Year Of Meteors: Stephen Douglas, Abraham Lincoln, And The Election That Brought On The Civil War

    Year Of Meteors: Stephen Douglas, Abraham Lincoln, And The Election That Brought On The Civil War
      Year Of Meteors: Stephen Douglas, Abraham Lincoln, And The Election That Brought On The Civil War.

      In Early 1860, Pundits Aross America Confidently Predicted The Election Of Illinois Senator Stephen A. Douglas In The Coming Presidential Chase. Douglas, After All, Led The Only Party That Bridged North And South. But The Democrats Would Split Over The Issue Ofslavery, Leading Southerners In The Party To Run Their Own Presidential Slate. This Opened The Door For The Upstart Republicans, Exclusively Northern, To Steal The Oval Office. Dark Horse Abraham Lincoln, Not The First Choice Even Of His Ownn Party, Won The Presidency With A Record-low 39.8 Percent Of The Popular Vote. Acclaimed Scholar Douglas R. Egerton Chronicles The Contest With A Historian's Kkeen Insight And A Veteran Political Reporter's Eye For Detail. Vividly, Egerton Re-creates The Cascade Of Unforeseen Events That Confounded Political Bosses, Set North And South On The Road To Disunion, And Put Not Stephen Douglas, But His Greatest Rival, In The White House. We See Lincoln And His Team Outmaneuvering More Prominent Republicans, Like New York's Grandiose William Seward, While Democratic Conventions Collapse In Confusion. And We See The Gifted, Flawed Douglas Marking His Finest Hour In Defeat, As He Strives, And Fails, To Save The Union. Year Of Meteors Delivers A Teeming Cast Of Characters, Minor And Major, And A Breakneck Narrative Of This Most Momentous Year In American History.

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      ISBN: 9781596916197
      Author: Egerton, Douglas R.

    3-pack Cosequin Ds 250 Chewables (750 Count)
      3-pack Cosequin Ds 250 Chewables (750 Count).

      3-pack Cosequin Ds 250 Chewables (750 Count) For Dogs Assists Joint Health In Dogs Using A Proven Safe, Effective And Bioavailable Formula. This Potent Formula Contains Trh122 Chondroitin Sulfate, Fchg49 Glucosamine, Methylsulfonylmethane (msm) And Manganese Ascorbate To Support And Maintain Healthy Joints For Your Dog. Proven Results And High Standards Cosequin Features An Exclusive Formula That Has Been Shown To Be Safe, Effective, And Bioavailable In Peer-review, Published, Controlled, U.s. Veterinary Studies. Manufacturing Is Done In The United States And Follows Standards Similar To Those Practiced By The Pharmaceutical Industry. These Results All Contribute To Cosequin Being The #1 Veterinarian Recommended Brand! Which Dogs Benefit From Cosequin? Joint Health Assistance Isn't Only Necessary For Senior Dogs. If You Notice Your Dog Having Difficulty With Strenuous Activity, Such As Walking Up Stairs Or Jumping Up To Bed, Your Dog May Benefit From Cosequin Ds. Safe Formula Studies Conducted To Check The Safety Of Cosequin Have Shown No Adverse Effects In Blood Work Parameters, Includingcomplete Blood Count, Biochemical, And Clotting Values. High Standards And Proven Results Have Earned Cosequin A High Reputation Among Veterinarians And Is The #1 Recommended Brand. Cosequin Ds Chewable Tablets Plus Msm (60 Count) Glucosamine/chondroitin Sulfate Supplement Supports Cartilage Production Proven Results Manufactured Using High Standards More Info Nutritional Supplements These Supplements Can Improve Joint Health. Alternative Joint Supplements These Supplements Are Used To Help Maintain An Animal's Health. Healthy Diet Guide Some Tips To Keep Your Furry Friend Healthy. Pet Arthritis Pet Arthritis Guide For Dogs & Cats Find The Right Cosequin Pack For Your Dogs Cosequin Ds Chewable Tablets Cosequin Ds Capsules 90 Counts 90 Counts 132 Count 132 Count 250 Count 250 Count 650 Count 800 Count 2 Pack - 500 Count 2 Pack - 500 Count 3 Pack - 750 Count 3 Pack - 750 Count 650 Count 12 Pack - 3000 Count

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    Frontline Plus For Dogs 23-44 Lbs - Blue, 6 Month
      Frontline Plus For Dogs 23-44 Lbs - Blue, 6 Month.

      Frontline Plus Blue For Dogs 23-44 Lbs Recommended By Veterinarians, Frontline Plus Blue For Dogs 23-44 Pounds Is A Powerful And Easy-to-use Formula Designed To Quickly And Effectively Kill Fleas, Ticks, And Chewing Lice. Frontline Plus Is Specially Formulated For Dogs Weighing 23 - 44 Pounds. Available Without A Prescription, Frontline Plus Oly Needs To Be Applied Once A Month For Thorough Pest Control. Flea Life Cycle. View Larger . Tick Life Cycle. View Larger . Quickly Kills Fleas, Ticks, And Chewing Lice This Powerful Formula Kills Up To 100 Percent Of Existing Fleas In The First 12 Hours After Application, And It Continues To Kill New Fleas For At Least One Month Afterward. Frontline Plus Prevents The Development Of New Fleas By Destroying Flea Eggs And Larvae And By Destroying Adult Fleas Before They Have A Chance To Lay Eggs. Frontline Kills Chewing Lice And All Four Major Ticks, Including Ticks That May Carry Lyme Disease, Keeping Both Your Pet And Your Family Protected. Waterproof Formula Thanks To Its Waterproof Formula, Frontline Plus Won't Rinse Off When You Give Your Dog A Bath Or When Your Dog Goes For A Swim. The Active Ingredient In Frontline, Fipronil, Is Stored In The Natural Oils In Your Dog's Coat, So Your Pet Is Sure To Stay Protected No Matter How Many Puddles He Or She Tramps Through. This Frontline Plus Product Is Epa Approved And Registered, So It's Guaranteed To Be The Exact Same Product Sold By Your Veterinarian. Click Here For More Information On Epa-approved Pet Products. Package Contents Box Includes Six 1.34-milliliter Tubes Of Frontline Plus For Dogs. Frontline Plus Blue For Dogs 23 - 44 Lbs Kills Fleas, Flea Eggs, Ticks, And Chewing Lice Fast-acting Formula Includes 6 One-month Applications Waterproof Formula Easy-to-use Applicator For Dogs Weighi Ng 23-44 Pounds Per Dose: $11.83 More Info Got Fleas? A Product Guide To Flea And Tick Products. Flea Facts You Should Know Interesting Flea Facts To Help Your Pets Be Pest Free. Fleas: Understanding The Enemy All About Fleas And Prevention. Ticks Helpful Information On Ticks And Your Pets. Faqs About Fleas And Ticks Frontline Plus For Dogs Is Available In: Orange (0 - 22 Pounds) Blue (23 - 44 Pounds) Purple (45 - 88 Pounds) Red (89 - 132 Pounds) 3 Month 6 Month 12 Month 3 Month 6 Month 12 Month 3 Month 6 Month 12 Month 3 Month 6 Month 12 Month

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    Bio-groom 5-gallon Shampoo Dispensing Pump
      Bio-groom 5-gallon Shampoo Dispensing Pump.

      The Convenient Bio-groom 5 Gallon Dispensing Pump Makes It Easy To Dispense Liquid By Hand. Easily Attaches To A Five-gallon Shampoo Pail.

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    Divine Equine Oralx Paste (34 G)
      Divine Equine Oralx Paste (34 G).

      Oral X Herbs And Essential Amino Acid L- Tryptophan. No Harmful Drugs Or Artificial Chemicals. 34 G Treats Up To 1,000 Lbs.

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    Superpet Critter Canteen Bottle (8 Oz)
      Superpet Critter Canteen Bottle (8 Oz).

      Super Pet Critter Canteen Is So Refreshingly Easy To Use - Just Fill It, Cap It And Hang It. Critter Catneens Feature A Unique Spring-loaded Sipper Tube Designed To Reduce Leaks. A Free Wire Bottle Hanger Is Included Inside Every Bottle. Super Pet's 8 Oz. Critter Canteen Is Perfect For Hamsters, Gerbils Or Other Little Critters.

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    Ectoadvance Plus For Dogs 23-44 Lbs (6 Doses)
      Ectoadvance Plus For Dogs 23-44 Lbs (6 Doses).

      Ectoadvance∓reg; Plus For Dogs Is A Monthly Topical Flea And Tick Preventive That Utilizes Fipronil And (s)-methoprene To Provide Lasting Protection That Is Safe And Effective. Fipronil And (s)-methoprene Are The Same Ingredients Used By Merial's Frontline® Plus Topical And Has Been Clinically Proven To Safely Kill Adult Fleas Lice For Up To 3 Months On Puppies And Dogs 8 Weeks Of Age Or Older. Ectoadvance Plus For Dogs Is Best Applied Monthly To Break The Life Cycle Of Fleas And Prevent Reinfestation. This Package Contains 6 Doses Of The Preventive, Specifically Formulated For Dogs Weighing Between 23 And 44 Pounds. Protect Your Pup Against Fleas, Ticks And Chewing Lice With This Convenient Topical Today! Key Features: Utilizes Same Active Ingredients As Frontline® Plus For Dogs To Protect Dogs And Puppies 8 Weeks Of Age Or Older Kills Adult Fleas For Up To 3 Months And Breaks The Flea Life Cycle Protects Against Fleas, Ticks, And Chewing Lice For Up To Thirty (30) Da Ys

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    Exo Terra Heat-glo Infrared Spot Lamp (100 W)
      Exo Terra Heat-glo Infrared Spot Lamp (100 W).

      The Exo Terra Heat-glo Infrared Spot Lamp Utilizes A 100 Watt Bulb To Provide Needed Heat For Amphibians And Reptile Pets That Need To Live Comfortably In A Warmer Climate Than A Normal Room Temperature. Designed To Fit And Work With Exo Terra Terrariums And Canopies, The Infrared Spot Lamp Provides Needed Heat That Allow Lizards, Snakes And Amphibians The Ability To Warm Up Like They Would Naturally Under The Sun If Out In The Wild. The Exo Terra Heat Bulb Doesn't Waste Any Of Its Heat. With A Built-in Reflector, The Bulb Utilizes All Of Its Heat And Sends In A Needed Direction. Further, The Red Bulb's Light Won't Interfere Or Cause A Problem With Other Lighting Or Regular Day Activity, So Pets Stay Warm And Comfortable But Enjoy Their Environment Otherwise. Benefits Of The Exo Terra Heat Bulb Include: ? An Easy Way To Boost The Temperate Ari And Heat In An Enclosed Pet Environment. ? A Safe Way To Provide Heat Waves For Reptiles And Amphibians Without Hurting Them. ? Works 24 Hours A Day Without Issue Or Risk. ? The Bulb Has No Negative Effect On Animals And Normal Activity Cycle. ? Helps Provide A Soft Lighting So That A Pet Owner Can Watch Night Activity. ? With The Exo Terra Accessory System, The Bulb Can Be Combined With Regular Lighting In An Exo Terra Canopy.

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    Glc 500 Canine - Small Dog 180 Caps (3 Oz)
      Glc 500 Canine - Small Dog 180 Caps (3 Oz).

      Glc 500 Small Dog Capsules Come In A 180 Count Jar. Each Capsule Contains 500 Mg Of 100% Pure Glc. This Patented And Clinically Proven Formula Is The Perfect Companion For Our Smaller Friends And Finicky Dogs That No Longer Clean U Ptheir Food. Patented Formula With All-4 Glucosamines Clinically Proven For Maxiumum Absorption

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    Guardian Gear Cotton Web Training Lead - Black (15 Ft)
      Guardian Gear Cotton Web Training Lead - Black (15 Ft).

      The Guardian Gear Cotton Web Training Lead Is The Ideal Leash For Training, Tracking, And Obedience Work With Dogs. This Lead Is Made With A Strong Cotton Web Material To Ensure That It Holds Up Against Even The Strongest Dogs. The Lead's Latch That Attaches To Your Pet's Collari S Made With Heavy-duty, Nickel-plated Material That Swivels To Prevent Knots And Tangling. The Guardian Gear Cotton Web Training Lead Is The First Choice Of Professional Handlers And Trainers And Offers Quality And Control To Fondle Owners. This Particular Lead Is 15 Feet Long, But It Is Also Available In 20-foot , 30-foot , And 50-foot Lengths. If You Need A Durable, Leash That Is Comfortable For You And Your Pet- Order This Training Lead Today! Key Features: Durable And Comfortable Swivel Snap Allows For Optimal Control Each Leash Is ⅝" Wide- With Lengths Of 15 Ft, 20 Ft, 30 Ft, And 50 Ft Available

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    Nutro Wholesome Essentials Chicken & Brown Rice - Kitten (3 Lb)
      Nutro Wholesome Essentials Chicken & Brown Rice - Kitten (3 Lb).

      Start Your Kitten On The Path To A Healthy Adulthood. Nutro Wholesome Essentials Chicken & Brown Rice Formula Contains Dha For Brain And Eye Development And Calcium For Strong Bones And Teeth. Our Smart Startâ® Formula For Early Growth And Development Is Made With A High Level Of Omega Fatty Acids For Healthy Skin And Fur. Real Chicken Is The #1 Ingredient For A Taste Your Kitten Will Enjoy. Our Premium Kitten Food Provides A Nutrient-rich, Natural Diet For Long-term Health Benefits You Can Sre. Package Sizes Available: 3 Lbs., 6.5 Lbs. Please Note: All Food Is Shipped Via Ground Delivery, Only To The Contiguous (48) States. Please Allow 7 To 10 Days For Your Delivery To Arrive. (more Info)

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    Kong Paw Dog Christmas Stocking
      Kong Paw Dog Christmas Stocking.

      Kong Paw Dog Christmas Tocking The Kong Paw Dog Christmas Stocking Is Great For Decorating For The Holidays But Even Better When Filled With Dog Toys. Measures 4

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    Petmate Replendish Feeder With Microban (2 Lb) - Pearl Lady Pink
      Petmate Replendish Feeder With Microban (2 Lb) - Pearl Lady Pink.

      The Large Capacity Water & Food Storage Is Ideal For Short Stays Begone From Home, & Fewer Refills Make It Convenient For Busy Pet Parents. Bottles Are Made Of Pet Plastic, Making It Healthier For Pets And More Environmentally Sustainable Than The Pvc Bottles That Are Currently On The Market. Bases Feature Microbanâ® Antimicrobial Protection That Helps Prevent The Growth Of Stain & Odor-causing Bacteria. Microbanâ® Protection Works 24/7 And Doesn?t Wash Away, Providing An Added Level Of Defense Against Damaging Microbes For The Lifetime Of A Pet?s Bowl.

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    Solvit Telescoping Ramp Deluxe
      Solvit Telescoping Ramp Deluxe.

      Due To Its Dimensions And/or Weight, This Item Ships Via Ground Service Only. Additional Shipping Of $8.14 Applies To This Oversized Item. (it Does Not Qualify For Free Shipping) Solvit Telescoping Ramp Deluxe Can Be Fully Extended For Suvs, Pickups, Groooming Table, Etc. Shorten The Ramp When Space Is Limited Or When The Upper Surface Isnt As High, Such As A Bed, Couch, Or Minivan. A Unique, Wavy Walking Surface With Non-slip Tread Gives Pets A Sure Footing, Especially On Steep Climbs. This Model Is Super Lightweight At 13 Lbs And It Supports Over 400 Lbs With No Bending! Its Combination Aluminum And Plastic Design Make It The Lightest & Strongest Pet Ramp On The Market. Its Also More Compact, Making It Easier To Use And Store. The Ramp Also Includes A Convenient Carry Handle And Safety Release Latch To Prevent Accidental Opening. The Ultra Stiff Design Utilizes Four Rubber Feet To Keep The Ramp Stable While In Use. Measures 39-72 X 17 X 4 Inches. Super Lightweight At 13 Lbs And It Supports Over 400 Lbs With No Bending! Combination Aluminum+plastic Design Make It The Lightest & Strongest Pet Ramp On The Market. Infinitely Adjustable From 39 In. To 72 In - Perfect For All Heights To 36" Unique, Wavy Walking Surface With Non-slip Tread Gives Pets A Sure Footing, Especially On Steep Climbs. Includes A Convenient Carry Handle And Safety Release Latch To Prevent Accidental Opening.

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    Proanthozone 10mg For Cats And Small Dogs 60 Caps
      Proanthozone 10mg For Cats And Small Dogs 60 Caps.

      Anti-free Thorough Product That Helps Maintain Healthy Cells Throughout The Life Of Your Pet. Contains Bioflavanol (from Grape Seed Extract), One Of The Most Potent Antioxidants Known To Date. Bioflavanol Scavenges Free Radicals Plus Inhibits Enzymes That Break Down Collagen. Also Contains The Other Well Known Antioxidants, Vitamin E And Superoxide Dismutase. Ingredients: Bioflavanol, Cysteine, Superoxide Dismutase, Vitamin E, Glutathione, Vitamin A, Manganese, Zinc And Selenium, Desiccated Defatted Liver

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    Puppy Fun Yummy Orange Puppy Tearless Shampoo (16 Oz)
      Puppy Fun Yummy Orange Puppy Tearless Shampoo (16 Oz).

      Puppy Fun Yummy Orange Tearless Shampoo Is A Gentle Yet Effective Puppy Shampoo Designed To Make Bath Time Enjoyable For You And Your Dog. Made Without Any Harsh Chemicals, Your Puppy Can Enjoy A Bath Without Any Tears! Made With All Gentle Ingredients Many Dog Shampoos Are Made With Irritating Chemicals Such As Propylene Glycol, Petroleum Derivatives, Sulfate, And Dea. When These Chemicals Come In Contact With A Dog?s Eyes And Skin They Can Cause Pain, Burning, And Irritation. Designed To Make Bath Time A More Enjoyable Experience, Puppy Fun Yummy Orange Tearless Shampoo Does Not Contain Any Harmful Chemicals And Is Ph Balanced. Instead, It Contains Shea Butter And Safflower Oil To Help Nourish And Restore A Dog?s Coat And Skin. Benefits: Extra Gentle Hypoallergenic No Harsh Chemicals Nourishes Skin Locks In Moisture

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    Sentry Petrodex Dental Spray For Cats Dogs (4 Oz)
      Sentry Petrodex Dental Spray For Cats Dogs (4 Oz).

      Sentry Petrodex Dental Spray For Cats Dogs (4 Oz) Contains Chlorhexidine Gluconate, Which Coats The Teeth And Helps Reduce The Accumulation Of Plaque And Tartar. Zinc Is Also Included To Help Enhance Anti-plaque Activity Of Chlorhexidine. It Works For Up To 24 Hours Following Application. It Penetrates The Deeper Layers Of The Oral Cavity, Reducing Bad Breath By Inhibiting Sulfur Compounds. Plus, It Provides Soothing, Temporary Relief Of Minor Gum Irritation And Is Safe For Your Pett O Swallow. Spray This This Alcohol-free Rinse In Your Dog Or Cat's Mouth In Between Brushing To Freshen Breath And Reduce Tartar Build-up. Freshens Breath Reduces Accumulation Of Plaque And Tartar Soothes Minor Gum Irritation

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      Terry Pratchett's Profoundly Irreverent Novels Are Consistent Number One Bestseller In England, Where They Have Catapulted Him Into The Highest Echelons Of Parody Next To Mark Twain, Kurt Vonnegut, Douglas Adams, And Carl Hiaasen. In This Discworld Installment, Death Comes To Mort With An Offer He Can't Refuse - Especially Since Being, Well, "dead" Isn't Death's Apprentice, He'll Have Free Board And Lodging, Use Of The Company Horse, And He Won't Need Time Over For Family Funerals. The Position Is Everything Mort Thought He'd Ever Wanted, Until He Discovers That This Perfect Job Can Be A Killer On His Love Life.

      SKU: 191834
      ISBN: 9780061020681
      Author: Pratchett, Terry / Gollancz, Victor / Victor, Gollancz

    The Athletic Development Of The Dressage Horse: Manege Patterns
      The Athletic Development Of The Dressage Horse: Manege Patterns.

      The Howell Equestrian Library Is A Distinguished Collection Of Books On All Aspects Of Horsemanship And Horsemastership. The Nearly Fifty Books In Print Offer Readers In All Disciplines And At All Levels Of Competition Sound Instruction And Guidance By Some Of The Most Celebrated Riders, Trainers, Judges And Veterinarians In The Horse World Today. Whether Your Interest Is Dressage, Show Jumping Or Western Riding, Or Whether It's Breeding, Grooming Or Health Care, Howell Has A Book To Answer Your Needs. Get To Know All The Books In The Howell Equestrian Library: Many Are Modern-day Classics And Have Achieved The Status Of Authoritative References In The Estimation Of Those Who Ride, Train And Care For Horses. The Howell Equestrian Library

      SKU: 3886151
      ISBN: 9780876058961
      Author: Kunffy, Charles De / De Kunffy, Charles / De Kunffy

    Kama Sutra Super Sex: Discover Erotic Bliss Week By Week
      Kama Sutra Super Sex: Discover Erotic Bliss Week By Week.

      Fun, Candid, And Very Daring, "kama Sutra Super Sex" Shows The Way To Lovemaking That's More Sensual, More Playful, More Exeprimental, More Varied, And More Intense Than Ever Before. Going Week By Week, Each Chapter Offers A Raunchy Selection Of Eastern Positions-from Silkworm Spinning A Cocoon And Driving A Peg Home To Galloping Horse And Seagulls On The Wing-along With Hot Techniques To Spice Them Up Even More. Special Themed Pages Throughout Offer Insights, Wisdom, And Advice From Both Eastern Sex Gurus And Contemporary West Sexperts. This Is One Guide That Will Help You Test The Limits Of Your Sexual Imagination

      SKU: 7497078
      ISBN: 9781844838004
      Author: Bailey, Nicole

    Twilight Of The Mammoths: Ice Age Extinctions And The Rewilding Of America
      Twilight Of The Mammoths: Ice Age Extinctions And The Rewilding Of America.

      As Recently As 11,000 Years Ago-"near Time" To Geologists-mammoths, Mastodons, Gomphotheres, Ground Sloths, Giant Armadillos, Native Camels And Horses, The Dire Wolf, And Many Other Large Mammals Roamed North America. In What Has Become One Of Science's Greatest Riddles, These Large Animals Vanished In North And South America Around The Time Humans Arrived At The End Of The Last Great Ice Age. Part Paleontological Adventure And Part Memoir, "twilight Of The Mammoths "presents In Detail Internationally Renowned Paleoecologist Paul Martin's Widely Discussed And Debated "overkill" Hypothesis To Explain These Mysterious Megafauna Extinctions. Taking Us From Rampart Cave In The Grand Canyon, Where He Finds Himself "chest Deep In Sloth Dung," To Other Important Fossil Sites In Arizona And Chile, Martin's Engaging Book, Written For A Wide Audience, Uncovers Our Rich Evolutionary Legacy And Shows Why He Has Come To Believe That Hte Earliest Americans Literally Hunted These Animals To Death. As He Discusses The Discoveries That Brought Him To This Hypothesis, Martin Relates Many Colorful Stories And Gives A Rich Overview Of The Field Of Paleontology As Well As His Own Fascinating Career. He Explores The Ramifications Of The Overkill Hypothesis For Similar Extinctions Worldwide And Examines Other Explanations For The Extinctions, Including Climate Change. Martin's Visionary Thinking Nearly Our Missing Megafauna Offers Inspiration And A Challenge For Today's Conservation Efforts As He Speculates On What We Might Do To Remedy This Situation-both In Our Thinking About What Is "natural" And In The Natural World Itself.

      SKU: 1714869
      ISBN: 9780520252431
      Author: Martin, Paul S. / Greene, Harry W.

    The New Atalantis
      The New Atalantis.

      Let Us Go, Let Us Go For Ever, Said She, Sobbing, My Lord Duke, I Wish Your Eminence All Happiness, Wretched Charlot Shall Never Disturb It .farewel, My Dear Countess, I Was Not Born To Taste The Sweets Of Love And Friendship: Here She Hasted Out Of The Room, And Got Into The Coach That Waited, Without Taking Her Leave In Form, Either Of The One Or The Other. They Made After Her To The Gate; She Briskly Order'd The Coachman To Drive On, And With Six Good Horses Was Presently Out Of Sight.

      SKU: 6303277
      ISBN: 9781419175411
      Author: Mrs Manley

    Arizona Charlie And The Klondike Kid
      Arizona Charlie And The Klondike Kid.

      Arizona Charlie Was King Of The Cowboys- Crack Shot, A Champion Lasso Twirler And A Fearless Horseman. He Was Famous All Over The World. And He'd Come To Live In The Gold Rush Town Of Dawson City. The Year Is 1899. The Place Is Dawson City, Yukon. Ben Longs To Be A Wild West Star, Just Lik Earizona Charlie. He Practices Lassoing. He Perfects His Aim With A Slingshot. At Last He Gets A Place In The Closing Act Of The Wild West Show. Ben Prepares To Perform In Front Of A Packed House, But The Performance Does Not Go As He Expected. Will Ben Earn The Title That He Dreams Of? Will He Become The Klondike Kid? Julie Lawson Learned Of Arizona Charlie In The Fall Of 1998 When She Was Living In Dawson City, Yukon. She Attended A Show At The Palace Grand Theatre That Piqued Her Interest In The Flamboyant Star. Julie Has Written More Than Twenty Book For Children Of All Ages, Including Destination Gold (orca, 2000) And The Klondike Cat (kidscan, 2002). Julie Travels The World By Container Ship And Gives Readings Across Canada And The Us. Working In Watercolor And Colored Pencil, Kasia Charko Has Created Detailed, Colorful Paintings That Convey Period, Place And Characters To Life. Kasia Is An Experienced Illustrator Who Works In A Variety Of Styles. She Did A Great Deal Of Research For Arizona Charlie And The Klondike Kid, Finding Pierre Burton's Klondike Quest Particularly Useful. Educwted In England, Kasia Lives With Her Labs, Jet And Sienna, And Her Cat, Elly.

      SKU: 6836321
      ISBN: 9781551432502
      Author: Lawson, Julie / Charko, Kasia

    Fanny Kemble's Civil Wars: The Story Of America's Most Unlikely Abolitionist
      Fanny Kemble's Civil Wars: The Story Of America's Most Unlikely Abolitionist.

      A British Stage Star Turned Georgia Plantation Mistress, Fanny Kemble Is Perhaps Best Known As America's Most Unlikely Abolitionist, Whose Passionate Writings Against Human Bondage Made Her A Heroine Of The Union Cause. Irrepressible In Word And Deed, Kemble Captured The Imaginations Of Many Famous Americans Of The Antebellum Era. Walt Whitman Was Held Spellbound At One Of Her Early New York City Stage Performances, Rhapsodizing: "fanny Kemble Name To Conjure Up Great Mimic Scenes Withal - Perhaps The Greatest Nothing Finer Did Ever Stage Exhibit." Henry James Predicted That Fanny Kemble's Literary Gifts Would "make Her What I Call Historic," And Abolitionist Catharine Sedgwick Enthused: "she Is A Most Captivating Creature, Steeped To The Very Lips In Genius." By The Mid-1830s, American Society Was Firmly In The Grip Of Kemble's Celebrity. A Tulip Was Named In Her Honor. Young Ladies Adopted "fanny Kemble Curls" And Donned "fanny Kemble Caps." Harvard Undergraduates Smeared Themselves With Molasses To Fend Off Rivals For Scarce Tickets To Her Performances, And Lecture Attendance Fell Off So Sharply On The Afternoons Of Kemble's Matinees That Harvard Faculty Threatened To Cancel Classes. In A Fit Of Passion, One Smitten Suitor Rented The Horse Niagara So That He Could Be Astride The Mount Kemble Had Once Ridden. Her Private Life, However, Was The Stuff Of Tabloids For Different Reasons. She Married, For Love, Pierce Butler - A Philadelphia Native And Heir To A Georgia Plantation Fortune - But The Union Soon Turned Bitter. In Her Correspondence, Kemble Derisively Referred To Her Husband As "my Lord And Master," And Tried To Run Away Fro The Couple's Philadelhia Homeafter Just Four Months Of Marriage. This Defiant Behavior Fueled Public Scandal, Which Reached An Incendiary Peak In 1835, When Kemble Published Her "journal Of Residence In America." The Book Not Only Aired Kemble's Controversial Views On Slavery But Launched A Satirical Send-up Of American Society, Which Butler Maintained Would Bring Shame On Their Friends And Family. The Book Became An Instant Bestseller And Left New York City "in An Uproar." Kemble's Name Became Permanently Linked To The Issue Of Slavery When, In 1863, She Published Her Most Famous Volume, "journal Of A Residence On A Georgian Plantation." "i Think I Should Die If I Had To Live Here," Kemble Confessed After A Season On The Butler Lands, And Her Journal Of Those Days Hauntingly Records The "simple Horror And Misery" She Saw As The Plight Of The Slaves. The Raw Power Of Her Words Made For A Powerful Antislavery Tract, Which Influenced European Sentiment Toward The Union Cause. Passages Were Read Aloud On The Floor Of The House Of Commons And To Cotton Workers In Manchester, And The Book Was Embraced By Northern Critics As

      SKU: 2504440
      ISBN: 9780684844145
      Author: Clinton, Catherine

    For Samsung J5 J7 Crazy Horse Retro Wallet Leather Phone Case Cover With Card Slot Filp Stand Photo Fabricate For Galaxy J500f J700f
      For Samsung J5 J7 Crazy Horse Retro Wallet Leather Phone Case Cover With Card Slot Filp Stand Photo Fabricate For Galaxy J500f J700f.

      >function:credit Card Slots,money Pocket,photo Frame,flip Stand. >color:white, Red, Hot Pink, Black, Blue,brown. >packaging:only With Opp Bag

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