Notre Dame Football: The Greatest Games, Players, Coaches, And Teams In The Glorious Tradition Of Fighting Irish Football

    Notre Dame Football: The Greatest Games, Players, Coaches, And Teams In The Glorious Tradition Of Fighting Irish Football
      Notre Dame Football: The Greatest Games, Players, Coaches, And Teams In The Glorious Tradition Of Fighting Irish Football.

      Whether Rediscovering The Best Team Moments, Or Initiating Into The Histories And Traditions Of Fighting Irish Fandom, This Book About The University Of Notre Dame Football Team Is Both A Useful Resurce And Cherishable Memorabilia. Packed With Anecdotes Of The Players, Explanations About The Beginnings Of Rivalries And Traditions, Detailed Histories About The Greatest Players And Moments In The School's History, Lists Of The Most Successful Seasons, Recaps Of The Most Exciting Games Ever Played, And Year-by-year Statistics, This Collectible Book Is The Primary Source For Anyone Eager To Be An Expert Regarding Anything About The Fighting Irish. The Book Captures The Essence Of What It Means To Be A True Notre Dame Fan: More National Championships Than Any Program, Seven Heisman Trophy Winners, Blue And Gold (and Sometimes Green), The House That Rockne Built, The Golden Dome, Touchdown Jesus, Ara, "the Victory March," Pep Rallies In The Jacc, Gold Dust, Fair Catch Corby, The Irish Guard, "notre Dame, Our Mother," And The Four Horsemen.

      SKU: 7071736
      ISBN: 9781572438811
      Author: Athlon Sports / Golic, Mike

    Pl360 Arthogen Hip & Joint Formula For Dogs - Beef & Cheese Flavor (120 Chewable Tablets)
      Pl360 Arthogen Hip & Joint Formula For Dogs - Beef & Cheese Flavor (120 Chewable Tablets).

      Pl360 Arthogen® Hip & Joint Formula For Dogs Provides The Perfect Supplement For Pups In Need Of Specialized Joint Care. Arthritis, Hip Dysplasia And Other Forms Of Deenerative Joint Disease Can Leave Your Dog In Great Pain And Greatly Reduce Their Mobility And Overall Health. For Senior Dogs, Large Dog Breeds, And Dogs With Short Legs And Snouts- It Is Essential To Provide Added Protection Against These Afflictions. Pl360 Arthogen Hip & Joint Formula For Dogs Combines Glucosamine And Chondroitin To Provide Your Pup With The Materials Needed To Construct Joint Cartilage And Synovial Fluid. This Bottle Includes 120 Chewable Tablets With A Palatable Beef And Cheese Flavor That Will Make It Easy To Keep Your Dog's Joints In Top Shape. Prevent Arthritic Conditions From Keeping Your Dog Down With These Delectable Chewable Supplements And Order Today! Key Features: Specially Formulated With Glucosa Mine And Chondroitin, Plus Msm And Ha To Support Healthy Hips And Joints. Includes 120 Beef And Cheese Flavored Chewable Tablets Made In The Usa

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      SKU: Arthogen2

    Chuckit Floppy Roller - Small Assorted
      Chuckit Floppy Roller - Small Assorted.

      Durable All Rubber Construction Tug It; Shake It; Toss It; Multiple Ways To Play! Perfect For Interactive Outdoor Play Floppy Nature Lets Dogs Really Shake/thrash The Roller Around After ?catching It? 2 Sizes: Large & Small 2 Color Ways: Dark Blue/light Blue & Dark Blue/orange

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      SKU: Chuckit-floppy-roller-small-assorted

    First Alert Bark Genie - Handheld Bark Control
      First Alert Bark Genie - Handheld Bark Control.

      First Alert™ Bark Genie™ Handheld Bark Control Provides An Ultrasonic Training Device In The Palm Of Your Hand. This Innovative Device Provides Ultrasonic Sounds That Only Your Dog Can Hear To Discourage Unwanted Barking With A Harmless High-pitched Noise. This Device Features A Range Of Up To 15 Feet And Is Ideal For Indoor Or Outdoor Use. The First Alert Bark Genie Handheld Bark Control Uses Four Aaa Batteries And Is The Perfect Size To Carry To Discourage The Undesired Behavior While Out On The Go. This Product Also Includes A Wrist Strap That Makes It Easy To Carry. Control Your Pet's Bark With This Innovative Device And Order It For Your Pup Today! Key Features: Produces Ultrasonic Noise To Discourage Barking Works At Range Up To 15 Feet Away Includes Wrist Strap Attachment For Your Convenience

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, training , amp, amp, Behavior, gt, bark Control, gt, first Alert, amp, trade, Bark Genie, amp, trade,
      SKU: First-alert-bark-genie-handheld-bark-control

    Green Pet Fleaze-off (8 Oz)
      Green Pet Fleaze-off (8 Oz).

      Green Pet Fleaze-off (8 Oz) Uses A Special Blend Of Natural Oils To Create A Barrier That Helps Protect Your Pets From Unwelcome Pests And Parasites Such As Fleas, Ticks, Mosquitoes And Flies. Our Formula Does Not Kill The Intruders; It Makes The Environment Inhospitable. Fleaze-off Does Not Use Synthetic Chemicals Or Drugs. Naturally Protects Against Fleas Ticks Mosquitoes Flies

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, flea , amp, Tick Supplies, gt, green Pet Fleaze-off
      SKU: Fleazeoff

    Howard Vintage Flat Basketball Dog Toy - Large
      Howard Vintage Flat Basketball Dog Toy - Large.

      Howard Vintage Flat Basketball Is A Large And Soft Ball Toy That Your Pet Will Quickly Find Its Win Your Pup's Affections. This Toy Is Constructed With A Material That Features A Unique Beaten Texture Reminiscent Of Leather. This Ball Also Includes A Squeaker To Further Entice Your Dog Into Lengthy And Exciting Play Sessions. Howard Vintage Flat Basketball Makes The Perfect Fetch Toy For Enthralling Interactive Play Sessions With Your Pup. This Basketball Is A Large Size For Bigger Dogs- But It Is Also Available In A Small Size . Offer Something Fun To Your Pup By Ordering This Fetch Toy Today! Key Features: Easy To Carry And Fetch Includes Squeaker To Entice Pets Available In Two Sizes

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Toys, gt, plush , amp, Stuffing-free Dog Toys, gt, howard Vintage Sports Balls
      SKU: Howard-vintage-basketball-large

    K9 Fat Free Dog Treats Beef Flavor (4 Oz)
      K9 Fat Free Dog Treats Beef Flavor (4 Oz).

      This Item Is Currently Out Of Stock And Should Be Shipped 4-6 Weeks. We Recommend Trying Other K9 Fat Free Dog Treats Beef Flavor (10 Oz) Or Call 1 (800) 889-8967 For Availability. K-9 Fat Free Dog Treats Beef Flavor Utilize A Simple Formula To Offer A Healthy Snack That Your Dog Will Love! These Delectable Crunchy Bites Are Made With Only Natural Ingredients And Are Free Of Fat, Cholesterol, And Sodium To Help Support A Healthy Diet. K-9 Fat Free Dog Treats Beef Flavor Is Made Here In The Usa To Ensure That Each Treat Is Of The Highest Possible Quality. Each Bag Contains 4 Ounces Of The Treats And Can Be Easily Resealed To Keep Them Fresh. Grab A Bag Of These Delectable Crunchy Treats For Your Pup Today! Key Features: All Natural Treats With Crunchy, Abrasive Texture To Support Dental Health Beef Flavor And Free Of Sodium, Cholesterol, And Fat Made In The U.s.a.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, food Supplements, gt, pet Weight Loss, gt, k-9 Fat Free Dog Treats, amp, trade,
      SKU: K-9-fat-free-dog-treats-beef-flavor-4-oz

    Kong™ Puppy Ziggies For Dogs Small 12 Pack (7 Oz)
      Kong™ Puppy Ziggies For Dogs Small 12 Pack (7 Oz).

      Kong™ Puppy Ziggies Small 12 Pack For Dogs (7 Oz) Feeding Recommendations: For Puppies Over 3 Months Old And Over 6 Pounds. Always Feed The Correct. Size Ziggies For Your Puppy?s Weight. Allow 1-2 Ziggies Daily As A Treat. Always Provide Drinking Water. Important: As With Edible Treat, Always Monitor Your Puppy To Ensure The Treat Is Adequately Chewed. Swallowing Any Treat Without Adequately Chewing Can Be Harmful To A Puppy. Read Instruction Sheet Inside Ziggies Package. Ingredients: Ground Wheat, Gelatinized Wheat Starch, Chicken Meal, Glycerin, Dextrose, Poultry Fat (preserved With Mixed Tocopherols), Propylene Glycol, Natural Poultry Flavor, Wheat Protein Isolatee, Oat Fiber, Calcium Carbonate, Salt, Potassuim Chloride, Lecithin, Sorbic Acid (a Preservative), Titanium Dioxide, Whole Dried Field Peas, Flax Seed, Whloe Dried Apples, Rosemary Extract.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, dogg Treats For Toys, gt, kong Stuff, n Ziggies
      SKU: Kstuffnsm

    Nerf Dog Rubber Flying Disc - Large (9 In)
      Nerf Dog Rubber Flying Disc - Large (9 In).

      The Nerf Dog Rubber Flying Disc Provides The Perfect Throwing Disc For Dogs That Love To Catch And Fetch. This Long Range Flying Disc Stands Apart From Standard Frisbees With A Distinctive Consistency That Is Soft And Safe For Your Pet While Still Being Extremely Durable To Hold Up Against Tough Teeth. The Nerf Dog Rubber Flying Disc Also Floats In The Water Making It Perfect For Pool And Outdoor Play. This Large Toy Is The Size Of A Full Frisbee With A 9-inch Diameter That Makes It Perfect For Medium And Large Dogs. Throw Your Dog A Superior Flying Disc By Getting Your Pooch A Nerf Dog Flyer Today! Key Features: Long Range Flying Action With Standard 9" Diameter Disc Soft Rubber Is Also Extremely Durable Floats On Water!

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Toys, gt, balls , amp, Fetch Toys, gt, nerf, amp, trade, Dog Flyers
      SKU: Nerf-dog-rubber-flying-disc-large

    Petsafe Wireless Fence Containment System
      Petsafe Wireless Fence Containment System.

      Petsafe Wireless Guard Is The Wireless, Portable Containment System That Keeps Your Pet In Your Yard. Give Your Pets The Freedom They Want With The Assurance Of Being Safe. With The Petsafe Wireless Containment System Your Pet Can Roam Within The Established Boundary Zone. You Can Relax Knowing He's As Safe As He Is Ahppy. The Petsafe Premium Wireless Fence Is More Than Just A Barrier, The Wireless System Actually Helps Train Your Pet. Using A Magnetic Field And Safe Corrections, The Petsafe Wireless Pet Containment System Helps Your Pet Learn Which Areas Are For Playing And Which Are Off Limits. Best Of All, Unlike Traditional Fences, Cages, And Chains, It's The One Solution That Can't Be Dug Under, Chewed Through, Or Jumped Over. System Includes Transmitter With Power Adapter Receiever With Adjustable Collar, Fits Necks 6"-28" Short Contact Points For Short Haired Pets Long Contact Points For Long Haired Pets 50 Boundary Zone Flags Batteries (rfa-67) Operating And Training Guide Not For Pets Under 8 Lbs. Transmitter Specs: Reciever Collar Specs: Height: 9" Height: 1", Width: 2", Depth: 1" Width: 9" Weight: 2.5 Oz Depth: 8.5" Uses 6-volt (rfa-67) Battery Frequency: 18 Khz Waterproof Fuse Type: 250 Volt 1/2 Amp (inside Transmitter) Low Battery Indicator (light Will Flash Every 4 To 5 Seconds) On-off Switch On Left Interchangeable Contact Points (long And Short) Screw Off Cap Covering Correction Level Button Concave Interior Wall (side Facing Throat) Power Indicator Light On Face (red) Curved Washers Adapter: Model Number: 300-089 (14v A/c 1800 Ma) 25 Second Safety Timeout Features Covers An Adjustable Circular Area Of Up To 1/2 Acre (180 Ft Diameter) Completely Portable, No Wire To Bury 5 Adjustable Levels Of Correction Plus Beep Only Mode Completely Wireless System Signal Field Is Spherical In Nature Giving A Circular Boundary Should Be Mounted Inside, 2-4 Feet Above The Ground On A Non-metal Surface Should Be Kept At Least 3 Feet Away From The Utility Box Or Large Appliances Maximum Range Is 90 Feet From The Transmitter Or 90 Foot Radius Minimum Range Is 5 Feet From Transmitter Designed Not To Correct During A Power Outage Receiver Is Constantly Looking For A Signal Will Only Correct When The Receiver Loses The Signal From The Transmitter Petsafe Premium Wireless Fence Manual: Download Pdf Here You Probably Do Not Have The Flash Player Installed For Your Browser Or The Video Files Are Misplaced On The Server! You Probably Do Not Have The Flash Player Installed For Your Browser Or The Video Files Are Misplaced On The Server!

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      SKU: Petsafefence

    Classic Kong™ - Large (7.8 Oz/220gm)
      Classic Kong™ - Large (7.8 Oz/220gm).

      Kong™'s Exclusive, Nontoxic Red Natural Rubber Is Puncture Resistant, Super Bouncy And Chewer Friendly. It Is Unmatched For Legendary Strength, Resilience, Durability And Bounce. Kong™ Toys Are Enthusiastically Used And Recommended By Veterinarians, Trainers, Dog Professionals And Satisfied Customers World Wide. Large Kong™s Are For Borders Collies, Boxers, Dachshounds And Similar Sized Mixed Breeds

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Toys, gt, treat Dispensing Toys, gt, kong Classic
      SKU: Redkonlar78o

    Wall Entry Kit Smartdoor Small
      Wall Entry Kit Smartdoor Small.

      Petsafe Wall Entry Kit Smartdoor. Do You Not Want Your Petsafe Electronic Smartdoor Installed In Your Ffront Door Or Prefer It Be Installed In A More Discreet Locatiom? No Problem! With Our Wall Entry Conversion Kit, You Can Easily Install Your Electronic Smartdoor In A Wall Instead. The Coordinating Kit Frames The Wall And Has A Telescoping Design For Easy Installation. Fits Interior Or Exterior Walls 4 3/4" To 7 1/4" Thick. Allows You To Install Your Small Petsafeã¿â¿â¾ Electronic Smartdoor? Into An Interior Or Exterior Wall Fits Walls 4 3/4" To 7 1/4" Thick Telescoping Design For Easy Installation Molded Frame With Protective Outer Lip Is Made Of Durable, Impact And Uv Resistant Material Includes Hardware, Cut-out Template And Detailed Installation Guide

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, pet Home , amp, amp, Travel Essentials, gt, pet Gates, Doors , amp, Playpens, gt, petsafe Pet Doors
      SKU: Smartdoorsml

    The Original Ticked Off
      The Original Ticked Off.

      The Original Ticked Off Is The World's Simplest Tick Remover. It's Ideal For Pet Lovers, Groomers, Campers, Sportsmen, Hunters, Fishermen, Hikers, Etc. Ticked Off Is The Only Single-motion Tick Remover Designed To Help You Remove Ticks In A Timely And Effective Manner, With Your Safety In Mind. The Sipmle Tool Is Easy To Hold And Use And Has Been Proven In Removing Disease Carrying Ticks From Animals And People.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, flea , amp, Tick Supplies, gt, flea Combs , amp, Tick Removers, gt, ticked Off
      SKU: Tickedoff

    The Crossing
      The Crossing.

      In The Crossing, Cormac Mccarthy Fulfills The Promise Of All The Pretty Horses And At The Same Time Give Us A Work That Is Darker And More Visionary, A Novel With The Unstoppable Momentum Of A Classic Western And The Elegaic Power Of A Lost American Myth. In The Late 1930s, Sixteen-year-old Billy Parham Captures A She-wolf That Has Been Marauding His Family's Ranch.  but Instead Of Killing It, He Decides To Take It Back To The Mountains Of Mexico.  with That Crossing, He Begins An Arduous And Often Dreamlike Journey Into A Country Where Men Meet Ghosts And Violence Strikes As Suddenly As Heat-lightning-a World Where There Is No Order "save That Which Death Has Put There." An Essential Novel By Any Measure, The Crossing Is Luminous And Appalling, A Book That Touches, Stops, And Starts The Heart And Mind At Once.

      SKU: 2485769
      ISBN: 9780679760849
      Author: Mccarthy, Cormac

    Gift Horse
      Gift Horse.

      "for The Phantom, There Is Only One Girl. For Sam, There Is Only Ont Horse. " When Samantha Rescues A Beautiful Draft Horse From An Auction, She's Sure He'll Be Perfect To Groom For Resale. He's Big And Strong - Btu So Big, Sam Can Barely Saddle Him. He's Great At Jumping - Over Pasture Fences. Will He Be Helpful At A Ranch, Or Too Much To Handle? Then Disaster Strikes River Bend, And It's Sam Who Needs Help. And Just In Time To Save The Day, Tinkerbell's True Talents Are Revealed. ""

      SKU: 175070
      ISBN: 9780060561574
      Author: Farley, Terri

    Come On Seabiscuit!
      Come On Seabiscuit!.

      Master Storyteller Ralph Moody Tells The Thrilling Story Of A Plucky Horse Who Refused To Quit, A Down-on-his-luck Jockey Who Didn't Let Horrendous Accidents Keep Him Out Of The Saddle, And A Taciturn Trainer Who Brought Out The Best In Both. During The Great Depression, Seabiscuit Captured The Hearts Of Americans From The Streets To The White House, Winning More Money Than Any Horse At That Time And Shattering Speed Records Across The Country. In This Real-life Story Moody Captures The Hoof-pounding Excitement Of The Explosive Early Races To An Unforgettable Showdown With The Feared Triple Crown Winner War Admiral. Moving And Inspirational, "come On Seabiscuit " Is A Reminder Of The Qualities That Make A Real American Champion. Ralph Moody Is Best Known For His Eight "little Britches" Books, Which Have Delighted Generations Of Readers And Are All Available In Bison Books Editions. Ralph Moody Captured The Hearts Of Young Readers Everywhere With His Beloved "little Britches" Saga. In This Bison Books Edition Of His 1963 Classic, Moody Brings To Life The Story Of A Knobby-kneed Little Colt Called Seabiscuit, Who Against All Odds Became One Of The Most Celebrated Racehorses Of All Time. Although Seabiiscuit Was The Grandson Of The Legendary Man O' War, He Was Neither Handsome Nor Graceful. His Head Was Too Big, His Legs Too Shoort, And His Gallop Was Awkward. His Owners Gave Up On Seabiscuit When He Was Two, Raced Him Too Heavily, And Tried Unsuccessfully To Sell Him. It Took The Keen Eyes Of Trainer Tom Smith To Recognize The Heart, Courage, And Gallant Determination Of Seabiscuit, The Qualities Of A Rtuly Great Horse. Smith's Unfailing Patience And Astute Treatments, The Love And Skill Ofjockey Red Pollard, And The Continued Support Of Owner Charles Howard Forged Seabiscuit Into A Champion.

      SKU: 3256661
      ISBN: 9780803282872
      Author: Moody, Ralph / Riger, Robert / Moody, Terry Ed.

    Sioux War Dispatches: Reports From The Field, 1876-1877
      Sioux War Dispatches: Reports From The Field, 1876-1877.

      Rare, First-hand Accounts From Newspaper Correspondents Describing The Course Of America's Largest Indian War, Compiled And Edited For The First Time In One Volume "no One Commands Better The Story Of The Great Sioux War Of 1876-1877 As Presented In The Nation's Newspapers Than Does Marc Abrams. Here Is Abrams's Story Of America's Greatest Indian War Woven From Those Timely Reports, Augmented With Insightful Introductions And Annotations. Abrams Has Produced A Significant Addition To The Historiography Of This Endlessly Fascinating Struggle And Its Colorful Personalities." -paul L. Hedren, Author Of "after Custer: Loss And Transformation In Sioux Country ""marc Abrams Has Provided An Invaluable Service To Both Scholars And Lay Readers In Compiling This Treasure Trove Of Primary Information. Like The Correspondents He Has Come To Know Through His Research, Marc Has Done The Hard Work; We Need Only Read In Comfort And Benefit From His Efforts." -douglas W. Ellison, Author Of "sole Survivor: An Examination Of The Frank Finkel Narrative ""marc Abrams's Book Is An Exciting And Innovative Approach That Brings Immediacy To The Campaigns Of Custer, Crook, And Miles, And Teems With Fascinating New Detail. "sioux War Dispatches "not Only Offers A Gripping Contemporary Window Into Those Times, It Fills An Important Reference Need As Well." -jerome A. Greene, Author Of "stricken Field: The Little Bighorn Since 1876 ""sioux War Dispatches: Reports From The Field, 1876-1877," Tells The Story Of The Great Sioux War, Including The Battle Of The Little Big Horn, Primarily Through The Eyes Of Contemporary Newspaper Correspondents, Both Civilian And Military. The Volume Begins With The Black Hills Dilemma And The Issue Of The Unceded Territory (the Disputed Lands That Were Adjacent To The Great Sioux Reservation) And Continues Through To The Spring Of 1877 With The Surrender Of The Legendary Sioux Leader Crazy Horse. Along The Way Readers Will Learn About The Reynolds Battle, The Skirmish At Tongue River Heights, The Battle Of The Rosebud, The Battle Of The Little Big Horn, The Skirmish At Warbonnet Creek, The Fight At Slim Buttes, And More. In Addition To Numerous Annotated Excerpts From Those Who Were There, Are Rare Original Dispatches, Reprinted In Full, That Will Seize Readers On A Wild Ride Through Several Battles.

      SKU: 16807624
      ISBN: 9781594161568
      Author: Abrams, Marc H.

    Lif Elessons From A Ranch Horse
      Lif Elessons From A Ranch Horse.

      In This Heartwarming And Instructive Book Of Horsemanship, Highly-respected Horse Trainer Mark Rashid Shares What He Learned From A Very Special, And Very Challenging, Horse. Through A Lot Of Hard Work, Mark Comes To Understand The Potential For Powerful Communication That Exists When Two Beings Take The Time To Understand Each Other. Although His Realizations Are Inspired By Work With Horses, Readers Will Discover That Rashid S Six Guidelines For Interaction Can Improve Our Relationships With The People In Our Lvies As Well. In This Second Edition Of The Beloved Title, With A New Brand-new Afterword, Rashid Invites Us To Enjoy His All-new Reflections On The Lessons Learned From A Life Spent With Horses.

      SKU: 13331580
      ISBN: 97811616083403
      Author: Rashid, Mark / Whitney, Harry

    A Lone Star Cowboy
      A Lone Star Cowboy.

      For A Number Of Years Prior To 1922, One Of Santa Fe, New Mexico's Most Colorful And Famous Residents Was Charles Angelo Siringo (1855-1928), Popularly Known As "the Cowboy Detective." A Small, Wiry Man, He Was Friends With Practically Everyone In Town. In 1916 Governor William C. Mcdonald Persuaded Siringo To Accept A Commission As A New Mexico Mounted Ranger For The State Cattle Sanitary Board. The Only Thing Unusual About That Was Charlie Siringo's Age, A Ripe 61. Undaunted, He Saddled Up And With A Pack Horse Started For His Headquarters At Carrizozo In Lincoln County. His Duty Was O Run Down Outlaws And Stock Thieves In Southern New Mexico. "during My Two Years As A Ranger," Siringo Said, "i Made Many Arrests Of Cattle And Horse Thieves And Had Many Close Calls With Death Staring Me In The Face." Obviously, Governor Mcdonald Had Made A Wise Choice When He Tapped This Hard-riding, Fawt-shooting "senior Citizen" For The Dangerous Ranger Job. But Siringo Was More Than A Law Man. He Put In Countless Nights Writing Up His Experiences. When His Book," A Texas Cowboy," Appeared, Its Author Achieved Fame Overnight. "a Lone Star Cowboy," Published In 1919, And Which Sunstone Press Has Chosen To Include In Its Southwest Heritage Series, Contained Many Of The Stories In His Earlier Books And The Author Says In His Preface: "this Volume Is To Take The Place Of A Texas Cowboy.." Meanwhile, Soon After Publishing His Recollections, Siringo Joined The Renowned Pinkerton Detective Agency, Whose Branch Offices Covered The West. He Remained With The Firm For Two Decades. After Leaving The Pinkertons, Charlie Siringo Did A Good Bit Of Roaming Before Settling In Santa Fe. Because Of The Name He'd Madein Publishing, He Had Access To Many Persons, On Both Sides Of The Law. From Them He Got First Hand Information That He Later Incorporated In A New Book Called Riata And Spurs. In That Work, The Writer Had Wanted To Include Some Of His Own Daring Adventures While Serving With The Pinkertons. But The Agency Threatened A Lawsuit If He Revealed Any Of Their Professional Secrets. So The Cowboy Detective Had To Delete Some Of His Best Material. Siringo's Experiences As The Quintessential Cowboy And Determined Detective Helped Romanticize The West And Its Myth Of The American Cowboy.

      SKU: 3795688
      ISBN: 9780865345331
      Author: Siringo, Charles Angelo


      Altoona Is A City Built By The Pennsylvania Railroad. Cities Usually Grow To Maturity And Then Sprout Suburbs. With Altoona, It Was The Opposite. The Suburban Towns Are Older Than The City And Form A Larger Community. In 1849, Altoona Was Fa Rmland, A Little Hamlet In The Mountains Of Central Pennsylvania. The Site Was Chosen By The Railroad For Locomotive Repair Shops. Situated At The Eastern Base Of The Allegheny Mountains, Altoona Was Destined To Become The Largest Railroad Yard In The World. The Complex Occupied 217 Acres And Included Two Huge Roundhouses. Centered Around The Railroad, The City And Its Population Grew. In This Historic City Were Various Shops That Provided Employment To Early Settlers And The Old Furnaces Of The Ironmasters. Also Here Were The Logan House Hotel, Where A Meeting Of Governors Saved The Union, And Cricket Field, Where Great Athletes From Across The Country Competed. Over The Years Altoona Has Been Visited By Not Only Presidents And Statesmen But Also Celebrities Of Stage And Opera. It Is Home To The World-famous Horseshoe Curve And To Lakemont Park, Which Has The Worldas Oldest Roller Coaster.

      SKU: 2689933
      ISBN: 9780738505169
      Author: Pulling, Anne Frances / Pulling, Sr. Anne Frances

    White Flower: A Maya Princess
      White Flower: A Maya Princess.

      This Popular Folktale With Spnish Origins Features W'itz Ak'al, The Lord Of The Woods, A "cacique (king) Who Commands Both The Natural World And The City; And His Beautiful Daughter, Blanca Flor, Who Also Can Command The Forces Of Nature To Get Her Way. When A Suitor Arrives To Court Her, He Must Survive A Series Of Trials Set By Blanca's Father To Prove His Worth. Deer Instead Of Horses Act As Both Animal Servants And The Alter Egos Of The King And Queen. Wonderfully Magical, "white Flower With Its Strong Female Protagonist Is Set At The Time Of The Classic Maya Civilization, With Gorgeous Watercolor Images Of Pyramid-cities In Lush Jungles.

      SKU: 3990911
      ISBN: 9780888995995
      Author: Montejo, Victor / Yockteng, Rafael

    Praise And Blame: Moral Realism And Its Application
      Praise And Blame: Moral Realism And Its Application.

      How Should A Prize Be Awarded After A Horse Race? Should It Go To The Best Rider, The Best Person, Or The One Who Finishes First? To What Extent Are Bystanders Blameworthy When They Do Nothing To Prevent Harm? Are Tehre Any Objective Standards Of Moral Responsibility With Which To Address Such Perennial Questions? In This Fluidly Written And Lively Book, Daniel Robinson Takes On The Prodigiuos Task Of Setting Forth The Contours Of Praise And Blame. He Does So By Mounting An Important And Provocative New Defense Of A Radical Theory Of Moral Realism And Offering A Critical Apparisal Of Prevailing Alternatives Such As Determinism And Behaviorism And Of Their Conceptual Shortcomings. The Version Of Moral Realism That Arises From Robinson's Penetrating Inquiry-an Inquiry Steeped In Aristotelian Ethics But Deeply Informed By Modern Scientific Knowledge Of Human Cognition-is Independent Of Cognition And Emotion. At The Same Time, Robinson Carefully Explores How Such Human Attributes Succeed Or Fail In Comprehending Real Moral Properties. Through Brilliant Analyses Of Constitutional And Moral Luck, Of Biosocial And Genetic Versions Of Psychological Determinism, And Of Relativistic-anthropological Accounts Of Variations In Moral Precepts, He Concludes That None Of These Conceptions Accounts Either For The Nature Of Moral Properties Or The Basis Upon Which They Could B Known. Ultimately, The Theory That Robinson Develops Preserves Moral Properties Even While Acknowledging The Stipulations That Undermine The Powers Of Human Will.

      SKU: 2548002
      ISBN: 9780691057248
      Author: Robinson, Daniel N.

    The Shorter Science And Civilisation In China: Volume 4
      The Shorter Science And Civilisation In China: Volume 4.

      Digesting The Main Sections Of Volume Iv Of Dr. Needham's Magnum Opus, This Book Is Concerned With The Immense Advances Made In Early And Medieval China In Mechanical Engineering. It Discusses In Simple But Eminently Readable Terms The Status Of Engineers, Their Tools And Materials, Then Basic Mechanical Principles, Followed By Machinery Powered By Animals, Man And Even By Steam, Vehicles For Land Transport, Six Centuries Of Concealed Clockwork, Windmills And Aeronautics. Since China Was Far Ahead Of The West In Ancient And Medieval Times, This Volume Helps Make Clear The Immense Debt Owed By Western Civilization To The Chinese. Such Debts Included The Important Mechanical Principles Of Transforming Rotary Motion To A To-and-fro Motion Of A Crank And Vice-versa. They Invented The First Efficient Harness For Horses And The First Mechanical Clocks.

      SKU: 1741793
      ISBN: 9780521329958
      Author: Ronan, Colin A. / Needham, Joseph / Colin A., Ronan

    Suzanne White's Guide To Love
      Suzanne White's Guide To Love.

      Whether You're A Virgo Hopelessly In Love With A Dashing Aries Or A Horse Lusting After A Flamboyant Dragon, This Is The Book You've Been Waiting For."suzanne White's Guide To Love" Offers Descriptions Of Every Pairing (the 12 Animal Signs Of The Chinese Horoscope And The 12 Sun Signs Of The Western Zodiac) And Advice About The Possibilities And Pitfalls Of Each Love Match. Find Out Which Sign To Choose If You're Looking For Security, Which To Choose For A Torrid Affair. Learn About Your Partner's Character, Who Should Manage The Finances And Whether You Two Would Be Better Parents To An Aries Or A Leo, A Rooster Or A Dog. Enlightening And Entertaining, This Is An Invaluable Resource For Finding All The Love And Happiness Under The Stars.

      SKU: 221648
      ISBN: 9780062512970
      Author: White, Suzanne

    Her Father's Laugh
      Her Father's Laugh.

      In The Afternoon A Lone Horseman Galloped Into The Yard Stirring Up The Dust. Cary Wilson Came Out Of The Shed Where He Was Shoeing A Horse. Others Dropped Their Work To Approach. An Indian, Cary Observed.

      SKU: 6326825
      ISBN: 9781420820232
      Author: Strtaton, Marty Young

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