Aliens Omnibus: Volume 3

    Aliens Omnibus: Volume 3
      Aliens Omnibus: Volume 3.

      The Old Saying "you Can't Unbreak An Egg" Holds True, Especially When That Egg Unleashes An Interstellar Scourge, The Dreaded Alien. But As Dangerous And Lethal As This Species Has Proven Itself Time And Time Again, Some Men Cannot Resist The Awful Gravity Of The Creatures' Potential When Merged With Human Science . . . And Arrogance . . . And Lust For Power. But The Cold Contracts Of These Deals With The Devil Also Bring Out The Best In Humanity, And The Awful Crucible Of Struggle Against This Interstellar Cancer Brings Man Closer To His Neighbors . . . And To His God. Dark Horse Comics' Critically Acclaimed Aliens Series Set The Bar For How The Universe Of A Popular Film Could Be Expended Through Graphic Fiction. Aliens Omnibus Volume 3 Collects More Of These Exciting Series In A Value-priced, Quality-format Omnibus, Featuring Nearly 400 Story Pages In Full Color. Includes The Complete Story Arcs Of Rogue By Ian Edginton And Will Simpson, And Labryinth By Jim Woodring And Kilian Plunkett, And The Acclaimed Tale Salvation, Written By Dave Gibbons And Illustrated By The Incomparable Mike Mignola.

      SKU: 7278255
      ISBN: 9781593078720
      Author: Stradley, Randy / Windham, Ryder / Hansom, Dick

    Dog Breed Keychain Usa Pewter - Airedale (2.5")
      Dog Breed Keychain Usa Pewter - Airedale (2.5").

      Airedale Keychain Approximately 2.5" Pewter Made In The Usa

      Category: Products For Pet Lovers, gt, dog Lovers, gt, rawcliffe Pewter Dog Keychains
      SKU: Airedale-keychaain

    Casual Canine Reindeer Hoodie Brown - Large
      Casual Canine Reindeer Hoodie Brown - Large.

      Casual Canine Reindeer Hoodie Brown In Large Is The Perfect Festive Way To Celebrate The Holiday Season.  this Large Hoodie Will Fit Most Medium To Large Dog Breeds And Is A Wonderful Way To Ring In The Cold Winte Months By Protecting Your Furry Friend From The Chilly Nights. This Premium Reindeer Hoodie Is Constructed Of Thick, Quality Sweater Fabric Which Doesn't Differ From The Fabric That Would Be Found In Human Hoodies. With A Cute Little Nose And Antlers, Your Dog Will Be Both Comfortable And Stylish. This Adorable Hoodie States Proudly "santa's Other Reindeer" On The Back, And The Hood Can Be Easily Raised To Give Your Pooch An Adorable And Seasonally Appropriate Costume. The Hood Is Trimmed With Fake Fur To Make It Even More Comfortable, Warm And Cute And The Entire Costume Is Made Completely Out Of Plush And Cloth Which Means There Are No Parts That Could Be Taken Off And Become Hazardous. The Stomach Of This Adorable Hoodie Is Cut High Which Means That A Dog Won't Get It Wet While Being Taken Out In A Cold Winter Night, And The Stretchy Legs Ensure A Comfortable And Snug Fit. The Benefits Of The Casual Canine Reindeer Hoodie Brown Include: This Hoodie Is Both Stylish And Comfortable, Making It The Perfect Way To Celebrate The Holiday Season. A Stay-dry Cut Out Ensures That The Hoodie Remains Clea Nand Fashionable. The Hood Of This Sweater Can Be Raised To Proudly Display A Cute Little Plush Nose And Antlers.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, apparel, gt, holiday Wear, gt, casual Canine Reindeer Hoodie Brown
      SKU: Casual-canine-reindeer-hoodie-brown-large

    Cloud Star Original Buddy Biscuits Dog Treats Roasted Chicken (16 Oz)
      Cloud Star Original Buddy Biscuits Dog Treats Roasted Chicken (16 Oz).

      Cloud Star Itty Bitty Buddy Biscuits Are All Natural Dog Treats That Are Made From Clean, Simple, Natural Ingredients. These Treats Are Made In The Usa, And Do Not Contain Artificial Colors, Flavors, Or Preservatives. Cloud Star Itty Bitty Buddy Biscuits Are Also Free From Corn, Yeast, Sugar, Salt, And Soy. This Makes Them Great For All Dogs, Even Those With Allergies Or Sensitivities. 16 Oz Bag Of Roasted Chicken Flavored Treats All Natural No Artificial Colors, Flavors, Or Preservatives Free Of Corn, Yeast, Sugar, Salt, And Soy Considerable For All Dogs, Even Those With Allergies Or Sensitivities Made In Usa

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, all-natural Dog Treats , amp, Biscuits, gt, cloud Star Buddy Biscuits
      SKU: Cloud-star-original-buddy-biscuits-dog-treats-roasted-chicken-16-oz

    Fluval Edge Compact Aquarium Heater (25 W)
      Fluval Edge Compact Aquarium Heater (25 W).

      The Fluval 25 Watt Compact Aquarium Heater Is An Automatic, Submersible Heater For Use In Indoor Aquariums. Without Any Adjustments Needed, It Is Designed To Reach And Maintain The Set Temperature Of 26âºc (78âºf). The Exterior Is Made Of A Tough Polymer So That It Will Not Crack Or Break Like Traditional Glass Sleeve Heaters. The Heater Is Ideal For Aquariums Up To 6.6 Gallons (25 L) And Can Be Used In Fresh And Saltwater Tanks.

      Category: Aquarium , amp, amp, Fish Supplies, gt, aquarium Heaters , amp, amp, Thermometers, gt, fluval Aquarium Heaters
      SKU: Fluvalcomheater25w

    Nutri-vet Eye Cleanse For Dogs (4 Oz)
      Nutri-vet Eye Cleanse For Dogs (4 Oz).

      Nutri-vet Eye Rinse Liquid Is A Sterile Ophthalmic Solution That Gently Cleanses Your Dogs Eyes And Helps Relieve Irritation And Discomfort Caused By Dried Mucus, Foreign Material, Pollen And Other Irritants. Nutri-vet Eye Rinse Liquid Has The Same Isotonicity As Normal Tears And Is Specially Formulated For Dogs With Sensitive Eyes. Gentle Washing On A Regular Basis Safely Removes Foreign Material And Unsightly Stains While Reducing Inflammation And Irritation. Should Also Be Used Prior To Bathing. Formulated To Maintain Eye And Eyelid Health In Dogs, Especially Those Breeds Plagued With Chronic Tearing. Product Features Gently Cleanses Your Dog's Eyes And Relieves Minor Irritation. Made Especially For Dogs With Sensitive Eyes. Use To Safely Remove Mucus Or Foreign Materials, And Before Bathing. Veterinarian Developed - Dog Approved. Made In The Usa

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, ear , amp, Eye Products, gt, eye Cleansers , amp, Treatments, gt, nutri-vet Eye Cleanse
      SKU: Nveyecleanse4

    Oravet 8 X 2.5 Ml Treatments
      Oravet 8 X 2.5 Ml Treatments.

      Oravet Is A Breakthrough Oral Healthcare System That Is Clinically Proven To Significantly Reduce Plaque And Calculus, To Key Factors In The Onset And Persistence Of Periodontal Disease. This System Has Been Developed To Facilitate Pet Owner Compliance And Improve The Oral Health Of Pets Everywhere. Oravet Plaque Prevention Gel Contains The Same Patented Polymer As Oravetbarrier Sealant, But In A Less Concentrated Gel Formulation For Easy Application. Oravet Plaque Prevention Gel Is Odorless, Tasteless And Invisible Once Applied. The Gel Is Compatible With Tooth Brushing, Dental Diets And Dental Chews.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dental Products, gt, dental Cleansing Gels , amp, amp, Foams, gt, oravet Treatments
      SKU: Oravet

    Pet Alert - 2 Decal Window Clings
      Pet Alert - 2 Decal Window Clings.

      Pet Alert Decal Clings To Your Window And Will Help Alert Firemen To Rescue Your Pets In Case Of And Emergency. Dont Leave Your Pets Home Without Them! Place Decals On Windows Or Sliding Glass Doors To Alert Firemen, Police Or Neighbors That There Are Pets Inside That Need To Be Rescued In Case Of Fire, Floods, Storms Or Any Immediate Dangers. Protect Your Pets Incase Of An Emeergency Can Be Placed On Any Glass Surface Anywhere Made Of Strong Vinyl Static Cling Material With Bright Vibrant Red Color For High Visibility Can Be Easily Removed And Reused Again Includes Two 4" X 5" New Larger 5" X 6" Pet Alert Window Clings Buy A Pair For You Your Home And Buy A Pair For Your Friends. These Make Great Thoughtful Gifts.

      Category: Products For Pet Lovers, gt, animal Lovers, gt, window Decal
      SKU: Petalert

    Portablepet Twistep Dog Step For Suv
      Portablepet Twistep Dog Step For Suv.

      The Unique Portablepet Twistep Dog Step For Suv Is A Platform That Slides Into Your Trailer Hitch Receiver And Conveniently Rotates Beneath The Car When Not In Use. This Hitch-mounted Step Is Perfect For Your Pet, And Perfect For You Too. Give Your Dog An Unassisted Boost Into The Back Of Your Suv. Step Up To Reach The Roof Of Your Car, Van Or Suv. Use The Platform As A Temporary Seat To Lace Up Your Hiking Boots Or As A Shelf To Set Your Backpack On While You Check Its Contents. And When You're Ready To Hit The Road Again, Just Rotate The Step Beneath Your Vehicle For Storage And Travel. Install Once-step Twists Under Car/truck For Storage, With No Need To Install And Remove For Each Use Fits 1.25-inch And 2-inch Hitch Receivers And Allows For 6 Inches Of Height Adjustment Fully Assembled Out Of The Box-simple And Easy To Use Platform Has A Non-slip Surface

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, pet Home , amp, amp, Travel Essentials, gt, pet Assistance, Stairs , amp, amp, Ramps, gt, portablepet Twistep Step , amp, Accessories
      SKU: Portablepet-twistep-dog-step-suv

    Zenpet Procone Soft Recovery Collar - Small
      Zenpet Procone Soft Recovery Collar - Small.

      The Zenpet Procone Soft Recovery Collar Provides A Simple Fabric Cone To Prevent Your Dog From Scratching And Biting Sensitive Areas. This Fabric Cone Can Be Attached To Your Pet's Regular Collar To Create A Barrier That Prevents Him From Reaching Tender Areas That Need Protection Against His Predilection To Self-injury. The Zenpet Procone Soft Recovery Collar Is Adjustable To Provide A Secure And Custom Fit And Is Machine Washable For Easy Maintenance. This Collar Is A Small Size For Smaller Dogs, But It Is Also Available In Four Larger Sizes. Protect Your Pup To Facilitate A Smooth Recovery From Skin Conditions And Surgical Procedures With This Soft Recovery Collar And Order Today! Key Features: Adjustable Collar To Provide Secure And Custom Humor Fabric Features Reinforced Seams And Is Machine Washable Available In 5 Sizes For Dogs Of All Sizes

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, health , amp, amp, Wellness, gt, e Collars, gt, zenpet, amp, trade, Procone, amp, trade, Soft Recovery Collar
      SKU: Proconecollarsml

    Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Indoor Mature (5.5 Lb)
      Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Indoor Mature (5.5 Lb).

      Cats Living Exclusively Indoors Have A More Sedentary Lifestyle, Lower Energy Requirements And A Higher Risk Of Obesity. The Lifestyle Of The Indoor Cat, Sheltered From Temperature Variations And Changes In Day Length, Disrupts The Natural Seasonal Cycle Of Fur Growth, So That It Sheds Almost Continuously, Aggravating The Problem Of Hair Swallowed During Grooming. Healthy Aging: An Exclusive Combination Of Powerful Antioxidants, Imcluding Vitamin E, To Help Allay The Impact Of Free Radicals Responsible For Cell Aging. Sensitive Teeth & Gums: A Softer Kibble, Easily Broken In Your Cat's Mouth, Can Help To Protect Sensitive Teeth And Gums. Litterbox Odor: Improved Digestibility Of The Food In Your Cat's Gastrointestinal Tract May Contribute To Smaller And Less Foul Smelling Feces. Please Note: All Food Is Shipped Via Ground Delivery, Only To The Contiguous (48) States. Please Allow 7 To 10 Days For Your Delivery To Arrive. (more Info)

      Category: Cat Food, gt, dry Cat Food, gt, royal Canin Dry Cat Food
      SKU: Royal-canin-feline-health-nutrition-indoor-mature-5-5-lb

    Royal Canin Hydrolyzed Protein Feline Treats (7.8 Oz)
      Royal Canin Hydrolyzed Protein Feline Treats (7.8 Oz).

      Royal Caninâ® Hydrolyzed Protein Feline Treats Are Scientifically Formulated To Be Compatible With Royal Canin Veterinary Dietâ® Hydrolyzed Protein Feline Formulas For Use During A Veterinary Dietary Management Program. These Treats Are Intended For Intermittent Or Supplemental Feeding Only. Supports The Health Of Cats With Food Sensitivities Compatible With Royal Canin Veterinary Dietâ® Hydrolyzed Protein Feline Formulas

      Category: Cat Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, functional Cat Treats, gt, royal Canin Veterinary Cat Treats
      SKU: Royal-canin-hydrolyzed-protein-feline-treats

    Taste Of The Wild Rocky Mountain Cat Food (15 Lb)
      Taste Of The Wild Rocky Mountain Cat Food (15 Lb).

      Taste Of The Wild Rocky Mountain Feline Formula Is A Grain-free Formula For All Life Stages With Peas And Sweet Potatoes Provides Highly Digestible Energy For Your Active Cat. Made With Real Roasted Venison And Smoked Salmon, This Formula Offesr A Taste Sensation Like No Other. For Today's Healthy Cat, This Formula Is Supplemented With Fruits And Vegetables, Providing Natural Antioxidants To Support A Healthy Immune System And Overall Good Health. Your Cat Craves A Taste Of The Wild. Go Ahead And Give Him One. Protein: 42% Fat: 18% Calories: 3,745 Kcal/kg (390 Kcal/cup) Calculated Metabolizable Energy Please Note: All Food Is Shipped Via Ground Delivery, Only To The Contiguous (48) States. Please Allow 7 To 10 Days For Your Delivery To Arrive. (more Info)

      Category: Cat Food, gt, dry Cat Food, gt, taste Of The Wild Cat Food
      SKU: Tasteofwildrocky15

    Vetriscience Composure Mini Bite-sized Chews (30 Chews)
      Vetriscience Composure Mini Bite-sized Chews (30 Chews).

      Composure Mini Bite Sized Chews Provide A Calming Formula To Support Balanced Behavior For Dogs And Cats. Composure Mini Is Ideal For Situations When Your Pet Is Exposed To Increased Environmental Stressors, Including: Changes To The Environment, Company Or Parties, Veterinary Or Grooming Visits, Boarding Or Holidays, Boredom Or Separation Anxiety, Moving Or Traveling, Fireworks And Thunderstorms. Composure Mini Will Help Stop Stress Related Behavior While Keeping Your Pet's Personality And Energy Level. It Is Safe To Use Daily, And Does Not Cause Addiction, Drowsiness Or Impaired Motor Skills. This Advanced Formula Contains: C3 (colostrum Calming Complex) Is Isolated From Colostrums Proteins, Which Have Been Found To Support Cognitive Functioning And Support Stress Reduction. C3 Works Synergistically With L-theanine, Which Is Also In This Formula, To Promote Relaxation And Cognition In Pets. L-theanine Supports Calming And Relaxation, Reduces Irritability And Low Mood States. This Natural Occurring Amino Acid Is Found In Green Tea, And Is A Derivative Of Glutamic Acid, A Neurotransmitter In The Brain. It Can Help The Body Produce Dopamine, Gaba And Tryptophan, Other Calming Amino Acids, And Helps Bring Certain Neurotransmitters Into Better Balance. Thiamine (vitamin B1) Helps Manage Stress And Reduces Irritability. Thiamine Has Been Shown To Calm And Soothe Anxious Animals By Affecting The Central Nervous System. Without Thiamine, Pets Exhibit Mental Confusion, Muscular Weakness, Muscle Spasms, Nervousness, As Well As Weight And Appetite Loss During Times Of Stress.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, training , amp, amp, Behavior, gt, dog Anxiety , amp, amp, Stress Solutions, gt, vetriscience Composure For Dogs
      SKU: Vetri-science-composure-mini-bite-sized-chews-30-chews

    Whimzees Toothbrush Dental Dog Treats - Medium (12 Count)
      Whimzees Toothbrush Dental Dog Treats - Medium (12 Count).

      Keep Your Pet?s Teeth Clean! Dental Health Is Not Only Important For Humans, It?s Important For Dogs As Well. Whimzees Has Made Keeping Your Dog?s Teeth And Mouth In Good Condition Easy With Their Toothbrush Dental Dog Treaats . These Treats Will Keep Your Dog?s Breath Fresh And Get Rid Of The Tartar And Plaque That Can Build Up On Their Teeth. Delicious Taste And Natural Ingredients Made Out Of Six Natural Ingredients And No Preservatives, These Treats Are Good For Your Dog. They Won?t Even Notice They Are Low In Calories And Fat Because Of Their Delicious Taste. Made For Medium Sized Canines, Your Dog Will Be Satisfied By Eating One Treat. Benefits Wheat And Gluten Free Easy Storage With Re-sealable Velcro Pouch Vegetarian Formula Made Primarily Out Of Potatoes

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dental Products, gt, dental Dog Treats, gt, whimzees Dental Treats
      SKU: Whimzees-toothbrush-dental-dog-treats-medium-17-count

    The Stars Shine Bright
      The Stars Shine Bright.

      After The Fbi Suspends Her For Bending Its Rules, Special Actor Raleigh Harmon Is Looking For A Chance To Redeem Her Career And Re-start Her Life. Sent Undercover To A Thoroughbred Horse Track, Raleigh Takes On A Double Life To Find Out Who's Fixing The Races. But When Horses Start Dying And Then Her Own Life Is Threatened, Raleigh Realizes Something Bigger-and More Sinister-is Ruining Emerald Downs. Yet She's Never Felt More Alone. Her One Contact With The Fbi Is Special Agent Jack Stephanson, A Guy Who Seems To Jump From Antagonistic To Genuine Friend Depending On The Time Of Day. And She Can't Turn To Her Family For Support. They're Off-limits While She's Undercover, And Her Mother Isn't Speaking To Her Anyway, Having Been Confined To A Mental Hospital Following A Psychotic Breakdown. Adding Affront To Her Isolation, Raleigh's Fiance Wants Them To Begin Their Life Together-"now"-precisely When She's Been Ordered Not To Be Herself. With Just Days Left Before The Season Ends, Raleigh Races To Stop The Killing And Ind Out Who's Behind The Track's Trouble, All The While Trying To Determine If Jack Is Friend Or Foe, And Whether Marrying Her Fiance Will Make Things Better-or Worse. Raleigh Is Walking Through The Darkest Night She's Faced, Searching For A Place Where The Stars Shine Bright.

      SKU: 16170693
      ISBN: 9781595545367
      Author: Giorello, Sibella

    The Back Page: The Best Of Baxter Black From Western Horseman
      The Back Page: The Best Of Baxter Black From Western Horseman.

      For Many Years, "western Horseman" Readers Have Begun Their Journeys Through Each Issue By, Strangely Enough, Starting At The Back. That's Because The Back Page Has Been Occupied By The Humorous Ramblings Of America's Best-selling Comedic Veterinarian, Baxter Black. This Book Is A Collection Of These Observations, Accompanied By The Original Illustrations That Appeared In The Magazine. This Look Back At 15 Years Of The Best Of Baxter Is Sure To Bring Smiles To The Faces Of Cowboy Philosophers Everywhere.

      SKU: 4111226
      ISBN: 9780911647853
      Author: Black, Baxter A. / Smith, Fran Devereux / Badgett, Wally

    Blue Moon
      Blue Moon.

      We Were Coming Up On The Final Barrel, The One Closest To The Barn. Now, One Lightning Turn Around It And... The Mare Didn't Turn. Instead, She Had The Bit In Her Teeth And Was Pounding Straight For The Barn, Faster Than She'd Ever Run Before. I Gave Up Trying To Turn Her. I Just Wanted To Stop Her. She Was Heading Straight For The Open Barn Door. There Was Merely One Problem. The Doorway Was High Enough For A Horse. But Not For A Horse With A Rider On Its Back. If I Didn't Do Something Fast, I Was About To Lose My Head. Bobbie Joe Didn't Set Out To Buy A Limping Blue Roan Mare-she Wanted A Colt She Could Train To Barrel Race. But The Horse Is A Fighter, Just Like Bobbie Joe. Now All She Has To Do Is Train The Sour Old Mare That Obviously Has A Past. While She Nurses Th Horse Back To Health, Bobbie Joe Realizes That The Horse, Now Called Blue Moon, May Have More History Than She First Thought. With The Help Of The Enigmatic Cole, She Slowly Turns The Horse Into A Barrel Racer. Blue Moon Is Marilyn Halvorson's Second Book In The Orca Soundings Series. Bull Rider Was An Ala Quick Pick Nominee. When She Is Not Caring For Cattle On Her Ranch, Marilyn Spends Her Time Writing.

      SKU: 6836384
      ISBN: 9781551433202
      Author: Halvorson, Marilyn

    This Way Southward: The Explanation Of A Journey Through Patagonia And Tierra Del Fuego
      This Way Southward: The Explanation Of A Journey Through Patagonia And Tierra Del Fuego.

      Tschiffely Rides Again But This Time In A 30 Horse-power Ford. The Most Famous Equestrian Explorer Of The Twentieth Century Decides To Make A Perilous Journey Across The Atlantic. His Mission? To Return To His Old Haunts In South America And Undertake A Harrowing 7,000 Mile Journey Through Argentina, Across The Inhospitable Regions Of Tierra Del Fuego And Over The Majestic Andes Mountains. One Of The Finest Travel Writers Of His Day, Tschiffely Packs His Story With A Host Of Adventures And Colourful Characters Including Riding With Gauchos And Staying With The Legendary Ona Indians. In Addition This Way Southward Details The Adventurer S Emotional Last Meeting With His Two Legendary Criollo Horses, Mancha And Gato. These Were The Equine Heroes Tschiffely Had Ridden For 10,000 Miles In 1925 From Argentina To Washington Dc, And Who Were Now Living In Retirement On The Wild South American Pampas. Lavishly Illustrated With Maps And Numerous Photographs Taken By The Author, This Way Southward Is A Rare Treat For Anyone Interested In The Travels Of This Famous Traveller. No Equestrian Travel Collection Is Complete Without This Famous Classic.

      SKU: 7238610
      ISBN: 9781590480144
      Author: Tschiffely, Aime

    Slow Horses
      Slow Horses.

      Praise For Mick Herron: "mick Herron Never Tells A Suspense Story In The Expected Way. . . . In Herron's Book, There Is No Hiding Under The Desk."-"the New York Times Book Review" "stylish And Engaging."-"the Washington Post" " A] Masterful Thriller. . . . The Intricate Plot, Coupled With Herron's Breezy Writing Style, Results In Superior Entertainment That Makes Most Other Novels Of Suspense Appear Dull And Slow-witted By Comparison."-"publishers Weekly," Starred Review "like A Good Movie . . . Grabs The Reader From The First Page."-"booklist," Starred Review Slough House Is A Dumping Ground For British Intelligence Agents Who've Screwed Up A Case In Any Number Of Ways-by Leaving A Secret File On A Train Or Blowing A Surveillance. River Carter, One Such "slow Horse," Is Bitter About His Failure And About His Tedious Assignment Transcribing Cell Phone Conversations. When A Young Man Is Abducted And His Kidnappers Threaten To Broadcast His Beheading Live On The Internet, River Sees An Opportunity To Redeem Himself. Is The Victim Who He First Appears To Be? And What's The Kidnappers' Connection With A Disgraced Journalist? As The Clock Ticks On The Execution, River Finds That Everyone Has His Own Agenda.

      SKU: 7039864
      ISBN: 9781569476437
      Author: Herron, Mick

    Thoroughbred #70: Allie's Legacy
      Thoroughbred #70: Allie's Legacy.

      This 13 Year Old Equestrian Series Is Still Running Strong As It Publishes It's 70th Title When Allie Came To Whisperwood And Was Adopted By Cindy No Once Expected Her Long-lost Relatives To Come And Find Her. But When They Do, Allie Must Make A Choice Between The Opportunities She Has At Tall Oaks With The Horses She Loves, And Living With The Only Family She Has Left. O Continuation Of A Popular Series. O Dedicated Fan Base. O More Tension And Excitement In The Thrilling "thoroughbred" Series Ages 10+

      SKU: 180699
      ISBN: 9780060758349
      Author: Campbell, Joanna

    Day Trips From Orlando: Getaway Ideas For The Local Traveler
      Day Trips From Orlando: Getaway Ideas For The Local Traveler.

      Rediscover The Simple Pleasures Of A Day Trip With "day Trips From Orlando." For Local Travelers Seeking New Adventures In Their Own Backyards, As Well As Vacationers, It Offers Hundreds Of Exciting Things To Do, See, And Discover Within A Two-hour Drive. Complete With Full Trip-planning Information, Includung Itineraries With Their Own Route Maps, As Well As Information On Where To Eat, Where To Shop, And Where To Stop Along The Space, This Guide Helps Mak Ethe Most Of A Brief Getaway. * Eat Lunch With An Astronaut, Attend Mission Briefings, And Tour A Space Shuttle Replica At Nasa's Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. * Round Up The Family And Board Captain Memo's Pirate Cruise For A Swashbuckling Adventure In Clearwater Beach On The Southwest Coast. * Visit The 20,000-acre Paynes Prairie State Preserve Near Gainesville And Spot Horses, Bison, And Migratory Birds While You Hike, Boat, Fish, Or Just Plain Relax.

      SKU: 2916884
      ISBN: 9780762753376
      Author: Kumiski, John

    Funeral Service & Flower Cars
      Funeral Service & Flower Cars.

      Throughout History, Flowers Have Accompanied The Deceased To Their Final Resting Place. At First, Flowers Were Carried In The Hearse With The Casket, Or In A Separate Carriage. With The Advent Of The Automobile Funeral, Flowers Were Transported To The Church Or Cemetery In Big Touring Cars With Their Tops Let Down. But In The1930s An Entirely New Kind Of Funeral Vehicle - The Flower Car - Blossomed In America. Flower Cars Were Built On All Makes Of Chassis, From Luxury Packards, Cadillacs, Lasalles And Buicks To Pontiacs And Chevy El Caminos. The Only Book Ever Dedicated To These Unique Professional Cars Documents The Evolution Of The Flower Car From The 1930s To The Long, Lpw Coupes De Fleur Still Being Built Today. A Bonus Feature Includes A Section On The Other Workhorse Of The Funeral Home Fleet, The Service Car, Which Transported The Deceased From Home Or Hospital To The Funeral Parlor And Hauled Caskets And Other Funeral Service Paraphernalia To The Church Or Cemetery.

      SKU: 7170065
      ISBN: 9781583882276
      Author: Mccall, Walter M. P.

    Blood And Sand
      Blood And Sand.

      Vicente Blasco Ib Ez (1867-28, 1928) Was A Spanish Realist Novelist, A Screenwriter And Occasional Film Director. His Novels Sangre Y Arena (blood And Sand) And Los Cuatro Jinetes Del Apocalipsis (the Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse) Are His Most Popular Novels, While His Valencian Novels Such As La Barraca And Ca As Y Barro Are Valued By Scholars.

      SKU: 14720165
      ISBN: 9781434422989
      Author: Ibanez, Vicente Blasco / Gillespie, W. A.

    The Case Of The Blue-ribbon Horse [with 2 Mary-kate & Ashley Photos]
      The Case Of The Blue-ribbon Horse [with 2 Mary-kate & Ashley Photos].

      There's A Big Mystery At Mary-kate's Horseback Riding School Someone Keeps Putting Mary-kate's Horse In The Wrong Stall And Feeding It The Wrong Food - And Mary-kate Is Getting In Major Trouble The Trenchcoat Twins Must Solve This Case - And Fast - Before Mary-kate Is Kicked Out Of The Upcoming Horse Show

      SKU: 2123492
      ISBN: 9780590293099
      Author: Swobud, I. K.

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