Fluval Impeller Shaft 304 & 4 04 (old Style)

    Fluval Impeller Shaft 304 & 4 04 (old Style)
      Fluval Impeller Shaft 304 & 4 04 (old Style).

      Fluval Ceramic Shaft Assembly For Impellers With Curved Fan Blades Only. (for Models 304 & 404) Old Style. Hagen Impeller Shaft For Fluval 304 And 404 Models Manufactured Before July 2001 Require (old Style) Impeller Shaft! For Fluval 304 And 404 With Rubber Support For Impellers For Impellers With Curved Fan Blades Only Blister Box

      Category: Aquarium , amp, amp, Fish Supplies, gt, aquarium Filters , amp, amp, Powerheads, gt, fluval Replacement Parts
      SKU: Fluvalceramicshaft1

    3 Pack Zymox Otic (1.25oz) With Hydrocortisone (1.0%)
      3 Pack Zymox Otic (1.25oz) With Hydrocortisone (1.0%).

      $5 Off! Applied At Checkout This Item Has An Automatic Discount Applied During Checkout, The Price Will Apear To Be The Same In Your Shopping Cart, Look For The Discount At Time Of Checkout Zymox Otic With Hydrocortisone Is Used For The Treatment Of Acute And Chronic Otitis Externa, An Inflammatino Of The Outer Ear Characterized By Itching, Swelling, Redness And Pain In The Outer Part Of The Ears. Simply Touching The Ears Of Your Pet Scan Hurt. Zymox Otic Is Manufactured By Pkb Animal Health, A Well-known Manufacturer Of Pet Care And Veterinary Products. It Is A Proven Antibiotic Alternative And Provides Quick Relief For Your Pet And Also Eliminates The Bacteria And Fungi That Caused The Infection. It Is Safe To Use Long-term And Is Especially Beneficial For Persistent Cases Of Otitis Externa. Zymox Otic Without Hydrocortisone Iss Also Available For Those Who Are Sensitive To Hydrocortisone Or Those Pets Who Are Pregnant Or Lactating. It Is Important Not To Pre-clean Your Pet's Ears Before Applying Zymox Otic. The Ear May Be Gently Wiped With A Soft Cloth To Remove Excess.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, ear , amp, Eye Products, gt, ear Cleansers , amp, Treatments, gt, zymox Otic
      SKU: 3pkzymoxotic

    12 Month Advantage Ii Flea Control Large Cat (for Cats Over 9 Lbs.)
      12 Month Advantage Ii Flea Control Large Cat (for Cats Over 9 Lbs.).

      Fleas Can Cause A Lot Of Discomfort And Itchiness To Your Cat. If That Was Not Enough, Fleas Can Also Infest Your Home And Even Start Affecting Humans. These Tiny Parasites Are Carriers Of Dangerous Microbes Which Can Cause A Range Of Different Diseases. Advantage Ii For Cats Promises To Get Rid Of Fleas Once And For All. It Has A Special Formulation That Attacks The Fleas At All Life Stages, Adult, Larva, And Egg. It's An Effective Product That Quickly Controls The Problem And Prevents Future Infestations. This Is The Purple Advantage Ii, Which Means It's Specially Formulated For Cats Above 9lbs Of Weight. The Pack Contains 12 Tubes, Enough For An Entire Year Of Protection Against Fleas. Advantage Ii Has A Waterproof Formulation, Which Allows Your Cat To Roam Free And Get Wet After Application. Speak To A Veterinarian To Find Out If Advantage Ii Is Right For Your Cat.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, flea , amp, Tick Supplies, gt, topicals, gt, advantage Ii For Cats
      SKU: Advantageiipurple12

    Bio-groom Ear Mite Treatment ( 4 Fl Oz)
      Bio-groom Ear Mite Treatment ( 4 Fl Oz).

      Bio-groom Ear Mite Treatment With Aloe Vera Kills Ear Mites And Ear Ticks In Dogs, Puppies, Cats, Kittens, And Rabbits. It Is A Non-sticky, Non-oily Product That Also Aids In The Removal Of Ear Wax For Your Pet. Directions: It Is A Violation Of Federal Law To Use This Product In A Manner Inconsistent With Its Labeling. To Control Spinose Ear Ticks And Ear Mites And To Remove Ear Wax, Apply 10 Drops To Each Ear. Massage Base Of Ear A Few Minutes To Assist Penetration Of The Ear Wax By The Solution. Allow Pet To Shake Its Head. Wipe Excess Solution From The Ear With Cotton. Repeat Every 2 Days Until Condition Has Cleared Up Or As Directed By Your Veterinarian. As A Preventative Treatment, Apply This Solution Every 15 Days To Reduce Ear Mite And Ear Tick Infestation And Ear Wax Accumulation. Do Not Use On Dogs Or Cats Or Rabbits Under 12 Weeks Of Age. Consult A Veterinarian Before Using This Product On Debilitated, Medicated, Aged, Pregnant, Or Nursing Animals.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, ear , amp, Eye Products, gt, ear Mite Control, gt, bio-groom Ear Mite Treatment
      SKU: Bgearmite4oz

    Chuckit Floppy Tug - Large Assorted
      Chuckit Floppy Tug - Large Assorted.

      Durable Rubber Chew And Tug Toy Coiled Spring Shape Expands And Contracts When Tugging Distinctive Shape/visually Interesting 2 Sizes: Large & Small 2 Color Ways: Light Blue & Green

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Toys, gt, rope , amp, amp, Tug Toys, gt, chuckit Floppy Tugs
      SKU: Chuckit-floppy-tug-large-assorted

    Dingo Denta Mini Treats 15-pack (4 Oz)
      Dingo Denta Mini Treats 15-pack (4 Oz).

      Dingo Denta Mini Treats 15-pack Teeth Whitening Chews Why Not Offer A Delicious, Fully Digestible Dental Treat That Supports Good Oral Health? Unique Texture Helps Remove Tartar. Contains Chlorophyll For Sweet Breath And Vitamin E For Support Of Healthy Skin And Coat. Will Not Splinter, Crack, Crumble Or Stain. Reclosable Bags. Made With The Highest Quality Ingredients To Give Your Dog A Fun And Delicious Treat That Is Preferred 2 To 1 Over The Leading Dental Chew! Dog's Chewing Helps Remove And Prevent Tartar And Plaque For Whiter Healthier Teeth. With Chlorophyll To Help Prevent "doggie Breath". Wont Splinter, Crack, Crumble Or Stain. Fully Digestible With Bromelain Enzyme For Better Overall Digestion Of Your Dog's Diet. With Vitamin E For Healthy Skin And Coat. Healthy And Fun To Chew, Dnigo Denta-treats Help Promote Clean Teeth And Gums. And They Are Dingo Delicious!

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dental Products, gt, dental Dog Treats, gt, dingo Dental Care
      SKU: Dingodentaltreats15pk

    Dry Clean Blueberry Muffin Waterless Spray Shampoo (15 Oz)
      Dry Clean Blueberry Muffin Waterless Spray Shampoo (15 Oz).

      An Effective Way To Clean Your Dog Without Battling Bath Time Dry Clean Blueberry Muffin Waterless Spray Shampoo By Pet Head Makes Getting Your Pet Clean A Breeze. Bath Time Can Sometimes Be Traumatic ? For Both You And Your Dog ? So Waterless Shampoo Is A Great Way To Get All The Benefits Of A Full Bath Without The Fight. Simply Spray Your Dog?s Coat And Enjoy The Fresh Scent And Feeling Of Your Pet. Formulated To Be Gentle And Safe For Your Dog, Pet Head Prides Itself On Low-chemical Products That Are Cruelty Free And Safe Enough To Be Used On Humans. And The Delicious Scent Of Blueberry Muffins Is Sure To Have Your Dog Begging For A Spray. Benefits: Fun, Appetizing Scent Quick And Easy To Use Great For Travelling Or In Between Baths Provides The Same Deep Clean As Traditional Shampoo

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, grooming Supplies, gt, grooming Sprays, Wipes , amp, amp, Foams, gt, pet Head Grooming Sprays
      SKU: Dry-clean-blueberry-muffin-waterless-spray-shampoo-15-oz

    Durvet No-bite Multi-pest Indoor Fogger (3 X 6 Oz)
      Durvet No-bite Multi-pest Indoor Fogger (3 X 6 Oz).

      No-bite™ Multi-pest Indoor Fogger Combines Three Insecticides That Kill Adult Fleas/larvae, Ticks, Ants, Booklice, Carpet Beetles, Centipedes, Cockroaches, Confused Flour Beetles, Crickets, Earwigs, Firebrats, Flies, Fruit Flies, Gnats, Grasshoppers, Hornets, House Flies, Midgws, Millipedes, Mole Crickets, Mosquitoes, Palmetto Bugs, Pillbugs, Rice Weevils, Saw=toothed Grain Beetles, Scorpions, Silverfish, Small Flying Moths, Sowbugs,spiders, Stable Flies, Wasps, Waterbugs & Yellow Jackets On Contact. Each Box Contains Three 6 Ounce Foggers. One 6 Ounce Fogger Can Treat Up To 6,000 Cubic Feet Of Unobstructed Area, Which Equals A 30 X 25 Foot Room With One 8 Foot Ceiling. For Use On : Homes, Attics, Basements, Garages, Apartments, Household Storage Areas, Kennels, Pet Sleeping Areas, Non-food Areas Of Closed Barns, Horse Stables, Greenhouses (non-commercial), Seedhouses, Boats, Cabins And Campers Kills On Contact Non-staining - No Oily Residue Water-based Formula - No Unpleasant Odor Three Pack Savings - Each 6 Oz. Fogger Treats Up To 6,000 Ft3

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, flea , amp, Tick Supplies, gt, home , amp, Yard Treatments, gt, durvet No-bite, amp, trade, Home Treatments
      SKU: Durvet-no-bite-indoor-fogger

    Homeopet Wrm Clear (15 Ml)
      Homeopet Wrm Clear (15 Ml).

      A Natural Remedy For Prevention And Removal Of Hookworms, Roundworms And Tapeworms. Ingredients: Granatum, Kamala, Chenopodium Anthelminticum, Filixmas, Cucurbita Pepo, Thymol, Teucrium Marum, Cina, Spigella Anthelmintica, Naphtaline, Nux Vomica, Arsenicum Album. Administer 3 Times A Day Orally Or Use With Food Or Water. Dosage: Under 20 Lbs, 5 Drops; 20-100 Lbs, 10 Drops; Over 100 Lbs, 15 Drops. As A Preventative, Use For 7 Days And As A Treatment, Use For 14 Days. Safe For Kittens, Puppies, Pregnant And Nursing Animals.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, health , amp, amp, Wellness, gt, dewormers, gt, homeopet Wrm Clear
      SKU: Howrmcl15ml

    Recombitek C4 ( 25 Doses )
      Recombitek C4 ( 25 Doses ).

      Recommended For The Vaccination Of Healthy Dogs 6 Weeks Of Age And Older For Prevention Of Disease Due To Canine Distemper Virus, Canine Parvovirus, Canine Adenovirus Type 1 ( Canine Hepatitis), Canine Adenovirus Type 22 ( Canine Respiratory Disease Complex), And Canine Parainfluenza Virus. Dosage Reconstitute The Lyophilized Vaccine With Accompanying Liquid And Aseptically Inject 1 Ml (1 Dose) Subcutaneously Or Intramuscularly Into Healthy Dogs. For Primary Vaccination, Revaccinatte With A Second 1 Ml Dose 2 To 3 Weeks Later. Dogs Younger Than 12 Weeks Of Age Should Be Revaccinated With A Single 1 Ml Dose Every 2- 3 Weeks, The Highest Dose Given At Or Over 12 Weeks Of Age. Revaccinate Annually With A Single 1 Ml Dose. All Vaccines Are Shipped Overnight. A $29.95 Flat Rate Fee Is Charged For All Orders Containing Vaccines. Someone Shouldb E Present To Sign For And Receive The Vaccine Order When It Ships To You. For More Shipping Info Click Here.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, health , amp, amp, Wellness, gt, vaccines, gt, recombitek
      SKU: Retekc425dos

    Marineland Eclipse Filtration Systems Filter Cartridges Rite-size G (3 Pk)
      Marineland Eclipse Filtration Systems Filter Cartridges Rite-size G (3 Pk).

      Marineland, They Design Their Filter Cartridges To Meet The Absolute Highest Standards Of Water Purification Performance And Operational Ease.each Pre-as Sembled Cartridge Slides Easily Into Place, Providing Superior Mechanical And Chemical Filtration And Making Replacement Fast, Dry, And Effortless. The Cartridge Mechanically Filters Water Through A Pad Of Double Thick Poly-fiber. Debris And Waste Particles Are Trapped, And Water Is Chemically Filtered Through Marineland's Black Diamond Premium Activated Carbon. Inside The Cartridge, A Patented Ribbed Backing Ensures The Even Distribution Of Activated Carbon To Deliver Maximum Water-to-carbon Contact. The Result? Crystal Clear, Crystal Clean Water. There's A Rite-size Cartridge For Every Penguin Filter, Emperor Filter, And Millennium Power Filter. Plus, The Custom Eclipse Filter Cartridge Is Designed Specifically For Horizontal Placement In Our Extensive Selection Of Eclipse Systems. Our Color-coded Packaging Ensures Fool-proof Cartridge Selection. Rite-size G Fits Eclipse 1 And Eclipse System 12.

      Category: Aquarium , amp, amp, Fish Supplies, gt, aquarium Filter Cartridges, gt, marineland Filter Cartridges , amp, amp, Replacements
      SKU: Ritesizecrtdgg3pk

    Wasn't It Smart Of God To...
      Wasn't It Smart Of God To....

      Bestselling Author Steve Chapman Offers This Little Gem Of A Book That Will Have Readers Chuckling, Grinning, And Nodding Their Heads At The Witty Quips, Outrageous Insights, And Fascinating Observations. Drawing On Folk Humor, A Dash Of Science, Backwoods Wisdom, And Biblical Truths, Steve Encourages Readers To Consider: Wasn't It Smart Of God To...design Us To Sneeze Out Instead Of In?have Rain Fall In Little Drops Instead Of One Big One?give Us Old Age So We'll Look Forward To Heaven?devise Human Legs So They Can Straddle Horses And Harleys?make Us Curious So We'll Seek Him? Fun And Thought-provoking, Wasn't It Smart Of God To... Is Filled With The Little And Big Things Around Us That Highlight God's Creativity And Make Our Lives Interesting And Wonderful.

      SKU: 16443817
      ISBN: 9780736946544
      Author: Chapman, Steve

    The Lost Horse: A Chinese Folktale
      The Lost Horse: A Chinese Folktale.

      Acclaimed Author-illustrator Ed Young Breathes New Life Into The Ancient Chinese Folktale Of A Horse That Brings Extraordinary Reversals Of Fortune To Its Trusting Owner. A Timeless Fable, "the Lost Horse" Teaches Of The Ever-changing Fortunes Of Life.

      SKU: 445374
      ISBN: 9780152050238
      Author: Young, Ed

    Across The Wall: A Tale Of The Abhorsen And Other Stories
      Across The Wall: A Tale Of The Abhorsen And Other Stories.

      Nicholas Sayre Will Do Anything To Get Across The Wall Thoughts Of Lirael And Sam Haunt His Dreams, And He Has Come To Realize That His Destiny Lies With Them, In The Old Kingdom. But Here In Ancelstierre, Nick Faces An Obstacle That Is Not Entirely Human, With A Strange Power That Seems To Come From Nicholas Himself. With "nicholas Sayre And The Creature In The Case," Garth Nix Continues To Explore The Magical World Of The Abhorsen Trilogy. In Additional Short Stories That Range From Two Widely Different Takes On The Merlin Myth To A Gritty Urban Version Of Hansel And Gretel And A Heartbreaking Story Of Children And War, Garth Nix Displays The Range And Versatility That Has Made Him Oen Of Today's Leading Writers Of Fantasy For Readers Of All Ages.

      SKU: 180200
      ISBN: 9780060747152
      Author: Nix, Garth

    Among Wild Horses: A Portrait Of The Pryor Mountain Mustangs
      Among Wild Horses: A Portrait Of The Pryor Mountain Mustangs.

      Wild Horses Roaming Free Under The Big Skies Of Montana And Wyoming. The Image Is A Powerful Symbol Both Of The Nobility Of The Horse And Of The Pioneer Spirit Of The American West. But Do These Wild Creatures Really Still Exist? They Do, And They're Here In Panoramic Photographs That Reveal The Animals In All Their Majesty. In The Pryor Mountains, Ranging Along The State Line Between Montana And Wyoming, There Lives A Band Of Wild Horses - The Pryor Mountain Mustangs - Descended From The Original Spanish Horses Brought Over By The Conquistadores. These Wild Relatives Of Equine Royalty Live, Browse, Roam, Challenge, Fight, And Mate Much As They Have For Hundreds Of Years. Here Is The Extraordinary Phoyographic Journal Of The Three Years Lynne Pomeranz Spent Studying, Admiring, And Photographing These Magnificent Animals. The Inner Lives And Relationships Of 25 Horses Emerge In Intimate Photographs Accompanied By Stirring Text. Witness The Dramatic Competitions Between Stallions As They Vie For Supremacy, The Tender Bonds Between Mares And Their Offspring, And The Joyful Play Of Each Spring's Newborn Foals. The Pryor Mountain Mustangs Will Claim A Special Place In The Hearts Of Horse Lovers And Nature Enthusiasts Of All Ages.

      SKU: 7137990
      ISBN: 9781580176330
      Author: Pomeranz, Lynne / Ryden, Hope / Massingham, Rhonda

    Beaded Critters
      Beaded Critters.

      In The Spirit Of Her Playful And Popular First Book, "totally Beads," Sonal Bhatt Presents Children With A Delightful Collection Of More Than 20 Beaded Animals, Fruits, Sea Creatures, And Even People. Bright, Colorful, And Utterly Appealing, They're Great For Adorning Clothing, Decorating Book Bags, Wearing As Jewelry, Giving As Gifts, Or Just Showing Off. And Best Of All, Each Vibrantly Illustrated And Carefully Explained Project Is Fun To Make And Well Within The Ability Of Kids Trying This Craft For The First Time. A Thorough Introduction Presents All The Basics, From Stringing To Knotting, Right At The Start. Youngsters 7 Or 8 And Up (pre-teens Too ) Will Love Fashioning A Ladybug, Butterfly, Bat, Seahorse, Mermaid, Bunny, Grapes, And Much More.

      SKU: 6057265
      ISBN: 9781402704161
      Author: Bhatt, Sonal

    Blessed Are The Brood Mares
      Blessed Are The Brood Mares.

      When Blessed Are The Blood Mares Was Published In 1978, No Other Single Source Existed That Contained Such A Wide Range Of Information On The Care Of The Breeding Of Mare From Mating, Through Gestation, To Foaling And Nursing, And On The Care Of The Young Horse. Now There Is: The Second Edition Of This Classic.

      SKU: 3886109
      ISBN: 9780876058480
      Author: Lose, M. Phyllis

    Traditions Of The Arapaho
      Traditions Of The Arapaho.

      Anthropologists George A. Dorsey And Alfred L. Kroeber Joined Forces To Record And Preserve The Rich Cultural Traditions Of The Arapaho Indians, Long Split Into Two Bands. Dorsey Had Done Fieldwork With The Southern Arapaho After They Moved From Colorado To Oklahoma And Would Soon Be Known For His Study Of Their Sun Dance. Kroeber Had Visited The Northern Arapaho, Who Were Still Living In Wyoming. "traditions Of The Arapaho," First Published In 1903, Is The Result Of Their Collaboration. This Collection Of Tales Bears Witness To The Religious Feeling, Imagination, And Humor Of The Arapaho. Beginning With Creation Myths, Dorsey And Kroeber Offer Stories About Found-in-grass, Blood-clot-boy, Badger-woman, Blue-feather, White Dog, The Rolling Stone, Porcupine, And The Woman Who Climbed To The Sky. Entities Marvelous And Mundane-water Monsters, Speckled Horses, Dancing Ducks, Cannibalistic Dwarves-populate These Vi Brant Tales, Where Spirit Permeates Everything, And Everything Has Meaning.

      SKU: 3255726
      ISBN: 9780803266087
      Author: Dorsey, George A. / Kroeber, Alfred Louis / Anderson, Jeffrey D.

    Feral Children And Clever Animals: Reflections On Human Nature
      Feral Children And Clever Animals: Reflections On Human Nature.

      In This Provocative Book, Douglas Candland Shows That As We Begin To Understand The Way Animals And Non-speaking Humans "think," We Hold Up A Mirror Of Sorts To Our Own Mental World, And Gain Profound Insights Into Human Nature. Weaving Together Diaries, Contemporary Newspaper Accounts, And His Own Enlightening Commentary, Candlannd Brings To Life A Series Of Extraordinary Stories. He Begins With A Look At Past Efforts To Civilize Feral Children. We Meet Victor, The Wild Boy Of Aveyron, Now Famous As The Subject Of A Truffaut Film; Kaspar Hauser, Raised In A Cell, Civilized, And Then Assassinated; And The Wolf Girls Of India, Found Early This Century Huddled Among Wolf Pups In A Forest Den (they Were Originally Believed To Be Ghosts By Superstitious Villagers, Who Nearly Shot Them As They Were Being Captured). In Each Case, It Was Hoped That The Study Of These Children Would Help Clarify The Age-old Nature/nurture Debate, But, As Candland Shows, So Much Of The Information "revealed" Was Really Only A Projection Of Beliefs Previously Held By The Investigating Scientists. Candland Then Turns To "clever Animals." We Learn How The Investigation Of "clever Hans," The German Horse Who Could Calculate Square Roots, Proved To Be A First Step In The Direction Of Behaviorism (researchers Found That Hans Was Being Tipped Off By The Subtle And Unwitting Body Language Of His Owner And Other Observers, Who Would Bend Almost Imperceptibly At The Waist With Every Hoof Beat, And Stand Erect When The Correct Count Was Reached). And Candland Discusses The Many Attempts To Communicate With Our Closest Neighbor, The Apes. We Read Of Richard Lynch Garner's 1892 Experiment Living With Chimpanzees Ingabon (he Taught One To Say The French Word "feu"), And Of Gua, Raised By W.n. And L.a. Kellogg Alongside Their Own Son Donald, And Of The Latest Successes Of Teaching Sign Language To Such Precocious Apes As Sarah, Sherman, Austin, And Koko. Throughout, Candland Illuminates The Boldest And Most Intriguing Efforts Yet To Extend Our World To That Of Our Fellow Creatures. And He Shows That, In The End, Our Effort To "make Contact" Is A Reflection Of The Way In Which We As A Species Create And Order Our Universe. Humans Have Long Shown A Wish To Connect With The Silent Minds Around Them. In Assembling And Interpreting The Compelling Tales In This Book, Candland Offers Us A New Understanding Not Only Of The Animal Kingdom, But Of The Very Nature Of Humanity, And Our Place In The Great Chain Of Being.

      SKU: 537061
      ISBN: 9780195102840
      Author: Candland, Douglas Keith

    The Shakespeare Conspiracy - A Novel: The Story Of The Greatest Literary Deception Of All Time - Based Entirely On Historical Fact
      The Shakespeare Conspiracy - A Novel: The Story Of The Greatest Literary Deception Of All Time - Based Entirely On Historical Fact.

      The Shakespeare Conspiracy Historical Fiction Two Questions Have Always Plagued Historians: How Could Christopher Marlowe, A Known Spy And England's Foremost Playwright, Be Suspiciously Murdered And Quickly Buried In An Unmarked Grave - Just Days Before He Was To Be Tried For Treason? How Could William Shakespeare Replace Marlowe As England's Greatest Playwright Virtually Overnight - When Shakespeare Had Never Written Anything Before And Was Merely An Unknown Actor? Historians Have Noted That The Bard Of Stratford Was Better Known At That Time "for Holding Horses For The Gentry While They Watched Plays." The Shakespeare Conspiracy Is A Historical Novel That Intertwines The Two Mysteries And Then Puts The Pieces Together To Offer The Only Possible Resolution. The Novel, A Wild Romp Through Gay 16th Century Elizabethan England, Is A Rapidly Unfolding Detective Story Filled With Comedy, Intrigue, Murder And Illicit Love. And Most Importantly, All Recorded Events, Persons, Dates And Documents Are Historically Accurage. You Will... Get The Scandalous View Of The Real William Shakespeare, With His Sexual Peccadilloes, Illegitimate Children And Mistresses... Wander Through The Gay World Of Christopher Marlowe, When It Was Acceptable To Be Homosexual Just So Long As One Stayed Within One's Own Class - As Did Kings Like James I, Edward Ii, And Others... Observe Inspector Henry Maunder Matching Wits With Christopher Marlowe's Patron, Sir Thomas Walsingham - One Cleverly Hiding The Facts And Other Cunningly Discovering The Truth... Watch The Arguments Unfold, Showing The Actual Reasons That Many Historians Believe That It Could Only Have Been Christopher Marlowe Writing All Those Great Works. It's A Tale Of Murder, Mayhem And Manhunts In The Underbelly Of London As The Black Plague Scourges The Counntry And The Greatest Conspiracy Plot Of All Time Is Hatched. It's... The Shakespeare Conspiracy

      SKU: 9827662
      ISBN: 9781452050669
      Author: Bacino, Ted

    The Texas Republic
      The Texas Republic.

      The Texas Republic Tells The Story Of The Settlement Of Early Texas From The Indian And Black Settlers' Point Of View. Early Texas Was A Refuge For Runaway Slaves And Northern Indian Tribes Forced South From The Great Lakes And Eastern States. The Eastern Cherokee, Arapaho, Ez-e-nye, Delaware, Kick-a-poo, And Alabama-coushatta Went There.the Cherokee Found A Friend In Sam Houston. As A Young Man He Had Run Away From Home To Live With Them As A Member Of Their Tribe. As A Soldier, And A Lawyer, He Fought For The Cherokee To Have Land Rights. When Mexico Forced Texas To Pay Higher Taxes, Many Could Not Pay And Support Their Families. Just As The United States Rebelled Over Paying Higher Taxes To England, Texasfought Mexico Over An Unfair Tax Burden. The Cherokee Acted As Scouts For The Texas Army. The Texans Fought The Mexican Army's Raids On Their Cattle And Horses. Mexico's Attack On Gonzales, Goliad, And The Alamo, Force The Texans To Take Drastic Measures. Sam Houston Puts Together An Army Of Volunteers While The Mexican Army Chases The Leaders Of The Texas Government From Galveston To East Texas, And Back To The Safety Of Waiting Ships At Galveston. Sam Houston Fights A Decisive Battle At San Jacinto Capturing Santa Anna. From This Battle Comes The Treaty Of Velasco And Texas' Independence. Santa Anna Was Returned Back To Mexico A Defeated Dictator. Sam Houston Becomes The First Elected President Of Texas. Mirabeau Lamar Becomes The First Vice President. Lamar's Control Of The Texas Senate Keeps Sam Houston From Ratifying A Treaty With The East Texas Cherokee: Chief Bowles And Chief Mush. Lamar's Popularity As Vice President, And His Role As A Cavalry Leader At San Jacinto, Leadshim To Become The Next President Of Texas. Lamar As President Takes The Opposite View Of Sam Houston Toward New Settlements, And The Rights Of The Red River Tribes. Lamar Makes War On The East Texas Cherokee, And The Comanche At The Council House In San Antonio. Now, A Terrible Indian War Wages In Texas For The Next Two Years. These Prevent New Settlements In Texas, Allowing Mexico To Renew Their Attacks On San Antonio. Sam Houston As The New President Of Texas Tries To Broker A Peace Treaty Between The Red River Tribes At Grapevine Springs. This Great Council Of The Red River Tribes Was One Of The Greatest Treaties Made Between Tribes That Had Different Languages And Customs. Some Tribes Had Little Or No Contact With Others, So This Was Quite A Feat To Accomplish A New Battle Begins Within The Texas Government For The True Capitol Of Texas. The Cities Of Austin And Houston Fought For Control Of Government Documents. This Threatened The Treaty Being Ratified So Sam Houston Has The Treaty Made At Bird's Fort Two Months Later. This Story Tells Of The Great Council And The Red Bird Treaty That Allowed The Settlers From France, Germany, England, And Some Freed Blacks From The Federal States, To Settle In Texas. This Blend Of Cultures, And People Make The Story Of Texas U

      SKU: 6850632
      ISBN: 9781553691402
      Author: Blevins, Joe L.

    Death, The Vamp And His Brother
      Death, The Vamp And His Brother.

      When It Comes Down To Love Or Duty, Pick A Side—and Pray Your Heart Survives. Death Exists For One Purpose And One Purpose Only: To Sever The Life-threads Of The Living. She Does Her Job With Pride And An Unwavering Commitment. Nothing Ruffles Her. Until She Encounters Patrick Watkins. The Australian Lifeguard Pushes All Her Buttons—and Makes Her Tailbone Itch Like Crazy. And When Her Tailbone Itches, It Means Trouble Is Brewing. Big Trouble. Ven’s Gut Tells Him That Death Si Taking Aim At His Kid Brother. He Should Know&mdah;he Died And Was Turned Vampire While Trying To Prevent Anothdr Failed Murder-attempt Eighteen Years Ago. Patrick Is Meant To Do Something Important In The World, And Ven Will Do Anything To Keep Him Safe. Even Take On Death Herself. In More Ways Than One. As Far As Patrick’s Concerned, The Whole Thing Is A Load Of Bull. But What If Everything Death Tells Him Turns Out To Be True? How Is He Expected To Save Mankind From The Worst Fate Of All—the Apocalypse? Especially When All He Can Think About Is How Quickly He’s Falling In Love With The Most Feared Horseman Of Them All… "warning: This Book Contains Enough Heresy To Shame The Devil, More Scorching Sex Than One Person Can Handle, Oh, And Lots Of Australian Colloquialism. A Bloody Lot Of Australian Colloquialism."

      SKU: 7404980
      ISBN: 9781605047348
      Author: Couper, Lexxie

    Beyer On Speed
      Beyer On Speed.

      Critics And Handicappers Adore Him. The Boston Globe Once Called Him "the Manic Evangelist, Grand Guru, And Scholarly Professor Of Handicapping." His Books Espouse Strategies And Betting Philosophies That Have Shaped The Sport. But The True Measure Of Andrew Beyer's Impact On Handicapping Is That His Very Name Has Become Part Of The Horseplayer's Terminology. Beyer's Speed Figures, First Introduced Almost Twenty Years Ago In Picking Winners, Revolutionized Racetrack Betting. But Not Until 1992, When The Daily Racing Form Included Beyer Speed Figures In Past Performances, Did They Become Widely Available. Now, In Beyer On Speed, The Author Shows How To Make Speed Figures The Focal Point Of An Effective Betting Strategy. Written In Beyer's Clean, Rapid-fire Prose, Beyer On Speed Explains How To Relate Speed Figures To Such Factors As Pace, Track Bias, And Track Conditions.

      SKU: 1236478
      ISBN: 9780395735237
      Author: Beyer, Andrew

    New Simulation Rose Flower Hair Band Hair Rings Korean Pearl Hair Accessories Cloth For Kids And Adult Headdress Lashing Horsetail Hair Rope
      New Simulation Rose Flower Hair Band Hair Rings Korean Pearl Hair Accessories Cloth For Kids And Adult Headdress Lashing Horsetail Hair Rope.

      2016 Cute Hair Accessories Hair Clips. Good Quality And Nice Price Free Shipping. Colors:as Picture Show,you Can Not Choose The Colors, We Will Randomly Send.

      Category: Ponytailsholder
      SKU: 386736908

    4pcs Attack On Titan Patch 3d Rose Embroidery Tactical Patches Horse Combat Badge Cloth Army Morale Sword Armband
      4pcs Attack On Titan Patch 3d Rose Embroidery Tactical Patches Horse Combat Badge Cloth Army Morale Sword Armband.

      Product Type:badgesdecoration:nonefeature:3dtechnics:embroideredfabric Type:canvasmain Material:fabric Size:9.5*7.7cm Badge Type:hook And Loops Package Include: 4pcs Patches As Main Photo, You Also Could Leave A Message About Which One You Want.

      Category: Functionpatches
      SKU: 398411659

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