Ultra-wire & Flag Kit For All High Tech Fondle Fence & Containment Systems

    Ultra-wire & Flag Kit For All High Tech Fondle Fence & Containment Systems
      Ultra-wire & Flag Kit For All High Tech Fondle Fence & Containment Systems.

      Need More Wire? With The Ultra-wire & Flag Kit For All High Tech Pet Fence & Containment Systems , Our Be-500ultra Kit Gives You 500 Feet Of Our Special Ultra-wire, 50 Brightly Colored Flags And 3 Improved, Waterproof Wire Connectors. This Wire Was Specially Designed And Manufactured For One And Only One Purpose: Electronic Dog Fence Boundary Wire. It Has Electrical And Mechanical Properties Optimized For Your Dog Containment Application Exceeding Even 18 Gauge Wire Performance. The Wire Is Solid Core Copper Designed For Optimum Electrical Impediance. It Has An Extra Thick Jacket Made Of A Specially Formulated Insulation Material That Is Esecially Resistant To Ultraviolet Sunlight, Moisture, Rot And Corrosion. 40% Thicker And 3 Times Stronger Than Standard 18 Gauge Wire Guaranteed To Last At Least 20 Years Solid Core Copper Designed For Optimum Electrical Impediance Resistant To Ultraviolet Sunlight, Moi Sture, Rot And Corrosion

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    Bio-groom Fluffy Puppy Conditioning Shampoo (1 Gallon)
      Bio-groom Fluffy Puppy Conditioning Shampoo (1 Gallon).

      Bio-groom Fluffy Puppy Conditioning Shampoo Is A Soap Free Conditioning Shampoo For Puppies. This Mild, Soap Free Natural Shampoo Cleanses Thoroughly, Effortlessly, Without Stripping Natural Protective Oils From Skin And Coat. Fluffy Puppy Shampoo Leaves Your Puppy's Coat Fluffy And Fresh. Rinses Out Quickly And Completely For Those Impatient Puppies. Helps Control Body Odors, Is Ph Balanced And Leaves No Irritating Residue. Contains: Cleaners Derived From Coconut Oil A Biodegradable And Regrowable Source, Corn, And Palm Kernel Oils. Conditioner Derived From Lanolin. Light Floral Fragrance. Directions: Wet The Coat With Warm Water. Apply Shampoo And Work Well Through The Coat. Rinse With Warm Water. Dry And Brush The Coat With Soft Brush Or Wipe With Soft Towel. May Be Diluted With Up To 2 Parts Of Water.

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      SKU: Bgflufpupshampgal

    Canidae Grain Free Pureland With Fresh Bison Dog Food (24 Lb)
      Canidae Grain Free Pureland With Fresh Bison Dog Food (24 Lb).

      Canidae Grain Free Pureland With Fresh Bison Dog Food Is A Flavorful And Nutritious Formula That Offers The Quality Ingredients That Dogs Love. This Primary Ingredient In This Dry Kibble Is Fresh Bison, A Quality Source Of Protein. The Formula Also Includes Sweet Potatoes, Peas, And Chickpeas While Excluding Filler Ingredients Like Corn, Wheat, And Soy. Canidae Grain Free Pureland With Fresh Bison Dog Fodo Is Made For Dogs With Sensitive Stomachs And Is Formulated For Gentle Digestion. This Bag Comes With 24 Pounds Of Food That Is Free Of Antibiotics And Hormones With Only Seven Key Ingredients. Your Dog Deserves Quality Food- So Order Canidae Pureland Dog Food Today! Key Features: Contains Omega Fatty Acids 3 &6 For Skin And Coat Health 24 Lbs Of Whole Foods And Fresh Bison Made In The Usa Please Note: All Food Is Shipped Via Ground Delivery, Only To The Contiguous (48) States. Please Allow 7 To 10 Days For Your Delivery To Arrive. (more Info)

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    Canine Cast Covers Blue - Large
      Canine Cast Covers Blue - Large.

      Canine Cast Covers Are Perfect For Keeping Your Pet's Bandage Or Cast Clean And Dry. Our Pets Tend To Wander In Unknown Places Or Lick Their Bandaging So It's Important To Ensure That Their Bandages Are Clean And Secure At All Times! These Comfortable Covers Include A Velcro Strap For Easy Wrapping And Additional Security. They Also Come In Fun Colors So Your Dog Can Stay Fashionable While Recovering! Keeps Bandaging Or Cast Clean And Dry Waterproof, Durable, Breathable Velcro Strap Included For Additional Fastening Stylish And Fun Colors Comes In 4 Different Sizes For A Proper Fit

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    Nylabone Durachew Wishbone Wolf (6 Inches)
      Nylabone Durachew Wishbone Wolf (6 Inches).

      Nylabone Durachew Wishbone Wolf 6 Super-tough Y-shaped Nylabone‚ģ Chews Are Designed For Powerful Chewers. These Are Tough, Durable, Naturally Flavored Chews With Three Ends For Dogs To Grab And Chew. Discourages Destructive Chewing Fights Boredom Helps Clean Teeth Provides Enjoyment

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    Esbilac Goat's Milk Powder (12 Oz)
      Esbilac Goat's Milk Powder (12 Oz).

      Esbilac's Goat Milk Powder Is The Top Choice For Replacing Milk For Puppies With Sensitive Stomachs. This Powder Is Recommended For Puppies That Are Orphaned Or Rejected As The Runts Of Their Litters. This Powder Can Also Act As A Replacement For Those Puppies Or As A Supplement For Growing Puppies And Older Doogs That Require An Easy-to-digest Nutritional Supplement To Their Meals. Though Primarily Natural Goats Milk, The Formula Also Provides A Caloric Pattern Intended To Simulate Dog Milk In Protein, Fat And Carbohydrates. The Easy-to-digest Esbilac Goat Milk Powder Supplies Dogs With All The Necessary Nutrients To Ensure Growth And Development Goes Smoothly. To Use The Powder, Simply Mix It In With Water Or Additional Wet Food To Make A Delicious Meal That's Good For Your Dog. The Powder Is Also Great For Rehabilitating A Dog After A Surgery Or For Rehabilitating Wildlife Like Squirrels, Rabbits Or Opossums. Key Features: Provides Nutrients For Growing Or Stressed Puppies And Dogs Easy To Mix In With Water Or Other Wet Food Perfect For Post-op Dogs And For Rehabilitating Wildlife Like Squirrels, Rabbits Or Opossums

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    Habitrail Ovo Den
      Habitrail Ovo Den.

      Habitrail Ovo Den Is A Cozy Place To Hide Or Sleep And Provides Your Hamster With An Additional Area To Explore And Enjoy. Your Hamster May Choose To Use The Den As A Toilet Or As A Sleeping Area. Clean With Warm Water And Mild Detergent And Rinse Thoroughly. Do Not Use Abrasives On Plastic. Includes: Den Lock Connector Air Vent (maximizes Air Circulation.) Rounded Corners (prevents Gnawing.)

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    Ark Naturals Joint Rescue (90 Chewables)
      Ark Naturals Joint Rescue (90 Chewables).

      Joint "rescues" Helps Your Pet From Chronic Arthritis Pain, Relieves Swollen Joints, Morning Stiffness, Inability To Run And Play As Well As Age Related Immobility. This Product Is Formulated To Heal Damaged Cartilage, Tendons, And Ligaments. Joint "rescue" Contains Therapeutic Dosages Of Glucosamine Plus Anti-inflammatory Botanicals Which Improve Juncture Mobility And Provide Relief For Symptoms Of Pain And Inflamation. Now With 500 Mgs Of Glucosamine Sulfate In Each Wafer. An Even Better Way To "rescue" Your Pet From Chronic Arthritis Pain, Relieve Swollen Joints, Morning Stiffness, Inability To Run And Play, As Well As Age Related Immobility Ingredients: Dried Liver Powder, Glucosamnie Sulfate, Boswellin Extract, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Curcumin Extract, Stearic Acid, Chondroitin Sulfate, Bromelain Extract, Yucca Extract, Magnesium Stearate, Vitamin A (acetate), Ascorbic Acid (a Source Of Vitamin C), Vitamin E (mixed Tocopherols), Methionine, Calcium Ascorbate, Zinc, Magnesium Ascorbate, Manganese Ascorbate, Pyridoxine Hcl (b6), Silica, Pantothenic Acid (b5), Copper Glycinate, Selenium Chelate. Super Strength Chewable.   What Are The Benefits And Uses Of Joint Rescue? Formulated By A Nutrition Scientist Using Only Premium Human-grade Standardized Botanical Extracts. Contains A Blend Of Ingredients Clinically Proven To Be Effective For Chronic And Cute Inflammatory Conditions. Does Not Cause Gastric Bleeeding Or Potential Liver Damage Like Some Anti-inflammatory Drugs Can. Designed To Be Used Safely On An Ongoing Basis For Young And Old Dogs And Cats. Helps Reduce Pain And Inflammation. Designed To Stimulate The Formation Of Healthy Joint Tisseu. What Special Ingredients Does Joint Rescue Feature? Glucosamine Sulfate, Hcl: Provides Raw Material For Building Healthy Cartilage, Tendons, Ligaments, And The Synovial Fluid That Lubricates The Joints. Boswellia: Source Of Boswellic Acids, Powerful Anti-inflammatories For Chronic Inflammations Such As Arthritis, Tendonitis, Dysplasia. Stimulates Synthesis Of Healthy Cartilage And Other Connective Tissues. Curcumin: Powerful Anti-inflammatory For Both Chronic And Acute Inflammation; Antioxidant, Antimicrobial; Detoxifying. Bromelain: Natural Enzyme From Pineapple Which Reduces Acute Inflammation, Bruising, And Swelling. Helps The Body Interrupt Down And Removes Damaged Tissues. Yucca Extract: Traditional Veterinary Herb. Yucca Saponins Help Reduce Arthritis Stiffness, Swelling, And Pain. Manganese: Important Trace Element For Cartilage And Bone Growth And Maintenance.   How Should I Use Joint Rescue? Use As Directed On Label; Make Sure Dosage Is Increased As Outlined For Heavier Dogs. Product Is Designed To Be Used On An Ongoing Indefinite Basis For Chronic Inflammatory Conditions. Use If Dogs Are Diagnosed With Arthritis Or Related Joint Degeneration Disorders. Use If Dogs Appear To Be Have Joint Pain And Are Unable To Run Or Play Normally. Use For Older Dogs With Joint Sti

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    Hylox Soft Chews (120 Chews)
      Hylox Soft Chews (120 Chews).

      Hylox ™ Soft Chews For Dogs Were Designed With All Aspects Of Joint, Connective Tissue, And Bone Health In Mind. It Contains The Highest Quality Active Ingredients: Glucosamine, Msm, Creatine, Alpha-linolenic Acid, Tumeric, Sodium Hyaluronate, Epa, Dha, Boron, And A Long List Of Antioxidants. These Powerful Active Ingredients Combined With Natural Liver Flavor Create One Tasty, Soft Chewable That Enhances Bone And Joint Health. Glucosamine Is An Easily Absorbed Natural Substance That May Stimulate The Production Of Proteoglycans, Which Help Maintain The Health And Resiliency Of Joints And Connective Tissues. Glucosamine Also Helps To Maintain Synovial Fluid That Lubricates The Joints And Helps Sustain Joint Mobility. Epa And Dha (omega-3 Fatty Acids) Are Vital To Everyday Health, Strong Muscles And Healthy Joints And Help Ease The Stiffness And Soreness From Normal Daily Exercise Or Activity By Cushioning Tissues. Msm, Alpha-linolenic Acid, And Tumeric Play An Important Role In Enhancing Tissue Pliability By Helping To Maintain A Normal Imflammatory Response. These Acids Were Selected Especially For This Formula To Target Tissue That Surrounds Joints. Another Ingredient, Sodium Hyaluronate, Is Similar To The Fluid That Surrounds The Joints In Your Pet's Body, And Fluid Acts As A Lubricant And Natural Shock Absorber For The Joints. Antioxidants Like Zinc, Selenium, And Vitamin C Help Your Dog's Body By Reducing Damaging Free Radicals And Allowing The Body's Cells To Flush Them Out. Boron Is Important Because It Not Only Addresses Tissue Around The Joint, But Full Health And Strength Of Bones. Creatine Is Included To Enhance Exercise Tolerance By Supporting Stamina And Endurance As Well As Normal Muscle Recovery. Hylox Was Formulated With All Key Aspects Of Muscle And Joint Health: Lubrication, Healthy Non-inflamed Connective Tissue, Support Of Bone Health, And Ultimately Joint Mobility. It Ca N Be Used With Prescription Drugs For Use In: Dogs

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    Muse Salmon, Egg & Yogurt Cat Food Dry (16 Oz)
      Muse Salmon, Egg & Yogurt Cat Food Dry (16 Oz).

      Who Knew Natural Could Taste So Good? Muse Natural Cat Food Takes Mealtime To Cat-worthy Heights By Combining The Ntural Nutrition Your Adult Cat Needs With The Taste She Loves. So Much Deliciousness, Your Cat Will Get Musebumps! This Grain-free And Gluten-free, Natural Dry Cat Food Is Crafted In The Usa In Clinton, Iowa With Real Chicken As The First Ingredient. Made With Natural Ingredients Plus Essential Nutrients For A Complete And Balanced Meal, Muse Dry Recipes Have No Chicken By-product Meal. No Corn, No Wheat, No Soy. And No Artificial Flavors, Colors Or Preservatives. Muse Dry Recipes Havr Complete Nutrition With Antioxidants Including Those From Pumpkin And Spinach To Help Support A Strong Immune System And Omega-6 Fatty Acids To Help Promote Healthy Skin And A Shiny Coat. Grain Free And Gluten Free Real Salmon Is The #1 Ingredient No Chicken By-product Meal No Corn, No Wheat, No Soy. No Artificial Flavors, Colors Or Preservatives. Natural + Essential Nutrients. Crafted In Clinton, Iowa, Usa.

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      SKU: Muse-salmon-cat-food-16-oz

    Naturvet Digestive Enzymes Plus Probiotics (50 Soft Chews)
      Naturvet Digestive Enzymes Plus Probiotics (50 Soft Chews).

      Product Description: Naturvet Digestive Enzymes Plus Probiotics Help To Unlock Vitamins, Minerals And Other Important Nutrients From Food For Optimal Absorption. Great For Food Transitioning. Naturvet University Product Education Cat 2-in-1 Support Soft Chews (pdf) Limit 12 Per Order

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    Nylabone Good Puppy Rawhide Calcium - Chicken (16 Large Sticks)
      Nylabone Good Puppy Rawhide Calcium - Chicken (16 Large Sticks).

      Puppies Need A Lot Of Love And Nutrition, And Nylabone's Good Puppy Chews Aims To Help With The Latter By Offering A Rich Source Of Calcium In A Delicious Chew. Puppies Need Plenty Of Calcium To Fortify Their Growing Teeth And Bones. Each Treat Is Also Loaded With Vitamins, Minerals And Antioxidants To Support An Overall Healthy Body. No Sugar Or Salt Is Added. These Chews Are Edible, Highly Digestible And Completely Safe For Puppies. Best Of All, With All The Benefits In This Natural Treat, All Your Dog Will Notice Is The Delicious Chicken Flavor! Helps Build Strong Bones And Teeth With Calcium Featuring Whole Life Complex, A Blend Of Antioxidants, Vitamins And Minerals Prebiotics Help Support Better Digestion

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    Petmate Plush Soft Side Kennel Cab Large Upto 15lbs - Pink/zebra
      Petmate Plush Soft Side Kennel Cab Large Upto 15lbs - Pink/zebra.

      Petmate Kennel Cab Soft-sided Pet Carrier Is Ideal For Traveling Whether A Quick Trip To The Vet Or A Trip Across Country. The Kennel Cab Features A Faux-fur Comfort Pad With A Removable Cover & Plastic Lined Bottom For Easy Cleaning. The Mesh Side & Front Panel Provide Excellent Ventilation. Adjustable Shoulder Strap & Hand Straps Make Transport A Breeze. Clear Sleeve On Top Has An Identification Card. Mesh Back Pocket Is Ideal For Keeping Leash, Collar, Keys, Cell Phone & Other Small Items. Plastic Feet On Bottom Protect The Carrier From The Elements When Sitting On The Ground Or Floor. Faux-fur Comfort Pad With A Removable Cover Excellent Ventilation Adjustable Shoulder Strap & Hand Straps Mesh Back Pocket Is Ideal For Keeping Leash, Collar, Keys, Cell Phone & Other Small Items

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    Vectra For Cats & Kittens Under 9 Lbs - 6 Doses
      Vectra For Cats & Kittens Under 9 Lbs - 6 Doses.

      Vectra For Cats & Kittens Under 9 Lbs - 6 Doses No Matter Where In The Country You Happen To Live, Fleas Are Working Overtime To Bite Your Cat, And Irksome To Infest Your Home. Vectraa For Cats And Kittens Is A Once=a-month Topical Treatment For Use On Cats Against All Flea Life Stages (eggs, Larvae, Pupae And Adult Fleas). Fast-acting - Kills Fleas In 6 Hours. Kills By Contact, Fleas Do Not Have To Bite. Quick Drying And Non-greasy. Kills Fleas That May Transmit Disease Including Bartonellosis, Tapeworm & Tularemia. Kills Fleas That May Cause Flea Allergy Dermatitis (fad) And Anemia. Controls Development Of All Flea Stages For 1 Month. Controls And Stops Flea Infestation And Prevents Re-infestation. Can Be Used Forward Cats As Young As 8 Weeks Of Age. Convenient Topical Treatment With Patented Applicator.

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    Ten Girls Who Made History
      Ten Girls Who Made History.

      These Christian Women Were Once Little Girls Playing Attending Dolls, Making Mistakes And Growing Up In Quite A Different World. But Was It That Different? Irene Howat Has Researched The Lives Of These Famous Women Of God And Draws Out Lessons We Can All Relate To, Especially Youngsters Today. Ida Scudder (missionary In India), Betty Green (cofounder Of Maf), Jeanette Li (evangelist And Bible Teacher In Communist China), Mary Jane Kinnaird (founder Of The Ywca), Bessie Adams (cofounder Of Clc), Emma Dryer (cofounder Of Moody College), Lottie Moon (missionary In China), Florence Nightingale (pioneer In Health Care), Heanrietta Mears (pioneer In Children's Ministry), And Elisabeth Elliot (missionary To The Aucas). Find Out How Mary Jane Kinnaird Prayed And Helped Young Women; Emma Dryer Studied Astronomy And Became A Bible Teacher; Florence Nightingale Became A Nurse And Was Useful To God; Lottie Moon Thought Missionaries Were Silly And Then Became One Herself; Ida Scudder Changed Her Mind And Then Changed India; Henrietta Mears Dreamed Big And Wrote Books; Bessie Adams Became A Missionary In A Horsedrawn Caravan; Betty Green Flew Planes In World War Ii; Elisabeth Elliot's Husband Was Killed But She Forgave His Murderers And Janette Li Became A Christian And Told Her Own Chinese People About The One True God.

      SKU: 7585674
      ISBN: 9781857928372
      Author: Howat, Irene / Irene, Howat

    Michael Symon's Live To Cook: Recipes And Techniques To Rock Your Kitchen
      Michael Symon's Live To Cook: Recipes And Techniques To Rock Your Kitchen.

      Hometown Boy Turned Superstar, Michael Symon Is One Of The Hottest Food Personalities In America. Hailing From Cleveland, Ohio, He Is Counted Among The Nation's Greatest Chefs, Having Joined The Ranks Of Mario Batali, Bobby Flay, And Masaharu Morimoto As One Of America's Iron Chefs. At His Core, Though, He's A Midwestern Guy With Family Roots In Old-world Traditions. In "michael Symon's Live To Cook," Michael Tells The Amazing Story Of His Whirlwind Rise To Fame By Sharing The Food And Incredible Recipes That Have Marked His Route. Michael Is Known For His Easy, Fresh Food. He Means It When He Says That If A Dish Requires More Than Two Pans To Finish, He's Not Going To Make It. Cooking What He Calls "heritage" Food-based On The Recipes Beloved By His Greek-italian-eastern European-american Parents And The Community In Cleveland-michael Draws On The Flavors Of Traditional Recipes To Create Sophisticated Dishes, Such As His Beef Cheek Pierogies With Wild Mushrooms And Horseradish, Which Came Out Of The Pierogies That His Grandpa Made. Michael Translates The Influences Of The Diverse Working-class Neighborhood In Which He Grew Up Into Dishes With Mediterranean Ingredients, Such As Those In Olive Oil Poached Halibut With Fennel, Rosemary, And Garlic; Italian-style Handmade Pastas, Like Linguini With Heirloom Tomato, Capers, Anchovies, And Chilies; And Re-imagined Cleveland Favorites, Such As Mac And Cheese With Roasted Chicken, Goat Cheese, And Rosemary. Part Of Michael's Irresistible Allure On The Food Network Comes From How Much Fun He Has In The Kitchen. To Help Readers Gain Confidence And Have A Good Time, "michael Symon's Live To Cook" Has Advice For Cooking Like A Pro, Starting With Basic Instructions For How To Correctly Use Techniques Such As Braising, Poachign, And Pickling. There's Also Information On How Caramelizing Vegetables And Toasting Spices Can Give Dishes A Greater Depth Of Flavor-instead Of A Heavy, Time-consuming Stock-based Sauce-and Why The Perfect Finishing Touch To Most Meat Or Fish Dishes Can Be A Savory Hot Vinaigrette Instead. With Fantastic Four-color Photography Throughout And Tons Of Helpful "symon Says" Tips, "michael Symon's Live To Cook" Is Bound To Get Anyone Fired Up About Getting Into The Kitchen And Cooking Up Something Downright Delicious.

      SKU: 876448
      ISBN: 9780307453655
      Author: Symon, Michael / Ruhlman, Michael / Flay, Bobby

    Phantom Stallion: Wild Horse Island #10: Faraway Filly
      Phantom Stallion: Wild Horse Island #10: Faraway Filly.

      Darby Is A Lucky Girl. After Years Of Dreaming About Horses, She Is Finally Surrounded By Them On Her Grandfather's Ranch In Hawaii. To Top It Off, She Even Has A Horse Of Her Own-hoku, A Wild Mustang She Helped Rexcue. After A Few Months Together Their Bond Has Never Been Stronger. But When Hoku Must Be Set Loose Among Other Horses, Her Untamed Spirit Returns. As Darby Tries To Reestablish Their Relationship, Even Worse News Arrives: Hoku's Original Abusive Owner, Shan Stonerow, Wants Her Back. Without A Deed Of Ownership, Could Darby Lose The Horse She Loves?

      SKU: 207202
      ISBN: 9780061626449
      Author: Farley, Terri

    Stuntman!: My Car-crashing, Plane-jumping, Bone-breaking, Death-defying Hollywood Life
      Stuntman!: My Car-crashing, Plane-jumping, Bone-breaking, Death-defying Hollywood Life.

      The Incomparable, Indestructible Hal Needham Broke 56 Bones And His Back - Twice - As A Stuntman In Movies And Tv Shows Like "mission Impossible" And "the""french Connection." He Hung Upside Down From An Airplane In "spirit Of St. Louis" And Jumped Between Galloping Horses In "little Big Man." He Taught John Wayne How "really "to Throw A Punch. When His Stunt Career Working With The Likes Of Kirk Douglas And Steve Mcqueen Was Over, Needham's Adventures Continued. He Directed The Classics "smokey And The Bandit" And "cannonball Run," Starring His Oommate Burt Reynolds. He Owned The Skoal Bandit Nascar Team And The Budweiser Rocket Car, Which Broke The Sound Barrier. Needham Shares All The Outrageous Stories That Could Only Come From A Man Who Earned A Living Risking His Life.

      SKU: 981740
      ISBN: 9780316078993
      Author: Needham, Hal

    Saddlebags For Suitcases
      Saddlebags For Suitcases.

      The Year 1939 Was A Bleak And Gloomy Time In England. Fire And Darkness Loomed On The Horizon As War With Nazi Germany Drew Ever Closer. In Themidst Of This National Angst Young Mary Bosanquet Had A Revelation. She Would Toss Off College In London, Board A Steam-ship, Voyage To Vancouver, Canada, Then Buy And Ride A Horse Alone More Than 2,500 Miles To New York City. Simple Enough She Could Ride, Had A Grand Total Of Eighty English Pounds To Fund The One-woman Expedition, And Figured Horses Woul D Be Cheap Out In The Wild West Of Canada. Besides, She Reasoned, If The World Really Was Going To Self-destruct, She Wanted A Memorable Adventure, Such As Befell Heroic Voyagers, Before The Global Ship Sank. If It Was Adventure The Young English Adventuress Anted, She Got It Bosanquet Rode Through The Mighty Rockies, Was Wooed By Love-struck Cowboys, Chased By A Grizzly Bear, Feasted With Lonely Trappers, Was Adopted For The Winter By A Family Of Irish Farmers, And Even Suspected Of Being A Nazi Spy, Scouting Out Canada In Preparation For A German Invasion. And Through It All She Had Jonty And Timothy, Her Whimsical And Charming Horses. If The Three Inseparable Companions Sought To Put The News Of Europe S Descent Into The Madness Behind Them, Then Their Eighteen Month Journey Through The Silent Mountains, Dreamy Forests, And Mighty Plains Of Pristine Canada Provided The Sanctuary They Sought. Illustrated With Photographs Taken During Her Remarkable Trip, Bosanquet S Story Is As Heart-warming Today As The Day It Was Written.

      SKU: 7238662
      ISBN: 9781590480717
      Author: Bosanquet, Mary

    White Picket Fences
      White Picket Fences.

      When Her Black Sheep Brother Disappears, Amanda Janvier Eagerly Takes In Her Sixteen Year-old Niece Tally. The Girl Is Practically An Orphan: Motherless, And Living With A Father Who Raises Tally Wherever He Lands- In A Buick, A Pizza Joint, A Horse Farm-and Regularly Takes Off On Wild Schemes. Amanda Envisions That She, Her Husband Neil, And Their Two Teenagers Can Offer The Girl Stability And A Shot At A "normal" Life, Even Al~ Their Own Storybook Lives Are About To Crumble. Seventeen-year-old Chase Janvier Hasn't Seen His Cousin In Years, And Other Than A Vague Curiosity About Her Strange Life, He Doesn't Expect Her Arrival Will Affect Him Much-or Interfere With His Growing, Disturbing Interest In A Long-ago House Fire That Plagues His Dreams Unbeknownst To Anyone Else. Tally And Chase Bond As They Interview Two Holocaust Survivors For A Sociology Project, And Brcome Startlingly Aware That The Whole Family Is Grappling With Hidden Secrets, With The Echoes Of The Past, And With The Realization That Ignoring Tragic Situations Won't Make Them Go Away. Will Tally's Presence Blow Apart Their Carefully-constructed World, Knocking Down The Illusion Of The White Picket Fence And Reveal A Hidden Past That Could Destroy Them All-or Can She Help Them Find The Truth Without Losing Each Other?

      SKU: 6024383
      ISBN: 9781400074570
      Author: Mesisner, Susan

    Trailering Your Horse: A Visual Guide To Safe Training And Traveling
      Trailering Your Horse: A Visual Guide To Safe Training And Traveling.

      Clear, Step-by-step Photography Guides The Reader Through All The Necessary Procedures To Prepare For Safe, Low-stress Traveling. Readers Will Learn How To Select A Truck And Trailer; Train A Horse To Enter, Exit, And Travel In A Trailer; Pack The Right Gear And Emergency Equipment; Drive Safely While Pulling A Trailer; And Care For A Horse En Route.

      SKU: 7137623
      ISBN: 9781580171762
      Author: Hill, Cherry / Klimesh, Richard


      In This Bilingual Edition Of Animals That Live On The Farm, Beginning Readers Learn About The Behavior And Life Cycles Of Farm Animals. Each Book Describes A Different Type Of Animal And Explains Why And How It Is Raised. Colorful Photographs Illustrate Life On A Farm And Complement The Simple Text.

      SKU: 6534963
      ISBN: 9781433924743
      Author: Macken, Joann Early / Clidas, Jeanne

    What Your Animals Tell Me
      What Your Animals Tell Me.

      Why Did My Cat Stop Using The Litter Box? Why Does My Dog Chew Up The Rugs When I Leave The House? Will My Current Pet Accept A New Addition To The Family? How Will I Know When It's Time To Put My Sick Pet To Sleep? Do Animals Have Soul? Join Author And Pet Communicator Monica Diedrich On A Fascinating Journye Into The Hearts Of Clients Understand Their Pet's Needs,solve Problem Behaviors, And Forge Stronger Bonds With Animals Based On Love, Compassion And Respect. These Heartwarming Stories Will Entertain, Encourage, And Even Surprise You. Meet Ebony, The Poodle Who Receives Regular Visits From The Spirit World; Butch, The Proud Rottweiler Who Refuses To Be Called Joey; Tasha, The Regal Wolf-dog Who Explains Her Wild Side And The Limits Of Domestication; And Pion Tosca, The Injured Horse Who Longs To Jump Again. Put Yourself In Their Paws As You Learn Simple Techniques For Communicating With Animals. Understand Their Perspective On Pain, Illness, And Euthanasia, And Learn A Simple Energy Healing Technique That Can Bring Animals Comfort In Times Of Stress. This Remarkable Book Will Forever Change The Way You Remember About All Creatures Great And Small.

      SKU: 4324076
      ISBN: 9780971381209
      Author: Diedrich, Monica / Stubbs, Tony

    Feeding Horses And Ponies: Overcoming Common Feeding Problems
      Feeding Horses And Ponies: Overcoming Common Feeding Problems.

      When Horses Are Put In Barns, And Their Grazing Is Restricted, Their Natural Feeding Habits Are Disturbed. It Is Important To Understand What This Means To Your Horse, And How To Correctly Feed And Water Him, Making Sure That He Gets Enough Roughage, Vitamins, And Minerals. By Learning About The Equine Digestive System And Its Evolution, Types Of Feed, The Balanced Diet, Water And Wa Tering, The New "golden Rules" Of Feeding, And More, You'll Be Able To Lead Your Horse Down The Path Of Healthy Nutrition.

      SKU: 2613466
      ISBN: 9780715303092
      Author: Mcbane, Susan

    All Their Names Were Courage
      All Their Names Were Courage.

      Black Bess. Kangaroo. Burns. Traveller. All The Horses Of The Civil War. And Belle, The Burd Family's Mare. Sallie Brud Loves Horses. She Wants To Know Everything About Them. What She's Going To Find Out Is That All Their Names Are Courage.

      SKU: 229438
      ISBN: 9780066238098
      Author: Denslow, Sharon Phillips

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