Purina Pro Plan Bright Mind - Chicken & Rice Dry Adult 7+ Dog Food (16 Lb)

    Purina Pro Plan Bright Mind - Chicken & Rice Dry Adult 7+ Dog Food (16 Lb)
      Purina Pro Plan Bright Mind - Chicken & Rice Dry Adult 7+ Dog Food (16 Lb).

      Purina Pro Plan Adult 7+ Chicken And Rice Pro Plan Senior Chicken & Rice Formula Is A Special Meal That Provides Your Old Friend With Complete Nutrition. With High Levels Of Antioxidants And Quality Protein, Including Real Chicken, It Uses A Blend Of Ingredients Chosen For Their Nutrient Value. Let Your Loved One Enjoy A Huge Bite Of Great Nutrition. Pro Plan Senior Chicken & Rice Formula Formulated Especially For Canines Aged 7 And Above Natural Sources Of Glucosamine For Healthy Joints And Bones High In Omega-6 Fatty Acids To Nourish Older Canine's Skin And Coat Easy To Digest And Fortified With Extra Nutrients A Closer Look: Pro Plan Senior Chicken & Rice Formula Is Kibble That's Designed To Be Crunchy And Promote Dental Hygiene At The Same Time For A Senior Dog. Made Speciall For: Dogs Over 7 Years Of Age. Free Of: Chemicals, Preservatives, Colorings Or Flavor Enhancers. Please Note: All Food Is Shipped Via Ground Delivery, Only To The Contiguous (48) States. Please Allow 7 To 10 Days For Your Delivery To Arrive. (more Info)

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Food, gt, dry Dog Food, gt, purina, amp, reg, Dog Food
      SKU: Purina-pro-plan-senior-dog-chicken-rice-18-lb

    Blue Buffalo Wilderness Senior Chicken (24 Lb)
      Blue Buffalo Wilderness Senior Chicken (24 Lb).

      Inspired By The Diet Of Wolves, True Omnivores Whose Endurance Is Legendary, Blue Wilderness Senior Is A Grain-free, Protein-rich Food That Contains More Of The Delicious Chicken Your Dog Loves. Made With The Finest Natural Ingredients ? And No Grains. Deboned Chicken, Chicken Meal And Turkey Meal Supply The Protein Your Dog Needs Sweet Potatoes, Peas And Potatoes Provide Healthy Complex Carbohydrates Blueberries, Cranberries And Carrots Support Antioxidant-enrichment Because The Nutritional Requirements For Senior Dogs Are Different From Other Life Stages, Blue Wilderness For Senior Dogs Features The Ingredients To Support Their Overall Health And Well-being. Please Note: All Food Is Shipped Via Ground Delivery, Only To Te Contiguous (488) States. Please Allow 7 Ot 10 Days For Your Delivery To Arrive. (more Info)

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Food, gt, dry Dog Food, gt, blue Buffalo Dry Dog Food
      SKU: Blue-buffalo-wilderness-senior-chicken-24-lb

    Blue Buffalo Wilderness Wild Bits - Chicken (4 Oz)
      Blue Buffalo Wilderness Wild Bits - Chicken (4 Oz).

      Blue Buffalo™ Wilderness® Wild Bits™ - Chicken Are Packed With More Of The Real Chicken Your Dog Loves. A Healthy, Nutritious Treat That Features Real Meat, These Meaty Bits Are The Perfect Way To Reward Your Four-legged Friends. Nutritious And Grain-free, Blue Wild Bits Contain Only The Finest Natural Ingredients And Are Loaded With Healthy Ingredients Like: Chicken ? A High-quality Protein Source Dha ? To Help Ssupport A Puppy's Cognitive Development Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids ? To Help Promote Healthy Skin And Coat Blue Wild Bits Contain No Artificial Flavors, Colors Or Preservatives So You Can Reward Good Behavior With A Treat That's Made The Way Nature Intended. 100% Grain-free With Added Vitamins & Minerals No Chicken Or Poultry By-product Meals No Corn Wheat Or Soy No Artificial Colors, Flavors Or Preservatives Made In U.s.a.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, dog Training Treats, gt, blue Buffalo, amp, trade, Wilderness, amp, reg, Wild Bits , amp, Bites
      SKU: Blue-buffalo-wilderness-wild-bits-chicken

    Caniox-r Antioxidant Tablets (60 Count)
      Caniox-r Antioxidant Tablets (60 Count).

      Caniox ® R Is A All-natural Antioxidant Blend Supplement For Dogs. The Active Ingredient, Resveratrol Is A Potent Antioxidant That May Help Protect Your Dog's Cells And Tissues. Free Radicals Can Harm Connective Tissue In Joints And Cause Inflammation. Resveratrol Helps The Body Reduce Oxidative Stress By Removing These Damaging Free Radicals That The Dog's Body Can Then Flush Out. Antioxidants Also Help Maintain Normal Dna And The Immune System. These Pork Flavored Chewable Tablets Can Assist The Dog?s Body In Combating Environmental Pollutants By Protecting Against Free Radical Damage. Caniox-r Supports Cellular Health For All Processes In Your Dog's Body. Caniox-r Can Be Used With Prescription Drugs. For Use In: Dogs

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, food Supplements, gt, antioxidants, Immune , amp, Cognitive Support, gt, caniox-r Antioxidant Tablets
      SKU: Canioxr

    Living World Pine Shavings (600 Cu Inch)
      Living World Pine Shavings (600 Cu Inch).

      The Living Worldâ® Pine Shavings Provide Excellent All-purpose Bedding With Great Absorption Properties For Small Animals. Made From 100% Natural Pine, The Naturally-scented Shavings Keep The Cage Smelling Clean And Fresh Longer By Suppressing And Inhibiting The Growth Of Mold, Fungus And Bacteria. The Shavings Are Kiln Dried, Which Helps Eliminate Aromatic Oils, Dust And Wood Debris, A Major Concern Among Many Pet Owners. The Shavings Do Not Release Dust When Poured Out Of The Bag And Will Not Cause Respiratory Problems For You Or Your Small Ppets. The Soft And Fluffy Shavings Can Also Be Used As Burrowing And Nesting Material. 10 L (600 Cubic Inches)

      Category: Small Pets, gt, small Pet Beddings, gt, living World Pet Bedding
      SKU: Living-world-pine-shavings-600-cu-inch

    Paw Earth Natural Shampoo - Everyday (16 Fl Oz)
      Paw Earth Natural Shampoo - Everyday (16 Fl Oz).

      Paw Earth Natural Pet Shampoos Are All-natural, Earth Friendly Shampoos That Leave Pets Naturally Clean And Fresh. Shampoos Are Available In Three Formulas: Everyday, Oatmeal, And Hypoallergenic.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, grooming Supplies, gt, general Shampoos , amp, amp, Conditioners, gt, paw Earth, amp, trade, Natural Shampoos , amp, amp, Conditioners
      SKU: Paw-earth-natural-shampoo-everyday-16-oz

    Petmate Giant Litter Pan With Microban - Bleached Linen
      Petmate Giant Litter Pan With Microban - Bleached Linen.

      The Petmate Giant Litter Pan With Microban Is Designed For Easy Cleaning & Has Areas To Keep Your Litter Supplies Handy. With A 30+ Lbs. Large Capacity, This Pan Is Ideal For Larger Cats, Multiple Cats Or Even Small Dogs. Additionally, We've Included Unique Side Areas For Storage Of Disposal Bags, Scoops, Accessories & Moree. Features A Deep Wall Design To Reduce Litter Scatter. Made With Microban, An Antimicrobial Protection, Which Helps Prevent The Growth Of Stain & Odor Causing Bacteria.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, cleaning , amp, amp, Sanitation, gt, litter , amp, amp, Litter Boxes, gt, petmate Litter Boxes , amp, Supplies
      SKU: Petmate-giant-litter-pan-microban

    Pp P Aromacare Remoisturizing Coconut Conditioner (13.5 Fl Oz)
      Pp P Aromacare Remoisturizing Coconut Conditioner (13.5 Fl Oz).

      Ppp Coconut Milk And Aloe Conditioner Is The Ultimate Aromatherapy Skin And Coat Conditioner For Cats And Dogs With All Coat Types. The Rich, Natural Emollients And Moisturizers In This Pet Conditioner Will Strengthen The Hair Shaft And Reduce Shedding. Dilutes Up To 32:1.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, grooming Supplies, gt, general Shampoos , amp, amp, Conditioners, gt, ppp Aromacare, amp, trade, Shampoo , amp, amp, Conditioners
      SKU: Ppp-aromacare-coconut-conditioner-13-5-oz

    Probios Max Gel (300 Gm)
      Probios Max Gel (300 Gm).

      Probios Max Gel Is A Microbial Gel That Uses Probiotics And Vitamins To Promote Health In Cattle, Sheep, And Goats During Times Of Stress. Ideal For Animals That Have Just Undergone Surgery, Deworming, Or Antibiotic Treatment, This Supplement Maintains The Digestive System And Combats Inappetence. It Also Works Great To Calm Animals Before Or During Shows, Travel, And Weather Changes. Probios Max Gel Contains Four Strains Of Live, Viable Lactic Acid Bacteria That Naturally Facilitate Digestion. This Syringe Allows Direct Oral Administration And This Container Comes With 300 Grams Of The Supplement- Though There Is Also A 60-gram Syringe Available. Ensure Your Animals Stay Happy And Healthy In Times Of Stress By Ordering This Supplement Today! Key Features: Contains 4 Strains Of Lactic Acid Bacteria To Promote Digestion And Increase Appetite Ideal For Calming Dairy And Beef Cattle, Goats, And Sheep Comes In 60 Or 300 Gram Oral Syringes For Easy Administration

      Category: Horse , amp, amp, Livestock Products, gt, horse Digestives, gt, probios Horse , amp, Livestock Digestive Support
      SKU: Probios-max-gel-32-gm

    Purina Pro Plan Natural - Grain Free Chicken & Egg Dry Adult Dog Food (24 Lb)
      Purina Pro Plan Natural - Grain Free Chicken & Egg Dry Adult Dog Food (24 Lb).

      Each Dog Has A Diet That Is Best Suited For Him Or Her. For Some, It Could Be A Food Formulated Without Corn, Wheat, Or Soy. For Others, It Might Be One With Limited Ingredients, Or Easy-to-digest. You Know Your Dog's Unique Needs-the Formulas In The Pro Planâ® Natural Nutritional Platform Are Designed To Meet Them. High-quality Protein, Including Chicken As The First Ingredient Alternate Sources Of Carbohydrates - Made Without Grain Or Soy Omega-6 Fatty Acids And Zinc Help Nourish Skin And Promote A Healthy Coat Easily Digestible Formula Is Gentle On The Digestive System Rich In Antioxidants To Help Promote A Healthy Immune System Please Note: All Food Is Shipped Via Ground Delivery, Only To The Contiguous (48) States. Please Allow 7 To 10 Days For Your Delivery To Arrive. (more Info)

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Food, gt, dry Dog Food, gt, purina, amp, reg, Dog Food
      SKU: Purina-pro-plan-natural-chicken-egg-dog-food-24-lb

    6-pack Spizzles Elk Antler Dog Chew - Center Cut (medium)
      6-pack Spizzles Elk Antler Dog Chew - Center Cut (medium).

      Spizzles Center-cut And Whole Elk Antler Dog Chews Are Naturally Shed, Incredibly Nutritious Chews That Provide A Safe And Long-lasting Chew Experience That Your Pooch Won?t Soon Slight!  these Appetizing Antlers Are The Ideal Alternative To Difficult-to-digest Rawhide Treats And Potentially Perilous Animal Bones. Each Antler Is Packed With Protein, Calcium, And Phosphorous To Keep Your Pet?s Bones, Blood, Nerves, And Muscles Healthy. Spizzles Elk Antler Dog Chews Are Available In Two Styles To Offer Two Unique Chewing Experiences That Are Perfect For Any Dog. Center-cut Antlers Are Split Down The Middle To Create A Softer Chew For Times Your Dog Is Seeking A More Malleable Treat. For More Fervid Chew Sessions, Whole Antlers Offer A Tough Texture That Is Sure To Stand The Test Of Time. Both Types Of Chews Are Available In A Variety Of Sizes To Accommodate Any Dog. Order This Unbeatable Chew Treat For Your Dear Dog Today! Key Features: Rich In Calcium, Protein, And Other Nutrients Your Dog Needs To Stay Healthy 2.4 Times As Tough As Regular ?wet Bones? Grade A Anlters Found Naturally Shed In The United States And Canada

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, bones And Rawhide Chews, gt, spizzles, amp, trade, Elk Antler Dog Chews
      SKU: Spizzles-elk-antler-dog-chew-center-cut-medium-6pack

    Timberline Crickets Pinheads (1000 Count)
      Timberline Crickets Pinheads (1000 Count).

      Crickets (acheta Domestica) ? Full Of Protein, Vitamins, And Minerals, And Fun To Eat! From Bearded Dragons To Anoles, Tarantulas To A Red-eared Sliders, Just About Every Reptile, Amphibian, And Arachnid Enjoys Live Crickets. Crickets Are A Good Staple For Their Diets, And They?re Full Of Nwtural Appeal. Shake A Few Crickets Into Their Habitat, And Watch Your Animal Hunt, Chase, And Slurp Them Up. Full Of Protein, Vitamins & Minerals Fun To Eat! 1000 Count Bulk Pinheads Crickets All Live Pet Food Are Charged As Vaccine Shipping Which Will Be Shipped Overnight . A $29.95 Lfat Rate Fee Is Charged For All Orders Containing Live Pet Food. For More Shipping Info Click Here. All Sales Are Final No Refund Or Exchange

      Category: Reptile Products , amp, amp, Supplies, gt, reptile Food, gt, timberline Live Pet Food - Crickets
      SKU: Timberline-500-crickets-pinheads

    Vetriscience Vetri-same 90 (30 Enteric-coated  Tablets)
      Vetriscience Vetri-same 90 (30 Enteric-coated Tablets).

      Vetri Same Is A Product To Help Maintain Optimal Health And Function Of The Liver. It Combines The Synergistic Benefits Of S-adenosylmethionine (same) With The Powerful Antioxidant Glutathione, Making It An Advanced Formula For Liver Support. Vetri Same Is An Enteric Coated Tablet To Ensure Stability Through The Digestive Activities Of The Stomach, Into The Small Intestine, Where Nutrients Are Effectively Absorbed And Utilized. Liver Support Formula With Same & Glutathione For Dogs & Cats Up To 12 Lbs.

      Category: New Pet Products
      SKU: Vetri-science-vetri-same-90mg-30-tablets

    Ware Nylon Fun Tunnel For Cats
      Ware Nylon Fun Tunnel For Cats.

      Easily Attatches To Catware Furniture. Complete With Playtime Toy And Peek-a-boo Porthole. Perfect Place To Rest Or Play.

      Category: Cat Toys, gt, interactive Cat Toys, gt, ware Nylon Fun Tunnel
      SKU: Ware-nylon-fun-tunnel-cats

    The Fire Dragon
      The Fire Dragon.

      Katharine Kerr Has Enchanted Readers With Her Magical Deverry And Westlands Cycle, And Now She Brings To A Breathtaking Conclusion The Epic Saga Begun With The Red Wyvern And The Black Raven. The Final Chapter Begins In The Holy City As It Rises From The Ashes Of Deverry's Long Wars. Prince Maryn Prepares To Claim The High Kingship, But Still The Rebel Boar Clan Stands Fast Against Him. And At Court, His Illicit Passion For The Young Dweomer Apprentice, Lilli, Threatens To Revive A Curse That Only She - At Her Own Peril - Can Lift. It Is A Drama That Will Be Played Out Centuries Later In The City Of Cerr Cawnen. Among The Many Who Take Refuge In The Lakeside Citadel, Nestled In A Volcano's Shadow, Are A Westfolk Band Guided By The Elven Enchantress Dallandra And Protected By Rhodry Maelwaedd And His Fiery Guardian Dragon. Meanwhile, From The North Come The Savage Horsekin Slavers, Ancient Foe Of The Westfolk, Now Bent On The Domination Of Cerr Cawnen. They Are Awaited By The Sorceress Raena, Their Self-sworn High Priestess And The Votary Of An Evil Goddess. Now, As Rhodry And Raena Renew Their Timeless Enmity, The Fate Of The City And Every Soul Within It Hangs In The Balance - And In C~tinuance An Act Of Self-sacrifice Dangerous Beyond Imagining.

      SKU: 1975652
      ISBN: 9780553582475
      Author: Kerr, Katharine

    Wild Horse Winter
      Wild Horse Winter.

      Based On An Actual Event, This Suspenseful Story Tells The Miraculous Saga Of A Herd Of Beautiful Wild Horses And Details The Life Of A Young Colt As It Matures And Follows The Lead Of Its Protective Mother To Overcome A Wild, Raging Blizzard In The Dramatic Conclusion Of Their Journey. The Soft Paintings Combine By The Side Of The Simple Text To Bring A Vanishing Breed Vividly To Life. A Wonderful Book Ofr Reading Aloud Or For Sharing, The Story Subtly Parallels The Growth Of All Creatures And Underscores The Strong Bonds That Exist Between Parent And Child.

      SKU: 3388828
      ISBN: 9780811812115
      Author: Honda, Tetsuya / Chronicle Books

    Comanche Dawn
      Comanche Dawn.

      In" Comanche Dawn" Mike Blakely Does For The Comanche Nation What Ruth Bebe Hills Did For The Sioux In" Hanta Yo," This Landmark Novel Is The First Time The Story Has Been Told From The Point Of View Of The Comanches Themselves. We Witness The Rise Of One Of The Most Powerful Mounted Nations In History Through The Eyes Of A Young Warrior Named Horseback. Born On The Very Day That The First Horse Comes To His People, Horseback Matures Into A Leader Of Unquestionable Courage And Vision. He Assumes Powerful Medicine Granted To Him By Spirits Encountered On A Grueling Vision Quest, And He Takes Teal, The Most Beautiful Young Woman Of His Tribe, As His Wife And Lifelong Love. Guided By Forces More Powerful And Dangerous Then Even He Can Control Or Explain, Horseback Will Face Death Time And Time Again With Only His Medicine And Teal To Stand Beside Him. Failure Will Mean Destruction Not Only For Himself, But For His People. Success Will Mean Unimaginable Wealth For His New Nation. Ancient Enemies Will Seek To Destroy Him. Strange Newcomers With Pale Skin And Treacherous Ways Will Attempt To Enslave Him. Even His Own Inner Spirit Powers Threaten Always To Consume Him, Should He Fail To Respect Them. Only The Bravest Of True Humans Dare To Follow Horseback On His Great Adventure Down A Trail That Can Lead Only To Glory Or Annihilation.

      SKU: 3405757
      ISBN: 9780812548334
      Author: Blakely, Mike


      Introduction Around 1897, In Mankato, Minnesota, Maud Hart Lovelace Met Two Girls - Bick Kenney And Midge Gerlach. The Three Soon Formed A Trio That Would Be Inseparable In Their Youth And Remain Friendly Throughout Their Adult Lives. Many Years Later, Maud Told Her Daughter, Merian, Bedtime Stories About Her Girlhood Adventuresw Ith Bick And Midge. Soon, She Developed These Tales Into A Popular Series Of Books That Was First Published In The 1940s. Mankato Was Transformed Into Deep Valley, Minnesota, Around The Turn Of The 20th Century. Maud Became Friendly Storyteller Betsy Ray, Bick Beccame Shy, Redheaded Tacy Kelly, And Midge Became The Practical, Yet Fun-loving, Tib Muller. The Series Begins With A Fast Friendship Between Betsy And Tacy, Who Soon Enjoy Such Fun As Picnics On The Bench On The Big Hill And Dressing Up And Calling On Neighbors. When Tib Moves Into The Chocolate-colored House Nearby, She Quickly Becomes Betsy And Tacy' S Other Best Friend. Many Of Their Fictional Adventures Are Based On Maud' S Real Experiences With Bick And Midge. As They Grow Older, Betsy' S, Tacy' S, And Tib' S World Grows Larger. They Climb Over The Big Hill That Had Always Seemed So Higb And Enjoy Such Downtown Delights As Riding In Horseless Carriages And Going To The Theater. High-school Introduces Them To A New Social Life, And Many Members Of Their Crowd Are Also Based On Real People In Maud' S Life. Even Though The Betsy-tacy Books Wree Written So Long Ago, Timeless Themes Of Friendship, Family, And Love Continue To Teach Us About Our Past And What We Dream For Our Future. And They Remain The Perfect Bedtime Sotries To Be Shared By A Mother And Adaughter. The Discussion Topics, Suggested Reading List, And Author Biography In This Reading Group Guide Are Intended To Spark Discussion About The Wonderful Characters And Stirring Adventures In This Enchanting Series. Discussion Questions Betsy, Tacy, And Tib Spend A Lot Of Time Together. They Hike Up The Big Hill, Make Up Stories, And Go To Dances Together. Which Of Their Adventures Sound Like Fun To Both Of You? Mothers, What Do You Like To Do With Your Best Friends Now? What Did You Used To Love Doing When You Were Younger? Share Your Childhood Adventures With Your Daughter. Ask Her What Her Favorite Activities With Her Friends Are: Playinga Certain Game, Watching A Movie Tgoether, Drawing, Acting, Etc. Betsy, Tacy, And Tib Form The Tckc Club In Elementary School, And The Okto Delta Sorority As High-school Juniors. What Do They Do In Each Of These Clubs? Why Do They Decide To End The Okto Delta Sorority? Have Either Of You Ever Been In A Club? If So, What Are Some Of Your Memories Of It? Did You Enjoy It? If Not, Is There A Reason You Haven' T Joined A Club? What Sounds Appealing About Clubs? . Betsy, Tacy, And Tib Begin Some Traditions Among Themselves, As Well As Sharing In Family Traditions. For Instance, Betsy And Tacy Sing The Cat Duet At The School Recital Every Year

      SKU: 165156
      ISBN: 9780060244156
      Author: Lovelace, Maud Hart / Lenski, Lois

    Making Horses Drink: How To Lead & Succeed In Business
      Making Horses Drink: How To Lead & Succeed In Business.

      Today, Business Success Demands Sustained Pek Performance- And That Requires Self-motivated, Enthusiastic Employees. How Can You Keep Your Team Consistently At The Top Of Their Game? This Powerful Book Begins With Fresh Insights From A Fable About A Horse And A Boy Who Must Manage It In Order To Save His Family's Farm. From The Boy's Story And The Hundreds Of Real-world Ideas That Follow, You Will Discover How To Harness Your Employees' Talents To Achieve Breakaway Success. You'll Learn: Helpful Tips And Techniques To Unleash Your Employees' Innate Drive To Succeed- And Harness Their Passion To Achieve Your Organization's Goals Strategies Successful Leaders Use To Replace Old "command-and-control" Management Styles With More Effective Communication Methods Common Mistakes In Dealing With Employees That Can Lead To Legal Liability- And Advice From Jackson Lewis, A Leading Employment Law Firm, On How To Avoid These Pitfalls Secrets To Managing Stress That Will Give You Renewed Energy And Enthusiasm For Your Business Practical Ways You Can Use Encouragement, Recognition And Other Powerful Motivators To Create A Peak-performance Workplace

      SKU: 7712052
      ISBN: 9781891984501
      Author: Hiam, Alexander / Blanchard, Ken

    The Bull Terrier Series Book # 1
      The Bull Terrier Series Book # 1.

      When Bullregard, A White Champion Bull Terrier, And His Owner's Young Yorkshire Pig, Link Disappears From The County Fair, The Local Sheriff Cannot Find A Clue To What Happened. Mrs. Chubbley Is Heartbroken And Turns To The Lord For Comfort When The Local Sheriff Finds Bullregards Collar Still Buckled And Intact. Jayne And Hazel, Her Close Friends Quickly Join Her To Help Solve The Mystery. Fenton Parker Her Dog Handler And Her Two Female Bull Terriers Come Home From Their Show Campaign. How Can A Dog And A Pig Just Disappear? Fenton Is Determined He Will Find Bullregard Will He Find Him Before Its Too Late? The Story And Bullregards Handsome Handler Intrigues A Young Female Novelist/reporter. Bullregad Ponders Desperately How He And Link Will Find Their Way Back Home. A Sow Becomes A Friend And Bullregard Discovers That He Has A Lot In Common With Yorkshire Swine. Deb Seale Lives On A Small Farm In East Texas With Her Husband Kenny, Two Bull Terriers, Seven Paint Horses, Four Cats, A Few Ducks, And Chickens. She Feels Privileged To Be What God Has Called Her To Be: Wife, Woman, Mother, And Grandmother. Her Gray Mare And Four Cats Are "rescued." She Is Now A Freelance Writer And Speaker At Local Churches, Women's, Or Youth Meetings. She Has Been Involved At Her Local Church As A Ladies Leader And Speaker, Youth Leader, Choir Member, Soloist, And Young Adult Sunday School Teacher. She Is A Member Of The Christian Writers Guild, Her Local Church, The Texas Gulf Coast Ubll Terrier Club, And The American Paint Horse Association Among Others. This Is Her First Youth Novel About A Dog And She Is Presently Working On Book 2 In "the Bull Terrier Series" Titled Bullregard And Mrs.chubbley "the Good Samaritan Dog"

      SKU: 7382729
      ISBN: 9781602660380
      Author: Seale, Deb

    A Ride Into Morning: The Story Of Tempe Wick
      A Ride Into Morning: The Story Of Tempe Wick.

      The Revolutionary War Is Raging. Food And Firewood Are Scarce, And Tempe Wick Is Worried That She Will Not Be Able To Care For Her Ailing Mother And Her Family And Still Maintain The Farm. Her Ability To Hold On To Her World Is Threatened When A Mutinous Soldier Demands That She Lend Him Her Beloved Horse In Exchange For Keeping Her Brother's Rum-smuggling Activities Secret Fromthe Authorities. This Dramatic Historical Novel Is Based On A Real Event That Has Been Popularized Into American Legend.

      SKU: 443737
      ISBN: 9780152005733
      Author: Rinaldi, Ann / Rinaldi

    Napoleon's Hemorrhoids: ... And Other Small Events That Changed History
      Napoleon's Hemorrhoids: ... And Other Small Events That Changed History.

      Hilarious, Fascinating, And A Roller Coaster Of Dizzying, Historical What-ifs, Napoleon's Hemorrhoids Is A Potpourri For Serious Historians And Casual History Buffs. In One Of Phil Mason's Many Revelations, You'll Learn That Communist Jets Were Two Minutes Away From Opening Fire On American Planes During The Cuban Missile Crisis, When They Had To Turn Back As They Were Running Out Of Fuel. You'll Discover That Before The Battle Of Waterloo, Napoleon's Painful Hemorrhoids Prevented Him From Mounting His Horse To Survey The Battlefield. You'll Learn That An Irate Blacksmith Threw His Hammer At A Fox And Missed, Hitting A Rock And Revealing The Largest Vein Of Silver Ever Discovered, Thus Changing The Finances Of Canada Forever. Interestingly, Charlton Heston Was Cast As Moses In The Ten Commandments Because His Broken Nose Made Him Look Like Michelangelo's Famous Sculpture Of Moses. Finally, No One Knows Einstein's Last Words. They Were In German, A Language His Nurse Did Not Speak. A Treasure Trove Filled With Fascinating Anecdotes About The Tiny Ripples That Created Big Waves In History, Napoleon's Hemorrhoids Is Much More Than Just A Trivial Fact Book; It Is An Astonishing Historical-fate Book Revealing How Our Most Famous Incidents, Best-loved Works Of Art, And Most Accepted Historical Outcomes Are Simply Twists Of Fate.

      SKU: 7379451
      ISBN: 9781602397644
      Author: Mason, Phil

    Moon Handbooks South Pacific
      Moon Handbooks South Pacific.

      From Lagoon Swimming In The Cook Islands To Witnessing The Race Of The Banana Bearers In The Heiva I Tahiti Festival, Travelers Will Find The Best Of The South Pacific-both Popular And Obscure-in This Guidebook. Moon Handbooks South Pacific Provides In-depth Coverage Of Outdoor Recreation, With Specifics On Swimming, Diving, Yachting, Kayaking, Biking, Hiking, Amping, Climbing, Caving, And Horseback Riding. Complete With Helpful Maps, Photographs And Illustrations, As Well As Useful Advice On Practicalities Such As Food, Entertainment, Shopping, Visas, Money, Health, Packing, And Inter-island Travel, This Guidebook Offers The Tools You Need For A Uniquely Personal Experience.

      SKU: 7013459
      ISBN: 9781566914116
      Author: Stanley, David

    400pcs/lot Crystal Clear 6x12mm Navette Sew On Rhinestone Flatback Drop Water 2 Holes Horse Eye Crystal Beads
      400pcs/lot Crystal Clear 6x12mm Navette Sew On Rhinestone Flatback Drop Water 2 Holes Horse Eye Crystal Beads.

      400pcs/lot Crystal Clear 6x12mm Navette Sew On Rhinestone Flatback Drop Water 2 Holes Horse Eye Crystal Beads

      Category: Sewingnotions, amp, tools
      SKU: 267876198

    Jeep Jeep Horses Horses In The Net, The Grid Grille, Bright Circles Black With Insect Nets
      Jeep Jeep Horses Horses In The Net, The Grid Grille, Bright Circles Black With Insect Nets.

      Welcome To My Store .if U Need Any Help , Give Pleasure Contact Us , We Will Offer You The Best Service , Best Quality And Fast Shipping , Thank You !

      Category: Grilles
      SKU: 402640359

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