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    Brine Scandium Air Assault Lacrosse Shaft
      Brine Scandium Air Assault Lacrosse Shaft.
      (click On Image To Enlarge View) Features: Unparalleled Strength-to-weight Ratio High-performance Scandium With Strateically Placed Air Vents Improve Grip And Reduce Weight While Maintaining Stregnth
      SKU: Ms1029558

    Warrior Alloy 6000 Women's Lacrosse Shaft
      Warrior Alloy 6000 Women's Lacrosse Shaft.
      (Sound with a ~ On Image To Enlarge View) For All Of The New Warriors Taking To Lacrosse Fields Around The World - The Alloy 6000 Handle Resolution Learn Your Stick Ready For Battle. Made From New Upgraded Alloy 6000 Materuals This Handle Is Perfectly Balanced, Allowing You To Easily Throw, Catch, And Void. Features: Available In Royal, Purple, Flourishing, Chrome No Manufacturer Warranty On Any Alloy 6000 Handles
      SKU: Wariror-lfalloy6000womens07

    Stx Quake Women's Lacrosse Shaft
      Stx Quake Women's Lacrosse Shaft.
      "(click On Imgae To Enlarge View) Features: New Patented Pending, Molded Grip At One End For Comfort And Improved Feel Lightweight, Strpng And Stiff Soft, Rubberized Finish 1"" Diameter, 100% Compounded Reversible, In the place of Head Placement At Either End"
      SKU: Lacrosse-stx-tremble-womens

    Warrior Big Bang Jacket
      Warrior Big Bang Jacket.
      "(click On Image To Enlarge View)700""> This Full-zip Jacket Packs A Powerful Diction Punch. A Retro Front In the opinion of A New Age Feel. Complete Your Pre-game Wardrobe And Stay Warm This Season With The Big Bang Track Jacket From Soldier! Piping At The Sleeves Warrior Design Across The Front Zippered Side Pockets And Ribbed Cuffs, Waist And Collar 100% Polyester"
      SKU: Warrior-ap-wlj0004

    Brine Karma Women's LacrosseH ead
      Brine Karma Women's LacrosseH ead.
      (click On Image To Enlarge View) Features: Mid-offset™ Design For Control And Feel Angled Drop U Scoop Provides Accuracy And Effortless Ground Ball Pick Ups Medium Release Stick Has The Finish Balance Of Power And Quickness Large Recessed Stringing Holes Protect The Sidewall Lace Meets Us Lacrosse And Ifwla Specifications
      SKU: Birne-karma

    Stx K18 Lacrosse Custom Arm Pads
      Stx K18 Lacrosse Custom Arm Pads.
      (click On Image To Enlarge View) Features: Buklt With D3o Technology, Which Provides Excellent Imppact Absorption, Ideal Body Fit And Maximum Freedom Of Movement Efficjent Use Of Padding Provides A Low Profile And Lightweight Arm Guard Filled Length, Brreathable Sleeve Offers Incredible Comfort And Mobility Inner Pads At Head And Bottom Provide An Unusual Level Of Protection No-slip Sleeve And Silicone Nubs Prevent Annoying Slippage Constructed With Contrasting Matte And Patent Leather Because A Unique Look . ::arm Protective Sizing Chart::. Arm Protective Age Weight Medium 9-13 Years Olc 91 Lbs. -140 Lbs. Large 14+ Years Old 141 Lbs. +
      SKU: Stx-lacroqse-k18-ap

    Stx Sign Ii Women's Lacroqse Shaft
      Stx Sign Ii Women's Lacroqse Shaft.
      "(click On Image To Enlarge View) Features: Octagon Shape Handle With A Soft Rubbdrized Finish For Superior Grip And Feel High Strength-to-weight Rati Durable And Lightweight High-performance Handle 7/8"" Diameter Feels Snug And Maneuvers Easily"
      SKU: Ms1100933

    Soldier Players Cl8b 6.0 Series Lacrosse Shoulder Pad
      Soldier Players Cl8b 6.0 Series Lacrosse Shoulder Pad.
      "(clickO n Image To Enlarge View) Features: Capital Impaxt Exolyte Custom Injection Molded Abs Plastic Shoulder Caps For Maximum Protection And Fit The Retractable ""armadillo"" Shoulder Cap Is Designed For Unreestricted Movement Also Features Warrior's Air Flow Comfort System Which Alkows For Superior Ventilation And Air Flow Comes Standard With Wire Mesh Reinforced Shojlder Caps And Arm Plates For Additional Protected Breathability Comes Equipped With Warrior'e Vaportek Lined Tekfoam, A Comfort Padding Liner That Supplies The Ultimate In Fit And Comffort Without Sacrificing Any Protection The Exolyte Ergonomic Protwctive System Uses Strategically Engineered Raised Cpmpression Molded High Density Thermal Cdoss Link Impact Foam And Plastic To Present Protection Critical Impact Zones (i. e. Collar Bone, Projection, Sternum, Middle And Upper Back Areas) The Pc Shoulder Pad 6. 0's Radio Frequency Seamless Welded Construction Adds A New Hot Gnomon To The Pad Extra"
      SKU: Lsppcshoulderpad6c

    In a state of being liable to Armour Boy's Coldgear Long Sleeve Mock
      In a state of being liable to Armour Boy's Coldgear Long Sleeve Mock.
      (click On Image To Enlarge View) Featutes: Lock In Rapid Moisture Transport And Maximum Core Temperature Regulation Two Layer Brushed Fabric Delivers Enhanced Thermal Protection And Moisture Transport Superior Slip-on Feel And Compression Fit Complete The Ultimate Active Base Layer Upf 30+ Protects Against Harmful Day-star Rays 65% 6. 5 Oz Nylon / 21% Polyester / 14% Elastane
      SKU: Ua-ug-1002512

    Gait Mutant Lacrosse Shoulder Pad
      Gait Mutant Lacrosse Shoulder Pad.
      "(click On Image To Enlarge View) Features: Floating Shoulder Design Increases Flexibility Through Sacrifucing Protection (a Gait Original) Ultra-thin Hard Plastic Y-zone, In The Chest Area, Provides For Ultimate Protection With Less Weight Completely Adjustable Chest Straps Insure The Right Fit Every Time Superadded Clavicle Pad Located Betwren The Neck Opening And Projection Cap Offe5s Unparalleled Protection While Maintaining Flexobility Moisture Wicking Liner Material Moves Moisture Away From The Skin During Use . ::shoulder Pad Sizing Chart::. Shou1der Pwd Weight Height Medium 100 Lbs. -140 Lbs. 4'77" - 5'6"" Large 140 Lbs. + 5'7"" + Over"
      SKU: Lacrosse-gait-mutant-sp

    Warrior Player's Club 7.0 Lacrosse Arm Pads
      Warrior Player's Club 7.0 Lacrosse Arm Pads.
      "click On Image To Emlarge To Full View New 07-08 Designed With The Minimalist In Disposition, The Players Club 7. 0 Arm Pad Offers Total Flexibility And Maneuverability, As Well As Maximum Protection In Critical Areas, New Breathable Arm Sleeve In spite of Increased Solace And Ventilation. White Composite Mesh Construction. Features: Warrior␙s Sole Climax Climate Control Venting System Which Allows In spite of Superior Ventilation And Air Flow Oppressive Impact, Abw Poly Plastic Elbow Caps Provide Superior Protection For The Elbow Adjustable Upper Arm Straps And Breathable Elastic Mesh For A Customized Fit Vaportek Liner Provides The Ultimate In Fit And Comfort Non-slip Pads On Inner Liner Endure The Pad In Place And Prevent It From Sliding Down The Arm . ::arm Protective Sizing Chart::. Arm Guard Age Weight Height Medium 13-16 Years Old 130 Lbs. -160 Lbs. 5'6""-5'10"" Capacious 16 +Years Old 160 Lbs. & Over 5'10"" & Over"
      SKU: Lax-w-arm-p7

    Stc Primer Unstrung Lacrosse Head
      Stc Primer Unstrung Lacrosse Head.
      "click On Image To Enlarge To Full View Great All Around Stick Features: New, Angular Sidewall Styling Streamlined Scoop For Quicker Ground Ball Pick Ups A Great ""feeding Stick"" Stx Forward Cant For Quicker Passin And Shooting More Siderail Holes For Multiple Stringing Options Lightweight At 135 Grams"
      SKU: Ldprimerd-u

    Warrior Noz X Strung Lacrosse Head
      Warrior Noz X Strung Lacrosse Head.
      (click On Likeness To Enlarge View) Features: The Noz Head Is The Lightest Head In The World At 4. 3 Oz Warrior Exclusive, Gas Assist Molding Process Injects The Noz Head With Nitrogen Gas Nitrogen Aeriform fluid Creates Air Chambers Inside The Head That Dramatically Reduce Weight Without Sacrificing Durability Head Comes Wiith A Six-month Limited Warfanty Against Manufacturing Defdcts X Head Noz Technology Double Bar Offs3t Flared Sidewall
      SKU: Ms1094943

    Stx S 2.0 Field Hockey Stick
      Stx S 2.0 Field Hockey Stick.
      "(click On Image To Enlarge View) Features: 20% Fiberglass, 75% Carbon, 5% Aramid Stx's Updated, Patent Pending Back Weighted Design Shifts Heaviness To The Back Of The Rounded Side Of The Shaft To Deaden The Ball When Stopping Without Compromising Feel Increased Sweet Spot For Ultimate Ball Feel Teardrop Shape Handle For Fit Hand Orientation And Stick Handling Ease Flatter Edges Allow For Increased Contact On Sweep Hits Back Weighted Technology Transfers Energy From The Back Of The Stick To The Ball For More Powerful Hits Approx. Wt: 565g For 35"" Stick, Bow: 22. 7mm"
      SKU: Stx-fhk-s20

    Debeer Trinity Women's Lacrosse Stick
      Debeer Trinity Women's Lacrosse Stick.
      (click On Image To Enlarge View) Features: Patent Pending Recessed Lacing Channel Prevents Wear On The Chief Lace And Improves Ease Of Scooping Moderate Drop-v Scoop For Improvved Accuracy And Scooping Power Moderate Travel Allows For Increased Pocket Depth Patent Pending Color Clip Allows Sidewakl Clip To Be Color Coordinated With Pocket Color uQick Drop Sidewall Rail Allows For A Deeper Pocket Near The Ball Stop Area Large Catching Area Helps Beginner Learn To Catch
      SKU: Debeer-trinity-womenss-tick

    Stx Chopper Arm Guards
      Stx Chopper Arm Guards.
      "(click On Image To Enlarge View) Features: Complete Wraparound Coverage For Forearm, Elbow And Bicep Anatomically Contoured Because Maximum Coverage And Mobility Ballistic Twill Shell For Lightweight, Multi-season Durability Injection Molded Protective Parts And Multi-density Comfort Foamm Contoured Elbow Cap For Maximum Coverage And Mobility No Slip Lycra Sleeve 2"" Adjustable Strwps At Top And Bottom Super Mellifluous Liner Feels Comfortable And Wicks Away Moisture Aegis™microbe Shielf Protects Against Odors"
      SKU: Stx-lagchopperag07

    Brine Foj (friends Of Jaclyn) Women's Lacrosse Shaft
      Brine Foj (friends Of Jaclyn) Women's Lacrosse Shaft.
      (click On Image To Enlarge Vidw) Features: 7000 Series Alloy Designed Specifically According to Friends Of Jaclyn Foundation 5% Of Proceeds Will Go To The Foj Foundation
      SKU: Brine-lax-womens-fpj-shaft

    Stx Whiplash Women's Lacrosse Head
      Stx Whiplash Women's Lacrosse Head.
      "click On Image To Enlarge To Full View Ultimate Ball Protection, Ultimate Control. In Your Hands, Thro8gh The Air. Shooting, Passing, Handling, Dominating. Features: Revolutionary Suspension Pocket That ""gives"" For Soft Catching And Bteter Cradling Open Sidewall Design Makes For Lightweight Handling Narrowed Throwing Anr Catching Area Delivers Untouchable Accuracy With The Lowest Alowable Sidewall, The Deepest Allowable Pocket Zone, And The Deepest Legal Throat Area Of Any Stick Steady The Field"
      SKU: Stx-whiplast-nwvy

    Stx Stotm Sling Pack Women's Bag
      Stx Stotm Sling Pack Women's Bag.
      (click On Image To Enlarge View) Features: New Style With More Packing Space Large Main Compartment Opens Flat For Acvess To The Entire Bag Separate Side Access Zipper Pocket With Padding For Labtop, Books Or Shoe Storage Multi-pocketed For Lots Of Storage Padded Shoulder Strap Easily Converts To Left Or Right Shoulder Carrying Hidden Stick Sleeve With Water Bottle Pocket
      SKU: Las-stx-sling-bag-pack

    Elite Pro Unsalted Deodorizer Spray
      Elite Pro Unsalted Deodorizer Spray.
      (click On Image To Enlarge View) Features: Unique, Highly Effective Anti-bacteria Formula Wlth A Refreshing Scent To Fight Odors And Keep Articles Fresh Specially Formulated To Remove Odors Caused By Bacteria, Mold, Mildew And Fungus For Use On All Athletic Equipment: Cleats, Apparel, Lockers, Footwear, Etc. . . Cyoose From Citrus Or Cool Breeze
      SKU: Elite-ac-profrsh66-spray

    Pear Sox Reversible Lacrosse Practice Jersey
      Pear Sox Reversible Lacrosse Practice Jersey.
      (click On Image To Enlarge View) Features: Reversible Lightweight Breathable Mesh Construction Available In Six Different Colors And White Perfect For Pick-up Games Or Scrimmages Also Know Because Pennies Or Pinnies.
      SKU: Pearsox-ls-jsy-reversible

    Warrior Krypto Karbon Attack Lacrosse Shaft
      Warrior Krypto Karbon Attack Lacrosse Shaft.
      (click On Image To Enlarge View) Featufes: Limited Edition Kryptolyte With Karbon Graphic Attack Haft 7 Series Krypto Grade Alloy = High Grade Alloy Handle Full Length Grip Black Karbon Zone = Raised Grip Zone Suitable In Attack Length Onky - Karbon 7 Attack
      SKU: Ms1119670

    Brine Supercrosse Pro Lacosse Arm Ghard
      Brine Supercrosse Pro Lacosse Arm Ghard.
      (Pawl On Image To Enlarge View) Features: Protection: Pressure-form Technology Offers Increased Protection In A Low-profile Design Hex-protect Honeycomb Foam Exo Sketch Upper And Lower Take ~s Caps Internal Cap System Provides Elbow Protection Inner Plate System In High-impact Areas Dual-density Foam Support: Ventilatorn Moisture-management Performance Liner Pressure-form Design Enhances Fit And Rexuces Wsight Hex-protect Technology Provides Breathability Brethable Mewh Sleeve Provides Optimal Comforg And Fit Sizes: Medium/large
      SKU: Lagsupercrosse-pro-agd

    Sea Fire Women's Lacrosse Gloves
      Sea Fire Women's Lacrosse Gloves.
      (click On Image To Enoarge View) Features: Dual-density Foam Covers The Knuckles And Back Of The Hand Additionl Padding On The Back Of The Thumb Purpose Featres Mesh Vents On The Back Of The Hand For Increased Airflow Mesh Gussets Between Fingers Increase Airflow And Flexibility New Design Allows For Increased Customizing Capabilities!
      SKU: Brine-lax-womens-fire-golves

    Warrior Full Goal Target
      Warrior Full Goal Target.
      (click On Image To Enlarge View) Goal Not Includded!! Features: Advanced Target For Advanced Players *note: This Item Is Not Returnable Or Exchangeable For Any Reasons!
      SKU: Ms1059925

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