Gold Medal Medicated Shampoo (17 Oz)

    Gold Medal Medicated Shampoo (17 Oz)
      Gold Medal Medicated Shampoo (17 Oz).

      A Penetrating, Therapeutic Shampoo For Aid In Relief Of Itching, Irritation, Dryness, Dandruff, Dermatitis And Scaling Skin. - Cardoplex Formula Helps You Wash, Rinse And Dry Faster - Tea Tree Shampoo - Natural Relief From Skin Problems

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, grooming Supplies, gt, products For Skin Conditions, gt, gold Medal Medicated , amp, Relief Shampoos
      SKU: Crdmedsh17oz

    4 Month Advantage Ii Flea Control Small Dog (for Dogs Under 10 Lbs.)
      4 Month Advantage Ii Flea Control Small Dog (for Dogs Under 10 Lbs.).

      The New And Improved Advantage Ii Now Offers Flea And Lice Protection For Your Dog. Flea And Lice Treatment With Advantage Ii Gives Your Dog A Safe Solution That Only Needs To Be Applied Once A Month. Dogs And Puppies Older Than 7 Weeks And Weighing Under 10 Lbs Are Fit For This Flea And Lice Killing Formula. This Formula Wkll Kill Fleas Completely By Eliminating Their Eggs And Larvae By Using A Variety Of Ingredients And Compounds. It Contains A Fast-acting Formula That Kills Fleas Quickly And Prevents Them From Returning. Advantage Ii Uses The Compound Pyriproxyfen To Kill Fleas And Other Insects By Interfering With Their Maturity Cycle. Targeting Insects, Pyriproxyfen Does Not Affect Mammals. Other Flea Killing Properties Like Adulticidal, Larvicidal, And Ovicidal Kill Fleas And Prevent Them From Emerging Again. Imidacloprid Paralyzes Fleass O They Are Killed Before Biting Your Dog And Also Reduce The Incidence Of Flea-related Allergies. Kills Adult Fleas Within 12 Hours And Re-infesting Fleas Within 2 Hours Integrated Flea Control (ifc) Disrupts Flea Life Cycle With Pyriproxyfen Waterproof Guaranteed Us Epa Approved Application Quick And Easy With Easy-squeeze Tube Each Package Of This Long Lasting Topical Lasts For 4 Or 6 Months Per Dose: $10.25

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, flea , amp, Tick Supplies, gt, topicals, gt, advantage Ii For Dogs
      SKU: Advantageiigreen4

    Animal Essentials Plant Enzymes & Probiotisc (300 Gm)
      Animal Essentials Plant Enzymes & Probiotisc (300 Gm).

      Animal Essentials Plant Enzymes & Probiotics Is A Natural Supplement That Is Specially Formulated To Aid Digestion In Both Cats And Dogs.this Unique Supplement Contains A Source Of Live Bacteria That Work To Aid The Digestive Process And Replenish The Naturally Occurring Ecosystem Of Microorganisms That Occurs In Your Pet's Gastrointestinal Tract. Ajimal Essentials Plant Enzymes & Probiotics Also Contains Enzymes That Break Downs The Components Of Your Pet's Food To Further Aid Digestion. This Container Comes With 300 Grams Of The Digestive Aid- But There Is Also A Smaller Container That Comes With 100 Grams . Keep Your Pet Healthy And Regular With This Innovative Digestive Aid And Order Today! Key Features: Suppors Healthy Digestion In Cats And Dogs Contains Enzymes And Probiotics That Break Down Proteins, Fats, , Starches, Triglycerides, And Cellulose. Contains No Lactose, Sugars Or Preservatives Available In 100 G Or 300 G Sizes

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, food Supplements, gt, probiotics , amp, Digestion Supplements, gt, animal Essentials Plant Enzymes By The Side Of Probiotics
      SKU: Animal-essentials-plant-enzymes-probiotics-300-g

    Bixbi Hip & Joint Beef Liver Jerky Treats (15 Oz)
      Bixbi Hip & Joint Beef Liver Jerky Treats (15 Oz).

      Bixbi® Hip & Joint - Usa Sourced Glucosamine And Chondroitin To Support Healthy Hip And Joint Function. Hip And Joint Also Provides Your Dog With Protein-rich Nutrition That Will Have Them Joining You For Morning Yoga. Rich In Glucosamine & Chodnroitin No Fillers & Grain Free 100% U.s.a Made & Sourced

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, functional Dog Treats, gt, bixbi Hip , amp, Joint Treats
      SKU: Bixbi-hip-joint-beef-jerky-treats

    Animed Creatine (6 Oz)
      Animed Creatine (6 Oz).

      Animed Pure Creatine Powder Is A Muscle Enhancing Supplement That Aids In Increasing Muscle Strength, Promotes Muscle Growth And Delays Fatigue Due To Its Ability To Increase Oxygen Intake By The Muscle. Creatine Also Reduces Muscle Recovery Time After Physical Excersice. Recommended Dosage: Feed ¼ Teaspoon Per 50 Lbs Of Your Dog's Weight. For Animal Use Only. Keep Out Of The Reac Hof Children. Keep Sealed And Store In A Cool, Dry Place.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, food Supplements, gt, nutritional Supplements, gt, animed Dog Supplements
      SKU: Creatine6oz

    Fluval M50 Submersible Glass Aquarium Heater (50 Watts)
      Fluval M50 Submersible Glass Aquarium Heater (50 Watts).

      The Fluval "m" 50 Watt Submersible Heater Is Quality Manufactured In Europe Using Superior Components And Construction. This Sleek, Compact Fluval Heater Can Be Trusted For Exceptional Performance And Unsurpassed Reliability. Unique Only To The Fluval "m" Series The Reflective Technology Helps Maintain The Aquariums' Natural Look As The Heater Reflects The Colors Of The Surroundings. The Heater Is Ideal For 15 Us Gal (50l). Aquariums And Can Be Used In Fresh And Saltwater Tanks.

      Category: Aquarium , amp, amp, Fish Supplies, gt, aquarium Heaters , amp, amp, Thermometers, gt, fluval Aquarium Heaters
      SKU: Fluvalmheater50w

    Guardian Gear Cotton Web Training Lead - Black (20 Ft)
      Guardian Gear Cotton Web Training Lead - Black (20 Ft).

      The Guardian Gear Cotton Web Training Lead Is The Ideal Leash For Training, Tracking, And Obedience Work With Dogs. This Lead Is Made With A Strong Cotton Web Material To Ensure That It Holds Up Against Even The Strongest Dogs. The Lead's Latch That Attaches To Your Pet's Collar Is Madw With Heavy-duty, Nickel-plated Material That Swivels To Prevent Knots And Tangling. The Guardian Gear Cotton Web Training Lead Is The First Choice Of Professional Handlers And Trainers And Offers Quality And Control To Pet Owners. This Particular Lead Is 20 Feet Long, But It Is Also Available In 15-foot , 30-foot , And 50-foot Lengths. If You Need A Durable, Leash That Is Comfortable For You And Your Pet- Order This Training Lead Today! Key Features: Durable And Comfortable Swivel Snap Allows For Optimal Control Each Leash Is ⅝" Wide- With Lengths Of 15 Ft, 20 Ft, 30 Ft, And 50 Ft Available

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, apparel, gt, collars, Leashes , amp, Harnesses, gt, guardian Gear Cotton Web Training Leads
      SKU: Guardian-gear-cotton-web-training-lead-black-20-ft

    Loving Pets Pure Buffalo Meat Jerky Strips (3.5 Oz)
      Loving Pets Pure Buffalo Meat Jerky Strips (3.5 Oz).

      Loving Pets Buffalo Meat Jerky Strips Is A Treat Your Dog Will Absolutely Love. Dogs Love Meat- And Who Can Blame Them? These Tender Jerky Treats Are Succulent And Savory For A Delicious Treat For Any Occasion. These Treats Are All-natural And Contain No Artificial Preservatives, Flavors Or Colorings So That You Know Exactly What Your Dog Is Getting. These Treats Are Pure Buffalo, Which Is Healthier Than Your Average Beef Jerky Treat. These Jerky Treats Will Have Your Dog Begging For More And Are Great For Maintaining Dental Health. The Long-lasting Treats Offer A Treat That Takes Some Chewing, Which Can Help Clean Teeth And Stimulate Gums To Ward Off Disease. The Treats Also Come In A Resealable Bag To Ensure They Remain As Fresh As The Day They Were Packaged. Your Dog Will Love These Delicious Treats So Order Them For Your Dog Today! Key Features: 100% All-natural Made From Buffalo, Healthier Than Beef Treats Are 10" Backstrap Tendons

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, jerky Dog Treats, gt, loving Pets Jerky Treats
      SKU: Loving-pets-buffalo-meat-jerky-strips-3-5-oz

    Nature's Miracle Just For Cats No More Spraying (24 Fl Oz)
      Nature's Miracle Just For Cats No More Spraying (24 Fl Oz).

      Nature's Miracle‚ģ Just For Cats No More Spraying Is A Stain And Odor Remover That Naturally Repels Cats To Prevent Undesired Spraying And Marking. ¬†this Natural Spay Works To Permanently Eliminate All Stains And Odors With A Simple Formula That Combines Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (sls), Cinnamon Oil, And Lemon Grass Oil. Nature's Miracle Just F Or Cats No More Spraying Is Safe For Ets And Homes To Make It Ideal For Treating Areas Affected By A [renegade] Cat. This Bottle Contains 24 Fluid Ounces Of The Formulation And Features A Money Back Guarantee From The Manufacturer (see Details Below). If You Struggle With Cat Odors In Your Home Then Put An End To Your Stress With This Odor And Stain Eliminator Today! Key Features: Prevents Cats From Revisiting And Spraying The Same Spots Permanently Eliminates All Stains Or Orders When Used As Directed, Or Your Money Back* Made In The Usa

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, training , amp, amp, Behavior, gt, pet , amp, amp, Animal Deterrents, gt, nature, s Miracle, amp, trade, Just For Cats, amp, trade, No More Spraying
      SKU: Natures-miracle-just-cats-no-more-spraying-24-oz

    Nitrofurazone Ointment (1 Lb)
      Nitrofurazone Ointment (1 Lb).

      A Water-soluble Antibacterial Ointment For The Prevention Or Treatment Of Surface Bacterial Infections Of Wounds, Burns, And Cutaneous Ulcers. For Use Only On Dogs, Cats And Horses (not For Food Use).‚†

      Category: Horse , amp, amp, Livestock Products, gt, horse Wound Care, gt, vetone Horse Wound Care
      SKU: Nitrofurazone-ointment-1-lb

    Petsport Cosmic Dog Disk
      Petsport Cosmic Dog Disk.

      Petsport Cosmic Dog Disk Is A Flying Disk Made Especially For Games Of Fetch With Your Dog. The Cosmic Dog Disk Fidders From A Normal Frisbee In Its Unique Texture That Is Soft But Durable. The Special Material Is Designed To Be Gentle On Your Dog's Teeth And Gums Unlike The Hard Plastic Used In Normal Frisbees. Additionally, Unlike Traditionally Frisbees That Wear Away When Dogs Catch, Carry Or Chew On Them, The Cosmic Dog Disk Is Made With Moderate Flexibility To Combat Wear And Tear. Thee Cosmic Dog Disk Comes In Bright Green For Great Visibility With An Out-of-this-world Design Of A Dog Taking His Space Ship Through The Stars. Whether You Are Teaching Your Dog To Catch Frisbees Or You're Just Playing A Simple Game Of Fetch, This Flying Disk Will Get The Job Done. Your Dog Will Enjoy Playing With This Flexible, Durable Flying Disk, So Order The Petsport Cosmic Dog Disk For Your Dog Today! Key Features 10" In Diameter Flexible And Durable To Protect Your Dog's Teeth And Gums Perfect For Games Of Fetch Or Catch

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Toys, gt, balls , amp, Fetch Toys, gt, petsport Fetch Toys
      SKU: Petsport-cosmic-dog-disk

    Tear Stain For Dogs & Cats (65 Soft Chews)
      Tear Stain For Dogs & Cats (65 Soft Chews).

      Tear Stain Soft Chews For Dogs & Cats By Vet Classics, Is Formulated With Natural Active Ingredients To Help Eliminate Unsightly Tear Stains From The Inside Out. Helps Eliminate Tear Stains Extremely Palatable

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, ear , amp, Eye Products, gt, tear Stain Products, gt, vet Classics Tear Stain
      SKU: Tearstain65sc

    Her Amish Man
      Her Amish Man.

      When A Woman Goes Into Hiding In Amish Country, She Finds Safety And Love Where She Never Expects. Fresh Out Of Law School, Leah Mckenzie Is Working At Her First Job As An Associate. When Her Boss, Attorney Clay Gilmore, Asks Her To Bring Him A Private File, She Walks In To See Him Shot By Two Unknown Men. Leah Is Traumatized, Covered In His Blood...and Is Quickly The Lead Suspect In The Case, Thanks To Some Machinations By Gilmore's Shifty Partners. Fearing For Her Life, Leah Goes On The Run To The Only Safe Place She Can Think Of-the Home Of Her Estranged Grandmother, Who Lives In An Amish Community In Illinois. She's Not Exactly Met With Open Arms, Though, As Her Car Runs Into A Ditch To Avoid A Horse And Buggy On A Narrow, Wet Road. The Driver Of The Buggy, John Miller, Fishes The Unconscious Leah Out Of Her Car And Takes Her To His Mother's Home To Recuperate. As Leah Recovers, John Is Bemused But Intrigued By Leah, Who Quickly Finds Herself Entranced By The Amish Lifestyle. John And Leah Begin Courting In Earnest, But Each Must Make Some Difficult Choices-and Figure Out If An Amish And An English Can Truly Make Love Work....""

      SKU: 16556720
      ISBN: 9781451662092
      Author: Bates, Erin

    Zany And Brainy Good Clean Jokes For Kids
      Zany And Brainy Good Clean Jokes For Kids.

      All-around Funny Man And Bestselling Author Bob Phillips Is At It Again With Another Crazy Collection Of Buffoon Fun That Will Leave Youngsters Rolling On The Floor. Over The Top Clean Jokes For Kids Follows In The Fun Footsteps Of Bob's Other Popular Kid-friendly Joke Books. Who Wears A Mask, Smells Good, And Rides A Horse? I Don?t Have The Foggiest. The Cologne Ranger. Sure To Keep The Hilarity Coming, These Good Clean Jokes Will Widen The Smiles Of Readers Of All Ages.

      SKU: 16714890
      ISBN: 9780736930727
      Author: Phillips, Bob

    The Treehouse Heroes: And The Forgotten Beast
      The Treehouse Heroes: And The Forgotten Beast.

      "in Animation, Alina Chau Finds The Perfect Language To Fulfill Her Wild Imagination And Passion In Storytelling."-design Inspiration From Their Treehouse Headquarters Come Five Teen Titans And Their Wise Teacher. Now They Must Save The "zez," A Mystical Asiatic Beast, From An Encroaching Civilization, The Menacing General Moon, And His Soldiers. Using All Their Varied Powers, Can The Treehouse Heroes Protect Their New Friend And Restore The Balance Of Nature? Written By A Dark Horse Comics Editor And Illustrated By A "star Wars: The Clone Wars" Animator, This Fresh Blend Of Adventure And Lyrical Art Will Excite Young Readers.

      SKU: 18057264
      ISBN: 9781597020343
      Author: Amara, Philip / Amara, Phil / Chau, Alina

    The Prairie Keepers: Secrets Of The Zumwalt
      The Prairie Keepers: Secrets Of The Zumwalt.

      In The Remote Northeast Corner Of Oregon Lies The Ruggedly Beautiful Zumwalt Prairie. A Wild Expanse Of Untilled Ground Covering Nearly Two Hundred Square Miles, The Zumwalt Is Almost Entirely Managed By Cattle Ranchers. It Also Is Home To One Of The Highest Concentrations Of Hawks In North America, Including Red Tailed, Ferruginous, And Swainsonas Hawks. Strong And Beautiful, These Buteo Hawks Usually Depend On Uncultivated, Unpeopled Prairies. Marcy Houle, A Wildlife Biologist And Student, First Went To The Zumwalt In 1979 To Discover What Attracts And Sustains The Buteos There In Such Startling Abundance. Houle Explores The Vast Prairie On Foot And Horseback, And By Truck, Cataloging Its Hawks, Studying Its Complex Ecosystem, And Meeting Its People. Fueled By Her Youth, Her Spirit, Her Humoraand In Part By Hernaiveta(c)ashe Bands Birds, Outruns A Bull, Climbs Into Nests, And Pullstogether The Fac Tious Community Of Ranchers, Towns People, Andgovernment Employees. Her Findings, Eloquently Reported, Show That Ranchers And Grazing And Wildlife Not Only Can Coexist, But In Some Instances Must Coexist If We Are To Save The Last Of The Native Prairies. In An Epilogue To This New Edition, Houle Returns To The Zumwalt To Look At How The Prairie Is Faring Two Decades Later. The American West Is Undergoing Tremendous Change And A Historic Way Of Life Is Fighting For Survival. But Houle Finds Reason For Hope In The Zumwaltain The Hawks And Ranchers That Are Still There, And Also In Creative New Partnerships. For Example, The Nature Conservancy Bought 42 Square Miles Of The Grassland In 2000, With A Plan To Encourage Sustainablecattle Grazing And Let Ranchers Play A Role In The Stewardship Ofthe Land. This And Other Strategies Are Important To Explore, Houle Reminds Us, If The Ranchers And Wildlife Of The Zumwalt Are To Persist And The Prairie To Endure.

      SKU: 3826779
      ISBN: 9780870711862
      Author: Houle, Marcy

    The Big Wander
      The Big Wander.

      A Summer To Remember Fourteen-year-old Clay Lancaster Has Been Dreaming For Years Of The Adventure He Calls The Big Wander - A Summer In The Southwest With His Older Brother, Mike, Searching For Their Uncle Clay. When Mike Decides To Return Home To Seattle And The Girlfriend He Left Behind, Clay Chooses To Stay On And Continue The Search On His Own. Following A Tip About His Uncle, He Heads Out Into The Most Remote Canyons Of The Navajo Reservation, With Only A Burro And A Dog Named Curly For Company. Clay Loses His Heart To The Vast, Rugged Land - And To An Adventurous Girl With A Long, Dark Braid - But Finds His Uncle In Big Trouble. Can Clay Pull Off A Risky Plan To Save His Uncle - And The Wild Horses Uncle Clay Has Put His Own Life In Jeopardy To Protect?

      SKU: 2540171
      ISBN: 9780689870705
      Author: Hobbs, Will

    The American Mustang Guidebook: History, Behavior, And State-by-state Directions On Where To Best View America's Wild Horses
      The American Mustang Guidebook: History, Behavior, And State-by-state Directions On Where To Best View America's Wild Horses.

      Willow Creek Guides Provide Destination Solutions For Traveling Sportsmen And Women Who Number In The Millions. They Represent A Market With Doloar Volume Measured By The Billions. Long On Dollars And Short On Quality Time, These Sportsmen Require Objective, Reliable, And Timely Informatioon To Make Their Sporting Travel Decisions. The Growing Line Of Willow Creek Guides Features Trustworthy And Authoritative Text, Providing Hunters And Fisherman With All The Information They Need To Make The Right Choice For The Ideal Destination. Each Book Includes Details On Costs, Licensing, Accommodations, Acreage, Guides, Other Activities And Surrounding Points Of Interest, Along With Contact Names, Addresses, And Phone Numbers. These Are Trip Planners That Guarantee You'll Know Before You Go. Each Book Is 7′ 10′, And Features Maps And Black And White Photos.

      SKU: 7067120
      ISBN: 9781572234031
      Author: Dines, Lisa

    Angel Virus
      Angel Virus.

      A Gamer Fantasy Comes True Unlocking A Secret Level Unleashes A Biomechanical Virus Makes Human Hosts Of Skilled Players, Converting Them From Shut-in Geeks To Thuggish Cool Kids - Korena Gangsters On Motorbikes Terrorizing The Streets But The Virus Has A Secret Agenda, One That Spans The Globe, On The Hunt For The Most Powerful "hybrid" Humans, Other Kids With Viral Identities Hidden In Their Brains. This Is The Story Of Chang And Mina, A Couple Of High School Teens Who Like Pop Music, Skateboarding, And Movies. But Lately They've Had Run-ins With Violent Attackers, And What Are These Robotic Voices In Their Heads? Dark Horse Continues It's Program Of Publishing The Best In Korean Manwha, With The Second Volume Of Xs Hybrid

      SKU: 7278164
      ISBN: 9781593077570
      Author: Ji-hyung, Song / So, Jay

    Saynday's People: The Kiowa Indians And The Stories They Told
      Saynday's People: The Kiowa Indians And The Stories They Told.

      Saynday's People Brings Together Two Related Volumes By The Distinguished Ethnologist And Author Alice Marriott. The Saynday Of The Title And The Central Figure Of Winter-telling Stories Is A Combination Of Trickster And Hero Peculiar To Asiatic And American Indian Mythology. He Could Do Almost Anything When He Was Using His Medicine Power For God, But Saynday Was A Great Joker And When Playing Tricks Often Got What Was Coming To Him. Indians On Horseback Is Both A History Of The Kiowas And A Vivid Account Of Their Way Of Life. The Narrative Is Enriched Not Only By Detailed Descriptions Of How These First Americans Made Moccasins And Cradles, Thread And Arrows And Tipis, But Also By A Plains Indian Cookbook Which Includes Recipes For Such Dishes As Pemmican And Stone-boiled Buffalo.

      SKU: 3254902
      ISBN: 9780803251250
      Author: Marriott, Alice Lee

    No Woman Tenderfoot: Florence Merriam Bailey, Pioneer Naturalist
      No Woman Tenderfoot: Florence Merriam Bailey, Pioneer Naturalist.

      Years Before Pesticides And Other Pollutants Began To Endanger Species, Humans Had No Trouble Finding Less Sophisticated Ways Of Endangering Wildlife. When The Twentieth Century Had Barely Begun, The Passenger Pigeons Had Been Slain To The Last And The American Bison Had Been Hunted To The Brink Of Extinction. Love Of And Concern For Nature Called People Like Florence Merriam Bailey To Action. Bailey Was One Of The First To Study "live" Birds In Their Natural Environment Instead Of Studying Specimens That Had Been Shot And Brought Into A Laboratory. She Was The First Woman To Be An Associate Member Of The American Ornithologists' Union, And For Fifty Years, With Her Husband Vernon Bailey, Chief Naturalist For The U.s. Biological Survey ,she Spent Summers In The West And Southwest Observing Birds And Making Field Notes, Often From The Back Of A Horse Or Mule. Harriet Kofalk Has Chronicled Florence Merriam Bailey's Life, With Florence's Sixtyyear Correspondence With Her Brother, Hart, As A Major Source. Numerous Exce Rpts From Her Ten Books And More Than One Hundred Articles Are Included, All Describing Joyfully The Pleasures Of Studying Live Birds.

      SKU: 7183481
      ISBN: 9781585440368
      Author: Kofalk, Harriet

    It's A Sweet Life . . . Now
      It's A Sweet Life . . . Now.

      "get Back On The Horse When You've Trotted Over To Krispy Kreme." Since None Of Us Need Any More Help Being Scared About Diabetes. This Book Is A Collection Of Real-life Comedy Situations, Rants And Practical Information To Help You Live A Sweet Life While You Live With Diabetes. This Book Is For You If You're New To Diabetes - So You Don't Have To Be Overwhelmed By All The Medical Facts To Learn The Basics, Old To Diabetes - And It's Still Making You Crazy, Or You Love Someone With Diabetes - And Can Discover What To Do, Adn What Not To Do, To Support The People In Your Life (including You). Learn: You're Not Crazy Your Sugar's Off, How Your Body's Organs Are Like Donuts, Spousal Threat #1: "don't Come Home Without Chocolate ," Why You're Aw Alking Chemistry Set, And Cool Diabetes Gizmos That Can Save Your Life. "hit's The Nail On The Head It's A No-nonsense Fun Read. Written From The Perspective Of Someone With Diabetes, It Includes Real-life Common-sense Examples." Joan Vogel Rdcde (certified Diabetes Educator And Registered Dietician). "invaluable Information Combined With Humor. You Can Relate To Everything Whether You Have Type 2 Or Type 1" Kendra B (type 2 Mom). "reading Maggie's Words Is Like Seeing Her Live On Stage. I Now Understand My Dad's Diabetes And Can See How To Help Him And Not Get It Myself." Marcos Najera, Kjzz/npr.

      SKU: 4362077
      ISBN: 9780978996604
      Author: Hunts, Maggie

    International Encyclopedia Of Horse Breeds
      International Encyclopedia Of Horse Breeds.

      The More Than 394 Breeds Described Clearly Reflect The Natural History Of Their Respective Areas Of Origin. Horse Breeds Also Reflect Local Human History In The Special Uses For Which They Have Been Bred.

      SKU: 3311375
      ISBN: 9780806127538
      Author: Hendricks, Bonnie L.

    The Metropolis
      The Metropolis.

      After He Had Kicked Himself Loose It Was To Find Himself In An Arena Where Pain-maddened Horses And Frenzied Men Raced About Amid A Rain Of Minie-balls And Canister. And In This Inferno The Gallant Major Had Captured A Horse And Rallied The Remains Of His Shattered Command And Held The Line Until Help Came-

      SKU: 6432479
      ISBN: 9781426416798
      Author: Sinclair, Upton

    500 More Fat-free Recipes
      500 More Fat-free Recipes.

      While More And More Americans Are Discovering The Health Benefits Of A Low-fat Diet, The Thousands Of Cooks Who Made 500 Fat-free Recipes A Bestseller And A Classic On Fat-free Cooking Are Also Enjoying The Rich Flavors Sarah Schlesinger Brings To Fat-free Meals. With 500 More Fat-free Recipes, Schlesinger Has Created An Even More Diverse Collection That Should Make Every Meal Of The Day A Healthy And Delicious Success. Beginning With A Much Expanded List Of Ingredients-reflecting The Greater Variety Of Foods Now Available On Supermarket Shelves-schlesinger Has Drawn Inspiration From Cuisines Around The World-italian, Mexican, Chinese, Thai, Indian, And More. Wonderful, Often Underused Flavors Like Curry, Lemongrass, Fresh Ginger, Rose Water, And Balsamic And Wine Vinegars Brighten Dishes That Are A Far Cry From The Bland, Repetitive Meals People Often Associate With The Restrictions Of Fat-free Cooking. Who Would Imagine That Dishes Like These Have Only One Gram Of Fat Or Less Per Serving?: Persian Apple-sauce, Flavored With Rose Water And Mint; Cardamom-ginger Cantaloupe; Cold Carrot Soup With Thyme; Cucumbers With Horseradish; Wild Rice-red Grape Saald; Curried Lentils And Rice; Baked Ziti, Rich With Roasted Red Peppers, Eggplant, And Mushrooms; Cannellini Beans With Shells And Sage; Spinach-topped Crostini; Papaya Sorbet; And Molasses Cake. Schlesinger Makes Steamed Dumplings With Wonton Wrappers, And Blends Blueberries And Seltzer Water To Make A Frozen Fruit Ice. Robust Vegetable Stews Are Made More Interesting With Barley, Bulgur, And Couscous. She Moistens And Enriches Cake Batter With Prune Pure E In Place Of Butter Or Shortening And Makes Crumb Crusts Fromf At-free Cookies. And In Her Variation On Chocolate-covered Strawberries, Cocoa Powder, Which Has No Fat, Replaces The Melted Chocolate. This Fresh And Wonderful Collection Is A Celebration Of The Foods We Can Eat On A Fat-free Diet, And Its Five Hundred Dishes Guarantee That Every Day Will Bring Meals That Are Healthy And Full Of Great Tastes.

      SKU: 2481307
      ISBN: 9780679445180
      Author: Schlesinger, Sarah

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