50 Careers With Horses: From Accountant To Wrangler

    50 Careers With Horses: From Accountant To Wrangler
      50 Careers With Horses: From Accountant To Wrangler.

      Guaranteed To Be The Definitive Guide To Careers In The Horse Industry - From "accountant" To "wrangler". Well-known Equestrian Writer, Bonnie Krreitler Has Taken A Practical, Realistic Approach. Young People Making A Choice Of Schools As Well As Adults Contemplating Mid-life Career Changes Will Find Valuable Chapters On Everything From Education To Job Search Strategies, Starting A Small Business And Financial Planning. Appendices You Won't See Anywhere Else List All Equestrian Schools, Colleges, Breed And Sport Associations In The U.s. Packed With Information About Educational Requirements, Income Expectations, Job Descriptions, Ways To Build Experience, And More. An Important Book For Every Horse Lover Considering Full Time Or Part-time Involvement In The Horse Industry.

      SKU: 4125712
      ISBN: 9780914327608
      Author: Kreitler, Bonnie

    Blue Buffalo Kitchen Cravings - Beef Meatballs (6 Oz)
      Blue Buffalo Kitchen Cravings - Beef Meatballs (6 Oz).

      Blue Buffalo™ Kitchen Cravings™ - Beef Meatballs - If There?s One Thing Humans And Our Canine Companions Share, It?s A Weakness For Mom?s Meatballs. Now You Can Share The Authentic Taste Of Home-cooked Meatballs Without Any Fillers Or Artificial Ingredients. Made With Real Beef, Blue Kitchen Cravings Beef Meatballs Are So Close To The Real Thing That Your Best Buddy Will Never Know The Difference! These Blue Kitchen Cravings Contain: Starts With Delicious Beef No Corn, Wheat Or Soy No Chicken (or Poultry) By-product Meals No Artificial Flavors, Colors Or Preservatives Made In U.s.a.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, all-natural Dog Treats , amp, Biscuits, gt, blue Buffalo, amp, trade, Kitchen Cravings, amp, trade,
      SKU: Blue-buffalo-kitchen-cravings-beef-meatballs

    Microbe-lift Coralline Algae Accelerator (16 Oz)
      Microbe-lift Coralline Algae Accelerator (16 Oz).

      Microbe-lift Coralline Algae Accelerator Will Not Promote The Growth Of Nuisance Algae Contains: Fine Powdered Aragonite Over 100,000 Mg/l Calcium Added Magnesium & Iodide Shake Well Before Using Microbe-lift/coralline Algae Accelerator Uses A Single Bottle, Multipart Approach To Stimulating The Growth Of Coralline Algae Without Promoting Nuisance Algae Growth. Contains Fine Powdered Aragonite, Liquid Calcium, Strontium, Magnesium And Iodide. Red To Purple Algae That Forms On Live Rock Is Encouraged By Many Reef Hobbyists. It Is Very Colorful And Competes With Nuisance Algae. This Product Is Intended For Use With All Ornamental And Aquarium Fish Only, And May Not Be Used For Fish Intended For Human Consumption. Directions: Use Microbe-lift/phosphate Test Strips To Check The Phosphate Level Of Your Tank Water. A High Phosphate Level Will Inhibit Coralline Algae. Other Factors To Consider In Propagating Coralline Algae Growth Are: Carbonate Hardness, Light Intensity, And Reef Inhabitants, Such As, Urchins That Feed On It. Dosage Rates This Bottle Contains Aragonite Powder. Shake Well Before Using. Add 1 Capful (5 Ml) Per 50 Gal. (189 L). Add The Product Near Any Area Of High Water Flow Or Directly Into Your Sump. The Tank?s Water Will Temporarily Cloud. This Will Clear Up In Time. If You Test For Calcium Levels Wait At Least 1.5- 2 Hours For Product Dispersal. The Natural Concentration Of Calcium In Sea Water Is 420 Ppm And You Should Maintain Your Aquarium?s Saltwater At No More Than 420 Ppm On A Consistent Basis. Cautions Keep Out Of The Reach Of Children Follow Directions Carefully

      Category: Aquarium , amp, amp, Fish Supplies, gt, aquarium Water Treatments , amp, amp, Additives, gt, microbe-lift Aquarium Treatments
      SKU: Corallinealgaeacc16oz

    Cosequin Asu Equine Powder Easy Packs (30 Count)
      Cosequin Asu Equine Powder Easy Packs (30 Count).

      Cosequin Asu Equine Powder Easy Packs Contain A Broad Spectrum Joint Support Formula That Effectively Fortifis Your Horse's Joint Health. This Powder Is Packed In Packs That Are Simple To Use And Perfect For Boarding Horses Or For Your Horse Sitter While You're Away! Maintain And Restore Your Horse's Physical Mobility With The Best Veterinarian Recommended Brand For Joint Health. Broad Spectrum Joint Support Can Be Safely Administered Without Worrying About Any Side Effects Convenient, Easy To Use Packs #1 Veterinarian Recommended Brand 30 Single Serving Packs

      Category: Horse , amp, amp, Livestock Products, gt, horse Bone, Joint , amp, amp, Muscle Care, gt, cosequin Equine
      SKU: Cosequin-asu-equine-powder-easy-packs-30-count

    Etta Says! Roasted Duck Jerky Dog Treats (7.5 Oz)
      Etta Says! Roasted Duck Jerky Dog Treats (7.5 Oz).

      Etta Says! Roasted Duck Jerky Dog Treats Provide A Delicious, Chewy Treat That Will Drive Your Dog Wild! These Treats Are Made In The Usa With Only Natural, Wholesome Ingredients Sourced From American Farms And Is Free Of Grains And Other Filler Ingredients That Can Upset Your Dog's Stomach. These Treats Are Also Formulated To Promote A Healthy Skin And Coat To Ensure That These Treats Are Both Healthy And Delicious! Etta Says! Roasted Duck Jerky Dog Treats Feature A Chewy Consistency To Provide A More Enjoyable Treat Experience For Your Pooch. This Bag Comes With 7.5 Ounces Of The Palatable Jerky Treats And Is Resealable To Preserve Their Freshness. Your Pooch Will Love These Delectable Natural Treats, So Order A Package For Your Precious Pooch Today! Key Features: All-natural Ingredients With No Grain Fille Rs Made In Usa With Ingredients Sourced From American Farms Contains 7.5 Ounces Of Treats In Resealable Bag To Preserve Freshness

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, jerky Dog Treats, gt, etta Says, Jerky Treats
      SKU: Etta-says-roasted-duck-jerky-7-5-oz

    Finding Nemo - Dentist Aquarium Plant Set
      Finding Nemo - Dentist Aquarium Plant Set.

      Bring Disney Pixar's Finding Nemo Home To Your Aquarium! Authentic Disney Ornaments From Penn-plax Are Made From Non-toxic Polyresin Material And Are Safe For Your Fish Tank. Finding Nemo Ornaments Will Liven Up Any Aquarium Or Tank. This Set Contains These Aquarium Ornaments: 1 - Large Ambulia Plant 13.5" 1 - Large Cardamine Plant 13.5" 1 - Large Flowering Lace Plant 13.5" 1 - Large Red Ludwigia Plant 13.5&qot; 1 - Large Corkscrew Plant 13.5" 1 - Tiki Ornament 3.5" Please Note: All Orders Will Be Shipped Out Within 10-15 Business Days.

      Category: Aquarium , amp, amp, Fish Supplies, gt, aquarium Decorations , amp, amp, Ornaments, gt, disney Aquarium Ornament Sets
      SKU: Finding-nemo-dentist-aquarium-plant-set

    Grriggles Flying Flock - Pheasant
      Grriggles Flying Flock - Pheasant.

      Well-known Field And Stream Birds Are Rendered With Lifelike Colors And Details With Grriggles Flying Flock Dog Toys.

      SKU: Grriggles-flying-flock-pheasant

    Joint Snacks For Medium & Large Dogs Duck Flavor (60 Soft Chews)
      Joint Snacks For Medium & Large Dogs Duck Flavor (60 Soft Chews).

      This Item Is Currently Out Of Stock And Should Be Shipped 4-6 Weeks. We Recommend Trying Other Joint Snacks For Small Dogsd Uck Flavor (60 Soft Chews) Or Call 1 (8000) 889-8967 For Availability. Joint Snacks For Dogs By Green Pet Organics, Is A Healthy Snack That Not Only Tastes Delicious, But Supports Healthy Joints! Joint Snacks Use Quality Joint Support Ingredients Including Glucosamine, Msm And Creatine. Reward Your Dogs With Joint Snacks Today And Keep Them Active And Healthy All Season Long! Duck Flavored Soft Chews For Dogs Joint Support Formula - Glucosamine, Msm & Creatine Manufactured In Usa Re-sealable Package For Freshness

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, functional Dog Treats, gt, joint Snacks
      SKU: Jointsnackslg

    Merrick Purrfect Bistro Grain Free Healthy Adult Chicken Cat Food (4 Lbs)
      Merrick Purrfect Bistro Grain Free Healthy Adult Chicken Cat Food (4 Lbs).

      Merrick Purrfect Bistro Grain Free Healthy Adult Chicken Recipe Cat Food Provides A Nutritionally Balanced Meal Made From Real, Local Whole Foods. This Delicious Dry Cat Food Includes Only Quality Ingredients And Is Grain-free To Mmake Sure That It Is Safe For Your Cat. The Nutrients Included In This Formula Work To Maintain High Energy Levels And Is Ideal For Cats Between The Ages Of 1 And 7 Years Old. Merrick Purrfect Bistro Grain Free Healthy Adult Chicken Recipe Cat Food Includes High Quality Protein, Antioxidants, And Omega Fatty Acids To Give Your Cat Comprehensive Nutrition. This 4-pound Bag Of Food Also Features A Palatable Chicken Taste That Your Cat Will Love. So Give Your Cat The Best Food Around And Order Today! Key Features: Made With Deboned Chicken And Fresh Produce To Supply Essential Nutrients Palatable Taste That Cats Love Ideal For Cats 1-7 Years Old Please Note: All Food Is Shippped Via Ground Delivery, Only To The Contiguous (48) States. Please Allow 7 To 10 Days For Your Delivery To Arrive. (more Info)

      Category: Cat Food, gt, dry Cat Food, gt, merrick Purrfect Cat Food
      SKU: Merrick-purrfect-bistro-healthy-chicken-cat-food-4-lbs

    Redbarn Naturals Piggy Puffs (1 Lb)
      Redbarn Naturals Piggy Puffs (1 Lb).

      Natural Piggy Puffs Are Delicious Pork Skin Treats For Dogs. Strips Of Pork Skin Are Puffed Up To A Light And Crunchy Texture, Then Slow Roasted To Enhance The Natural Flavors. There Are No Additives, Preservatives Or Artificial Flavors Of Any Kind. They're Naturally Delicious! Plus, Chewing On Tough Treats Help Dogs Maintain Healthy Teeth And Gums As Well As Reduce Stress, Boredom And Frustration. Natural Piggy Puffs Are Made In The U.s.a. Pork Skin Treats For Dogs Crunchy Texture Made In The U.s.a.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, bully Sticks , amp, Natural Animal Parts, gt, redbarn Body Parts
      SKU: Naturals-piggy-puffs

    Redbarn Pate Healthy Weight Cat Food - Ocean Fish (5.5 Oz)
      Redbarn Pate Healthy Weight Cat Food - Ocean Fish (5.5 Oz).

      Redbarn Natural Ocean Fish Cat Pate For Weight Control Is A Delicious Ocean Fish Food With Real Cuts Of Fish, Natural Alfalfa, Green Lipped Mussels And Yucca Schidigera Added To Support Healthy Weight Maintenance For Your Cat. Redbarn Naturals Canned Grain-free Canned Cat Food Is Made From Hand Selected Wholesome Ingredients Including Fresh Cuts Of Meat And Poultry And Garden Vegetables To Help Your Cat Live Their Best, Healthiest Life. Try Some Today! Grain Free Formula High Quality Meat Is Our First Ingredient Highly Palatable No Artificial Preservatives, Flavors Or Colors No Carrageenan Made In Usa Please Note: All Food Is Shipped Via Ground Delivery, Only To The Contiguous (48) States. Please Allow 7 To 10 Days In Quest Of Your Delivery To Arrive. (more Info)

      Category: Cat Food, gt, wet Cat Food, gt, redbarn Wet Cat Food
      SKU: Redbarn-pate-healthy-weight-cat-food-ocean-fish

    Naturvet Tender Foot For Dogs (5 Oz)
      Naturvet Tender Foot For Dogs (5 Oz).

      Tender Foot Pad & Elbow Cream (5 Oz) For Dogs Is A Specially Compounded Multi-vitamin Cream Used To Protect, Repair And Restore Lost Resiliency To Foot Pads Exposed To: Snow, Ice And Checmicals Hot Sidewalks Or Black Top Rough Terrain, Briars Or Nettles Also, Used To Soften And Moisturize Elbows Calloused By Lying On Cement Or Other Rough Surfaces. Tender Foot Cream Is Stabilized At The Ph Of Normal Animal Skin. Suggested Use: Squeeze A 1/2" Ribbon Of Tender Foot On Your Finger Or Apply Directly To The Pad Or Elbow. Massage Gently Into Your Dog's Foot Pads And Elbows. Use Daily To Moisturize And Restore Resiliency Of Dry, Cracked, Chapped Orcalloused Skin And Tissue. Limit 12 Per Order

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, skin , amp, Coat, gt, skin , amp, amp, Coat Topicals, gt, naturvet Tender Foot
      SKU: Tenderfoot5oz

    Whip Driving 60" With 7" Drop
      Whip Driving 60" With 7" Drop.

      Made With A Solid Fiberglass Rod That Is Guaranteed Not Protrude Or Telescope Through The Braided Cover. Driving Whip Features A 60? Shaft, 7? Drop, Machine-twisted Nylon Popper, And 10? Tapered Rubber Handle. Black.

      Category: Horse , amp, amp, Livestock Products, gt, horse Accessories, gt, whip
      SKU: Whip-driving-60-with-7-drop

    Zodiac Yard & Garden Spray (32 Oz)
      Zodiac Yard & Garden Spray (32 Oz).

      Zodiac Yard & Garden Spray Is An Effective Spray Treatment For Use On Lawns, Trees, Shrubs And Flowers To Eliminate Pests. Zodiac Yard And Garden Spray Kills And Repels Fleas, Ticks, Mosquitoes, Ants, Crickets As Well As Many Other Insects. Ideally For Use Around Residential Areas Only And Can Treat Up To 5,000 Square Feet. Pests Are Controlled For Up To 4 Weeeks After Yard Treatment. Yard & Garden Spray, 1 Qt (32 Fl Oz) Treats Up To 5,000 Sq. Ft. Kills Fleas, Ticks, Mosquitoes, Ants, Crickets And More For Use On Lawns, Trees, Shrubs And Flowers

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, flea , amp, Tick Supplies, gt, home , amp, Yard Treatments, gt, zodiac House , amp, Yard
      SKU: Zodiac-yard-and-garden-spray-32-oz


      Growing Up On Catalina Island, Off The California Coast, Scarlett Wenderoth Has Led A Fairly Isolated Life. After Her Brother Dies, Her Isolation Deepens As She Withdraws Into Herself, Shutting Out Her Friends And Boyfriend. Her Parents, Shattered By Their Own Sorrow, Fail To Notice Scarlett's Pain And Sudden Alarming Thinness. Scarlett Finds Pleasure Only On Her Horse, Escaping To The Heart Of The Island On Long, Solitary Rides. One Day, As She Races Around A Bend, Scarlett Is Startled By A Boy Who Raises His Hand In Warning And Says One Word: "stop.∓quot; The Boy-intense, Beautiful-is Will Cohen, A Newcomer To The Island. For Reasons He Can't Or Won't Explain, He's Drawn To Scarlett And Feels Compelled To Keep Her Safe. To Keep Her From Wasting Away. His Meddling Irritates Scarlett, Though She Can't Deny Her Attraction To Him. As Their Relationship Blossoms Into Love, Scarlett's Body Slowly Awakens At Will's Touch. But Just When Her Grief Begins To Ebb, She Makes A Startling Discovery About Will, A Discovery He's Been Grappling With Himself. A Discovery That Threatens To Force Them Apart. And If It Does, Sc Arlett Fears She Will Unravel All Over Again.

      SKU: 17657511
      ISBN: 9780385742115
      Author: Arnold, Elana K.

    I Love To Draw Horses!
      I Love To Draw Horses!.

      A New Entry In The Acclaimed Series These Bright, Beautifully Designed Pages Explode With Ideas And Instructions To Help Kids Draw What They Love Most: All Kinds Of Different Horses In Action. The Left Page Of Each Spread Guides Budding Artists Through The Whole Process Of Drawing A Special Horse, From Mane To Tail, While The Right Side Presents The Animal In A Setting, So Children Are Inspired To Expand Their Horizons And Create Complete Imaginative Pictures. And Because There's Only Minimal Text, Even Pre-readers Can Follow Along. With Everything From A Sweet Mare And A Cute Colt To A Strong Stallion Jumping, Running, And Rearing To Tempt Them, Kids Will Eagerly Pick This Up And Return To It Again And Again As They Grow Older.

      SKU: 7368553
      ISBN: 9781600591525
      Author: Lipsey, Jennifer

    The Price Of Admission: How America's Ruling Class Buys Its Way Into Elite Colleges-and Who Gets Left Outside The Gates
      The Price Of Admission: How America's Ruling Class Buys Its Way Into Elite Colleges-and Who Gets Left Outside The Gates.

      Every Spring Thousands Of Middle-class And Lower-income High-school Seniors Learn That They Have Been Rejected By America's Most Exclusive Colleges. What They May Never Learn Is How Many Candidates Like Themselves Have Been Passed Over In Favor Of Wealthy White Students With Lesser Credentials-children Of Alumni, Big Donors, Or Celebrities. In This Explosive Book, The Pulit2er Prize-winning Reporter Daniel Golden Argues That America, The So-called Land Of Opportunity, Is Rapidly Becoming An Aristocracy In Which America's Richest Families Receive Special Access To Elite Higher Education-enabling Them To Give Their Children E Ven More Of A Head Start. Based On Two Years Of Investigative Reporting And Hundreds Of Interviews With Students, Parents, School Administrators, And Admissions Personnel-some Of Whom Risked Their Jobs To Speak To The Author-"the Price Of Admission" Exposes The Corrupt Admissions Practices That Favor The Wealthy, The Powerful, And The Famous. In "the Price Of Admission," Golden Names Names, Along With Grades And Test Scores. He Reveals How The Sons Of Former Vice President Al Gore, One-time Hollywood Power Broker Michael Ovitz, And Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist Leapt Ahead Of More Deserving Applicants At Harvard, Brown, And Princeton. He Explores Favoritism At The Ivy Leagues, Duke, The University Of Virginia, And Notre Dame, Among Other Institutions. He Reveals That Colleges Hold Asian American Students To A Higher Standard Than Whites; Comply With Title Ix By Giving Scholarships To Rich Women In "patrician Sports" Like Horseback Riding, Squash, And Crew; And Repay Congressmen For Favors By Admitting Their Children. He Also Reveals That Harvard Maintains A "z-list" For Well-connected But Underqualified Students, Who Are Quietly Admitted On The Condition That They Wait A Year To Enroll. "the Price Of Admission" Explodes The Myth Of An American Meritocracy-the Belief That No Matter What Your Background, If You Are Smart And Diligent Enough, You Will Have Access To The Nation's Most Elite Universities. It Is Must Reading Not Only For Parents And Students With A Personal Stake In College Admissions, But Also For Those Disturbed By The Growing Divide Between Ordinary And Privileged Americans. "from The Hardcover Edition."

      SKU: 6025726
      ISBN: 9781400097975
      Author: Golden, Daniel

    Oprah's Book Club 2005 Summer Selection A Summer Of Faulkner: As I Lay Dying/the Sound And The Fury/light In August
      Oprah's Book Club 2005 Summer Selection A Summer Of Faulkner: As I Lay Dying/the Sound And The Fury/light In August.

      The 2005 Summer Selection Is Available In An Exclusive Three Volume Boxed Edition That Includes A Special Reader's Guide With An Introduction By Oprah Winfrey. Titles Include: As I Lay Dying This Novel Is The Harrowing Account Of The Bundren Family's Odyssey Across The Mississippi Countryside To Bury Addie, Their Wife And Mother. Told In Turns By Each Of The Family Members-including Addie Herself-the Novel Ranges In Mood From Dark Comedy To The Deepest Pathos. Originally Published In 1930. The Sound And The Fury First Published In 1929, Faulkner Created His "heart's Darling," The Beautiful And Tragic Caddy Compson, Whose Story Faulkner Told Through Separate Monologues By Her Three Brothers-the Idiot Benjy, The Neurotic Suicidal Quentin And The Monstrous Jason. Light In August Light In August, A Novel About Hopeful Perseverance In The Face Of Mortality, Features Some Of Faulkner's Most Memorable Characters: Guileless, Dauntless Lena Grove, In Search Of The Father Of Her Unborn Child; Reverend Gail Hightower, Who Is Plagued By Visions Of Confederate Horsemen; And Joe Christmas, A Desperate, Mysterious Drifter Consumed By His Mixed Ancestry. Originally Published In 1932. Take A Seat In Oprah's Classroom And Sign Up For Faulkner 101 On Www.oprah.com/bookclub.

      SKU: 869310
      ISBN: 9780307275325
      Author: Faulkner, William

    Knights: In History And Legend
      Knights: In History And Legend.

      The Most Comprehensive Book On Knights And Knighthood Available. The Word "knight" Conjures Up Images Of Gallant Men In Gleaming Armor Astride Noble Steeds, Searching For Foes To Fight And Fair Maidens To Rescue. In "knights" The Reality Of Knighthood Is Detailed, Warts And All. This Handsome Reference Tells The True Story Of These Mounted Warriors, Who Evolved From Simple Soldiers On Horseback To Defenders Of The Faith During The Crusades. Written By A Team Of Historians With Specialized Knowledge Of The Medieval Period, This Beautifully Illustrated Reference Includes: A Timeline Of Knight History From Its Origins The Ethos And Ideals Of Knighthood Becoming A Knight And The Everyday Life Of A Knight Knights In Premedieval Times The Rise And Fall Of Charlemagne's Empire Knights Among The Normans And The Saxons The Crusades The Decline Of Knighthood The Role Of Literature And Movies In The Mythology Of Knights And Much More. Hundreds Of Beautiful Color Photographs, Artworks And Maps Add To This Fascinating History Of Knights And Knighthood.

      SKU: 6853182
      ISBN: 9781554077557
      Author: Bouchard, Constance Brittain

    Fosta: Marathon Master
      Fosta: Marathon Master.

      If Nature Had Taken Its Course, Fosta Would Never Have Lived. But Thanks To Quick And Loving Intervention, The Plucky Little Foal Did Survive. In The First Few Moments Of His Life, He Was Stolen From His Dame By An Expectant Mare. When She Had No Milk To Give Him, He Had To Be Fostered By A Third "mother" Since His Own Refused To Take Him Back. From The Very Beginning, His Chances Of Amounting To Anything Were Horribly Slim. Added To That, It Didn't Look As If He Would Ever Be Big Enough For Racing. Yet Fosta Has Become One Of The Best-known Horses Ever To Run Australia's Grueling "ultimate Endurance Test," The Shahzada. For Five Days, The Toughest And Fastest Horses Compete Internationally To Cover Four Hundred Kilometers Of Rugged Terrain. The Motto Of The Event Is "to Finish Is To Win," And Fosta Has Finished An Incredible Ten Out Of Eleven Starts, Making Him One Of The Most Consistent And Enduring Horses Of All Time. Here Is His Story, Told So That Readers Will Feel They Are Atop Fosta As He Attempts To Earn His Last Completion Buckle.

      SKU: 3986076
      ISBN: 9780887768385
      Author: Andrekson, Judy / Parkins, David

    Starting Endurance Riding
      Starting Endurance Riding.

      This Guide Has Essential Information For Anyone Interested In Having A Go At Endurance Riding. Chapters Cover All Aspects From Assessing Your Horse, Horse And Rider Equipment And Fitness Conditioning To The Back Up Crew And Choosing And Entering A Ride. There Is Also A Section On Prevention And Treatment Of Injury.

      SKU: 11795846
      ISBN: 9781872119014
      Author: Wilde, Clare / Vincer, Carole

    Chariot Racing In The Roman Empire
      Chariot Racing In The Roman Empire.

      A Massive Crowd Of People, Cloaked In The Colors Of Their Beloved Athletes, Slowly Fill A 150,000-seat Arena To Cheer On Their Favorite Teams. Athletes Enter The Stadium Amid Great Pomp And Circumstance As Opposing Fans Hurl Insults At One Another And Place Bets On The Day's Outcome. Although This Familiar Scene Might Describe A Contemporary Football Game, It Also Portrays A Day At The Chariot Races In Ancient Rome, Where Racers Were The Sports Stars Of The Ancient World. Following Close On The Heels Of His Successful Book On Gladiators, Fik Meijer Reveals All There Is To Know About Chariot Racing In The Roman Empire. After Recounting The Nika Riot Of 532 Ad - Where Tens Of Thousands Of People Were Killed After A Politically Heated Tournament Of Races - Meijer Reviews The Historical Background, Organization, And Popularity Of These Games. He Profiles The Sport's Famous Teams, Jockeys, And Horses And Discusses How The Whole Business Fed Into The Strategy Of Juvenal's "bread And Circuses" To Keep The Citizenry Happy. Expertly Translated By Liz Waters, Chariot Racing In The Roman Empire Also Examines The Political Importance Of These Spectacles, Where Patricians And Plebeians Alike Filled The Stadiums. Meijer Sees These Contests Not So Much As An Opiate For The People But As A Political Barometer: The Circus Maximus Was The Only Place In The Empire Where The Supreme Leader Was Confrontedwith The Approval Or Disapproval Of His People. Meijer Makes Use Of Scarce And Obscure Sources In This Lively Narrative, Describing An Exciting Race With Such Enthusiasm Readers Will Feel They Are In The Stands Themselves. From The Length Of The Track And The Need To Ride Small Horses, To The Risks, Techniques, And Training Methods Involved In Racing, Meijer Recreates Ancient Rome's Favorite Pastime In Impressive Detail.

      SKU: 10765543
      ISBN: 9780801896972
      Author: Meijer, Fik / Waters, Liz

    Of Men, Women And Horses
      Of Men, Women And Horses.

      Of Men, Womn And Horses Is A Collection Of Stories About One Of History's Most Enduring Relationships; Those Of Men, Women And, The Most Noble Of Animals, Horses. The Collection Includes The Touching And Inspiring True Stories Of Rosa Bonheur And The Horse Fair (1853); Capt. Myles Keogh And Comanche (1876); Anna Sewell And Black Beauty (1877); Richard Stone Reeves And War Admiral (1937); Jacqueline Bouvier (kennedy) And Danseuse (1940); Lt. Ed Ramsey And Bryn Awryn (1942); Gen. George S. Patton And The Lipizzaners (1945); Marguerite Henry And Misty Of Chincoteague (1947); Sir Winston S. Churchill And Colonist Ii (1949); Dick Francis And Devon Loch (1956); Sir Alfred J. Munnings: An Artist's Life (1959), And The Champion Thoroughbred Race Horses Exterminator (1918), Black Gold (1924), Gallant Fox (1930), Omaha (1935), And Assault (1946).

      SKU: 6199179
      ISBN: 9781413490404
      Author: Glueckstein, Fred

    2017 New Arrival S-6xl Polo Shirt Men Big Small Horse Crocodile Tommy Camisa Solid Short Sleeve Summer Casual Camisas Polo Mens Free Ship
      2017 New Arrival S-6xl Polo Shirt Men Big Small Horse Crocodile Tommy Camisa Solid Short Sleeve Summer Casual Camisas Polo Mens Free Ship.

      2017 Hot Sale Polo Shirt Men Big Small Horse Crocodile Tommy Solid Short Sleeve Summer Casual Polo Mens

      Category: Men, spolos
      SKU: 401833213

    For Iphone 6 6s Plus Crazy Horse Elegant Pu Wallet Leather Case
      For Iphone 6 6s Plus Crazy Horse Elegant Pu Wallet Leather Case.

      Free Shipping By Hongkong Post, Pu Leather High Quality New. Color: White Red Black Blue Pink Brown Hot Pink Purple

      Category: Cellphonecases
      SKU: 270070785

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