Retreat From Kabul: The Incredible Story Of How A Savage Afghan Force Massacred The Worrld's Most Powerful Army

    Retreat From Kabul: The Incredible Story Of How A Savage Afghan Force Massacred The Worrld's Most Powerful Army
      Retreat From Kabul: The Incredible Story Of How A Savage Afghan Force Massacred The Worrld's Most Powerful Army.

      Using Research From Contemporary Letters, Dispatches, And Journals, Patrick Macrory Provides A Compelling And Gripping Account Of What Became Known As The First Afghan War, The Culmination Of Which Was The Catastrophic British Flight From Kabul In January Of 1842, Which Resulted In The Deaths Of 16,000 People. Only A Single Man Survived. The War Was Britain's Folly: At The Height Of Its Power In India, Britain Sought To Create Stability In The Subcontinent - And Prevent Russian And Persian Encroachments - By Removing From The Afghan Throne A Colorful And Popular Leader And Replacing Him With The Unpopular Though Legitimate King. The Experiment Ended With The British Resident In Kabul Butchered By An Angry Mob, A British Envoy Shot By An Afghan Leader During A Discussion - His Dismembered Corpse Hung In The Kabul Bazaar - And The Ill-fated Retreat. Seven Days After Britain's Army Of The Nidus - Consisting Of Four Thousand English And Indian Troops, As Well As Twelve Thousand Followers, Including A Number Of British Wives And Children - Left The Gates Of Kabul, A Solitary Horseman, Bruised And Bleeding, Made His Way Slowly To The Safety Of The British Garrison Ninety Harsh Miles Away. As Officers Rushed To Bring Him Inside, Odrers Were Given To Light A Signal Fire To Guide Others To Safety. But There Was No One Else To View To Beacon. "retreat From Kabul" Is The Absorbing And Gruesome Story Of How The World's Greatest Military Power Learned A Bloody And Previously Unimagined Lesson By Underestimating The Afghans' Iron Resistance To Foreign Invasion And Intrigue. It Is A Tale Of Heroism In The Face Of Unspeakable Brutality, Of Diplomatic Folly, Of Great Sacrifice, Andterrible Tragedy. It Is An Entrancing Look, Well-told And Deeply Researched, At What Happens When Cultures Collide - A Cautionary Tale Of The Results Of Trying To Control By Force A Country Whose People Deeply Resent The Foreign Invader.

      SKU: 7188207
      ISBN: 9781585745791
      Author: Macrory, Patrick / Rose, Michael

    Bio Spot Active Care Flea & Tick Spot On For Large Dogs (31-60 Lbs) - 3 Months
      Bio Spot Active Care Flea & Tick Spot On For Large Dogs (31-60 Lbs) - 3 Months.

      Biospot Active Care Spot On Is Specifically Formulated To Kill Fleas, Flea Eggs, Flea Larvae, Ticks, Tick Nymphs, And Tick Larvae. Also Eliminates And Repels Mosquitos. Lanolin-free. Do Not Use On Cats.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, flea , amp, Tick Supplies, gt, topicals, gt, bio Spot, amp, reg, For Dogs
      SKU: Bio-spot-active-care-flea-tick-spot-on-large-dogs-3-months

    Cataction Springstring Cat Toy
      Cataction Springstring Cat Toy.

      Cataction Springstring Cat Toy By Jw Pet Is Exercise For Your Cat's Body And Mind! The Cataction Springstring Cat Toy Turns Almost Any Doorknob Into A Cat Playground In Seconds! The Nylon Cord Mouse Teaser Is Attached At The End Of A Long 24" Length Cord Which Allows For Bouncing Back And Forth And Up And Down. Additionally, The Specially Designed Door Hanger Includes Rubber Footing To Ensure That Your Door Stays Scratch Free.

      Category: Cat Toys, gt, interactive Cat Toys, gt, jw Pet Cataction Interactive Toys
      SKU: Catactionspringstring

    High Tech Collar & Charger For X-10 Fencing & Containment Systems
      High Tech Collar & Charger For X-10 Fencing & Containment Systems.

      The Humane Contain Model X-10 Rechargeable Multi-function Electronic Dog Fence Brings You The Most Advanced Electronic Fence Technology For Highly Humane And Extremely Reliable Operation. You Don't Need To Guess The Appropriate Stimulus Intensity. This System Does Not Rely On Manual Stimulus Levels Or Stimulus Zones. It Uses The Pulsed Proportional Stimulus System, A Proprietary Technology That Automatically Adjusts Stimulus Intensity Based Upon Your Dog's Distance From The Boundary. This Keeps Your Dog Reliably Contained Without Unnecessary Over-stimulation. Our Rx-10 Multi-function Pet Collar Is Different Than Any Other Dog Containment Collar Made. The Rx-10 Collar Has All Sorts Of Ingenious Features Including The Ability To Power Multiple Electronic Pet Products, Allowing You To Create A Pet Activated Wireless System (paws) While Your Dog Wears One Lightweight, Waterproof, Ultra-slim Collar. The Collar Also Has A Rechargable Battery For Your Convenience. Utilizes Sound Stimulus To Reinforce The Shock Stimulus Rechargeable Collar Operates All Paw Accessories Ultra-slim, Lightweight Collar (only 1.3 Oz) Audible & Visual Wire Break Alarms Burial Grade Wire Engineered Specially For Containment

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, pet Home , amp, amp, Travel Essentials, gt, fencing Systems , amp, amp, Accessories, gt, high Tech Pet, amp, reg, Microsonic, amp, trade, Collars
      SKU: Collar-charger-x-10-containment-systems

    Red-nosed Reindeer Headband
      Red-nosed Reindeer Headband.

      Ultra Fun And Hip Lighted And Musical Headbands Like The Red-nosed Reindeer Headband Are Sure To Make Your Pets The Star Of Every Holiday Party And Celebration! Click To Enlarge: Red-nosed Reindeer Headband View Larger Ultra Fun And Hip Lighted And Musical Headbands Like The Red-nosed Reindeer Headband Are Sure To Make Your Pets The Star Of Every Holiday Party And Celebration! 9" Wide 12" High 4" Deep

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dress, gt, ho1iday Wear, gt, holiday Reindeer Headband
      SKU: Deerheadband

    Gerrard Larriett Natural Breath Freshener And Teeth & Gum Cleaner For Dogs & Cats (8 Oz)
      Gerrard Larriett Natural Breath Freshener And Teeth & Gum Cleaner For Dogs & Cats (8 Oz).

      Having Trouble Curing Your Dog Or Cat Of Bad Breath? Gerrard Larriett?s Natural Breath Freshener And Teeth & Gum Cleaner For Dogs & Cats Feature A Safe, 100% All Natural Formula To Help Remove Plaque And Tartar Buildup, Giving Your Pet A Clean, Fresh, And Healthy Mouth! Our All Natural Formula Helps To Remove Plaque And Tartar Buildup For A Cleaner, Fresher And Healthier Mouth For Pets. Aloe Vera & Mint, With Baking Soda Veterinarian Recommended Natural & Biodegradable, Paraben & Phosphate Free Made In Usa Cruelty Free

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dental Products, gt, dental Cleansing Gels , amp, amp, Foams, gt, gerrard Larriett Natural Breath Freshener , amp, Cleaner
      SKU: Gerrard-larriett-teeth-gum-cleaner-8-oz

    Muro 128 5% (15 Ml)
      Muro 128 5% (15 Ml).

      Muro 128 Sodium Chloride Hypertonicity Ophthalmic Solution 5% (15 Ml) By Bausch & Lomb Is Used For Patients Who Suffer From Corneal Edema And Its Associated Symptoms, Muro 128â„¢ Solution Be Able To Offer Effective Relief. Recommend Muro 128 Solution For Daytime Use; It Contains No Mercurial Compounds Such As Thimerosal. Follow Up With Preservative-free Muro 128 For Nighttime Use (to Be Applied Either Every 3 To 4 Hours, Or As Directed). Patients Enjoy The Convenience And Savings Of The Economical 1 Fl. Oz. (30 Ml) Solution Bottle And The 15ml Solution Bottle. Directions: Instill 1 Or 2 Drops In The Affected Eye(s) Every 3 Or 4 Hours, Or As Directed By A Physician. Inactive Ingredients Boric Acid, Hypromellose, Propylene Glycol, Purified Water, Sodium Borate. Sodium Hydroxide And/or Hydrochloric Acid May Be Added To Adjust Ph. Preservatives Added: Methylparaben 0.023% Propylparaben 0.01%

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, ear , amp, Eye Products, gt, eye Cleansers , amp, Treatments, gt, muro 128 Eye Solution
      SKU: Muro12815ml

    Naturvet Coprophagia Deterrent (60 Chewable Tablets)
      Naturvet Coprophagia Deterrent (60 Chewable Tablets).

      Coprophagia Deterrent ? Veterinarian Formulated ? Helps Deter Dogs From Consuming Their Own Stool ? Helps Support The Reduction Of Unpleasant Pet Odor Deters Your Dog From Eating Their Own Stool And Other Dogs? Stool. Naturvet University Product Education Puppy Care (pdf) Limit 12 Per Order

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, food Supplements, gt, stool Eating Preventatives, gt, naturvet Coprophagia Deterrent
      SKU: Naturvet-coprophagia-deterrent-60-chewable-tablets

    Pet Therapy Wrap With Therapy Gel - Tarsal (large)
      Pet Therapy Wrap With Therapy Gel - Tarsal (large).

      Designed For Larger Breeds, Our Pet Therapy Wrap System Has All The Features You?d Expect To Find From An Industry Leader Like Caldera International. You Can Quickly Fit Large Sized Dogs With Our Pet Therapy Wraps Without Added Struggling Or Discomfort. The Velcroâ® Straps And Adjustable Quick Release Buckle System Make The Device Easy And Straightforward To Secure In Place. Any Dog Will Appreciate The Wrap?s Flexible Fit And Mobility While Receiving Hot Or Cold Therapy Treatment. With Soft Fabric Against The Body And A Pliable Gel Pack, There?s Little Chance For Irritation, Assuring A Comfortable Application For Any Targeted Joint Or Muscle Group. Durable Four-way Stretch Neoprene And Quality Stitching In Each Pet Therapy Wrap Means Its Designed For Repeated Use. All Sizes Have A Simple Color-coded Inside Panel That Provides A Useful Organizational Aid. Fits Most Standard Large Dogs Such As: Akita, Anatolian Shepherd, Bernese Mountain Dog, Bouvier De Flandres, Doberman, Greyhound, Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, German Shepard, Rhodesian Ridgeback & Rottweiler Contains Complete Set: One Large Tarsal Wrap, One Large Back Boomerang, One Large Anchor And One Large Carpal/tarsal & Elbow Therapy Gel Pack. Design And Endorsed By Leading Veterinarians And Animal Surgeons Aid With Post-operative Recovery And Soft Tissue Injury Treatment Adjustable Contour Fit Allows Pet Mobility Practical, East To Use And Non Toxic Machine Washable Anti-bacterial Fabric Works Both Hot (microwave Or Hydro Collator) And Cold (freezer) This Pet Therapy Wrap Is Designed For Both Right And Left Appilcations.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, health , amp, amp, Wellness, gt, first Aid , amp, amp, Remedies, gt, pet Therapy Wrap
      SKU: Pet-therapy-wrap-tarsal-large

    Petkit Smart Wifi Video Pet & Baby Monitor - Gold
      Petkit Smart Wifi Video Pet & Baby Monitor - Gold.

      The Petkit Mate Pro Smart Wifi Enabled Pet Video Monitor Enables Users To Speak, View, Listen And Play Interactively With Their Pets From Just About Anywhere In The World. The Mate Pro Features A Durable Aluminum Shell Casing With A Built-in 720 Hd Infrared Night Vision Controlled Video Camera Monitor And A Built-in Interactive Laser For Playing With Your Dog Or Cat While You're Away. This Device Further Features Built-in Speakers And A Built-in Microphone For Dual Way Communication And All Controlled On Your Smart Phone Device. Simply Install The Petkit Application Available For Download On All Android (google Play) And Ios (apple Smartphone) Devices, Then Select The Mate Sub-application And Select Your Wifi Network And You're Done! This Device Completely Rotates 340 Degrees With Both Controlled Up And Down Video Motions Which Enable Users To Place This Device In C~tinuance All Surface Heights, The Bottom Of This Device Features Led Lights That Turn On When Being Used. Now You Speak, Listen, Watch And Play With Your Pet And Even Capture Videos And Photos Directly Onto Your Smart Phone Device. Furthermore The Petkit Application Features A Social Active Platform That Enables Users To Chat, Share, Post And Like Videos And Photos With Your Friends And Family. The Petkit Mate Also Allows Multiple Users With Granted Access To Monitor The Very Same Device. This Product Comes With A 1 Year Warranty.

      Category: New Pet Products, gt, petkit Smart Wifi Video Pet , amp, Baby Monitor
      SKU: Petkit-smart-wifi-video-monitor-grey

    Petsafe Stubborn Dog In-ground Radio Fence System
      Petsafe Stubborn Dog In-ground Radio Fence System.

      Petsafe Stubborn Dog In-ground Radio Fence System Is Safe And Effective For All Hard To Train Psts. The System Works By Delivering Mild Static Correction Through Two Contact Pionts That Touch Your Pet's Nec. If Your Pet Crosses The Established Barrier, A Correction Will Be Sent To Get Your Pet's Attention, But Will Not Harm Him. The Adjustable Collar Allows You To Creat A Perfect Fit For Your Pet. Plus, There Are Two Ses Of Contact Points To Choose From Depending On The Length Of Your Pet's Coat. Petsafe Stubborn Dog In-ground Radio Fence System Also Features A Tone Plus Vibration Only Mode For Effective Pet Training. Pick Up A Dog Fense And Keep Your Pet Saf E. System Includes Transmitter With Poser Adapter Receiver With Adjustable Collar Step-by-step Installation And Training Dvd Operating And Training Guide 9 Volt Battery 500 Feet Of Wire And 50 Training Flags Test Light Tool Receiver Designed For Stubborn Or Hard To Train Pets Covers Up To 10 Acres With Additional Wire And Flags Low Battery Indicator Tone Plus Vibration Only Mode For Training Operating And Training Guide Lifetime Limited Warranty Click Here To Download Operating And Training Guide In Pdf Format. You Probably Do Not Have The Flash Player Installed For Your Browser Or The Video Files Are Misplaced On The Server!

      Category: Dog Supplis, gt, pet Home , amp, amp, Travel Essentials, gt, fencing Systems , amp, amp, Accessories, gt, petsafe In-ground Fencing Systems And Collars
      SKU: Pig0010777

    Richard's Organics Flea & Tick Spray (12 Fl Oz)
      Richard's Organics Flea & Tick Spray (12 Fl Oz).

      Richard's Organics™ Flea & Tick Spray™ Is A Safe, Convenient, And E Ffective Way To Kill And Repel Fleas And Ticks On Dogs. This Spray Uses 100% Naturally Derived Ingredients To Kill And Repel Fleas And Ticks For Up To 4 Weeks. The Formula Is Also Safe For Use Around Children And Works To Repel Mosqyitoes As Well. Richard's Organics Flea & Tick Spray Is Safe For Puppies Over 12 Weeks Of Age And Can Be Applied Easily To Your Pet. This Bottle Contains 12 Fluid Ounces Of The Formula And Was Made Here In The Usa To Ensure That It's Safe For Your Pet. Order This Spray To Keep The Pests Away From Your Pooch Today! Key Features: Kills Fleas And Ticks For Up To 4 Weeks And Repels Fleas, Ticks, And Mosquitoes 100% Naturally Derived Ingredients Are Safe For Use Around Children And Pets Made In The Usa

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, flea , amp, Tick Supplies, gt, herbal , amp, Natural Remedies, gt, richard, s Organics, amp, trade, Flea , amp, Tick Products
      SKU: Richards-organics-flea-tick-spray-12-oz

    Spunky Pup Alien Flex Plush Toy - Z 49
      Spunky Pup Alien Flex Plush Toy - Z 49.

      Alien Flex Intergalactic Dog Toy! - From The Furthest Reaches Of Outer Space Arrive The Alien Flex Toy Line. Materials Unknown To Man And Characters From Unexplored Planets That Come To Revolutionize The Way Your Dog Plays. Built In 1964 By Soviet And French Scientists, Z-49 Was Sent To Outer Space As An Experimentaal Tool To Communicate With Possible Alien Life. It Was Programmed To Translate And Learn All Kinds Of Alien Sounds, Languages And Emotions Through The Screen On His Chest. After Years In Outer Space, Z-49 Is Now Very Emotionally Confused. Protected Squeaker 3 Layered Reinforced Lining Double Layered Stitching Compact Shape Limbs Attached To Body Small Limbs Squeaks

      Category: New Pet Products, gt, spunky Pup Alien Flex, amp, trade, Plush Toys
      SKU: Spunky-pup-alien-flex-z49

    Vetriscience Vetri-lysine Plus - Soft Chews (120 Chews)
      Vetriscience Vetri-lysine Plus - Soft Chews (120 Chews).

      Vetriscienceâ® Laboratories? Vetri-lysine Plus Is Recommended To Support Immune System Function, Collagen Formation, Tissue Repair, Antioxidant Activity And Antibody And Lymphocyte Production. The Amino Acid L-lysine Supports Hormone, Antibody And Enzyme Production, As Well As Collagen Formation And Tissue Repair. The Inclusion Of Dmg Supports Methylation, Providing Useful Methyl Groups To Support The Production Of Hormones, Neurotransmitters, Antibodies, Nucleic Acids, And Other Metabolically Active Molecules. Research Indicates That Supplementing With Dmg Enhances Oxygen Utilization At The Cellular Level And Supports The Immune Response. For Use In Cats And Kittens Only. Vetri-lysine Plus Supports Immune System Function Collagen Formation Tissue Repair Antioxidant Activity Antibody And Lymphocyte Production

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, food Supplements, gt, lysine Products, gt, vetriscience Vetri-lysine Plus
      SKU: Vetri-lysine-plus

    Yeowww! Catnip Pillow Cat Toy (assorted)
      Yeowww! Catnip Pillow Cat Toy (assorted).

      Yeowww! Catnip Pillow Cat Toy Is A Fun And Stimulating Toy That Your Cat Will Love! These Assorted Pillows Come In Various Vibrant Colors To Capture Your Cat's Attention And To Match Any Decor Nicely. The Miniature Pillows Are Each Filled With Potent Catnip To Entice Your Cat To Play With The Miniature Pillows. The Pillows Each Measure 2.5 Inches By 2.5 Inches To Make Them A Convenient Size For Normal Play Experiences. Yeowww! Catnip Pillow Cat Toys Also Feature The Hilarious Yeowww! Cat Icon On Each Toy. These Toys Are Great For Cuddling Or Batting Around And Play-hunting To Keep Your Cat Happy And Stimulated. Your Cat Will Love These Unique Catnip Pillows- So Order Today! Key Features: Filled With Potent Catnip That Cats Love Available In Three Assorted Colors: Gre En, Pink And Yellow 2.5&quo;x2.5

      Category: Cat Toys, gt, catnip Toys, gt, yeowww, Catnip Toys
      SKU: Yeowww-catnip-pillow-cat-toy

    Zymox Otic Hydrocortisone Free - 4 Fl. Oz.
      Zymox Otic Hydrocortisone Free - 4 Fl. Oz..

      Dogs And Cats Are Prone To Ear Infections For A Number Of Reasons, But You Can Use Zymox Otic Hydrocortisone Free Cream To Kill The Infection, No Matter What Its Origin May Be. Called Otitis Externa, These Infections Are Most Often Caused By Yeast And Other Factors. Itching, Pain And Rawness Are Some Of The Symptoms You May Notice In Your Pet. Help Your Pet Get Relief By Applying Zymox Otic Hydrocortisone Free Cream. When Rubbed Onto A Dirty Canine Or Feline Ear, The Cream Combats The Bacteria And Yeast. After A Week Of Daily Applications, The Infection Should Be Gone. Chronic Infections May Need Two Weeks Of Daily Application For Relief. See Your Vet If The Infectipn Doesn't Seem To Be Subsiding. Zymox Otic Hydrocortisone Free Cream Is A Topical Cream That Works Best On Unwashed Ears, And You Should Keep Your Pet Away From Water Throughout The Treatment Process. Directions: Apply Liberally To Dirty Ear, Filling Ear Canal. Gently Massage And Work Into Infected Area. Wipe To Remove Excess. Treat Once A Day For 7 Days, 14 Days For Chronic Infections. Recommended For Extended Use On Persistant Cases. Post Treatment Flush Is Recommended To Remove Any Residual Product And Accumulated Dead Skin Cells. Ingredients: Glycerin, Deionized Water, Hydroxy Propyl Cellulose, Benzyl Alcohol, Potassium Lodide, Dextrose, Propylene Glycol, Glucose Oxidase, Lysozyme, Lactoperoxidase, Lactoferrin. Cautions: Do Not Clean Ears Before Or During Treatment. Do Not Use Conjunction With Other Topical War Medications Or Cleaners. Do Not Allow Water In Or Near Ear During Treatment. If Condition Persists Or Worsens, Consult Your Veterinarian. Do Not Use On Punctured Ear Drums. Do Not Use On Pregnant Or Lactating Females. Keep Out Of Reach Of Children.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, ear , amp, Eye Products, gt, ear Cleansers , amp, Treatments, gt, zymox Otic
      SKU: Zymoxenzy4oz

    Papa Fish's Lullaby
      Papa Fish's Lullaby.

      Beautiful Waterscapes Created From Susan Eddy's Carefully Crafted Clay Scenes Provide This Sweet, Rhyming Bedtime Story A Unique And Dramatic Backdrop. Popular Author Patricia Hubbell's Writing Exudes Charm And Whimsy In Her Many Picture Books. Papa Fish's Lullaby Is No Exception A Busy Day In An Underwater World Comes To A Close As Papa Fish Sings His Little Fish To Sleep. Our Little Fish Encounters Humpback Whales, Green Sea Turtles, Sea Horses, Sea Lions, Sea Otters, Dolphins, Moon Jellies, Octopus, Geese And Gulls. Eaddy's Meticulous Research On Species And Region Give This Book The Strength Of Non-fiction Reference, While Her Soothing Images Provide The Softness And Comfort Of A Bedtime Book.

      SKU: 6927099
      ISBN: 9781559719650
      Author: Hubbell, Patricia / Eaddy, Susan

    Solving Flatwork Problems
      Solving Flatwork Problems.

      Practical Advice On How To Correct Everyday Schooling Problems In Horses And Ponies. Chapters Include Laziness And Excitability, Leaning And Overbending, Hollowing And Pulling, Tail Swishing And Shying.

      SKU: 7621273
      ISBN: 9781872082431
      Author: Wallace, Jane / Vincer, Carole

    Dark Fire
      Dark Fire.

      When Lisa's Family Was Forced To Sell Their House And Horses, Life Became Hard Enough - But Then Her Dad Finds Out Lisa Is Going Everyday To Visit The Horse That Was Once Hers, Her Beloved Jupiter, And Forbids Her To Go Again. But Nothing Is Going To Stop Lisa, Not Even The New Owner's Nephew Who Threatens Her. And Now The Final Blow, The Nephew Is Abusing Jupiter Lisa Feels Helpless And Outnumbered. Only One Thing Is For Certain: She Will Not Abandon The Horse She Loves. She Just Has To Find A Way To Solve All The Problems.and Then The Very Bad Situation Becomes Infinitely Worse.

      SKU: 13972494
      ISBN: 9780986847165
      Author: Dorsey, Angela / Miller, Marina June


      With Winchendon, Author Glen Wheeler Has Compiled A Dramatic New Collection Of Photographs That Depict Life In And Around Winchendon From 1880 To About 1940. With The Aid Of Over 200 Vintage Images, Readers See What Central Street, Waterville, Spring Village, And The Old Centre Looked Like At The Turn Of The Centurh. Other Scenes Show How People Dressed, The Churches They Attended, And The Shops Where They Worked. The Home Of Mills And Small Businesses Alike, It Seems Winchendon Has Always Been Driven By Activity And Industry. Amidst These Pages We Can Visit Old-time Markets, Barbershops, Druggists, And Bookstoresplaces Both Familiar And Forgotten. The Toy Business Has Been Particularly Important To This Town; Companies Such As Morton E. Converse And Mason & Parker Manufacturing Helped Winchendon To Become Known As Toy Town. The 12-foot Hobby Horse Made By Converse In 1914 Continues To Be One Of The Towns Dominant Landmarks.

      SKU: 2694217
      ISBN: 9780738554624
      Author: Wheeler, Glen C.

    The Clarinet Collection: 15 Pieces By 14 Composers: Easy To Intermediate Level [with Cd]
      The Clarinet Collection: 15 Pieces By 14 Composers: Easy To Intermediate Level [with Cd].

      An Ideal Collection For A Student Performing In A Contest Or Recital For The First Time. Table Of Contents: Contredanse, Kv 448b (mozart) Dream From Ten Pieces For Clarinet And Piano, Op. 37, No. 3 (moyse) First Loss From Album For The Young, Op. 68, No. 16 (schumann) Intermezzo, Op. 117, No. 1 (brahms) Irish Tune From County Derry (grainger) La Donna ???? Mobile From Rigoletto (verdi) Lullaby (lyadov) Marmotte, Op. 52, No. 7 (beethoven) Mazurka (glinka) Minuet (shebalin) Minuet From The Notebook For Anna Magdalena Bach (j.s. Bach) Minuet From The String Quartet In C Major, Op. 3, No. 2 (haydn) Minuet From The String Quintet In E Major, Op. 11, No. 5 (boccherini) Solvejg's Song From Peer Gynt (grieg) Wild Horseman From Album For The Young, Op. 68, No. 8 (schumann).

      SKU: 6363764
      ISBN: 9781423406495
      Author: G Schirmer Inc

    Rites Of Autumn: The Story Of College Football
      Rites Of Autumn: The Story Of College Football.

      Every Saturday Afternoon From Early September To The End Of November More Than A Thousand Teams From St. Norbert's (wisconsin) To Western Kentucky To Ohio State Meet In Front Of Crowds As Small As Several Hundred And As Large As 100,000. They Are Participants In An Epic That Began November 6, 1869, When The Men Of Princeton And Rutgers Decided To Test Themselves On A Field Not Yet Called A Gridiron. They Are Actors Playing Out Their Drama On A Stage On Which An Unmatched Cast Of Legendary Performers Has Presented Thrilling Rivalries, Glorious Triumphs, And Spectacular Upsets. It Is College Football, A Tapestry Woven Of Memories As Indestructible As They Are Colorful...threads That Have Encircled And Captivated An Audience Measured In The Millions, And Have Done So For Generations. Welcome To "rites Of Autumn: The Story Of College Football," The Definitive History Of College Football, From Fielding Yost's "point-a-minute" Michigan Wolverines Of 1901 To Bobby Bowden's Undefeated 1999 Florida State Seminoles And Everything In-between, Before, And Since. Here Are Red Grange, Illinois's Galloping Ghost; Army's Doc Blanchard And Glenn Davis, And Pittsburgh's Tony Dorsett. Here Is That Day In 1957 When Bud Wilkinson's 47-game Winning Streak At Oklahoma Was Ended By Notre Dam And The Game Of The Century When Bubba Smith's Undefeated 1966 Michigan State Team Played Also-undefeated Notre Dame To A 10-10 Tie. With Hundreds Of Vintage Photographs, Dozens Of Primary Documents, And A Vivid Text, "rites Of Autumn" Brings Back To Life Johnny Rodgers Running Back A Punt For A Nebraska Touchdown Against Oklahoma In Their 1971 Game Of The Century; Cal's Four-lateral Kickoff Return For A Touchdown- "the Play" - That Defeated John Elway's 1982 Stanford Team; And Doug Flutie's Hail Mary Pass That Beat Bernie Kosar's Defending National Champion Miami Team 47-45 On The Last Play Of The 1984 Thanksgiving Day Game. In This Extraordinary Volume - The Companion To An Equally Extraordinary 10-hour Prime-time Television Series - Are The Stories Of The First Forward Pass (1876; Yale Vs. Princeton), The First Huddle (illinois, 1921), The Invention Of The Flying Wedge (harvard, 1892), And The Wishbone (texas, 1968). Here, "outlined Against A Blue-gray October Sky," Are Nltre Dame's Four Horsemen And George Gipp, The Subject Of Knute Rockne's Most Famous Halftime Speech, Who Once Told His Coach, "aw, These Pep Talks Are O.k., Rock, I Guess, But I Got Two Hundred Bucks Bet On This Game And If You Think I'm Lying Down Out There, You're Crazy." Here Are Usc Tackle Marion Morrison Before He Became John Wayne, And The Famous Letter To Princeton Coach Fritz Crisler Written By A Former Student Known, When He Attended Old Nassau, As Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald. In "rites Of Autumn" Prize-winning Sportswriter Richard Whittingham Brings The Most Spectacular Regula

      SKU: 2750215
      ISBN: 9780743222198
      Author: Whittingham, Richard / Staubach, Roger

    Florida On Horseback Ii: A Trail Rider's Guide To The North And Panhandle Regions
      Florida On Horseback Ii: A Trail Rider's Guide To The North And Panhandle Regions.

      Written With Both The Experienced And The Casual Rider In Mind, Florida On Horseback Ii Offers More Of What Readers Loved In Florida On Horseback, Both Written By Equestrian Cornelia Bernard Henderson. This Volume Covers All Of The Available Trails, State Parks, Beaches, And Horse Rental Venues From Ocala-the Unofficial "horse Capital Of The World"-north To The State Line, East To Jacksonville, And West To Pensacola. Adventures Abound, Including Big Shoals State Park, Devil's Hammock, Eglin Air Force Base Property, And Mickler's Beach. The Guide Is A Handy Companion For An Experienced Rider's Weekend Kit Or An Amateur's Library. And For Those Without Horses Of The Ir Own, Suggestions On Nearby Horse Rental Venues Are Included. Henderson Provides An Overview Of The Florida Ecology Riders Will Encounter In Their Travels, As Well As A Profile Of Each Destination. Florida On Horseback Includes Directions, Maps, Photographs, And Thorough Descriptions Of Facilities And Trails. A Quick Reference Rating System And Information On Sun Exposure, Difficulty Level, And Camping Accommodations Makes This A Must-have Guide For Trail Riders And Horse Campers. Whether You're A Local Exploring Some Of The State's Wilderness Or A Tourist Looking To Gallop Along A Beach, Florida On Horseback Will Help You Enjoy The Millions Of Acres In The State Open To Riding.

      SKU: 3414405
      ISBN: 9780813031514
      Author: Henderson, Cornelia Bernard

    Monkey Mischief! [with Stickers]
      Monkey Mischief! [with Stickers].

      When The Toy Store Closes...the Monkeys Will Play They're Preparing To Have A Barrel Of Fun, And Would Love Kids To Come Along For The Games. The Mischievous Little Animals Have Wriggled Free, Hooking Long Tails Together To Reach The Floor. Now They're Loose, Grabbing Toys Galore, And Sliding Down A Dinosaur. They're Bouncing Balls, Then Throwing Jacks; Soon They're Riding On The Electric Railroad Tracks. What A Blast Children Can Help Make The Good Times Happen By Filling The Pages With A Store's Worth Of Colorful Stickers: A Toy Race Car, Porcelain Doll, Plush Giraffe, Rocking Horse, Superhero Action Figure, And Much More

      SKU: 6060741
      ISBN: 9781402761294
      Author: Muldrow, Diane / Chapman, Jared

    The Anatomy Of Riding
      The Anatomy Of Riding.

      Riding, Or The Art Of Riding, Begins At The Point Where The Rider Determines The Direction Of The Horse And The Speed At Which It Travels. The Successful Outcome Depends On The Combined Skills Of The Partners, As Well As The Rider's Understanding Of The Mechanisms At His Disposal. Here, Sara Wyche Explores The Relationship Between Horse And Rider, Riding Aids And Their Application, And How An Intelligence Of The Horse's Anatomy Can Improve Riding Skills. Illustrated With Sara's Own Drawings Throughout, This Will Be A Thought-provoking Book For Horse Owners And Riders.

      SKU: 7604359
      ISBN: 9781861266248
      Author: Wyche, Sara

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