No Problem Horses Pa

    No Problem Horses Pa
      No Problem Horses Pa.

      This Book Is A Complete Guide To Handling Horses And Effectively Communicating With Them.

      SKU: 1228271
      ISBN: 9780395331941
      Author: Twelveponies, Mary

    Blue Buffalo Basics Salmon & Potato Biscuits (6 Oz)
      Blue Buffalo Basics Salmon & Potato Biscuits (6 Oz).

      Blue Buffalo™ Basics® Salmon & Potato Biscuits Are Made From A Simple Recipe With A Limited Number Of Natural Ingredients, Blue Basics Biscuits Are The Perfect Treat For Dogs With Food Sensitivities. Oven-baked For Crunchy Goodness, Basics Biscuits Start With Real Salmon, A High-quality Protein Not Commonly Used In Dog Treats, Which Makes Them Ideal For Dogs With Food Sensitivities. In Addition, Basics Biscuits Contain Some Of Nature?s Most Healthy And Highly Digestible Ingredients Including: Oatmeal, Brown Rice, Carrots, Flaxseed & Potato. Help Promotes: Healthy Skin Genle Digestion Immune System Health Blue Mini's Are Made With The Finest Natural Ingredients Enhanced With Vitamins And Have No Chicken (or Poultry) By-product Meals And Are Corn, Wheat And Soy Free. For Dogs With Sensitivities With Added Vitamins & Minerals No Chicken Or Poultry By-product Meals No Corn Wheat Or Soy No Artificial Colors, Flavors Or Preservatives Made In U.s.a.

      Category: New Pet Products
      SKU: Blue-buffalo-basics-salmon-biscuits

    Superpet Critter Litter (8 Lb)
      Superpet Critter Litter (8 Lb).

      Critter Litter 8 Lb. Critter Litter Is A Premium-quality Potty Training Material For Training Ferrets, Rabbits, Pet Rats And Other Small Animals. It Is Specially Formulated To Be 99% Dust-free And Is Super Absorbent. Made From All Natural Non-toxic Bentonite. Critter Litter Absorbs Moisture On Contact And Inhibits The Bacteria That Cause Pet Dwindle Odors. In Combination With A Potty Training Program, Critter Litter Will Reduce Cage Cleaning. Natural Non-toxic Bentonite Inhibits The Bacteria That Causes Pet Waste Odor 8 Lb. Resealable Bag

      Category: Small Pets, gt, little Pet Beddings, gt, superpet Training Litter
      SKU: Critterlitter8

    Easyology Kitty Litter Cat Jumbo Mat (beige) - 47" X 36"
      Easyology Kitty Litter Cat Jumbo Mat (beige) - 47" X 36".

      Easyology Kitty Give Birth To Cat Mat Prevents Messes, Protects Your Floors & Looks Great Going It. What Good Is A Cat Litter Mat If It's Too Small To Catch The Scatter? Say Goodbye To Flimsy, Flat Mats That Do Nothing At All To Protect Your Floors, And Say Hello To The Easyology Designer Cat Litter Mat. Finally, Someone Has Created A Cat Litter Mat That's Actually Big Enough To Catch All That Mess! And Not Just The Stuff That Gets Kicked Out. The Deep Grooves In This Mat Also Help Brush Off Kitty's Paws As He Leaves The Box, So There's Less Embarrassing (and Disgusting) Scatter Being Tracked Around Your House. This Easyology Premium Cat Litter Mat Measures 47.2" By 36", So You're Getting The Very Best Floor Protection Available. Because It Has Such A Stylish Pattern And Comes In Designer Colors, This Mat Beautifully Complements Yourexisting Dã©cor. The Pvc Plastic Makes Our Mat Is Super Easy To Clean - Just Shake It Out Or Give It A Quick Vacuum. It's Also Water Resistant And Simple To Soap Up And Rinse Down, Keeping It Fresh And Inviting For Your Feline Friends. The 3/8" Thickness Stands Up To Heavy Traffic And Sharp Claws While The Soft Plastic Loops Catch And Trap More Scatter. It's Neat For You And Provides A Comfortable And Soft Surface For Your Kitty's Sensitive Paws. The Dirt-grabbing Design And Stylish Appearance Are Perfectly Suited For The Front And Back Doors, So Add A Few Extra To Your Cart. Large & Durable Mat With Soft Material That Is Easy On Your Cats Paws Very Easy To Clean Catches Litter And Helps Protects Your Floors Size: Jumbo - 120x91.5cm/47.2"x36

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, cleaning , amp, amp, Sanitation, gt, litter , amp, amp, Litter Boxes, gt, easyology Kitty Litter
      SKU: Easyology-kitty-litter-cat-mat-beige

    Greenies Grain Free Treat-pak - Regular 12 Treats (12 Oz)
      Greenies Grain Free Treat-pak - Regular 12 Treats (12 Oz).

      Greenies® Grain Free Treat-pak™ Regular® (12 Oz) Is A Package Of Palatable Dental Treats That Your Dog Will Love. Not Only Are These Delectable Snacks Ideal For Rewarding Your Pooch, But Each Greenies Bone Is Formulated To Promote Healthy Teeth And Gums In Dogs. The Unique Texture Of The Treats Scrapes Away Plaque And Tartar To Keep Your Dog's Mouth Clean. Greenies Grain Free Treat-pak - Regular (12 Oz) Are Made In The Usa With Ingredients That Obstruct The Growth Of Harmful Bacteria In Your Pet's Mouth And That Are Easy For Your Dog To Digest. This Package Includes 12 Ounces Of Grain-free Treats That Are Ideal For Dogs Weighing Between 25 And 50 Pounds, But A 27 Ounce Package Of Regular Treats Is Also Available. Your Dog Will Love Htese Nutritious, Delicious Dental Treats- So Order Today! Key Features: Grain-free With Ingredients That Are Highly Digestible Promotes Healthy Teeth And Gums And Reduces Bad Breath Available In 4 Sizes Of Treats (teenie, Petite, Regular, And Large), Each In Two Sizes Of Bags: 12 Oz And 27 Oz Made In The Usa

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dental Products, gt, dental Dog Treats, gt, greenies, amp, reg, Grain Free
      SKU: Greenies-grain-free-treat-pak-regular-12-oz

    Herbsmith Bladder Care Powder (150 Gm)
      Herbsmith Bladder Care Powder (150 Gm).

      Bladder Careâ„¢ Is A Must Have Formula To Support Bladder Health. An Amazing Combination Of Bladder Health Herbs, Cranberry Extract, And D-mannose To Receive The Best Of The Old And The New. Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections, Crystals In The Urine, Obstructions Of The Urinary Tract, And Urinary Stone Formation Are Commonly Experienced Issues In Our Cats And Dogs. Supporting Bladder Health Is Key To Developing The Proper Urinary Environment. - Made In The U.s.a.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, kidney, Liver , amp, amp, Renal Health, gt, urinary Tract , amp, Bladder Support, gt, herbsmith Bladder Care
      SKU: Herbsmith-bladder-care-powder-150-gm

    Natural Chemistry Dental Cleanse For Dogs (16 Oz)
      Natural Chemistry Dental Cleanse For Dogs (16 Oz).

      Natural Chemistry Dental Cleanse For Dogs Is A Water Additive For Dental Health That Is Easy To Use And Highly Effective. Dental Cleanse For Dogs Is Safe For Cats Of Any Age And Contains No Added Colors, Dyes Or Sweeteners. It Is Also Odor And Taste Free For Easy Usage That Your Cats Won't Mind Or Even Notice. This Dental Cleanse Also Contains Grapeseed Extract Which Has Anti-inflammatory And Anti-oxidant Properties. Natural Chemistry Dental Cleanse Is Antimicrobial Which Helps Eliminate And Inhibit The Growth Of Bacteria. Chlorhexidine Gluconate, The Other Active Ingredient, Provides Immediate Bactericidal Action That Reduces Dental Plaque And Oral Bacteria That Can Cause Gingivitis And Bad Breath. Like All Natural Chemistry Products, Dental Cleanse For Dogs Is Made With All-natural Ingredients. Daily Use Should Result In Noticeable Plaque Removal Within Two Weeks. For Other Natural Chemistry Products, Such As The Dental Rinse For Cats Or Flea Medication For Your Dog, Check Out The Related Items Section Of This Page. Order Your Cat The Natural Chemistry Dental Cleanse Today For Clean And Healthy Teeth! Key Items: Daily Use Yields Results Within Two Weeks Tasteless And Odorless For Dog's Convenience All-natural Ingredients

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dental Products, gt, dental Water Additives, gt, natural Chemistry Dental Cleanse
      SKU: Natural-chemistry-dental-cleanse-for-dogs-16-oz

    Nylabone Puppy Teething Keys ? Large (7.75?)
      Nylabone Puppy Teething Keys ? Large (7.75?).

      Nylabone Puppy Teething Keys Are Made Specifically To Meet Your Puppy's Needs And Features Great Flavor. Not Recommended For Dogs With Any Adult Teeth.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Toys, gt, chew Toys, gt, nylabone Puppy Chew
      SKU: Pupkeyslarge

    Thomas Labs Carbo Load Powder (16 Oz)
      Thomas Labs Carbo Load Powder (16 Oz).

      A Pure Complex Carbohydrate Of Maltodextrin Used To Increase Stamina, Energy And Endurance.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, food Supplements, gt, performance , amp, amp, High Calorie, gt, thomas Labs Energy Supplement
      SKU: Thomas-labs-carbo-load-powder-16-oz

    Tiki Cat Puka Puka Luau Succulent Chicken (2.8 Oz) - 12 Pack
      Tiki Cat Puka Puka Luau Succulent Chicken (2.8 Oz) - 12 Pack.

      Tiki Cat Puka Puka Luau Is A Delicious Canned Cat Food Supplement Featuring Succulent Chicken In Chicken Consomme. Premium Fresh Ingredients Are Used In Tiki Cat's Gourmet Recipe, Including Whole Meats And Choice Portions Of Seafood. This Natural, Grain Free, Supplementary Diet Is Further Enhanced With Added Vitamins And Minerals. The Irresistible Taste Will Spoil Your Cat's Taste Buds While The Provided Nutrients Will Keep Your Cat Strong And Healthy. 2.8oz Cans Of Succulent Chicken Cat Food 12 Pack Natural, Supplementary Diet With Added Vitamins, Minerals And Other Trace Nutrients Grain Free Please Note: All Food Is Shipped Via Ground Delivery, Only To The Contiguous (48) States. Please Allow 7 To 10 Days For Your Delivery To Arrive. (more Info)

      Category: Cat Food, gt, wet Cat Food, gt, tiki Cat - Gourmet Canned Cat Food
      SKU: Tiki-cat-puka-puka-luau-succulent-chicken-2-8-oz-12-pack

    Tomlyn Immune Support L-lysine Supplement Powder For Cats (3.5 Oz)
      Tomlyn Immune Support L-lysine Supplement Powder For Cats (3.5 Oz).

      Tomlyn® Immune Support L-lysine Supplement Powder For Cats Provides Suppport To Your Cat's Immune System And Eye Health. If Your Cat Suffers From An Upper Respirator Y Infection Or From Feline Herpes Then Providing Your Cat With L-lysine Can Prove Essential To Their Well-being. This Amino Acid Contributes To The Relief Of Eye Irritation, Cold Sores, Sneezing, Difficulty Breathing And More. Tomlyn® Immune Support L-lysine Supplement Powder For Cats Includes 500 Mg Of L-lysine Hydrochloride Per Scoop To Provide An Ample Amount Of The Nutrient For Cats In Need Of Relief. This Powder Also Features A Palatable Chicken And Fish Flavor That Makes It Easy To Administer To Your Feline. If Your Cat Suffers From Eye, Immune, Orr Respiratory Problems, Then Try L-lysine To Alleviate His Or Her Ails Today! Key Features: Veterinarian Formulated Trusted Since 1976 Supports A Healthy Immune System And Normal Eye Health And Function Tasty Chicken And Fish Flavor

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, food Supplements, gt, lysine Products, gt, tomlyn, amp, reg, L-lysine Immune Support
      SKU: Tomlyn-immune-support-l-lysine-supplement-cats-3-5-oz

    Universal Pet Therapy Wrap With Therapy Gel - Tarsal/stifle (small)
      Universal Pet Therapy Wrap With Therapy Gel - Tarsal/stifle (small).

      A Small Dog May Be Comparatively Less In Stature, But Our Pet Therapy Wraps For Smaller Breeds Still Pack All The Features Of Our Entire Line. For Leg Joints, We Have A Universal Pet Therapy Wrap Which Offers Flexible Application Options. Like All The Caldera Pet Therapy Specialized Joint Wraps They Can Be Used On Either Leg, Depending On The Targeted Joint. After Any Surgery, Reducing Swelling In The Affected Area Is Critical To Regaining Mobility, And Cold Therapy Is One Of The Best Methods To Lessen Inflammation. To Help Reach Therapeutic Goals, Our Reusable Pet Therapy Gel Packs Contain A Proprietary Non-toxic Gel Blend Which, Once Frozen, Holds A Consistent Temperature. The Same Gel Pack Also Retains Steady Warmth When Used For Hot Applications. Durable Four-way Stretch Neoprene And Quality Stitching In Each Pet Therapy Wrap Means Its Designed For Repeated Use. All Sizes Have A Simle Color-coded Inside Panel That Provides A Useful Organizational Aid. Fits Most Standard Smalll Dogs Such As: Chihuahua, Dachshund, Jack Russell Terrier, King Charles Cavalier, Maltese, Miniature Poodle, Miniature Schnauzer, Papillon, Pug, Rat Terrier & Yorkshire Terrier. Contains Complete Set: One Small Tarsal/stifle Therapy Wrap, One Small Back Boomerang, One Small Anchor And One Small Universal Therapy Gel Pack. Design And Endorsed By Leading Veterinarians And Animal Surgeons Aid With Post-operative Recovery And Soft Tissue Injury Treatment Adjustable Contour Fit Allows Pet Mobility Practical, East To Use And Non Toxic Machine Washable Anti-bacterial Fabric Works Both Hot (microwave Or Hydro Collator) And Cold (freezer) Works On Right And Left Legs Can Be Used To Treat The Tarsal And Stifle Areas

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, health , amp, amp, Wellness, gt, first Aid , amp, amp, Remedies, gt, pet Therapy Wrap
      SKU: Universal-pet-therapy-wrap-tarsal-stifle-small

    Zack & Zoey Classic Nor'easter Jacket - Orange (small)
      Zack & Zoey Classic Nor'easter Jacket - Orange (small).

      Zack & Zoey Nor'easter Dog Blanket Coat Is The Perfect Attire For Pets With A Thin Coat That Need An Extra Layer Of Warmth To Face The Cold. Help Pets Take A Bite Out Of Nasty Weather With Zack & Zoey Nor'easter Blanket Coats For Dogs. Each Jacket Features A Reversible Waterproof Shell And A Soft Plaid Fleece Lining To Ensure That Your Dog Is Comfortable In Any Weather. The Zack & Zoey Nor'easter Dog Blanket Coat Also Features A Reflective Stripe To Ensure That You And Your Dog Are Visible When Going For Walks At Night Or In The Dark. This Jacket Is Orange And Small- But There Are Medium And Large Sizes Of The Orange Jacket Or Chive Jackets Of All Sizes. Your Pet Will Love The Comfort Afforded By This Stylish Jacket- So Order Now! Key Features: Fleece Lining Keeps Dogs Warm In The Cold Reflective Stripe Increases Visibility For Increased Safety During Walks 2 Colors Come In 3 Sizes For Dogs Of All Kinds

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, apparel, gt, coats , amp, Jackets, gt, zack , amp, Zoey Nor, easter Dog Blanket Coat - Orange
      SKU: Zack-zoey-nor-easter-dog-blanket-coat-orange-small

    The Misadventures Of Maude March: Or Trouble Rides A Fast Horse
      The Misadventures Of Maude March: Or Trouble Rides A Fast Horse.

      Eleven-year-old Sallie March Is A Whip-smart Tomboy And Voracious Reader Of Western Adventure Novels. When She And Her Sister Maude Escape Their Self-serving Guardians For The Wilds Of The Frontier, They Begin An Adventure The Likes Of Which Sallie Has Only Read About. This Time However, The "wanted Woman" Isn't A Dime-novel Villian, It's Sallie's Very Own Sister What Follows Is Not The Lies The Papers Printed, But The Honest-to-goodness Truth Of How Two Sisters Went From Being Orpahns To Being Outlaws-and Lived To Tell The Tale

      SKU: 1118828
      ISBN: 9780375832475
      Author: Couloumbis, Audrey

    The Super Book Of Useless Information: The Most Powerfully Unnecessary Things You Never Need To Know
      The Super Book Of Useless Information: The Most Powerfully Unnecessary Things You Never Need To Know.

      Faster Than A Spreding Bullet, More Useless Than Ever Before. The #1 "new York Times" Bestselling Series Reaches New Heights Of Irrelevance With This Powerfully Pointless, All-new Collection Of The Things You Never Need To Know. Do You Actually Care That... -there Are Three Feet Of Dna In Every Cell? -saturn Has 47 Moons? -march Is National Frozen Foods Month? -in 2010 A Traffic Jam In China Lasted Ten Days? Would It Improve Your Life To Know... -which Movie Star Wanted To Be A Funeral Director? -which State Has The Most Horses Per Square Mile? -which Dictator Was Obsessed With Cheetos? -what Day Of The Year The Most Cars Are Stolen In The United States?

      SKU: 13234854
      ISBN: 9780399536960
      Author: Voorhees, Donald A.

    Murder On A Midsummer Night: A Phryne Fisher Mystery
      Murder On A Midsummer Night: A Phryne Fisher Mystery.

      The Hon. Phryne Fisher, Languid And Slightly Bored At The Start Of 1929, Is Engaged To Find Out If The Antique-shop Son Of A Pre-raphaelite Model Has Died By Homicide Or Suicide. He Has Some Strange Friends - A Balkan Adventuress, A Dilettante With A Penchant For Antiquities, A Classics Professor, A Medium And A Mysterious Supplier Who Arries After Dark On A Motorbike. At The Same Time She Is Asked To Discover The Fate Of The Lost Illegitimate Child Of A Rich Old Lady, To The Evident Dislike Of The Remaining Relatives. With The Help Of Her Sister Beth, The Cab Drivers Bert And Cec And Even Her Two Adoptive Daughters, Phryne Follows Eerie Leads Which Take Her Into Odd Territory, Including The Conquest Of Jerusalem By General Allenby And The Australian Light Horse, Kif Smokers, Spirit Guides, Pirate Treasure Maps And Ghosts.

      SKU: 7240794
      ISBN: 9781590587416
      Author: Greenwood, Kerry

    Taylor Swift: Instrumental Play-along For Violin
      Taylor Swift: Instrumental Play-along For Violin.

      16 Favorites From This Grammy Award-winning Singer-songwriter, Includong: Back To December * Change * Fearless * Fifteen * Love Story * Mine * Our Song * Picture To Burn * Should've Said No * Sparks Fly * Speak Now * Teardrops On My Guitar * Today Was A Fairytale * White Horse * You Belong With Me.

      SKU: 14156704
      ISBN: 9781617805783
      Author: Swift, Taylor

    An Open Book
      An Open Book.

      In "an Open Book," This Veteran Of Five Marriages, Innumerable Friendships, Practical Jokes, Horses, Love Affairs, And Intellectual Obsessions Tells His Own Stor Yin His Own Way. It Is Direct, Unadorned, Complete-and Wonderful Reading. Here Is Huston On Stage For The First Time At Age Three, Dressed In An Uncle Sam Suit; In The Ring At Eighteen, Boxing For Small Purses; Selling His First Short Story To H.l. Mencken; Down And Out In London; Acting In Greenwich Village; Going To Hollywood To Work For Jack Warner As A Writer; Directing His First Picture, "the Maltese Falcon;" Filming Dangerous Combat Scenes In The Aleutians And In Italy; And Making Over Forty Years Worth Of Movies, From "key Largo" To "the Man Who Would Be King," And The Stories Behind Those Movies Are Often As Exciting As The Movies Themselves, Featuring Such Notables As Hemingway, Selznick, Sartre, Hepburn, Monroe, Flynn, Welles, Gable, Bogart, Clift, And Brando. "an Open Book" Is Alive With John Huston's Presence: His Boldness And Daring, His Candor And Style, And The Spontaneity With Which He Followed His Dreams To Their Ultimate Destination, The Well-deserved Acclaim Of A World Enchanted By His Work.

      SKU: 861653
      ISBN: 9780306805738
      Author: Huston, John

    Wish I'd Known You Tears Ago
      Wish I'd Known You Tears Ago.

      In This Closing Book Of The Horse Dreams Trilogy, Soul-searching Indiana School-teacher Develyn Worrell Has Finally Found Her Groove. Ready To Savor The End Of Summer In A Small Wyoming Town She Once Visited As A Child, She Settles In For A Time Of Peace And Contentment. That Is, Until Her Daughter Pays A Visit, An Eclectic Friend Plans To Marry, A Suspicious Stranger Enters The Picture, And A Dear Mentor Suffers A Heart Attack. Such Confusion Would Be Overwhelming, Except For The Steady Friendship Of Cooper Tallon. He May Lack The Charm And Flash Of Other Cowboys, But Always Seems To Have Just What Develyn's Heart Needs. And With Her Trust In The Lord Still Growing, She Looks Forward To Whatever Follows.

      SKU: 3295883
      ISBN: 9780805431735
      Author: Bly, Stephen A.

    Creepy Archives, Volume Eleven
      Creepy Archives, Volume Eleven.

      Dark Horse's Award-winning Creepy Archives Hardcover Series Roars Through The 1970s With A Batch Of Classic Horror Tales Dark Horse's Latest Foray Into Fear Reprints Some Of Warren Publishing's First Full-color Story Offerings From The Early '70s And Features More Of The Unique Talents That Made Creepy So Tantalizing And Timeless. With Gorgeous Covers By Sanjulian And Work By Comic-book Talents Richard Corben, Doug Moench, Budd Lewis, Tom Sutton, And Reed Crandall, This Volume Is Not To Be Missed This Archival Collection Includes Issues #51 Through #54 Of The Original Creepy Magazines, As Well As Color Covers And Stories, Fan Pages, "dear Uncle Creepy" Letters Columns, And An Exclusive Foreword By Creepy And Eerie Writer And Warren Publishing Historian Budd Lewis.

      SKU: 14209041
      ISBN: 9781595827616
      Author: Sanjulian / Maroto, Esteban / Torrent, Ramon

    Win With Bob Avila: Beyond Training: Mentoring From A World Champion Horseman
      Win With Bob Avila: Beyond Training: Mentoring From A World Champion Horseman.

      Step Into The World Of A Horseman Renowned For His Ability To Set Goals With Horses And Come Out On Top, And Learn How To Adopt His Tips For Yourself. Bob Avila Is The Winner Of The Naional Reining Horse Association Furturity, The World Championship Snaffle Bit Futurity, The Aqha Superhorse Title, The World's Greatest Horseman Contest, And More. In This Full-color Book, He Opens The Doors Of His Training Stable And Shares His Thoughts On Such Topics As What It Takes To Become A Champion, How To Get The Right Start As A Trainer, Low-cost Ways To Get A Competitive Edge, Inside Tips For Selecting A Breeding Prospect, The Secret To Buying A Show Horse, Proven Ways To Set Your Horse Program Apart, And How To Establish And Evaluate Your Goals. Includes Worksheets And Checklists Designed For You To Personalize Avila's Motivating Advice.

      SKU: 4111203
      ISBN: 9780911647570
      Author: Thorson, Juli S.

    Slaves On Horses: The Evolution Of The Islamic Polity
      Slaves On Horses: The Evolution Of The Islamic Polity.

      Slave Soldiers Are A Distinctively Muslim Phenomenon. Though Virtually Unknown In The Non-muslim World, They Have Been A Constant And Pervasive Feature Of The Muslim Middle East From The Ninth Century Ad Into Modern Times. Why Did Muslim Rulers Choose To Place Military And Political Power In The Hands Of Imported Slaves? It Is This Question Which Dr Crone Seeks To Answer. Concentrating On The Period From The Rise Of The Umayyads To The Dissolution Of The 'abbasid Empire (roughly Ad 650-850), She Documents The Consequences Of The Fusion Between Religion And Politics In Islam, Which She Sees As An Essential Forging Characteristic Of The Muslim Social Structure And State. Primarily Addressed To Specialists And Advanced Students Of Arabic And Islamic History, The Book Will Also Appeal To Comparative Historians And Social Anthropologists.

      SKU: 1758600
      ISBN: 9780521529402
      Author: Crone, Patricia / Patricia, Crone

    Rabbit Stew And A Penny Or Two
      Rabbit Stew And A Penny Or Two.

      Born On A Somerset Pea-field In 1941, The Second Of Eight Children In A Romani Family, Maggie Smith-bendell Has Lived Through The Years Of Greatest Change In The Traveling Community's Long History. As A Child, Maggie Rode And Slept In A Horse-drawn Wagon, Picked Hops And Flowers, And Sat Beside Her Father's Campfire On Ancient Verges, Poor But Free To Roam. As The Twentieth Century Progressed, Common Land Was Fecned Off And The Traditional Ways Disappeared. Eventually Maggie Married A House-dweller And Tried To Settle For Bricks And Mortar, But She Never Lost The Restless Spirit, The Deep Love Of The Land And The Gift For Storytelling That Were Her Romani Inheritance. Maggie's Story Is One Of Hardship And Prejudice, But Also, Unforgettably, It Recalls The Glories Of The Traveling Life, In The Absolute Safety Of A Lo Yal And Loving Family.

      SKU: 11990765
      ISBN: 9780349123615
      Author: Smith-bendell, Maggie

    The Bhsai Course Companion
      The Bhsai Course Companion.

      The British Horse Society Assistant Instructor's Certificate Is The Basic Qualification For The Teaching Of Riding In The Uk. An Ever-rising Number Of Candidates Apply Every Year, As The Horse World Increasingly Recognizes The Value Of An Examination Structure Dedicated To Improving The Level Of Instruction For The Public, As Well As The Improved Well-being Of The Horse And Pony Population. This Book Presents A Summary Of The Syllabus, Together With The Required Information, Covering Areas Such As Stable Management, Saddlery, Psychology, Physiology, Health, Riding, And Teaching. There Is Also Advice On How To Approach The Various Parts Of The Examination, As Well As Test Questions.

      SKU: 3743860
      ISBN: 9780851315003
      Author: French, Jo

    20pcs/lot Horse Shoe Floating Charms For Glass Locket
      20pcs/lot Horse Shoe Floating Charms For Glass Locket.

      Floating Charms For Glass Locket Diy Alloy Charms For Glass Living Memory Locket Charms

      Category: Charms
      SKU: 388017667

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