Vet Classics Pet-a-lyte Oral Electrolyte Solutionâ (32 Oz)

    Vet Classics Pet-a-lyte Oral Electrolyte Solutionâ (32 Oz)
      Vet Classics Pet-a-lyte Oral Electrolyte Solutionâ (32 Oz).

      Expedite Your Pet's Recovery From Gi Distress Or Dehydration When Your Pet Is Unhealthy And Having Trouble Maintaining Normal Fluid Levels, Vet Classics Pet-a-lyte Oral Electrolyte Solution Can Make All The Difference. This Formula Helps Your Pet Rehydrate And Regain The Appropriate Fluid Balance, Making Recovery An Easier Process. Pet-a-lyte Helps Pets Reach The Needed Levels Of Electrolytes And Fluids This Formula Will Help Your Dog Or Cat Recover Fluid Lost Due To Vomiting Or Diarrhea, Or In Other Situations When Your Pet Is Badly Dehydrated. This Formula Can Also Help Your Pet Maintain The Proper Electrolyte Balance And Keep Up Strength When It Isn't Able To Eat Orkeep Down Solid Foods. By Restoring The Proper Fluid And Electrolyte Balance, You Can Help Your Cat Or Dog Feel Better And Recover Sooner. Benefits Chicken Flavor That Pets Enjoy Formula Is Easy To Digest Lasts For 30 Days After Opening If Kept Refrigerated

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, food Supplements, gt, performance , amp, amp, High Calorie, gt, vet Classics Pet-a-lyte Oral Electrolyte
      SKU: Vet-classics-pet-a-lyte-oral-electrolyte-solution-32-oz

    Aspen Pet Tieout Medium 20'
      Aspen Pet Tieout Medium 20'.

      Aspen Pet Tieout Medum 20' Is Made Of Super Strong, Galvanized Aircraft Cable, Coated With Crack-resistant Vinyl. Great For Dog Owners Who Don't Have A Fenced-in Yard, This Galvanized Steel Cable Is Available In A Variety Of Sizes To Hold Different Sized Dogs. Cable Is Made Of A Strong Vinyl Coated, Steel Aircraft Cable That Is Crack Resistant. Containment Products Are Utilized For Restraining Your Pet While Outdoors. Tie Out Cables, Chains, Trolleys & Stakes Are Easy To Install, Clean & Store. All Cable, Chain & Trolleys Should Withstand Up To 7x The Weight Of The Dog.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, apparel, gt, collars, Leashes , amp, Harnesses, gt, aspen Pet Tie Outs , amp, Stakes
      SKU: Aspen-pet-tieout-medium-20

    Grab-a-bite - Plush Bacon Strip
      Grab-a-bite - Plush Bacon Strip.

      Jakks Pacific® Pet Toys Are Designed For Safe And Durable Pet Play And Are Crafted Out Of Strong Materilas. We Proudly Make Pet Toys, Treats And Accessories Appropriate For Every Pet Age And Level Of Activity. Remember?the Best Gift You Can Give To Your Pet Is Your Time. Squeaker Inside Crinkle Inside With Reinforced Stitching!

      Category: New Pet Products
      SKU: Grab-a-bite-plush-bacon-strip

    Insect Shield Protective Safety Vest Large - Green
      Insect Shield Protective Safety Vest Large - Green.

      The Insect Shield® Protective Safety Vest Works To Keep Your Dog Visible And Safe From Both Insects And Oncoming Traffic. Walking With Your Dog At Night Can Be Extremely Pleasant, But Ensuring Your Dog Is Safe Can Be A Real Pain. This Vest Is Treated With Permethrin To Provide Protection Against Ticks, Mosquitoes And Other Biting Insects And Features Reflective Strips That Ensure Your Dog Is Always Visible. The Insect Shield® Protective Safety Vest Is Made With A Combination Of Cotton, Polyester, And Cotton Canvas To Ensure It's Comfortable And Easy To Wash. This Vest Is Available In Two Vibrant Colors And Seven Sizes To Ensure The Perfect Fit Is Available For Any Pooch. Keep Your Pet Safe All Hours Of The Day And Order The Insect Shield Safety Vest Today! Key Features: Effectively Repels Ticks, Mosquitoes, And Other Biting Insects Features Two Reflective Strips Ofr Added Visibility And Safety At Night Made With Comfortable Cotton Canvas Fabric And Adjustable Straps For A Secure And Comfy Fit

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, apparel, gt, other Apparel , amp, amp, Accessories, gt, insect Shield, amp, reg, Protective Safety Vests
      SKU: Insect-shield-protective-safety-vest-large-green

    K-9 Fat Free Dog Treats Hip & Joint - Chicken Flavor (4 Oz)
      K-9 Fat Free Dog Treats Hip & Joint - Chicken Flavor (4 Oz).

      K-9 Fat Free Dog Treats Hip & Joint Chicken Flavor Are Delectable, All-natural Treats Made With Glucosamine And Chonndroitin To Support Your Dog's Health! These Crunchy Snacks Are Also Made With A Crunchy Texture That Can Help Scrape Plaque Away From Your Dog's Teeth To Support Dental Health. K-9 Fat Free Dog Treats Hip & Joint Chicken Flavor Arem Ade In The Usa And Contain No Cholesterol Or Sodium To Ensure They're Good For Your Pup. This Resealable Bag Contains 4 Ounces Of The Treats To Provide A Hearty Supply. Order A Bag Of These Crunchy, Natural Snacks For Your Dog Today! Key Features: 100% Natural Formula Is Free Of Cholesterol And Sodium Contains Glucosamine And Chondroitin For Hip And Joints Made In The Usa

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, functional Dog Treats, gt, k-9 Fat Free Dog Treats, amp, trade, Hip , amp, Joint
      SKU: K-9-fat-free-dog-treats-hip-joint-chicken-flavor-4-oz

    Living World Spray Millet (17.5 Oz)
      Living World Spray Millet (17.5 Oz).

      Living World Spray Millet Is An Irresistible Treat That Will Please All Companion Birds. Nutritious And Delicious, The All-natural Millet Is Freshly Harvested From The Wild And Does Not Contain Any Additives. Living World Spray Millet Is Vacuum Packed To Stay Fresh Longer, And Is Ideal For: Growing Nestlings Young Birds, Breeding Or Molting Adult Birds. All Natural, Wholesome Treat For Birds Harvested From The Wild, No Additives Natural Sun-ripened Treat That Helps Promote Gnawing, Not On The Cage

      Category: Bird Products, gt, bird Foods , amp, amp, Treats, gt, living World Bird Food
      SKU: Living-world-spray-millet-17-5-oz

    Pet Gear The Other Door Steel Crate 27" - Tan/black
      Pet Gear The Other Door Steel Crate 27" - Tan/black.

      The Pet Gear, Inc. "the Other Doorâ®" Steel Crate Features Heavy Duty Blow-mold Plastic With Steel Inserts. Rounded Corners And No Sharp Edges Eliminate Damage To Your Home Or Car. Four Doors Offer Accessibility From Any Angle. The Garage-style Side Door Stays Up And Out Of The Way When Open. Integrated Wheels And Pull Handle Allow For Easy Movement From Room To Room.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, pet Home , amp, amp, Travel Essentials, gt, crates, gt, pet Gear The Other Door Steel Crate
      SKU: Pet-gear-the-other-door-steel-crate-27-tan-black

    Pet-tinic (1 Oz) By Pfizer
      Pet-tinic (1 Oz) By Pfizer.

      Pet-tinic Pediatric Drops Are A Platable Liquid Vitamin-mineral Supplement For Dogs, Cats, Puppies, And Kittens. Dosage: Puppies And Kittens: 1/2 Ml (1/2 Dropperful) Per 10 Lb Of Body Weight Twice A Day. Dogs And Cats: 1 Ml (1 Dropperful) Per 10 Lb Of Body Weight Twice A Day. Platable Drops May Be Placed Directly Into Pet's Mouth Or Poured Over Food.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, food Supplements, gt, vitamins, gt, pet-tinic By Pfizer
      SKU: Pet1ozbypfiz

    Power Pet Fully Automatic Pet Door - Large
      Power Pet Fully Automatic Pet Door - Large.

      Large Power Pet Door In Clamshell Packaging. Engineered For Performance, Design, Value And Extreme Reliability, Power Pet Doors Are Motor Driven And Activated By A Tiny Ultrasonic Collar. Other Electronic Pet Doors Merely Unlock A Hinged Panel, Requiring Your Pet To Push It Open. That's Somthing That A Lot Of Pets Don't Like To Do. Patented Power Pet Doors Open Completely Under Their Own Power. They Feature A Translucent Door Panel Made Of A New Super-strength Resin. When Your Pet Approaches, The Airtight Panel Quickly And Quietly Powers Upward, Disappearing Into The Stylish Housing. Because The Panel Moves Up And Down And Does Not Swing Out, It Can Be Mounted In Hermetically Sealed Grooves For Air-tight Closure. This Mounting Arrangement Makes It Impossible For An Intruder To Kick It Out. An Automatic Dead-bolt Locking Feature Adds A Higher Level Of Security To Your Home. The Result Is The Most Secure Pet Door Against Intruders And Stray Animals. Your Pets Are Empowered To Come And Go As They Please. Their Animal Friends Are Politely Askedto Stay Out. Power Pet Doors Are Completely Wind And Weather-proof With An Air-tight Sealing System. Power Pet's Directional Sensing System Is Pretty Amazing As Well. The Digitally Coded Signal Emitted From Your Pet's Ultrasonic Transmitter Collar Allows The Power Pet To Work Almost Like Magic, Opening Only When Your Pet Is On A Direct Approach. 4-way Access Control Lets You Select From In Only, Out Only, Full Access Or Closed And Locked. Dual Range Controls Let You Set Independent Inside And Outside Activation Distances. Panel Size: 12-1/4 By 16-in. For Dogs Up To 90-pounds. Operates On Ac Adapter (included). Optional Backup Battery (model B12v-1.3) Snaps Into The Battery Compartment To Keep Your Power Pet Door Functioning In The Case Of A Power Outage, Or If You Prefer To Operate Solely On Battery Power. Door Is Also Operated By Humane Contain Rx-10 Multi-function Collar Fo X-10 Dog Fence System. Your Browser Does Not Support The Video Tag.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, pet Home , amp, amp, Travel Essentials, gt, pet Gates, Doors , amp, Playpens, gt, power Pet Fully Automatic Pet Doors
      SKU: Power-pet-fully-automatic-pet-door-large

    Floracare G.i. For Dogs & Cats (60 Cc)
      Floracare G.i. For Dogs & Cats (60 Cc).

      Floracare G.i. Is A Dietary Supplement Paste For Dogs And Cats That Aids In Reducing Occasional Loose Stools Due To Environmental Stress Or Changes In Diet. Formerly Rapidcare G.i., This Supplement Uses The Same Great Formula To Help Maintain A Healthy Intestinal Tract And Supports Proper Digestion And Bowel Health. There Are Numerous Reasons Your Dog Or Cat May Experience Occasional Gastric Distress. Loose Stools Can Be The Effects Of Over Eating, Sensitivity To Certain Foods, Or Even Garbage Gut. Gastrointestinal Upset Can Also Be Caused By Your Pet's Age, From Stress Associated With Traveling Or Other Changes, Use Of Antibiotics, Or In The Case Of Very Young Pets, Weaning. The Unique Mix Of Ingredients Is Targeted At Supporting The Health And Normal Function Of The G.i. Tract. Pantothenic Acid Also Known As Vitamin B5 Is Necessary To Synthesize Coa, Which Metabolizes Proteins, Fats, And Carbohydrates From The Food Your Pet Eats So That Their Bodies Can Use Them For Energy And Rebuilding Tissue, Muscles, And Organs. This Acid Helps Maintain The Acid-base Homeostasis In The G.i. Tract When Temporary Gastric Upset Occurs. Included Probiotics Wokr To Help Your Pet's Gastrointestinal Tract Have The Proper Balance Of Healthy Microorganisms To Promote Intestinal Well Being. This Special Formulation Contains 4 Strains Of Live (viable) Bacteria Cultures That Support Healthy Digestion And Appetite. Keeping An Easy To Use Tube Of Floracare G.i. Handy Can Provide Immediate Response To The Negative Effects Of Occasional Gastrointestinal Upset. Floracare G.i. Is Administered From A Tube And Comes In A Tasty Paste Form That Pets Love. It Is Recommended To Feed Floracare G.i. Paste To Your Pet At The First Signs Of Gastric Upset.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, food Supplements, gt, probiotics , amp, Digestion Supplements, gt, floracare G, i, amp, trade,
      SKU: Rapidcare60

    Rep-cal Calcium With Vitamin D3 And Phosphorus-free (5.5oz)
      Rep-cal Calcium With Vitamin D3 And Phosphorus-free (5.5oz).

      Rep-cal Calcium With Vitamin D3 Is An Excellent Source Of Calcium For All Reptiles And Amphibians. Scientifically Formulated From 100% Natural Oyster Shell Phosphorous-free Calcium Carbonate With Added Vitamin D 3 To Aid In The Absorption Of Calcium.

      Category: Reptile Products , amp, amp, Supplies, gt, reptile Care, gt, rep-cal Reptile Supplements
      SKU: Recaphandvid

    Roya Canin Breed Health Nutrition Yorkshire Terrier (10 Lb)
      Roya Canin Breed Health Nutrition Yorkshire Terrier (10 Lb).

      Formulated To Care For The Yorkshire Terrier's Long, Flowing Coat With Omega 3 From Fish Oil. Stimulates The Appetite Of The Picky Yorkshire Terrier With Natural Flavors And Aromas. Features A Special Size, Shape And Textured Kibble To Encourage Chewing To Help Fight Plaque And Tartar And Promote Healthy Teeth And Gums. Please Note: All Food Is Shipped Via Ground Delivery, Only To The Contiguous (48) States. Please Allow 7 To 10 Days For Your Delivery To Arrive. (more Info)

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Food, gt, dry Dog Food, gt, royal Canin Dry Dog Food
      SKU: Royal-canin-breed-health-untrition-yorkshire-terrier-10-lb

    High Tech Sound Barrier Receiver Station
      High Tech Sound Barrier Receiver Station.

      The High Tech Sound Barrier Receiver Station Will Keep Your Pets Away From Places They Don't Belong Or Rooms You Don't Want Them In Using A Unique Sound Barrier Wireless Indoor Fence To Easily Train Your Cat Or Dog To Stay Away. Place The Receiver Unit On Table Tops, By Doors, Beds, Couches, Trash Cans, Or Anywhere Else That Is Off Limits To Your Pets. The Lightweight Electronic Pet Collar Will Then Send An Ultrasonic Signal To Trigger A Loud Sonic Blast At The Receiver Unit To Keep Your Pet Away From The Designated Areas. Lightweight And Compact Suitable For All Sizes From Large Dogs Or Small Kittens-collar Fits Up To 26" Neck Uses Sound To Train, Not Shock Just Place The Collar On Your Dog Or Cat And Put The Receiver Module In The Restricted Area(s) Range Is Fully Adjustable From 1 Foot Up To 35 Feet

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, pet Home , amp, amp, Travel Essentials, gt, fencing Systems , amp, amp, Accessories, gt, high Tech Pet, amp, reg, Microsonic, amp, trade, Collars
      SKU: Sound-barrier-receiver-station

    Stratford Omega-v3 Twist-off Softgels For Small & Medium Dogs & Cats (60 Count)
      Stratford Omega-v3 Twist-off Softgels For Small & Medium Dogs & Cats (60 Count).

      Stratford Omega-v3 Twist-off Softgels For Small & Medium Dogs & Cats Is The Perfect Supplement For Promoting A Healthy Skin And Coat In Cats And Small To Medium Breed Dogs. These Soft Gels Contain Fatty Acids And Vitamins That Are Vital To Healthy Skin And That Work To Promote A Shiny Coat. Each Softgel Provides The Highest Level Of Omega-3 Fatty Acids That Is Available In Stratford Omega-v3 Supplements For Cats And Smaller Dogs. Stratford Omega-v3 Twist-off Softgels Come With 60 Soft Gels Per Container. This Package Of Soft Gels Is Formulated Specifically For Cats And Small To Medium Dog Breeds, But There Is Also A Formula Available For Large And Giant Dog Breeds . Omega-v3 Supplements Will Noticeably Improve The Condition Of Your Pet's Skin And Coat, So Order Omega-v3 Twist-off Softgels For Your Pet Today! Key Features: Promote Skin And Coat Health Comes With 60 Softgels Formulated For Small And Medium Dogs And Cats

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, skin , amp, Coat, gt, fish Oil , amp, Omega Supplemments, gt, stratford Omega-v3
      SKU: Stratford-omega-v3-twist-off-softgels-small-medium-dogs-cats

    Tetrafin Goldfish Flakes (4.52 Lbs)
      Tetrafin Goldfish Flakes (4.52 Lbs).

      Tetrafin Flakes (4.52 Lbs) The Latest Version Of Tetra?s Flagship Goldfish Food Has Been Optimized With The Fishkeeper?s Success In Mind. Dispenser Lids (on Select Sizes) Allow Hands-free Feeding, And An Easier-to-digest Formula Yields Tetra?s ?cleaner & Clearer Water? Guarantee. Tetrafinâ® Flakes Continue To Be Packed With Patented, Health-enhancing Procare. This Precise Blend Of Immunostimulants, Vitamins, Biotin, And Omega-3 Fatty Acids Is Custom Designed To Strengthen Fish's Resistance To Disease And Stress.

      Category: Aquarium , amp, amp, Fish Supplies, gt, fish Food, gt, tetra Fish Flakes
      SKU: Ttrfinflakes4lb

    Castaway Colt
      Castaway Colt.

      Darby Is Nervous About Starting At Her New School In Hawaii, And When She Gets There It's Even Worse Than She Thought. Within The First Week She's Made An Enemy-her Stuck-up Cousin From The Other Side Of The Island. At Least Darby Has A New Horse To Go Home To: A Beautiful Colt That She Found Abandoned On A Remote Beach. Darby Loves The Colt, And She Knows He Needs A Good Home. But When Her New Worst Enemy's Parents Call To Rescue Him, Will Darby Be Able To Let Him Go?

      SKU: 185652
      ISBN: 9780060886172
      Author: Farley, Terri

    Baffling & Bizarre Inventions
      Baffling & Bizarre Inventions.

      A Talking Watch. An Overcoat For Two. A Pair Of Pants For Poodles. In His Companion To Weird & Wacky Inventions, Jim Murphy Shows Kids Some Additional Baffling And Utterly Silly Inventions In The Form Of A Guessing Game That Is Both Challenging And Fun. What Is A Finger-supporting Device Used For? Can You Really Buy That Talking Watch? What On Earth Is A Beard Grinder? Whether It S A Device For Shaping The Upper Lip Or A Life Preserver For Horses, This Parade Of Unusual Inventions Is A Real Treat For Trivia Lovers And Any Curious Kid With An Interest In Science And Inventions. Ages: 9 12.

      SKU: 14074388
      ISBN: 9781616084745
      Author: Murphy, Jim

    Buried Child
      Buried Child.

      Sam Shepard Is The Pulitzer Prize-winning Author Of More Than Forty-five Plays. He Was A Finalist For The W. H. Smith Literary Award For His Story Collection "great Dream Of Heaven," " "and He Has Also Written The Story Collection "cruising Paradise," " ∓quot;two Collections Of Prose Pieces, "motel Chronicles "and "hawk Moon," " "and "rolling Thunder Logbook," " "a Diary Of Bob Dylan's 1975 Rolling Thunder Review Tour. As An Actor He Has Appeared In More Than Thirty Films, Including "days Of Heaven," " Crimes Of The Heart," " Steel Magnolias," " The Pelican Brief," " Snow Falling On Cedars," " All The Pretty Horses," " Black Hawk Down," " "and "the Notebook."" "he Received An Oscar Nomination In 1984 For His Performance In "the Right Stuff." His Screenplay For "paris, Texas" Won The Grand Jury Prize At The 1984 Cannes Film Festival, And He Wrote And Ddirected The Film "far North "in 1988 And Co-wrote And Starred In Wim Wenders' "don’t Come Knocking "in 2005. Shepard’s Plays, Eleven Of Which Have Won Obie Awards, Include "the God Of Hell," " The Late Henry Moss," "simpatico," "curse Of The Starving Class," " True West," " Fool For Love," And "a Lie Of The Mind," " "which Won A New York Drama Desk Award. A Member Of The Ammerican Academy Of Arts And Letters, Shepard Received The Gold Medal For Drama From The Academy In 1992, And In 1994 He Was Inducted Into The Theatre Hall Of Fame. He Lives In New York. "from The Trade Paperback Edition."

      SKU: 3537605
      ISBN: 97780822215110
      Author: Shepard, Sam

    On Wisconsin!: The History Of Badger Athletics
      On Wisconsin!: The History Of Badger Athletics.

      These Unique And Easy-to-read Vignettes About Badger Lore Include The Football Exploits Of Pat O'dea And Alan "the Horse" Ameche; The Basketball Heroics Of Wisconsin's 1941 National Championship Team; And The Thrills Generated By Badger Greats Suzy Favor, Pat Richter, Michael Finley, Mark Johnson, Scott Lamphear, And Many More. Includes A Complete Listing Of Wisconsin S Nearly 10,000 Letter Winners And A Detailed History Of Coaches And Administrators Behind The Scenes.

      SKU: 71606 77
      ISBN: 9781582613147
      Author: Kopriva, Don / Kopriva, Dan / Mott, Jim

    Train To Durango
      Train To Durango.

      In Mexico, Wes Stone Picked Up His Father's Gun, Rode His Father's Horse, And Took On His Father's Enemies. In California, He Planted A Band Of Savage Criminals In The Ground. Now Stone Is Heading Up To The Plains Of Colorado, Where A New Kind Of War Has Begun. A Dangerous Band Of Mercenaries Is Going For The Gold - Enough To Bankrupt The Entire Country. Their Scheme: To Raid Four U.s. Mints. Their Weapon: An Armored Train Tearing Through The West Like A Fire-powered Battle-ax On Wheels. From Durango To Dodge City, Across A Rugged Land Paved With Blood, Gold, And Treachery, Stone Follows A Violent Trail Of Honor. All That Stands Between Victory And Death Is A Quick-draw Reflex - And The Kind Of .44-caliber Justice That Could Tame The West And Turn Stone Into A Legend....

      SKU: 1471488
      ISBN: 9780451192370
      Author: Compton, Ralph

    Through The Heart Of Afghanistan
      Through The Heart Of Afghanistan.

      Few People Recall Today That Germany And Afghanistan Were Once Close Friends, Allied In Their Mutual Distrust Of The Then Still-powerful British Empire. Within The Space Of A Few Years The British Had Beaten The Germans On The Battlefields Of The First World War. A Few Years Later These Same English Victors Used Their Military Machine, Complete With State-of-the-art Airplanes Based In India, To Bomb Their Afghan Neighbors Into Political Submission. It Was During The Early 1920s, While Both Germany And Afghanistan Were Thus Licking Their Wounds And Regaining Their Political Power, That The German Geologist Emile Trinkler Made His Legendary Trip Across The Forbidden Kingdom Of Afghanistan. The Afghan King Had Shut His Borders To The Majority Of Outsiders, Which Further Heightened The Kingdom S Already Famous Isolation. Yet Having Arrived At The Afghan Border Via Russian Turkestan, Trinkler Wasn T About To Go Back. He Mounted A Local Horse And Rode Off Across The Vast Interior Of That Still-beautiful Country. Through The Heart Of Afghanistan Describes His Journey. Its Pages Are Sprinkled With The Author S Reminiscences Of A Central Aasian World Now Passed Into Memory. Solitary Peaks. Peaceful Valleys. Sunny Plains And Blazing Deserts Are All To Be Found On These Loving Pages. Trinkler Saw Afghanistan As She Still Was, Asleep And Dreaming In The Last Stages Of Her Long Medieval Slumber. Amply Illustrated With A Series Of Period Photographs, Through The Heart Of Afghanistan Takes The Reader Back In Time, On The Back Of A Horse, And In The Company Of A Gentle Man, To A Country Now Recalled Only In Legends.

      SKU: 7238679
      ISBN: 9781590480885
      Author: Trinkler, Emile

    A Day At The Lake: A Look At Holmes Lake Wildlife And Landscapes Throughout The Year.
      A Day At The Lake: A Look At Holmes Lake Wildlife And Landscapes Throughout The Year..

      The Book The Aim Leadership Does Not Want You To Read For The First Time, The True History Of Aim Is Revealed Through The Eyes Of An Fbi Agent Who Was There. And For The First Time, The Aim Leadership's Dirty Little Secrets Are Exposed, Unlike In Any Other History Book. In Fact, This Book Exposes The History Books. It Is Time To Set The Record Straight For The Benefit Of All Native Americans. "although Much Has Been Written About The Tragic Events At Wounded Knee And Pine Ridge, Joe Trimbach's Book Appears To Be The First Definitive Report Of The Courageous Efforts Of Federal Law Enforcement (fbi, U.s. Marshals And Bia), Often At Great Personal Risk, To Restore Order To The Native Americans Living In The Midst Of Violence And Intimidation. Mafia Is Well Documented And Presents An Important Contribution To Our Understanding Of What Actually Happened." -judge William H. Webster, Former Director, Fbi, Foemer Director, Cia "as A Longtime Journalist, Author, And Oglala Lakota Born, Raised And Educated On The Pine Ridge Reservation In South Dakota, I Have Been Appalled At The Many Books, Movies, And Documentaries About Wounded Knee Ii And About Leonard Peltier That Are So Filled With Myths, Misconceptions And Outright Lies. Trimbach Takes Apart Matthiessen's In The Spirit Of Crazy Horse, Movies Like Thunderheart, Lakota Woman, And A Tattoo On My Heart - The Warriors Of Wounded Knee 1973, And Exposes Them For The Frauds That They Are. It Is Refreshing To Finally Hear The Other Side Of The Story." -tim Giago, Former Editor And Publisher Of Indian Country Today, Author And Nationally Syndicated Columnist "agripping, No-holds Barred Account Of What Really Happened At Wounded Knee-one Of The Bloodiest And Most Controversial Chapters In The Long Proud History Of The Fbi. Joe Trimbach Is A Myth-breaker; His Carefully Compiled Chronology Is A Must-read For All Americans Who Seek Truth Behind The Headlines." -oliver North, Lt Col Usmc (ret.) "it's An Ugly Dark Feeling Realizing You Were Lied To. For Many Years I Supported Clemency For Leonard Peltier, And Towed The Line For Leadership Of The American Indian Movement. The Facts, The Anger, And The Blame Mafia Puts On Aim, On Its Sympathizers, And Even On The Institution Trimbach Once Worked For, Is From A Law-enforcement Perspective, And Is Revealing. See Clearly Through The Foggy Aim Alibis, The False Cry Of Civil Rights. From A Tiny Element Of Native America We Once Looked Up To, The People's Movement Was Hijacked By False Warriors, Murderers, And Liars. Whether You Support The Fbi Or Thought Of It As Your Enemy, Mafia Is A Must-read For Understanding The Other Side Of The Dmz, Established At Wounded Knee '73." -paul Demain (oneida-ojibwe), Editor, News From Indian Country

      SKU: 6521813
      ISBN: 9781432707781
      Author: Trimbach, Joseph H. / Hathaway, Wayne

    Wylde Ride: A Horseman's Story
      Wylde Ride: A Horseman's Story.

      There Are Horsemen, And There Are Riders-and Occasionally Someone Special Comes Along Who Excels At Both. "wyllde Ride: A Horseman's Story" Is The Biography Of Peter Wylde, A Boy Who Won The Maclay Finals At Age Sixteen And Later Became An International Equestrian Superstar. In The Late 1970s, A Twelve-year-old Boy And His Parents Arrived At Horse Trainer Joe Dotoli's Stable To Inquire About His Services. Relying On His Memory And Photographs, Dotoli Chronicles His Thirty-year Relationship With Wylde As His Trai Ner And Friend, Sharing The Inspirational Journey Of A Horseman Who Viewed His Own Accomplishments As Second To Those Of His Horse. From The First Day Wylde Rode His Horse Around The Trainer's Field, Dotoli Details How He Helped Build The Confidence Of His Student Who Already Seemed Bound For Prominence In An Extremely Competitive Sport. From Dotoli's Stables To The Olympic Games In Athens, The Story Of Wylde's Evolution Int An Equestrian Superstar Will Inspire Young Riders To Choose The Honorable Track And, Above All Else, Become Horsemen First. "peter Followed His Dreams And Pursued The Quest For Knowledge Through All Its Hills And Valleys To Become One Of The Best In Our Sport." -meredith Michaels-beerbaum

      SKU: 10388391
      ISBN: 9781426936043
      Author: Dotoli, Joe

    Kobe 11 Elite Low Sun Wukong Mens Basketball Shoes 4kb Black Horse Mambacurial Cheap Kb11 Sneakers Men Shoes Kb 11 Shoes Us7-12
      Kobe 11 Elite Low Sun Wukong Mens Basketball Shoes 4kb Black Horse Mambacurial Cheap Kb11 Sneakers Men Shoes Kb 11 Shoes Us7-12.

      2016 New Arrival White Blue Black Red Grey Kb11 Men Basketball Shoes Sport Shoes,us Size 7-12,euro Size 40-46, ,mix Order Can Be Accept.

      Category: Basketballshoes
      SKU: 391904157

    Belawang European Free Spirit Horse Pendant 925 Sterling Silver Charms Bead Fit Original Bracelet Necklace For Women Diy Jewelry Making
      Belawang European Free Spirit Horse Pendant 925 Sterling Silver Charms Bead Fit Original Bracelet Necklace For Women Diy Jewelry Making.

      Color: As Photo Sales Model: As Your Choice Size: 12mm For Girls Material: 100% 925 Sterling Silver Quantity: As Your Choice

      Category: Silver
      SKU: 402112733

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