Zack & Zoey Santa Claus Sequin Hoodie Red - Medium

    Zack & Zoey Santa Claus Sequin Hoodie Red - Medium
      Zack & Zoey Santa Claus Sequin Hoodie Red - Medium.

      For males, neutering eliminates the chance of developing testicular cancer and may reduce problems with territorial and sexual aggression as well as decreasing inappropriate urination issues. For females, spaying decreases the chance of developing breast cancer. In fact, the rate goes down to almost zero if the spaying is done before the first heat cycle. It also eliminates the chance of developing a serious and potentially fatal infection of the uterus called pyometra. It also decreases or eliminates the mood swings associated with heat cycles and eliminates messy spotting. It's Never Too Early To Start Christmas Shopping, And Whether Your Dog's Been Bad Or Go Od, Oh For Goodness Sakes Why Not Have Them Look Adorable For The Holiday Season With The Purchase Of This Zack & Zoey Santa Claus Red Sequin Hoodie . Get Your Best Friend In The Holiday Spirit With This Santa Inspired Hoodie That's Guaranteed To Make Other Pet Owners Wonder Why They Didn't Dress Their Best Friend In Such Stylish Fashion. Everyone Loves Dressing Their Pets Up For Special Pictures That Capture Memorable Moments, And The Christmas Holidays Are Always The Perfect Excuse To Dress Our Best Friends Up In Something That's In Keeping With The Spirit Of The Holiday Season. Why Should You Be The Only One To Enjoy The Christmas Holidays? Start Your Holiday Shopping Early With The Purchase Of A Zack & Zoey Santa Claus Sequin Hoodie For Your Dog, And Take Your Dog Out For A Walk In This Santa Inspired Hoodie, And While You're Showing Off Your Dog Let Everyone Know That Your Best Friend Is Also Enjoying The Holiday Season. Just What Makes This Hoodie So Special; Well Here Are A Few Of The Features That Make This Hoodie The Perfect Gift For Your Dog: A Bright Red Color To Celebrate The Holidays Hoodie Features Radiant Sequins All Over The Fabric Hoodie Features Luxurious White Accents

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, apparel, gt, holiday Wear, gt, zack , amp, Zoey Santa Claus Sequin Hoodie Red
      SKU: Zack-and-zoey-santa-claus-sequin-hoodie-red-medium

    Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain-free Mature Chicken Recipe (5 Lb)
      Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain-free Mature Chicken Recipe (5 Lb).

      Wilderness Chicken Recipe For Adult Cats Inspired By The Diet Of The Lynx, A Tireless Hunter And Wild Relative Of Our Domesticated Feline Fri Ends, High-protein Blue Wilderness Contains A Higher Concentration Of The Delicious Chicken You Know Your Cat Will Love. And Because Blue Wilderness Is Made With No Grains, It's Also An Ideal Choice If You Prefer To Feed Your Cta A Gluten-free Diet. Please Note: All Food Is Shipped Via Ground Delivery, Only To The Contiguous (48) States. Please Allow 7 To 10 Days For Your Delivery To Arrive. (more Info)

      Category: Cat Food, gt, dry Cat Food, gt, blue Buffalo Dry Cat Food
      SKU: Blue-buffalo-wilderness-grain-free-mature-chicken-recipe-5-lb

    Cet Hextra Premium Chews - Large (30 Chews)
      Cet Hextra Premium Chews - Large (30 Chews).

      Size Dog Weight Petite 11 Lbs. And Under Medium 11 - 25 Lbs. Large 26 - 50 Lbs. Extra Large 51 Lbs. + Satisfy Your Dog's Need To Chew, And Clean His Mouth At The Same Time, With Cet Hextra Premium Chews. Dogs Have The Natural Compulsion To Chew In Order To Relieve Stress Or Cure Boredom. This Is Especially True For Puppies. For Any Dog, The Need To Chew Is An Urge That Must Be Satisfied. Instead Of Sacrificing Your Shoes To The Puppy's Chewing Urge, Give The Dog Something Beneficial To Chew With Cet's Brand Of Chews. These Chewy Strips Work Like Rawhide Pieces To Help Your Dog Exercise His Natural Need To Chew. They Also Prevent Excess Stress On The Teeth And Gums. Unlike Rawhide, The Cet Hextra Premium Chews Contain Chlorhexidine, An Antiseptic That Helps Clean Your Dog's Mouth Every Time The Dog Chomps Down On The Cet Chews. These Strips Are Also Petite To Fit A Small Dog's Mouth. The Cet Hextra Premium Chews Are Made To Please Any Dog, No Matter His Or Her Size.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dental Products, gt, dental Dog Treats, gt, virbac Cet Dental Chews
      SKU: Cetheprchla3

    Dogit Mind Games 3-in-1 Smallart Toy
      Dogit Mind Games 3-in-1 Smallart Toy.

      Working With Your Dog's Natural Hunting Instincts, Dogit Mind Games Provides Your Dog With A Fun, Engaging Experience That Challenges Both His Physical And Mental Abilities. This Is A Fun, Interactive Game For You And Your Dog. Physical Exercise And Mental Stimulation Are Important For Your Dog's Well-being. Dogit Mind Games Is 3 Games In One. Each One Designed To Encourage Your Dog's Problem-solving Skills While Promoting Bonding And Playtime With Your Pet. 3 Games-in-1: Hide-and-seek (dog Has To Dislodge Tops In Order To Claim "reward"); Spin-a-whirl (dog Nudges Wheel Around The Game Board To Reveal Treats); Sliding Puzzle (dog Slides The Tops To Uncover The Treats) Physical Exercise And Mental Stimulation Works With Your Dog?s Natural Hunting Instincts 3 Games In One

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Toys, gt, interactive Dog Toys, gt, dogit Mind Games
      SKU: Dogit-mind-games-3-in-1-smallart-toy

    Dr. Naylor Blu-kote Aerosol (5 Oz)
      Dr. Naylor Blu-kote Aerosol (5 Oz).

      Blu-kote Is A Germicidal, Fungicidal Wound Dressing And Healing Aid That Is Effective Against Both Bacterial And Fungal Infections Most Common In Skin Lesions Of Domestic Animals. Kills Ringworm. Helps To Dry Up Blisters And Pox-like Sores Or Lesions. Indicated For The Effective Treatment Of Fungal Infections, Surface Wounds, Cuts, Galls, Hoof-foot And Pad Sores, Chafes, Abrasions, Moist Lesions, Itchy Fungus Eczema And Sores On Horses And Dogs. Contains Sodium Propionate, Gentian Violet And Acriflavine In A Special Base Of Water, Urea, Glycerine And Isopropyl Alcohol 32% By Volume.

      Category: Horse , amp, amp, Livestock Products, gt, horse Wound Care, gt, dr, Naylor Wound Dressings
      SKU: Dr-naylor-blu-kote-aerosol-5-oz

    Halti Training Lead - Large (black)
      Halti Training Lead - Large (black).

      The Halti Training Lead Is A Firm Favorite With Dog Trainers Worldwide Due To Its Versatility And Comfort In Use. With Three Different Lead Length Options, The Halti Training Lead Can Be Used For General Walking Or Obedience Training. When Used In Conjunction With A Halti Headcollar Or Harness, The Double Trigger Clip Design Provides Optimum Steering And Control For Non-pull Training. 8 Versatile Functions Short Lead For Heel Training Or Normal Walking Medium Lead For Obedience Training Long Lead For Recall Or Distance Walk Two Dogs On One Lead Hands-free Dog Training Easy Supervised Tethering Double Steering For Optimum Halti Control Recommended For Use With The Halti Headcollar/harness Super Soft Dimensions: Length - 2m, Width - 25 Mm

      Category: New Pet Products
      SKU: Halti-training-lead-large-black

    Old Mother Hubbard P-nuttier Biscuits - Mini (20  Oz)
      Old Mother Hubbard P-nuttier Biscuits - Mini (20 Oz).

      Old Mother Hubbard P-nuttier Biscuits Are Scrumptious Oven-baked Treats That Will Have Your Dog's Tail Waggin'! Old Mother Hubbard Carefully Crafts Its Treats From Home-style Recipes That Have Been In Use Ago 1926. This Classic Recipe Uses All-natural Ingredients To Produce Full-flavored, Crunchy Biscuits That Are Both Wholesome And Delicious. Old Mother Hubbard P-nuttier Biscuits Make Great Rewards For Pets In Training Or As Gifts To Show Your Pup You Love Him. This Package Contains 20 Ounces Of Miniature Treats- But A 5-ounce Bag Of Miniature Treats And A 3.3-pound Bag Of Small Treats Of This Flavor Are Also Available. Order A Package Of These Delectable Oven-baked Biscuits For Your Dog Today! Key Features: Oven-baked For Crunchy Texture All-natural Ingredients For Wholesome Healthy Treats With Great Taste Available In 5 And 20 Ounce Sizes Of Minis Or 3.3 Lb Size Of Small Treats

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, all-natural Dog Treats , amp, Biscuits, gt, old Mother Hubbard Biscuits
      SKU: Old-mother-hubbard-p-nuttier-biscuits-mini-20-oz

    Pet Gear Travel-lite Tri-fold Pet Ramp - Chocolate/black
      Pet Gear Travel-lite Tri-fold Pet Ramp - Chocolate/black.

      The Pet Gear, Inc. Tri-fold Pet Ramp Allows Your Dog Easy Access Into Your Vehicle Or Other Hard To Reach Places. The Tread Is Skid-resistant Even When Wet To Keep Your Pet Steady. The Bottom Of The Ramp Has Rubber Grippers To Maintain Its Position. The Tri-fold Design Reduces Storage Space And Has A Carry Handle For Easy Transportation.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, pet Home , amp, amp, Travel Essentials, gt, pet Assistance, Stairs , amp, amp, Ramps, gt, pet Gear Ramps
      SKU: Pet-gear-travel-lite-tri-fold-pet-ramp-chocolate-black

    Clean & Green Furniture Refresher, Odor Eliminator, Cleaner And Stain  Remover For Cats (14 Oz)
      Clean & Green Furniture Refresher, Odor Eliminator, Cleaner And Stain Remover For Cats (14 Oz).

      Clean & Green Furniture Refresher, Odor Eliminator, Cleaner And Stain Remover For Cats By Seayu Cleans And Removes Stains And Odors From Cat Cleanup Problems On Fabric, Upholstery And Bedding Surfaces. For Urine Accidents, Use The Cat Bedding Product. Clean & Green Odor Eliminator's Powerful Advanced Eliminator3 Formula Encapsulates And Naturally Cleans And Eliminates Odors And Stains. Accelerating Nature's Very Own Process Of Biodegradation Without Any Polymers Or Artificial Bacteria, The Patented Petrotech Process Encapsulates The Source Of The Problem, And Continues Working Until The Source Of The Problem Is Completely Eliminated.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, cleaning , amp, amp, Sanitation, gt, stain , amp, amp, Odor Removal, gt, petrotech Sprays
      SKU: Petrotech-furniturecat

    Sea Pet Omega Plus Fish Oil With Natural Vitamin E (1 Gallon)
      Sea Pet Omega Plus Fish Oil With Natural Vitamin E (1 Gallon).

      Sea Pet Omega-3 Fish Oil "200" With Natural Vit E (1 Gal) Provides The Biologically-available Forms Of Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids With 200 Ius Of Natural Vitamin E Per Teaspoon. There Are Approximately 48 Teaspoons In An 8 Fl Oz Bottle. Results Are Normally Seen Within 2-3 Weeks. After 4-5 Weeks, We Suggest That You May Gradually Reduce Do Wn To The Maintenance Level For The Continued Well-being Of Your Pet. Suggested Daily Amounts - Can Be Squirted Onto Your Pet's Normal Daily Food. Pet's Weight Initial/loading Maintenance Under 30 Lbs 1 Tsp ¾ Tsp 30-60 Lbs 2 Tsp 1 Tsp 60-90 Lbs 3 Tsp 1 ¾ Tsp 90 Lbs+ 4 Tsp 2 Tsp

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, skin , amp, Coat, gt, fish Oil , amp, Omega Supplements, gt, sea Ept Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplements
      SKU: Seapet200omega3fish1gal

    Star Wars Wampa Pet Costume - Large
      Star Wars Wampa Pet Costume - Large.

      Dress Your Pet With The Wampa Pet Costume This Halloween! Costume Includes: Hood With Horns Paw Covers *all Pet Costume Sales Are Final. No Returns Or Exchanges.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, apparel, gt, dog Costumes, gt, star Wars, amp, trade, Wampa, amp, trade, Pet Costume
      SKU: Star-wars-wampa-pet-costume-large

    Tiki Dog Pipeline Luau Ahi Tuna (14.1 Oz) - 12 Pack
      Tiki Dog Pipeline Luau Ahi Tuna (14.1 Oz) - 12 Pack.

      Tiki Dog Pipeline Luau Ahi Tuna Tiki Dog Gourmet Whole Food Brand Dog Food Pipeline Luau Is Shredded Ahi Tuna On Brown Rice Topped With Carrots, Egg, Garlic And Kale Prepared In Tuna Consommã© For A Low Grain, Gravy Free, One Percent Carb Meal. The Gently Cooked Gourmet Prepared Ingredients And Techniques Applied For Superior Taste, Nutrition, And Variety, Cooked In Healthy Consommã© With No Heavy Starches Or Gravies. It Is A Complete And Balanced Diet For All Life Stages, Feeding 2% Of Body Weight Per Day To Maintain Weight. Tiki Dog Pipeline Luau Ahi Tuna Is Great To Feed Solely Or To Supplement A Dry Food Diett By Adding The Missing Moisture And Boosting The Necessary Protein And Fat Levels Missing From Kibble. 12 ? 14.1 Oz Cans For All Life Stages Sustainable Foods And Materials A Whole Food Diet Usda Certified For Human Consumption Please Note: All Food Is Shipped Via Ground Delivery, Only To The Contiguous (48) States. Please Allow 7 To 10 Days For Your Delivery To Arrive. (more Info)

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Food, gt, wet Dog Food, gt, tiki Dog Canned Food
      SKU: Tiki-dog-pipeline-luau-ahi-tuna-14-1-oz-12-pack

    Vita Flex Msm (1 Lb)
      Vita Flex Msm (1 Lb).

      Vita Flex Msm Is A Natural Lubricant For Joint And Hip Supplement. Vita Flex Msm Is An Ultra Pure Methylsulfonylmethane Supplement For Horses. These Odorless, White Crystalline, Are Easy To Give To Your Horse. Vita Flex Msm Can Also Be Given To Dogs And Cats In Smaller D Oses. It Is Recommended For The Support And Maintenance Of Healthy Hips And Joints. Active Ingredents : Methylsulfonylmethane (msm) 99.8% Pure????.9,430 Mg.

      Category: Horse , amp, amp, Livestock Products, gt, horse Bone, Joint , amp, amp, Muscle Care, gt, vita Flex Msm
      SKU: Viflviflmsm1

    The Soul Of A Horse: Life Lessons From The Herd
      The Soul Of A Horse: Life Lessons From The Herd.

      Look Into The Heart And Soul Of A Horse. A Surprise Birthda Gift Plunged Joe And His Wife, Kathleen, Into The World Of Horses As Complete Neophytes Without A Clue As To What A Horse Needed Or Wanted. They Searched For Logic And Sense In The Rule Books Of Traditional Horse Care. What They Found Was Not What They Had Expected. Written For Everyone Who Has Ever Loved A Horse Or Ever Loved The Idea Of Loving A Horse, This Memoir Leads Us On A Voyage Of Discovery As Joe And Kathleen Navigate Uncharted Territory On Their Way To Achieving A True Relationship With Their Horses. Joe Camp's Inspiring Book Unlocks The Mystery Of A Majestic Creature Who Has Survived On Earth, Without Assistance, For Fifty-five Million Years And Teaches Us That The Lessons He Learned Apply Not Only To Horses But Also To Our Relationships With People.

      SKU: 873616
      ISBN: 9780307406866
      Author: Camp, Joe


      Whether It's Moving To The Country And Starting Over On A Whim Or Just Making City- Living A Little Simpler And Easier, The "green" Movement Is Changing The Way We Live Our Day- To-day Lives. Skyhorse's Self-sufficiency Handbooks Are Meant To Help-offering Advice On What To Do, How To Do It Better, And How To Save Money As Well. This Is A Beautifully Illustrated Series Made Even More Beautiful, Because Its Goal Is To Help Everyone Live In A More Earth-friendly Fashion. You Do Not Need To Be Scientifically Trained Or An Accomplished Cook To Make Cheese At Home. The Information Here Covers Every Aspect Of Cheesemaking At Home, Including The Tools And Equipment Needed And Basic Recipes And Advice On Setting Up A Small Cheese Making Business. Rita Ash Shows Just How Simple It Is To Make Cheese, And How, With A Little Bit Of Care And Attention, Anyone Can Produce Delicious Cheeses At Home.

      SKU: 7379515
      ISBN: 9781602399600
      Author: Ash, Rita

    Queen Of Camelot
      Queen Of Camelot.

      "guinevere Comes Alive-a Strong, Resourceful, And Compassionate Woman, Accessible To Modern Folk . . . Mckenzie Makes A Quantum Leap In Defining The Character Of Guinevere As A Real, Flesh-and-blood Woman. The Arthur-guinevere-lancelot Triangle Comes Alive As Well-believable, Poignant, And Bearing The Seeds Of Tragedy." -katherine Kurtz On The Night Of Guinevere's Birth, A Wise Woman Declares A Prophecy Of Doom For The Child: She Will Be "gwenhwyfar," The White Shadow, Destined To Betray Her King, And Be Herself Betrayed. Years Pass, And Guinevere Becomes A Great Beauty, Riding Free Across Northern Wales On Her Beloved Horse. She Is Entranced By The Tales Of The Valorous Arthur, A Courageous Warrior Who Seems To Guinevere No Mere Man, But A Legend. Then She Finds Herself Betrothed To That Same Famous King, A Hero Who Commands Her Willing Devotion. Just As His Knights And All His Subjects, She Falls Under Arthur's Spell. At The Side Of King Arthur, Guinevere Reigns Strong And True. Yet She Soon Learns How The Dark Prophecy Will Reveal Itself. She Is Unable To Conceive. Arthur's Only True Heir Is Mordred, Offspring Of A Cursed Encounter With The Witch Morgause. Now Guinevere Must Make A Fateful Choice: She Decides To Raise Mordred, Teaching Him To Be A Ruler And To Honor Camelot. She Will Love Him Like A Mother. Mordred Will Be Her Greatest Joy-and The Key To Her Ultimate Downfall. " Return To A Time Of Legend-the Days Of Guinevere And Arthur And The Glory That Was To Become Camelot "

      SKU: 1062539
      ISBN: 9780345445872
      Author: Mckenzie, Nancy

    Boy Princess: Volume 3
      Boy Princess: Volume 3.

      In The Opening Scenes Of Boy Princess Volume 3 Bewildered Nicole Aches To Discern His Feelings For Prince Jed, Risky As They May Eb, And Feels Compelled To Be Cloes To Him Once More. He Wanders Lost In The Forest And Abandoned By His Horse, Until He Practically Stumbles Upon Jed. But His Surprise And Delight Are Quickly Surpassed By The Dismay At Jed's Cold Reaction And An Attempt To Kidnap Him. Perhaps They Never Had The Spark That Fuels His Conflicting Feelings About After All? Jed Tries To Calm Him To Prevent A Scene But Nicole Wants Something, A Promise, Anything? Jed Feels The Pressures Of His Position In His Kingdom Coming Down Hard, But He Stands Firm?until Princess Elena Arrives, Announcing Her Pregnancy And Begging To Keep And Mother The Child. Is This The Heir To The Throne Or The Result Of An Illicit Affair That Can Ruin Jed? Will Jed's Mischief Topple His Kingdom Before The Next Heir Is Even Born?

      SKU: 7362533
      ISBN: 9781600090325
      Author: Kim, Seyoung

    H. J. Heinz Company
      H. J. Heinz Company.

      In 1869, The American Diet Was A Dreary Affair. Kitchen Staples Included Bread, Potatoes, Other Root Vegetables,, And Meat. Tomatoesthen Called "love Apples"were An Exotic Fruit. A Young 25-year-old Henry J. Heinz Helped To Change All Of That. He Established His Company Based On A Single Premise: Quality. He Demonstrated This Commitment By Bottling His First Product, Grated Horseradish, In Clear Glass Jars To Showcase Its Purity. From His Hometown Near Pittsburgh, Heinz Sparked A Revolution. A Colorful Marketing Genius, He Was A Foresighted Entrepreneur Whose Peripatetic Travels Birthed The Global H. J. Heinz Company, Which Today Is Teh Most International Of All United Statesbased Food Companies. H. J. Heinz Company Contains Vintage Images From The Archives Of One Ofa Merica's First Industrial Photography Studios. It Captures Memorable And Creative Marketing From The "57 Varieties" To Today And Features Photography Of Many Current Initiatives In Heinz's Main Businesses Of Ketchup And Sauces, Meals And Snacks, And Infant Foods. It Is A Glimpse At One Of America's Best Loved Companies And A Study In How To "do The Common Thing Uncommonly Well."

      SKU: 2693369
      ISBN: 9780738545684
      Author: Foster, Debbie / Kennedy, Jack

    Beyond The Dream
      Beyond The Dream.

      Anna Is Twelve And Lives In Toronto, The Lonely, Unhappy Daughter Of Immigrant Parents. One Night She Dreams She Is In The Miiddle Of A Bloody Battle, And Is Almost Caught By A Huge Warrior With Blood-red Eyes. In The Schoolyard The Following Appointed Time She Sees The Huge Warrior Again. She Throws A Rock At Him, Breaks A Window, And He Vanishes. There Are More Strange Apparitions - In A Library And At School, Where Alison, Her Least Favourite Classmate, Sees A Blood-stained Hand On Anna's Computer Screen. The Two Enemies, Anna And Alison, Form An Uneasu Alliance To Find Out What Is Causing These Manifestations. In Trying, They Are Swept Into Another World. In A Country In The Other World, Rocdur, Lives A Boy Named Tam, Also An Immigrant. Rocdur Is Ruled By A Ruthless Tyrant Whose Harsh Laws Make It A Cruel Place For Its Impoverished And Suppressed Immigrants. Tam Manages To Survive The Difficult Conditions Only Through His Talent For Story-telling. Anna Discovers That She Is The Only Person Who Can Help A Group Of Strangers - The Young Story-teller, A Skilful Horseman And A Rebel Warrior - In An Ongoing Battle To Prevent The Destruction Of Their World.

      SKU: 6445307
      ISBN: 9781426908330
      Author: Melgar-foraster, Shaudin

    Barbarosa: The Sword Of Islam
      Barbarosa: The Sword Of Islam.

      This Book Chronicles The Life Of Barbarosa (kheir-ed-din), A 16th Century Corsair Who Rose From An Obscure Birth To Supreme Admiral Of The Ottoman Navy. He Was Also A Great Linguist, A Marine Architecht Of Note, The Supreme Master Of Galley Warfare And A Warrior Of Exceptional Courage Who Survived 40 Years Of Sea Battles To Die In Bed With A Beautiful, Young Wife At His Side. His Story Also Serves As A Canvas On Which To Paint One Of History's Great, But Too Little Known Empires In Its Heyday, And To Bring Alive An Exciting Chapter Of The Age-old War Between Islam And Christianity. By The End Of The 15th Century Islamic Turkey's Fierce Horsemen And Terrible Cannons Had Conquered The Middle East, Greece, The Balkans And Much Of The Balck Sea Littoral. Early In The 16th, A Young And Brilliant Sultan, Promising To Say His Five Daily Prayers In France And Stable His Horse In Rome, Thundered Hundreds Of Miles Up The Danube To Digest Hungary And Much Of The Old Roman Empire. Stymied By Weather And Distance, He Turned To The Sea, Called On Barbarosa, And In One Generation, Built A Navy Which Conquered The Mediterranean. In Minor Instances The Chronology Is Manipulated Or Characters Are Expanded In Order To Give Coherence Or Fill Gaps In The Historical Record. These Are Minor And Are Clearly Identified. Otherwise, The People In This Book All Lived And The Adventures All Happened. The Accuracy Of This Book Is The Accuracy Of Most History. Excerpts

      SKU: 6176680
      ISBN: 9781412070546
      Author: Quinn, Rodney S.

    Understanding The Equine Foot
      Understanding The Equine Foot.

      An Essential Guide Covering The Anatomy Of Th E Equine Foot, How It Functions, Maintaining A Healthy Foot, And Trimming And Shoeing. This Book Also Addresses The Various Diseases Which Can Befall This Sensitive And Complicated Part Of A Horse's Body.

      SKU: 4211347
      ISBN: 9780939049967
      Author: Jurga, Fran

    Neumann & Mller Imperial German Military Catalogues: A Resource For Collectors And Historians
      Neumann & Mller Imperial German Military Catalogues: A Resource For Collectors And Historians.

      This Is A Reprint Of Two Military Effects Catalogs From Imperial Germany. Historians And Collectors Will Be Amazed At What Was Offered For Private Purchase. From Medals To Swords To Horse Furniture To Guns And Spiked Helmets, Page After Page Has Amazing Detail. The Width Of Mller And The Detailed Depth Of Neumann Make These Absolutely Invaluable. Much Of What Is Reprinted Here Has Never Been Offered Before. Discoveries In The Neumann Catalog Have Revolutionized Some Thoughts About Imperial German Collecting. This Is Aw Onderful Trip To The Time Of Kaiser Wilhelm Ii Before Wwi, And A Must Have Resource.

      SKU: 6425018
      ISBN: 9781425938765
      Author: Robinson, Janet / Robinson, Joe

    Concise Guide To Tendon And Ligament Injuries In The Horse
      Concise Guide To Tendon And Ligament Injuries In The Horse.

      "concise Guide To Tendon & Ligament Injuries In The Horse" Is Part Of A Series Of Books That Provides In-depth Information About A Variety Of Health-related Subjects Of Interest To Owners And Riders. This Book Describes The Most Common Tendon And Ligament Injuries That Affect All Sport Horses. It Explains How To Recognize An Injured Tendon Or Ligament In A Horse, And It Evaluates A Range Of Possible Treatments And Their Effectiveness And Limitations. With This Information, Owners Can Better Understand What It Will Take To Make Their Horses Sound Again. Also In This "series Concise Guide To": "medications And Supplements For The Horse""colic In The Horse""navicular Syndrome In The Horse"the Howell Equestrian Library

      SKU: 3886163
      ISBN: 9780876059128
      Author: Ramey, David W.

    Jack London On Adventure
      Jack London On Adventure.

      "the Proper Function Of Man Is To Live, Not To Exist. I Shall Not Waste My Days In Trying To Prolong Them. I Shall Use My Time," Writes Jack London, Accurately Proclaiming The Very Ingredients Of His Full, Passionate Lifestyle. Bearing A Name That Is Now Synonymous With Adventure, London Seemed To Fear Nothing, Constantly Stretching His Comfortable Limits-composing His Classic Short Stories At One Thousand Words Every Morning, Sailing Across The Pacific Ocean On Voyages Both For Pleasure And Profit, Horseback Riding, Continual Entertaining At Home In Glen Ellen, California, Barroom Socializing And Debating, Marrying Twice, Frequent Lecturing, And Operating A Ranch-all With About Four Or Five Hours Of Sleep A Night To Make It Possible. Rising From The Low-income Factory-worker Community Of West Oakland, California, London's Romantic Writings On Adventure Found At Sea, Or In Alaska, Or In The Fields And Factories Of California Appealed To The Everyman-millions Of Readers Around The World. Here, In" Jack London On Adventure," Are Excerpts From His Well-loved Works, Which Were The Result Of His Restless Quest For Experience, Combined With "his Observations Of Unalterable Facts," As Editor Terry Mort Writes In His Introduction. Lose Yourself In The Sheer Unending Quietude Of The North In" "white Fang&quo T;" And ""the White Silence""; Enter Into The Listless, Worried Mind Of An Elder In ""the League Of The Old Men""; Prepare To Sail Around The World For Seven Years' Time Alongside The Author-turned-captain, Himself, In ""the Cruise Of The Snark,&qmp;quot;" Where The Famed Boat Is Built With Each Dollar Earned From London's Writings; And Peek Into The Observations Of Seasoned Sailors And Thefoolish Passengers They Carry In ""the Sea Wolf."" Mort Ends With The Statement, "a Complex Man And Artist Is Hard To Capture In A Single Image," But In Terms Of The Unlikely And Unknown, London's Works Here Capture The Thrill That Burned In Him So Brightly.

      SKU: 7267395
      ISBN: 9781592286096
      Author: London, Jack / Mort, Terry

    Love Of A Dreamweaver
      Love Of A Dreamweaver.

      Katie, The Great, Great Granddaughter Of A Powerful Shaman, Lives Alone In The Mighty Ozark Mountains. After Suffering A Great Tragedy, Katie Reconciles Herself To The Solitary Life Of A Healer And Caretaker Of The Beloved Winged Horses Of The Gods. Until Triston Breyers, A Retired Marine Colonel And His Young Son Samuel, Move To Fort Smith, Arkansas, And Settle On The Land Adjoining Hers. His Presence Brought A Love Into Her Life That She Thought Forever Out Of Her Reach. The Only Man With The Power To Walk The Paths Of Her Dreams. Together They Explore Their Love, Tasting The Fruits Of Life. Finding The Desire To Dream Once More. Unaware Of Mcallen, A Dark Evil, Lurking In The Shadows, Watching And Waiting To Seek Out His Revenge On The Woman That Killed His Brother. His One Goal In Life? To Destroy Katie Mccallisters, Last Of The Powerful Dreamweavers.

      SKU: 7251741
      ISBN: 9781591295556
      Author: Kohl, Kathleen M.

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