White Columns In Hollywood: Reports From The Gone With The Wind Sets

    White Columns In Hollywood: Reports From The Gone With The Wind Sets
      White Columns In Hollywood: Reports From The Gone With The Wind Sets.

      Gone With The Wind Is Ond Of The Most Beloved Novels And Movies In U.s. History. Margaret Mitchell's Pulitzer Prize Winning Novel Has Sold Millions Of Copies Worldwide, And Has Been Translated Into Many Languages. The Movie, Produced By David Selznick, Is One Of The Most Watched In Cinema History. With Vivien Leigh And Clark Gable, The Cast Is Most Memorable. But With All Of The Books And Videos, One Event Is Usually Forgotten: The Premiere Of The Movie In Atlanta. Thsi Is Now Remedied With Herb Bridges's Fourth Book On Gone With The Wind. From December 13 To 15, 1939, The City Of Atlanta Was Transformed Into The Envy Of The Nation. On The Brink Of World War Ii, Atlanta Welcomed Hollywood To The South To Celebrate The Movie That Would Commemorate The American Civil War And Its Devastating Effect On The South. With Clark Gable, Vivien Leigh, David Selznick, Olivia De Haviland, And Many Others, The Premiere In Atlanta Was The Social And Historical Event Of The Century. This Photographic Essay Contains Photos Of The Stars Themselves, Atlanta Before, During, And After The Premiere, And The Citizens Of The City Who Turned Out Not Just For The Premiere, But For The Other Events Such Being Of The Kind Which The Grand Ball. From Movie Stars To Horse-drawn Carriages, From A Transformed Theater To Gwtw Merchandise, This Is The Book That Takes Us Back To An Event Often Neglected In The Gone With The Wind Story.

      SKU: 3798469
      ISBN: 9780865542457
      Author: Myrick, Susan / Harwell, Richard

    Allerpet Pet Dander Remover (16 Fl Oz)
      Allerpet Pet Dander Remover (16 Fl Oz).

      Allerpet Pet Dander Remover Is For People Who Are Allergic To Pets. Use Allerpet Dander Remover To Gently Cleanse The Fur Of Dander, Saliva, Sebaceous Gland Secretions, Urine Residue And Hitchhiking Outdoor Allergens - All Of Which Can Trigger Allergic Reactions To Furry Pets. Allerpet Is Recommended By Allergists And Veterinarians And Has Been Scientifically Proven To Reduce Dander. Allerpet Is Non-irritating And Non-toxic And May Be Safely Used On Pets Of All Breeds And Any Age, Including Animals Beginning At 10 Wekes.

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    Cet Toothpaste For Dogs & Cats - 2.5 Oz (70 Gm) - Best Dog Toothpaste
      Cet Toothpaste For Dogs & Cats - 2.5 Oz (70 Gm) - Best Dog Toothpaste.

      Cet Toothpaste Helps Your Pet Keep Its Teeth Clean And Gums Healthy. This Dog And Cat Toothpaste Prevents Periodontal Disease That Affects 85% Of Dogs And Cats. Periodontal Disease Can Lead To Pain, Bad Breath And Tooth Loss. Lack Of Dental Cleaning In Pets Can Lead To Chronic Oral Infection That Can Spread Harmful Bacteria To Other Parts Of The Body, Including The Lungs, Heart, Liver And Kidneys. Using Dog Toothpaste Like This Cet Dog Toothpaste , Most Of These Diseases Are Preventable Provided You Give Your Pet Regular Oral Attention And Professional Dental Care. Of Course, Just As It Is For Us, Toothbrushing Is The Best Method Of Ensuring That Our Pets Will Enjoy Good Dental Health. Daily Brushing With C.e.t. Toothpaste And C.e.t. Toothbru5hes Provides The Very Best In Home Dental Care For Your Pet. C.e.t. Toothpaste Are Specifically Formulated To Be Safe, Effective, And Appealing To Your Dog Or Cat, And Unlike "people" Toothpaste, Are Meant To Be Swallowed. C.e.t. Toothbrushes Are Designed To Reach All Surfaces Of Your Pet's Teeth And The Soft Bristles Will Not Irritate Your Pet's Sensitive Gums. Just A Few Minuets A Day Are All It Takes For The Best Dental Care Available. Pick Some Cet Toothpaste Up Today! Read More About Brushing Your Pet's Teeth . Cet Pet Toothpaste Comes In The Following Flavors: Beef Malt Poultry Vanilla-mint Seafood

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    Pala-tech Cranberry Plus Granules (300 Gm)
      Pala-tech Cranberry Plus Granules (300 Gm).

      Pala-tech Cranberry Plus Granules (300 Grams) Is A Natural Dietary Supplement For Use In Dogs And Cats Containing Ingredients Known To Be Beneficial For The Animal's Urinary Tract And To Help Prevent Infection Of The Urogenital System. Cranberry Extract Will Support And Maintain The Healthy Function Of The Urinary Tract. It Will Help Minimize Bacterial Colonization Of The Bladder Mucosa. Echinacea Helps To Support The Body's Natural Resistance And Boost The Activity Of The Animal's Immune System. Oregon Grape Root And Sodium Ascorbate Are Proven Beneficial Anti-oxidants. Industry-first Formulation To Effectively Manage Urinary Tract Health In Cats And Dogs. Contains Cranberry Extract, Which Has Been Shown To Enhance Urinary Tract Health. Contains Essential Fatty Acids To Improve The Pet's Skin And Haircoat. Granule Dosage Form Is Easily Sprinkled On Or Mixed With Food. Convenient Dosage Form For Pet Owners To Administer Daily. Improved Client Compliance For Daily Dosing. Simpler To Adjust Dosage To Ensure Accuracy Of The Daily Dose. Recommended Dosage Schedule: The Following Dosage Is Recommended For The Daily Administration Of Pala-tech Cranberry Plus Granules. Consult With Your Veterinarian To Determine The Proper Dosage And Schedule For Each Individual Animal Prescribed This Product. 2 Scoops (1.5 Grams)/45 Lbs. (20 Kg) Body Weight For Best Results During Uti Occurrnce, Use 2 Scoops/45 Lbs. (20 Kg) Every 12 Hours. 100% Palatability Acceptance Pala-tech Guarantees Pets Will Readily Consume This Product. If Your Client's Cat Or Dog Does Not Like The Taste Of This Product, Simply Contact Your Authorized Pala-tech Veterinary Distributor For Replacement Product. Professionally Packaged In An Easy-to-open, User-friendly 300 Gram Container (includes 5-gram Precision Scoop For Dosing). Contains 60 Doses/container. Ingredients: Each Dose Delivers: Cranberry Extract - 50 Mg Potassium Citrate (micro-encapsulated) - 300 Mg Essential Fatty A Cids - 423 Mg Active Ingredients Are Micro-encapsulated To Improve Palatability And Enhance Product Stability. Also Try Contone For Improved Bladder Health In Dogs.

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    Feliway Spray (20 Ml)
      Feliway Spray (20 Ml).

      Feliway Spray (20ml) Is A Synthetic Copy Of The Feline Facial Pheromone, Used By Cats To Mark Their Territory As Safe And Secure. By Mimicking The Cat's Natural Facial Pheromones, Feliway Creates A State Of Familiarity And Security In The Cat's Local Environment. As A Result, Feliway Can Be Used To Help Comfort And Reassure Cats, While They Cope With A Challenging Situation And/or Help Prevent Or Reduce The Stress. Both Male And Female Cats, Because Of Hormonal And Behavior Problems, Can Start Spraying Urine On Objects Or Areas. Feliway Contains Pheromone-like Substances Which Discourages This Behavior When It Is Applied To The Area The Pet Has Sprayed. This Spray Canister Comes With 20 Ml Of Fluid, But A 75 Ml Canister Is Also Available. You'll Love The Way This Spray Really Works To Calm Your Cat, So Order It Today! Key Features: Uses Synthetic Pheromones For A Scientific Ally Proven Solution Helps Comfort Cats While Traveling Comes With 20 Ml Of Spray For Approximately 125 Uses

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    Feliway Spray (60 Ml)
      Feliway Spray (60 Ml).

      Feliway Spray Is Clinically Proven To Help Reduce Or Eliminate Issues Like Scratching And Spraying. Feliway Also Helps Reduce Stress Related To Traveling And Visiting The Veterinarian. This Pheromone Pray Acts As A "detractant" ? Simply Spray 8-10 Pumps Of Feliway On Doorways, Cat-flaps, Furniture And Other Objects Around The House That Your Cat May Be Tempted To Mark. The Effects Of The Spray Last 4-5 Hours, Re-apply As Needed Until The Behavior Stops. (do Not Spray Scratching Posts) Use Feliway Spray In The Cat Carrier To Help Comfort Your Cat Anytime You Travel Or Go To The Veterinarian. Always Wait About 15 Minutes Before Letting Your Cat Near Any Sprayed Areas To Let The Alcohol Dissipate. Key Features: Clinically Proven To Help Reduce Scratching And Spraying Helps Reduce Signs Of Stress Related To Travel Each Spray Treatment Lasts 4-5 Hours

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    Groomer's Best Standard Bathing Tub - 58"
      Groomer's Best Standard Bathing Tub - 58".

      The Standard Stainless Steel Bathing Tub Is Made Of Solid 304 Stainless Steel For Durability. Groomers Best Standard Stainless Steel Pet Tub Is Made For Small To Extra Large Dogs. Made Of 18-20 Gauge 304 Stainless Steel For Durability, And Will Never Rust! Strong, Durable And Versatile. High Back And Sides Protect Against Splashed And Shaken Water. The Tub Comes Standard With 3 Port Holes So You Can Use A 4" On Center Faucet Or An 8" On Center Faucet. It Comes With A Stainless Still Plug That Matches The Tub Stainless So You Can Plug The Port Hole That Is Not Being Ued. Features: Our Unique Manufacturing Process Provides A Double Layer Of Protection To Ensure Your New Tub Will Not Leak. Easy Set Up And Assembly, Just Put The Legs On! The Tub Body Is Already Welded Together For You! Specify Water Ports And Drain On Right, Left Side Or Center. Back Splash Wall With 2 Animal Restraint Eyelets. Very Durable, Even In The Harshest Conditions Guaranteed To Neverrust. Also Available As A Walk Through Bathing Tub 58" Is Solid 18 Gauge 304 Stainless Steel 20" Legs With Leg Levelers. Made In The Usa

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    Kong Swizzle Bird Cat Toy
      Kong Swizzle Bird Cat Toy.

      Kong Swizzle Bird Cat Teaser, Swizzle Bird Teaser, 48-inch; The Kong Swizzle Bird Teaser Is Perfect For Fun, Interactive Play And A Great Way To Strengthen The Bond Between You And Your Cat. Irresistable Feathers And Unpredictable Movement Will Stimulate Your Feline Friend?s Natural Hunting Instincts And Provide Beneficial Exercise. The Swizzle Bird Teaser Is Sure To Bring Out The Playful Tiger In Any Cat. Durable And Safe, This Item Is For Supervised Play Only.

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    Purrfect Crinkle Bouncer Cat Toy
      Purrfect Crinkle Bouncer Cat Toy.

      Give Your Cat The Green Light To Leap, Pounce, And Chase Her Way To Playtime Bliss. Simply Wave A Purrfect Cat Toy Wand In Front Of Her And Be Ready For The Action. Each Wand Has An Irresistible Lure Attached To The Plastic Wand By Flex Cable, Which Gives The Lure Added Bounce.

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    Halo Spot's Stew Wholesome Chicken Cat Food (5.5 Oz)
      Halo Spot's Stew Wholesome Chicken Cat Food (5.5 Oz).

      Spot's Stew Wholesome Chicken Recipe Is A Delicious Canned Meal For Cats Featuring A Savory Chicken Recipe. This Nourishing Recipe Combines The Finest Ingredients, Including Whole Meats And Fresh Vegetables. These Nutritious Ingredients Provide Optimum Protein And Complete Nutrition Which Helps Maintain Body Tone And Body Tissue. Your Cat Will Only Find Pure Goodness In Spot's Stew. No Artificial Colors, Flavors Or Preservatives Are Used. Spot's Stew Also Does Not Include Inferior By-products, Rendered Meats Or Meat Meals. This Grain-free Is A Complete And Balanced Diet For All Life Stages And Will Help Your Pet Look And Feel Great - Inside And Out! 5.5 Oz Can Of Cat Food Finest Quality Ingredients Grain-free No Rendered Meats, Poultry Or Fish Complete And Balanced For All Life Stages Please Note: All Food Is Shipped Via Ground Delivery, Only To The Coontiguous (48) States. Please Allow 7 To 10 Days For Your Delivery To Arrive. (more Info)

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    Starmark Everlasting Treats - Liver (small)
      Starmark Everlasting Treats - Liver (small).

      Starmark Everlasting Treats Are Long Lasting Dental Chews That Are Hard Like A Bone To Help Keep Your Dog's Teeth Clean. Pair Them With Starmark Toys For Challenging Chewing Fun. It Features Special Ridges And Chew Action That Help To Remove The Tarter From Your Dog's Teeth. The Unique Shape Encourages Your Dog To Lick, Chew, Or Gnaw On It. The Liver Flavor Will Make Your Dog Beg For More. 2 - 1.75" Treats Long Lasting Dental Chews Help To Remove Tarter Great Liver Flavor

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    Writing The Memoir
      Writing The Memoir.

      Since Writing The Memoir Came Out In Early 1997 It Has Sold Roughly 80,000 Copies And Is Consistently Praised As "the Best Book On Memoir Out There." It Is Thought-provoking, Explanatory, And Practical: Each Chapter Ends With Writing Exercises. It Covers Everything From Questions Of Truth And Ethics To Questions Of Craft And The Crucial Retrospective Voice. An Appendix Provides Information On Legal Issues. Judith Barrington, An Award-winning Memoir Writer And Acclaimed Writing Teacher, Is Attuned To The Forces, Both External And Internal, That Work To Stop A Writer; Her Tone Is Respectful Of The Difficulties And Encouraging Of Taking Risks. Her Nimble Prose, Her Deep Belief In The Importance Of This Genre, And Her Delight In The Rich Array Of Memoirists Writing Today Make This Book More Than The Typical "how-to" Creative Writing Book. In This Second Edition The Author Has Added New Material And Reflects On Issues Raised Since Writing The Memoir Was Written, Early In The Memoir Boom. "no Student Of Memoir Writing Could Fail To Learn From This Wise, Pragmatic, And Confiding Book. One Hears On Every Page The Voice Of An Intelligent And Responsive Teacher, With Years Of Thinking About Memoir Behind Her."-vivian Gornick Judith Barrington Is The Author Of Lifesaving: A Memoir And Numerous Individual Memoirs Which Have Been Published In Literary Magazines And Anthologies. She Is The Author Of Three Volumes Of Poetry: Trying To Be An Honest Woman, History And Geography, And Horses And The Human Soul (forthcoming In 2002). She Has Taught Creative Writing For The Past Twenty Years.

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      ISBN: 9780933377509
      Author: Barrington, Judith

    In The Moon Of Red Ponies
      In The Moon Of Red Ponies.

      "james Lee Burke Tells A Story In A Style All His Own, In Language That's Alive, Electric. He's A Master At Setting Mood, Laying In Atmosphere, All With Quirky Dialogue That's A Delight." - Elmore Leonard In James Lee Burke's Last Novel Featuring Billy Bob Holland, "bitterroot, " The Former Texas Ranger Left His Home State To Help A Friend Threatened By The Most Dangerous Sociopath Billy Bob Had Ever Faced. After Vanquishing A Truly Iniquitous Collection Of Violent Individuals, Billy Moved His Family To West Montana And Hung Out A Shingle For His Law Practice. But In "in The Moon Of Red Ponies, " He Discovers That Jail Cells Have Revolving Doors And That The Government He Had Sworn To Serve May Have Become His Enemy. His First Client In Missoula Is Johnny American Horse, A Young Activist For Land Preservation And The Rights Of Native Americans. Johnny Is Charged With The Murder Of Two Mysterious Men - Who Seem To Have Recently Tried To Kill Johnny Themselves, Or At Least Scare Him Off His Political Causes. As Billy Bob Investigates, He Discovers A Web Of Intrigue Surrounding The Case And Its Players: Johnny's Girlfriend, Amber Finley, As Reckless As She Is Defiant - And The Daughter Of One Of Montana's U.s. Senators; Darrel Mccomb, A Missoula Police Detective Who Is Obsessed With Amber; And Seth Masterson, An Enigmatic Government Agent Whose Presence In Town Makes Billy Bob Wonder Why Washington Has Become So Concerned With An Obscure Murder Case On The Fringes Of The Bitterroot Mountains. As Complications Mount And The Dead Bodies Multiply, Billy Bob Is Drawn Closer To The Truth Behind Johnny American Horse's Arrest - And Discovers A Greater Danger To Himself And To His Whole Family. How Billy Bob Strikes Back At Evil And Protects His Kin Is The Masterful Triumph Of "in The Moon Of Red Ponies." Beautifully Written, With An Intriguing Plot And Characters Whose Conflicts Seem As Real As Life Itself, This Novel Shows James Lee Burke Again In The Top Form That Has Made Him A Critical Favorite And A National Bestseller.

      SKU: 2759025
      ISBN: 9780743466646
      Author: Burke, James Lee

    Time To Hunt
      Time To Hunt.

      He Is The Most Dangerous Man Alive. He Only Wants To Live Inp Eace With His Family, And Forget The War That Nearly Killed Him... It's Not Going To Happen. Stephen Hunter's Epic National Bestsellers, "point Of Impact" And "black Light, " Introduced Millions Of Readers To Bob Lee Swagger, Called "bob The Nailer," A Heroic But Flawed Vietnam War Veteran Forced Twice To Use His Skills As A Master Sniper To Defend His Life And His Honor. Now, In His Grandest, Most Intensely Thrilling Adventure Yet, Bob The Nailer Must Face His Deadliest Foe From Vietnam-and His Own Demons-to Save His Wife And Daughter. During The Latter Days Of The Vietnam War, Deep In-country, A Young Idealistic Marine Named Donny Fenn Was Cut Down By A Sniper's Bullet As He Set Out On Patrol With Swagger, Who Himself Received A Grievous Wound. Years Later Swagger Married Donny's Widow, Julie, And Together They Raise Their Daughter, Nikki, On A Ranch In The Isolated Sawtooth Mountains In Idaho. Although He Struggles With The Painful Legacy Of Vietnam, Swagger's Greatest Wish-to Leave His Violent Past Behind And Live Quietly With His Family-seems To Have Come True. Then One Idyllic Day, A Man, A Woman, And A Girl Set Out From The Ranch On Horseback. High On A Ridge Above A Moun Tain Pass, A Thousand Yards Distant, A Calm, Cold-eyed Shooter, One Of The World's Greatest Marksmen, Peers Through A Telescopic Sight At The Three Approaching Figures. Out Of His Tortured Past, A Mortal Enemy Has Once Again Found Bob The Nailer. "time To Hunt" Proves Anew Why So Many Consider Stephen Hunter To Be Our Best Living Thriller Writer. With A Plot That Sweeps From The Killing Fields Of Vietnam To The Corridors Of Power In Washington To The Shadowy Plots Of The New World Order, Hunter Delivers All The Complex, Stay-up-all-night Atcion His Fans Demand In A Masterful Tale Of Family Heartbreak And International Intrigue-and Shows Why, For Bob Lee Swagger, It's Once Again Time To Hunt. "from The Hardcover Edition."

      SKU: 1387520
      ISBN: 9780440226451
      Author: Hunter, Stephen / Maccambridge

    Horseshoe Crabs And Shorebirds: The Story Of A Food Web
      Horseshoe Crabs And Shorebirds: The Story Of A Food Web.

      Focuses On Horseshoe Crabs And The Birds That Rely On Their Eggs For Food.

      SKU: 2890837
      ISBN: 9780761455523
      Author: Crenson, Victoria / Cannon, Annie


      In His "new York Times" Notable Debut, "the Ice Harvest," Scott Phillips Gave Readers An Instant Noir Classic That Spanned Twenty-four Eventful Hours In The Life Of A Mob Lawyer Hoping To Skip Town (namely Wichita) With A Small Fortune. Phillips Followed With The Acclaimed Sequel, "the Walkaway," Showing How A Seeming Windfall Can Wreak Wicked Havoc On The Lives Of Its Recipients. Now This Award-winning Author Broadens His Canvas, Writing His Most Accomplished Novel Yet-one That Is Rich In Suspense, Drama, Historical Sweep, And Phillips's Unique Blend Of Unforgettable Characters. In 1872, Cottonwood, Kansas, Is A One-horse Speck On The Map; A Community Of Run-down Farms, Dusty Roads, And Two-bit Crooks. Self-educated Saloon Owner And Photographer Bill Ogden Looks On His Adopted Town With An Eye To Making A Profit Or Getting Out. His Brains And Ambition Bring Him To The Attention Of One Marc Leval, A Wealthy Chicago Developer With Big Plans For The Small Town. The Advent Of The Railroad And Rumors Of A Cattle Trail Turn Cottonwood Into A Wild And Wooly Boomtown-and With Leval As A Partner, Ogden Dreams Of Bringing Civilization To The Prairie. But Civilizing The Great Plains Was Never That Simple. While Many In Cottonwood Distrust Leval's Motives, And Mob Violence Threatens To Derail The Town's Dreams Of Greatness, Ogden Finds Himself Dangerously Obsessed With Leval's Stunningly Beautiful Wife. Meanwhile, Plying Its Sinister Trade Unnoticed, An Apparently Ordinary Local Farm Family Quietly Butchers Traveling Salesmen, Weary Travelers, And Other Unsuspecting Wanderers. In His Own Inimitable Brand Of Narrative Wizardry, Scott Phillips Traces The Metamorphosis Of A Frontier Town That Becomes A Lightning Rod For Sin, Corruption, And Murder. He Also Brings To Life Actual Crimes That Befell Kansas In The 1870s And 1880s, Carried Out By A Strange Clan Who Popularly Became Known As Tthe Bloody Benders. Brilliantly Written, Maliciously Fun, And Full Of Many Surprises, "cottonwood" Is Historical Fiction At Its Finest. "from The Hardcover Edition."

      SKU: 1063639
      ISBN: 9780345461018
      Author: Phillips, Scott

    Physical Therapy And Massage For The Horse
      Physical Therapy And Massage For The Horse.

      An Expanded And Updated Edition Of This Bestselling Book. The Authors, A World Leader In Equine Anatomy And Imaging, And A Horse Physiotherapist Of International Repute, Provide A Unique Blend Of Basic Biomechanics And Practical Physical Therapeutic Techniques, To Relieve Pain And Improve Performance, Particularly In The Sporting Horse. The New Edition Has Been Restructured, There Is A New Chapter On Mobilisation And Stretching, Along With 61 New Illustrations. This Subtle And Original Book Will Be Of Interest To All Those Involved In Equine Welfare Including Veterrinary Practitioners, Veterinary Students, Therapists, Horse Owners, Riders And Trainers.

      SKU: 13781045
      ISBN: 9781840761610
      Author: Denoix, Jean-marie / Pailloux, Jean-pierre / Lewis, Jonathan

    The Bradt Travel Guide: Mongolia
      The Bradt Travel Guide: Mongolia.

      Outer Mongolia Is One Of The Few Places On Earth Where Travelers Can Stilll Explore With A True Sense Of Adventure. Vast Tracts Of This 'land Of Blue Sky'c An Be Discovered On The Back Of Horse Or Camel - In True Genghis Khan-style - Or In The Comfort Of Four-wheel Drive. Riding, Climbing, Fishing, Biking And Rafting Are All Covered, As Well As How To Make The Most Out Of Your Stay And Enjoy Nomadic "ger" Hospitality.

      SKU: 7465353
      ISBN: 9781841621784
      Author: Blunden, Jane

    Isom Dart And An Assortment Of Scoundrels
      Isom Dart And An Assortment Of Scoundrels.

      Isom Dart And An Assortment Of Scoundrels: "the Last Of The Tip Gault Gang" "isom Dart's Recent Frontier Adventures Made A Profound Impression On The Young Man. In A Matter Of A Few Months He Was Nearly Mauled By A Bear, Jailed With A Murderer, Tied Up And Left To Die Alone In The Woods, Lost His Left Ear And Nearly His Life To An Ax-wielding Woman, Almost Stabbed To Death By An Indian Brave, Nearly Burned At The Stake, Almost Massacred By Indians, And Ambushed For Rustling Horses. He Was Not Sure How Long His Luck Could Hold Out." His Real Name Was Ned Huddleston. The Ex-slave Turned Cowboy Was An Early Settler And Successful Rancher In The Northwest Corner Of Colorado Called "browns Park." He Was Both A Friend Of The Infamous Butch Cassidy And His Ranching Neighbors. He Also Made Some Powerful Enemies. The Life Of Isom Dart Was Never Dull, And Often Dangerous.

      SKU: 10891194
      ISBN: 9781432744274
      Author: Isham, Dell

    The Living And The Dead: The Neapolitan Cult Of The Skull
      The Living And The Dead: The Neapolitan Cult Of The Skull.

      Snaking Beneath The Streets And Crumbling Churches Of Naples Is A Vast System Of Ancient Catacombs And Aqueducts, Many Lined With Skulls In Seemingly Endless Rows Stretching Far Back Into The Depths Of The Caverns. In "the Living And The Dead," Margaret Stratton Provides An Unusual Photographic Record That Documents These Spaces In Which Neapolitans Of Early Christian History Sought To Preserve Emotional Connections To The Afterlife Through Rituals In Which The Tangible Skull Represents The Ephemeral Soul. Among The Remarkable Underground Cemeteries Of Naples That Stratton Captures In "the Living And The Dead "are The Catacombs Of San Gennaro, The Catacomb San Gaudioso, And Il Cimitero Delle Fontanelle. Unlike Typical Early Christian Catacombs, The Catacombs Of Naples Were Constructed More Like Underground Cathedrals, With Passageways So Vast They Could Accommodate Horse-drawn Chariots, Ox-carts, And Large Biers Carrying Many Corpses. Strikingly, Stratton's Photographs Show That, Unlike The Rigid Class System That Governed Medieval Naples, The Catacombs Offer A Virtually Classless Society, Where Noblemen And Peasants Were Laid To Rest Side By Side, Their Remains Indistinguishable From One Another. The Beautiful And Solemn Images Of "the Living And The Dead" Document The Delicate Reciprocity Between Death And The Afterlife, Between The Living And The Dead, And Between The Early History Of Catholicism And Pagan Ritual.

      SKU: 7830875
      ISBN: 9781935195016
      Author: Stratton, Margaret / Astarita, Tommaso

    Journey From The Artic: A Winter's Ride Through The Artic Circle
      Journey From The Artic: A Winter's Ride Through The Artic Circle.

      The Author Was Apparently, As Voltaire Put It, A Perfect Englishman Traveling Without Motive. Yet Brown Had A Deeply Personal Reason To Ride By Horseback From Lapland, Through Sweden, Into Norway During The Winter Of 1954. He Believed That A Journey On Horseback Was The Most Absorbing And Eventful Way To Travel, A Way To Discover The World That Becomes A Mode Not Just Of Travel But Of Life. What Follows Is A Truly Remarkable Account Of How Brown, A Danish Companion, And Their Two Trusty Horses Attempt The Imposeible, To Cross The Silent Arctic Plateaus, Thread Their Way Through The Giant Swedish Forests, And Finally Discover A Passage Around The Treacherous Norwegian Marshes. Though He Was Often Busy Dodging Snow Storms Or Trying To Find Shelter With Skeptical Laplanders, Brown Tells A Vivid Tale Inhabited Not Just By The Native People Of The Far North, But Their Neighbors, The Trolls, Goblins, And Giants Of Nordic Legend As Well. Journey From The Arctic Is Thus More Than An Amusing Adventure Story. It Is The True Account Of The Only Equestrian Expedition In The Late Twentieth Century To Make A Winter Passage Across The Fabled Arctic Circle. Amply Illustrated With Photographs Brown Took While Traveling, The Book Is Sure To Be Of Interest To Students Of Both Horses And History.

      SKU: 7238652
      ISBN: 9781590480595
      Author: Brown, Donald

    Budget Horse & Pony Care: Cost Effective Horse Management
      Budget Horse & Pony Care: Cost Effective Horse Management.

      Horse Products Can Be Expensive, And The Lure Of A New Kit Is Sometimes Hard To Resist, Especially With Increasingly Elaborate Designs-horse Bling Is In However There Is A Wide Range Of Items That Can Be Made For A Fraction Of The Cost, Ranging From Equine Beauty Products, First-aid Liniments, And Rugs And Blqnkets, To Show Jumps And Horse Treats With Everything In Between. This Indispensable Volume Provides Easy Instructions On Making All Manner Of Equestrian Items And Explains How To Alter Existing Horse-and-rider Array With Minimal Expenditure. There Is Also A Comprehensive Section Offering Advice On How To Be More Ecologically Friendly And Save Money By Assessing Stable Management Practices. Hard-earned Money Can Go A Little Further With This Collection Of Essential, Practical, And Simple Ways To Save Pennies And Make The Most Of Your Horse Money.

      SKU: 7762151
      ISBN: 9781905693290
      Author: Pickeral, Tamsin

    Hidden San Francisco And Northern California: Including Napa, Sonoma, Mendocino, Santa Cruz, Monterey, Yosemite, And Lake Tahoe
      Hidden San Francisco And Northern California: Including Napa, Sonoma, Mendocino, Santa Cruz, Monterey, Yosemite, And Lake Tahoe.

      Concealed Guides Combine Unique Travel Choices, Outdoor Adventures, And Little-known Locales Into A Guide Where Vacations Meet Adventures. Each Guide Includes Detailed Maps, Complete Internet Information For Each Listing, Highlighted Author Favorites, Suggested Itineraries, And Walking And Driving Tours. Local Author Ray Riegert Shows Travelers Where To Lose The Crowd And Experience This Magnificent Area Like A Resident. Hidden San Francisco And Northern California Leads Travelers Into The California Outdoors At 11 Balloon-ride Locations, 116 Cycling Paths, 65 Horseback Riding Trails, 41 Surfing Spots, 130 Parks, And 6 Pocket Beaches. It Provides Selective Recommendations For Accommodations Ranging From Downtown San Francisco Hotels To 52c Oastal Bed-and-breakfasts Inns, As Well As Sleeping In The Wilds At 25 Cabins And 570 Campgrounds (13,345 Sites). The Author Offers Opinionated Reviews Of Local Dining Including 25 California Cuisine Eateries And 38 Asian Restaurants. Plus, The Guide Includes Special Sections For Gay Travelers Visiting San Francisco And Guerneville.

      SKU: 7042593
      ISBN: 9781569754023
      Author: Riegert, Ray

    The Terracotta Army: China's First Emperor And The Birth Of A Nation
      The Terracotta Army: China's First Emperor And The Birth Of A Nation.

      The Terracotta Army Is One Of The Greatest, And Most Famous, Archaeological Discoveries Of All Time. 6,000 Life-size Figures Of Warriors And Horses Were Interred In The Mausoleum Of The Fisrt Emperor Of China - Each Is Individually Carved, And They Are Thought To Represent Real Members Of The Emperor's Army. This Is The Remarkable Story Of Their Universe, The Man Who Ordered Them Made, Their Rediscovery And Their Continuing Legacy As A Pre-eminent Symbol Of Chinese Greatness. The First Emperor, Qin Shi Huang, Was King Of The Chinese State Of Qin And The First Man To Unite China Into A Single Empire. On His Death In 210 Bc, He Was Buried In A Giant Mausoleum Near Modern-day Xi'an. In 1974 Local Farmers Found The First Of The Terracotta Warriors. But Mos T Of The Mausoleum Is Yet To Be Opened, Including The Burial Chamber Itself. The Story Of The First Emperor And The Terracotta Army Is A Fascinating One, Not Least For The Discoveries Yet To Be Made.

      SKU: 1980766
      ISBN: 9780553819144
      Author: Man, John

    Fishing In The Good Old Days: The Unsung Generation During Ww/2
      Fishing In The Good Old Days: The Unsung Generation During Ww/2.

      Junior Was Whipped By His Mother. He Was On The Outs With His Absentee Father. He Longed For Jimmy Hickerson Who Was Like A Big Brother. Jimmy Was Killed In The War. Jimmy Use To Take The Boys Fishing. Junior Decided To Take Jimmy's Place. He Did The Duties Of His Older Brother John And A Hired Hand. They Had Gone To Fight In W/w2. John Always Tormented Him. His Mother Abused Him When He Was Late With His Chores. He Got Permission To Take Is Friends Fishing In His Buckboard. He Took Dead Eye, Doc, Billy, Raymond, Lou, Turtle, Red Weakly, And Jughead. The Boys Went Skinny Dipping At Petersburg Beach On The Morgan Farm. Some Girls Spied On Them. Mr. Eichelberger, (clayton) Dislodged Some Snakes While Noodling. They Setup Camp At The Doctors Hole. Each Boy Had A Mishap. It Was More Of A Misadventure Than An Adventure. Junior's Horse Ran Off. The Rest Of His Friends Caught A Ride To Town. He Was Late Getting Home In Time To Do His Chores. His Mother Was Waiting For Him With A Big Stick. He Was Relieved To Learn That His Buddies Had Done His Chores And The Big Stick Was For A Mean Rooster.

      SKU: 6384296
      ISBN: 9781425117900
      Author: Dement, Hill

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