Sentry Worm X Plus 7 Way De-wormer - Large Dogs (6 Count)

    Sentry Worm X Plus 7 Way De-wormer - Large Dogs (6 Count)
      Sentry Worm X Plus 7 Way De-wormer - Large Dogs (6 Count).

      Sentry Worm X Plus & Way Broad Spectrum De-wormer Is For The Removal Of Large Roundworms, Hookworms And Tapeworms In Large Dogs Over 25 Lbs. This Effective Remedy Comes In The Form Of Chewable, Flavored Tablets To Easily Administer To Your Dog Through Food. Keep Your Dogs Protected And Eliminate Those Parasites! For Medium & Larger Dogs Greater Than 25 Lbs. Treats & Controls 7 Species Of Worms: 2 Tapeworms, 2 Roundworms & 3 Hookworms 4 Flavored Chewable Tablets. Treat Once A Month. Contains Veterinary Brand Ingredients: Pyrantel Pamoate And Praziquantel.

      Category: New Pet Products
      SKU: Sentry-worm-x-plus-large-dogs-6-count

    Coralife Digital Thermometer Aquarium
      Coralife Digital Thermometer Aquarium.

      Coralife Digital Thermometer Is Economically Priced And Digitally Accurate, The Coralife Digital Thermometer's Sophisticated Look Is Completely Transportable. This Allows You To Bring It With You As You Graduate To Larger, More Involved Aquarium Systems. Attract This Compact Device To The Side Of Your Aquarium For Accurate Temperature Readings To ±1.5f. Temperature Probe Sits Inside Aquarium To Monitor Temperature, While Lcd Provides °c Or °f Readings From -10f To 140f. Includes Power Button, Mounting Suction Cups, 39" Temperature Probe, And Replaceable Battery. 2-1/4" X 1-1/2" * Compact Digital Aquarium Thermometer With Easy-to-read Lcd * Dis Plays Aquarium Water Temperature In Fahrenheit Or Celsius * Thermometer Probe Accurately Senses Aquarium Water Temperature

      Category: Aquarium , amp, amp, Fish Supplies, gt, aquarium Heaters , amp, amp, Thermometers, gt, coralife Digital Thermometer
      SKU: Coralifetherm

    3-pack Derm-tabs Steady Strength For Dogs (360 Chewable Tablets)
      3-pack Derm-tabs Steady Strength For Dogs (360 Chewable Tablets).

      Derm-tabs ® Are A Unique Blend Of Vitamins, Minerals, And Antioxidants To Support Healthy Skin And Coat, While Reducing Occasional Shedding In Dogs. Derm-tabs Are A Chewable Liver Flavored Tablet That Is Easy To Give Your Dog To Help Maintain Healthy Skin And Glossy Coat. By Nourishing Your Dog?s Skin And Coat With Naturl Oils, Vitamins, Minerals, And Antioxidants, Your Pet?s Skin And Hair Can Look Its Best. The Active Ingredients Calcium, Zinc, And Folic Acid Are Important In Normal Hair Growth And Retention. Chloride, Niacin, And Choline Help Your Dog?s Skin Maintain Healthy Moisture Balance From Within And Retain That Moisture. Potassium And Sodium Help To Maintain Fluid And Mineral Balance In The Cells Of The Fondle?s Body. Flaxseed Oil And Magnesium Are Included To Hydrate And Help Soothe Skin In Cases Where Temporary Dryness Can Cause Itching. B Vitamins Assist In Metabolizing Food Sources, Providing Nutrients To The Whole Body Including The Hai And Hair Follicles. Derm-tabs Combines Vitamins B-1, B-2, B-6, And B-12 To Support Hair And Follicle Health As Well. Antioxidants Like Selenium And Vitamin E Reduce Free Radicals, Which Additionally Keep The Skin And Hair Of Your Dog Healthy And Looking Shiny. When Your Dog?s Skin And Hair Have The Nutrients And Moisture Needed, It Shows, And Derm-tabs Can Be The Chewable Tablet To Easily Deliver Those Nutrients To Your Dog. For Use In: Dogs Read More Derm-tabs / Derm-tabs Es Testimonials!

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, skin , amp, Coat, gt, anti-shedding Solutions, gt, phs Derm-tabs
      SKU: Dermtab3k

    Exo Terra Glass Terrarium (12"x12"x12")
      Exo Terra Glass Terrarium (12"x12"x12").

      The Exo Terra Terrarium Is The Ideal Reptile Or Amphibian Housing, Designed By European Herpetologists. The Front Opening Door Allows Easy Access For Maintenance And Feeding. A Specially Designed Lock Will Prevent Escape And The Doors Can Be Opened Separately. The Full Screen Top Ventilation Allows Uvb And Infrared Penetration, And Is Completely Removable For Easy Access While Decorating Or Cleaning. In The Back Of The Screen Cover Are 5 Closable Wire Or A Tube Inlets On Both Sides To Install Heat Wave Rocks, Waterfalls, Sensors, Etc. The Bottom Plate Of The Terrarium Is Raised To Mount A Substrate Heater To Heat Part Of The Extended Ground Surface. The Extra High Fixed Front Window Is Ideal For Thick Layers Of Substrates, Aquatic Parts Or To Mount An Exo Terra Reptile Den. Full Glass Terrarium Dual Front Doors For An Escape Free Access Includes All Necessary Decoration Items Unique Front Window Ventilation Full Metal Screen For Top Ventilation Natural-looking Rock Terrarium Background Also Includes: Care Guide, Substrate, Water Dish, Jungle Vines And Jungle Plants An Instruction Manual Is Included To Guide You Through The Process Of Installation, Decorat Ion And Maintenance Of This Exo Terra Rainforest Terrarium Kit. Habitat Kit Rainforest Small Habitat Kit Is Ideal For: Small Species Of Snakes, Frogs, Lizards And Geckos Like Anolis Carolinensis, Anolis Sagrei, Rhampholeon Brevicaudatus, Holaspis Guentheri, Takydromus Sexlineatus, Phelsuma Laticauda, Hemidactylus Frenatus , Lygodactylus Luteopicturatus, Mabuya Macularia, Sceloporus Variabilis, Brookesia Superciliaris, Hyla Cinerea, Etc. Also Suitable For Juvenile Bigger Species As A Temporary Housing. Medium Habitat Kit Is Ideal For: Small Species Of Snakes, Frogs, Lizards And Geckos Like Phelsuma Madagascariensis, Rhacodactylus Ciliatus, Litoria Caerulea, Agalychnis Callidryas, Ptychozoon Kuhlii, Uroplatus Henkeli, Gekko Ulikovskii, Gecko Vittatus, Chamaeleo Hohnelli, Chamaeleo Rudis, Opheodrys Aestivus, Mabuya Multifasciata, Mabuya Quinquetaeniata, Etc. Also Suitable For Juvenile Bigger Species As A Temporary Housing.

      Category: Reptile Products , amp, amp, Supplies, gt, terrariums , amp, amp, Habitats, gt, exo Terra Terrariums
      SKU: Exoterraglass121212

    Fiproguard Flea & Tick Squeeze-on For Dogs Upto 22 Lbs, 12-pack
      Fiproguard Flea & Tick Squeeze-on For Dogs Upto 22 Lbs, 12-pack.

      Fiproguard For Dogs - Up To 22 Lbs, 12-pack Fiproguard For Dogs - Up To 22 Lbs, 12-pack Is A Fast Acting, Squeeze-on Topical Protection Against Fleas, Ticks And Chewing Lice. Fiproguard Plus Is The First Approved Generic Equivalent To Frontline Plus, And Contains Fipronil, The Same Active Ingredient Used In Frontline Top Spot For Dogs. Fiproguard Plus Kills Ticks Which Can Cause Lyme Disease And Controls Mites That May Cause Sarcoptic Mange. It Is Also Waterproof, Staying Active After Baths. Fiproguard Plus Offers Premium Protection Against Pests Without The Premium Price. For Use On Dogs Over 8 Weeks Of Age Up. Features: ? Kills Fleas ? Kills Ticks ? Kills Chewing Lice ? Fights The Spreading Of Lyme Disease Which Is Commonly Transferred Through Fleas And Ticks ? Used For Dogs 8 Weeks Of Age And Older. ? Waterproof. ? Made In The Usa ? Great Value And Cost ? Contains Fipronil Which Is The Same Ingredient Found In Frontline Top Spot. Fiproguard Fo Dogs Kills Fleas Kills Ticks Kills Chewing Lice Same Fipronil Ingredient Found In Frontline Top Spot Fast Protection Against Adult Pests Waterproof More Info Flea & Tick Supplies Shop All Flea & Tick Supplies How To Control Fleas Find Out More Information On How To Control Fleas Flea & Tick Buyer?s Guide A Guide To Help You Choose Which Flea Protection Is Right For Your Pet Got Fleas? Understanding And Protecting Your Pets From Fleas

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, flea , amp, Tick Supplies, gt, topicals, gt, fiproguard
      SKU: Fiproguarddogs12pk

    Grab-a-bite - Pluh Hot Dog
      Grab-a-bite - Pluh Hot Dog.

      Jakks Pacific® Pet Toys Are Designed For Safe And Durable Pet Play And Are Crafted Out Of Strong Materials. We Proudly Make Pet Toys, Treats And Accessories Appropriate For Every Pet Age And Level Of Activity. Remember?the Best Gift You Can Give To Your Pet Is Your Time. Chase & Play! Squeaker Inside With Reinforced Stitching!

      Category: New Pet Products
      SKU: Grab-a-bite-plush-hot-dog

    Petsafe 6v Lithium Battery Module Dual Pack
      Petsafe 6v Lithium Battery Module Dual Pack.

      Petsafe 6v Lithium Battery Module Dual Pack Are Replacement Batteries.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, training , amp, amp, Behavior, gt, remote Training Systems, gt, remote Training Collar Batteries And Accessories
      SKU: Petsafebatt

    Four Paws Potty Mouth (120 Tabs)
      Four Paws Potty Mouth (120 Tabs).

      Coprophagy Problem? Try Nixit Four Paws Potty Mouth (120 Tabs) Coprophagia Prevention Four Paws Potty Mouth, As The Name Instantly Communicates, Is A Remedy To Stop Pets From The Horrible Habit Of Consuming Feces (in The Trade This Is A Common Problem Known As Coprophagia). The Four Paws Potty Mouth Formulation Contains Ingredients That Will Quickly Stop Pets From Consuming Feces. Directions: Feed Your Dog Or Puppy One Tablet For Every 10 Lbs. Of Body Weight Every Day For 2 Weeks. If The Problem Continues, Double The Dosage For Two More Weeks. As A Preventative Treatment, Continue To Feed One Tablet Daily. Ingredients: Brewers Yeast, Cayenne, Biotin, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Niaciamide, Iron & Copper. Also Try Nixit For Veterinarian Strength Formula.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, food Supplements, gt, stool Eating Preventatives, gt, four Paws Stool Eating Deterrent
      SKU: Pottymouth120tabs

    Greentree Septiderm-v Lotion
      Greentree Septiderm-v Lotion.

      Relieves Intense Itching Of Bacterial Skin Infections And When Accompanied By Regular Bathing With Septiderm-v Bath, Will Aid In The Control Of Such Conditions. Excellent For Minor Skin Injuries And As A Deodorant Lotion. Soothing, Non-greasy, Antiseptic Lotion For Dogs, Cats, Puppies, And Kittens Over 6 Weeks Of Age And Horses. Apply Yuck! No Chew Spray Over Septiderm-v Lotion To Stop Licking. Ingredients: N-alkyldimethylbenzylammonium Chloride 0.1%, Cetyltrimethylammonium Bromide 0.0375%, Ethanol 0.054% In An Emollient Lotion Base Containing Emulsifiers And Essential Oils. Directions: Apply Liberally To All Areas Where Inflammation, Hair Loss Or Sores Are Evident. Initial Application Should Be Preceded By A Thorough Bathing With Septiderm-v Bath. Then Apply Septidderm-v Lotion Two Or Three Times Daily. Reduce Frequency As Condition Responds, Applying As Needed. Swab Individual Lesions Or Minor Skin Injuries As Needed. Limit 12 Per Order

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, skin , amp, Coat, gt, anti-itch , amp, amp, Hot Spot Solutions, gt, naturvet Septiderm-v
      SKU: Selo

    Solid Gold Beef Jerky Dog Treats (10 Oz)
      Solid Gold Beef Jerky Dog Treats (10 Oz).

      Solid Gold Beef Jerky Dog Treats Are A Delicious Beef Jerky Treat That Your Dog Will Absolutely Love. These Jerky Treats Are Soft And Chewy To Provide A Chew Experience That Your Pet Will Absolutely Love. Each Treat Is Made With Real Beef And Free Of Wheat, Corn, And Soy To Ensure That Your Dog Receives Only The Best Ingredients Available. Solid Gold Beef Jerky Dog Treats Are The Ideal Size For Training Your Dog And Their Soft Texture Is Safe For Old And Young Dogs Alike. This Bag Includes 10 Ounces Of Palatable Treats In A Resealable Package To Preserve Their Freshness. Reward Your Dog With A Palatable Jerky Treat That They Won't Soon Forget And Order Solid Gold Jerky Treats For Your Pet Today! Key Features: Made With Real Beef- Contains No Wheat, Corn, And Soy Ideal For Training And Rewarding Dogs 15 Ounce Resealable Bag

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, jerky Dog Treats, gt, solid Gold Jerky Treats
      SKU: Solid-gold-beef-jerky-dog-treats-10-oz

    Spot Mini Skinneeez Stuffing Free Flying Squirrel (14")
      Spot Mini Skinneeez Stuffing Free Flying Squirrel (14").

      Spot Mini Skinneeez Stuffing Free Flying Squirrel (14") Bring Out Your Dog's Natural Hunting Instinct With Our Realistic Skinneez Toys. Our Stuffing Free Skinneeez Last Longer Than Regular Plush Dog Toys Because There Is No Stuffing For Your Dog To Rip Out! Now Your Dog Can Enjoy Long Lasting Play While Flip-flopping Out Stuffing Free Skinneeez. The Spot Skinneeez Plush Pet Toy Has 2 Squeakers - One In The Head And One In The Tail For Double The Fun. Collect Them All!

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Toys, gt, plush , amp, Stuffing-free Dog Toys, gt, skinneeez Stuffing-free Dog Toys By Spot
      SKU: Spmiskstfrfl

    The Apocalypse Solution
      The Apocalypse Solution.

      Apocalypse Returns The X-men Do Not Kill. But When Apocalypse - The Mutant Despot Who Has Countless Times Brought Humanity To The Brink Of Destruction - Returns, Wolverine Knows There's Only One Solution: The Recently Reconstituted X-force The New Team - Consisting Of Deadpool, Archangel, Psylocke And Fantomex - Must Destroy En Sabah Nur. But Can Wolve Rine's Secret Team Survive Apocalypse's Deadly Final Horsemen? And Even If They Do, Can They Kill The Reborn Apocalypse When The Greatest Threat The World Has Ever Faced Is Now No More Than An Innocent Child?

      SKU: 13779891
      ISBN: 9780785148555
      Author: Remender, Rick / Opena, Jerome / Manco, Leonardo

    The Lady Most Likely...: A Novel In Three Parts
      The Lady Most Likely...: A Novel In Three Parts.

      " Three Of The Brightest Stars Of Historical Romance Invite You To A Party At The Country Home Of The Honorable Marquess Of Finchley " Hugh Dunne, The Earl Of Briarly, Needs A Wife, So His Sister Hands Him A List Of Delectable Damsels And Promises To Invite Them- And A Few Other Gentlemen-to Her Country House For What Is Sure To Be The Event Of The Season. Hugh Will Have Time To Woo Whichever Lady He Most Desires . . . Unless Someone Else Snatches Her First. The Invitation List Includes: The Horse-mad But Irresistibly Handsome Earl Of Briarly The Always Outspoken Miss Katherine Peyton The Dashing War Hero Captain Neill Oakes The Impossibly Beautiful (and Painfully Shy) Miss Gwendolyn Passmore The Terribly Eligile New Earl Of Charters The Widowed Lady Georgina Sorrell (who Has No Plans To Marry, Ever) And Your Hostess, Lady Carolyn Finchley, An Irrepressible Matchmaker Who Plans To Find The Lady Most Likely . . . To Capture Her Brother's Untamed Heart.

      SKU: 11413693
      ISBN: 9780061247828
      Author: Quinn, Julia / James, Eloisa / Brockway, Connie

    Stories Of The Sioux
      Stories Of The Sioux.

      Luther Standing Bear, A Lakota Sioux Born In The 1860s, Heard These Legends In His Youth, When His People Were Being Moved To Reservations. In Haunting Mood And Imagery, They Celebrate The Old Nomadic Life Of The Sioux, When Buffalo Were Plentiful And All Nature Fed The Spirit. The Twenty Stories Honor Not Only The Buffalo But Also The Dog, The Horse, The Eagle, And The Wolf As Workaday Helpers And Agents Of Divine Intervention; The Wisdom Of The Medicine Man; And The Heroism And Resourcefulness Of Individual Men And Women.

      SKU: 3257172
      ISBN: 9780803293359
      Author: Standing Bear, Luther / Stoops, Herbert Morton / Washburn, Frances

    At The Aquarium Coloring Book/en El Acuario Libro De Colorear
      At The Aquarium Coloring Book/en El Acuario Libro De Colorear.

      Easy-to-color Images - Plus Brief Captions In Spanish And English - Help Youngsters Name Animals And Plants They're Likely To Find At An Aquarium. Twenty-nine Illustrations Of Creatures In Recreations Of Their Natural Habitats Include Seahorses, A Dolphin, Fiddler And Horseshoe Crabs, Seals, And Other Aquatic Animals.

      SKU: 12944862
      ISBN: 9780486478135
      Author: Beylon, Cathy / Gongora, Oscar

    The Horsecare Handbook
      The Horsecare Handbook.

      Designed For Breeders And Owners Alike, This Invaluable Resource Is Organized In An Easy Reference Format Which Helps The Reader Specify The Proper Care For Various Horse Breeds. Featuring Hundreds Of Photographs And Specific Advice O Each Breed. Introduction To The Personality Of The Horse, And Its View Of The World, To Help You Toward A Better Understanding Of Your Animal's Behavior. Basic Requirements Of Day-to-day Care: Nutritional Regimes, Stable Management, Grooming, And Tack Selection. Essential Reading On Equine First Aid, Plus The Preventative Care Needed To Keep Your Animal In Tip-top Condition. Also, A Brief Guide To Riding Skills, Both In The Western And European Styes.

      SKU: 3064629
      ISBN: 9780785825555
      Author: Wood, Ashley

    Six Secrets Of Successful Bettors: Winning Insights Into Playing The Horses
      Six Secrets Of Successful Bettors: Winning Insights Into Playing The Horses.

      Through Extensive Research And Interviews, Scatoni And Fornatale Have Found That There Are Specific Traits That These Successful Gamblers Share. By Combining Elements Of Traditional Business Analysis With Proven Handicapping Methods And Practical Lessons Learned In The Wagering Trenches, These Unique Professionals Have Developed A Model For Consistent Success. They Not Only Understand The Fundamentals Of Value Analysis, Money Management, And Betting Strategy, But Also Have Developed The Discipline And Mental Fortitude That Ultimately Separate The Knowledgeable Enthusiast From The Successful Investor. After Interviewing More Than Two Dozen Professional Players, The Authors Have Identified The Six Secrets That All Of These Successful Individuals Have In Common. Whether You're A Casual Weekend Player Or A Serious Fna Contemplating Turning Pro, Al Of The Practical Elements For Success Are Candidly Revealed In This Truly Fascinating Journey Into The Gambling Habits Of The World's Greatest Players. Interviews With Horseplayers Andrew Beyer, Paul Braseth, Dave Cascuna, Paul Cornman, Steven Crist, Ernie Dahlman, Steve Davidowitz, Cary Fotias, Brad Free, Len Friedman, Randy Gallo, Dave Gutfreund, Jim Mazur, Barry Meadow, Gerry Okenuff, James Quinn, Roxy Roxborough, Andy Serling. Other Gamblers Interviewed Include Blackjack Expert Kevin Blackwood And Poker Champions Clonie Gowen, Howard Lederer And Amarillo Slim Preston.

      SKU: 7808026
      ISBN: 9781932910964
      Author: Scatoni Frank R / Fornatale, Pete

    Sun Tzu Was A Sissy: Conquer Your Enemies, Promote Your Friends, And Wage The Real Art Of War
      Sun Tzu Was A Sissy: Conquer Your Enemies, Promote Your Friends, And Wage The Real Art Of War.

      We Live In A Vicious, Highly Competitive Workplace Environment, And Things Aren't Getting Any Better. Jobs Aree Few And Far Between, And People Aren't Any Nicer Now Than They Were When Ghengis Khan Ran Around In Big Furs Killing People In Unfriendly Acquisitions. For Thousands Of Years, People Have Been Reading The Writings Of The Deeply Wise, But Also Extremely Dead Chinese Philosopher Sun Tzu, Who Was Perhaps The First To Look On The Waging Of War As A Strategic Art That Could Be Taught To People Who Wished To Be Warlords And Other Kinds Of Senior Managers. In A Nutshell, Sun Tzu Taught That Readiness Is All, That Knowledge Of Oneself And The Enemy Was The Foundation Of Strength And That Those Who Fight Best Are Those Who Are Prepared And Wise Enough Not To Fight At All. Unfortunately, In The Current Day, This Approach Is Pretty Mmuch Horse Hockey, A Fact That Has Not Been Recognized By The Bloated, Tree-hugging Snu Tzu Industry, Which Churns Out Mushy-gushy Pseudo-philosophy For Business School Types Who Want To Make War And Keep Their Hands Clean. "sun Tzu Was A Sissy" Will Transcend All Those Efforts And Teach The Reader How To Make War, Win And Enjoy The Plunder In The Real World, Where Those Who Do Not Kick, Gouge And Grab Are Left Behind At The Table To Pay The Tab. Students Of Bing Will Be Taught How To Plan And Execute Battles That Hurt Other People A Lot, And Advance Their Flags And Those Of Their Friends, If Possible. All Military Strategies Will Be Explored, From Mustering, Equipping, Organizing, Plotting, Scheming, Rampaging, Squashing And Reaping Spoils. Every Other Book On The Art Of War Bows Low To Sun Tzu. We're Going To Tell Him To Get Lost And Inform Our Reaaders How Real War Is Currently Conducted On The Battlefield Of Life.

      SKU: 179543
      ISBN: 9780060734787
      Author: Bing, Stanley

    Natural Methods For Equine Health And Performance
      Natural Methods For Equine Health And Performance.

      "natural Methods For Equine Health And Performance, Second Edition," Presents An Overview Of A Natural Approach To Horse Care And Management For The 21st Century. It Provides Sensible And Readable Advice On Natural Horsemanship, Contrasting Natural And Domestic Habitats. A Range Of Holistic Methods Of Treatment Are Covered, Including Acupuncture, Massage, Herbalism, Homeopathy, And Schooling Exercises Used By The Classical School. Mary Bromiley Has An Excellent Reputation For Achieving Results Using Natural Methods For Muscle Re-education. This Book Will Be Useful To Anyone Who Owns Or Routinely Works With Horses.

      SKU: 6100355
      ISBN: 9781405179294
      Author: Bromiley, Mary W. / Slattery, Penelope

    Feud On The Mesa: A Western Trio
      Feud On The Mesa: A Western Trio.

      In The Title Story Of This Trio, Feud On The Mesa Concerns Two Saddle Mates, Rufe Miller And Jud Hudson, Who Committed An Ill-advised Stagecoach Robbery. They Stumble Onto Cain Mesa, Location Of A Ranch Owned By Elisabeth Cane. Arlen Chase, An Enterprising Cowman, Is Trying To Force Elisabeth To Leave. When Rufe's Horse Is Shot By One Of Chase's Men, The Two Propose Going To Work For Elisabeth To Help Her In Her Conflict With Chase. In Renegades Beat The War Drum, The Frontiersman Caleb Dorn, Known Among The Indians As Silent Outcast, Tries To Negotiate With Red Sleeves And His Band Of Apaches Who Have Surrounded The Town Of Denton And Cut Off All Access. In Texass Herds Bring Death, Caleb Has Moved North Into Cattle Country Where A Texas Herd Is Not Permitted By The Crow Nation To Have Access To The Trail Through Their Land.

      SKU: 2810428
      ISBN: 9780753177709
      Author: Paine, Lauran

    Classic Horse & Pony Stories
      Classic Horse & Pony Stories.

      Written By Such Well-known Authors As Marguerite Henry, Lewis Carroll, Anna Sewell, And Many More, This New Book Combines The Best In Children's Fiction From Around The World With Specially Commissioned Pieces By New Exciting Authors.

      SKU: 3136955
      ISBN: 9780789448965
      Author: Dk Publishing / Pullein-thompson, Diana

    The Horse Fair
      The Horse Fair.

      In The Horse Fair, Robin Becker Investigates How People Marginalized Because Of Gender, Religion, And Sexual Preference Negotiate Public And Private Spheres While Inventing Sustainable Communities. Beginning With The Great Nineteenth-century French Painter Rosa Bonheur, Becker Has Produced A Number Of Multi-voiced, Synthetic Portraits. She Speaks From The Persona Of Charlotte Salomon, Who Was The Child Of Assimilated German-jewish Parents And Was Killed By The Nazis At The Age Of Twenty-six; She Appropriates Passages From The Rosh Hashanah And Yom Kippur Services And Juxtaposes Them Against Stanzas That Mourn Her Sister's Death And Those That Celebrate Non-traditional Families. Organized Around The Long Meditations, Other Poems Show Becker's Dexterity With Formal Verse. The Horse Fair Takes Its Name From Bonheur's Monumental Painting And Serves As The Vehicle Through Which Becker Explores Anti-semitism, Cross-dressing, And Bonheur's Lifelong Relationships With Women.

      SKU: 3550441
      ISBN: 9780822957201
      Author: Becker, Robin

    74 Miles Away: A Campbell Young Mystery
      74 Miles Away: A Campbell Young Mystery.

      Because Business Is Slow For Retired Homicide Detective Campbell Young's New Enterprise, A-1 Investigative Consultants, He Decides To Take A Break X2014; A Horse-playing Vacation To Florida. No Sooner Are His Plans Made, However, Than His Old Friend Priam Harvey Approaches Him With A Complex Problem: A Young Caribbean Jazz Musician Has Been Found Dead In A Toronto Hotel Room, His Body Surrounded By The Paraphernalia Of Voodoo. Harvey, Whose Connection To The Victim Is Revealed To Be More Than Casual, Persuades Young To Put Aside His Racing Form And Pick Up The Trail Of The Killer. Young's Pursuit Takes Him All The Way From The Nightclubs Of New York To The Pine Barrens Of New Jersey And The Backwater Bars Of Grand Bahama Island Before The Possibility Presents Itself That The Murderer Might Actually Be Right In His Own Backyard.

      SKU: 6826263
      ISBN: 9781550026498
      Author: Carpenter, J. D.

    Long Shots And Exactas
      Long Shots And Exactas.

      For Everyone Who's Ever Dreamed Of A Sure Way To Win At The Track Every Time, Now There Is One Veteran Newspaperman Bob Wilder Shares His Tips On Picking Winning Horses Every Time.

      SKU: 7784095
      ISBN: 9781930859838
      Author: Wilder, Bob

    Advanced Cross Country Riding: How To Succeed In Horse Trails
      Advanced Cross Country Riding: How To Succeed In Horse Trails.

      Racing Through The Countryside, Leaping Fences, Traversing All Types Of Terrain, Horse And Rider Become One. Exciting And Exhilarating, Cross Country Riding Can Be The Most Wonderful Experience For The Lover Of Horses. Let This Fully Illustrated Manual Open Up The World Of Horseback Riding. Covering Everything From The Basic Requirements Of Horse And Jockey To Various Riding Phases At A Competitive Event, And Including Fitness, Pole Work And Jumping, And Working With Ground Conditions And The Weather, This Helpful, Concise Introduction Will Prove Invaluable To Those Who Want To Learn The Fundamentals And Eventually Compete At Cross Country Riding.

      SKU: 2574329
      ISBN: 9780706376319
      Author: Holderness-roddam, Jane

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