Broken: A Love Story: A Woman's Journey Toward Redemption On The Wind River Indian Reservation

    Broken: A Love Story: A Woman's Journey Toward Redemption On The Wind River Indian Reservation
      Broken: A Love Story: A Woman's Journey Toward Redemption On The Wind River Indian Reservation.

      Now if you are truly comparing your pet foods before buying them, these are the specific criteria worthy for comparison. Come on, do you really love your pet or not? If you do unconditionally like they do you, then you will consider Life's Abundance's premium pet food for sure. A Powerful Memoir About Healing And The Friendship Between A Restless Journalist And An Araphao Medicine Man And Horse Trainer.

      SKU: 6238910
      ISBN: 9781416579076
      Author: Jones, Lisa

    Four Paws Free Standing 5 Panel Walk Over Wood Gate
      Four Paws Free Standing 5 Panel Walk Over Wood Gate.

      Four Paws Free Standing 5 Array Walk Over Wood Gate Is Especially Designed For Small Pet, Providing Households With The Ease And Flexibility Of Containing Their Pet. At Only 17? High, This Solid Wood Gate Safely Contains Your Small Pet While Allowing Family Members To Easily Step Over The Gate. The Free Standing Gate Sets Up In Seconds (no Tools Or Assembly Required) And Expands From 48" - 110" Wide. This Flexibility Provides The Freedom To Move The Gate From Room To Room And From A Small Opening To A Large Opening. Fits Openings 48" - 110" Wide 17" High With Slats Approximately 1 1/4" Apart Wood Gate Designed For Small Pets Easy To Setup And Move From Room To Room No Tools Or Assembly Required

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, pet Home , amp, amp, Travel Essentials, gt, pet Gates, Doors , amp, Playpens, gt, four Paws Walk Over Wood Gate
      SKU: 5-panel-walk-over-wood-gate

    Aqueon Submersible Aquarium Heaters (300 Watt)
      Aqueon Submersible Aquarium Heaters (300 Watt).

      Aqueon Pro Submersible Aquarium Heater Works To Reliably Regulate The Temperature In Your Fish Tank With Precision. This Heater Is Appropriate For Both Freshwater And Saltwater Tanks And Can Be Completely Submerged In The Water. The Advanced Technology Allows You To Control The Heat Of Your Tank, Allowing You To Set Its Temperature To Anywhere Between 68°f To 88°f To Within 1°f Of Accuracy! The Aqueon Pro Submersible Aquarium Heater Includes A Lamp To Indicate Its State Of Power And A Fail-safe To Switch Off If The Tank Begins To Overheat. Though This Heater Takes 300 Watts- A More Conservative 50 Watt Heater Is Also Available. This Is The Ideal Heater For Any Large Fish Tank- So Order Now! Key Features: Precise Temperature To Within 1°f Of Accuracy Shatter Resistant Construction Safety Features Built In To Prevent Overheating

      Category: Aquarium , amp, amp, Fish Supplies, gt, aquarium Heaters , amp, amp, Thermometers, gt, aqueon Submersible Aquarium Heaters
      SKU: Aqueon-submersible-aquarium-heaters-300-watt

    Bonies Tasting Experience Medium (4-bags)
      Bonies Tasting Experience Medium (4-bags).

      Provide The Perfect Bone For Any Occasion With The Bonies Tasting Experience ! This Pack Includes One Bag Of Each Of Our Four Formulas For This Delectable Dental Treat. These Bones Provide The Perfect Way To Promote Dental Health In Your Dog While Also Rewarding Them With A Savory Snack. This Pack Includes The Following Four Varieties Of This Extremely Popular Treat: Bonies Natural Dental Are Unique Dog Treats Made From All-natural Ingredients. Made To Be A Healthy Treat, These Bones Offer A Nutritious Snack While Simultaneously Freshening Your Dog's Breath. Bonies Joint Formula Is A Unique Variation Of Bonies That Uses All-natural Ingredients Specially Selected To Support Your Dog's Joints With A Natural Source Of Nutrition. Bonies Natural Calming Uses All-natural Ingredients That Help Your Dog Maintain A Calm Demeanor, Relieving Anxiety And Frayed Nerves. These Bones Can Be Used To Help Reduce Incidents Of Excess Barking, Abnormal Urine Marking, Or Trembling. Bonies Skin & Coat Includes Natural Sources Of Omega Fatty Acids That Work To Keep Skin Smooth And Coats Shiny. Made With Algae Meal And An Assortment Of Other Natural Ingredients, These Treats Work To Maintain Your Pet's Skin, Coat, And Dental Health.

      Category: Green Pet Organics, gt, bonies 100, Natural Dental Bones For Dogs, gt, bonies Bags
      SKU: Bonies-tasting-experience-medium-4-bags

    Douxo Chlorhexidine 3% Ps Pads (30 Count)
      Douxo Chlorhexidine 3% Ps Pads (30 Count).

      Douxo Chlorhexidine 3% Ps Pads (30 Count) These Medicated Pads Provide Unparalleled Activity In Topical Management Of Pyoderma And Malassezia. Can Be Used For The Antiseptic Cleaning Of Interdigital Areas, Chin Acne Lesions And Nasal/lip And Other Fold Pyodermas In Cats And Dogs. Active Ingredients: Chlorhexidine, 3% Climbazole, 0.5% Phytosphingosine Salicyloyl, 0.05% Unit Size: 30 Wipes.

      Category: Specials , amp, Sales, gt, top Selling Products On Entirelypets, gt, douxo Chlorhexidine
      SKU: Douxochlorhexidinepspads

    Lixit Dog Travel Water Bowl - 3 Quarts
      Lixit Dog Travel Water Bowl - 3 Quarts.

      Lixit Dog Travel Water Bowl Provides Your Pets With Fresh Water Without The Spills. It's Made With Durable Plastic That Holds Up To 3 Quarts (2.84 Liters) Of Water. It's Patented Design Prevents Spills And Splashes. Stop Messy Spills Patented Design Keeps Water Level Low To Prevent Spilling And Splashing Great For Use In, Rv's, Suv's, Trucks, Cars, Boats, Etc. Great For Cats Too

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, cleaning , amp, amp, Sanitation, gt, litter , amp, amp, Litter Boxes, gt, litter Locker Refills, gt, 5 Pack Litterlocker Plus Refill Cartridge, gt, lixit Travel Water Solutions
      SKU: Lixittravelbwl

    Nutro Max Cat Salmon - Adult (16 Lb)
      Nutro Max Cat Salmon - Adult (16 Lb).

      Max Cat Products Are Made With Select Ingredients And The Vitamins And Minerals Your Cat Needs For Its Health And Wellness. We?ve Added Real Salmon Protein Which Adds To The Taste Cats Find Irresistible! Max Cat Products Provide Rich Sources Of Omega-6 And Omega-3 Fatty Acids To Help Provide For A Rich, Glossy Coat And Supple Skin. Package Sizes Available: 3 Lb. 6 Lb. 16 Lb. Please Note: All Food Is Shipped Via Ground Delivery, Only To The Contiguous (48) States. Please Allow 7 To 10 Days For Your Delivery To Arrive. (more Info)

      Category: Cat Food, gt, dry Cat Food, gt, nutro Max Dry Cat Food
      SKU: Nutro-max-cat-adult-salmon-16-lb

    Pro-pectalin Anti-diarrheal Tablets For Dogs & Cats (250 Tabs)
      Pro-pectalin Anti-diarrheal Tablets For Dogs & Cats (250 Tabs).

      Pro-pectalin Anti-diarrheal Tablets By Vet Solutions, Contains Koalin, Pectin And Enterococcus Faecium, A Beneficial Bacteria To Help Resolve Diarrhea Caused By Stress, Antibiotic Administr Ation, Change In Diet Or Other Simple, Non-life Threatening Forms Of Diarrhea. Its Unique Combination Of Ingredients Helps Safely Stop Diarrhea, Soothe Irritated Intestines And Restore The Normal Balance Of Intestinal Bacteria. Kaolin, A Type Of Clay, Soothes Irritated Intestines, Absorbs Water, And Absorbs Any Excess Bacterial Toxins Which May Be Produced When Your Pet Has Diarrhea. By Absorbing Water, Kaolin Helps To Firm Stool. The Soothing Action Of Kaolin Will Help Make Your Pet Feel Better. Pectin Is A Form Of Fiber Found In Fruit. It Helps To Absorb Water And Firm Stool. The Beneficial Bacteria Found In Pro-pectalin Are Freeze Dried, Microencapsulated Enterococcus Fa E Cium , Which Is A Part Of The Normal Intestinal Flora. Microencapsulation Helps The Bacteria Survive In The Very Acidic Environment Of The Stomach And Move Into The Intestines. Once In The Intestines, The Bacteria Will Help Restore The Population Of Normal Bacteria And Eliminate "bad" Bacteria By Competing With Bad Bacteria For Space And Nutrients. Eliminating Bad Bacteria And Restoring The Population Of Good Bacteria Will Help To Restore Normal Intestinal Function And Eliminate Diarrhea Guaranteed Analysis Per Tablet (3g): Kaolin ..... 1.00 G Pectin ..... 0.05 G Direct-fed Microbials ..... 0.60 Billion Cfu (enterococcus Foecium)

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, food Supplements, gt, probiotics , amp, Digestion Supplements, gt, pro-pectalin Anti-diarrheal
      SKU: Pectalin250

    Sodapup Can Toy - Large (green)
      Sodapup Can Toy - Large (green).

      Original Can Toy Is A Dog Toy That Will Keep Your Dog Entertained For Hours. Original Can Toys Are Made From A Durable Natural Rubber Compound That Finds The Perfect Balance Between Durability And Chewability. Can Toys Are Made From A Sustainable, Non-toxic And Biodegradable Natural Material. Original Can Toy Is Designed To Be A Fun And Tantalizing Puzzle For Your Pooch. It Has Openings On Each End Where You Can Insert Treats Like Kibble, Canned Dog Food, Peanut Butter, Or Your Favorite Dog Treat Recipe. While Not At All Dog Toy Is Indestructible, Original Can Toy's Thick-walled Construction Has Been Tooth Tested And Holds Up To The Strongest Chompers. Help Your Dog Fight Boredom With This Fun New Toy. Features: High Strength Natural Rubber Dog Toy Environtmentally Sustainable Non-toxic & Safe For Your Dog Perfect For Stuffing With Treats Keep Your Dog Entertained Made In U.s.a.

      Category: New Pet Products
      SKU: Soda-can-toy-large-green

    Tex Anti-microbial Pet Mat - 19" X 24" (2 Pack)
      Tex Anti-microbial Pet Mat - 19" X 24" (2 Pack).

      Our Pet Station Mats Protect Expensive Floors, Carpets Or Furniture From Scratches, Rips And Spillage. Our Unique Anti-microbial Active Ingredient Protects The Product Surface From Microbial Deterioration 24/7. The Built In Fsbio Additive Will Not Wear Away So Lasts For The Life Of The Product. Tested I Accordance With The International Iso22196 Standard, All Our Mats Are 100% Free Of Harmful Didp Phthalates For Improved Air Quality Over Conventional Pvc Mats. Protect Your Valuable And Treasured Floors And Furniture From Scratches, Stains, Scuffs And Spillage That Can Occur From Your Pets Food Bowls, Hamster Cages, Bird Cages, Aquariums Or Fish Bowls. Perfect For Larger Pet Cages & Aquariums, We Have Multiple Shapes And Sizes To Meet All Your Needs. 100% Free Of Harmful Didp Phthalate Content For Improved Air Quality Over Conventional Pvc Products. Free Of Tin, Lead, Cadmium And Chemical Content Banned From Child Related Products. Anti-microbial Active Ingredient Protects The Product Surface From Microbial Deterioration.24/7. The Build In Fsbio Additive Will Not Wear Away So Lasts For The Life Of The Product. Tested In Accordance With The International Iso22196 Standard. All Our Pet Mats Are Free Of Phthalates, Tin, Lead And Cadmium. Smooth Back For Use On Hard Surfaces.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, pet Home , amp, amp, Travel Essentials, gt, other Pet Essentials, gt, tex Anti-microbial Pet Mat
      SKU: Tex-pet-at-19x24

    Tropiclean Tangle Remover Spray (16 Fl Oz)
      Tropiclean Tangle Remover Spray (16 Fl Oz).

      Tropiclean® Tangle Remover Spray Is The Ideal Way To Remove Tangles And Knots From Your Pet's Matted Fur. This Spray Works For All Breeds Of Cats And Dogs To Eliminate Dirt, Dust, Tangles, And Knots From The Coat. Using A Select Blend Of Plant Extracts, This Innovative Formula Works To Restore Moisture To Fur And Promote A Healthy, Shiny Coat. Tropiclean Tangle Remover Spray Uses Natural Ingredients To Improve Coat Health And Reduce Brushing Time By Up To 50%. This Bottle Contains 16 Fluid Ounces Of The Spray And Was Made Here In The Usa To Ensure Its Quality. Promote A Healthy Coat In Your Pet With This Ingenious Tangle Removing Formula By Ordering Today! Key Features: Repels Dirt And Dust, Restores Moisture, And Reduces Drying Time Helps Prevent Tangles And Makes Brushing Easy For Cats And Dogs Of All Breeds Made In The Usa

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, grooming Supplies, gt, grooming Sprays, Wipes , amp, amp, Foams, gt, tropiclean, amp, reg, Tangle Remover
      SKU: Tropiclean-tangle-remover-spray-16-fl-oz

    I Can Be...story Collection (barbie) (step Into Reading)
      I Can Be...story Collection (barbie) (step Into Reading).

      The Barbie(tm) I Can Be . . . Story Collection Includes Five Step Into Reading Early Readers: "i Can Be . . . A Baby Doctor, I Can Be . . . A Horse Rider, I Can Be . . . A Teacher, I Can Be . . . A Pet Vet, " And "i Can Be . .. . A Ballerina." Girls Ages 4 To 6 Won't Be Able To Resist

      SKU: 21419347
      ISBN: 9780449816660
      Author: Various

    They're Off!: The Story Of The Pony Express
      They're Off!: The Story Of The Pony Express.

      In 1860, With North And South About To Be Divided By War, East And West Were United Through An Extraordinary Venture - The Pony Express. Over The Course Of Ten Days In April, Eighty Riders And Five Hundred Horses Delivered Mail Betwene California And Missouri - A Mission That Took Three Weeks By Stagecoach. Although It Existed For Only A Year And A Half, The Pony Express Remains A Legendary Chapter In American History And A Symbol Of The Bold, Adventurous Character Of The Old West. The Spirit Of The Brave Riders And Their Ponies Is Captured Perfectly In Cheryl Harness's Lively, Brightly Illustrated, And Information-filled Account.

      SKU: 2538567
      ISBN: 9780689851216
      Author: Harness, Cheryl

    From Leading To Liberty: 100 Training Games Your Horse Will Want To Play
      From Leading To Liberty: 100 Training Games Your Horse Will Want To Play.

      In This Book Jutta Wiemers Describes 100 Smart Games Through Which You Can Achieve A Perfect Partnership With Your Horse. The Games Are Progressive And Range From Simple Leading And Lunging, Through To Circus Tricks. Along The Way There Are Other Fun-packed Games Involving Balance, Sure-footedness, Agility And Confidence Building.

      SKU: 12022262
      ISBN: 9780851319759
      Author: Wiemers, Jutta

    What Charlie Heard
      What Charlie Heard.

      The Extraordinary Story Of The Composer Charles Ives. ""sometimes Little Charlie Lay In His Crib Just Listening. He Heard " "his Mother's Long Dress As She Moved Around His Room. He Heard Big Clocks And Little Clocks. He Heard Wagons And Horse Hooves. He Heard Dogs And Crickets And The Church Bell Next Door."" Charlie Listened All Through His Boyhood, And As He Grew Into A Man, He Found He Wanted To Re-create In Music The Sounds That He Heard Every Day. But Others Couldn't Hear What Charlie Heard. They Didn't Hear It As Music - Only As Noise. In This Daring And Original Book, Mordicai Gerstein Graphically Translates The Audible Into The Visible - Filling His Pictures With Noise - To Tell The Story Of Charles Ives (1874-1954), A Great Musical Innovator Who Let Neither Criticism Nor Public Scorn Keep Him From Composing Music That Expressed All That He Heard In The World. He Was Finally Recognized With A Pulitzer Prize In 1947.

      SKU: 1106988
      ISBN: 9780374382926
      Author: Gerstein, Mordicai

    With The Indians In The Rockies
      With The Indians In The Rockies.

      Thomas And His Friend Pitamakan, A Blackfoot Boy, Live At Fort Benton On The Western Frontier. One Day, Having Ventured Into The Mountains To Trap Beaver, Tom And Pitamakan Are Attacked By A Band Of Kootenay Indians, Who Spae Their Lives, But Make Off With Everything They Have. The Boys Are Stranded Without Horses, With No Food Or Weapons, Without Shelter Or Any Means Of Building A Fire. Tom Is Sure They're Going To Die. But Pitamakan Teaches Him How To Survive In The Wilderness According To The Old Ways, And Together The Boys Struggle To Build Shelter, Fashion Handmade Weapons, And Hunt For Food And Clothing. Still, Months Of Harsh Winter Weather Lie Ahead And There Is Danger Everywhere. Will The Boys Ever See Their Families Again?

      SKU: 7727509
      ISBN: 9781895618648
      Author: Schultz, James Willard

    Stop Wishing, Start Winning
      Stop Wishing, Start Winning.

      This Book Is Your Key To New And Improved Results In Every Area Of Your Liffe. Dean Philpott Grew Up In A Tiny Newfoundland Town And Had None Of The Advantages That Many People Think Are Necessary To Live A Wealthy And Happy Life - Yet He Achieved Tremendous Success. He Is Proof That Anyone From Any Walk Of Life Or Any Background Can Succeed If They Just Take The Time To Learn Certain Key Concepts.dean Has Lived The Principles He Shares And Will Show You Step-by-step How To Go From An Average Ordinary Existence To The Extraordinary Life Of Your Dreams. Stop Wishing, Start Winning Contains The Essential Strategies And Tools To Help You Thinkl Ike The Most Successful People In The World And Enjoy Life More Than You Ever Thought Possible.about The Authordean Philpott Is Becoming Widely Recognized Internationally As A Lifesuccess Consultant, Platform Speaker And Personal Coach. He Is Changing And Improving The Lives Of People By Introducing And Teaching The Idea That It's Your Thoughts That Are Controlling Your Results Through The Law Of Attraction. Having Worked In The Area Of Business Development And Marketing For 20 Years He Brings To The Table A Unique Style Of Balanced Knowledge That Has Been Motivating And Helping The Average Person For Years. Dean Philpott Is Now A Direct Vein That Is Linked To The Heart Of The Past And Present Masters Of This Industry, Such As James Alan, Author Of As A Man Thinketh, Napoleon Hill, Author Of Think And Grow Rich And Bob Proctor, Author Of You Were Born Rich.philpott's Company, Navaco Successs, Is Headquartered In Whitehorse, Yukon And Operates Globally. Visit

      SKU: 13424261
      ISBN: 9781599303963
      Author: Philpott, Dean / Proctor, Bob

    In A Single Bound: Losing My Leg, Finding Myself, And Training For Life
      In A Single Bound: Losing My Leg, Finding Myself, And Training For Life.

      An Inspiring Memoir Of Courage, Spirit, And Determination Touching, Funny, And Honest, "in A Single Bound" Is The Story Of How A Feisty Little Girl From Long Island Became One Of The World's Most Famous Disabled Sports Figures. A World-class Athlete And A Celebrated Television Personality, Sarah Reinertsen Not Only Takes Us To The Ironman World Championship In Hawaii-she Also Provides A Fascinating Behind-the-scenes Look At Her Season On Cbs's "the Amazing Race 10," Where Millions Saw Her Climb Up The Great Wall Of China, Scale The Cliffs Of Vietnam, And Ride Horses In The Hinterlands Of Mongolia. But "in A Single Bound "is About More Than Sports And Television. A Gripping Memoir Of Inner Strength, It's About A One-legged Child Trying To Fit In With Her Two-legged Friends. It's About An Adolescent Girl Mustering The Inner Strength To Go Stag To Her Senior Prom. It's About A Woman Who Dared To Fear Less And Live More.

      SKU: 2916796
      ISBN: 9780762751433
      Author: Reinertsen, Sarah / Goldsher, Alan

    Slocum And The Terrors Of White Pine County
      Slocum And The Terrors Of White Pine County.

      John Slocum Is In Reno To Set The Record Straight With A Horse Trader Who Delt Him A Dirty Old Nag. But To Get His Money's Worth, He'll Have To Trade Lead With A Pack Of Murderous Mongrels Known As The Terrors.

      SKU: 1660938
      ISBN: 9780515148992
      Author: Logan, Jake

    Count Casimir Pulaski: From Poland To America, A Hero's Fight For Liberty
      Count Casimir Pulaski: From Poland To America, A Hero's Fight For Liberty.

      "know That As I Could Not Submit To Stoop Before The Sovereigns Of Europe, So I Came To Hazard All For The Freedom Of America." Before Casimir Pulaski Arrived On America's Shore, The Count And His Family Had Organized A Rebel Army Of About 4,000 Men To Liberate Poland From Russia. Pulaski Later Offered His Services As A Soldier And Horsemen To The Continental Army. George Washington Wisely Accepted This Offer, And Pulaski Trained The First American Cavalry.

      SKU: 6078633
      ISBN: 9781404226463
      Author: Kajencki, Annmarie Francis

    A Horse Of Course
      A Horse Of Course.

      What Child Doesn't Wish For A Horse Of His Own? Aaron Certainly Does When His Wish Comes True Aaron Is Thrilled, But A Horse In The House Presents A Few Unexpected Problems, And Now Aaron Has A Tough Decision To Make. Will Aaron's Choice Make Everyone Happy? What About Horace? Suggested Age For Readers: 1-12

      SKU: 7830497
      ISBN: 9781935137825
      Author: Lyle-soffe, Shari / Ruble, Eugene

    When None Of Their Dreams Were Dead
      When None Of Their Dreams Were Dead.

      Sean Paul O'malley Leaves The Ottawa Rough Riders Of The Canadian Football League And Enlists In The U.s. Marines. His Adventures In Vietnam From August 1966 To March 1968 Are Extraordinary And Unforgettable. These Tales Of Heroism In Battle Are Riveting And Transfixing - They Make The Heart Race And Leave The Reader Fascinated, Absorbed And In Awe. O'malley Begins With His First Day In "the Bush" By Bravely Killing A Viet Cong With A Bayonet, Thereby Saving His Company Commander's Life. Adding To The Complexities Of War, An Indescribable Heartache And Personal Tragedy Tear At His Soul, And O'malley Responds By Becoming A Relentless, Efficient Destroyer Of The Enemy. He Also Emerges As A Superior Leader - One Who Passionately Cares For The People Under His Command. This Young Man With A Powerful, Charismatic Character, A Big, Resonant Baritone Voice And A Deep Commitment To What One Ought To Do And Honor Is That Rarity Among Soldiers - A True Warrior. Author Major R. E. G. Sinke Jr. Enlisted In The Marine Corps And Fought In Vietnam From 1966-1971, Earning Five Purple Hearts. He Is Married, Has Three Children, And Owns And Operates A Horse Ranch In Canada. He Is Surrounded By Farmers - "men Who Are Of Stalwart Character And Great Integrity And As Cloose As I Will Ever Get To Living Among Marines Again."

      SKU: 7421005
      ISBN: 9781606934692
      Author: Sinke, R. E. G. / Sinke Jr, Major R. E. G.


      Little Sheepas Friends Like Her Much Better When She Smiles Instead Of Whining. Sturdy "on The Farm" Board Books Have Large, Friendly Color Illustrations On Every Page. The Leading Character In Each Book Is A Different Farm Animalaa Sheep, A Cow, A Horse, And A Pig. Toddlers Will Love Having Mom Or Dad Read Each Animalas Little Story To Them At Play Time Or Bedtime. Each Bokas Heavy Board Pages Will Withstand Rough Treatment From Tiny Hands.

      SKU: 2935690
      ISBN: 9780764158261
      Author: Lammie, Karen J.

    Moose-hunting, Salmon-fishing And Other Sketches Of Sport: Being The Record Of Personal Experiences Of Hunting Wild Game In Canada
      Moose-hunting, Salmon-fishing And Other Sketches Of Sport: Being The Record Of Personal Experiences Of Hunting Wild Game In Canada.

      Moose-hunting, 2 Salmon-fishing I S And Other Sketches Of Sport Printed By Wllliam Clowes And Sons, Limited, London And Beccles Vi Note Is Like Listening To The Stories Of A Genial Companion When Out On A Sporting Expedition. As I Think It Is Quite Possible That A Second Edition May Be Called For, I Shall Be Very Glad To Receive, On Behalf Of The Author, The Notes Of Rod And Gun Sportsmen Who May Know, As They Are At Present, The Hunting And Shooting Districts And Rivers Referred To In This Work. Our Author Certainly Had Grand Sport, And Although It Cannot Be So Good As Formerly, Let Us Hope There Is Still Game Enough Left To Be Worth Going For. The Descriptions Of Salmon-fishing Make One Wonder What It Mould Be Like If It Was Properly Preserved. St. Dunstans House, Fetter Lake, London, E.c., Pebrzcccry, 1902. R. B. Marston, Ed. Fishiszg Gazette. Contents Chapter Page I, Moose-callisu Ix Nova Scotia . . L Iv. Salmon Asl Trout Fishisg On The Medway, Nova Scotia . . 24 Vi. Shooting Geese And Glue-wisgs Os The Poht Joli Harbour And Lakes In Queens Nova Scotia . County . 58 V Catching The Albacorb, Or Horse-iiackerel, 82 Viii. A Pexilous And Exciting Adventure Os The Medway R, Iver At Bangs Falls . . 91 Ix. Shooting In The Ganalian North-west . . 98 Xi. Goose-shootisg At Derry On The Northumberland Islasd, Fox Harboue, Straw, Nova Scoti. 175 Contents Chapteb Page Xii. Salmon-fishing At Greenfield . . 229 . 245 Xiii. Moose-hunting With Dogs And On Snow-shoes Xiv. Continuation Of Moose-hunt On Snow-shoes And Wrllii Dogs At Port Joli, Qusens Nova Scotia . County, . 260 Xv. Exciting Occurrences Voyage, On A West-indian Includixa A Hurricane Adventure, The Cap- Ture Of A Man-eater Shark Anddolphin, Closing With An Encounter And The Killing Of A Fish Bearing The Euphonious Title Of The Devil-fish, In A Boat On The Gulf Of Paka . . 266

      SKU: 6141012
      ISBN: 9781409711353
      Author: Pattillo, T. R.

    Help Me Help My Horse: Communicating With Cues 1
      Help Me Help My Horse: Communicating With Cues 1.

      This Is The First Book In The 3 Part Series On Communicating With Your Horse By Cues. The Beauty Of John Lyons? Approach To Horse Training Is That You Work With Your Horse, Not Against Him, To Get The Results You Want. In This Book, We?ll Provide You With The Tools To End Your Horse's Problem Behavior And Develop Lesson Plans So Your Horse Will Respond Every Time You Ask. Topics Covered: Figuring Out Cues, Tackling Training Slumps, Overcoming Headshyness, Accepting The Bridle, Go Forward And Yield To Pressure Cues, Standing Tied, Ways To Prevent Horses From Biting, Handling Stallions, Buddy Sourness, The Stop Cue And Calm Down Cue, Trail Riding Tips. Section I: Training Principles Section Ii: Ground Handling Problems Solved Section Iii: Riding Problems Solved Section Iv: Having Fun With Your Horse

      SKU: 7644427
      ISBN: 9781879620551
      Author: Lyons, John

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