Humilac Spray By Virbac (8 Oz)

    Humilac Spray By Virbac (8 Oz)
      Humilac Spray By Virbac (8 Oz).

      This Item Is Currently Out Of Stock And Should Be Shipped 4-6 Weeks. We Recommend Trying Vitasoneā® Leave On Conditioner Hydrocortisone 1% (8 Oz) Or Call 1 (800) 889-8967 For Availability. Indications: Humliac Is A Soothing Dry Skin Treatment Incorporating An Oil Free Humectant. Formulated To Aid In Moisturizing Dry Skin And In Restoring Luster To The Hair Coat Without Leaving A Greasy Or Oily Film. Dosage And Administration: While Parting The Hair,thoroughly Spray The Entire Coat. Groom As Usual. Use Once A Day Or As Recommended By A Veterinarian. May Be Used As An After Shampoo Rinse. Add Five (5) Capfuls Of Humilac To One (1) Quart Of Warm Water. Pour The Solution Over The Animal, Avoiding The Eyes And The Ears.

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    12 Month Frontline Top Spot Red: For Dogs 89-132lbs.
      12 Month Frontline Top Spot Red: For Dogs 89-132lbs..

      Frontline Top Spot Blue For Dogs 89-132 Lbs Frontline Top Spot Red For Dogs Provides Flea And Tick Passport For At Least One Month. It Is Applied Topically And Each Packet Has 12 Applications Providing 12 Months Of Protection. Effective Flea & Tick Control . . . No Prescription Required! Frontline Top Spot Red For Dogs 89-132 Lbs Is A Powerful And Easy-to-use Formula Designed To Quickly And Effectively Kill Fleas, Ticks, And Chewing Lice. Frontline Top Spot Is Specially Formulated For Dogs And Puppies Over 2 Months Of Age Or Older, Weighing Between 89 And 132 Lbs. Do Not Reapply Frontline For 30 Days. Quickly Kills Fleas, Ticks, And Chewing Lice Frontline Contains The Active Ingredient Fipronil That Effectively Targets Fleas, Ticks And Chewing Lice. Fipronil Collects In The Oils Of The Skin And Hair Follicles, And Continues To Be Released From Hair Follicles Onto The Skin And Coat, Resulting In Long-lasting Activity Waterproof Formula Thanks To Its Waterproof Formula, Frontline Top Spot Won't Rinse Off When You Give Your Dog A Bath Or When Your Dog Goes For A Swim. The Active Ingredient In Frontline, Fipronil, Is Stored In The Natural Oils In Your Dog's Coat, So Your Pet Is Sure To Stay Protected No Matter How Many Puddles He Or She Tramps Through. This Frontline Top Spot Product Is Epa Approved And Registered. It's Guaranteed To Be The Exact Same Product Sold By Your Veterinarian. Click Here For More Information On Epa-approved Pet Products. Frontline Top Spot Red For Dogs 89-132 Lbs Guaranteed Us Epa Approved. Over-the-counter Topical Kills Fleas & Ticks In Under 48 Hours Protect Against Lyme Disease! Easy To Apply Monthly Preventive Per Dose: $10.92 More Info Got Fleas? A Product Guide To Flea And Tick Products. Flea Facts You Should Know Interesting Flea Facts To Help Your Pets Be Pest-free. Fleas: Understanding The Enemy All About Fleas And Prevention. Faq About Fleas/ticks Ticks Helpful Information On Ticks And Your Pets. Frontline Topspot For Dogs Is Available In: Orange (0 - 22 Pounds) Blue (23 - 44 Pounds) Purple (45 - 88 Pounds) Red (89 - 132 Pounds) 3 Month 6 Month 12 Month 3 Month 6 Month 1 2month 3 Month 6 Month 12 Month 3 Month 6 Month 12 Month

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    Cat Attract (20 Oz)
      Cat Attract (20 Oz).

      Dr.elsey's Cat Attract Feline Behavioral Modification Litter Additive Contains A Scent That Naturally Attracts Kittens And Cats To Use The Litter Box. It Was Created Through Years Of Observing And Testing Cats In Shelters And Dr. Elsey's Clinic. Industry Statistics Show That Non-use Of The Litter Box Is The Number One Behavioral Reason Cats Are Abandoned, Abused, And Placed In Animal Shelters. Designed For Cats Who Are Not Using Their Litter Boxes, Cat Attract Is The First Litter Additive To Specifically Address This Problem And Provide A Clinically Tesetd And Consumer Proven Solution.. Just 20 Ounces Of This Patented Product (one Bottle) Will Treat 100 Lbs. Of Medium Size Particle, Non-scented Scoopable Litter. It Is Not Intended For Use With Paper, Conventional, Pine, Perfumed, Cedar Or Litters Containing Baking Soda. We Recommend Precious Cat Classic Or Precious Cat Ultra Scoopable Litters. Mix 1/4 Of The Contents Of The Additive Bottle With A Freshly Filled Litter Box Containing 20-25 Pounds Of Medium Sized Particle, Non-scented Scoopable Litter. Add 1/8 Of This Additive When-ever You Add More Litter. * Helps Bring Problem Cats Back To The Litter Box * Great Training Litter For Kittens * One Bottle Treats 100 Lbs. Of Litter * Lasts One Cat Over 3 Months * Superior Odor Control

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    Kong™ Classic - X-small
      Kong™ Classic - X-small.

      The Kong™ Classic Is The Gold Standard Of Dog Toys And Has Become The Staple For Dogs Around The World For Over Fortyā years. Offering Enrichment Bh Helping Satisfy Dogs' Instinctual Needs, The Kong™ Classic's Unique All-natural Red Rubber Formula Is Ultra-durable With An Erratic Bounce That Is Ideal For Dogs That Like To Chew While Also Fulfilling A Dog's Need To Play. Want To Extend Play Time? Be Sure To Stuff With Tempting Bits Of Kibble And Entice With A Dash Of Peanut Butter. Add To The Fun By Adding Kong™ Snacks And Topping With Kong™ Easy Treat. Mentally Stimulating Toy, Offering Enrichment By Helping Satisfy Dogs? Instinctual Needs Kong™ Classic Red Rubber Formula For Average Chewers Unpredictable Bounce For Games Of Fetch Great For Stuffing With Kong™ Easy Treat, Snacks Or Ziggies Recommended By Veterinarians And Trainers Worldwide All-natural Rubber Made In The Usa Freeze With Your Dog's Favorite Tastes For Extended Play Available In Six Sizes: Xs, S, M, L, Xl And Xxl

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    Dental Fresh Advanced Plaque & Tartar Water Additive For Dogs (17 Fl Oz)
      Dental Fresh Advanced Plaque & Tartar Water Additive For Dogs (17 Fl Oz).

      Dental Fresh® Advanced Plaque & Tartar Water Additive For Dogs Gently Whitens Your Dog's Teeth And Eliminates Bad Breath While Promoting Overall Dental Health. This Clinically Proven Formula Prevents And Reduces Plaque With Its Unique Combination Of Ingredients. Simply Add The Solution To Your Pet's Drinking Water Daily To Reduce The Bacteria That Cause Plaque Formation. Dental Fresh Advanced Plaque & Tartar Water Additive For Dogs Features Is Free Of Any Taste Or Odor To Ensure It Doesn't Affect Your Pet's Drinking Habits. This Bottle Contains 17 Fluid Ounces Of The Additive And Was Made Here In The Usa To Ensure Its Quality. Don't Let Your Pet Suffer The Ill-effects Of Poor Dental Hygiene, Get This Incredible Water Additive For Your Pup Today! Key Features: Clinically Proven To Prevent And Reduce Plaque Instantly Freshens Breath Whitens Teeth Safe For Cats And Dogs Made In The Usa

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    Dogtra Gold Rechargable Containment System
      Dogtra Gold Rechargable Containment System.

      The Dogtra Ef-3000 Gold System Gives You The Ability To Allow Your Dog The Freedom He Wants, Within Your Specified Boundaries. Dogtra's Containment System Contains Your Dog Without The Use Of Conventional Fencing That Can Be Chewed Through, Jumped Over Or Dug Under. Features: Waterproof Collar/receiver. Pager/vibration Signal That Warns The Dog Prior To Electrical Stimulation/correction. Wire Continuity Indicator Shows That The Fence Is In Operational Condition. Intensity Rheostat Dial On Each Individual Collar/receiver That Offers Levels (1-5) To Match Each Dog's Personality And Temperament. Stimulation Is Discontinued After 8 Seconds For Safety Purposes. The Collar Will Be Reactivated When The Dog Approaches The Boundary Again. Other Dogtra E-collars Or Other Manufacturer's Collars Will Not Be Intercepted Within The Dogtra Ef-3000 Gold System. Easy To Add Additional Collar/receivers. 2-hour Rapid Charge Pet Containment System. System Turns To Sleep Mode To Save Energy And Power When Your Dog Is Playing Safely Within The Ef-3000 Gold Boundary. Rechargeable Receiver. Long-range Signal (will Work Up To 40 Acres). User-friendly Controls.

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    Kissable Dog Toothbrush
      Kissable Dog Toothbrush.

      This Item Is Currently Out Of Stock And Should Be Shipped 4-6 Weeks. We Recommend Trying Kissable Toothbrushes & Toothpastes Or Call 1 (800) 889-8967 For Availability. This Toothbrush Has A Unique 3-sided Design. It Looks Different Because It Is Different. The Kissable Toothbrush Brushes All 3 Sides Of Your Dog's Teeth At Once (bottom, Front And Back) With One Simple Brushing Motion. This Multi-tasking Toothbrush Massages Your Dog's Gums As It Cleans His Teeth. Firm Scrubbing Bristles Positioned To Clean Your Dog's Teeth Are Paired With Softer Massaging Bristles That Work The Gums, Helping To Prevent Gum Disease.

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    Naturvet Glucosamine Ds - Double Strength Liquid (16 Oz)
      Naturvet Glucosamine Ds - Double Strength Liquid (16 Oz).

      Older Dogs And Cats Frequently Suffer From Joint Health Issues, Making It Harder For Them To Move With The Same Mobility And Speed They Used To Have. The Same Inflexibility Due To Pain And Tender Joints Also Decreases The Exercise Cats And Dogs Regularly Enjoy. That In Turn Leads To Other Health Problems. Yet With The Help Of Naturvet Glucosamine Ds - Double Strength Liquid, A Pet Owner Can Reverse Pet Joint Problems, Reducing The Pain And Improving Mobility Again. The Glucosamine Ds (double Strength) With Chondroitin Liquid Provides Pet Owners And Their Animals An Effective Means Of Joint Recuperation Through Digestion. The Liquid's Formula Includes Two Components Well Known For Improving Joint Health In Humans With Consistent Effects. The Included Formula Is Veterinarian-approved And Developed, So The Product Won't Be Harmful To Pets. Further, Naturvet's Glucosamine Mix Also Provides Antioxidants Well Known For Helping Animals Maintain Their Joint Health Rather Than Letting It Degrade Again. Other Benefits Of The Naturvet Glucosamine Ds Liquid Include: ? A Flavor That Is Both Natural And Attractive To Cats And Dogs. ? Two Natural Elements That Are Well-known For Helping Improve Joint Health In Humans And Animals Without Side Effects Or Problems. ? A Way To Help Both Older Dogs And Cats Who Are Suffering From Joint Problems That Come With Age, Injury Or Disease. Limit 12 Per Order

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    Redbarn Fetcher Dog Treat - Large (1.2 Oz)
      Redbarn Fetcher Dog Treat - Large (1.2 Oz).

      Redbarn Fetchers Are A Tasty Treat Made From Beef Esophagus And Pizzle. Esophagus Is Made Of Cartilage Which Is A Natural Source Of Chondroitin. Chondroitin May Help Support Joint Health And The Pizzle Makes Them Irresistible. Fetchers Are A Natural Source Of Protein And The Action Of Chewing Can Help Promote Dental Health. Made With Real Bully Sticks Helps Promomote Dental Health No Preservatives Or Artificial Colors Good Source Of Protein Savory, Chewy Outside, Tasty Crunch Center Highly Palatable Cautions: Monitor Your Pet While Feeding Natural Treats. This Is A Consumable, Fully Digestible Treat, Hhowever, Intestinal Blockage May Occur If Ingested In Large Pieces. Always Provide A Fresh Supply Of Drinking Water For Your Pet.

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    Sore No-more The Sauce (2 Oz)
      Sore No-more The Sauce (2 Oz).

      The Arenus Family Of Products - Turning Innovative Science Into Sound Health And Nutrition Sore No-moreā® The Sauce Is A Horse Liniment Combined With Povidone Iodinee For Rain Rot, Scratch Es, And Skin Fungus Anywhere On The Body And Thrush And Abscesses Of The Hooves. The World Famous Sore No-moreā® The Sauce Is An Arnica Based, Anti-fungal And Anti-bacterial Liniment For Hooves, Legs And Body. The Sauce Is The Sore No Moreā® Linime Nt Combined With Povidone Iodine For Rain Rot, Scratches, And Skin Fungus Anywhere On The Body And Thrush And Abscesses Of The Hooves. The Sauce Is The First Herbal Sugardine Dressing On The Market. Farriers Have Resurrected The Old Time Remedy Sugardine Which, Is An Old Time Remedy Of Mixing Iodine And Compliment To Form A Paste That Is Then Applied To Open Wounds, Abscesses, Or Resected Hooves To Reduce Inflammation, Infection, And Healing Time. Simply Add Sugar To Sore No-moreā® The Sauce To Make A Hoof Packing For Abscesses And Thrush. This Herbal Dressing Combined With Sugar May Be One The Most Effective Sugardine Combination Yet. Sore No-moreā® The Sauce Can Be Used Straight As A Topical Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal Paint On Scratches, Hooves Prone To Thrush, Infection, Or Traumatized Areas. Sore No-moreā® The Sauce Can Be Used For Possible Health Issues Including Thrush, Heat, Infection Or Traumatized Hoof Tissue, When A Highly Effective Germicide, Bactericide, Or Fungicide Is Needed, For Abscesses, Deep Thrush, Or When An Infection Needs To Be Drawn Out (see Sore No-moreā® Poultice). Sore No-moreā® The Sauce Benefits Include Soothing, Non-selective Germicide, Bactericide, Fungicide, And Viricide, Can Be Used As A Paint On The Soles Of The Feet For Stone Bruises Or To Toughen The Soles, Can Be Mixed With Sugar (sugardine) To Treat Abscesses, Can Be Used For Skin Fungus Issues Including Scratches And Rain Rot Aynwhere On The Body, And It Accelerates Granulation Of Tissue.

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    Spunky Pup Treat Holding Play Toy - Banana
      Spunky Pup Treat Holding Play Toy - Banana.

      Spunky Pup Fruits & Veggies Are Unique Dog Toys That Not Only Come In Various Sizes, Colors And Shapes, But Each One Is Scientifically Engineered To Provide A Different Interactive Playtime Experience. Fill It With Healthy Treats! Clean Teeth & Healthy Gums It Floats 100% Recyclable Dishwasher Safe Non-toxic

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    Twistix Dental Treats Yogurt & Banana Flavor - Large (5.5 Ooz)
      Twistix Dental Treats Yogurt & Banana Flavor - Large (5.5 Ooz).

      Twistix® Dental Treats Yogurt & Banana Flavor Are Delectable Dog Chews That Will Drive Your Pooch Wild. These Wheat-free Dog Chews Are Made With Peppermint And Parsley To Help Freshen Your Dog''s Breath As He Chews And Made To Feature A Tough Texture That Scrapes Away Plaque And Tartar As Your Dog Chews. Twistix Dental Treats Yogurt & Banana Flavor Is Made In The Usa And Comes In One Of Three Sizes To Accommodate Pups Of All Kinds. Though This Resealable Package Includes 5.5 Ounces Of Large Treats- Small And Mini Sizes Are Also Available- As Well As A Palatable Milk & Cheese Flavor . Your Dog Deserves A Dental Treat That Is Both Healthy And Delicious, So Order This Package Of Dental Twists Today! Key Features: Chew Removes Plaque And Tartar And Freshens Breath As Your Dog Eats Available In Three Sizes: Mini, Small And Large For Dogs Of All Sizes Available In Delectable Yogurt And Banana Or Mouth-watering Mikl And Cheese Flavors Made In The Usa

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    Yeowww! Banana Catnip Toy
      Yeowww! Banana Catnip Toy.

      Yeowww! Banana Catnip Toy Is A Capnip Toy That Actually Works! This Banana Shaped Toy Is Filled With 100% Organically Grown Catnip. Your Cat Will Love The Curve Of The Yeowww! Banana Catnip Toy And You Will Love To Watch Them Play With It. 7" In Length Filled With 100% Organic Catnip Stronger Aroma

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    Wildcat: The Cat Star Chronicles
      Wildcat: The Cat Star Chronicles.

      Jerden Was Enjoying Life As The Star Attraction Of The Zetithian Palace Brothel When A Deranged Woman Murdered His Lover. Plagued By Heartbreak And Depression, He Banishes Himself From The Palace And Commits To A Life Of Complete Solitude. The Stray Black Stallion He Rides Across The Fields And Mountain Trails Is The Only Source Of Solace He Can Find...until He Meets The Stallion's Owner. Sara Shield Is Recovering From Her Ow Trauma, And She Has Sworn Off Men Entirely So Th At She Can Focus On Her Horses. When Her Prized Stallion Brings The Handsome Jerden Straight To Her Door, She Can't Help But Wonder If She's Still Open To The Possibility Of Falling In Love.

      SKU: 20657694
      ISBN: 9781402251719
      Author: Brooks, Cheryl

    The Horsemaster's Daughter
      The Horsemaster's Daughter.

      Once A Privileged Son Of The South, Hunter Calhoun Now Stands A Widower Shadowed By The Scandal Of His Wife's Death. Burying Himself In His Success With Breeding Thoroughbred Racehorses, He's Left His Family To Crumble And Forgotten How To Comfort His Grieving Children. When A Prized Stallion Arrives From Ireland Crazed And Unridable, Hunter Is Forced To Seek Help For The Beast. Removed From The World Of Wealth And Social Privilege, Eliza Fylte Has Inherited Her Father's Famed Gift For Gentling Horses. And When Hunter Arrives With His Wild Steed, Her Healing Spirit Reaches Further Yet, Drawing Her To His Shattered Family And To The Intense, Bitter Man Who Needs Her, Just As She Needs Him. Eliza Understands What Hunter Refuses To See-that Love Is The Greatest Healer Of All. But Can Her Kind, Humble Being Manage To Teach Such An Untethered Man What Truly Matters In Life?

      SKU: 3017760
      ISBN: 9780778325109
      Author: Wiggs, Susan

    The Wake Of Forgiveness
      The Wake Of Forgiveness.

      On A Moonless Texas Night In 1895, An Ambitious Young Landowner Suffers The Loss Of "the Only Woman He's Ever Been Fond Of" When His Wife Dies During Childbirth With The Couple's Fourth Boy, Karel. From An Early Age Karel Proves So Talented No Horseback That His Father Enlists Him To Ride In Acreage-staked Horseraces Against His Neighbors. But Karel Is Forever Haunted By Thoughts Of The Mother He Never Knew, By The Bloodshot Blame In His Father's Eyes, And Permanently Marked By The Yoke He And His Brothers Are Forced To Wear To Plow The Family Fields. Confident Only In The Saddle, Karel Is Certain That The Horse "wants The Whip The Same Way He Wants His Pop's Strap . . . The Closest He Ever Gets To His Father's Touch." In The Winter Of 1910, Karel Rides In The Ultimate High-stakes Race Against A Powerful Spanish Patriarch And His Alluring Daughters. Hanging In The Balance Are His Father's Fortune, His Brother's Futures, And His Own Fate. Fourteen Years Later, With The Stake Of The Race Still Driven Hard Between Him And His Brothers, Karel Is Finally Forced To Dress The Wounds Of His Past And To Salvage The Tattered Fabric Of His Family. Reminiscent Of Kent Haruf's Portrayals Of Hope Amidst Human Heartbreak And Cormac Mccarthy's Finely Hewn Evocations Of The American Southwest, Bruce Machart's Striking Debut Is As Well Wrought As It Is Riveting. It Compels Us To Consider The Inescapable Connections Between Sons And Their Mothers, Between Landscape And Family, And Between Remembrance And Redemption.

      SKU: 1857597
      ISBN: 9780547521947
      Author: Machart, Bruce

    The Encyclopedia Of Useless Information
      The Encyclopedia Of Useless Information.

      Discover What All The Other Encyclopedias Leave Out This Is The Superbly Satisfying Compendium Of Weird Factoids Too Interesting To Be Contained In Your Average Encyclopedia. Daring To Cross-reference The Un-cross-reference-able, To Alphabetize What Cannot Be Alphabetized, And To Deliver The Highest Concentration Of Fun That Can Fit In One Book's Spine, This Information Is Too Useless To Waste: In Denmark, Pigs Go 'knor'; In Germany, Horses Go 'prrrh'; In Ancient Greece, Dogs Went 'au Au.' Italians Sneeze 'ecci Ecci.' A Teacher In Italy Was Disciplined In 1996 For Passing Students Exam Answers Hidden In Salami Sandwiches. In 1957 The U.s. Air Force Completed A Survey Of The Atlantic Ocean But Refused To Divulge Its Width On The Grounds That The Information Might Be Of Military Use To The Russians. In Paris In 1740 A Cow Was Hanged In Public Following Its Conviction For Sorcery.

      SKU: 6054990
      ISBN: 9781402208287
      Author: Hartston, William

    Annals Of Gullibility: Why We Get Duped And How To Avoid It
      Annals Of Gullibility: Why We Get Duped And How To Avoid It.

      The First Book To Provide A Comprehensive Look At The Problem Of Gullibility, This Groundbreaking Work Covers How And Why We Are Fooled In Areas That Range From Religion, Politics, Science, And Medicine, To Personal Finance And Relationships. First Laying The Groundwork By Showing Gullibility At Play In The Writings Of Historic Authors We All Know, Developmental Psychologist Stephen Greenspan Follows With Chapters That Describe Social Duping Across The Gamut Of Human Conduct. From People Who Pour Bucks Into Investment Scams, To Those Who Follow The Faith Of Scientologists, Believe In Fortunetellers, Or Champion Unfounded Medicine Akin To Snake Oil, We All Know Someone Who Has Been Duped. A Lot Of Us Have Been Duped Ourselves, Out Of Naive Trust. It's Not A Matter Of Low Intelligence That Moves Us To, Without Evidence, Believe The Words Of Politicians, Salesmen, Academics, Lawyers, Military Figures, Or Cult Leaders, Among Others. Greenspan Shows Us The Four Broad Reasons We Become Drawn Into Gullible Behavior, And He Presents Ways People Can Become Less Gullible. Greenspan Takes Us Into The Vast Realm Of Gullibility From The Fictional Pied Piper To The Historical Trojan Horse, Then Through Modern-day Military Maneuvers, Political Untruths, Police And Criminal Justice Scams, And Financial And Love Lies. While There Have Been Earlier Books Focused On Liars And Manipulators Of All Sorts, This Is The First To Focus On The Gullible Who Are Their Victims, And How The Gullible Can Become Less Likely To Be Taken Again.

      SKU: 970331
      ISBN: 9780313362163
      Author: Greenspan, Stephen / Connery, Donald S.

    Buffalo Woman
      Buffalo Woman.

      Whirlwind Belonged To The Oglala Sioux, The People Of Crazy Horse. Born In 1820 Near The Black Hills, She Knew Prosperity-her Father Could Afford An Expensive Buffalo Maiden Ceremony-and Eventually Tragedy. The Indian Woman Feels Profoundly The Chill Of Change: The Decimation Of The Buffalo, The Coming Of White Settlers To The Great Plains, The Wars That Reduce Her People To Raggedness. After The Battle Of The Little Big Horn Andan Attack That Leaves Her Band Homeless, Grandmother Whirlwind Faces Her Fi Nal Challenge In Joining The Band's Journey Through Snow Toward Refuge In Canada. With Attention To Timeless Humanity And Time-bound History, Dorothy M. Johnson's Novel Follows The Life Of Whirlwind, Seeing Through Her Eyes The Daily Practice And Rituals Of The Sioux.

      SKU: 3256219
      ISBN: 9780803275836
      Author: Johnson, Dorothy M.

    How To Draw Airplanes
      How To Draw Airplanes.

      Kid-friendly Drawings And Step-by-step Instructions Make These Guides To Drawing Easy And Fun For Children. Each Book In This Series Combines Fascinating Facts About Subjects, Such As Horses, Dinosaurs, Or Airplanes, With Simple, Easy-to-follow Drawing Instructions, A Glossary, And An Index Of Drawing Terms. With This Series, Children Will Be Able To Create An Appaloosa, A Brachiosaurus, Or The Perfect German Shepherd In Six To Eight Easy Steps, While Learning The History And Distinctive Facts About Their Subject. Red Highlighting Of Each New Step In A Drawing, Plus An Illustrated List Of Drawing Terms Helps Every Young Artist Experience Success. Although There Are Countless Makes And Models Of Airplanes, They Are All Made Up Of The Same Parts: The Nose, Propeller, Engine, Cockpit, Wings And Rudder. Using Basic Shapes, Kids Can Draw These Components And Create Eight Different Models Of Airplane, From The Wright Brothers' First Flyer To A Modern-day B-2 (stealth) Bomber.

      SKU: 3561729
      ISBN: 9780823955473
      Author: Murawski, Laura

    Millionaire Upgrade: Lessons In Success From Those Who Travel At The Sharp End Of The Plane
      Millionaire Upgrade: Lessons In Success From Those Who Travel At The Sharp End Of The Plane.

      Inspired By The True Story Of A Flight With Sir Richard Branson, "millionaire Upgrade" Blows The Lid Off The Accepted Belief That Successful Entrepreneurs Are A Breed Apart, Possessing Some Special Magic. Through The Combined Wisdom Of Interviews With 50 Self-made Millionaire Entrepreneurs, This Book Takes You On Your Own Personal Master Class In Success, As Experienced Through The Eyes Of Tom, A Frustrated Employee Who Is Upgraded On A Long Haul Flight, And Finds Himself Sitting Next To Self Made Millionaire Michael. During The Flight Michael Shares The Science And Secrets Behind His Own Success. Better Than Any In-flight Movie, "millionaire Upgrade" Gets You Inside The Minds Of Successful Entrepreneurs And Self-made Millionaires Giving You The Inside Track On How They Think And Act. Praise For "millionaire Upgrade: " "it Took Me A Long Time To Learn This Stuff-i Wish I'd Been On That Plane 30 Years Ago " -simon Woodroffe - Yo Sushi & Dragons Den "the Principles Of Success Apply Equally Whether You Are An Aspiring Entrepreneur, Chief Executive Of A Large Plc Or Ssimply Looking For Inspiration For Your Own Personal Life. Here's Where You Start, By Reading This Book." -allan Leighton - Chairman, Royal Mail "if You Want A Toolkit To Help You Become A Successful Entrepreneur, Read This Book. Then Put It Into Practice." -duncan Bannatyne - Bannatyne Leisure & Dragons Den "everything In Ubsiness Is A Learning Experience. I Should Know I'd Recommend All Would-be Entrepreneurs To Read This Book And Be Inspired To Boldly Set Out On Your Own Entrepreneurial Journey. You Won't Regret It." -rachel Elnaugh - Red Letter Days And Dragons' Den "it Is Refreshing To Find A Book That Descriges The Key Difference Between The Entrepreneur And The Rest - Attitude. So Often In Life A Cigarette Paper's Thickness Separates Success From Failure And Richard Has Written A Book That Perfectly Captures This And Suggests A Way Of Thinking That Can Transform The Tin Of Dog Food Into A Thoroughbred Racehorse." -tim Smit - Eden Project "millionaire Upgrade Captures The Essence Of What It Takes To Be Successful In Anything You Choose To Do. The Rules Of Success Are Timeless And Simply Explained So You Can Apply Them In Your Own Business Or Personal Life." -bj Cunningham - Founder Of Death Cigarettes "in Millionaire Mba, Richard Decoded Entrepreneurs And Unpicked Their Millionaire Mindset. With Millionaire Upgrade, He Has Put It All Back Together Again Through Ibelieve And A Compelling Story. Very Clever And A Must Read For Any Budding Entrepreneur " -rene Carayol - Leadership Guru "it Takes A Certain Mindset To Succeed In Creating Your Own Business. This Book Spells Out How You Need To Think And Act To Succeed - Whether You Are An Entrepreneur Or A Professional Manager. It's A Great Read

      SKU: 7461636
      ISBN: 9781841127033
      Author: Cordock, Richard Parkes

    The Mother Town: Civic Ritual, Symbol, And Experience In The Borders Of Scotland
      The Mother Town: Civic Ritual, Symbol, And Experience In The Borders Of Scotland.

      Horses With Riders Trailed By Foot Processionals, Silver Bands And Pipee Bands, Furling Medieval Banners, Lavish Costumes, And Singers An Dactors-the "common Riding" S An Elaborate, Little-studied Ritual Phenomenon Of The Border Towns Of Scotland. In This Vividly Written And Insightful An Alysis, Gwen Kennedy Neville Uses This Civic Ceremony As A Window For Glimpsing The Process Of Ritual, Symbol, And Experience In The Development Of The Concept Of "the Town" In Western Culture. Based On Extensive Fieldwork In The Town Of Selkirk, The Mother Town Looks At The Common Riding In Detail, Uncovering Pre-reformation Symbolism And Pageantry-often Medieval And Catholic-in A Region That Has Been Protestant For Over Four Hundred Years. Neville Shows How The Ceremony Is A Model Of The Way Civic Ritual Serves To Construct A System Of Towns Which Gives Rise To The Modern World. Further, She Contends That These Civic Rituals Create A Ceremonial Setting In Which The Contradictions Between Tradition And Modernity Can Be Temporarily Resolved And Where Past And Present Live Side By Side. Neville Offers A Provocative And Illuminating Study Of How The Ritual Of Common Riding Makes A Dramatic Statement About Local Strife, Communal Independence, And Protestantism In The Towns Of The Scottish Borders.

      SKU: 535824
      ISBN: 9780195088373
      Author: Neville, Gwen Kennedy

    Signs And Symptoms In Family Medicine: A Literature-based Approach
      Signs And Symptoms In Family Medicine: A Literature-based Approach.

      Signs And Symptoms In Family Practice, By Paul M. Paulman, Md Et Al, Provides A Unique Evidence-based Approach To Diagnosis Based On Presenting Signs. Focusing On The Most Common Diagnoes Observed In A Medical Practice, The Book Helps You "think Horses, Not Zebras." A Rating System For The Sensitivity And Specificity Of The Signs, Symptoms, And Diagnostic Tests Aids In The Development Of A Focused And Accurate Differential Diagnosis. This Handy, Take-along Guide Is Ideal For Quick Reference While Doing Rotations Or Prepping For The Boards.

      SKU: 1020442
      ISBN: 9780323049818
      Author: Paulman, Paul M. / Paulman, Audrey / Harrison, Jeffrey D.

    A Week In The 1800s
      A Week In The 1800s.

      How Would Life Be Different If You Lived In The 18oos? No T-shirts Or Jeans - You'd Wear Bonnets And Petticoats Or Button-up Trousers With Suspenders. No Cars Or Buses - You'd Walk To Your One-room Schoolhouse, Or Ride In A Horsedrawn Buggy. No Tv Or Video Games - Instead, You'd Spend Your Evenings Playing Checkers Or Doing Needlework By Candlelight. A Group Of Kids Stepped Back Into The 1800s By Going To Kings Landing Historical Settlement. For One Week, They Occupied A Nineteenth-century Village, Living In A Time Before Electricity, Before Cars - Even Before Indoor Plumbing The Girls Milked Cows, Churned Butter, And Spun Wool. The Boys Drove Teams Of Oxen, Harvested Corn, And Fanned The Forge At The Blacksmith's Shop. By Journeying Back Through Time, The Kids Learned Valuable Lessons About The Past - And Their Own Lives In The Present. Susan E. Goodman And Michael J. Doolittle Bring History Alive In The Fourth Book Of Their Ultimate Field Trip Series. Through Vivid Text And Photographs, They Record An Exciting Modern Adventure In Nineteenth-century America.

      SKU: 2536919
      ISBN: 9780689830457
      Author: Goodman, Susan E. / Doolittle, Michael

    On Sale Simple Super Practical Hair Ornaments Fluffy Horsetail Immobile Comb Updo Diy Hairstyle Tool Free Shipping Two Colors
      On Sale Simple Super Practical Hair Ornaments Fluffy Horsetail Immobile Comb Updo Diy Hairstyle Tool Free Shipping Two Colors.

      On Sale Simple Super Practical Hair Ornaments Fluffy Horsetail Immobile Comb Updo Diy Hairstyle Tool Free Shipping Two Colors

      Category: Hairclips
      SKU: 395925411

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