The Wedding Raffle

    The Wedding Raffle
      The Wedding Raffle.

      Geralyn Dawson Brings To Glorious Life The Proud, Passionate Days Of The Republic Of Texas In A Breathtakingly Romantic Tale Of An Independent Widow And One Hard, Handsome Texan Who Tangle, Tussle, And Tumble Into Love. With Her Family In Danger, Honor Duvall Needs The Bravest Man In Texas To Help Her Save Them. True, The Thrice-widowed Beauty's Elaborate Plan To Lure Him To Her Remote Ranch Is A Little Unethical, But She'll Make It Up To Him. Or So She Thinks. Captain Luke Prescott, A Renowned Ex-texas Ranger And Bona Fide Hero, Can't Help But Find His Suspicions (among Other Things) Aroused By The Town's Mysterious Widow. But When He Wins Honor's Raffle For A Valuable Racehorse And Arrives To Collect, He Soon Discovers He Wants A Different Kind Of Prize Altogether. Honor Doesn't Want To Sacrifice Her Heart, But Luke Has The Means To Force Her Hand. After All, He Holds The Winning Ticket.

      SKU: 2415876
      ISBN: 9780671025748
      Author: Dawson, Geralyn

    Drontal Cats (50 Tabs)
      Drontal Cats (50 Tabs).

      Drontal Plus For A Removal Of The Common Parasites Of Cats And Kittens Including Tapeworms Hookworms And Large Roundworms. Benefits: Proven To Eliminate The Most Common Intestinal Parasites (tapeworms, Roundworms, Hookworms, And Whipworms) Chewable Tablets Are Easy To Give Given As A Single Dose How It Works: Drontals Active Ingredients Are Praziquantel, Pyrantel Pamoate And Febantel. Praziquantel Works By Damaging The Parasite's Skin Internally, So The Parasite Disintegrates And Is Removed By The Pet's Immune System. Pyrantel Pamoate Is Active Against Hookworms And Ascarids And Acts As A Depolarizing Neuromuscular Blocking Agent, Causing Sudden Contraction, Followed By Paralysis. This Results In The Hookworm Losing Its Grip In The Intestinal Wall And Is Removed From The Pets System By Natural Process. Febantel Is Active Against Nematode Parasites Including Whipworms.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, health , amp, amp, Wellness, gt, dewormers, gt, drontal Forcats
      SKU: Drontal-cats-50-tabs

    Fel-o-vax Iv Calicivax (50 Doses)
      Fel-o-vax Iv Calicivax (50 Doses).

      Immunizes 4 Ways Against Feline Rhinotracheitis, Calici, Panleukopenia (distemper) And Chlamydia Psittaci. All Killed Virus Vaccine. May Be Given To Kittens As Early As 10 Weeks Of Age. For Protection Against The Viruses That Cause Severe Respiratory And Systemic Infections, Vaccinate Your Cat With This 4-way Vaccine On An Annual Basis. All Vaccines Are Shipped Overnight. A $29.95 Flat Rate Fee Is Charged For All Orders Containing Vaccines. Someone Should Be Present To Sign For And Receive The Vaccine Order When It Ships To You. For More Shipping Info Click Here.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, health , amp, amp, Wellness, gt, vaccines, gt, fel-o-vax
      SKU: Felovaxiv

    Lumilyt Whitening Shampoo (12 Fl Oz)
      Lumilyt Whitening Shampoo (12 Fl Oz).

      Lumilyt Shampoo Enhance Your Pet's Natural Shine With Lumilyt Shapmoo. This Premium Blend Is Ideal For General Cleansing, Grooming, And Conditioning Of Your Pet's Haircoat. Oatmeal Accompanies Vitamins To Not Only Beautify, But Also Soothe Mild Irritations And Itching. Beautify Your Dog Or Cat's Coat Apply A Suffiicent Amount To Work Up A Lather After Wetting Your Pet's Coat. Rinse Thoroughly When You Are Done. Lumilyt Will Restore Your Pet's Natural Radiance And Luster. This Formula Is Safe And Effective On Both Cats And Dogs. Relieve Irritated Skin Unclean Animals Can Start To Develop Skin Irritations, Which Can Cause Itchiness. Lumilyt Features Natural Colloidal Oatmeal And Vitamins, To Not Only Beautify Haircoat, But Also Soothe Mildly Irritated Or Itchy Skin. Help Your Pet Not Only Look Clean, But Feel Refreshed! Key Featuures: For General Cleansing, Grooming, And Conditioning Of Haircoat Soothes Mild Irritation And Itching Contains Oatmeal And Vitamins

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, grooming Supplies, gt, general Shampoos , amp, amp, Conditioners, gt, phs Shampoos , amp, Conditioners
      SKU: Lumilyt12

    Multipet Deedle Dudes Rabbit Dog Toy - 8"
      Multipet Deedle Dudes Rabbit Dog Toy - 8".

      Multipet Deedle Dudes Rabbit Is A Soft Plush Friend For Your Dog That Plays A Catchy Musical Tune When Squeezed. This Happy Singing Rabbit Is A Great Alternative To Squeaky Toys. Its Velvety Soft Features Are Perfect For Cuddling, Playing Fetch, Or Any Playful Activity Your Pup Desires, Making It The Best Interactive Dog Toy! Use This Toy To Play With Your Dog Or Take A Break And Allow Them To Enjoy The Fun On Their Own. The Joyful Tunes And Cute Appearance Provided By Multipet Deedle Dudes Rabbit Will Keep Your Pup Captivated For Hours And Hours Of Entertainment.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Toys, gt, plush , amp, Stuffing-free Dog Toys, gt, multipet Plush Dog Toys
      SKU: Multipet-deedle-dudes-rabbit

    Zack & Zoey Scary Witch Dog Costume - Large
      Zack & Zoey Scary Witch Dog Costume - Large.

      Make Sure Your Crafty Lil? Pup Is Ready To Witch Everyone A Happy Halloween In The Scary Witch Dog Costume By Zack & Zoey! The Adorable 2-piece Set Boasts A Cute Pointy Hat And Shimmery Sequined Skirt That Really Stands Out In The Crowd. Velcro Closures On The Belly Keep The Costume Secure And Comfy. Available Sizes: Xsmall, Small, Medium, Large, Xlarge Key Features: 2-piece Witch Dog Costume Comes With Attached Sequined Skirt And Pointy Hat Velcro Closure For Secure And Comfortable Fit Colors: Black, Green, Purple, Silver

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, apparel, gt, dog Costumes, gt, zack , amp, Zoey Scary Witch Dog Costume
      SKU: Scary-witch-costume-large

    Free Form Snip Tips Omega-3 For Medium/large Dogs (250 Capsules)
      Free Form Snip Tips Omega-3 For Medium/large Dogs (250 Capsules).

      Free Form Snip Tips Recommended To Support The Immune System And Joint Health By Helping To Reduce Inflammation Associated With Normal Daily Activity. Free Form™ Snip Tips Provide A Concentrated Source Of Beneficial Omega-3 Fatty Acids In A Free Fatty Acid Form. Free Form Fatty Acids Are Ready For Absorption Because The Glycerol Back-bone Has Already Been Removed From The Molecule. Liquid And Gel Caps ? Easy Dosing For Dogs Contains No Preservatives, Sugar Or Starch Supports Overall Pet Wellness Molecularly Distilled To Remove Harmful Contaminants

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, skin , amp, Coat, gt, fish Oil , amp, Omega Supplements, gt, dvm Free Form Skin , amp, Coat Supplements
      SKU: Sniptipsmed250

    Superpet Igloo
      Superpet Igloo.

      Super Pet Igloos Are Made Of Translucent Plastic So You Can See Your Pet Inside Its Igloo Even When Your Pet Thinks Its Hiding! Igloos Are Constructed From Durable Plastic Making Them Easy To Clean, Plus They're Odor And Stain Resistant. Igloo's One Piece Design Is Easy To Use And Every Igloo Has Fresh Air Vents To Ensure Your Pets Health And Well-being. Igloos Make A "cool" Hideout For Guinea Pigs, Ferrets, Dwarf Rabbits, Chinchillas, Rats, Hamsters, And Other Similar-sized Pets.

      Category: Small Pets, gt, small Pet Habitats , amp, amp, Accessories, gt, superpet Home And Accessories
      SKU: Superpetigloo

    Victorpest Easy Set Mouse Trap (2 Pack)
      Victorpest Easy Set Mouse Trap (2 Pack).

      Victorpest Easy Set Mouse Trap (2 Pack) The Original Wood-based Wire Snap Trap, The Victorâ® Easy Set® Mouse Trap Provides Instant Rodent Control And Is Safe For Household Use. For Effective Mouse Control, Each Trap Comes Pre-baited With A Large, Scented Plastic ?swiss Cheese? Trip Pedal. The Large Pedal Is Easily Activated ? Both By Rodent Interest In Food And Through Accidental Contact As Mice Scamper Across The Floor ? To Ensure Maximum Trapping. With Superior Quality And Effectiveness, The Victorâ® Mouse Trap Has Become The #1 Sellign Trap In The World - With Over 1 Billion Sold. Also, Victorâ® Mouse Traps Are The Professionals? Trap Of Choice.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, ceaning , amp, amp, Sanitation, gt, other Cleaning , amp, amp, Sanitation, gt, victor Pest Control
      SKU: Victormouse2eas

    What Every American Needs To Know About The Qur'an: A History Of Islam & The United States
      What Every American Needs To Know About The Qur'an: A History Of Islam & The United States.

      What Every American Needs To Know About The Qur'an - A History Of Islam & The United States You Will Be Fascinated By This Fast-paced, Objective History Of The World From A Perspective You Have Never Imagined. Current Events Will Come Into Focus In The Back Drop Of 1,400 Years Of Inconceivable Yet True Events And Conflicts. Thousands Of Books, Documents And Articles Have Been Researched Over Several Years In Preparation For This Book. In 2006, Keith Ellison Became The First Muslim Elected To The United States Congress. He Swore In On A Qur'an. Most Americans Know Little About The Qur'an, Who Wrote It And How Islam Spread. Within 100 Years Of Mohammed's Death, His Followers Conquered North Africa, The Holy Land, Persia, Spain - From The Indian Ocean To The Atlantic Ocean. President Barak Obama Stated In Cairo, Egypt, June 4, 2009: Islam Has Always Been A Part Of Americas Story. Indeed, Islam Has Affected The Western World For 1,400 Years, From 622 Ad To Todays Headlines. This Book Will Give You A Fascinating Glimpse Into Captivating Events And Amazing Stories You Won't Want To Put It Down Find Answers To How Islam Is Connected To: The Stirrup For Riding Horses, Who Invented It And How Muslims Used It To Win Military Conquests? Santa Claus - How Islam Caused The Story Of Saint Nicholas To Spread From The Byzantine Empire To Westerne Urope In 1087 Ad? How Did Muslim Ottoman Turks Invading The Byzantine Empire Resulted In The Crusades, 1095-1272 Ad? What Did Marco Polo Say Was The Origin Of The Word Assassin? What Happened To The Seven Churches Of Mentioned In The Book Of Revelation? How Did The 1000 Year Old Byzantine Enpire Get Conquered? What Did Sultan Mehmet Ii Do To Constantinople In 1453 That Led Columbus To Set Sail In 1492? Dracula What Is The Real-life Account Of Vlad The Impaler In 1462, (not Bram Stokers 1897 Fiction Novel)? What Did Martin Luther Say In 1529 About Muslim Turkish Sultan Suleiman The Magnificent Who Was Laying Siege To Vienna, Austria? Who Did Captain John Smith Fight In Hungary In 1600 Before Founding Virginia In 1607? Who Did James Oglethorpe Fight In Serbia In 1717 Before Founding The Colony Of Georgia? What Happened To A Pilgrim Ship Returning To England To Trade For Supplies In 1625 When They Met A Moroccon Pirate Man-of-war? September 11, 1683 How The Muslims Loss In The Battle Of Vienna Lead To Coffee And Croissant Pastries Spreading Across Europe? How Was Islamic Expansion Funded By The Slave Trade Of Millions Africans And Europeans? How Did Thomas Jefferson And James Madisons Fighting The North African Barbary Pirates, 1805-1815, Lead To The U.s. Marine Nickname Leathernecks, ' Marine Mamluke Sword, Marine Anthem From The Halls Of Montezuma To The Shores Of Tripoli? What Happened To Over 1.5 Million Armenian Christians When President Woodrow Wilson Failed To Convince The U.s. Senate In 1922 To Adopt Armenia As A Protectorate Similarto Puerto Rico? What Was The Impact Of Oil Being

      SKU: 4356472
      ISBN: 9780977808557
      Author: Federer, William J.

    Mary On Horseback: Three Mountain Stories
      Mary On Horseback: Three Mountain Stories.

      In 1923, Mary Breckinridge (who Had Been A Nurse In Wwi) Learned About The Nonexistent Medical Facilities In Appalachian Kentucky, And Founded The Frontier Nursing Service - A Group Of Women Who Traveled By Horseback To Isolated Mountain Residents To Provide Medical Care. These Three Compelling, Poignant Stories, Each With A Different Narrator - A Boy Whose Father Almost Loses His Leg; A Nurse In Training; A Mute Young Girl Who Realizes She Might Have A Career In Medicine - Show Mary's Effect On The People And World Around Her, Brought To Vivid Life By Master Storyteller Rosemary Wells.

      SKU: 430883
      ISBN: 9780141308159
      Author: Wells, Rosemary / Mccarty, Peter

    Please, Papa
      Please, Papa.

      Alice Was Making A Farm In The Middle Of Her Bedroom. She Asked Mama For A Pig And Chickens For Her Farm, But When Mama Didn't Have A Horse, Alice Turned To Her Papa. "please, Papa," Said Alice. "okay," Said Papa, Who, Since Alice Asked So Nicely, Put Her On His Back And Trotted Around Like A Horse Himself. A Playful Story Where, With The Use Of A Single Polite Word, Lines Between The Real And The Imaginary Become Blurred As Toy Animals Come To Life. A Companion To "thank You, Mama" On Fsg's Winter 13 List, This Book Is Perfect For A Quick And Playful Lesson In Manners.

      SKU: 20979791
      ISBN: 9780374360023
      Author: Banks, Kate

    Mercury's Flight: The Story Of A Lipizzaner Stallion
      Mercury's Flight: The Story Of A Lipizzaner Stallion.

      Life For Mercury, A Stallion Whose Royal Bloodlines Can Be Traced To The Stallions Of The Hapsburg Empire, Is A Study In Contrasts. Destined Ofr A Place At The Famous Spanish Riding School, Pip (as He Is Known To His Caretakers) Lives A Life Of Both Discipline And Freedom Unique To The Piber Stud. Yet It Is A Life Overhung With Shadows - Rejected By His Mother At Birth, Pip Always Feels Like An Outsider. And As He Starts His Training For School, The Clouds Gathering Over World War Ii Europe Threaten To Turn To The Storm Of War. From The Luxury Of The Haute Ecole To The Muddy Battlefields Of Czecholslovakia, The Story Of Favory Mercuurio Follows A Royal Orphan As He Grows Into A Most Majestic Horse Facing The Battle Of His Life.

      SKU: 947376
      ISBN: 9780312644512
      Author: Wedekind, Annie

    Magnus At The Fire
      Magnus At The Fire.

      Magnus Lives And Works At The Broadway Firehouse. He Knows That When The Fire Alarm Clangs, He And His Partners, Billy And Sparks, Are Supposed To Spring Into Action. Without Them The Firemen Would Never Be Able To Move The Gigantic Steam Pumper. And Without A Pumper The Crew Wouldn't Be Able To Put Out Fires. Then One Day The Captain Drives Into The Firehouse On A Loud, Newfangled Contraption Called A Motorized Fire Truck. It Doesn't Need Horses To Pull It To A Fire. So Just Like That, Magnus, Sparks, And Billy Are Out Of A Job. A Little History, A Little Humor, And A Whole Lot Of Heart Are Artfully Blended In This Rousing Tale Of One High-spirited Horse Who Can't Accept Being Put Out To Pasture. And Thank Goodness Because It's This Steadfast Sense Of Duty That Ultimately Saves The Day.

      SKU: 2537535
      ISBN: 9780689839221
      Author: Armstrong, Jennifer / Smith, Owen

    Drawing Animals Made Amazingly Easy
      Drawing Animals Made Amazingly Easy.

      Christopher Hart, America's Best-selling Author Of Art Instruction Books, Tosses All That Aside To Make Drawing Animals Truly Amazingly Easy, By Simplifying Animal Anatomy So That Artists Can Get The Poses They Really Want. What Does That Animal Look Like As It Moves, Bends, Twists, Jumps, Runs? Simplified Skeletons And An Innovative New Approach Show How To Look At An Animal As A Strangely Built Human With An Odd Posture-allowing The Artist To Draw Animals By Identifying With Them. Hart's Step-by-step Instructions And Clear Text Mean True-to-life Results Every Time, Whether The Subjects Are Dogs, Cats, Horses, Deer, Lions, Tigers, Elephants, Monkyes, Bears, Birds, Pigs, Goats, Giraffes, Or Kangaroos.

      SKU: 3551494
      ISBN: 9780823013906
      Author: Hart, Christopher

    Red River, Volume 28
      Red River, Volume 28.

      Over 15 Million Copies Sold In Japan R To L (japanese Style). Final Volume During The Ceremony To Install Her As Tawannana, Yuri Tells Kail She's Pregnant. Then, In A Glimpse Into The Near Future, Kikkuri Recounts A Day In His Life As The Chief Trainer For The Kingdom's Horses, And Yuri Gets Herself Into A Bit Of A Fix While Visiting Cappadocia. And In The Concluding Tale, Love Finds Its Own Road In The Events Leading Up To The Marriage Of Ramses, Now The Pharoah Of Egypt, And Kail And Yuri's Granddaughter Naptella. Prince Kail, A Young Warrior And Sorcerer, And Yuri, A Modern-day Teen, Were Thrown Together When Queen Nakia Drew Yuri Across Time And Space Into The Ancient Hittite Empire. When It Is The Season Of The North Star, Prince Kail Has The Power To Send Yuri Home. But The Evil Queen's Plan To Murder Them Both-and Their Growing Feelings For One Another-keep Getting In The Way

      SKU: 6338553
      ISBN: 9781421522548
      Author: Shinohara, Chie


      Winner Of The Carnegie Medal, Newly Branded Into The Red Banana Series With Appealing New Cover Look Annie Lives With Her Elderly Parents In A Remote Cottage. She Is Used To Being Alone. Every Day She Walks By The Lonely Marsh To School. Only In Winter, When The Wind Howls In The Trees, Is Annie Ever Afraid. Her Sister Willa Is Pregnant And Annie Is Overjoyed When She Comes Home To Have Her Baby. Annie Tells Willa The Names Of Local Plants And Willa Tells Annie About The Ghost, Murdered By Highwaymen, Who Is Said To Haunt The Old Forge Nearby. Then, On A Terrible Night, With The Phone Lines Down, Willa Goes Into Labor. Annie Is Terrified Of The Ghost, But Knows She Must Brave The Storm To Fetch Help. As She Ventures Into The Night, A Horseman Swings Into View. He Offers To Take Annie To Town. Before She Can Protest, Annie Finds Herself Lifted On To His Saddle And Off They Set On An Intense, Dream-like Journey. Only Once He Has Deposited Her Safely On The Doctor's Doorstep, Does The Horseman Reveal That He Is The Ghost She Fears.

      SKU: 15379140
      ISBN: 9781405262644
      Author: Crossley-holland, Kevin

    Breaking Bad Habits In Horses: Tried And Tested Methods Of Overcoming Afults And Vices In Both Horse And Rider
      Breaking Bad Habits In Horses: Tried And Tested Methods Of Overcoming Afults And Vices In Both Horse And Rider.

      Horse Fanciers Soon Learn That Every Horse Has Its Own Distinct Personality. Liek Human Beings, Some Are Easy-going While Others Are Difficult. In This Handsomely Produced And Beautifully Illustrated Book, An Experienced Trainer Presents A Practical And Humane Approach To Solving The Most Common Equestrian Problems. Each Problem Is Identified And Described, Its Probable Causes Are Analyzed, And Several Remedies Are Suggested. Problems Fall Into Three General Categories: Behavioral Problems Originate From The Horseas Own Temperament, And Include Reluctance To Socialize With Other Horses And High-strung Behavior, Among Others Day-to-day Management Problems Include Nipping, Kicking The Stable Door, Escaping From Pastures, And Similar Behavior Equitation Problems Relate To Tacking Up, Saddling, And Riding The Horse, And Include Dressage Problems And A Horseas Refusal To Jump A Fence, Among Others The Text Is Complemented With Vivid Photos And Enlightening Diagrams That Show Examples Of Problem Behavior And Illustrate Training Exercises And Therapies To Overcome Each Challenge. The Authoras Reader-friendly Style And Her Expertise Combine To Make This Volume Must Reading For Every Horse Enthusiast. Approximately 550 Full-color Photos And Illustrations.

      SKU: 2934200
      ISBN: 9780764134692
      Author: Bird, Jo

    Playing With Lukas: How A Woman And A Horse Found A Private World Of Animal Inte Lligence And Themselves
      Playing With Lukas: How A Woman And A Horse Found A Private World Of Animal Inte Lligence And Themselves.

      Playing With Lukas Is The Extraordinary Account Of Karen Murdock And Her Horse Lukas. In 2002, When She Purchased The Nine-year-old Chestnut Gelding, A Former Thoroughbred And Now A Sorely Neglected Yard Animal, Neither Had Any Idea How Both Their Lives Were About To Be Transformed. Using Her Experience As A Neglected Child And A Psychiatric Nurse, Employing The Traits Of Patience, Appreciation, Kindness, Compassion, And Humor, She Formed A Deep Bond With Lukas And Trained Him To Perform Many Tricks. Today, He Is Listed By Yahoo And Google As The "world's Smartest Horse" And Is Considered One Of The Top Liberty Horses In The Us. Karen And Lukas Share Their Mission Of Providng Happy Futuees For Former Thoroughbreds. Pet Owners And Others Will See That Animals Are Intelligent And Deserve Humane Treatment And "kind" Training. The 83-page Book Is Available For Download As An E-book Or As A Paperback. Upcoming Will Be A Training Manual With Details Of Karen's Special Methods.

      SKU: 11340127
      ISBN: 9780578060286
      Author: Murdock, Karen

    Rock My Socks Off
      Rock My Socks Off.

      Sensuous Threesomes, Horny Little Quickies, Sex-drenched Romantic Getaways, And Close Calls With Utter Embarrassment - The Pace Never Lets Up In This Smart Erotic Romp. Writer Jacob Hastings Is Uninspired By His Latest Assignment: A Museum Full Of Hideous Rocking Horses. But His Socks Are Rocked By Normandie Stephens, A Mischievous Astronomer Who Can Match His Dry Wit And His Sexual Appetite With Energy To Spare. Thanks To Jacob's Public Relations And The Machinations Of A Feisty And Frisky Mentor Named Kate, An Impasse In Normandie's Career Promises To Blossom Into Either Glory Or Disaster With Enigmatic Photographer Susan And Obtuse Clubber Brandon Along For The Wild Rocking-horse Ride.

      SKU: 11935547
      ISBN: 9781907016011
      Author: Edwards, Jeremy

    Breyer Animal Collector's Guide: Identification And Values
      Breyer Animal Collector's Guide: Identification And Values.

      Breyer Animal Creations Produces Quality Plastic And Porcelain Animals For Collectors Around The World. Known For Their Remarkable Authenticity, Horses Dominate Breyer Collecting But There Are Also Dogs, Cats, Farm Animals, Wildlife Figures, And More. Each Breyer Horse Is A Work Of Art - Artists Painstakingly Define Each Detail To Make The Models Strikingly Beautiful And Lifelike. Our First Edition Of The Breyer Animal Collector's Guide Was A Huge Success, The Bestselling Book In Its Category In 1998 On The Website. This Second Edition Will Prove Even More Popular, With A Gallery Of Over 500 Color Photographs, Dates, Value Ranges, And Other Vital Information About Virtually Every Breyer Animal Mad E To Date, Including Special Run Models. It Also Gives The Colelctor Information On The Hobby, The Company, Sculptor Biographies, Sshows, Model Production, Molds, Colors, Markings, Condition, And Showing Horses In Contests. Well Organized And Detailed, This Book Makes It Easy To Find The Models Alphabetically By Mold Name. There Are Valuable Cross-reference Tables And A Useful Index To Help Identify Specific Models, As Well As Bonus Sections On Remakes, Repaints, Test Colors, And Consumer Catalogs And Magazines. This Second Edition Is The Most Up-to-date Book Available, Displaying All The Newest Models Released In 1999. It's The Collector's Ultimate Resource Guide To These Wonderful Animals.

      SKU: 7086575
      ISBN: 9781574321357
      Author: Browell, Felicia

    Veterinary Medicine: A Textbook Of The Diseases Of Cattle, Horses, Sheep, Pigs And Goats
      Veterinary Medicine: A Textbook Of The Diseases Of Cattle, Horses, Sheep, Pigs And Goats.

      The New 10th Edition Of This Well-respected Reference Includes Thoroughly Revised And Reviewed Information With Content On New Diseases For The Most Up-to-date Information On Diseases Effecting Sheep, Pigs, Goats, Horses, And Cattle. Divided Into Two Sections, General Medicine And Special Medicine, The Book Covers Topics Ranging From The Clinical Examination And Manifestation Of Disease In Organ Systems To Specific Diseases Of The Large Animal Species.

      SKU: 2596677
      ISBN: 9780702027772
      Author: Radostits, Otto M. / Gay, Clive C. / Hinchcliff, Kenneth W.

    Columbus Ghosts Ii
      Columbus Ghosts Ii.

      A Ghostly Fire Captain And The Spectral Horses Who Wait At The Ready For The Alarm Bell. A Silent Movie Pianist Who Inhabits The Theater That Was Built For Her. A Not-quite-departed Father Who Still Likes To Have His Drink And Smoke At The Kitchen Counter. These And Many Other Ethereal Buckeyes Await Readers In Columbus "ghosts Ii: More Central Ohio Haunts.

      SKU: 4328986
      ISBN: 9780972315319
      Author: Smith, Robin

    Angel: Hunting Ground
      Angel: Hunting Ground.

      There's A Killer Tossing Dead Bodies Out Of L.a. Sewers Like Hot Potatoes, And All The Evidence Points Detective Kate Lockley Towards One Man: A Certain Vampire Named Angel. But Angel Knows There Are A Lot More Monsters In L.a. - He Just Doesn't Know Which One's Trying To Set Him Up. In "lovely, Dark, And Deep" (from Dark Horse Presents, Colored By Matt Hollingsworth) Cordelia Lands The Starring Role In A Blair Witch Rip-off About Three Filmmakers Searching For The Fabulous Helm Of Haraxis. But What She Doesn't Know Is That The Film Is A Sha Mand The Helm's The Real Thing. Anegl, Who Smelled A Rat From The Beginning, Has To Rescue Cordelia And Her Fellow Filmmakers From A Cabal Of Hollywood Demons And Angry Forest Spirits, Who All Want To Keep The Helm Of Haraxis And The Power It Gives Them.

      SKU: 7041844
      ISBN: 9781569715475
      Author: Golden, Christopher / Sniegoski, Thomas E. / Powell, Eric

    Don Quixote In Miniature; With The Comical Humours Of Sancho Pancha Minor. A Tragi-comi-pastoral Farce, Of One Act Only. As It Was
      Don Quixote In Miniature; With The Comical Humours Of Sancho Pancha Minor. A Tragi-comi-pastoral Farce, Of One Act Only. As It Was.

      The 18th Century Was A Wealth Of Knowledge, Exploration And Rapidly Growing Technology And Expanding Record-keeping Made Possible By Advances In The Printing Press. In Its Determination To Preserve The Century Of Revolution, Gale Initiated A Revolution Of Its Own: Digitization Of Epic Proportions To Preserve These Invaluable Works In The Largest Archive Of It S Kind. Now For The First Time These High-quality Digital Copies Of Original 18th Century Manuscripts Are Available In Print, Making Them Highly Accessible To Libraries, Undergraduate Students, And Independent Scholars.the Eighteenth-century Fascination With Greek And Roman Antiquity Followed The Systematic Excavation Of The Ruins At Pompeii And Herculaneum In Southern Italy; And After 1750 A Neoclassical Style Dominated All Artistic Fields. The Titles Here Trace Developments In Mostly English-language Works On Painting, Sculpture, Architecture, Music, Theater, And Other Disciplines. Instructional Works On Musical Instruments, Catalogs Of Art Objects, Comic Operas, And More Are Also Included. ++++the Below Data Was Compiled From Various Identification Fields In The Bibliographic Record Of This Title. This Data Is Provided As An Additional Tool In Helping To Insure Edition Identification: ++++bodleian Library (oxford)t198693merry Andrew Is A Pseudonym. Bristol]: Printed For Wm. Wallis, Publisher, At The Packhorse On Lawrenc-hill, And Sold At All The Taverns And Coffee-houses, In Bristol, 1750?]. 16p.; 8

      SKU: 10542391
      ISBN: 9781171462002
      Author: Merry Andrew, Andrew / Merry Andrew

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