt Is Specially Formulated For Cats With Hydrogen Peroxide-producing Formula To Help Reduce Plaque & Tartar Accumulation. It Also Helps Clean Teeth And Fight Bad Breath. The Toothbrush Is Designed With Ultra Soft Bristles To Help Remove Plaque And Food Debris Giving Your Pet More Comfort At Time Of Cleaning. Easy To Use Cleans Teeth And Freshens Breath Ideal For Kittens Both Brushes Are Dishwasher Safe

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    Smartsticks Peanut Butter Chews (10 Pack)
      Smartsticks Peanut Butter Chews (10 Pack).

      A Snack That?s Good And Good For Them With A Long Term Dedication To Giving Pets The Most Out Of Any Snack They Get Their Paws On, Smartsticks Has A Delectable Chew Just Waiting For Your Best Friend To Sink Their Teeth Into. The Smartsticks Peanut Butter Chews Ten Pack Includes Ten Scrumptious Chews That Are Perfectly Sized For A Snack At Any Time Of The Day. Made With Real Chicken Filet That Has Been Wrapped In A Peanut But Ter Flavored Vegetable Chew, These Chews Can Provide A Delicious Taste As Well As Extra Nutrition For Your Faithful Canine Companion. Benefits: Good For Both Small And Large Dog Breeds Fortified With Vitamins And Minerals To Help Boost Your Dog?s Health Made With Delicious And Real Ingredients Preferred To Rawhides Nine Out Of Ten Times

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    Ultrapet Litter Pearls Crystal Clar Cat Litter (7 Lbs)
      Ultrapet Litter Pearls Crystal Clar Cat Litter (7 Lbs).

      Due To Its Dimensions And/or Weight, This Item Ships Via Ground Service Only. Crystal Clear Litterpearls Cat Litter Will Stop Litter Box Odors For Up To 2 Months With One 7 Lb Bag.â litterpearls' Crystals Lock Odor Molecules Into Microscopic Channels. After A Few Minutes, The Moisture Without The Odor Is Allowed To Evaporate, Freeing The Crystals To Absorb More Urine Again And Again, For A Whole Month. This Supply Contains Enough Litter For 2 Uses, Lasting Up To 2 Months. Solid Waste Is Dried Quickly, Making Scoping Easier And Reducing Odor. Crystal Clear Litterpearls Are Made With All Natural Materials: Sand, Oxygen, And Water. Your Pet's Safety Is Insured With The Exclusion Of Harsh Minerals, Chemicals And Crystalline Silicate. 2 Months Worth 7 Lb Bag Of Cat Litter Odor Absorbent Crystals Fragrance Free, Low Tracking, Non-allergenic & Low Dust

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    3-pack Urinase&trade Odor & Stain Eliminator (48 Fl Oz)
      3-pack Urinase&trade Odor & Stain Eliminator (48 Fl Oz).

      Urinase ™ Odor And Stain Eliminator Is A Triple-action Formula Made From A Proprietary Blend That Works On The Molecular Level To Absorb, Counteract And Neutralize Malodor. There Is No Need To Pre-treat Affected Areas Before Applying Urinase. Unlike Enzymatic Products, Urinase Is Effective After Soaps And Detergents Have Been Used. Features: Permanently Eliminates Urine Odor And Stains Works For Dogs And Cats Non-toxic, Non-irritating, Safe, Biodegradable All-natural For Use In: Dog And Cat Stains And Odors

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    Vetbiotek Bioflex Active Soft Chews (120 Count)
      Vetbiotek Bioflex Active Soft Chews (120 Count).

      Vetbiotek Bioflex™ Active Is A Supplement That Promotes Joint Health, Mobility And Flexibility. Formula For Joint And General Wellness Containing Lgucosamine, Perna Canaliculus, Hyaluronic Acid, Msm, Creatine, Omega Complex And Featuring: Biovaplexâ® And Vitaberryâ®. Advanced Formulation To Promote Joint Integrity Promote Natural Joint Health, Mobility, And Flexibilty Provide Antioxidants That Reduce Free Radicals For Healthier Joints Formulated To Improve Skin/coat And Immune Systems Biovaplex® Provides Collagen And Other Beneficial Nutrients For Joint Health From Eggshell Membrane. It Promotes: Increased Energy Level A Natural Anti-inflammatory Response Improvement In Range Of Motion A Healthy Skin And Coat Vitaberry® High Orac Source Of Natural Berry Antioxidants. Excellent Source Of Flavonoids And Organics Acids . It Promotes: Urinary Tract Health Healthy Vision Cardiovascular Health Brain Function And Mental Acuity Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

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    Clinton Anderson's Downunder Horsemanship: Establishing Respect And Control For English And Western Riders
      Clinton Anderson's Downunder Horsemanship: Establishing Respect And Control For English And Western Riders.

      Clinton Anderson's Training Techniques Can Achieve Amazing Results With Almost Any Horse. Now You Can Learn The Program That Teaches "everyday People&q Uot; How To Better Communicate With Their Mounts.

      SKU: 7055446
      ISBN: 9781570762840
      Author: Anderson, Clinton / Gray, Caleb / Hilton, Charles

    Nimrod: Courts, Claims, And Killing On The Oregon Frontier
      Nimrod: Courts, Claims, And Killing On The Oregon Frontier.

      At The Remarkable Age Of 65, Nimrod O'kelly-ioner, Former Blacksmith-made The Arduous Trek From Missouri Along The Oregon Trail In 1845 And Became One Of The First To Stake A Claim In The Lush Willamette Valley. Although He Made Few Improvements To The Land, He Professed That He Had A Wife And Family Back Home And Thus Had A Right To 640 Acres-one Full Square Mile-of Fertile Ground. Over The Next Seven Years, Settlers Continued To Arrive, And Many Of These New Neighbors Grew Suspicious Of His Entitlement. Slowly They Began To Encroach On His Property. Eventually The Dispute Boiled Over, Leaving Young Jeremiah Mahoney Dead, A Gaping Gunshot Wound In His Chest. Curiously, The Killer-72 Year-old Nimrod O'kelly-chose Not To Run, But To Turn Himself In, Claiming Self-deense. The Events That Followed Provide An Intricate Look At Law On The Frontier-a Place Without Jails, Courtrooms, Coroners, And Crimelabs, Where Many Settlers Were As Wild As The Land, Where Judges Traveled On Horseback To Conduct Legal Proceedings, And Where Convicted Murderers Often Met Their End On The Gallows. Ultimately, Benton County Vs. Nimrod O'kelly Was Heard By The Fledgling Territory's Supreme Court. With Marvelous Depth And A Lawyer'sinsight, Author Ronald B. Lansing Probes And Analyzes The Evidence, The Law, The Proceedings, And The Politics Surrounding One Of Oregon's First Extensively Reported Murder Cases, And Presents This Incredible Story From Its Simple Beginning O Its Astonishing Conclusion.

      SKU: 3864674
      ISBN: 9780874222807
      Author: Lansing, Ronald B.

    The Starry Rift: Tales Of New Tomorrows: An Original Science Fiction Anthology
      The Starry Rift: Tales Of New Tomorrows: An Original Science Fiction Anthology.

      Truly Successful Science Fiction Does Two Things: It Gives Credible Glimpses Into The Future While Entertaining The Reader. With This In Mind, Noted Anthologist Jonathan Strahanawho Is Also The Reviews Editor Of "locus" Magazineaasked Sixteen Of Todayas Most Inventive, Compelling Writers To Look Past The Horizon Of The Present Day. Neil Gaiman ("anansi Boys"), Kelly Link ("magic For Beginners"), Garth Nix (the Abhorsen Trilogy), Scott Westerfeld ("uglies; Pretties; Specials") And Their Colleagues Have Crafted A Dazzling Range Of Stories. Whether On Spaceships, In S Uburbia, Or In Simulated Gaming Worlds, Whether About Cloning,b Attle Tactics, Or Corporate Politics, The Stories Of "the Starry Rift" Will Give Every Reader Something To Consider. This Original Anthology Is Crucial Reading For Those Who Want To See Where The Futureaand The Future Of Science Fictionais Headed.

      SKU: 2402755
      ISBN: 9780670060597
      Author: Strahan, Jonathan

    Horse Sense For The Leader Within: Are You Leading Your Life, Or Is It Leading You?
      Horse Sense For The Leader Within: Are You Leading Your Life, Or Is It Leading You?.

      Horse Sense For The Leader Within Is A Must Read For Everyone With Innovative Vision And Grounded Experience, Ariana Strozzi Bridges Two Seemingly Different Worlds, Creating A Powerful New Platform Foor Human Development ,growth And Learning. She Eloquently Reveals How Horses Mirror Our Inner World And Provide Dramatic, Transformative Shifts In The Way We Perceive Ourselves. Strozzi Takes The Reader On A Journey Into The Natural World Where A Wealth Of Knowledge Already Exists About What It Means To Be A Leader Of One's Life. She Defines A Path To Leadership That Begins With Understanding Ourselves From A Biological Perspective. Leadership As Followership Comes To Life As She Encourages The Reader To Step Outside Of The Human's Narrow View Of Leadership. "are You Leading Your Life Or Is It Leading You?" Becomes The Topic Of Exploration. By Becoming Aware Of Our Animal Nature And Our Innate Drive For Survival, We Develop The Capacity To Respond With Choice Versus React To The Pressures Of Life. The Journey Continues With Insights Into The Powerful Elements Of Intuitive And Emotional Intelligence And The Significance Of Nonverbal Communication. Ariana Demonstrates How Horses Reflect Our Patterns Of Behavior, Thought, Perceptions And Performance In A Thousand Pounds Of Visual Imagery. They Show Us The Gap Between How We Actually Present Ourselves To Others Distinct From How We Think We Are Being. They Ask, "who Is Leading?" And Expect Us To Know What We Care About And Believe In Ourselves. In So Doing, They Help Us Understand That Leadership Begins With The Self We Are. Horses Teach Us How To Find Self-acceptance In A World Of Judgment. As We Learn To Think More Like A Horse, We Developour Intuitive Imagination And Can Create New Possibilities For Our Lives. Rather Than Focusing On What Is Wrong With Us, We Shift Our Attention Towards What We Ar E Naturally Good At. On This Path Of Becoming, We Focus On Staying Connected To What Has Meaning And Purpose.

      SKU: 6281497
      ISBN: 9781418424251
      Author: Strozzi, Ariana

    Animal Talk 101: Learning To Speak To Animals
      Animal Talk 101: Learning To Speak To Animals.

      If You Have Every Wondered: Why Does My Dog Have Training Problems? Does My Cat Like Me Or Just Tolerate Me? Why Does My Horse Act Up At Shows? Does My Animal Hurt Anywhere? What Food Does It Like Best? Then This Is The Book For You. Lauren Bode And John Bell Conduct Very Successful Classes On Animal Communication. Animaltalk 101 Is Compact Easy-to-read Summation Of Their Courses. Try It.

      SKU: 6332391
      ISBN: 9781420885361
      Author: Bode, Lauren / Bell, John

    Plains Indians
      Plains Indians.

      The Rich Heritage Of The First Americans Is Explored In This Cross-curricular Volume. Students Will Learn About The History And Culture Of Native Groups Who Inhabited The Great Plains Of The United States And Canada When The European Colonists Arrived. Careful Attention Is Paid To The Customs And Beliefs Of These Peoples. Their Legends, Philosophies, And Forms Of Government Are Discussed, And Their Origins, Language, Names, Dwellings, Tools, Food, Games, And Crafts Are Studied. Activities Include A Report, Communicating With Pictographs, Dressing In Ceremonial Clothing, Playing Indian Games, Time Line, And Use Of A Buffalo, Plus Geography, Word Match, Word Search, Mapping, Venn Diagram, And Vocabulary Exercises. Projects Include Making A Mandala, A Triptych, A Parfleche, A Table-top Tipi, A Horse Model, Corn Chowder, And Preserved Meat. Generously Illustrated With Pencil Art Throughout. Includes Answer Key And Bibliography. All 48 Pages Perforated For Easy Removal.

      SKU: 6900908
      ISBN: 9781557995766
      Author: Robbins, Mari Lu / Evan-moor Educational Publishing

    The Horse In The Kitchen: Stories Of A Mexican-american Family
      The Horse In The Kitchen: Stories Of A Mexican-american Family.

      Born In 1908, Two Years Before The Start Of The Mexican Revolution, Rafael Lives In The Village Of San Crista3bal, In Northern Sonora, Mexico, Where His Father, The Village Comisario, Owns A Bar, Pool Hall, And Grocery Store. This Is A Ranching Town Where Vaqueros Are Heroes, And Horses And Bulls, As Well As Coyotes And Rattlesnakes, Provide Thrills And Teach Lessons That Rafael And His Brothers Will Never Forget. The Boyas Earliest Memories Are Of Mounted Revolutionaries Riding Through Town And Commandeering Horses For Pancho Villaas Campesino Army. When His Parents Lose Their Life Savings In The Revolution, The Family Crosses The Border To Arizona. Life In The North Is A Struggle, And Young Rafael Must Put Aside His Dreams Of Education And Work With His Brothers Picking Lettuce Wherever Laborers Are Needed. Aa Heart-warming Story Of One Familyas Struggles, Survival, And Eventual Triumph. This Immigration Saga Fits In The Tradition Of "barrio Boy" And "y No Se Lo Trago La Tierra." So Readable You Canat Put It Down. It Captures The History Of The Turbulent Times.aarudolfo Anaya, Author Of "bless Me, U Ltima" Aralph M. Floresas "the Horse In The Kitchen: Stories Of A Mexican-american Family" Is An Entertaining And Inspirational Work Of Fiction Based On The Life Of The Authoras Father Who Moves With His Family From Mexico To Arizona To Escape The Social Upheaval Of The Mexican Revolution. It Is A Heartfelt Tribute To His Father Whose Life In Mexico And The United States Is Marked By Courage, Wisdom, Hard Work, Love, And Integrityavalues Characteristic Of Many Immigrants.aafrancisco Jima(c)nez, Author Of "the Circuit"

      SKU: 3597657
      ISBN: 9780826333667
      Author: Flores, Ralph M.

    A Shooting Star
      A Shooting Star.

      While Attending The Keeneland Thoroughbred Sales In Kentucky, A Senior Psychoanalyst Reconnects With His Youthful Fervor For Thoroughbred Racing. Returning To California, He Finds Himself With Re-awakened Dreams But Without The Financial Wherewithal To Pursue Them. A Chance Event In His Practice Leads Him To An Entrepreneurial Veterinary-school Dropout Who Has Put Together The Gerson Racing Stable, A Motley Crew Of Sixty Racetrack Enthusiasts And Runyonesque Characters That Buy And Sell Claiming Horses. For $3000, He Joins The Group And The Gerson Horses Win Their First Six Races. The Team Is "living The Dream," Its Motto. Mike Mitchell, The Trainer, Spots And Claims A Six-year-old Grey Gelding, Star Over The Bay And Gerson Racing Becomes A Twenty-five Percent Owner. Each Member Now Owns A Minuscule Fraction Of A Horse Whose Previous Career Showed But Four Wins In Thirty-four Starts In Six Different States. An Appealing Young Jockey, Tyler Baze, Is Added T O The Mix And A New Era Begins For All. A Shooting Star Takes The Reader On The Team's Roller-coaster Ride In Major Stakes Races, The Breeders' Cup Turf Championship And His Debut On The International Stage. Along The Way, The Analyst Finds His Way Back To Where The Story Began In Kentucky.

      SKU: 6723683
      ISBN: 9781440146152
      Author: Fox, Richard

    Ayoka's Prophecy(c)
      Ayoka's Prophecy(c).

      As They Rode Close To The Black Hills, Ayoka Pointed To Three Puffs Of Smoke At A Time Rising In The Distance. The Great Council Fire Was Burning. It Wa A Signal For Help. Ayoka Said, "something Is Wrong At Our Camp." He Urged Chop Stix Into Full Speed. Frederick And Gypsy Followed. In The Distance They Saw A Cloud Of Dust. Soon They Spotted A Rider Riding Hard Across The Plains. It Was Bold One. Ayoka Yelled, "ho " Ayoka Drove His Heels Into Chop Stix' Sides To Meet Him. Bold One Skidded To A Halt, Jumping Off His Horse. His Face Was Laced With Anger. He Hurled His Hatchet Into The Ground. This Meant Death And Defiance. Ayoka And Frederick Jumped Off Of Their Horses. Ayoka Spoke, "speak Brother. What Has Happened?" Bold One Struggled For His Breath And Finally Choked Out, "the Cheyenne Raided Our Camp Last Night Taking Our Prize Ponies And Horses." Ayoka Surprised Frederick And Bold One By Roaring With Laughter. "so, We'll Go On A Revenge Aid To Their Camp, And Bring Back Some Of Their Prized Horses With Ours." Bold One Did Not Laugh. His Face Was Iron Clad, And His Manner Was Sullen. His Black Eyes Narrowed, Forming Slits Above His High-cheeked Masklike Expression. Clenching His Teeth Together, He Said, "don't Make Light Of This Ayoka. They Have Taken Kysha." Leaping O Nchop Stix, Ayoka Let Out A War-hoop. "they Have The Blood Of Cowards. We Shall Kill Them Like Dogs."

      SKU: 2149000
      ISBN: 9780595314607
      Author: Shumway, Chastine E.

    A Blue Whitehouse In A Red Country: A Liberals Worst Nightmare
      A Blue Whitehouse In A Red Country: A Liberals Worst Nightmare.

      A Blue Whitehouse In A Red Country Is A Compelling Satirical Chronicle Of A Day In The Life Of The First Liberal American President Of The 21st Century. Ever Wonder What It Would Be Like To Have A Truly Liberal President In This Mostly Conservative Country? Follow President Kirk As He Confronts The Daily Domestic And International Issues Of The Presidency. He Makes The Horrifying Discovery That All Is Not As He Thought It Was, Everyone Wants A Piece Of Him And The Presidency Comes With A Dreadful Price. Laugh At The Liberal Shenanigans. Eddie Pro, His Mysterious Conservative Advisor, Is Always By His Side. He Tries To Mak E This Man Elected To The Office Become A Real President Of All The People. Through His Eyes We See The Foibles And Hypocrisies Of The Liberal View. The Author, Joannes Popovics, Is An American With Ce Ntral European Roots That Go Bacck To Genghis Khan, Attila The Hun And Hungarian Horse Thieves. This Book Started As All Satirical Fiction Does, Not From The Author's Imagination, But From His Life's Experiences. Joannes Was Born, Raised And Schooled In Western Pennsylvania Where He Learned All About Corruption Through Local Democrat Politics And Mafia Influence. He Spent Many Years In New York City And Then Moved Around The Country Observing Local And State Politics. His Purpose In Writing This Book Is To Inform And Educate The General Public As Well As Those Who Would Deny The Truth Of The Liberal Agenda.

      SKU: 7344040
      ISBN: 9781598581379
      Author: Popovics, Joannes

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