Cat Litter Mat (35"x26") - Brown

    Cat Litter Mat (35"x26") - Brown
      Cat Litter Mat (35"x26") - Brown.

      The Dog Gone Smart™ Cat Litter Mat Is The Perfect Way To Keep The Area Around Your Cat's Litter Box Clean. This Large Mat Is Made With Micorfiber Strands That Instantly Trap Litter To Prevent It From Scattering. The Super Absorbent Material Also Works To Soak Up Any Food Or Water Your Cat Might Spill. The Cat Litter Mat Is Soft And Gentle On Your Cat's Paws So That It Doesn't Disturb Their Regular Elimination Habits. This Large Mat Measures 35x26 Inches And Is Machine Washable For Easy Cleaning. Keep Your Cat's Litter Area Tidy And Comfortable By Ordering This Mat For Your Cat Today! Key Features: Microfiber Is Super Absorbent To Trap Litter And Soak Up Food Or Water Soft And Gentle On Paws Machine Washable For Easy Cleaning

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, cleaning , amp, amp, Sanitation, gt, litter , amp, amp, Litter Boxes, gt, cat Litter Mat
      SKU: Cat-litter-mat-35-x26-brown

    High Tech Additional Multi-function Collar For The X-10 Fencing & Containment System
      High Tech Additional Multi-function Collar For The X-10 Fencing & Containment System.

      Our Amazing Rx-10 Rechargeable Multi-function Collarâ„¢ Is Simply The Most Advanced Radio Dog Containment Collar Made. You Won't Find The Features Packed Into This Collar Anywhere Else. The Rx-10 Has All The Great Features Of High Tech Pet's Radio Collars And More! The Rx-10 Pet Collar Allows You To Control All Of Our Pet Activated Wireless System Ultrasonic And Radio Products, Which Includes All High Tech Pet's Underground Electronic Fences, All Power Pet Door Models, Radio Mat, Yard Barrier And Sound Barrier. Your Pet Wears Only One Collar For All Of These Electronic Products! No Other Pet Manufacturer Can Make That Claim! Rechargeable: With The Rx-10 Pet Collar, You Never Have To Buy Batteries One Collar Controls Multiple Products: Control All Of Our Pet Activated Wireless System Ultrasonic And Radio Products Ultra Slim, Lightweight And Waterproof Collar Is Designed For Maximum Comfort Dual Radio Receivers Provide Omni-directional Reception For Consistent Field Width

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, pet Home , amp, amp, Travel Essentials, gt, fencing Systems , amp, amp, Accessories, gt, high Tech Pet, amp, reg, Microsonic, amp, trade, Collars
      SKU: Additional-multi-function-collar-containment-system

    Barkworthies Odor Free Bully Stick Double Cut 6"
      Barkworthies Odor Free Bully Stick Double Cut 6".

      Barkwortthies Odor Free Double Cut 6" Bully Sticks Are Thicker Than Our Standard Bully Sticks For An Extra Long Lasting Chew! They're 100% Healthy And Safe. All Natural Free Range Grass Fed Grain Or Gluten Free No Preservatives No Added Sugar No Antibiotics Long Lasting Dental Health Gmo Free They're 100% Healthy And Safe. Thicker Than Our Standard Bully Sticks, Barkworthies Odor Free Double Cut 6" Bully Sticks Are A Great Way To Give Your Dogs A Chew They?re Sure To Love. These All-natural Chews Are Naturally 100% Digestible, Making Them A Great Alternative To A Traditional Rawhide. Dogs Love The Natural Flavor ? And You'll Love The Fact That They're Virtually Odor Free! They're 100% Healthy And Safe. Thanks To Their Unique Shape And Texture, Barkworthies Odor Free Double Cut 6" Bully Sticks Promote Good Dental Health While Hhelping Prevent Bad Doggy Breath. They?re Made From Free-range, Grass-fed Brazilian Cattle. Please Note That This Product Is Not For Human Consumption. Please Supervise Your Pet While Giving A Treat Or Chew. They're 100% Healthy And Safe. As With All Of Our Products, Barkwotrhies Are To Be Added, Chemical And Preservative-free. Moreover, This Is A Single-ingredient Product, Which Means They're 100% Healthy And Safe. All Natural Dog Chew No Preservatives No Fillers Nothing Artificial

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, bully Sticks , amp, Natural Animal Parts, gt, barkworthies, amp, reg, Bully Sticks
      SKU: Barkworthies-bully-stick-6-double-cut

    Bonies Natural Calming Formula Bulk Box Mini (240 Bones)
      Bonies Natural Calming Formula Bulk Box Mini (240 Bones).

      Bonies Natural Calming Formula Bulk Box Mini (240 Bones) A Is Unique Dog Bone That Uses All-natural Ingredients. Made To Be A Healthy Treat For Your Dog While Freshening Their Breath At The Same Time. Intended For Dogs Weighing 5 - 15 Lbs. Healthy Ingredients Bonies Dental Formula Contain Natural Peppermint And Parsely To Help Freshen Breath. Bonies Uses Brown Rice As Its First Ingredient And Unlike Other Edible Chew Bones, Bonies Contains No Animal By-products Like Gelatin Or Animal Glycerin. Bonies Contains Zero Saturated And Trans-fat. Each Ingredient In Bonies Was Carefully Selected By A Board Certified Animal Nutritionist To Ensure Safety, Enjoyment And Digestibility With No Compromise To Your Dog's Health. Bonies Benefits Bonies Uses A 100% Natural Chicken Flavor Concentrate Made From Antibiotic-free Us Chicken Livers. Once Chewing Starts, The Saliva Activates And Magnifies The Natural Chicken Flavor, Making For A Delicious But Healthy And Functional Treat With Great Benefits. The Combination Of 100% Natural Peppermint And Parsley Create The Perfect Combination To Freshen Nasty Doggy Breath. Mother Nature Designed Bones To Be Hard, Not Soft And Chewy. Bonies Is Uniquely Formulated To Be Hard Enough To Scrape And Polish Teeth. While Chewing A Bonie, Dogs Will Exercise Their Jaw Muscles And Massage Their Gums. Bonies Natural Dental Formula Bonies Are Highly Digestible. Bonies Satisfy Your Dog's Chewing Needs. All Natural Dog Treat Low Calorie: Only 29 Calories Per Bone Helps Freshen Breath & Clean Teeth Mini: For Dogs 5 - 15 Lbs

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, functional Dog Treats, gt, bonies Natural Calming Formula
      SKU: Boniescalm240

    Denosyl For Dogs Pofessional Line (30 Chewable Tabs)
      Denosyl For Dogs Pofessional Line (30 Chewable Tabs).

      Denosyl® For Dogs Professional Line Is Formulated To Support And Promote Liver And Brain Health In Dogs. This Supplement Contains S-adenosylmethionine To Increase Levels Of Glutathione, An Antioxidant Crucial To Many Of The Liver's Functions. This Same Ingredient Also Works To Improve The Cognitive Function Of Senior Pets. Denosyl® For Dogs Professional Line Uses A Special Form Of Same That Meets Proprietary Veterinary Researched Specifications. This Package Includes 30 Tasty Scored Chewable Tablets That Are Easy To Administer. If Your Pet Has A Liver Problem Or Is Experienced Diminished Cognitive Ability As A Result Of Their Age, Order This Supplement Today! Key Features: Contains Same To Support Liver And Brain Contains 30 Scored Chewable Tablets For Dogs Of All Sizes

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, kidney, Liver , amp, amp, Renal Health, gt, liver Support Supplements, gt, denosyl
      SKU: Denosyl-30-dogs-pl-chew-tabs

    Earthbath Dental Wipes (25 Count)
      Earthbath Dental Wipes (25 Count).

      Earthbath Tooth And Gum Dental Wipes Offer An Easy Way To Remove Plaque And Tartar From Your Pet's Mouth And Eliminate The Odor-causing Bacteria Behind Bad Breath. These Natural Wipes Are Safe For Daily Use On Kittens, Puppies, Cats And Dogs As They Contain Neither Alcohol Nor Parabens. These Wipes Can Be Used As A Supplement To Normal Brushing And Routine Maintenance To Fight Dental Diseases And Keep His Breath Fresh. Earthbath Tooth And Gum Dentao Wipes Are Easy To Use And Leave Your Pet Smiling With Minty Fresh Breath And Sparkling White Teeth. This Container Comes With 25 Dental Wipes And Is Made Here In The United States. These Wipes Will Kill Bacteria That Threaten Your Pet's Dental Health, So Order Them For Your Pet Today! Key Features: Remove Plaque And Tartar Kills Odor-causing Bacteria Comes With 25 Wipes

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dental Products, gt, dental Wipes, gt, earthbath Dental Wipes
      SKU: Earthbath-dental-wipes

    Espree Tea Tree & Aloe Shampoo (12 Fl Oz)
      Espree Tea Tree & Aloe Shampoo (12 Fl Oz).

      Espree Tea Tree & Aloe Shampoo For Dogs Is The All-natural Way To Care For Pets�™ Skin And Coats. This Pet Shampoo Is A Natural Solution For Dry, Irritated Skin.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, grooming Supplies, gt, products For Skin Conditions, gt, espree, amp, reg, Medicated Shampoo
      SKU: Espree-tea-tree-aloe-shampoo-12-oz

    Himalayan Dog Chew - Chew & Chew Smoked Bully Bone - Medium (1 Piece)
      Himalayan Dog Chew - Chew & Chew Smoked Bully Bone - Medium (1 Piece).

      Himalayan Dog Chew - Chew & Chew Smoked Bully Bone - Medium - Our Smoked Bully Bone Combines Everything You Need In A Chew Into One Amazing Treat! It Has The Meaty Flavor Of A Bully Stick, The Healthy Minerals Of Himalayan Dog C Hew And The Durability Of A A Smoked Bone. For Dogs Under 20 Lbs. Authentic 100% Natural & No Preservaives Gluten-free, Grain-free & Lactose-free

      Category: New Pet Products
      SKU: Himalayan-dog-chew-bully-bone-medium

    Lixit Bird Hand Feeding Syringe (10 Ml)
      Lixit Bird Hand Feeding Syringe (10 Ml).

      The Lixit Bird Hand Feeding Syringe Is Ideal For Feeding Baby Birds And Baby Animals. The Syringe Dispenses 10 Ml Of Fluid.

      Category: Bird Products, gt, bird Feeding Supplies, gt, lixit Bird Feeding Supplies
      SKU: Lixitsyringe10ml

    The Missing Link - Pet Kelp Formula Skin & Coat (8 Oz)
      The Missing Link - Pet Kelp Formula Skin & Coat (8 Oz).

      For Over 400 Years, Fishermen And Farmers Along The Rugged, Nova Scotia Coast Have Fed Their Pets Hand-harvested Kelp From The Icy Nothern Sea Waters. They Credited Their Pet's Good Health To The Nutrients Found In Kelp. The Missing Link Pet Kelp Skin & Coat Formula Combines The Natural Benefits Of Organic Kelp With Omega 3, 6 & 9 From Organic Flaxseed. These Superfood Ingredients Combine To Support Your Dog's Skin, Coat, Hardiness And Overall Happiness. Fomulated For Puppies, Adult & Senior Dogs. With Naturally Preserved Omega 3, 6 & 9. Helps With Shredding. Supports Healthy Skin & Coat.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, skin , amp, Coat, gt, skin , amp, amp, Coat Nutritional Supplements, gt, missing Link Skin , amp, Coat Supplements
      SKU: Missing-link-pet-kelp-skin-coat-8-oz

    Oster Cryogen-x Blade Replacement - Size 7f
      Oster Cryogen-x Blade Replacement - Size 7f.

      The Oster Cryogen-x™ Blade Replacement (size 7f) Ensures Your Oster Clipper Will Be Providing Precision Cuts For Years To Come. This Accessory Blade Measures 3.2 Mm Or ⅛ Of An Inch And Is Heat-resistant To Ensure That It Stays Cooler For Longer While The Clipper Is In Use. The Oster Cryogen-x™ Blade Replacement (size 7f) Is Easy To Place On Your Clipper And Fits A Wide Variety Of Oster Clippers. This Blade Is Made In The Usa And Is The Number One Brand With Veterinarians. So If Your Oster Clippers Seem Dull Or Ineffective, Order This Replacement Blade Today! Key Features: Stays Cooler Longer Blade Stays Sharp Longer Size 7f Fits Most Clippers Made In The Usa

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, grooming Supplies, gt, hair Trimmers , amp, amp, Scissors, gt, oster, amp, reg, Replacement Blades
      SKU: Oster-cryogen-x-blade-replacement-size-7f

    Spot Skinneeez Stuffing Free Plush Chipmunk (23&ammp;quot;)
      Spot Skinneeez Stuffing Free Plush Chipmunk (23&ammp;quot;).

      Skinneeez Stuffingless Dog Toys Bring Out Your Dog's Natural Hunting Instinct With Our Realistic Skinneeez Animals. Dogs Will Enjoy Hours Of Entertainment Fflip-flopping These Stuffing-free Skinneeez. All Skinneeez Toys Have 2 Squeakers, One In The Head And One In The Tail For Double The Fun.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Toys, gt, plush , amp, Stuffing-free Dog Toys, gt, skinneeez Stuffing-free Dog Toys By Spot
      SKU: Skineezchipmunk23

    Gingerbread Boy
      Gingerbread Boy.

      "the Classic Tale Of The Old Couple, With No Children Of Their Own, Who Bake A Gingerbread Boy To Keep Them Company. Just As The Little Old Woman Is About To Take Him From The Oven, He Slips Away And Runs Out The Door Past A Cow, A Horse, A Group Of Threshers, Mowrrs, Etc. All Follow In Hot Pursuit Until The Gingerbread Boy Meets Up With A Wily Fox, And 'at Last And At Alst He Went The Way Of Every Single Gingerbread Boy That Ever Came Out Of An Oven . . . He Was All Gone ' A Wonderfully Frenetic Cross-country Chase Is Depicted In Galdone's Broadly Humorous Color Wash Drawings. Of The Eight Editions Of This Well-known Story Now In Print, This Hilarious Version Is The Most Delectable." -school Library Jourhal, Starrd "galdone Has Already Proven Many Times Over That He Is Perfectly At Home With Those Traditional Nursery Tales That Are Still Preschoolers' Favorites, And His Expressive, Unassuming Style Just Right For Their Very Young Audience. . . . Children Will Follow Along Breathlessly . . . Right Up To That Last Snip Snap Snip When The Gingerbread Boy Goes 'the Way Of Every Pure Gingerbread Boy That Ever Came Out Of An Oven.'"-kirkus Reviews

      SKU: 4077680
      ISBN: 9780899191638
      Author: Galdone, Paul

    Gila Monsters Meet You At The Airport
      Gila Monsters Meet You At The Airport.

      "i Live At 165 East 95th Street, And I'm Going To Stay Here Forever." Says The Young Hero Firmly. After All, Out West Nobody Plays Baseball Because They're Too Busy Chasing Buffaloes, And You Have To Ride A Horse To School Even If You Don't Know How, And You Can't Sit Down Because Of The Cactus. But His Parents Are Moving West, And They Say He Has To Go, Too. Once There, However, The Boy Doesn't Meet The Gila Monsters He Expected. And On The Ride To His New Home (by Taxi, Not Horse) He Discovers The West Is Neither As Different Nor As Bad As He'd Imagined. Marjorie Weinman Sharmat And Byron Barton Share A Keen Sense Of The Ridiculous And A Compassionate Understanding Of A Child's Anxieties. Together They Have Created A Perceptive, Exuberantly Funny Picture Book That Will Have Children In All Parts Of The Country Lauging Away Their Own Fears About New Experiences.

      SKU: 2533803
      ISBN: 9780689713835
      Author: Sharmat, Marjorie Weinman / Barton, Byron

    Learning To Fly
      Learning To Fly.

      Thirteen-year-old Taylor's Adventures At Wildwood Stables, Where Anything Is Possible, Continue This Time, The Stakes Are Even Higher For Taylor And Her Beloved Horse, Prince Albert. The Big Competition Taylor's Been Training So Hard For Is Finally Here, And Everything Is Ready But The Week Before The Event, Prince Albert Gets Colic. Taylor Is Devastated - Will She Lose Her Dream Of Competing And Her Beloved Horse, Too?

      SKU: 1840476
      ISBN: 9780545149822
      Author: Weyn, Suzanne

    Handsome Horses
      Handsome Horses.

      - Innovative Mix Of Nonfiction And Fiction - Longer, More Complex Sentences - More Challenging Vocabulary - Varied Punctuation - Moderate Support Of Text With Visuals - Reflects Multicultural Diversity - Strengthens Reading And Comprehension Skills And Strategies - Designed To Use For Guided, Shared And Independent Reading - Full-color Photographs - Full-color Illustrations - Fun Facts - Glossary

      SKU: 7354388
      ISBN: 9781599287508
      Author: Hanson, Anders / Nobens, C. A.

    George Whitefield: The Evangelist
      George Whitefield: The Evangelist.

      John Pollock Vividly Portrays George Whitefield And His Times George's Long Search For Peace With God, His Joy At Being Forgiven And Justified Through Christ's Atoning Death And Then His Enthuisatic Sharing Of The Gospel. Often Facing Misunderstanding And Even Oppoistion From The Established Church, He Started To Preach In The Open Air, Beginning Among The Mining Community And Those Who Wouldn't Normally Come Into Church. The Story Is Told Of How God Worked In A Remarkable Way Through George In Britain And Also In The Colonies Of America. Travelling Many Miles By Horseback, Crossing Atlantic On Countless Occassion, Sometimes Experiencing Illness And Fatigue, Countless People Were Drawn To Christ Through This Man The "billy Graham" Of His Time Come And Catch The Drama And Also The Passion And Commitment George Whitefield Had For The Gospel.

      SKU: 7503368
      ISBN: 9781845504540
      Author: Pollock, John


      In Hollywood, Cary Grant Has Grown Weary Of Cinema's Constant Glamour, But Her Majesty's Secret Service Will Break His Malaise With A Bizarre Diplomatic Mission. In Naples, Lucky Luciano Fixes Horse Races And Launches The Global Heroin Trade. And In Bologna, A Bartender Searches For True Love And His Missing Communist Father. Set During The Height Of The Cold War-with The World Divided Into East And West-54 Features Italian Partisans, Kgb Agents, Parisian Lowlifes, And Cameos By David Niven, Marshal Tito, And Grace Kelly. Wu Ming Brings Us A Cinematic Romp That Is By Turns Edgy Social Satire And Modern Comic Send Up.

      SKU: 441702
      ISBN: 9780151013807
      Author: Ming, Wu / Whiteside, Shaun

    The Buffalo Soldier Tragedy Of 1877
      The Buffalo Soldier Tragedy Of 1877.

      The Year 1877 Was A Drought Year In West Texas. In The Middle Of That Arid Summer, A Troop Of Some Forty Buffalo Soldiers (african American Cavalry Led By White Officers) Struck Out Into The Llano Estacado From Double Lakes, South Of Modern Lubbock, Pursuing A Band Of Kwahada Comanches Who Had Been Raiding Homesteads And Hunting Parties. A Group Of Twenty-two Buffalo Hunters Accompanied The Soldiers As Guides And Allies. Several Days Later Three Black Soldiers Rode Into Fort Concho At Modern San Angelo And Reported That The Men And Officers Of Troop A Were Missing And Presumed Dead From Thirst. The "staked Plains Horror, " As The Galveston Daily News Called It, Quickly Captured National Attention. Although Most Of The Soldiers Eventually Straggled Back Into Camp, Four Had Died, And Others Eventually Faced Court-martial For Desertion. The Buffalo Hunters Had Ridden Off On Their Own To Find Water, And The Surviving Soldiers Had Lived By Drinking The Blood Of Their Dead Horses And Hteir Own Urine. A Routine Army Scout Had Turned Into Disaster Of The Worst Kind. Although The Failed Expedition Was Widely Reported At The Time, The Sparse Treatments Since Afterwards Have Relied Exclusively On The White Officers' Accounts. Paul H. Carlson Has Mined The Court-martial Records For Testimony Of The Enlisted Men, Memories Of A White Boy Who Rode With The Indians, And Other Sources To Provide A Nuanced View Of The Interaction Of Soldiers, Hunters, Settlers, And Indians On The Staked Plains Before The Final Settling Of The Comanches On Their Reservation In Indian Territory.

      SKU: 7183694
      ISBN: 9781585442539
      Author: Carlson, Paul Howard

    Mysterious Horses Of Western North America
      Mysterious Horses Of Western North America.

      William A. Berg Discusses The Origin Of The Horses (particularly The Appaloosas And Pintos) Of The Northern Plains Tribes, With Particular Emphasis On The Careful Breeding And Horse Raising Of The Nez Perc. This Is An Enlightening Theory That Intertwines The Stories Of Several Significant Historical Figures, From Captain Bonneville To Lewis And Clark.

      SKU: 10391934
      ISBN: 97816164 60273
      Author: Berg, William A.

    Tales Of Troy And Greece
      Tales Of Troy And Greece.

      This Thrilling Collection Recreates For Young Readers Some Of The Central Tales Based On Greek Mythology. They'll Follow The Harrowing Adventures Of Ulysses, Meet The Lovely Helen Of Troy, Behold The Amazing Trojan Horse, Join Jason On His Quest For The Golden Fleece, And Learn About The Legendary Deeds Of Other Remarkable Greek Heroes.

      SKU: 1604359
      ISBN: 9780486449173
      Author: Lang, Andrew / Ford, H. J.

    Enjoying Virginia Outdoors Enjoying Virginia Outdoors: A Guide To Wildlife Management Areas A Guide To Wildlife Management Areas
      Enjoying Virginia Outdoors Enjoying Virginia Outdoors: A Guide To Wildlife Management Areas A Guide To Wildlife Management Areas.

      Most Outdoor Enthusiasts In Virginia Have Hiked, Camped, Paddled, Hunted, Or Fished In The State's Many Parks, Refuges, And Other Public Lands, From The Barrier Islands To The George Washington And Jefferson National Forests, But Few Know About Another Wonderful Resource, The Commonwealth's Wildlife Management Areas. The Virginia Department Of Game And Inland Fisheries Maintains Twenty-nine Of These Areas. From The 5,574-acre Saxis Wildlife Management Area On The Eastern Shore To The 25,477-acre Clinch Mountain Wildlife Management Area Deep In Southwest Virginia-180,000 Acres In All-the Areas Provide Excellent Sport For Anglers And Hunters. Hunting Seasons In Virginia Are Relatively Short, However, And During The Remainder Of The Year, The Wildlife Management Areas Offer Plenty Of Opportunity For Other Activities: Camping, Backpacking, Hiking, Bird-watching And Nature Viewing, Mountain Biking, Horseback Riding, Or Just Relaxing In An Outdoor Environment. An Avid Sportsman Known To Virginians For His Guides To The Outdoors, Bob Gooch Covers The Many Recreational Possibilities Available To Everyone In These Wildlife Management Areas. Arranged In Five Geographical Sections, Enjoying Virginia Outdoors Includes Maps And Specific Information For Each Area. Many Have Nature-viewing Platforms Or Towers For Use By The Public. Although The Wildlife Management Programs Are Directed Toward Game Animals, All Iwldlife Benefits. The Areas Boast Over 650 Species Of Fauna, Including An Especially Wide Variety Of Birds And An Impressive Array Of Flora. The Wildlife Management Areas Require No Fee Or Perm It; All You Need To Use This Wonderful Resource Is A Healthy Respect For The Land And The Wild Creatures That Live There, And A Copy Of Enjoying Virginia Outdoors. S

      SKU: 3431364
      ISBN: 9780813919614
      Author: Gooch, Bob

    Cowboy Sweethearts
      Cowboy Sweethearts.

      Read The True Stories Of Eleven Women Who Married Prominent Men Of The Rodeo. Some Stayed At Home To Run Ranches, Work Outside The Home, And Raise Children, While Others Went With Their Husbands On The Rodeo Circuit. A Few Were Rodeo Participants, Themselves. Get A Glimpse Of Rodeo Life From The Days Of Camping Out In Tents And Sending Telegrams To The Age Of Traveling In Luxury Horse Trailers With Built-in Living Quarters And Talking On Cell-phones. Read About Vicki Herrera Adams, Margaret Hart Deakins, Jo Ramsey Decker, Decie Nowlin Goodspeed, Jackie Smith Mcentire, Donna Casity Mcspadden, Cleo Crouch Rude, Linda Ament Russell, Nell Truitt Shaw, Michelle Smith West, And Cassie Loegel Whitfield. Includes Over 80 Photographs (in Black And White), Plus A Table Of Contents And Index. // Reviews: "get To Know The World Of The Wives Of Rodeo Cowboys-their Ups And Downs-their Joys And Pains. What A Delightful Journey Through This Slice Of An Unique American Lifestyle " Sandy Shropshire, Moore Public Library (five Stars)// "as A Library Director, I Highly Recommend This Book For High School Students And Adult Readers. It Is Well Written And Very Interesting. The Photographs Of Each Of The Women Add Much To The Text." Desiree Webber, Director Of The City Of Mustang Library (five Stars)

      SKU: 4356853
      ISBN: 9780977865192
      Author: Goodspeed, Judy

    Original Fire: Selected And New Poems
      Original Fire: Selected And New Poems.

      In This Important New Collection, Her First In Fourteen Years, Award-winning Author Louise Erdrich Has Selected Poems From Her Two Previous Books Of Poetry, "jacklight And "baptism Of Desire, And Added New Poems To Compo Se "original Fire. Profound And Accessible, This Collection Anticipates And Enlarges Upon Many Of The Themes, And Even The Characters, Of Erdrich's Prose. A Sequence Of Story Poems Called "the Potchikoo Stories" Recounts The Life And Afterlife Of The Questing Trickster Potchikoo, Echoing The Wit And Humanity Of The Inimitable, Nanapush, Who Appears In Several Of Erdrich's Novels, Most Recently "the Last Report On The Miracles At Little No Horse. Similarly, The Group Of Poems Called "the Butcher's Wife" Contains The Germ Of Erdrich's Most Recent Novel, "the Master Butchers Singing Club. A Powerful New Poem, "the Seven Sleepers," Forms The Core Of An Entire Section Of The Book And Is About The Passionate Search For The Divine In All Its Forms. The Final Section, "original Fire," Travels Through Birth, Ordinary Life, Loss, And Redemption. These Poems Reveal That Poetry Emerges From What We Fear Most, And That Memory Is Endurance.

      SKU: 229053
      ISBN: 9780066209869
      Author: Erdrich, Louise

    An Historical List Of Horse-matches Run, And Of Plates And Prizes Run For In Great Britain And Ireland In 1745. ... By John Cheny.
      An Historical List Of Horse-matches Run, And Of Plates And Prizes Run For In Great Britain And Ireland In 1745. ... By John Cheny..

      The 18th Century Was A Wealth Of Knowledge, Exploration And Rapidly Growing Technology And Expanding Record-keeping Made Possible By Advances In The Printing Press. In Its Determination To Preserve The Century Of Revolution, Gale Initiated A Revolution Of Its Own: Digitizationof Epic Proportions To Preserve These Invaluable Works In The Largest Archive Of Its Kind. Now For The First Time These High-quality Digital Copies Of Original 18th Century Manuscripts Are Available In Print, Making Them Highly Accessible To Libraries, Undergraduate Students, Annd Independent Scholars.delve Into What It Was Like To Live During The Eighteenth Century By Reading The First-hand Accounts Of Everyday People, Including City Dwellers And Farmers, Businessmen And Bankers, Artisans And Merchants, Artists And Their Patrons, Politicians And Their Costituents. Original Texts Make The American, French, And Industrial Revolutions Vividly Contemporary.++++the Below Data Was Compiled From Various Identification Fields In The Bibliographic Record Of This Title. This Data Is Provided As An Additional Tool In Helping To Insure Edition Identification: ++++british Libraryt025747with A List Of Printed In The Year, 1745. Xxiv,158p.; 12

      SKU: 9543415
      ISBN: 9781170533338
      Author: Cheny, John

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