Zukes Z-bones Edible Dental Chews Giant Clean Apple Crisp (5.25 Oz)

    Zukes Z-bones Edible Dental Chews Giant Clean Apple Crisp (5.25 Oz)
      Zukes Z-bones Edible Dental Chews Giant Clean Apple Crisp (5.25 Oz).

      Zukes Z-bones Giant Clean Apple Crisp Doggie Dental Hygiene Isn't Always The Most Up Kept, With A Natural Proclivity To Carry Anything In Their Mouths No Matteer How Unsanitary. If You're Looking For A Natural Way To Keep Their Teeth Clean And Breath Fresh, Look No Further Than Z-bones, The Natural Edible Dental Chews. Z-bones Use A Delicious, Grain Free Formula Which Is Easy To Digest And Will Help Scrape And Polish Teeth. Grain Free Formula Z-bones Are Made With Potato Starch And Tapioca As An Alternative To Allergy Inducing Wheat Based Bones. As An Added Benefit, Tapioca Helps Digestibility With Fewer Calories. Z-bones Are Also Made Without Dairy, Which Is A Common Allergen For Dogs. Natural Breath Freshener Z-bones Comprehend A Full Arsenal To Combat Bad Breath. Alfalfa Concentrate, A Highly Concentrated Form Of Chlorophyll, Freshens Breath From The Inside Out. Parsley Along With Rosemary Offer Natural Powerful Herbs To Eliminate Doggy Breath. Clove Has Analgesic Properties And Acts Quickly To Suppress Your Hound's Halitosis. Z-bones Also Has Fennel, Which Is A Common Ingredient For Mouth Washes And Toothpastes. Antioxidants And Digestibility With Clean Apple Crisp, Your Dog Gets One Of Nature's Best Antioxidants In Apples. Spinach Offers A Rich Source Of Phytonutrients Like Lutein, Beta-carotene, Zeaxanthin And Flavinoids. Apples And Spinach Are Also Excellent Sources Of Fiber And Vitamins That Aid Digestion. Zukes Z-bones Giant Clean Apple Crisp Grain Free Easy To Digest Clean Teeth Healthy Wholefood Antioxidant Natural Breath Freshener Delicious And Nutritious For Dogs Greater Than 5 Lbs And More Than 6 Months Of Age More Info Dog Treats More Treats For Your Dog. Top Dog Bones Find Alternative Dog Bones. Canine Dental Disease Learn More About Problems That Can Come From Poor Dental Hygiene Pet Food Couple Your Healthy Treat With A Healthy Meal. Choose The Right Size Z-bonne For Your Dog Clean Apple Crisp Clean Carrot Crunch Clean Cherry Berry Mini: For Dogs 5-25 Lbs Regular: For Dogs 25-60 Lbs Large: For Dogs 60-90 Lbs Giant: For Dogs Over 90 Lbs Mini 18 Bone Box Regular 8 Bone Box Large 6 Bone Box Mini: For Dogs 5-25 Lbs Regular: For Dogs 25-60 Lbs Large: For Dogs 60-90 Lbs Giant: For Dogs Over 90 Lbs Mini 18 Bone Box Regular 8 Bone Box Large 6 Bone Box Mini: For Dogs 5-25 Lbs Regular: For Dogs 25-60 Lbs Large: For Dogs 60-90 Lbs Giant: For Dogs Over 90 Lbs Mini 18 Bone Box Regular 8 Bone Box Large 6 Bone Box Healthy Pets Healthy Planet Every Zuke's Product Is Crafted To Keep Both Pets And The Planet Healthy. Be Healthy Beyond Ingredients Be Active Embrace The Outdoors Be Devoted Honor Unconditional Love

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    Dog Breed Keychain Usa Pewter - Borzoi (2.5")
      Dog Breed Keychain Usa Pewter - Borzoi (2.5").

      Borzoi Keychain Approximately 2.5" Pewter Made In The Usa

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    Earthbath Hypo-allergenic Shampoo (16 Fl. Oz.)
      Earthbath Hypo-allergenic Shampoo (16 Fl. Oz.).

      Earthbath Hypo-allergenic Shampoo (16 Fl. Oz.) Some Of Our Beloved Furry Friends Have Skin Allergies And Sensitivities That Can Make It Difficult To Get Clean And Simultaneously Remain Happy. (puppies & Kittens Often Fall Into Thiss Category). Earthbath Solved This Dilemma By Blending The Finest Natural Ingredients Into This Mild, Hypo-allergenic, Tearless Shampoo. It Cleanses Thoroughly And Safely, And Even The Most Sensitive Skin Will Not Be Affected Because We Used Only Mild, Safe, Non-irritants. It Will Leave Your Pet's Coat Soft, Plush, And Smelling Naturally Fresh. Safe For Dogs And Cats, Puppies And Kittens Over 6 Weeks. Ing Redients: Purified Water, Ultra-mild Natural Cleansers, Aloe Vera, Xanthan Gum, Olive Oil Squalene (preservative), Propyl Paraben. All Ingredients Are Natural, 100% Biodegradable, And Extra Gentle On You And Your Pet. Instructions For Use: Shake Well Before Using To Ensure That Natural Ingredients Are In Suspension. On A Wet Coat, Lather Your Pet Thoroughly With A Few Good Palm-fulls Of Earthbath™ Totally Natural Pet Shamppoo. Remember To Eliminate All Escape Routes Well In Advance (a Tip: Once Your Pet Is Slippery Wet, He Or She Is Suddenly Smarter And Faster Than You Are). Rinse Off. Towel Dry Thoroughly With A Big Hug. For Extra Sheen, Luxurious Conditioning And Detangling Manageability, Use In Conjunction With Earthbath Cră¸me Rinse & Conditioner. May Be Diluted 25 Parts Water To 1 Part Shampoo If Desired.

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    Egusin 250 Pellets (10 Lbs)
      Egusin 250 Pellets (10 Lbs).

      Egusin 250 Alfalfa Pellets Is A Natural Dietetic Feed Supplement For Horses That Has Been Demonstrated To Be Beneficial In Promoting A Healthy Stomach And An Aid In Preventing The Destruction Of The Stomach Lining Associated With Gastrointestinal Disorders. It Contains A Combination Of Ingredients That Not Only Addresses The Primary Causes Of Gastrointestinal Disturbances But Also Avoids Their Recurrence. Easy To Administer, No Waste Dustless Top Dress In A Palatable Formulation Is Mixed Into Feed Concentrate. Contains Dietetic Soluble Fibers, Which Improve Intestinal Function. Does Not Contain Any Drugs Or Prohibited Substances. The 10-lb. Pail Is A 21-day Supply For One Horse. All Food Is Shipped Ground Delivery. Please Allow 7 To 12 Days For Your Delivery To Arrive. Please Note, We Do Not Ship Pet Food Internationally. For More Shipping Info Click Here.

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    Humunga Tongue Large For Medium/ Large /xlarge Dogs (over 40 Lbs.)
      Humunga Tongue Large For Medium/ Large /xlarge Dogs (over 40 Lbs.).

      Humunga Tongue Is An Awesome Fetch Toy. It's A Ball And A Tongue All In One. It's Made With Non-toxic Solid Natural Rubber. You And Your Pet Are Sure To Love This Durable And Easy To Retrieve Toy. Measures:9.5", Diameter:2" Trick Your Vet A Ball And Tongue All In One Crack Up People On The Street Catch It, Fetch It Pose For A Group Photo Give To Your Friend As A Gag Gift Play Tongue O' War

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    Pet-tabs Plus For Dogs (180 Tablets)
      Pet-tabs Plus For Dogs (180 Tablets).

      Pet-tabs Plus For Dogs (180 Tablets) Is The Addition Of More Vitamins And High Iron Content In These Palatable Tablets. Designed For Dogs Experiencing Stress, Or For High-energy Sporting Or Working Dogs. Also Provides Senior Dogs With The Nutrients They May Be Missing Due To Lowered Food Intake Or Loss Of Appetite. Pet Tabs Plus Is Made With Special Taste Appeal, And May Be Administered By Hand Prior To Feeding, Or Crumbled And Mixed With Food. High Potency Nutritional Supplement For Special Vitamin-mineral Needs Guaranteed Analysis: Per Tablet: (all Values Are Minimum Quantities Unless Otherwise Stated) Minerals: Calcium (minimum)...2.5%, (maximum)...3.5%, Phosphorus...2.5%, Potassium...0.4%, Salt( Minimum)...1.1%, (maximum)...1.6%, Chloride...0.7%, Magnesium...0.15%, Iron...3.0 Mg, Copper...0.1 Mg, Manganese...0.25 Mg, Zinc...1.4 Mg Vitamins: Vitamin A...1,500 Iu, Vitamin D...150 Iu, Vitamine...15 Iu, Thiamine...0.24 Mg, Riboflavin...0.65 Mg, Pantothenic Acid...0.68 Mg, Niacin...3.4 Mg, Pyridoxine...0.24 Mg, Folic Acid...0.05 Mg, Vitamin B12...7.0 Mcg, Choline...40.0 Mg Ingredients: Wheat Germ, Kaolin, Corn Syrup, Pork Liver Meal, Dicalcium Phosphate, Sorbitol, Choline Chloride, Sucrose, Dl-alpha Tocopheryl Acetate, Safflower Oil, Gelatin, Hydrolyzed Veg Etable Protein, Ascorbic Acid, Stearic Acid, Cyanocobalamin, Iron Oxide And Peptone, Magnesium Stearate, Vitamin A Acetate, Niacinamide, Zinc Oxide, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Calcium Pantothenate, Riboflavin, Lactose, Thiamine Mononitrate, Phytonadione (vitamin K1), Vitamin D3, Manganese Sulfate, Copper Acetate Monohydrate, Cobalt Sulfate, Folic Acid, D-biotin.

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    Quado Interactive Dog Treat Mint Flavor - Small Fry
      Quado Interactive Dog Treat Mint Flavor - Small Fry.

      Quado® Interactive Dog Treat Is A Palatable Dental Treat That Provides A Long-lasting Chew Experience Your Dog Will Love! This All-natural Dental Treat Contains Only Wholesome Ingredients To Ensure That It's Safe For Your Pup. The Unique Shape Of This Treat Works To Scrape Away Plaque And Tartar From Your Dog's Teeth And Gums As He Chews. Quado Interactive Dog Treat Is Formulated To Freshen Your Dog's Breath And Is Available In Three Delectable Flavors Your Dog Will Love. This Package Includes Two Small Fry Size Treats For Dogs Weighing Between 5 And 15 Pounds In A Mouth-watering Mint Flavor- But This Size Is Also Available In Peanut And Pumpkin Flavors. Your Dog Will Love These Tasty Dental Treats- So Order Some For Your Pup Today! Key Features: All-natural Ingredients In Edible, Digestible Chew Treat Removes Plaque And Tartar And Freshens Breath Available In 3 Sizes And Flavors Made In Usa

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    Ranch Rewards Rawhide Pressed Bones - 2 Pack
      Ranch Rewards Rawhide Pressed Bones - 2 Pack.

      Dogs Will Love These Long-lasting Ranch Rewards Premium Pressed Rawhide Bones. Lasts Up To Five Times Longer Than Regular Rawhide Because They Are Compressed So Tightly./li> Made From Pressed Layers Of Top-quality Rawhide/li> Heavier And Denser Than Regular Rawhide Contents: 6" 2-pack (measurements Are Approximate. Actual Sizes May Vary. Product Dimensions: 6 X 4 X 0.8 Inches ; 5.9 Ounces

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    Redbarn Antler Dog Chew - Solid (x-large)
      Redbarn Antler Dog Chew - Solid (x-large).

      Redbarn Solid Antler Dog Chews Are Delicious Chew Treats Made From All Natural Deer And Elk Antlers. Your Dog Will Love These Delicious Bones That Have Each Been Naturally Shed. Each Chew Treat Lasts For Hours Of Enjoyable Chewing And Is Completely Odor-free. To Ensure That Your Dog Receives Only The Best, No Artificial Preservatives, Flavorings Or Colors Have Been Added To These Treats. Redbarn Solid Antler Dog Chews Are Left In Their Natural Antler Shape For Dogs That Are Aggressive Chewers. This Particular Antler Is An Extra Large Size, But Here Are Also Medium , Large , And Jumbo Sizes Available For Larger Dog Breeds. Your Dog Will Love This Deliciou$ Chew Treat- So Order One Today! Key Features: 100% Natural Deer And Elk Antlers Odor-free Available In 4 Sizes

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    Starwalk - Black
      Starwalk - Black.

      Starwalk Is An Application Based Activity Tracking Device For Dogs. Owners Simply Attach The Lightweight Device To A Dog's Collar And Sync The Device With The Downloadable App. Customizable Led Light Colors (6 Colors) Programmable Reminder Notification Under My Dog Alerts Track Exercise And Activity Goals Detailed Analysis By The Hour Compare Activ Ity With Other Dogs Smart Lights For Activity, Alerts, And Goal Tracking Led Light (night Walking Mode) Battery Life Indicator Fully Waterproof Universal Attachment Bracket For Dog Collars

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    Yeowww! Cigar Catnip Toy (3 Pack)
      Yeowww! Cigar Catnip Toy (3 Pack).

      Yeowww! Cigar Catnip Toy (3 Pack) Is The Classiest Way To Keep Your Cat Looking Cool With A Fun Distraction That Will Keep Your Cat's Attention Rapt! This Unique Tin Box Contains Three Cotton Toys That Are Styled To Look Like Real Cigars. The "cigars" Are Made From Natural Cotton Twill And Even Feature Yeowww! Actnip Insignia On Cigar Bands To Make Them Look Authentic! Yeowww! Cigar Catnip Toys Are Perfect For A Laugh Or To Keep Your Cat Entertained With A Simple Catnip Toy. Each Cigar Is Packed With Premium Catnip To Entice Your Cat And Is Made Here In The United States. Your Cat Will Love This Hysterical Catnip Toy- So Order It For Your Pet Today! Key Features: Comes With Three Catnip Cigar Toys Each Toy Is Filled With 100% Organic Yeowww! Catnip Made With Cotton Twill Here In The Usa

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    Repti Temp Rheostat
      Repti Temp Rheostat.

      With A Turn Of The Knob, You Can Adjust The Temperature Of Most Heating Devices! Plug In Up To Two Compatible Heat Sources With A Combined Wattage Of Up To 150 Watts! Turn Your Heaters Down Or Back Up Depending On The Ambient Room Temperature. Great For Use With Zoo Med?s Repticare Rock Heaters, Ceramic Heat Emitters, Reptitherm Under Tank Heaters, And Repti Basking Spot Lamps

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    Mrs. Piggle-wiggel's Farm
      Mrs. Piggle-wiggel's Farm.

      Ms. Pigle-wiggle's Left Her Upside-down Town House And Has Moved To A Farm In The Country. With The Help Of Her Cows And Pigs And Horses, She's Still Curing Girls And Boys Of Their Bad Habits. So Whatever The Problem-from Pet Forgetter-itis To Fraidycat-ness-the Parents All Exclaim, "better Call Mrs. Piggle-wiggle "

      SKU: 224595
      ISBN: 9780064401500
      Author: Macdonald, Betty / Sendak, Maurice

    The Oracle Of Stamboul
      The Oracle Of Stamboul.

      An Elegantly Crafted, Utterly Enchanting Debut Novel Set In A Mystical, Exotic World, In Which A Gifted Young Girl Charms A Sultan And Changes The Course Of An Empire's History Late In The Summer Of 1877, A Flock Of Purple-and-white Hoopoes Suddenly Appears Over The Town Of Constanta On The Black Sea, And Eleonora Cohen Is Ushered Into The World By A Mysterious Pair Of Tartar Midwives Who Arrive Just Minutes Before Her Birth. ""they Had Read The Signs, They Said: A Sea Of Horses, A Conference Of Birds, The North Star In Alignment With The Moon. It Was A Prophecy That Their Last King Had Given On His Deathwatch."" But Joy Is Mixed With Tragedy, For Eleonora's Mother Dies Soon After The Birth. Raised By Her Doting Father, Yakob, A Carpet Merchant, And Her Stern, Resentful Stepmother, Ruxandra, Eleonora Spends Her Early Years Daydreaming And Doing Housework-until The Moment She Teaches Herself To Read, And Her Father Recognizes That She Is An Extraordinarily Gifted Child, A Prodigy. When Yakob Sets Off By Boat For Stamboul On Business, Eight-year-old Eleonora, Unable To Bear The Separation, Stows Away In One Of His Trunks. On The Shores Of The Bosporus, In The House Of Her Father's Business Partner, Moncef Bey, A New Life Awaits. Books, Backgammon, Beautiful Dresses And Shoes, Markets Swarming With Color And Life-the Imperial Capital Overflows With Elegance, And Mystery. For In The Narrow Streets Of Stamboul-a City At The Crossroads Of The World-intrigue And Gossip Are Currency, And People Are Not Always What They Seem. Eleonora's Tutor, An American Minister And Educator, May Be A Spy. The Kindly Though Elusive Moncef Bey Has A Past History Of Secret Societies And Political Maneuvering. And What Is To Be Made Of The Eccentric, Charming Sultan Abdulhamid Ii Himself, Beleaguered By Friend And Foe Alike As His Unwieldy, Multiethnic Empire Crumbles? "the Oracle Of Stamboul" Is A Marvelously Evocative, Magical Historical Novel That Will Transport Readers To Another Time And Place-romantic, Exotic, Yet Remarkably Like To Our Own.

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      ISBN: 9780062012104
      Author: Lukas, Mich Ael David

    After Midnight
      After Midnight.

      A Suspenseful New Series Featuring Vampires And Forbidden Love Sophomore Catlyn Youngblood Is Used To The Nomadic Existence She And Her Two Older Brothers Have Shared Since The Death Of Their Parents. When They Settle Down For Good In The Sleepy Backwoods Town Of Lost Lake, Florida, Cat Thinks They Might Finally Fit In. Instead, They're Shunned By The Locals. While Riding Her Horse Late One Night, Cat Meets An Enigmatic And Handsome Boy Named Jesse Raven. Even More Strange Than Her Overpowering Attraction To Him Is Jesse's Apparent Aversion To The Sun. As Their Attraction Intensifies, Long-kept Secrets Come To Light. Cat Learns That The Ravens Are A Centuries-old Vampire Clan . . . And Worse Still, That She And Her Brothers Are Descendents Of Abraham Van Helsing, The World-famous Vampire Hunter. Mortal Enemies By Blood, The Two Families Do All They Can To Keep Them Apart. But Cat And Jesse Will Risk Everything To Be Together-including Death.

      SKU: 12159851
      ISBN: 9780738726328
      Author: Viehl, Lynn

    Mustang: The Saga Of The Wild Horse In The American West
      Mustang: The Saga Of The Wild Horse In The American West.

      "mustang "is The Sweeping Story Of The Wild Horse In The Culture, History, And Popular Imagination Of The American West. It Follows The Wild Horse Across Time, From Its Evolutionary Origins On This Continent To Its Return With The Conquistadors, Its Bloody Battles On The Old Frontier, Its Iconic Status In Buffalo Bill Shows And Early Westerns, And Its Plight Today As It Makes Its Last Stand On The Vanishing Range. With The Bureau Of Land Management Proposing To Euthanize Thousands Of Horses And Ever-encroaching Development Threatening The Land, The Mustang's Position Has Never Been More Perilous. But As Stillman Reveals, The Horses Are Still Running Wild Despite All The Obstacles, With Spirit Unbroken. Hailed By Critics Nationwide, "mustang "is "brisk, Smart, Thorough, And Surprising" ("atlantic Monthly").

      SKU: 1856916
      ISBN: 9780547237916
      Author: Stillman, Deanne

    Highway Robbery Highway Robbery
      Highway Robbery Highway Robbery.

      The Rider Sprang Off As Light As A Cat And Pulled The Reins Over The Horse's Head. Then He Marched Straight Over To Me And Put Them Into My Hand. "hold The Mare For Me, Lad. And When I Come Back, I'll Give You A Golden Guinea." A Dark Stranger Leaves His Magnificent Horse In The Care Of A Boy He's Never Met. As Dusk Falls, Others Offer To Pay The Boy Handsomely For The Animal. Then Soldiers Arrive, Demanding To Know Where The Horse's Owner Has Gone. Could The Stranger Be The Notorious Dick Turpin, Known For His Daring Holdups And Amazing Exploits? Is The Horse The Legendary Black Bess? And Will The Boy Ever See The Reward He's Been Promised? There's Mischief In The Air, But It Isn't Entirely Clear Who's Causing It.

      SKU: 211189
      ISBN: 9780061730344
      Author: Thompson, Kate / Dress, Robert

    John And Tom
      John And Tom.

      Popular North Country Yarnspinner Willem Lange Interprets The True Tale Of A Young Logger Who Is Saved By His Remarkable Morgan Horse After An Accident In The Woods. Luminous Watercolors Beautifully Convey The Mutual Bond Of Love And Trust Between Man And Animal, While The Warmhearted Narrative Calls Out To Armchair Readers Young And Old. Concluding Activity Page. Ages 6-10.

      SKU: 4140250
      ISBN: 9780916718176
      Author: Lange, Willem / Dodson, Bert / Lange, William

    Through Mexico On Horseback
      Through Mexico On Horseback.

      At First Glance One May Wonder How Qualified Were The Two Young Men Who Set Off From A Texas Border Town Bound For Mexico City In 1931. The Author, Joseph Goodwin Was A Yankee With An Itchy Foot And A Taste For Peril. In Contrast To This Homespun Hero Was His Companion, Robert Horiguichi, The Sophisticated, Multi-lingual Son Of An Imperial Japanese Diplomat. To Say These Two Mismatched, Would-be Equestrian Explorers Were Unprepared For The Deserts, Quicksand And Brigands They Encountered In The Mexican Wilderness Would Be A Mild Understatement. Luckily Before Leaving The Lone Star State They Had Procured What They Believed Were All The Necessities For Explorers, Including A Canteen, An Old Pistol, And A Typewriter To Chronicle Their Soon-to-be-famous Equestrian Escapades. Along With Their Mustangs, Pistole And Negra, The Amateur Adventurers Set Out To Prove That The Dangers Of The Road Were As Welcome As The Pleasures, Something For Which They Did Not Have To Wait Long To Discover. In One Particularly Harrowing Episode, They Were Surrounded, Shot, And Nearly Kidnapped By An Armed Band Of Mexican Bandits. Through Mexico On Horseback Is Thus Both A Stirring Tale Of High Adventure, As Well As A Look Back At A More Innocent Time In A Now-bygone World.

      SKU: 7238631
      ISBN: 9781590480359
      Author: Goodwin, Joseph C.

    Charlie The Cocky Rooster: Leader Of The Pack
      Charlie The Cocky Rooster: Leader Of The Pack.

      Charlie The Rooster Is Still The Leader Of The Pack.in This Adventure The Little Animals Meet Chit Chat The Rat.chit Chat Loves To Tell Stories And Make Them Rhyme.he Can't Figure Out Why He Does This All The Time.he Told Charlie, "this Cat Would Chase Me Everywhere In The Barn.i Just Knew She Was Mean Enough To Do Me Harm.seeing Her Long Claws Scared Me Half To Death.all I Could Think Ofwas To Was To Hold My Breath.it Was As Though We Were Playing The Game, "catch Me Ifyou Can."so I Just Ran, Ran And Ran.i' Dfmd A Place I Thought Was Safe.i'd Turn Around And All I Could See Was Her Angry Face.the Closest Place I Could Fmd Was A Horse Stall.i Suddenly Seen A Hole In The Wall.crawled Through It With No Trouble At All.i'll Bet She'd Like To Play That Game Once More.i'd Like To Play A Trick On Her To Even The Score.i Hope I Never See That Stupid Cat Again.this Game Is Certainly Called, "catch Me If You Can."remember This Is Another Adventure With The Animals You Adore.will Chit Chat The Rat Go Back To See The Cat And Even The Score?you Will Definitely Want To Read More.

      SKU: 13614811
      ISBN: 9781456741976
      Author: Pilney, Dovie

    Shermans Horsemen: Union Cavalry Operations In The Atlanta Campaign
      Shermans Horsemen: Union Cavalry Operations In The Atlanta Campaign.

      ..". Massively Researched... Those Seeking A Richly Detailed Journal Of The Cavalry's Role In One Of The War's Crucial Campaigns Will Find This Book Irreplaceable." - Blue & Gray Magazine "this Volume Is Meticulously Detailed And Comes To Some Convincing Conclusions." - The Journal Of American History "a Vivid Account Of The Campaign That Helped Decide The Outcome Of The Civil War.... A Rich Narrative That Will Delight Students Of The Civil War." - Kirkus Reviews Attempting A Quick, Decisive Victory In The 1864 Struggle For Atlanta, William Tecumseh S Herman's Cavalry Wreaked Havoc In The Countryside Around The City. This Book, Based Largely Upon Previously Unpublished Materials, Tells The Story Of Sherman's Raids. Through Exhaustive Research, David Evans Has Been Able To Recreate A Vivid, Captivating, And Meticulously Detailed Image Of The Day-by-day Life Of The Yankee Horse Soldier.

      SKU: 785205
      ISBN: 9780253213198
      Author: Evans, David S.


      Chapter One It Was October, The Time Of The Year's Dying When Cattle Were Being Slaughtered Before Winter And When The Northern Winds Brought A Promise Of Ice. The Chestnut Leaves Had Turned Golden, The Beeches Were Trees Of Flame And The Oaks Were Made From Bronze. Thomas Of Hookton, With His Woman, Eleanor, And His Friend, Father Hobbe, Ca Me To The Upland Farm At Dusk And The Farmer Refused To Open His Door, But Shouted Through The Wood That The Travelers Could Sleep In The Byre. Rain Rattled On The Moldering Thatch. Thomas Led Their One Horse Under The Roof That They Sharrd With A Woodpile, Six Pigs In A Stout Timber Pen And A Scattering Of Feathers Where A Hen Had Been Plucked. The Feathers Reminded Father Hobbe That It Was St. Gallus's Day And He Told Eleanor How The Blessed Saint, Coming Home In A Winter's Night, Had Found A Bear Stealing His Dinner. "he Told The Animal Off " Father Hobbe Said. "he Gave It A Right Talking-to, He Did, And Then He Made It Fetch His Firewood." "i've Seen A Picture Of That," Eleanor Said. "didn't The Bear Become His Servant?" &quo;that's Because Gallus Was A Holy Man," Father Hobbe Explained. "bears Wouldn't Fetch Firewood For Just Anyone Only For A Holy Man." "a Holy Man," Thomas Put In, "who Is The Patron Saint Of Hens." Thomas Knew All About The Saints, More Indeed Than Father Hobbe. "why Would A Chicken Want A Saint?" He Inquired Sarcastically. "gallus Is The Patron Of Hens?" Eleanor Asked, Confjsed By Thomas's Tone. "not Bears?" "of Hens," Father Hobbe Confirmed. "indeed Of All Poultry." "but Why?" Eleanor Wanted To Know. "because He Once Expelled A Wicked Demon From A Young Girl." Father Hobbe, Broad-faced, Hair Like Astickleback's Spines, Peasant-born, Stocky, Young And Eager, Liked To Tell Stories Of The Blessed Saints. "a Whole Bundle Of Bishops Had Tried To Drive The Demon Out," He Went On, "and They Had All Failed, But The Blessed Gallus Came Along And He Cursed The Demon. He Cursed It And It Screeched In Terror" - Father Hobbe Waved His Hands In The Air To Imitate The Evil Spirit's Panic - "and Then It Fled From Her Body, It Did, And It Looked Just Like A Black Hen - A Pullet. A Black Pullet." "i've Never Seen A Picture Of That," Eleanor Remarked In Her Accented English, Then, Gazing Out Through The Byre Door, "but I'd Like To See A Real Bear Carrying Firewood," She Added Wistfully. Thomas Sat Beside Her And Stared Iinto The Wet Dusk, Which Was Hazed By A Small Mist. He Was Not Sure It Really Was St. Gallus's Day For He Had Lost His Reckoning While They Traveled. Perhaps It Was Already St. Audrey's Day? It Was October, He Knew That, And He Knew That O

      SKU: 172310
      ISBN: 9780060517434
      Author: Cornwell, Bernard

    Allyson's Beau
      Allyson's Beau.

      Allyson's Beau Is A Story About One Young Woman's Attempt To Obtain A Disney Movie Type Life. Allyson, Married Young, And With Her New Husband, Set Off To Make All Her Dreams Come True. After All, What Did She Have To Lose? She Immediately Thrusts Herself Into The World Of Horses Hoping To Become Someone Special. As Mere Wishes Meet Concrete Reality, "she Didn't Know What She Feared More, Riding Beau Or Arousing Barbara's Anger." She Chooses A Scrawny, Uncoordinated, Bay Foal, Who Becomes Her Reason For Continuing In The Rough And Rugged Horse Industry That Is Determined To Wear Her Down. As Desperation Drives Her Dream, Allyson Not Only Gathers A Variety Of Friends And Foes, But Meets Her True Self In The Process. Her Colt, Her Beau, Is Not The Only Love In Her Life, Something She Often Forgets. Join Allyson And Her Beau, And Enter Into The World Of The Morgan Show Horse. Through Her Eyes, Learn What It Takes To Make A Dream Become Reality.

      SKU: 6427712
      ISBN: 9781425969875
      Author: Wende-williams, Lois Vander


      Margot And Max Know How To Cope With The Murderous Egos, High Flying Aspirations, And Obsessive Dreams Of Moviedom's Biggest And Most Revered Stars. They Understand That, For Some, Hollywood Is A Takeout Heaven-send Out For What You Want And It Will Quickly Be Delivered. But What Happens When What Is Coveted Doesn't Grow On Trees? In Close-up, Our Daring Hero And Heroine Witness Greedy Players Scheming To Cultivate Thier Own Needs And Desires-fabricating Fame, Fortune, And Unfaithful Friends. ***** A Graduate In Art History From Mills College, Oakland, California, Kit Has Published Short Stories And Many Articles On The Art Of Writing And The Writing Business. She Served As First Fiction Editor For Futures Mysterious Anthology Magazine. She Especially Enjoys Lecturing About The Writing World And Mentoring New Writers. She Is A Long Time Member Of Sisters In Crime, Mystery Writers Of America, And Mystery Women Of The Uk And Was Named One Of Mills College's Literary Women For 2007. Kit And Her Professor Husband Live On A Small Hilltop Horse Ranch In Northern California's Sublime Wine Country.

      SKU: 15521470
      ISBN: 9781610090339
      Author: Kit Sloane

    Gib And The Gray Ghost
      Gib And The Gray Ghost.

      Gib Whittaker Is Leaving The Lovell House Orphanage And Going Back To Live With The Thornton Family, Who Take Him In Again After Mr. Thornton's Death. Gib Is Now Sent To School, But He's Still Doing All The Barnyard Chores. He's Not Exactly Farmed-out Labor Anymore, But Will He Be Adopted For Real This Time? One Day A Horse Appears, A Terrified Dapple-gray That Has Been Severely Whipped And Starved. Gib Knows He Must Find Some Way To Save This Magnificent Horse - And In The Attempt, He Finds One Place Where He Will Always Belong.

      SKU: 8972475
      ISBN: 9780385326094
      Author: Snyder, Zilpha Keatley

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