The Winds Of Sonoma

    The Winds Of Sonoma
      The Winds Of Sonoma.

      Angelica Amante Is The Only Daughter Of A Wealthy Horse-ranching Family And A Rising Legal Star Of A Prominent New York Law Firm. But When She's Offered A Promotion, She Finds Herself Facing One Of The Toughest Decisions Of Her Life. Should She Continue To Work For A Company That Profits By Taking Advantage Of The Poor, Or Take A Stand Against Injustice And Risk Her Career? Then Angelica Meets Antonio Perez, The Oldest Son Of A Poverty-stricken Family In Guadalajara, Mexico, And Her Compassion For The Poor Is Reawakened. When Angelica And Antonio's Worlds Collide, They Find Themselves At A Crossroad Of Faith, Love, And Selfless Commitment That Will Forever Alter Their Lives. The Winds Of Sonoma, Book 1 In The Regalo Grande Series, Is A Must-read For Anyone Whose Heart Is Captivated By Selfless Love, Compassion, And Truth.

      SKU: 3200437
      ISBN: 9780800730482
      Author: Arana, Nikki

    Aspirin Powder (1 Pound) By Vedco
      Aspirin Powder (1 Pound) By Vedco.

      For Use As An Aid In Reducing Fever And For Mild Analgesia. This Product Is Over The Counter, However You May Want To Consult Your Vet Before Using It. Do Not Use In Cats. Direction: Administer Orally. Dosage: Dogs - 0.15 - 1.0 Gm. Cattle, Horses - 5 - 60 Gm. Calves, Foals - 0.5 - 6.0 Gm. Sheep, Swine - 1 -3 Gm. Poultry - 0.15% Level In Ration

      Category: Horse , amp, amp, Livestock Products, gt, pain , amp, Soreness Relievers, gt, aspirin Powder By Vedco
      SKU: Aspow1pounby

    Babydan Gate Y Spindle Stair Mount (2 Pack)
      Babydan Gate Y Spindle Stair Mount (2 Pack).

      The Babydan Y-spindle Makes It Possible To Mount A Babydan Safety Gate On Stairs Up Against A Baluster, Round Pole Etc. Pack Of 2. The Y Spindle Has Rubber Ends To Protect Your Staircase From Being Scratche,d

      Category: New Pet Products, gt, babydan Gate, Panel , amp, Safety Accessories
      SKU: Babydan-gate-y-spindle-stair-mount

    Cardinal Laboratories Remedy+recruiting Styptic Powder (1.5 Oz)
      Cardinal Laboratories Remedy+recruiting Styptic Powder (1.5 Oz).

      Cardinal Laboratories Remedy & Recovery Styptic Powder Provides A Powerful Tool For Stopping Phlebotomy In Cats, Dogs And Birds. This Stypic Powder Is Easy To Use And Can Be Applied Directly To Minor Or Superficial Wounds. The Powder Can Also Be Applied With Apre-moistened Applicator For Your Convenience. Cardinal Laboratories Remedy & Recovery Styptic Powder Is Ideal For Healing The Minor Wounds Caused By Scratching, Nail Clipping, Or Hair Trimming. This Container Includes 1.5 Ounces Of The Powder, Which Was Manufactured Here In The United States. Keep Your Pet Safe With The Proper Preparation And Get This Stypic Powder Today! Key Features: Stops Bleeding In Superficial Cuts And Minor Wounds Safe For Cats, Dogs And Birds Contains 42.5 G Of Powder Manufactured Here In The Usa

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, healt , amp, amp, Wellness, gt, first Aid , amp, amp, Remedies, gt, remedy, recovery, amp, reg, Styptic Powder
      SKU: Cardinal-remedy-recovery-styptic-powder-1-5-oz

    Dr. Goodpet Ear-relief (1 Oz)
      Dr. Goodpet Ear-relief (1 Oz).

      Dr. Goodpet Ear-relief Provides A Natural Formulation Intended To Keep Your Pet's Ears Clean And Healthy. This Advanced Herbal Formulais Safe For Both Cats And Dogs And Can Be Applied Directly Into Your Pet's Ears. In Addition To Being Totally Natural, The Formula Was Never Tested On Animals And Includes No Animal Products To Ensure That The Product Is Cruelty Free. Dr. Goodpet Ear-relief Can Be Used 2 To 3 Times Each Month Without Ill Effects To Help Maintain Clean And Healthy Ears. This Bottle Contains 1 Fluid Ounce Of The Formulation To Provide An Adundant Supply For Any Pet. Don't Put Up With Unsightly, Smelly Ears- Order This All-natural Ear-cleansing Solution For Your Pet Today! Key Features: Keeps Ear Canals Clean For Dogs And Cats All Natural Herbal Formula No Animal Testing And Contains No Animal Products

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, ear , amp, Eye Products, gt, ear Cleansers , amp, Treatments, gt, dr, Goodpet, amp, trade, Ear-relief, amp, t Rade,
      SKU: Dr-goodpet-ear-relief-1-oz

    Elimiderm Cream (0.75 Oz)
      Elimiderm Cream (0.75 Oz).

      Elimiderm Ceeam Topical Is An All-natural Product Can Be Used On A Variety Of Skin Conditions To Eliminate Bacteria, Fungus And Yeast And Is Preferred Over Ointments Because It Rubs Into The Skin Making It A Couch-friendly Option. Feature Functionâ  Benefitâ  Axaphen Eliminates Bacteria, Fungus, And Yeastâ  Reduce Inventory - One Mode Of Action, Multiple Solutionsâ  Salicin Anti-inflamatory Properties May Lessen Steroid Dependencyâ  Vitamin Eâ  Antioxidant Properties Quickly Heals Damaged Skin Aloe Vera Anti-inflammatory Properties Hydrates The Skin When Should Elimiderm Be Administered? Bacterial Infections: Use Elimiderm Cream™ To Eliminate Skin Infections Such As Folliculitis, Skin Fold Dermatitis, Impetigo, Hot Spots, And Staph Infections. Fungal & Yeast Infections: Use Elimiderm Cream™ To Eliminate Skin Infections Such As Ringworm, Malassezia, And Candid. Other Factors: Elimiderm Cream™ Can Be Used In Conjunction With Other Treatments On Skin Conditions Caused By Allergies, Parasites And Hormones Until The Underlying Problem Is Resolved. Product Featres & Benefits: Multipurpose Use On A Variety Of Skin Conditions All-natural Ingredients No Residue For Resistance May Be Administrated To Pets Of All Ages May Be Used In Conjunction With Antibiotic Treatments Rapid Mode Of Action Eliminates Bacteria, Fungus, & Yeast May Lessen Swelling

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, health , amp, amp, Wellness, gt, first Aid , amp, amp, Remedies, gt, elimiderm
      SKU: Elimiderm-cream-0-75-oz

    Frozen Characters & Mini Ice Castle Aquarium Ornament Set
      Frozen Characters & Mini Ice Castle Aquarium Ornament Set.

      Bring Disney's Animated Film Frozen To Your Aquarium! Authentic Disney Ornaments From Penn-plax Are Made From Non-toxic Polyresin Material And Are Safe For Your Fish Tank. With The Official Licensed Ornament You Can Bring The Fun Of The Movie To Your Aquarium. Thiss Et Contains These Aquarium Ornaments: 1 - Mini Anna 3.75" 1 - Mini Elsa 3.75" 1- Mini Olaf 2.25" 1 - Mini Olaf Sliding Down 1.75" 1 - Mini Ice Castle 2.5" Please Note: All Orders Will Be Shipped Out Within 10-15 Business Days.

      Category: Aquarium , amp, amp, Fish Supplies, gt, aquarium Decorations , amp, amp, Ornaments, gt, disney Aquarium Ornament Sets
      SKU: Frozen-characters-mini-ice-castle-aquarium-ornaments

    Honest Kitchen Keen Dehydrated Turkey Dog Food (10 Lbs)
      Honest Kitchen Keen Dehydrated Turkey Dog Food (10 Lbs).

      Honest Kitchen Keen Dehydrated Turkey Dog Food Is A Hearty Dehydrated Dog Food That Is Made With Cage-free Turkey, Low-gluten Oats And Garden Vegetables. This Formula Provides All Natural Nutrition To Your Dog. Since It Is Moderate In Protein And Fat Its Great For Adult Maintenance. Keen Is Great For Dogs That Are Sensitive To Chicken, Beef, Eggs, And Fish. 10 Lb Box All Natural Great For Adult Maintenance Great For Dogs That Are Sensitive To Chicken, Beef, Eggs, And Fish All Food Is Shipped Ground Delivery. Please Allow 7 To 12 Days For Your Delivery To Arrive. Please Note, We Do Not Ship Pet Food Internationally. For More Shipping Info Click Here.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Food, gt, freeze Dried Dog Food, gt, honest Kitchen Dehydrated Dog Food
      SKU: Honest-kitchen-keen-dehydrated-turkey-dog-food-10-lbs

    Pet Odor Exterminator Candle - Honeydew Melon Jar (13 Oz)
      Pet Odor Exterminator Candle - Honeydew Melon Jar (13 Oz).

      The Pet Odor Exterminator Candle Jar Is A Professional Strength Scented Candle Thta Both Combats And Covers Pet Odors. This Product Combines Paraffin And Soy With Powerful Enzymes That Work To Attack Malodor Caused By Cats, Dogs, Reptiles, And Other Small Animals While It Burns. Each Candle Is Made To Burn For 70 Hours To Ensure That Your Home Or Work Environment Always Smells Fresh And Clean. The Pet Odor Exterminator Candle Jar Is Made Here In The United States And Is A Mere 13 Ounces For Your Convenience. This Product Features A Pleasant Honeydew Melon Scent, But Candles Are Also Available In Other Appealing Aromas. Keep Any Area Full Of A Pleasant Scent That Your Pet Will Love With This Long-burning, Odor-eliminating Candle And Order Today! Key Features: Burns For 70 Hours Paraffin & Soy Blend Features Enzymatic Formula To Eliminate Odors From: Dogs, Cats, Reptiles, Small Animals Made In Usa!

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, cleaning , amp, amp, Sanitation, gt, stain , amp, amp, Odor Removal, gt, pet Odor Exterminator Candle, amp, trade,
      SKU: Honeydew-melon-jars-13-oz

    Petsafe Indigo Fresh Dental Sauce - Mint (6.8 Oz)
      Petsafe Indigo Fresh Dental Sauce - Mint (6.8 Oz).

      This Item Is Currently Out Of Stock And Should Be Shipped 4-6 Weeks. We Recommend Trying Ora-clens 1-tdc Or Call 1 (800) 889-8967 For Availability. Indigo Fresh Dental Sauce (mint) Makes Dental Care For Your Dog A Breeze. Say Goodbye To Brushing Your Dog's Teeth Now That Indigo Fresh Dental Sauce Provides An Easy-to-use And Effective Alternative. Dental Sauce Can Be Applied To Any Dry Dog Food To Help Clean Your Dog's Teeth And Freshen His Or Her Breath With Each Bite. The Dental Sauce Contains Natural Chicken And Mint Flavoring That Dogs Love. Indigo Fresh Dental Sauce For Dogs Is Better Than Brushing, Especially In Conjuction With The Other Products That Include Biscuits, Sticks And Floss Bones. Indigo Dental Products Are Made Here In The Usa And The Sauce Comes I N Both Mint And Sweet Potato Flavor, So Check Out The Related Items Section For The Sweet Potato Variety And Other Dental Hygiene Products By Petsafe Indigo. Key Features: Better Than Brushing Made In The United States Natural Flavoring That Dogs Love

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dental Products, gt, dental Supplements, gt, ptsafe Indigo Fresh Dental Sauce
      SKU: Petsafe-indigo-fresh-dental-sauce-mint

    Ark Naturals Royal Coat Express (16 Fl Oz)
      Ark Naturals Royal Coat Express (16 Fl Oz).

      Ark Naturals Royal Coat Express (16 Fl Oz) Pure Fish & Borage Oil Used For Excessive Shedding, Scratching, Hotspots And Dry Flaky Coats. Studies Prove Fish & Borage Oils Provide The Most Rapid, Consistent And Speedy Help For: Excessive Shedding, Dry Skin, Constant Licking And Scratching, Greasy Or Dull Coat, Dandruff, Hair Loss, Sores In Ears, Slow Wound Healing, Eczema And Dermatitis. Cats Are Obligate Carnivores And Dogs Are Carnivores/omnivores - Help For Skin And Coat Issues Require Efa's Containing Dha. Dha Is Only Found In Omega-3 From Ana Nimal Source (fish Oil). Beware Of Competitors Who Cheapen Their Products By Adding Plant-vegetable Oils; Flax, Soy, Wheat Germ, Safflower And Garlic, Instead Of Veterinarian Recommended Omega 3 & 6 Oils. Royal Coat Is Less Expensive By Serving With Higher Quality Ingredients. Veterinarian Recommended: Formulated By Dr. Nancy Scanlan, Dvm And Dr. C. Leigh Broadhurst Ph. D.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, skin , amp, Coat, gt, fish Oil , amp, Omega Supplements, gt, ark Naturals Royal Coat Express
      SKU: Royalcoatexp16oz

    Simple Solution Cat Litter Attractant (9 Oz)
      Simple Solution Cat Litter Attractant (9 Oz).

      Simple Solution Cat Litter Attractant Is The Ideal Way To Train Your Kitten To Correctly Use Their Litter Box. Problem Cats And Kittens Prefer Eliminating In A Natural Setting, So Adjusting To A Litter Box Can Be Eased With A Pleasant Smelling Additive For Your Cat's Litter. This Attractant Combines A Unique Combination Of Herbs That Creates A Comfortable Space For Your Cat To Eliminate. Simple Solution Cat Litter Attractant Is Easy To Use And Can Have Your Pet Using The Litter Box By Simply Mixing The Attractant Right Into Your Cat's Litter. This Package Comes With 9 Ounces Of The Attractant And Is Resealable To Preserve Its Freshness. If You're Having A Difficult Time Getting Your Cat To Use The Litter Box Or Bringing A New Kitten Into Your Life, Order This Product For Your Cat's Litter Box Today! Key Features: Add To Any Litter Herbal Blend Creates Comfortable Space For Cats To Eliminate Aids In Training And Correcting Inappropriate Elimination

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, cleaning , amp, amp, Sanitation, gt, litter , amp, amp, Litter Boxes, gt, simple Solution Cat Litter
      SKU: Simple-solution-cat-litter-attractant-9-oz

    Spot Farms Chicken Strip - Human Grade Glucosamine & Chondroitin (12.5 Oz)
      Spot Farms Chicken Strip - Human Grade Glucosamine & Chondroitin (12.5 Oz).

      Spot Farms Human Grade Glucosamine & Chondroitin Chicken Strips Offer A Delectable Jerky Treat Fortified With Ingredients To Support Healthy Joints In Dogs.  each Of These Savory Strips Is Made From Antibiotic-free Chicken That Was Raised Here In The Usa At A Family-owned Farm That Raises Its Chickens In A Usda-inspected And Cage-free Environment. Spot Farms Chiccken Strip With Human Grade Glucosamine & Chondroitin Is Free Of Corn, Wheat, Soy, And Animal Byproducts So That You Know It's Safe For Your Pup. This Bag Contains 12.5 Ounces Of Treats In A Resealable Bag That Helps Keep Each Treat As Fresh As The Day You Open Them. Support Joint Health And Mobility In Your Pup With A Delectable Jerky Treat That He's Sure To Love And Get A Bag Of Spot Farms Chicken Strips Today! Key Features: Formulated With Human Grade Glucoasmine And Chondoritin To Support Joint Health And Mobility All-natural Chicken Strips Are Free Of Antibiotics, Corn, Wheat, Soy, And Bypproducts Made In The Usa With Chicken Raised In Family Owned, Usda-inspected, Cage-free Farm

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, functional Dog Treats, gt, spot Farms All-natural Hip , amp, Joint Dog Treats
      SKU: Spot-farms-chicken-strip-human-grade-glucosamine-12-5-oz

    Star Wars Yoda Dog Headpiece - Medium/large
      Star Wars Yoda Dog Headpiece - Medium/large.

      Your Dog Can Be The Master Jedi This Halloween With This Yoda Dog Headpiece! *all Pet Costume Sales Are Final. No Returns Or Exchanges.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, apparel, gt, dog Costumes, gt, star Wars, amp, trade, Yoda Dog Headpiece
      SKU: Star-wars-yoda-dog-headpiece-medium-large

    Top Performance Stainless Steel Vet Scales - Large
      Top Performance Stainless Steel Vet Scales - Large.

      The Total Pet H Ealth™ Stainless Steel Vet Scale Is Constructed Of Durable Stainless Steel With A Removable Rubber Mat Included For Easy Cleaning. It Is Available In Small And Large Sizes To Accommodate Pets Of All Sizes With An Ac/dc Adapter Included. Features Auto Calibration Lcd Display With Back-lighting Wall Mountable Weight Indicator Zero/tare Function Low Power Indicator, Hold Function

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, grooming Supplies, gt, pet Grooming Equipment, gt, top Performance Vet Scales
      SKU: Top-performance-vet-scales-large

    Miss Smith And The Haunted Library
      Miss Smith And The Haunted Library.

      When Miss Smith Reads From Her Magical Book, The Worlds She Describes Come Alivealiterally Today Miss Smith Is Taking Her Class On A Field Trip To A Deliciously Spooky Library. There The Class Meets Librarian Virginia Creeper And Settles Down To Listen To A Few Scary Tales. Before Long Everyoneas Favorite Creepy Characters Are Stalking The Librray And A Haunted Party Is In Full Swing. So . . . Whoas For Taking A Ride With The Headless Horseman? This Richly Illustrated, Colorfully Designed Story Captures The Thrill Of Letting Imagination Run Wild.

      SKU: 1790220
      ISBN: 9780525421399
      Author: Garland, Michael

    Then And Now Of Iselin
      Then And Now Of Iselin.

      "a Horse Named Princess - The Very First Year" Is The First Book In A Series Being Published To Teach Children Of Elementary Seminary Age About The Life Stages Of Horses. A Book For Every Year Of Princess The Horse's Life....each With A Theme, A Glossary At The Back Giving Children A Simple Description Of Special Words Bolded Throughout The Stories, And All With Elements Of Reality And Fantasy To Catch The Interest Of Young Readers And Listeners The Illustrations Are Bright And Colorful And Very Real-children Will Love The Illustrations First

      SKU: 6537649
      ISBN: 9781434309709
      Author: Miele, John T. / Onder, June Polanski

    Horses Make A Landscape Look More Beautiful
      Horses Make A Landscape Look More Beautiful.

      Alice Walker Has Always Turned To Poetry To Express One Of Her Most Personal And Deeply Felt Concerns. She Has Said That Her Poems-even The Happy Ones-emerge From An Accumulation Of Sadness, When She Stands Again "in The Sunlight." " This Collection] Has Two Fine Strengths-a Music That Comes Along Sometimes, As Sad And Cheery As A Lonely Woman's Whistling-and Miss Walker's Own Tragicomic Gifts" (new York Times Book Review).

      SKU: 491530
      ISBN: 9780156421737
      Author: Walker, Alice / Walker, Jane Alan

    Politicas: Latina Public Officials In Texas
      Politicas: Latina Public Officials In Texas.

      From The Book: "i Didn't Know I Was Going To Be The First One. I Felt Like I Was Really Going To Have To Deliver. If I Didn't Succeed, They Were Going To Say, 'all Mexican American Women Are Failures.'" Texas Representative, Irma Rangel "there Are Not Enough Women Who Have Figured Out How To Balance Faith And Family], How To Prioritize, But I Believe That The Younger Women Will Make A Difference . . . That As They Grow Up Professionally And Politically, That Youw Ill See More Women In The Ranks." State Senator Judith Zaffirini "i Think The Expectations Are Higher Because There Haven't Been That Many Latinas In The Texas Senate] And You Are Represent Ing] Not Just Females, But An Ethnic Group That Has Not Always Been Afforded The Opportunity To Participate In The Political Process." State Senator Leticia Van De Putte In The Decades Since Latinas Began To Hold Public Office In The United States In The Late 1950s, They Have Blazed New Trails In Public Life, Bringing Fresh Perspectives, Leadership Styles, And Policy Agendas To The Business Of Governing Cities, Counties, States, And The Nation. As Of 20 04, Latinas Occupied 27.4 Percent Of The More Than 6,000 Elected And Appointed Local, State, And National Positions Filled By Hispanic Officeholders. The Greatest Number Of These Latina Officehodlers Reside In Texas, Where Nearly Six Hundred Women Occupy Posts From Municipal Offices, School Boards, And County Offices To Seats In The Texas House And Senate. In This Book, Five Latina Political Scientists Profile The Women Who Have Been The First Latinas To Hold Key Elected And Appointed Positions In Texas Government. Through Interviews With Each Woman Or Her Associates, The Authorsexplore And Theorize About Latina Officeholders' Political Socialization, Decision To Run For Office And Obstacles Overcome, Leadership Style, And Representational Roles And Advocacy. The Profiles Begin With Irma Rangel, The First Latina Elected To The Texas House Of Representatives, And Judith Zaffirini And Leticia Van De Putte, The Only Two Latinas To Serve In The Texas Senate. The Authors Also Interview Lena Uerrero, The First And Only Latina To Serve In A Statewide Office; Judges Linda Yanes, Alma Lopez, Elma Salinas Ender, Mary Roman, And Alicia Chacon; Mayors Blanca Sanchez Vela (brownsville), Betty Flores (laredo), And Olivia Serna (crystal City); And Latina City Councilwomen From San Antonio, El Paso, Dallas, Houston, And Laredo.

      SKU: 824546
      ISBN: 9780292717886
      Author: Coronado, Irasema / Garcia, Sonia R. / Martinez-ebers, Valerie

    The Medievalism Lawrence Of Arabia
      The Medievalism Lawrence Of Arabia.

      Allen's Study Deals With Lawrence's Lifelong Interest In The Medieval World, Especially Medieval Literature, And Its Considerable Influence On His View Of Himself And Of The Arabs With Whom He Fought In An Archaic Theater Of War, And Hence His Own Literary Production. The Medievalism Of Lawrence Of Arabia Investigates The Influence Lawrence's Interest In Medieval Life And Literature Had On His Attitudes Toward Life In General And-in Content, Theme, And Diction-on His Masterpiece, Seven Pillars Of Wisdon, In Particular. M.d. Allen Begins With A Brief Biography Of T.e. Lawrence-his Early Interest In Things Medieval And His Somewhat Controversial B.a. Thesis On Crusader Castles. Allen Then Reveals The Extent To Which Lawrence's Ideas About Honor, Warfare, And Chivalry In The Arab War Against The Turks Were Shaped By His Reading In Medieval Writings Such As Malory's Morte D'arthur. (both, As He Makes Clear, Were Warrior Societies Dominated By Horses.) Lawrence's Reading In The Nineteenth-century Medievalsims Is Also Explored, As In Tennyson's Idylls Of The King, Ruskins Writing On Art, Where The Parallel Between Ruskin's Ideas On Ornament And Lawrence's Ideas Abbout The Dignity Of War Is Demonstrated. Allen Then Identifies The Medieval And Neomedieval Texts Of Seven Pillars Of Wisdom And Shows Why And To What Effect Lawrence Borrowed From Chivalric, Neochivalric, And Pseudochivalric Works, And Sometines Transmogrified Them, Revealing Lawrence's Greatest Inspiration To Be An English Translation Of The Moallakat (which Is, So To Speak, The Arabic Beowulf). Allen Sheds New Light On Many Aspects Of The Influence Of Medievalism On Lawrence's Thought And Writing. M.d. Allen Is Assistant Professor Of English At The University Of Wisconsin Center-fox Valley.

      SKU: 809499
      ISBN: 9780271026121
      Author: Allen, M. D.

    When Customers Talk... Turn What They Tell You Into Sales
      When Customers Talk... Turn What They Tell You Into Sales.

      Survey Of More Than 100,000 Consumers Reveals How They Want To Be Treated, And The Way They Want To Buy. What Do Customers Really Want? Not All Retailers Are In The Habit Of Listening When Customers Talk. They Can Do Better, According To Master Customer Service Speaker, Author, And Consultant T. Scott Gross. In Fact, Research Shows That Unhappy Customers Talk About Negative Experiences For An Average Of 18 Months. Once They Have A Bad Experience, It Will Take 12 Positive Experiences To Make Up For It. However, If A Complaint Is Resolved, Count On An Intensely Loyal Customer. In "when Customers Talk," The Third Volume In His Customer Service Series, Gross Partners With Consumer Researcher Joe Pilotta From "bigresearch" To Draw Conclusions For Frontline Retailers And Managers Based On The Insights Of 100,000 Retail Customers. This Approachable, Must-have Guide Offers Detailed Insights To Help Retailers Learn How To Anticipate Customer Needs And Take Advantage Of Emerging Trends. Written In An Engaging Style, And Backed By Statistical Research, "when Customers Talk" Helps Retailers: Bridge The Disconnect Between Retailers' And Customers' Attitudes. Ask The Right Questions To Get Answers That Will Make A Difference. Turn The Knowledge Of Customers' Habits Into Sales. Leverage Customers' Loyalty For A Lifetime Relationship: Heart, Mind, And Wallet. Understand Pricing And Discounting To Maximize Profits. Tap Into Technology To Avoid Being Blindsided By Changes. With Customer Insight ""straight From The Horse's Mouth,"" Retail Managers Disregard This I Nformation At Their Peril

      SKU: 3181198
      ISBN: 9780793195190
      Author: Gross, T. Scott / Pilotta, Joe / Bigresearch

    How To Build Harley-davidson Horsepower: Evolution Engines Since 1984 On
      How To Build Harley-davidson Horsepower: Evolution Engines Since 1984 On.

      How To Build Harley-davidson Horsepower Shows The Harley-davidson Enthusiast How To Modify Evolution-engined Big Twin For More Performance. 200 Photos And Expert Advice From Harley-davidson Wizard Tom Murphy Explain The Ins And Outs Of Tuning The Harley Davidson Motorcycle. Includes Carburetor Modifications And Aftermarket Replacements, Exhausts, Ignition, Big-bore K Its, Turbocharging, And Supercharging.

      SKU: 2878466
      ISBN: 9780760301500
      Author: Murphy, Tom

    Super Huge Horse Dildo Real Simulation Penis Long 39.5cm Lenght Female Masturbation Device Skin Color Super Thickening Jj
      Super Huge Horse Dildo Real Simulation Penis Long 39.5cm Lenght Female Masturbation Device Skin Color Super Thickening Jj.

      Material: Tpe Model Number: Big Dildo Size: Long Penis Item Type: Dildos Product Categories: Simulation Penis Material: Soft Tpe Function: Female Masturbation Device Colour: Skin Color Main Dimension: 39.5*5.6cm Product Main Material: Tpe

      Category: Dildos, dongs
      SKU: 392422393

    Running Horse Necklace Horse Glowing Pendant Glass Animal Photo Jewelry Glowing Necklace Pendant
      Running Horse Necklace Horse Glowing Pendant Glass Animal Photo Jewelry Glowing Necklace Pendant.

      Material:metal Color: Silver Size:pendant:2.5cm.chian Link:60cm Eco-friendly:nickel & Lead Free Delivery Time:within 3 Days For Stock,10-15 Days For Order

      Category: Pendantnecklaces
      SKU: 393553595

    New Top Quality Urethral Sounds Catheter Horse Eye Stainless Steel Penis Plug Penis Ring Sm Toy Chastity Devices For Men G135
      New Top Quality Urethral Sounds Catheter Horse Eye Stainless Steel Penis Plug Penis Ring Sm Toy Chastity Devices For Men G135.

      Hot New Stainless Steel Small Male Chastity Cages Sale Cock Cages For Cocks Lock Adult Game Bdsm Sex Toys Products For Male Factory Selling

      Category: Chastitydevices
      SKU: 396206749

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