Hippota Nestor

    Hippota Nestor
      Hippota Nestor.

      This Book Is About The Homeric Figure Nestor. This Study Is Important Because It Reveals A Level Of Deliberate Irony In The Homeric Poems That Has Hitherto Not Been Suspected, And Because Nestor's Role In The Poems, Which Is Built On This Irony, Is A Key To The Circumstances Of The Poems' Composition. Nestor's Stories About The Past, Especially His Own Youth, Often Lack Purpose On The Surface Of The Poems, But With A Slight Shift Of Focus They Provide A Deep Commentary On The Present Action Of Both Poems. Nestor's Homeric Epithet, "hippota, " "the Horseman," Permits The Necessary Refocus. The Combination Of Epithet And Name, "hippota Nestor, " Has Nido-european Roots, As A Comparison With Vedic Sanskrit Shows. Interpreted In The Context Of The Indo-european Twin Myth, Nestor's Role Clearly Points Beyond Itself To The Key Question In Homeric Studies: The Circumstances Of The Poems' Composition. Nestor Has A Special Relation To Ionia, Where The Homeric Poems Were Composed, And Through Ionia To Early Athens. The Relationship Between The Ionian City Of Miletus And Early Athens Is Particularly Important. In Addition To The Role Of These Cities, The Location Of Nestor's City Pylos, An Ancient Conundrum, Is Sharply Illuminated By This New Interpretation Of Nestor's Homeric Role.

      SKU: 2459988
      ISBN: 9780674032903
      Author: Frame, Douglas

    Tetraaqua Bettasafe Water Conditioner (1.69 Oz)
      Tetraaqua Bettasafe Water Conditioner (1.69 Oz).

      Bettasafe Water Conditioner (1.69 Oz) Provides Complete And Fast-acting Water Conditioning For The Popular Betta Fish (also Called Siamese Fighting Fish). Bettasafe Quickly Neutralizes Chlorine, Chloramines, And Heavy Metals In Tap Water And Adds A Protective Slime Coating. The Small Container Upon Built-in Dropper Is Ideal For Dosing The Typical Betta Bowl/ Habitat.

      Category: Aquarium , amp, amp, Fish Supplies, gt, aquarium Water Treatments , amp, amp, Additives, gt, tetra Water Additives , amp, Conditioners
      SKU: Btsfwtrcond1oz

    Cocotherapy Coconut Oil (8 Oz) + Coconut Chips Bundle
      Cocotherapy Coconut Oil (8 Oz) + Coconut Chips Bundle.

      This Item Is Currently Out Of Stock And Should Be Shipped 4-6 Weeks. We Recommend Trying Cocotherapy Organic Virgin Coconut Oil (16 Oz) Cocotherapy Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Is An All Natural, Usda Organic Oil That Can Be Given Orally Or Topically To Provide Medium Chain Fatty Acids To Cats, Dogs, And Birds. Each Jar Of This Pristine Coconut Oil Was Extracted From Fresh, Organically Grown Coconut That Was Then Cold-pressed In Small Patches To Ensure Its Quality. Cocotherapy Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Can Be Applied Directly To Hot Spots, Dry Skin, And Cracked Paws Or Fed Orally To Improve Skin And Coat Health. This Jar Contains 8 Fluid Ounces Of The Oil But A Larger Jar That Contains 16 Fluid Ounces Is Also Available. Promote Healthy Skin And Coat In Your Pet With An Organic, All-natural Oil That Is Easy To Use And Get A Jar Of This Organic Virgin Coconut Oil For Your Pet Today! Key Features: Provides Medium Chain Fatty Acids To Support Skin, Coat, And Overall Health Usda Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Topical Or Oral Admiinistration Cocotherapy Coconut Chips Provides An All-natural Source Of Dietary Fiber To Support Digestive Health With Each Delicious Bite. Other Snacks Ofte Combine A Wide Assortment Of Ingredients For A Long And Unmanageable Ingredient List. Know Exactly What You're Giving Your Dog With This 100% All-natural Dehydrated Organic Coconut. Cocotherapy Coconut Chips Are Free Of Added Preservatives, Dyes, Bleach, Sugar, And Salt. This Package Contains 6 Ounces Of The Chips And Is Resealable To Keep Each Treat Fresh. Keep Your Pet Healthy And Rregular With A Scrumptious Coconut Chip Treat And Order Now! Key Features: No Artificial Colors Or Flavors, Added Sugar, Salt Or Preservatives Rich Source Of Dietary Fiber Contains 6 Ounces Of Dehydrated Organic Coconut For Cats, Dogs, Birds, Rabbits, Or Small Animals This Bundle Contains: 1 X Cocotherapy Organic Virgin Coconut Oil (8 Oz) 1 X Cocotherapy Coconut Chips (6 Oz)

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, food Supplements, gt, nutritional Supplements, gt, cocotherapy, amp, reg, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
      SKU: Cocotherapy-coconut-oil-8-oz-bundle

    3-pack Comfort Zone Refill With D.a.p. (144 Ml)
      3-pack Comfort Zone Refill With D.a.p. (144 Ml).

      3-pack Comfort Zone Refill With D.a.p. - 48 Ml Reduce Or Stop Most Stress-related Behavior Such As Whining, Chewing, Urination And Defecation. When Dogs Feel Safe And Secure They Are Less Likely To Act Out Aand Be Destructive. Also Reduces Or Eliminates Separation Anxiety And Related Barking. Calms Dogs During Thunderstorms And Fireworks Or When Left Home Alone. Helps Comfort Dogs In Stressful Situations Such As Around Visitors, New Pets Or Family Members. D.a.p. Mimics A Natural Comforting Facial Pheromone Produced By Dogs Odorless And Non-toxic Does Not Affect Humans Or Other Pets

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, training , amp, amp, Behavior, gt, dog Anxiety , amp, amp, Stress Solutions, gt, comfort Zone With Dap For Dogs
      SKU: Comfortsprydaprefill3pk

    Diagel For Dogs (3ml)
      Diagel For Dogs (3ml).

      Are You Tired Of Giving Multi-dose Treatments And Cleaning Up Diarrhea For 3-5 Days? See Results Within 24 Hours With Just 1 Syringe Of Diagel For Dogs 3 Ml (31-60 Lbs) . Commob Uses Include But Are Not Limited To Garbage Gut, Changes In Diet And/or Water, Stress And Environment Changes Like Boarding, Breeding, Traveling And Showing. Diagel Is Palatable, Easy To Give And Approved Bg The Nasc. (national Animal Supplement Council).

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, food Supplements, gt, probiotics , amp, Digestion Supplements, gt, diagel For Dogs
      SKU: Diageldogs3ml2

    Api Freshwater Master Test Kit
      Api Freshwater Master Test Kit.

      Maintaining Good Water Quality Is The Key To Successful Fishkeeping. With The Api Freshwater Master Test Kit You Can Test The Most Important Levels In Your Freshwater Aquarium. Plus, This Kit Includes Step-by-step Instructions On How To Perform Each Test, How To Interpret The Results, And How To Correct Unsafe Water Conditions. Includes Freshwater Ph, High Range Ph, Ammonia, Nitrite, And Nitrate. Kit Features Computer-analyzed Laminated Color Cards, Instruction Booklet, 4 Test Tubes, A Holding Tray And Test Tube Rack.

      Category: Aquarium , amp, amp, Fish Supplies, gt, aquarium Maintenance , amp, amp, Supplies, gt, api Freshwater , amp, Saltwater Master Test Kit
      SKU: Freshmasterkit

    Furminator Short-hair Deshedding Tool For Medium Dogs
      Furminator Short-hair Deshedding Tool For Medium Dogs.

      Furminator Short-hair Deshedding Tool For Medium Dogs Is A Deshedding Tool For Dogs With Coats Less Than 2 Inches. This Furminator Features Patented Deshedding Edges Designed To Reach Beneath Short Topcoat To Gently Remove Undercoat And Loose Hair. Used And Recommended By Professional Groomers And Veterinarians, Furminator Deshedding Tools Are The Only Tools Guaranteed To Reduce Shedding Better Than Any Brush, Rake Or Comb. For Short Hair Dogs 21-50 Lbs. 2.65? Deshedding Edge Designed For Coats Shorter Than 2 Inches Reduces Shedding Up To 90% Stainless Steel Deshedding Edge Reaches Deep Beneath Your Dog's Short Topcoat To Gently Remove Undercoat And Loose Hair. Furejector Button Cleans And Removes Loose Hair From The Tool With Ease.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, grooming Supplies, gt, shedding Control, gt, furminator, map, reg, Deshedding Tools
      SKU: Furshorthairmed

    Greenies Treat Tub-pak Canister Large 27 Oz. (17 Bones)
      Greenies Treat Tub-pak Canister Large 27 Oz. (17 Bones).

      Greenies Treat Tub-pak Canister Large 27 Oz. (17 Bones) Is New And Improved With An All New Formula. Reward Your Pet With Fresh Breath, Clean Teeth, And Loads Of Vitamins And Minerals With Every Delicious Treat. Toothbrush Shape, Tapered Shaft And Contoured Knuckle Offer A Better Surface For Teeth Cleaning. Formulated With An Optimal Blend Of Soy And Wheat Protein For Ease In Digestion. Chewier Texture Helps Reduce Plaque, And Keeps Gums Healthy. Scientifically Developed In 5 Different Sizes To Ensure A Perfect Bite Based On Your Dog's Skull Type. Designed To Offer Complete And Balanced Nutrition With 52% Protein And Low In Fat. New Chewy Texture - Irresistibly Chewier To Help Clean Teeth New Easy To Digest - Soy And Wheat Protein Blend New Ingredients - Fortified With Vitamins & Minerals For Complete Nutrition New Shape - Natural Shapes And Curves Fit Around Your Dog's Teeth New Taste - Dogs Love The New Taste Of Greeneis New Science - 5 Sizes Designed To Work Perfectly With Your Dog's Bite Size Length Of Treats For Dogs Teenie 2 3/4" 5-15 Lbs Petite 3 1/2" 15-25 Lbs Regular 4 1/4" 25-50 Lbs Large 5 1/4" 50-100 Lbs Jumbo 6" Over 100 Lbs Learn More About The New & Improved Greenies : View Pdf Here More Information

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dental Products, gt, dental Dog Treats, gt, greenies Treat Tub-pak Canister
      SKU: Istegreeniescanrlarge17bones

    Jw Pet Wanderfuls
      Jw Pet Wanderfuls.

      The Cataction Wanderfuls Cat Toy Is An Interactive Cat Wand With Whimsical Creatures Attached To A Long Sting That You And Your Cat Will Love Too Play With Together. With Feathers, Catnip, And A Bright Fun Design, This Toy Keeps Your Cat Healthy By Promoting Exercise And Mental Stimulation. It's A Great Way To Exercise Your Cat's Body And Mind. Whimsical Creatures Attached To A Long String Natural Catnip

      Category: Cat Toys, gt, teaser Cat Toys, gt, jw Pet Cataction Teasers
      SKU: Jw-pet-wanderfuls

    Laxatone (2.5 Oz) By Vetoquinol
      Laxatone (2.5 Oz) By Vetoquinol.

      Laxatone Is A Laxative And Hair Ball Remedy. This Product Is Used As A Laxative In Dogs And Cats. It Is Used As A Hair Ball Remedy In Cats. Dosages For Dogs And Cats Are Given On The Label.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, food Supplements, gt, laxatives , amp, amp, Hairball Treatments, gt, laxatone
      SKU: Lax25ozbyev

    Look Who's Happy! - Fetch'n Fillets - Beef Jerky (3.5 Oz)
      Look Who's Happy! - Fetch'n Fillets - Beef Jerky (3.5 Oz).

      Fetch'n Fillets™ -i F Your Furry Friend Does Tricks For Great Treats, He?ll Be Juggling His Favorite Toys On A Unicycle For These! Made With Naturally Raised Meat Or Cage Free Poultry, Fetch?n Fillets Are A Joy For Dogs To Eat. Naturally Packed With Savory Flavor, They?re The Perfect Snack To Reward Your Pup And Get His Tail Wagging! Made With Whole Muscle, Usda-inspected Meat Or Poultry Grain And Gluten Free No By-products, Added Hormnoes*, Artificial Preservatives, Flavors Or Colors Slow Cooked For Terrific Taste Crafted From Healthful Ingredients In Our Family-owneed Plant

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, jerky Dog Treats, gt, look Who, s Happy, amp, trade, - Fetch, n Fillets, amp, trade,
      SKU: Look-whos-happy-fetchn-fillets-beef-jerky-3-5-oz

    Zoo Med Reptisun 5.0 Uvb Fluorescent Bulb (48")
      Zoo Med Reptisun 5.0 Uvb Fluorescent Bulb (48").

      Reptisun 5.0 Bulbs Offer The Uvb And Uva Rays That Are Necessary For The Good Health Of Your Reptile Or Amphibian. They Provide The Exact Band Of Rays Within The Uvb Spectrum For Maximum Vitamin D3 Synthesis And Calcium Absorption. Reptisun 5.0 Uvb Bulbs Supply An Amazing 5.0% Uvb And Up To 30% Uva; Outputs Active Uvb Up To 12" From The Bulb's Surface. The Bulb's Uva/uvb Wavelength Remains Effective For 1 To 1ā¾ Years. (replace Bulbs Yearly). Designed For Use With All Lizards Other Than Iguanas (diurnal And Nocturnal), Turtles And Tortoises, Andsome Species Of Snakes. Safe And Beneficial For Use With All Types Of Reptiles, Snakes, Turtles, Tortoises And Amphibians Regardless Of Their Uv Requirements. Product Features Use With Lizards (other Than Iguanas) To Help Prevent Bone Problems. Strengthens And Improves Shell Growth In All Captive Utrtles And Tortoises. Eliminates The Risk Of Vitamin D3 Overdose From Synthetic Sources By Allowing Reptiles The Ability To Regulate Their Own Vitamin D3 Levels. Increases Appetite And Physical Activity, While Helping To Induce Reproductive Behaviors. Beneficial To The Psychological Well-being Of Captive Reptiles And Amphibians. Shipping: This Item Does Not Ship Via Our Priority Shipping Method. (overnight Shipping Is Available)

      Category: Reptile Products , amp, amp, Supplies, gt, heating Products, gt, zoo-med Heating Supplies
      SKU: Rep50uvb48in

    Royal Canin Satiety Feline Treats (7.8 Oz)
      Royal Canin Satiety Feline Treats (7.8 Oz).

      Royal Caninā® Satiety Feline Treats Are Scientifically Formulated To Be Compatible With Royal Canin Veterinary Dietā® Satiety Feline Formulas For Use During A Veterinary Dietary Management Program. These Treats Are Intended For Intermittent Or Supplemental Feeding Only. Promotes A Urinary Environment Unfavorable To The Development Of Both Struvite And Calcium Oxalate Crystals. Low Calorie - Only 0.9 Kcal Per Treat To Support A Healthy Weight S/oā® Index

      Category: Cat Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, functional Cat Treats, gt, royal Canin Veterinary Cat Treats
      SKU: Royal-canin-satiety-feline-treats

    Vet's Best Skin + Coat Soft Chews (30 Count)
      Vet's Best Skin + Coat Soft Chews (30 Count).

      Vet's Best Skin + Coat Soft Chews Are Veterinarian-formulated To Promote Your Dog's Wellness By Supporting Healthy Skin Moisture And A Soft Shiny Coat. Each Daily Chew Is Loaded With A Balanced 3:1 Ratio Of Omega 3 To Omega 6 Fatty Acids, Plus Minerals, Antioxidants, Biotin, And Vitamin E To Support Your Dog's Skin, Coat And Nail Health. Each Vet's Best Soft Chews Is Densely Packed With Active Ingredients Providing High Level Of Bioavailability For Optimal Absorption. Compare The Ease And Simplicity Of Vet's Best Once A Day Soft Chews To Other Brands Which Often Require Multiple Chews Per Day. Essential Fatty Acids To Maintain Normal Skin Moisture & A Soft Shiny Coat Rich In Omega Fatty Acids, Minerals & Antioxidants Each Moist Soft Chews Are Formulated With Natural Chicken Liver No Artificial Colors, Flavors, Animal By-products, No Wheat, Corn, Gluten, No Bha Or Bht 30 Day Supply For Dogs Up To 75 Lbs. Net Weight: 4.2 Oz / 120 G Resealable Bag Maintains Freshness Made In The U.s.a.

      Category: New Pet Products
      SKU: Vets-best-skin-coat-30-chews

    Zanies Plush Bungee Geckos Dog Toy 16" - Purpple
      Zanies Plush Bungee Geckos Dog Toy 16" - Purpple.

      Zanies Plush Bungee Gecko Dog Toy Is A Uniquely Fun Squeak Toy That Willi Nstantly Become Your Dog's New Favrite Play-thing. This Fuzzy Reptile Comes In A Variety Of Vibrant Assorted Colors And Features A Long, Intricate Design. The Gecko Contains Two Different Squeakers Dispersed In Both Its Head And Its Tail To Entice And Delight Pets While They Play. Zanies Plush Bungee Gecko Dog Toy Has A Durable Plush Exterior With Elastic Inside That Allows It To Stretch An Additional Eight Inches In Length. The Stretchiness Allows For Added Durability And Affords Dogs An Uncommon Play Experience. Your Dog Will Love This Toy And The Fun Times It Offers, So Order Today! Key Features: Comes In Vibrant Assorted Colors Made With Plush For Durability Stretches From 16" In Length To 24

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Toys, gt, plush , amp, Stuffing-free Dog Toys, gt, zanies Plush Dog Toys
      SKU: Zanies-plush-bungee-geckos-dog-toy-16-purple

    Dust Devil
      Dust Devil.

      Here Is The Thrilling, Thigh-slapping Companion To "swamp Angel, " The Beloved Caldecott Honor–winning Picture Book. Swamp Angel Has A Reputation As The Greatest Woodswoman And Wildest Wildcat In All Of Tennessee. But When She Grows Too Big For That State, She Moves To Montana, A Place So Sizeable, Even Angel Can Fit In. It’s There That She Wrestles A Raging Storm To The Ground And, At Its Center, Finds Herself A Sidekick—a Horse She Names Dust Devil. And When Backward Bart, The Orneriest, Ugliest Outlaw Ever Known, Starts Terrorizing The Prairie, Seems Like Angel And Dust Devil May Be The Only Ones Strong Enough To Stop Him. Children Will Be Captivated By The Beauty And Exaggerated Humor Of Paul Zelinsky’s American Primitibe–style Paintings And The Wit And Energy Of Anne Isaacs’s Unparalleled Storytelling. Here Is An Original Folktale Starring An Extraordinary Gal Who Is As Feisty As She Is Funny And As Courageous As She Is Kind.

      SKU: 1120813
      ISBN: 9780375867224
      Author: Isaacs, Anne / Zelinsky, Paul O.

    Authentic Shirley  Temple Paper Dolls And Dresses
      Authentic Shirley Temple Paper Dolls And Dresses.

      2 Dolls And 16 Costumes Reprinted From Rare Original Edition Published By The Saalfield Publishing Company In 1937. Also Included Are Period Playthings And Accessories: Toy Horse And Dog, Hats, Purses, Toy Soldier, As Welk As Black-and-white Photographs Of Shirley Wearing The Original Outfits. 33 Full-color Illustrations. Introduction.

      SKU: 15969477
      ISBN: 9780486266107
      Author: Krebs / Paper Dolls / Krebs, Marta K.

    Bad Nature, Or With Elvis In Mexico
      Bad Nature, Or With Elvis In Mexico.

      "it All Happened Because Of Elvis Presley." Elvis, Down South Of The Border To Film A Movie, Has Insisted His Producers Hire A Proper Spaniard So That He Can Pronounce His Few Lines In Spanish With A Castillian Accent. But Ruiberriz Has Taken On Much More Than He Bargained For. One Fatal Night, Horseplay In A Local Bar Goes Too Far: A Fatuous Drunken American Insults The Local Kingpin, And When The Thug Insists That Ruiberriz Translate, Elvis Himself Adds An Even More Stinging Comment-and Who Must Translate That?

      SKU: 3382503
      ISBN: 9780811218580
      Author: Marias, Javier / Allen, Esther

    Hugger Mugger
      Hugger Mugger.

      Someone's Making Death Threats In Dixie - Against A Thoroughbred Horse Destined To Be The Next Secretariat. At The Owner's Request, Boston P.i. Spenser Hoofs It Down South - Where The Lies Are Buzzing...and The Dying Is Easy.

      SKU: 1359508
      ISBN: 9780425179550
      Author: Parker, Robert B.


      A Cryptic Summons To A Remote Country House Launches Isaac Inchbold, A London Ookseller And Antiquarian, On An Odyssey Through Seventeenth-century Europe. Charged With The Task Of Restoring A Magnificent Library Destroyed By The War, Inchbold Moves Between Prague And The Tower Bridge In London, His Fortunes-and His Life-hanging On His Ability To Recover A Missing Manuscript. Yet The Lost Volume Is Not What It Seems, And His Search Is Part Of A Treacherou Game Of Underworld Spies And Smugglers, Ciphers, And Forgeries. Inchbold's Adventure Is Compelling From Beginning To End As Ross King Vividly Recreates The Turmoil Of Europe In The Seventeenth Century-the Sacks Of Great Cities; Raleigh's Final Voyage; The Quest For Occult Knowledge; And A Watery Escape From Three Mysterious Horseemen.

      SKU: 431527
      ISBN: 9780142000809
      Author: King, Ross

    A Cavalry Officer During The Sepoy Revolt - Experiences With The 3rd Bengal Light Cavalry, The Guides And Sikh Irregular Cavalry
      A Cavalry Officer During The Sepoy Revolt - Experiences With The 3rd Bengal Light Cavalry, The Guides And Sikh Irregular Cavalry.

      A Young British Cavalryman Caught Up In The Chaos Of Mutiny And Its Bloody Aftermath The Indian Mutiny Began For Mackenzie In A Fury Of Violence And Bloodshed. As Bengal Army Native Troops Rose, Killing Their Officers And Their Families And Burning Their Cantonments, This Young Cavalryman Found Himself Literally Fighting For His Life Often Against Those He Had Recently Commanded. This Terrible But Oftne Exciting Narrative Takes The Reader From The Outbreak Of The Mutiny Through A Time Of Rebellion And Warfare As Seen From The Horse Soldiers Perspective. A Must For Anyone Interested In The Raj, Victorian Warfare And Well Written First Hand Military Accounts

      SKU: 7514103
      ISBN: 9781846770241
      Author: Mackenzie, A. R. D.

    Traditional Feeding Of Farm Animals
      Traditional Feeding Of Farm Animals.

      First Published In 1915, Traditional Feeding Of Farm Animals Covers Everything Anyone Would Ever Need To Know About Feeding Farm Animals And Poultry To Achieve Maximum Production Of Meat, Milk, Or Eggs From Livestock And Poultry, And Maximum Health And Work Output For Horses And Mules. Topics Covered Include The Principles Of Feeds; Digestion In Different Animals; The Relative Nutritional Value Of Various Feeds; Green Forage And Hay; Roots And Tubers; Silos And Silage; Cereal Mill Feeds; Oil Meal Feeds; Feeds For Pigs, Dairy Cattle, Beef Cattle, Sheep And Goats, Horses And Mules, Poultry, And Much More. Profusely Illustrated With Black-and-white Photographs, Line Drawings, And Tables, Traditional Feeding Of Farm Animalsis A Classic, Timeless Volume Of Grreat Value To Anyone Raising Livestock Or Poultry.

      SKU: 7266986
      ISBN: 9781592281527
      Author: Woll, F. W.

    Am I Pig Enough For You Yet?: Voices Of The Barnyard
      Am I Pig Enough For You Yet?: Voices Of The Barnyard.

      "am I Pig Enough For You Yet? The More I Gorge, The More Gorgeous I'll Get. " We Have All Gazed At Sheep And Cows In Fields By The Side Of The Road. And We Have Seen Them Gazing Back. What Are They Thinking? And What About Those Funny Looks We Get From Horses, Pigs, Geese, Ducks, Llamas, And, Yes, Chickens? This Book Opens Up The Inner Lives Of Livestock, Revealing Their Concerns About Relationships, Food-chain Issues, And Why People See Cows And Want To Go "mooo." Valerie Shaff And Roy Blount Jr. Have Created Another Classic - Combining Incomparable Photographs With Blount's Brilliant Verse To Give Readers Rare Insight Into The Weird World Of The Denizens Of The Barnyard. "in Texas, Ohio, Massachusetts, Here's What Is For Certainn. If You Cross Paths With An Angry Goose,, It's Your Butt Will Be Hurtin'. "

      SKU: 161790
      ISBN: 9780060194871
      Author: Blount, Roy, Jr. / Shaff, Valerie

    Chalk Whispers
      Chalk Whispers.

      Rise To The ~ Of Los Angeles Police Detective Paul Bishop Brings Gripping Authenticity And Power To "chalk Whispers," His Poignant, Revealing New Fey Croaker Lapd Novel. Never One To Avoid A Challenge, Fey Knows She'll Face Both Jealousy And Hostility On Her Promotion To Lieutenant In The Elite Robbery-homicide Division, But She And Her Team Encounter Something Far More Dangerous And Disturbing When Their First Case Is The Torture-murder Of Prominent Lawyer Bianca Flynn, The Daughter Of A Judge And Sister Of One Of Los Angeles's Police Commissioners. Why Did The Authorities Sit On This Potentially High-profile Case For Three Days, And What Brought Flynn To Such An Unhappy End In An Abandoned Hollywood Warehouse? Fey And Her Crew - The Enigmatic Married Couple, Arch Hammersmith And Rhonda Lawless (a.k.a. Hammer And Nails), Brindle Jones And Her Partner, Alphabet Cohen, And Fey's Second-in-command, Monk Lawson - Must Search Bianca Flynn's Past To Try To Find Clues To Her Murder. One Promising Avenue Is Bianca's Work For An Illegal Underground Railroad Seeking To Protect Children From Sexually Predatory Parents. As The Investigation Twists Into Ever-tightening Circles, Fey Must Also Probe The Strange Death Of Ellis Kavanaugh, One-time Police Force Partner Of Fey's Abusive Father. Is Kavanaugh's Decease Connected To Flynn's? Why Did The Old Man Leave Fey A Briefcase Filled With Hundred-dollar Bills, And Who Chased Him To His Death Beneath Frightened Horses On A Racetrack? In A Novel That Reaches Into The Past To Illuminate The Tragedies Of Today, Paul Bishop Reveals A Vulnerable, Searching Fey Croaker Readers Have Never Seen Before And Will Not Soon Forget. "chalk Whispers" Deliversa Knock-out Punch In This Riveting Series From An Author Who Combines The Hard-earned Authority Of The Professional Police Officer With The Narrative Gift Of The Born Storyteller.

      SKU: 2503407
      ISBN: 9780684830100
      Author: Bishop, Paul

    Hot Sale Top Lacing Soft Thick Cow Leather Work Shoes Crazy Horse Leather Mens Tooling Shoes Size 38-45 Round Toe 808
      Hot Sale Top Lacing Soft Thick Cow Leather Work Shoes Crazy Horse Leather Mens Tooling Shoes Size 38-45 Round Toe 808.

      Two Colors:dark Brown And Red Brown. Men Size :38-45 Free Shipping

      Category: Casualshoes
      SKU: 400751322

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