Thunderleash - Small Dogs (12-25 Lbs)

    Thunderleash - Small Dogs (12-25 Lbs)
      Thunderleash - Small Dogs (12-25 Lbs).

      Thunderleash Uses An Innovative Design To Function As Either A Normal Leash Or A Harness. The Leash Comes With An Attachment And A Special Collar Attachment To Help It Easily Transform Into A Harness That Wraps Around The Body Of Your Dog. Does Your Dog Ever Get Over-excited On Walks? Harnesses Prevent Overzealous Dogs From Choking Themselves With Their Collars And Allow Owners To Pull Back On Their Dogs Without Hurting Them. Sometimes Harnesses Can Send You Or Your Kids Flying If Your Dog Is Large And In Charge During A Walk, Requiring A Leash To Prevent Your From Dragging You Across Town. Thunderleash Provides The Best Of Both Worlds By Creating A Standard Leash That Quickly And Easily Turns Into A Harness. Simply Wrap The Leash Around The Dog's Torso And Fasten It Using The Patent-pending Harness Slot On The Safety Buckle. Get The Small Thunderleash For Dogs Between 12 And 25 Pounds. For Larger Dogs, Check Out Our Related Items Section To Find The Large Thunderleash And Other Thunderworks Products. Whether Large Or Small The Thunderleash Will Make Sure Your Dog Loves Walking Even More! Key Features: Can Be Used As A Standard Leash Or Harness Innovative Safety Buckle With Harness Slot Comes In Two Sizes For Small And Large Dogs

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, apparel, gt, collars, Leashes , amp, Harnesses, gt, thunderleash
      SKU: Thunderleash-small-dogs-12-25lbs

    Bonies Skin & Coat Health Medium Single Bone (1.43 Oz)
      Bonies Skin & Coat Health Medium Single Bone (1.43 Oz).

      Bonies Skin & Coat Health Medium Single Bone (1.43 Oz) A Is Unique Dog Bone That Uses All-natural Ingredients. Made To Be A Healthy Treat For Your Dog While Freshening Their Breath At The Same Time. Intended For Dogs Weighing 25 - 50 Lbs. Healthy Ingredients Bonies Dental Formula Contain Natural Peppermint And Parsely To Help Freshen Breath. Bonies Uses Brown Rice As Its First Ingredient And Unlike Other Edible Chew Bones, Bonies Contains No Animal By-products Like Gelatin Or Animal Glycerin. Bonies Contains Zero Saturated And Trans-fat. Each Ingredient In Bonies Was Carefully Selected By A Board Certified Animal Nutritionist To Ensure Safety, Enjoyment And Digestibility With No Compromise To Your Dog's Health. Bonies Benefits Bonies Uses A 100% Natural Chicken Flavor Concentrate Made From Antibiotic-free Us Chicken Livers. Once Chewing Starts, The Saliva Activates And Magnifies The Natural Chicken Flavor, Making For A Delicious But Healthy And Functional Treat With Great Benefits. The Combination Of 100% Natural Peppermint Nd Parsley Create The Perfect Combination To Freshen Nasty Doggy Breath. Mother Nature Designed Bones To Be Hard, Not Soft And Chewy. Bonies Is Uniquely Formulated To Be Hard Enough To Scrape And Polish Teeth. While Chewing A Bonie, Dogs Will Exercise Their Jaw Muscles And Massage Their Gums. Bonies Natural Dental Formula Bonies Are Highly Digestible. Bonies Satisfy Your Dog's Chewing Needs. All Natural Dog Treat Low Calorie: Only 66 Calories Per Bone Helps Freshen Breath & Clean Teeth Medium: For Dogs 25 - 50 Lbs

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, functional Dog Treats, gt, bonies Skin , amp, Coat Formula
      SKU: Bonies-skin-coat-bones-medium-singles

    Canine Butcher Rawhide Grrillers (3-pack)
      Canine Butcher Rawhide Grrillers (3-pack).

      Canine Butler Rawhide Grrillers Are All-natural Collagen Chews, "made Always And Only In The Usa". These Chews Are Made To Include The Layer Of Thick, Collectvie Collagen Tissue From American Cows. Studies Have Shown, Connective Tissue To Be A Natural Source Of Glucosamine And Chondroitin. Grillers Are Great Way To Help Maintain Dental Health And Complement You Dog's Healthy And Complete Diet. These Unique Chews Are Naturally Grilled To Perfection At 800°, Locking In The Charbroiled Flavor. All Natural Real Grilled Collagen Chews Natural Source Of Glucosamine & Chondroitin Grilled To Perfection At 800° Made In The U.s.a.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, bones And Rawhide Chews, gt, canine Butcher Rawhide Grrillers, amp, trade,
      SKU: Canine-butcher-rawhide-grrillers-3-pack

    Ourpets Alpine Climb Cat Scratcher
      Ourpets Alpine Climb Cat Scratcher.

      Cosmic Catnip Alpine Climb Cat Scratcher Is The First Economical Scratcher That Places The Scratching Block In An Inclined Position So The Cat Can Climb And Stretch As It Scratches. Two Large Holes Are Cut Into The Sides, Which Allows Your Cat Playful Access To The Toy That Hangs Inside. Cardboard Has Long Been Recommended As An Economical Scratcher That Trains The Cat Away From Rugs And Furniture. The Corrugated Texture Provides The Feel Of Nature For The Cat. It Has Holes To Allow The Cat To Sink His Claws Into The Scratcher (instead Of Your Furniture) To Clean His Claws. Since Most People Do Not Have Corrugate Lying Around The House, It Quickly Becomes The Scratching Spot. Catnip Treated With Cosmic Catnip For Your Cat's Quick Appreciation. Beautiful Four Color All Sides Graphic Raises This Standard Tto New Heights Of Presentation. The Scratcher Block Is Reversible, So When Your Cat Scratches Halfway Through, Just Flip It Over For A Fresh Surface.

      Category: Cat Toys, gt, cat Scratchers, gt, cosmic Catnip Cat Scratchers
      SKU: Cosmic-catnip-alpine-climb-cat-scratcher

    Arm & Hammer Dental Toothbrush Set For Dogs - Chicken Flavor
      Arm & Hammer Dental Toothbrush Set For Dogs - Chicken Flavor.

      Arm & Hammer Dental Toothbrush Set For Dogs Includes A Dual Headed Toothbrush, A Finger Brush, And Advanced Care Toothpaste. The Toothpaste Was Created With Unique Enzyme Technology Enhanced With Baking Soda To Fight Tartar Buildup And Give Your Pup A Deep Clean. A Dual Headed Toothbrush Allows You To Adjust To Your Dog's Mouth And Clean Even The Hard To Reach Areas. Maintain Your Pet's Dental Health With This Effective Combination That Leaves Breath Smelling Minty Fresh. A Palatable Flavor Makes Brushing Teeth Enjoyable Each Time! Enzymes Help Fight Bad Breath Keeps Working For Hours Chicken Flavor Dogs Love Baking Soda Enhanced Formula Fresh Mint Scent

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dental Products, gt, toothbrushes , amp, amp, Toothpastes, gt, arm , amp, Hammer Toothbrushes , amp, Toothpastes
      SKU: Dental-toothbrush-set-chicken

    Fish Mycin 250mg - Erythromycin Powder (12 Packets)
      Fish Mycin 250mg - Erythromycin Powder (12 Packets).

      Fish Mycin 250mg - Erythromycin Powder Is Useful In The Control Of Common Bacterial Infections In Fish. These Include Aeromonas And Pseudomonas Genera And Mysobacterial Group (gill Diseases, Chondrococcus).this Product Will Help To Keep Your Fish Healthy And Active. 12 Packets Containing 250 Mg. Powdered Antibiotic For Fish Controls Of Some Common Bacterial Fish Diseases

      Category: Aquarium , amp, amp, Fish Supplies, gt, fish Medications , amp, amp, Vitamins, gt, fish Mycin , erythromycin,
      SKU: Fish-mycin-250-mg-erythromycin-powder-12-ackets

    Get Naked Furball Relief Treats For Cats (2.5 Oz)
      Get Naked Furball Relief Treats For Cats (2.5 Oz).

      Get Naked® Furball Relief Treats For Cats Are All-naturaal Treats That Work To Promote A Healthy Digestive System In Cats. These Treats Contain Probiotic Bacteria And Natural Sources Of Dietary Fiber To Promote An Optimal Balance Of Microflora In Your Pet's Gut. The Treats Are Also Free Of Wheat, Corn, Soy, Petroleum, And Other Ingredients Known To Be Harmful To Your Cat. Get Naked Furball Relief Treats For Cats Are Made With Real Chicken Right Here In The Usa. This Bag Contains 2.5 Ounces Of Treats To Ensure You Have Plenty To Keep Your Feline Friend Happy, Healthy, And Hairball-free. Solve Your Cat's Hairball Problems Today By Ordering These Delectable, Functional Treats! Key Features: All-natural Ingredients With Real Meat And No Wheat, Corn, Soy Or Petroleum Reduces Hairballs And Maintains Healthy Digestion With Probiotics And Fiber Resealable Package Contains 2.5 Oz Of Bite-size Treats Made In The Usa

      Category: Cat Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, functional Cat Treats, gt, get Naked, amp, reg, Functional Cat Treats
      SKU: Get-naked-furball-relief-treats-cats

    Hartz Ultraguard Plus Flea & Tick Collar - Puppy
      Hartz Ultraguard Plus Flea & Tick Collar - Puppy.

      Hartz Ultra Guard Plus Flea & Tick Collar For Puppies Is An Easy And Effective Way To Keep Pests Off Of Your Pet. This Collar Comes In An Elegant White Design That Is Simple To Put On And Take Off Of Your Puppy. The Collar Is Water Resistant And Both Kills Fleas And Ticks And Prevents Flea Eggs From Hatching, Thus Ending The Flea Life Cycle. The Collar Is Also Easy To Activate With A Simple Stretching Motion Before Putting It On Your Cat. Hartz Ultraguard Flea & Tick Collar Is Perfect For Puppies Of All Breeds That Are 12 Weeks Or Older And Fits Dogs With Necks Up To 15" Around. When Your Dog Outgrows This Collar, Try Hartz Ultra Guard Plus Flea & Tick Collar For Dogs . This Collar Will Keep Your Dog Protected From Unwanted Pests For Seven Months. Keep Your Dog Free Of Fleas And Ticks By Ordering The Ultra Guard Plus Collar Today! Key Features: Kills Fleas And Ticks Prevents Fleas Eggs From Hatching Sprinkle And Calender Resistant

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, flea , amp, Tick Supplies, gt, collars, gt, hartz Ultraguard Plus
      SKU: Hartz-ultraguard-plus-flea-tick-collar-puppy

    Hyper Pet Hyper Chewz Stick
      Hyper Pet Hyper Chewz Stick.

      The Hyper Pet™ Hyper Chewz™ Stick Is A Soft And Pliable Chew Toy That Is Perfect For Medium And Large Dogs. This Unique Toy Is Composed Of A Durable Eva Foam Material That Allows It To Hold Its Shape Even After Serious Chew Sessions. The Material Also Floats In The Water To Make The Ideal Play Experience For Pets Who Love The Water. Hyper Pet Hyper Chewz Stick Is A Vibrant Green Color That Makes It Easy To Locate For Play At Night Or In A Crowded Dog Park. This Large Toy Is Great For More Than Just Fetch And Is Ideal For Tug-of-war Or Supervised Individual Play. Treat Your Pet To A Toy That Stands Out From The Rest And Order This Soft And Flexible Stick For Your Dog Today! Key Features: Made Of Strong Eva Foam For Durability Soft And Pliable To Hold Shape Floats In Water

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Toys, gt, chew Toys, gt, hyper Pet, amp, trade, Hyper Chewz, amp, trade,
      SKU: Hyper-pet-hyper-chewz-stick

    Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain
      Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain.

      Due To Its Dimensions And/or Weight, This Item S Hips Via Ground Service Only. The Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain Is The Ultimate In Style And Design. The Platinum Utilizes The Same Innovative Watering System As Our Other Drinkwell Pet Fountains, Featuring The Patented Free-falling Stream Of Water. This Entices Pets To Drink More, Keeping Them Happy, Healthy And Hydrated. The Platinum Features A New Snap-on Lid To Prevent Accidental Removal, A Pre-filter To Catch Any Large Particles Before They Reach The Motor, And A Submersible Pump For Stingily Silent Operation. With The Same Quality That Consumers Have Come To Rely On, The Drinkwell Platinum Is A Culmination Of 10 Years Experience In Making Pet Fountains. Innovative Watering System Features Patented 5-inch Free-falling Water Stream Holds 168 Fluid Ounces Of Water Keeps Your Pet Off Counters And Out Of Sinks And Toilets Includes Reservoir, Replaceable Charcoal Iflter, Snap-on Lid, Pre-filter, And Submersible Pump Product Dimensions: 15.9 X 10.6 X 10.5 Inches ; 4 Pounds

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, feeding Supplies, gt, automatic Feeders , amp, Waterers, gt, drinkwell, amp, reg, Fountains
      SKU: Platinumd

    Spongebob Chum Bucket & Krusty Krab Aquarium Ornament Set
      Spongebob Chum Bucket & Krusty Krab Aquarium Ornament Set.

      Bring A Little Bit Of Bikini Bottom Into Your Child's Aquarium With These Spongebob Themed Resin Ornaments! Kids Love Spongebob And Your Child Will Enjoy Their Aquarium Even More With Spongebob And His Friends. Spongebob Squarepants Lives In A Pineapple House Located At 124 Conch Street In Bikini Bottom. Spongebob And His Friends Take Your Child On One Imaginative Adventure After The Other. These Licensed Nickelodeon Spongebob Ornaments From Penn-plax Are Made From A Durable Resin That Can Be Placed Right Into Your Tank And Is Easily Cleaned. These Ornaments Are A Great Addition To Any Aquarium. Also Good For Terrariums And As A Stand Alone Desk Display. This Set Contains These Aquarium Ornaments: 1 - Chum Bucket 4" 1 - Krusty Krab 2.5" Please Note: All Orders Will Be Shipped Out Within 10-15 Business Days.

      Category: Aquarium , amp, amp, Fish Supplies, gt, aquarium Decorations , amp, amp, Ornaments, gt, spongebob Aquarium Ornament Sets
      SKU: Spongebob-chum-bucket-krusty-krab-aquarium-ornaments

    Zoetis Elimin-odor - Canine (8 Fl Oz)
      Zoetis Elimin-odor - Canine (8 Fl Oz).

      Elimin-odor Ccanine Eliminates ?doggy-odor? On The Dog. Also For Use On Bedding, Rugs, Other Fabrics. Body Odors Of The Dog Are Eliminated By Preventing The Odor Molecule From Forming A Gas. Without A Gas There Is No Odor. Not Just Another Cover-up. Stops Odors At The Source By Preventing Odor Molecules From Forming A Gas. No-desensitizing Or Masking Agents. Non-toxic And Non-irritating To Skin, Eyes And Hair.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, cleaning , amp, amp, Sanitation, gt, stain , amp, amp, Odor Removal, gt, zoetis, amp, trade, Elimin-odor, amp, reg,
      SKU: Zoetis-elimin-odor-anine-8-oz

    Cow Boy: A Boy And His Horse
      Cow Boy: A Boy And His Horse.

      Nate Cosby (pigs, Jim Henson's The Storyteller) And Chris Eliopoulos (franklin Richards, Misery Loves Sherman) Present Cow Boy, The Story Of A Young Bounty Hunter Determined To Send His Entire Outlaw Family To Jail. He Travels The Old West On A Horse That Ain't His, And Won't Stop 'til Every One'a His Kin's In The Clink. Also Included Are Short Stories By The Likes Of Roger Langridge (the Muppet Show), Brian Clevinger And Scott Wegener (atomic Robo), And Mike Maihack (cleopatra In Space) And Colleen Coover (jim Henson's The Storyteller).

      SKU: 16634371
      ISBN: 9781936393671
      Author: Cosby, Nate / Eliopoulos, Chris

    Wild About Horses Bible-niv-compact
      Wild About Horses Bible-niv-compact.

      If You Love Horses, You'll Love This Bible Inside You Will Find 12 Color Pages Of Beautiful Horse Photos With Inspirational Thoughts That Will Encourage You Day After Day. The Wild About Horses Bible Is Great For You To Take On The Road, In A Backpack, Or On The Trail Tucked In A Saddlebag Features Include: * 12 Beautiful Full-color Photos Of Horses * Short Inspirational Thoughts And Scripture Verses On Themes Of Love, Peace, Friendship, Beauty, Strength And Faith Accompany The Photos * Presentation Page For Gift Giving * Words Of Christ In Red * Complete Txet Of The New International Version (niv) Of The Bible

      SKU: 12828551
      ISBN: 9780310722564
      Author: Zondervan Bibles

    Rolling Stones - Lyric & Chord Songbook
      Rolling Stones - Lyric & Chord Songbook.

      This Indispensable Collection Of Over 50 Classic Stones Songs Is The Ultimate Pocket Reference For All Fans And Guitarists. The Book Is Arranged In Lyric/chord Format And Includes All The Key Riffs In Tab For Each Song. Titles: Jumpin' Jack Flash * Honky Tonk Women * Brown Sugar * (i Can't Get No) Satisfaction * Let It Bleed * Wild Horses * You Can't Always Get In Part You Want * Paint It Black * Street Fighting Man * Under My Thumb * And Multitude Omre.

      SKU: 15454451
      ISBN: 9780739084045
      Author: Alfred Publishing / Rolling Stones

    Samurai Arms And Armor
      Samurai Arms And Armor.

      Thirty Striking Images Depict The Samurai And The Tools Of Their Trade, Tracing The Rise And Fall Of Japan's Military Nobility Across The Centuries. Dramatic Portrayals Of The Legendary Soldiers - On Horseback, At Sea, And Elsewhere - Highlight Their Weaponry. Informative Captions Provide Details.

      SKU: 1605331
      ISBN: 9780486465579
      Author: Sun, Ming-ju

    Green Rider
      Green Rider.

      Karigan Galadheon, Running Away From School, Is Traveling Through A Deep Forest When A Gal Loping Horse Pounds Up To Her, Its Rider Impaled By Two Black-shafted Arrows. With His Dyingg Breath, He Tells Her He Is A Green Rider, One Of The Magical Messengers Of The King. Before He Dies, He Makes Karigan Swear To Deliver The Message Heas Carrying, And Gives Her His Green Coat, With The Symbolic Brooch Of His Office. Pursued By Unknown Assassins, Following A Path Only Her Horse Seems To Know, Karigan Becomes A Legendary Green Riderafor When Given To The Right Person, A Rideras Brooch Awakens The Magic Insidea].

      SKU: 2827754
      ISBN: 9780756405489
      Author: Britain, Kristen

    The Return Of Crazy Horse
      The Return Of Crazy Horse.

      "the Return Of Insane Horse" Is The Story Of One Of The Last Great Chiefs Of The Oglala Sioux, And Of A Sculptor's Determination To Carve A Huge Statue Of The Fearless Warrior Into The Black Hills Of South Dakota. William Kotzwinkle Captures The Sadness Of The Defeat Of Crazy Horse And Then Takes Readers To The Site Where, In 1948, Korczak Ziolkowski Takes On The Gargantuan Tak F Sculpting Crazy Horse From A Mountain. Kotzwinkle's Prose Vividly Describes The Creation Of A Monumental Work Of Art As Well As The Mystical Certainty That Crazy Horse Will Ride Again.

      SKU: 7170747
      ISBN: 9781583940471
      Author: Kotzwinkle, William / Servello, Joe

    A Pair Of Shootists: The Wild West Story Of S.f. Cody And Maud Lee
      A Pair Of Shootists: The Wild West Story Of S.f. Cody And Maud Lee.

      In 1888, Samuel F. Cody, A Twenty-one-year-old Horse Wrangler, Met Maud Lee, A Sixteen-year-old Aspiring Circus Performer, While Touring With The Wild West How Cast Of Adam Forepaugh's Circus. A Quick Rapport Developed Between The Girl From Norristown, Pennsylvania, And The Cowboy Who Dazzled Audiences With His Good Looks And Fancy Pistol Shooting."" "a Pair Of Shootists "is The Exuberant And Sometimes Heartbreaking Story Of The Elusive S. F. Cody And His First Wife, Maud Lee. Recounting Their Many Dramatic Exploits, This Biography Also Overturns The Frequently Romanticized View Of Wild West Shows. Living The Erratic Lives Of Touring Performers, S. F. Cody - Who Changed His Name To Capitalize On His Resemblance To William F. "buffalo Bill" Cody - And Maud Lee First Appeared Together In Vaudeville Halls And Dime Museums. Setbacks In The United States Made Cody And Lee Eager To Try Their Luck Abroad, So They Traveled To Great Britain, Where They Played Music Halls And Acted In Burlesques On Roller-skates And In Extravagant Arena Exhibitions. When The Two Performers Eventually Parted Ways, Author Jerry Kuntz Masterfully Splits Their Stories Into Two. From There, He Follows Their Individual Ups And Downs, Including Cody's Soaring Career In Pioneer Aeronautics And Lee's Decline Into Mental Illness And Addiction. In An Ironic Twist, Maud's Professional Life Ended Amidst A Vast Misunderstanding That Brought Her Into Conflict With The Woman She Had Been Emulating Her Entire Career: Annie Oakley. While Other Biographies Focus Mainly On Cody's Contribution To Aviation, Kuntz Uses Sourcess Previously Unavailable To Scholars To Paint A More Complete Picture Of Cody's Early Years And To Recover The Forgotten - And Ultimately Tragic - Story Of Maud Lee.

      SKU: 10572958
      ISBN: 9780806141497
      Author: Kuntz, Jerry

    Cucumber Sandwiches In The Andes
      Cucumber Sandwiches In The Andes.

      No-one Who Wasn't Mad As A Hatter Would Try To Take A Horse Across The Andes By One Of The Highest Passes Between Chile And The Argentine. That Was What John Ure Was Told On His Way To The British Embassy In Santiago-so He Set Out To Find A Few Certifiable Kindred Spirits. The Journey They Made Was An Amateur Adventure, Not A Solemn Expedition. As Problems Arose - How Many Mules, For Example, Do You Need To Carry 540 Eggs, A Storm Tent And Hay For Six Horses? Fans Of Equestrian Travel And Of Latin America Will Be Enchanted By This Delightful Book.

      SKU: 7238757
      ISBN: 9781590481738
      Author: Ure, John

    Rockafella Jones And The Hidden Treasure
      Rockafella Jones And The Hidden Treasure.

      When A Fairy Named Rockafella Jones Falls From A Dark, Storm-filled Sky One Night, Adventures Begin. Soon She Meets A Squirrel And A Lizard, Who Become Her Friends, As Well As An Older Woman Named Sallylou Goldenrod Who Needs Help Solving A Mystery And Finding A Treasure. Aided By A Dirt-hating Pig And An Elderly Horse, Rockafella And Her Friends Pool Their Ingenuity And Skills To Help Sallylou Try To Save Her Farm, Which Is Also Their Home. As They Learn To Work Together Through Twists And Setbacks, They Also Learn About The Happiness That Comes From Helping Others And About The Power Of Friendship.

      SKU: 16632427
      ISBN: 9781935199007
      Author: Conroe, Lindy / Riette, Susanne

    Death On The Prairie: The Thirty Years' Struggle For The Western Pains
      Death On The Prairie: The Thirty Years' Struggle For The Western Pains.

      "death On The Prairie" Is A Sweeping Narrative History Of The Indian Wars On The Western Plains That Never Losse Sight Of The Individual Actors. Beginning With The Minnesota Sioux Uprising In 1862, Paul I. Wellman Shifts To Conflicts In Present-day Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Oklahoma, The Texas Panhandle, And South Dakota, Involving, Most Spectacularly, The Sioux, But Also The Cheyennes, Arapahos, Comanches, Kiowas, Utes, And Nez Perces-all Being Ezed Out Of Their Hunting Grounds By White Settlers. There Is Never A Quiet Page As Wellman Describes The Sand Creek Massacre (1864), The Fetterman Massacre (1866), The Battle Of The Washita (1868), The Battle Of Adobe Walls (1874), The Battle Of The Lit Tle Big Horn (1876), The Nez Perce War (1877), The Meeker Massacre (1879), And The Tragedy At Wounded Knee (1890) That Ended The Fighting On The Plains. Celebrated Chiefs (red Cloud, Crazy Horse, Black Kettle, Satanta, Joseph, Ouray, Sitting Bull) Clash With Army Officers (notably Custer, Sheridan, Miles, And Crook), And Uncounted Men, Women, And Children On Both Sides Are Cast In Roles Of Fatal Consequence.

      SKU: 3257319
      ISBN: 9780803297210
      Author: Wellman, Paul I.

    The Last Horsemen: A Year At Sillywrea, Britain's Only Horse-powered Farm
      The Last Horsemen: A Year At Sillywrea, Britain's Only Horse-powered Farm.

      A Century Ago, Power On Farms Was Provided By Five Million Heavy Horses. They Were The Pride Of Rural Britain And The Men Who Worked With Them Were The Elite Among Farm Workers. But Today Heavy Horses Are Almost A Thing Of The Past. They Might Be Seen In All Their Glory Aat Agricultural Shows Decked In Glistening Harnesses And Paraded Around The Main Ring But Generally They Are A Distant Memory. Except For One Place: Sillywrea Farm In Northumberland, The Last Farm In Britain To Be Worked Solely By Horses. "the Last Horsemen" Is The Inspiring Story Of John Dodd And His Family Who Have Lived On Sillywrea For More Than 150 Years And For All That Time, Horses Have Been The Only Source Of Power. Telling The Inspirational Story Of A Year In The Life Of John Dodd, His Family And The Farm, This Book Compellingly Evokes The Beauty Of The Countryside. With A Farming Industry That Seems To Lurch From Crisis To Crissis, Learning From People Who Have Chosen An Alternative Way Of Life Becomes Ever More Important. "the Last Horsemen" Is A Truly Inspirational Opportunity To View, First Hand, Scenes Rarely Played Out In Britain's Countryside In The Twenty-first Century.

      SKU: 13348422
      ISBN: 9780233003238
      Author: Bowden, Charles

    New Fashion 3d Animal Horse Face Backpack Student School Bag Laptop Shoulder Bags Outdoor Sport Travel Bag Rucksacks
      New Fashion 3d Animal Horse Face Backpack Student School Bag Laptop Shoulder Bags Outdoor Sport Travel Bag Rucksacks.

      We Offer Many Kinds Toys And Gifts ,can Be For Birthday Gift,christmas Gifts,education Gifts For Boy Girls.for More Question Please Contact Us

      Category: Backpacks
      SKU: 397006894

    Loose Polo Shirts For Men Fashion Short Sleeve Turn Down Men's Polo Brand Embroidery Horse Ball Polos Men Free Shipping
      Loose Polo Shirts For Men Fashion Short Sleeve Turn Down Men's Polo Brand Embroidery Horse Ball Polos Men Free Shipping.

      Unit Type: Piece Packageweight:0.500kg (0.66lb.) Package Size: 42cm X 28cm X 5cm (16.54in X 11.02in X 1.97in)

      Category: Men, spolos
      SKU: 401622791

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