Dark Horse (pb)

    Dark Horse (pb)
      Dark Horse (pb).

      Wendell Willkie Never Held A Public Office, Yet He Nearly Became President Of The United States. A Registered Democrat Until The Fall Of 1939, He Captured The Republican Party's Nomination Less Than A Year Later. It Was, By All Accounts, A Meteoric Rise-to Win The Nomination Willkie Defeated Such Party Stalwarts As Thomas Dewey, Robert Taft, And Arthur Vandenberg. These Republican Front-runners Had Been Insisting That The War In Europe Wasn't A National Concern Since Two Oceans Protected The U.s. From The Aggressors, While For Months Willkie Had Warned Of The Danger Of A Europe Controlled By Fascists. Shortly Before The Gop Convened In Philadelphia, Hitler's Armies Swallowed Denmark, Norway, The Low Countries, And France. In A Time For Heroes, Willkie Was A Man Of The Hour.almost Overnight Willkie Moved The Republican Party Out Of Its Hidebound Isolationism And Sent A Message To The World That Amerians Stood Together Against Axis Aggression. Roosevelt, Although Recognizing Willkie As A Formidable Political Opponent, Called His Nomination A "godsend" Because It Finally Brought National Unity.roosevelt's Election To A Third Term-and Willkie's Defeat-turned Out To Be The Closest Presidential Race In A Generation, And Willkie Received More Votes Than Any Previous Republican Candidate, Setting A Record That Stood Until Eisenhower's '52 Landslide. And Despite His Defeat, Willkie Grew In Stature Becoming Roosevelt's Special Envoy During World War Ii, First To London During The Blitz And Later To The Middle East, To Russia, And To China. On The Home Front Willkie Became The Spokesman Of The One World Philosophy That Influenced U.s. Foreign Policy For A Generation And The Conscience Of American Politics, Speaking Out Against Isolationism, Imperialism, And The Persecution Of Minorities.

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      ISBN: 9780700604531
      Author: Neal, Steve

    Dechra Trizchlor 4 Shampoo (8 Oz)
      Dechra Trizchlor 4 Shampoo (8 Oz).

      Dechra Trizchlor 4 Shampoo Offers A Way To Clean Your Cat, Dig, Or Horse While Simultaneously Promoting Healthy Skin. Thid Formulation Includes Chlorhexidine Gluconate, An Antiseptic Agent That Helps Combat Bacterial Infections That Can Affect Your Pet's Skin. It Also Includes Trizedta, Which Possesses Both Antimicrobial And Antibiotic Properties. Dechra Trizchlor 4 Shampoo Also Functions As Typical Shampoo By Cleaning Your Pet's Skin And Coat In An Effective Manner. This Bottle Comes With 8 Fluid Ounces Of The Antiseptic Formulation- But It Is Also Available In A One-gallon Container . You'll Love How Effectively This Product Works- So Order Today! Key Features: Includes Chlorhexidine, Antiseptic Agent Formulated For Cats, Dogs And Horses Available In 8 Oz And One Gallon Sizes

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    Arm & Hammer Dental Toothbrush Set For Dogs - Beef Flavor
      Arm & Hammer Dental Toothbrush Set For Dogs - Beef Flavor.

      Arm & Hammer Dental Toothbrush Set For Dogs Includes A Dual Headed Toothbrush, A Finger Brush, And Advanced Care Toothpaste. The Toothpaste Was Created With Unique Enzyme Technology Enhanced With Baking Soda To Fight Tartar Buildup And Give Your Pup A Deep Clean. A Dual Headed Toothbrush Allows You To Adjust To Your Dog's Mouth And Clean Even The Hard To Reach Areas. Maintain Your Pet's Dental Health With This Effective Combination That Leaves Breath Smelling Minty Fresh. A Palatable Flavor Makes Brushing Teeth Enjoyable Each Time! Enzymes Help Fight Bad Breath Keeps Working For Hours Beef Flavor Dogs Love Baking Soda Enhanced Formula Fresh Mint Scent

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    Omegease - Omega Rich Fish Oil For Dogs & Cats (16 Fl Oz)
      Omegease - Omega Rich Fish Oil For Dogs & Cats (16 Fl Oz).

      Omegease - Omega Rich Fish Oil For Dogs & Cats - Treat Your Pet To All Of The Benefits Of Omega 3, 6 & 9 Fatty Acids. Give Them The Best Fish Oil, Made From The Finest Wild Caught Non-predatory Fish And Produced To The Highest Possible Quality Standards. Best Omega 3 Fish Oil For Healthy Skin, Soft, Silky Coat, Less Shedding And Thicker Fur Better Than Wild & Farmed Salmon Oil: Richer Source Of Epa & Dha. Reduces Inflammation, Eases Joint Pain 100% Pure And Natural . Wild Caught, Human Grade. No Additives Or Preservatives. Boosts Immunity Simple-to-use Liquid Free Of Fishy Odors: Mixes Easily With Your Pet's Food. Dogs And Cats Love It. Why Is Omegease The Best Omega 3, 6 & 9 Fish Oil For Dogs And Cats? 1. Veterinarians Recommend Omegease Every Pure, Omega Rich Drop Is Proven To Support A Healthy Coat And Skin, Lubricate Their Joints And Assist With The Functioning Of Their Heart, Immune System And Brain 2. Omegease Gives Your Pet A Dose That Works. While Science Proves That Omega 3 Fatty Acids And Fish Oils Are Highly Beneficial For Pets, Not All Fish Oils Are The Same. Many Use Farmed Slamon From Norway And Iceland With Levels Of Epa And Dha Well Below The Recommended Dose . 3. Made From The Best Source Of Omega 3 Wild Salmon Oil And Other Fish Oils Made From Predatory Fish Are Often Tainted With Mercury And Other Contaminants That Accumulate In The Bodies Of Big Fish. Omegease Is Produced From Wild Sardines, Anchovies, Herring And Mackrel, Making It Free Of Those Toxic Haevy Metals And A Richer Source Of Epa And Dha. 4. All Natural Unlike Other Brands, We Never Mix In Adidtives, Preservatives Or Fillers To Make Our Product Cheaper. With Omegease, You Get 100% Pure Fish Oil In Every Single Drop. 5. Easy To Use Our Liquid Oil Mixes Easily With Food To Take The Hassles Out Of Supplementation. 6. Pets Love It Omegease Tastes Great To Cats And Dogs And Is Free Of Strong Fishy Odors 7. Risk Free If You Don't Begin To See Desired Results Within 30 Days, We'll Refund Your Money, No Questions Asked.

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    Proden Plaqueoff For Dogs And Cats (420 G)
      Proden Plaqueoff For Dogs And Cats (420 G).

      Proden Plaqueoff For Dogs And Cats (180 G) Has Been Clinically Proven To Reduce And Help Prevent Plaque And Tartar. It Is Estimated 85% Of Dogs And 70% Of Cats Over 3 Years Show Signs Of Gum Disease, The Major Cause Of Tooth Loss. Gum Disease Is Caused By The Accumulation Of Plaque Bacteria And Is Converted To Calculus By The Minerals Naturally Occurring In Saliva. If Gum Disease Is Left Untreated, It Can Lead To Bad Breath, Pain, Tooth Loss And Other Health Problems. By Using Proden Plaqueoff, Owners Of Dogs And Cats Can Take A Simple And Effective Step Towards The Animal's Oral Health. You Probably Do Not Have The Flash Player Installed For Your Browser Or The Video Files Are Misplaced On The Server!

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    Redbarn Ham Bone - Small
      Redbarn Ham Bone - Small.

      Redbarn Natural Bones Are Slow Roasted Their Own Juices To Bring Out The Delicious, Natural Flavor. Bones Are A Great Way To Satisfy A Dogs Natural Instinct To Chew. They Are A Great Way For Dogs To Expend Energy And Pass Time-gnawing, Licking And Chewing For Hours. No Added Flavors, Colors, Preservatives Or Chemicals So You Can Rest Assured Your Pup Is Getting A Safe, Natural And Delicious Treat. Natural Dog Treat No Added Flavors Or Colors No Added Preservatives Or Chemicals Helps Promotes Dental Health Made In Usa And Canada Cautions: Always Monitor Your Pet When Feeding Natural Bone Products. Remove Bone Immediately When Splintering Occurs. Some Dogs Have Difficulty Digesting Natural Bone If Shallowed In Large Pieces. Recommneded Size Is Slightly Larger Than Pets Mouth. Feed As A Treat.

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    Trudog Free Me Joint Support Supplement For Dogs (60 Grams)
      Trudog Free Me Joint Support Supplement For Dogs (60 Grams).

      Trudog Free Me Joint Support Supplement For Dogs Provides A Unique Blend Of Ingredients To Reduce Inflammation And Improve Mobility. Joint Disorders Such As Arthritis And Hip Dysplasia Can Severely Burden A Pet And Even Cause Additional Health Problems. Reduce The Toll These Conditions Take With This Palatable Powder For Pets. Trudog Free Me Join Tsupport Supplement For Dogs Includes Hyaluronic Acid, Ascorbic Acid, And Other Nutrients That Work To Reduce Inflammation An Ddiscomfort. This Container Includes 60 Grams Of The Powder That Was Made Here In The Usa To Ensure Its Quality. Promote Healthy Joints In Your Pooch With A Formula That Is Scientifically Tested And Proven To Be Safe And Effective- Order Trudog Free Me Today! Key Features: Reduces Inflammation And Discomfort And Increases Joint Cushioning And Range Of Motions Scientifically Tested And Proven To Be Safe And Effective Made In The Usa

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    Purina Wellsolve W/g (25 Lbs)
      Purina Wellsolve W/g (25 Lbs).

      Purina Wellsolve W/c Horse Feed Offers Sound Strategies For Eliminating Unnecessary Faat And Calories From The Diet While Supporting Health And Contentment. If Eliminating Obesity Were Merely A Matter Of Cutting Calories, You Could Simply Cut A Horse?s Rations In Half And Expect Great Results. But That?s Not The Case. On The Contrary, As Any Horse Owner Can Tell You, Watching A Horse Go Hungry Is Heartbreaking. In Addition, Starving A Horse Can Set Off A Chain Of Events That Harm More Than Help, I.e., Loss Of Muscle Mass, Nutrient Deficiencies, Etc. Less Than 1,000 Calories Per Pound No Added Fat Vitamins And Minerals Proportioned For The Weight-prone Horse Feed Guard Nutrition System

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    Wild Calling Country Best Canned Dog Food - Pork (13 Oz)
      Wild Calling Country Best Canned Dog Food - Pork (13 Oz).

      Wild Calling™ Canned Dog Food Is A High-quality Wet Dog Food That Contains The Nutrients Your Dog Needs In Each Flavorful Formula. Each Wild Calling Formula Is 96% Meat, Poultry Or Fish And Is Completely Free Of Grain, Gluten, And Artificial Ingredients And Preservatives. These Delectable Diets Are Also Fortified With Vitamins And Minerals To Ensure That They Meet Aafco Dog Food Nutrient Profiles. Wild Calling Canned Dog Food Is Made Here In The United States And Is Available In Several Recipes That Offer A Wide Variety For Your Dog. This Can Contains 13 Ounces Of The Western Plains Recipe, Which Contains Hearty Beef As Its Primry Ingredient. Your Pooch Will Love This Mouth-watering Wet Food, So Order A Couple Of Cans For Your Canine Today! Key Features: 96% Meat, Poultry, Or Fish Free Of Grain, Gluten, And Artificial Ingredients And Preservatives Made In The Usa

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    The $60,000 Dog: My Life With Animals
      The $60,000 Dog: My Life With Animals.

      From The Time She Is Nine Years Old And Discovers A "private Way" Full Of The Wonderful And Creepy Creatures Of The Wild-spiders, Deer, Moles, Chipmunks, And Foxes-lauren Slater Discovers In Animals A Refuge From The Troubled Life Of Her Suburban Home. As She Matures, Her Bond With Animals-raccoons, Horses, Swans, Cats And, Aboveall, Dogs-strengthens And Grows More Complex And Compelling. They Offer Relief From The Pain Of Her Mother's Mental Illness, From A Foster Family Where She Feels Not At All At Home, From Her Own Periodic Bouts With Depression. As A Psychologist, A Reporter, An Amateur Naturalist And Above All An Enormously Gifted Writer, She Draws Us Into The Stories Of Her Love For The Animals That Are So Much More Than Pets. When An Excerpt Of One Of The Chapters Of This Book Appeared In "o" Magazine, They Received More Mail-both Laudatory And Angry-than They'd Ever Had; In Fact, They Reprinted It In A 20th Anniversary "best Of" Issue As Their Most Controversial Piece. In That Excerpt, Lauren Described Her Intense Love For The Animals In Her Life Without Apology, And Argued That There Was No Reason To Believe That The Lives Of Animals Had Less Value Than The Lives Of Humans. Throughout The Chapters In This Book, She Examines That Conviction Through Stories, Finding, At One Point: "i Don't Know Where The Beast In Me Begins And The Human Ends, Or What Sort Of Centaur I Am."

      SKU: 19838957
      ISBN: 9780807001875
      Author: Slater, Lauren

    Bold Beauty
      Bold Beauty.

      Twelve-year-old Winnie Willis Has A Way With Horses. She Can Gentle The Wildest Mare, But Other Parts Of Life Don't Always Come As Easily. Along With Her Dad And Sister, Lizzy, Winnie Is Learning How To Live Without Her Mom-who Was Also A Natural Horse Gentler. As Winnie Teaches Horses About Unconditional Love And Blind Trust, God Shows Winnie That He Can Be Trusted As Well. Readers Will Be Hooked On The Succession' Vivid Characters, Whose Quirky Personalities Fill Winnie's Life With Friendship And Adventure.$lt;p>$lt;b>#3 Bold Beauty-$lt;/b>winnie's Confidence Begins To Crumble As She Faces The Toughest Challenge Of Her Horse-gentling Career And Her First Failure. Winni E Slips Into A Web Of Deceit And Distress Until She Discovers The True Source Of Genuine Confidence.

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      ISBN: 9780842355445
      Author: Mackall, Dandi Daley

    Christ Alone: An Evangelical Response To Rob Bell's Love Wins
      Christ Alone: An Evangelical Response To Rob Bell's Love Wins.

      In This Highly Readabl Eand Wonderfully Engaging Response To Rob Bell's "new York Times" Best Seller "love Wins," Michael Wittmer Examines Bell's Claims About "heaven, Hell, And The Fate Of Every Person Who Ever Lived" In The Light Of The Bible And Historic Christian Doctrine. Wittmer Writes In The Introduction, "i Respect Rob Bell. He Wrote "love Wins" To Start A Dialogue About The Most Important Issues Of Our Faith, And This Work Is My Attempt As An Evangelical To Join That Conversation." The Authors Michael E. Wittmer, Ph.d., Teaches Systematic And Historical Theology At Grand Rapids Theological Seminary. His Previous Books Include "heaven Is A Place On Earth: Why Everything You Do Matters To God," And "don't Stop Believing: Why Living Like Jesus Is Not Enough." He Resides In Grand Rapids, Michigan, With His Wife And Children And Speaks Widely. Michael S. Horton, Ph.d., Is The J. Gresham Machen Professor Of Systematic Theology And Apologetics, Westminster Seminary California; President Of The White Horse Inn; And Editor-in-chief Of "modern Reformation" Magazine. From The Preface By Michael S. Horton " Rob Bell] Gave Us A Wake-up Call And Michael Wittmer Has Answered It.... Offering More Light Than Heat, "christ Alone" Appreciates The Attractiveness Of Bell's Questions And Conclusions.... Avoiding Caricature And Personal Attack, He Carefully Evaluates Bell's Interpretations Of Scripture. It's Not A Careless Diatribe Against A Book, But Filled With Pastoral Wisdom For Perennial Questions." Endorsements "with Clarity And A Gracious Spirit, Wittmer Provides A Resource That I Can Hand My Parishioners Who Are Seeking Answers To The Questions Raised In Rob Bell's "love Wins."" - Pastor David Beelen, Madison Square Church, Grand Rapids, Mi ""christ Alone" Is A Gracious, Respectful Bib Lical And Theological Engagement With "love Wins." Wittmer's Astute Questions Help Readers Discern The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Rob Bell's Positions. - Professor Darwin Glassford, Calvin Theological Seminary ""christ Alone" Provides A Clear Assessment Of Rob Bell's "love Wins." With Skill And Wit, Wittmer Shows That In The End, God Loves And Wins Only If He Is Truly And Completely Who He Has Revealed Himself To Be In Both Living And Written Word." - Pastor Jeffrey D. Halsted, Calvary Baptist Church, Grand Rapids, Mi "readers Will Appreciate The Combination Of Respect, Insight, And Conviction. Wittmer Helps Us To See That The Bible's Message Isn Ot Embarrassing, But A Compelling Story That Fits The Reality Of God's Holiness And The Darkness Of The Human Heart." - Pastor Nate Archer, Peace Church, Middleville, Mi ""christ Alon

      SKU: 13967123
      ISBN: 9780982706336
      Author: Witmter, Michael E. / Horton, Michael S.

    Horses Don't Fly: The Memoir Of The Cowboy Who Became A World War I Ace
      Horses Don't Fly: The Memoir Of The Cowboy Who Became A World War I Ace.

      From Breaking Wild Horses In Colorado To Fighting The Red Baron's Squadrons In The Skies Over France, Here In His Own Words Is The True Story Of A Forgotten American Hero: The Cowboy Who Became Our First Ace And The First Pilot To Fly The Amercian Colors Over Enemy Lines. Growing Up On A Ranch In Sterling, Colorado, Frederick Libby Mastered The Cowboy Arts Of Roping, Punching Cattle, And Taming Horses. As A Young Man He Exercised His Skills In The Mountains And On The Ranges Of Arizona And New Mexico As Well As The Colorado Prairie. When World War I Broke Out, He Found Himself In Calgary, Alberta, And Joined The Canadian Army. In France, He Transferred To The Royal Flying Corps S An "observer," The Gunner In A Two-person Biplane. Libby Shot Down An Enemy Plane On His First Day In Battle Over The Somme, Which Was Also The First Day He Flew In A Plane Or Fired A Machine Gun. He Went On To Become A Pilot. He Fought Against The Legendary German Aces Oswald Boelcke And Manfred Von Richthofen, And Became The First American To Down Five Enemy Planes. He Won The Military Cross For Conspicuous Gallantry In Action. Libby's Memoir Of His Cowboy Days In The Last Years Of The Old West Evokes A Real-life Cormac Mccarthy Novel. His Description Of World War I Combines A Rattling Good Account Of The Air War Over France With Cptivating And Sometimes Poignant Depictions Of Wartime London, The Sorrow For Friends Lost In Combat, And The Courage And Camaraderie Of The Royal Flying Corps. Told In Charming, Straig Htforward Vernacular, Horses Don't Fly Is An Unforgettable Piece Of Americana.

      SKU: 18643470
      ISBN: 9781611457100
      Author: Libby, Frederick

    Kentucky Curiosities: Quirky Characters, Roadside Oddities & Other Offbeat Stuff
      Kentucky Curiosities: Quirky Characters, Roadside Oddities & Other Offbeat Stuff.

      &uot;kentucky Curiosities" Is Your Round-trip Ticket To The Wildest, Wackiest, Most Outrageous People, Places, And Tgings The Bluegrass State Has To Offer. For This Completely Revised And Updated Edition, Best-seelling Author And Barbecue Connoiseur Vince Staten And Journalist Liz Baldi Have Combed Kentucky Once Again For One-of-a-kind Gems That Make Their Home State Truly Unique.you'll Pucker Up To A Pig, Witness The Creation Of The World's Largest Ham Biscuit (all 4,000 Pounds Of It), And Cheer On The Underpig At The Trigg County Country Ham Festival.you'll Explore The World's Largest Cave System, Purchase Your Very Own 5-foot Tall Cement Rooster, And Take In A Saloon Show At Cave City, A.k.a. Tacky Town, Usa. One Day A Year Kentucky Is The Most Famous State In The Union. That's Kentucky Derby Day, The First Saturday In May When The Annual Kentucky Derby Is Run At Churchill Downs. On That Day, Kentucky Is The Home To Fast Horses, Beautiful Women, And Great Whiskey. For The Other 364 Days It Is Home To Fast Women, Beautiful Horses, And People Recovering From Too Much Whiskey. This Duality - Hey, We're Important Today; But Tomorrow We're Nothing - Is A Perfect Reflection Of A State Of Great Contrasts. Kentucky Is The Home Of The Most Famous People In The World, Muhammad Ali. It Is Also The Home Of The Most Infamous, Charles Manson (his Boyhood Home Is In Ashland -unmarked, Of Course). Novelist Robert Penn Warren Was A Kentuckian, As Was Gonzo Journalist Hunter S. Thompson. Illinois May Have Land Of Lincoln On Its License Plates, But Kentucky Was Where Honest Abe Was Born. He Just Moved Away Rather Quickly. These Contrasts Extend Down To Our Counties: You Can't Buy Adrink In Bourbon County (it's Against The Law To Sell Alchohol There) But You Can In Christian County. Kentucky Is One Giant Curiosity.

      SKU: 2915929
      ISBN: 9780762741052
      Author: Staten, Vince / Baldi, Liz

    Storey's Guide To Raising Horses
      Storey's Guide To Raising Horses.

      "storey's Guide To Raising Horses" Has Earned A Place On The Equestrian's Bookshelf As An Authoritative Guide To The Subject. The Book's Comprehensive Coverage Includes Information On Grooming, Foaling, Housing, Diet, Exercise, And Disease Prevention And Treatment. The 2nd Edition, Now With 90,000 Copies In Print Contains New And Expanded Features: - Up-to-the-minute Coverage Of Diseases And Vaccination Options - Thoroughly Updated Advice On Hoof Care - Expanded Coverage Of Reproductive Care And Techniques Storey's Guide To Raising Series Is The Essential Animal Husbandry Information From The Trusted Source. With A Combined Total Of 1.7 Million Copies In Print. Praise For The Book: "i Own Over 40 Books On This Subject Of Horses. This Inexpensive Storey Guide Is More Useful, Concise And Complete (from A Farm Manager's Point Of View) Than My Veterinary Text, Merk's." - Linda, Twin Brooks, Sd

      SKU: 7389002
      ISBN: 9781603424714
      Author: Thomas, Heather Smith

    Hercules: A Matter Of Trust
      Hercules: A Matter Of Trust.

      Horse Friends Forever? Emily Summers Is On A Mission. A Scared Little Pony Has Come To Running Horse Ridge, The Horse Rescue Ranch Where She Lives. Hercules Desperately Needs A Friend, And Emily Knows Exactly How The Lonely Pony Feels. She Is New To Running Horse Ridge Herself. But Unlike Hercules, She Has Begun To Make New Friends, And She Has The Love Of Her Horse Friend Forever, Sapphire. Can Emily Get Hercules To Trust Her Before He Is Beyond Help?

      SKU: 201446
      ISBN: 9780061429811
      Author: Brooks, Heather

    An Origin Like Water: Collected Poems 1957 -1987
      An Origin Like Water: Collected Poems 1957 -1987.

      Here, From One Of Our Major Poets, Is The Collected Early Work That Has Been Long Unavailable In This Country. Included In This Volume Is The Work From Eavan Boland's Five Early Volumes Of Poetry: New Territory, The War Horse, In Her Own Image, Night Feed, And The Journey. The Poems From Boland's First Book, New Territory, Show Her To Be, At Twenty-two, A Master Of Formal Verse Reflecting Irish History And Myth. This Collection Charts The Ways In Which Boland's Work Breaks From Poetic Tradition, Honors It, And Reinvents It. Poems Like "anorexic," "mastectomy," And "witching" Have An Intensity Reminiscent Of Sylvia Plath And Anne Sexton. In Later Poems, Her Subjects Become More Personal, Sequencing Boland's Life As A Woman, Poet, And Mother. Boland Writes, "i Grew To Understand The Irish Poetic Tradition Only When I Went Into Exile With It," Becoming, In Effect, "a Displaced Person / In A Pastoral Chaos." This Colllection Demonstrates How Boland's Mature Voice Developed From The Poetics Of Inner Exile Into A Subtle, Flexible Idiom Uniquely Her Own.

      SKU: 1199717
      ISBN: 9780393316018
      Author: Boland, Eavan

    Keeneland's Ted Bassett: My Life
      Keeneland's Ted Bassett: My Life.

      In The December 30, 1967, Edition Of The Weekly Thoroughbred Trade Publication, The Blood-horse, Was An Announcement That Took Up One Inch Of Space - James E. "ted" Bassett Iii Had Been Named Assistant To The President Of The Keeneland Association. It Was Sandwiched Between Equally Short News Items About A Handicapping Seminar At An East Coast Racetrack And A California Vacation Trip By A Horse-owning Couple. Bassett's New Job, In His Own Words, "was Not Earthshaking News." More Than Four Decades Later, Ted Bassett Is One Of The Most Respected Figures Within The Global Thoroughbred Industry. He Has Served As Keeneland's President, Chairman Of The Board, And Trustee, Playing A Critical Role In Its Ascendency As A Premier Thoroughbred Track And Auction House. Bassert Was Also President Of Breeders' Cup Limited During Its Greatest Period Of Growth And Has Been A Key Architect In The Development Of The Sport Of Kings As We Know It Today. Written In Collaboration With Two-time Eclipse Award-winning Journalist Bill Mooney, Keeneland's Ted Bassett: My Life Recounts Bassett's Extraordinary Journey, Including His Days At Kent School And Yale University, Through His U.s. Marine Corps Service In The Pacific Theater During World War Ii, And As Director Of The Kentucky State Police During The Turbulent 1960s. He Helped Found The College Of Justice & Safety At Eastern Kentucky University, And His Continuing Service To The Marine Corps Has Gained Him The Highest Honors Accorded To A Civilian. During His Forty-plus Years With Keeneland, Bassett Has Hobnobbed With Hot Walkers In The Track Kitchen, Hosted The First Visit By Queen Elizabeth Ii To A United States Track, And Participated In Many Of The Most Important Events In The Modern History Of Horse Racing. With Self-effacing Humor, Characteristic Charm, And Candor, Bassett Describes His Association With Historic Figures Such As J. Edgar Hoover And Kentucky Governors Albert B. "happy" Chandler, Edward T. "ned" Breathitt, And John Y. Brown; And His Friendships With Racing Personalities D. Wayne Lukas, Nick Zito, Ron Mcanally, Pat Day, And Joe Hirsch. Bassett Shares Details About Difficult Corporate Decisions And Great Racing Events That Only He Can Supply, And About The Formation Of Equibase, The Premier Data Collection Agency Within The Thoroughbred Industry. He Tells About His Role As An International Ambassador For Racing, Which Has Made Him A Highly Influential Figure On Six Continents. Bassett Often Describes His Life As A Fascinating Blur. That "blur" And All Its Unique Components Are Brought Into Sharp Focus In A Book That Is As Wide-ranging As It Is Personal, Filled With A Gold Mine Of Firsthand Stories And Historical Details. In Addition To Highlighting Keeneland's Reputation As The Jewel Of The Thoroughbred Industry, Bassett Chronicles The Business Of Racing And Accomplishments Of Many Prominent People In The H

      SKU: 3416335
      ISBN: 9780813125480
      Author: Bassett, James E. "ted" / Mooney, Bill

    The Time Engine
      The Time Engine.

      Swords, Sorcery, And Time Travel Are A Strange And Dangerous Mix Wayfarer Inspector Danolarian Saw His World's Future And Did Not Appfove. The Inspector Knew About Time Travel Because He Had Once Met His Future Self. What He Did Not Know Was That He Would Be Abducted Into The Future, And Wind Up On The Run With A Constable Who Had Shape-shifted Into A Cat. Danolarian Would Likewise Find Himself Marooned In The Ancient Past, Where He Would Have To Recover His Time Engine From Five Thousand Naked, Psychopathic Horsemen. A Faulty Repair Plunges Him Another Three Million Years Back In Time, To A World Of Strange, Beautiful People Living Idyllic Lives In Splendid Castles. But Things Are Not Always As They Seem. After Being Attacked, He Learns From His Unlikely Rescuer That Time Travel Is Not Entirely Real. A Furious Danolarian Returns To His Own Time, Planning Revenge Against The Time Engine's True Builders.

      SKU: 16160038
      ISBN: 9780765330635
      Author: Mcmullen, Sean / Mcmullen

    The Rough Riders
      The Rough Riders.

      The Advent Of War With Spain Was A Glorious Opportunity For Forceful Leadership Not To Be Missed By The Hotheaded Young Theodore Roosevelt. He Resigned His Post As Assistant-secretary Of The Navy In April, 1898, And, Despite The Strong Disapproval Of Family And Friends, He Joined The Army As Lt. Colonel Of A Regiment To Be Raised In The Territories Of Arizona, New Mexico, And Oklahoma. He Ordered A Uniform From Brooks Brothers, A Dozen Pairs Of Steel Spectacles, "a Couple Of Good, Stout, Quiet Horses," And He Was Off To Train His Volunteers At San Antonio. The Rough Riders Were A Most Unusual Regiment. Informal, Independent, Made Up Of Ex-cowboys, Western Bad Men, And Ivy League Graduates, Roosevelt's Troops Made A Poor Impression On Army Regulars But Provided Excellent Copy For The Nation's Newspapers. On July 22, 1898, This Motley Cavalry Regiment Waded Ashore In Cuba, And Before The Summer Was Over The Rough Riders And Their Impatient, Dynamic Leader Were Familiar To Virtually Every Household In The Nation. Roosevelt Was Being Considered For Nomination To The Governorship Of New York, And His March To The Presidency Had Begun. From The Time He Left Washington To Join His Regiment For Training In Texas To Their Triumphant Return From Cuba, Roosevelt Kept Daily Records Of His Thoughts And Experiences. These Jottings Formed The Basis Of This Book, By Far The Best Firsthand Story Of The Spanish-american War. Published In 1899 To Instant Acclaim, "the Unhewn Riders" Is Written With Roosevelt's Typical Gusto. His Writing Is Remarkable For His Sure Sense Of Personality And The Spontaneity And Directness Of His Prose. Reading The Book, It Is Impossible Not To Sense The Exhilaration Of Battle, Or The Moral Purpose Behind It All. "the Rough Riders" Remains One Of The Great War Stories Of Our Time, And Offers An Invaluable Look At One Of The Most Colorful Presideents Of The United States.

      SKU: 861490
      ISBN: 9780306804052
      Author: Roosevelt, Theodore / Morison, Elting E.

    The Day Secretariat Won The Triple Crown
      The Day Secretariat Won The Triple Crown.

      The News Of Secre Tariat's Death Made Me Realize How Far Removed I Had Become From My Youthful Obsession With Horses, Especially With Secretariat, A Horse I Had Never Even Seen. It Had Been A Long Time Since I'd Even Thought Of Him Or How Important He Had Been To Me That Spring. So Begins The Story Of A Young Girl Turning Into A Woman Who Found Herself Inexpliitly Bonded With The Horse That Ultimately Achieved The Triple Crown. Only Carolyn, Who'd Once Wanted Nothing More Than To Own And Ride A Horse, Found Herself Not On A Horse, But In A Wheelchair And With Few Prospects For Her Future. The Day Secretariat Won The Triple Crown Is A Story Of How One Young Woman Turned Tragedy To Triumph, Encouraged Along Her Family, Her Faith, Her Horse.and A Young Horse Named Secretariat.

      SKU: 2326014
      ISBN: 9780615159645
      Author: Scheidies, Carolyn R.

    Summer's Hand
      Summer's Hand.

      After Finding Out Who Her Birth Father Is, Eighteen Year-old Renee Mcmichaels Longs To Be Part Of His Life. She Has Hopes And Dreams Of Having Siblings And Enjoying All That Being Part Of A Family Unit Brings. Dr. Richard Blair Feels The Weight Of The Responsibility And Desires To Tell His Family Of The Child He Fathered During His College Years But Cannot Find A Way To Break The News To His Perfectionist Wife. It Brings About A Tumultuous Summer As Renee Spends A Few Months At The Blair Horse Ranch. Kline Monteray Continued To Mourn The Loss Of His Father Afetr A Tractor Accident. Blaming God For The Void In His Life, Kline Becomes Very Angry. He Leaves His Education And Possible Professional Baseball Career Behind At The University To Run The Fruit Farm That His Mother Was Struggling To Keep Alive. Being A Neighbor Of The Blair Horse Ranch, He And Renee Find Themselves In Various Surprising Predicaments.

      SKU: 6170300
      ISBN: 9781411625389
      Author: Gentry, Ann

    Training The Horse In Hand: The Classical Iberian Principles
      Training The Horse In Hand: The Classical Iberian Principles.

      In This Handbook You Will Find Fascinating Information On The Development Of The Horse, Using All Methods Of Work In Hand: * Lungeing *long Reining * Classical Training In Hand According To The Iberian School * Training In Hand According To The Viennese School * Schooling Between The Pillars * Working With Shortened Long Reins Training The Horse In Hand Presents A Complete System For The Development Of The Young Horse, From Its First Lessons On The Lunge Line Through The Highest Levels Of Dressage. All Lessons Are Discussed, Such As Lateral Work, Leg-yielding, Shoulder-in, Piaffe, Passage, Spanish Walk, And Airs Above The Ground. The Author Places Special Value On The Use Of Groundwork As An Extension Of Training Under Saddle.

      SKU: 11794987
      ISBN: 9783861279112
      Author: Dietz, Alfons

    The First Crusade
      The First Crusade.

      Whether The Crusades Are Regarded As The Most Romantic Of Christian Expeditions, Or The Last Of The Barbarian Invasions, They Remain One Of The Most Exciting And Colourful Adventure Stories In History. An Army Of Mounted Warriors, Tav Elling With Peasants, Merchants And Artisans, Faced A Journey Over Hostile Terrain, Meeting With Unforeseen Antagonism, Desert Heat, And The Constant Struggle To Feed And Water Their Troops And Horses. Remittance From Penance, A Desire To See The Holy Places, Or Greed For The Power And Booty To Be Captured In The East Spurred The Crusaders On Towards The Prize, Be It Spiritual Or Temporal, Of The Holy City Of Jerusalem. Their Journey's Spectacular Culmination Was The Long Siege Of Jerusalem, At The End Of Which The Cruszders, By A Brilliant Tactical Manoeuvre, Broke Down Its Defences And Poured Into The City Which Erupted In A Bloody Massacre. Steven Runciman's History Of The Crusades Is Justly Acclaimed As The Most Complete And Fascinating Account Of The Historic Journey To Save The Holy Lands From The Infidel.

      SKU: 1750847
      ISBN: 9780521427050
      Author: Runciman, Steven

    Tea Horse1999 New Rotos Sunglasses Flat Reflective Street Sunglasses Coated Frameless Copy Recommended Models: 1836
      Tea Horse1999 New Rotos Sunglasses Flat Reflective Street Sunglasses Coated Frameless Copy Recommended Models: 1836.

      Product Type: 1823 Frameless Design, Fashion Without Losing The Trend, Luo Tesi-style Sunglasses For Driving Beach Swimming And Other Outdoor Activities, The Lens Coated With Water More Comfortable And More Durable, The Original Picture Can Be Mail Advice, Product Selection In 6 Colors. Welcome To Buy

      Category: Sunglasses
      SKU: 395720307

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