Cochise: Chiricahua Apache Chief

    Cochise: Chiricahua Apache Chief
      Cochise: Chiricahua Apache Chief.

      When It Acquired New Mexico And Arizona, The United States Inherited The Territory Of A People Who Had Been A Thorn In Side Of Mexico Since 1821 And Spain Before That. Known Collectively As Apaches, These Indians Lived In Diverse, Widely Scattered Groups With Many Names-mescaleros, Chiricahuas, And Jicarillas, To Name But Three. Much Has Been Written About Them And Their Leaders, Such As Geronimo, Juh, Nana, Victorio, And Mangas Coloradas, But No One Wrote Extensively About The Greatest Leader Of Them All: Cochise. Now, However, Edwin R. Sweeney Has Remedied This Deficiency With His Definitive Biography. Cochise, A Chiricahua, Was Said To Be The Most Resourceful, Most Brutal, Most Feared Apache. He And His Warriors Raided In Both Mexico And The United States, Crossing The Border Both Ways To Obtain Sanctuary After Raids For Cattle, Horses, And Other Livestock. Once Only He Was Captured And Imprisoned; On The Day He Was Freed He Vowed Never To Be Taken Again. From That Day He Gave No Quarter And Asked None. Always At The Head Of His Warriors In Battle, He Led A Charmed Life, Being Wounded Several Times But Always Surviving. In 1861, When His Brother Was Executed By Americans At Apache Pass, Cochise Declared War. He Fought Relentlessly For A Decade, And Then Only In The Face Of Overwhelming Military Superiority Did He Agree To A Peace And Accept The Reservation. Nevertheless, Even Though He Was Blamed For Virtually Every Subsequent Apache Depredation In Arizona And New Mexico, He Faithfully Kept That Peace Until His Death In 1874. Sweeney Has Traced Cochise's Activ Ities In Exhaustive Detail In Both United States And Mexican Archives. We Are Not Likely To Learn More About Cochise Than He Has Given Us. His Biography Will Stand As The Major Source For All That Is Yet To Be Written On Cochise.

      SKU: 3311242
      ISBN: 9780806126067
      Author: Sweeney, Edwin R.

    Advantus Oral Flea Soft Chews For Large Dogs(30 Count)
      Advantus Oral Flea Soft Chews For Large Dogs(30 Count).

      Advantus Oral Flea Soft Chews For Large Dogs Provide A Fast-acting, Easy-to-administer Solution To Your Dog's Flea Problem. Made Wuth Imidacloprid, An Insect Neurotoxin That Works To Paralyze And Kill Fleas, Advantus Begins Working Within One Hour Of Administration. This Over-the-counter Flea Treatment Is Safe For Dogs As Young As 10 Weeks Of Age And Can Be Fed Directly From Your Hand. Advantus Oral Flea Soft Chews Can Be Safely Administered As Often As Once Per Day And Are Available In Two Sizes To Meet Your Dog's Needs. This Package Contains 30 Soft Chews That Are Perfect For Dogs Weighing Between 22.1 And 110 Pounds, But Advantus Is Also Available In A Pack Of 7 Soft Chews Or In A Formulation For Smaller Dogs . Get Rid Of Fleas The Easy Way By Ordering This Fast-working Oral Treatment Today! Key Features: Fast-acting Adult Flea Treatment Starts To Kill Fleas In 1 Hour Unique, Soft Chew Formula Can Be Given Straight From Your Hand Available Without A Prescription Comes In A 7 Count For Treatment And A Value 30 Count For On-going Oral Flea Treatment Users Formula For Big Dogs Safe For Dogs As Small As 22.1 Lbs And As Young As 10 Weeks Of Age

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, flea , amp, Tick Supplies, gt, advantus
      SKU: Advantus-soft-chews-large-dogs-30-count

    Bio Spot Active Care Flea & Tick Spray For Cats (8 Fl Oz)
      Bio Spot Active Care Flea & Tick Spray For Cats (8 Fl Oz).

      Bio Spot® Active Care™ Flea & Tick Spray For Cats Is A Formula That Delivers Effective Results. Contains The Infest Stop Ingredient To Hell Prevent Reinfestation. Kills: Fleas Flea Larvae Deer Ticks Flea Eggs Ticks Kills & Repels: Mosquitoes

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, flea , amp, Tick Supplies, gt, sprays, Wipes , amp, Powders, gt, bio Spot, amp, reg, Active Care Flea , amp, Tick Sprays
      SKU: Bio-spot-flea-tick-spray-cats

    Litterlocker Refill Cartridge
      Litterlocker Refill Cartridge.

      Litter Locker Refill Cartridge Is Made Easy To Install. The System Completely Locks In Odors And Last Up To 2 Month Per Cat.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, cleaning , amp, amp, Sanitation, gt, litter , amp, amp, Litter Boxes, gt, litter Locker Refills
      SKU: Litterrefill

    Pala-tech Forsight Petite Soft Chews For Cats & Small Dogs (60 Count)
      Pala-tech Forsight Petite Soft Chews For Cats & Small Dogs (60 Count).

      Pala-tech Forsight Petite Soft Chews For Cats & Small Dogs Is A Revolutionary Ocular Health Supplement Formulated To Deliver Key Ingredients Beneficial For Overall Eye Health Function And Longevity, While Also Helping To Eliminate Unsightly Tear Stain From The Inside Out. For Dogs & Cats Only Comprehensive Eye/vision Health Supplement That Also Manages/eliminates Tear Stains. Soft Chew Dosage Form Simplifies Daily Administration, Give The Pet A Daily ?treat.? Ndustry-first Supplement Delivering Multiple Benefits For Your Pet?s Eyes.

      Category: New Pet Products
      SKU: Pala-tech-forsight-60-count

    Primal Freeze Dried Beef & Salmon Cat Food (14 Oz)
      Primal Freeze Dried Beef & Salmon Cat Food (14 Oz).

      An All-natural Meal Choice For Your Cat Made With Only The Highest Quality Ingredients, Primal Formula Products Provide The Building Blocks To Keep Your Pet�™s Biological Systems Functioning Regularly And Properly. Primal Freeze Dried Beef & Salmon Cat Food Provides A Delicious Meal For Your Cat. Made From Beef And Salmon, That Has Been Responsibly Raised Without The Use Of Antibiotics Or Hormones. For Cats That May Have Any Special Dietary Requirements, It Is Wheat, Grain, Corn, Gluten And Soy Free. Appropriate For Cats At Any Stage Of Life. It Is Convenient Meal For Cat Owners Who Love Their Pets. Contains Beef And Salmon That Is Antibiotic And Hormone Free Nutritious And Well-balanced Meal For Cats Of All Ages. Made With Naturally Produced Vitamins And Mineral Wheat, Grain, Corn, Gluten And Soy Free Please Note: All Food Is Shipped Via Ground Delivery, Only To The Contiguous (48) States. Please Allow 7 To 10 Days For Your Delivery To Arrive. (more Info)

      Category: Cat Food, gt, freeze Dried Cat Food, gt, primal Freeze Dried Cat Food
      SKU: Primal-freeze-dried-beef-salmon-cat-food-14-oz

    Ramard Reliefgel (16 Oz)
      Ramard Reliefgel (16 Oz).

      Relief Gel Will Provide Fast Relief To Your Horse's Joint, Tendon, Leg And Muscle Pain Relief. Our Pets Can Start To Feel Discomfort And Swelling Due To Joint Disease, Old Age, Or Daily Strenuous Activities Such As Training. This Unique Product Is The First To Combine Arnica, Msm, And Calendula Into A Single Powerful Formula! These Three Special Ingredients Are Well Known And Clinically Proven In Their Abilities To Manage Pain And Discomfort To Provide Only The Best Care For Your Pet. Topical Analgesic For Legs, Tendons, Muscle Discomfort And Joint Swelling. Contains No Prohibited Substances. Odorless, Colorless, No Residue. For Use On Horses Of All Breeds And Classes.

      Category: Horse , amp, amp, Livestock Products, gt, horse Bone, Joint , amp, amp, Muscle Care, gt, ramard Horse Joint , amp, Muscle Care
      SKU: Reliefgel-16-oz

    Trifectant - Broad Spectrum Disinfectant (50 Tablet)
      Trifectant - Broad Spectrum Disinfectant (50 Tablet).

      Trifectantâ® Is Effective Against Numerous Microorganisms Affecting Animals: Viruses (including Canine Parvovirus), Gram Positive And Gram Negative Bacteria, Fungi (molds And Yeasts), And Mycoplasma. Efficacy Of The 1% Solution Against Bacteria And Viruses Was Determined In The Presence Of 400 Ppm Aoac Hard Water And 5% Organic Material In Most Cases. Trifectantâ® Passes The Aoac Germicidal And Detergent Sanitizer Test At A Concentration Of 0.5% (1:200) In The Presence Of 200 Ppm Hard Water. Apply A 0.5% (1:200) Solution For Routine Sanitation.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, cleaning , amp, amp, Sanitation, gt, other Cleaning , amp, amp, Sanitation, gt, trifectant Broad Spectrum Disinfectant
      SKU: Trifectantep

    Wild Calling Western Plains Dog Food - Beef (13 Lb)
      Wild Calling Western Plains Dog Food - Beef (13 Lb).

      Wild Calling™ Western Plains Stampede ® Is A Rotational Diet For Dogs With Food Sensitivities. This Nutritionally Complete Formula Is Free Of Grain, Gluten, Chicken, Egg, Or Yeast Culture To Ensure That It Is Safe For Your Dog's Stomach. The Food Also Includes Probiotics, Superfoods, And Omeag Fatty Acids To Ensure That It Supports Your Pup's Health. Wild Calling Western Plains Stampede Dog Food Is Rich In Meat And Contains No Corn Or Soy. This Bag Contains 13 Pounds Of Dry Food With Beef As Its Single Source Of Protein But It Is Also Available In Other Sizes Or In Turkey And Whitefish Varieties. Dog's With Food Sensitivities Shouldn't Eat Anything Less Than The Best- So Order Them A Bag Of Western Plains Stampede Today! Key Features: Single Source Protein Ideal For Rotational Diets And Dog's With Sensitive Stomachs No Corn, Soy, Grain, Gluten, Chicken, Egg, Or Yeast Culture Includes Probiotics, Superfoods, Omega Fatty Acids, And Time-release Carbs Please Note: All Food Is Shipped Via Ground Delivery, Only To The Contiguous (48) States. Please Allow 7 To 10 Days For Your Delivery To Arrive. (more Info)

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Food, gt, dry Dog Food, gt, wild Calling, amp, trade, Dog Food
      SKU: Wild-calling-western-plains-dog-food-beef-13-lb

    In The Spirit Of Crazy Horse
      In The Spirit Of Crazy Horse.

      "a Giant Of A Book. Indescribably Touching, Extraordinarily Intelligent."-"the Los Angeles Times Book Review." Matthiessen's Chronicle Of A Fatal Gun-battle Between Fbi Agents And American Indian Movement Activists In 1975.

      SKU: 418736
      ISBN: 9780140144567
      Author: Matthiessen, Peter / Garbus, Martin

    The Devil's Bed
      The Devil's Bed.

      From The Creator Of The Critically Acclaimed, Award-winning Cork O'connor Mystery Series Comes A Haunting, Atmospheric, Conspiracy Thriller. When Presidet Clay Dixon's Father-in-law - A Former Vice President - Is Injured In A Agriculture Accident, First Lady Kate Dixon Returns To Minnesota To Be At His Side. Assigned To Protect Her, Secret Service Agent Bo Thorsen Soon Falls Under Kate's Spell. He Also Suspects The Accident Is Part Of A Trap Set For Kate By David Moses, An Escaped Mental Patient Who Once Loved Her. What Bo And Moses Don't Realize Is That They're Caught In A Web Of Deadly Intrigue Spun By A Seemingly Insignificant Bureaucratic Department Within The Federal Government. Racing To Find Answers Before An Assassin's Bullet Can Kill Kate, Bo Soon Learns That When You Lie Down With The Devil, There's Hell To Pay.

      SKU: 2757919
      ISBN: 9780743445856
      Author: Krueger, William Kent

    Genghis: Lords Of The Bow
      Genghis: Lords Of The Bow.

      For Centuries, Primitive Tribes Have Warred With One Another. Now, Under Genghis Khan-a Man Who Lives For Battle And Blood-they Have United As One Nation, Overcoming Moats, Barriers, Deceptions, And Superior Firepower Only To Face The Ultimate Test Of All: The Great, Slumbering Walled Empirr Of The Chin. Genghis Khan Comes From Over The Horizon, A Single Mongol Warrior Surrounded By His Brothers, Sons, And Fellow Tribesmen. With Each Battle His Legend Grows And The Ranks Of His Horsemen Swell, As Does His Ambition. In The City Of Yenking-modern-day Beijing-the Chin Will Make Their Final Stand, Confident Behind Their Towerinng Walls, Setting A Trap For The Mongol Raiders. But Genghis Will Strike With Breathtaking Audacity, Never Ceasing Until The Emperor Himself Is Forced To Kneel.

      SKU: 1154074
      ISBN: 9780385342797
      Author: Iggulden, Conn

    Horse Mad Heroes
      Horse Mad Heroes.

      When Ashleigh Returns Home, Nothing Is As It Used To Be. Ashleigh Has Landed A Dream Job At Shady Trails Riding Ranch, A Newly Opened Riding School Close To The Shady Creek Riding Club. When The Club Starts Losing Members, It Becomes Clear That The New Ranch Is Tough Competition. Becky, Whose Father Runs The Shady Creek Riding Club, Is Worried. Tension Runs High When Becky Gives Ashleigh An Ultimatum: Her New Job At The Ranch Or Their Friendship. On Top Of That, There's A New Baby At Ashleigh's House, And Ashleigh's Parents Don't Seem To Have As Much Time For Her. When The Shocking News Hits That Becky's Sister Has Sold Her Horse Cassata, Ashleigh And Becky Reunite To Find The Beautiful Appaloosa Mare And Bring Her Home - Whatever The Cost. But Will It Be Enough To Save Their Friendship? In This Latest Adventure, Ashleigh Faces Her Most Daunting Challenges Yet - A Missing Horse And A Broken Friendship.

      SKU: 6847597
      ISBN: 9781552859605
      Author: Helidoniotis, Kathy


      The Night Before His Thirteenth Birthday, Billy Christmas Runs Away From Home In Stodgy St. Louis And Rides Off To The Wild West, Where He Becomes Scrib, Letter Writer For Lovelorn Cowboys And Wild-eyed Outlaws. Here Is Scrib's Own Story, Told In Bubbling Prose And Babbling Epistles, An Ambling Tale Set In 1863, As Scrib Travels His Rounds On His Horse Gabe, Befriending All And Running Into Deadly Danger Along The Way. This Is Probably The Funniest, Most Outrageous Cowboy Story You Will Ever Read. With The Cleverness Of Mark Twain At His Best, The Hilarity Of A Mel Brooks Movie, And The Fast-moving Speed Of A Train Wreck, This Is The Old West As It May Not Have Been - But Should Have

      SKU: 176870
      ISBN: 9780060598419
      Author: Ives, David

    Now Playing At The Valencia: Pulitzer Prize-winning Essays On Movies
      Now Playing At The Valencia: Pulitzer Prize-winning Essays On Movies.

      From Pulitzer Prize-winning Movie Critic Stephen Hunter Comes A Brilliant, Freewheeling, And Witty Look At The Movies. Evanston, Illinois, Was An Idyllic 1950s Paradise With Stately Homes, A Beautiful Lake, A World-class University, Two Premier Movie Houses, And One Very Seedy Movie Theater - The Valencia. This Was The Site Of "washington Post" Film Critic Stephen Hunter's Misspent Youth. Instead Of Going To School, Picking Up Girls, Or Tossing A Football, Hunter Could Be Found Sitting In The Fifteenth Row, Right-hand Aisle Seat Of The Valencia, Sating Himself On One B-list Movie After Another. The Valencia Had A Sticky Floor, Smelly Bathrooms, Ancient Popcorn,, And A Screen Set In A Hideously Tacky Papier-mache Castle Wall. It Was Also The Only Place In Town To See Westerns, Sci-fi Pictures, Cops 'n' Robbers Flicks, Slapstick Comedy, And Godzilla. In "now Playing At The Valencia, " The Author Of Such Bestselling Novels As "havana" And "pale Horse Coming" Has Compiled His Favorite Movie Reviews Written Between 1997 And 2003, Bringing To The Discussion The Passionate Feelings For Cinema He Discovered In Hte '50s, A Time When Genres Were Forming, Mesmerizing Stars Played Unforgettable Characters, And Enduring Classics Were Made. While Filmmaking Has Changed Tremendously Since Hunter First Frequented The Valencia, The View From The Fifteenth Row, And The Thrill Of Down And Dirty Entertainment, Has Remained The Same

      SKU: 2752799
      ISBN: 9780743261258
      Author: Hunter, Stephen

    A Place For Summer: A Narrative History Of Tiger Stadium
      A Place For Summer: A Narrative History Of Tiger Stadium.

      On April 28, 1896, Baseball Fans Traveled In Horse-drawn Buggies To Watch The Detroit Tigers Play Their First Baseball Game At The Site On The Corner Of Michigan And Trumbull Avenues. Starting Out As Bennett Park, A Wooden Facility With Trees Growing In The Outfield, Tiger Stadium Has Played A Central Role In The Lives Of Millions Of Detroiters And Their Families For More Than A Century. Bennett Park Was Torn Down And Replaced By A Concrete And Steel Structure Named Navin Field In 1912, Was Expanded And Renamed Briggs Stadium In 1938, And Finally Was Given The Name Tiger Stadium In 1961. Richard Bak Traces The Importance Of The Corner Of Michigan And Trumbull In The History Of Detroit And Its People. During The Last Century, Millions Of Fans Have Come To Michigan And Trumbull To Watch The Tigers' 7,800 Home Games, As Well As To Attend Numerous Other Sporting, Social, And Civic Events, Including High School, Collegiate, And Professional Football Games, Prep And Negro League Baseball Contests, Political Rallies, Concerts, And Boxing And Soccer Matches. A Place For Summer Covers Baseball In Detroit From Its Beginnings In The 1850s Through The Tigers' 1997 Season, And Offers A History Of Detroit's Playing Grounds Before Bennett Park, Including The Woodward Avenue Cricket Grounds, The Original Detroit Athletic Club, Recreation And Boulevard Parks, And The Many Places Where The Tigers Played Bootleg Games On Sundays At The Turn Of The Century. Bak Presents Attendance Records From The Tigers' Western League Days Onward And A Complete Account Of Every Opening Day Since 1896. A Chapter Is Dedicated To The Football Panthers Of The 1920s And Their More Enduring Successor, The Lions, Who Playedat Michigan And Trumbull Through 1974. A Companion To The Narrative History, Almost Two Hundred Rare Photographs Capture The Spirit Of 140 Years Of Baseball In Detroit, From Photographs Of Detroit's Nineteenth-century Diamond Pioneer, To An Eighteen-year-old Ty Cobb In His Rookie Year, To Baseball's First "stadium Hug" On April 20, 1988, When More Than A Thousand Fans Encircled Tiger Stadium. A Place For Summer Furnishes A Sense Of The Relationship Between The Community, Its Teams, And The Various Fields, Parks, And Stadiums That Have Served As Common Ground For Generations Of Detroiters, Especially Timely In View Of The Upcoming Erection Of A New Stadium Downtown.

      SKU: 3434276
      ISBN: 9780814325124
      Author: Bak, Richard

    Ships Built In Vallejo, California: Uss Stickleback, Uss Tunny, Uss Wahoo, Uss San Francisco, Uss Whale, Uss Trigger, Uss Zane, Us
      Ships Built In Vallejo, California: Uss Stickleback, Uss Tunny, Uss Wahoo, Uss San Francisco, Uss Whale, Uss Trigger, Uss Zane, Us.

      Chapters: Uss Stickleback, Uss Tunny, Uss San Francisco, Uss Wahoo, Uss Whale, Uss Trigger, Uss Zane, Uss Silversides, Uss Nautilus, Uss Tang, Uss Tinosa, Uss Smith, Uss Tiru, Uss Sturgeon, Uss Trepang, Uss Pompano, Uss Drum, Ussl Angley, Uss Tilefish, Uss California, Uss Tuna, Uss Wintle, Uss Gudgeon, Uss Wileman, Uss Trever, Us S Seahorse, Uss Hamilton, Uss Swordfish, Uss Burden R. Hastings, Uss Theodore Roosevelt, Uss Sunfish, Uss Spadefish, Uss Tisdale, Uss Tacoma, Uss Wasmuth, Uss Tullibee, Uss Sargo, Uss Springer, Uss Spot, Uss Skate, Uss Chicago, Uss Halibut, Uss Sederstrom, Uss Fairfax, Uss Sioux, Uss Scamp, Uss Gilmore, Uss Sperry, Uss Rall, Uss Ward, Uss Perry, Uss Grayback, Uss Whitman, Uss Woodrow Wilson, Uss Preston, Uss Guitarro, Uss Maumee, Uss Decatur, Uss Fulton, Uss Prometheus, Uss Stonewall Jackson, Uss Kamehameha, Uss Kilty, Uss Kanawha, Uss Hawkbill, Uss Manlove, Uss Lehardy, Uss Halloran, Uss Austin, Uss Saginaw, Uss Howard W. Gilmore, Uss Henley, Uss Litchfield, Uss Harold C. Thomas, Uss Claxton ,uss Stadtfeld, Uss Taylor, Uss Nereus, Uss Lyman, Uss Bushnell, Uss Mariano G. Vallejo, Uss Fleming, Uss Charles R. Greer, Uss Palos, Uss Dempsey, Uss Lake, Uss Bluebird, Usc

      SKU: 8769532
      ISBN: 9781155904559
      Author: Group, Books / Books, Llc

    If Not For The Horses
      If Not For The Horses.

      A Young Boy And His Family Are Uprooted From Their Farm In Free Lithuania, Forcibly Resettled In Another Country By Adolf Hitler, And Then Uprooted Again By Th Advances Of Stalin's Russian Army. After Being Shuttled Back And Forth Between The Two Dictators, He And His Family Plan And Orchestrate Their Escape Via Covered Wagon While Under Siege. All The While The Youngster, Joe Klemm, Does Not Lose His Optimism And Love Of Life. This Narrative Vividly Describes His Story Of Survival And Flight To The West, His Life In West Germany, His Immigration To America, And Finally How He Returned To Germany As A Tank Driver With The U.s. Army. The Theme, "life Is Great" Permeates This Narrative.

      SKU: 13270843
      ISBN: 9781426958540
      Author: Klemm, Joe

    The Hunting Horse: The Truth Behind The Jonathan Pollard Spy Case
      The Hunting Horse: The Truth Behind The Jonathan Pollard Spy Case.

      In 1987, Former Naval Intelligence Officer Jonathan Jay Pollard Was Sentenced To Life In Prison For Passing Classified Information To The Israelis - The Only Person Ever To Be So Severely Punished For Spying On Behalf Of An American Ally. Why Was His Sentence So Harsh? This Fascinating, Intensively Researched Ook, By Investigative Journalist Elliot Goldenberg, Finally Reveals The Whole Story. After Numerous Interviews With Top Intelligence Operatives And Government Insiders, Goldenberg Is Able To Make A Strong Case That Pollard's Sentence Was Not Due To The Severity Of The Damage He Inflicted On The Security Of The United States. His Greatest Crime, Goldenberg Insists, Was That Pollard Inadvertentl Y Stumbled Upon And Tthreatened To Expose Secret Dealings Between President Reagan's Most-trusted Advisors And Saddam Hussein. The Hunting Horse (the Israeli Code Name For Pollard) Provides A Rare Glimpse Into What May Be The Greatest Cover-up In American History, A World Of Secret Agendas And Covert Operations That Is Too Often Kept Hidden From Congressional Oversight And Public Scrutiny.

      SKU: 7084777
      ISBN: 9781573928540
      Author: Goldenberg, Elliot / Dershowitz, Alan M.

    Vinalhaven Island
      Vinalhaven Island.

      Located In Penobscot Bay, Vinalhaven Island Is A Land Mass About 10 By 5 Miles, With The Town Situated On Carvers' Harbor, 15 Miles From The Mainland. Always A Working Community, Vinalhaven Presently Serves As One Of The Largest Lobstering Centers In The World. Islanders, Summer Residents, Visitors, And Other Interested Persons On The Mainland Ane Elsewhere Are Invited To Partake Of This Striking Photographic Record Of The Island As It Was Between 1860 And 1960. Contained Within Are Classic Views That Bring To Life The Island's Ongoing Fishing And Granite Industries. Some Show The Enormous Columns For The Cathedral Of St. John The Divine In New York City Being Cut And Polished; Others Document The Carving Of The Eagles For The Buffalo, Ny, Post Office. Lesser-known Occupations Are Portrayed As Well, Like The Making Of Horse Nets, Which Employed Many Women. Readers Are Given The Rare Opportunity To Meet Such People As Granite Company Operator Moses Webster; Joseph Bodwell (a Maine Governor); Edward Russell (from Ireland) And Joseph Black (from Scotland); And O.p. Lyons, Founder Of The First Local Newspaper And Band.

      SKU: 2693328
      ISBN: 9780738545240
      Author: Vinalhaven Historical Society

    Animals & Men - Issues 6 - 10 - The Number Of The Beast
      Animals & Men - Issues 6 - 10 - The Number Of The Beast.

      At The Beginning Of The 21st Century Monsters Still Roam The Abstracted, And Sometimes Not So Remote, Corners Of Our Planet. It Is Our Job To Search For Them. The Centre For Fortean Zoology Cfz Is The Only Professional, Scientific And Full-time Organisation In The World Dedicated To Cryptozoology - The Study Of Unknown Animals. Since 1992 The Cfz Has Carried Out An Unparalleled Programme Of Research And Investigation All Over The World. We Have Carried Out Expeditions To Sumatra (2003 And 2004), Mongolia (2005), Puerto Rico (1998 And 2004), Mexico (1998), Thailand (2000), Florida (1998), Nevada (1999 And 2003), Texas (2003 And 2004), Illinois (2004), And Gambia (2006) Since 1994 We Have Been Publishing The World's Only Dedicated Cryptozoology Magazine, Animals & Men. This Volume Contains Fascimile Reprints Of Issues 6 To 10 And Includes Articles Covering The Owlman; Also The Humped Elephants Of Nepal, Mystery Cats, Sabre-toothed Cats, Mysterious Hominids Of Africa, The British Nansi Bear?, Shuker's 'crypto': A Bibliography Of Cryptozoology Books - Parts 1 To 3 (by Dr Karl Shuker), Srtangeness In Scotland, On Collecting A Cryptid, Bodmin Leopard Skull, Green Cats And Dogs, Mystery Whales, Quagga Project, Malayan Man Beast, Hong Kong Tiger, Horseman Of Lincolnshire, Scottish Bhm, Congo Peacock, Mystery Moth Of Madagascar, Bengal Leopard Cats, The Derry, Wild Boars In Kent, A New Irish Lake Monster, And The Truth About The Essexx Beach "mermaid" Corpses. Plus: Preface By Mark North And An Introductory Essay By Jonathan Downes, Notes Putting Each Issue Into A Historical Perspective, And A History Of The Cfz. This Is A Special Collectors' Edition.

      SKU: 7762373
      ISBN: 9781905723065
      Author: Downes, Jonathan / North, Mark

    Suffolk Downs
      Suffolk Downs.

      Since Opening On July 10, 1935, Suffolk Downs Has Played Host To Some Of Thoroughbred Racing's Greatest Champions, Including Triple Crown Winners War Admiral, Whirlaway, And Assault, As Well As Other Greats Such As Seabiscuit, John Henry, And Cigar. In Addition To These Legendary Horses, Hall Of Fame Jockeys George Woolf, Johnny Longden, Eddie Arcaro, Chris Mccarron, Angel Cordero, And Jerry Bailey Have All Competed At The East Boston Oval. The Signature Race At Suffolk Downs, The Massachusetts Handicap, Maintains A Prominent Date On The Boston Sports Calendar. The List Of Heralded Visitors To Suffolk Downs Is In No Way Limited To The Racing World. Entertainer Bing Crosby And Television Star Rin Tin Tin Have Made Appearances, And The Beatles Performed Their Final Boston Show At Suffolk Downs In 1966. Through Nearly Two Hundred Images, Suffolk Downs Revisits These Monumental Racehorses, Personalities, And Events.

      SKU: 2692646
      ISBN: 9780738538204
      Author: Teja, Christian

    Dodge City: Queen Of Cowtowns: "the Wickedest Little City In America", 1872-1886
      Dodge City: Queen Of Cowtowns: "the Wickedest Little City In America", 1872-1886.

      In Dodge City A Man Might Break All Ten Commandments In One Night, Die With His Boots On, And Be Buried On Boot Hill In The Morning. In The 1870s And 1880s The Town Was Known As The Wickedest In The American West. But Gunmen, Horse Thieves, And Desperadoes Of Every Sort Finally Lost Their Bloody Battle With Vigilantes, Troopers, Railroad Men, And Heroic Peace Officers. Dodge City Was As Remarkable For The Lawmen-bat Masterson, Wyatt Earp, Bill Tilgham-as For The Killers They Finally Tamed.

      SKU: 3257281
      ISBN: 9780803296176
      Author: Vestal, Stanley / Hoy, Jim

    One Day My Sister Disappeared
      One Day My Sister Disappeared.

      ""no One Will Ever Be Like You. Who Could Be Like A Sister?"" "one Day My Sister Disappeared" Is Christine Orban's Deeply Affecting Meditation On Family, Grief, And Identity. In Spare And Tender Prose, Orban Reflects On The Death Of Her Younger Sister, Maco, And Her Presence, Which Endures. The Story Begins In Morocco, Where Christine And Maco Spend An Idyllic Childhood Riding Horses And Collecting Seashells. The Bond Between Them Is Profound, And Yet The Sisters Are Quite Different From Each Other. While Christine, Who Is Bookish, Goes Off To University In Paris To Immerse Herself In A World Of Ideas, Maco Remains At Home, Eventually Falling In Love With A Wealthy Muslim, Whom She Marries. But Soon Maco's Life Crumbles Under The Strain Of Her Husband's Infidelities, And The Two Divorce. When A Moroccan Law Separates Maco From Her Children, She Turns To Her Beloved Sister For Solace And Support. Unfortunately, Christine Is Unable To Protect Masco From Her Tragic Fate. Christine Orban's Story, Set Against The Evocative Landscapes Of Morocco And Paris, Is A Poignant Reckoning With Loss And, Ultimately, A Celebration Of The Singular Bond Between Sisters. "from The Hardcover Edition."

      SKU: 1116311
      ISBN: 9780375759888
      Author: Orban, Christine

    A Horse Called Raven
      A Horse Called Raven.

      Danielle Is Eage Rto Follow Raven To South Wind, Where He Will Begin Serious Training As A Racehorse. Danielle's Best Friend, Julie, Already Has An After-school Job At The State-of-the-art Facility, And Danielle Tries Unsuccessfully To Hide Her Growing Jealousy. She Is Determined To Land A Job At South Wind, Too, But When Her Grades Start To Slip, Her Mother Swiftly Puts An End To That Idea. Danielle Doubles Her Efforts At School, But Just As She's Finally Catching Up On Her Studies, Raven Suffers A Baffling Injuryz Will Raven's Racing Career Be Over Before It Even Gets Started?

      SKU: 2277826
      ISBN: 9780613116398
      Author: Farley, Steven

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