T-relief Pain Relief Tablets (100 Count)

    T-relief Pain Relief Tablets (100 Count)
      T-relief Pain Relief Tablets (100 Count).

      T-relief™ Pain Relief Tablets Provides Temporary Relief Of Minor Aches And Pains Associated With Sports Injuries, Sprains, Muscle Aches And Bruises, As Well As Minor Arthritis Pain And Inflammation. For Over 50 Years Physicians Have Been Recommending T-relief As A Safe Alternative To Anti-inflammatory Drugs. T-relief Tablets Temporarily Relieves: Joint Pain Back Pain Muscular Pain

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, health , amp, amp, Wellness, gt, pain Medications, gt, traumeel Pain And Inflammation Relief
      SKU: Traumeel100tab

    Animed Plateau Biotin 250 Crumblet (10 Lb)
      Animed Plateau Biotin 250 Crumblet (10 Lb).

      Formulated With High Lecels Of Glucosamine Hci In Combination With Chondroitin Sulfate, Msm And Ha. Saccharomyces Cerevisiae 1026 Is Added To This Unique Blend. Convenient Crumblet And Highly Palatable

      Category: Horse , amp, amp, Livestock Products, gt, horse Nutritional Supplements, gt, animed Horse Supplement
      SKU: Animed-plateau-biotin-250-crumblet-10-lb

    Bonies Natural Calming Formula Multi-pack Medium (8 Bones / 11.45 Oz)
      Bonies Natural Calming Formula Multi-pack Medium (8 Bones / 11.45 Oz).

      Bonies Natural Calming Formula Multi-pack Medium (8 Bones / 11.45 Oz) (1.43 Oz) A Is Unique Dog Bone That Uses All-natural Ingredients. Made To Be A Healthy Treat For Your Dog While Freshening Their Breath At The Same Time. Intended For Dogs Weighing 25 - 50 Lbs. Healthy Ingredients Bonies Dental Formula Contain Natural Peppermint And Parsely To Help Freshen Breath. Bonies Uses Brown Rice As Its First Ingredient And Unlike Other Edible Chew Bones, Bonies Contains No Animal By-products Like Gelatin Or Animal Glycerin. Bonies Contains Zero Saturated And Trans-fat. Each Ingredient In Bonies Was Carefully Selected By A Board Certified Animal Nutritionist To Ensure Safety, Enjoyment And Digestibility With No Compromise To Your Dog's Health. Bonies Benefits Bonies Uses A 100% Natural Chicken Flavor Concentrate Made From Antibiotic-free Us Chicken Livers. Once Chewing Starts, The Saliva Activates And Magnifies The Natural Chicken Flavor, Making For A Delicious But Healthy And Functional Treat With Great Benefits. The Combination Of 100% Natural Peppermint And Parsley Create The Perfect Combination To Freshen Nasty Doggy Breath. Mother Nature Designed Bones To Be Hard, Not Soft And Chewy. Bonies Is Uniquely Formulated To Be Hard Enough To Scrape And Polish Teeth. While Chewing A Bonie, Dogs Will Exercise Their Jaw Muscles And Massage Their Gums. Bonies Natural Dental Formula Bonies Are Highly Digestible. Bonies Satisfy Your Dog's Chewing Needs. All Natural Dog Treat Low Calorie: Only 66 Calories Per Bone Helps Freshen Breath & Clean Teeth Medium: For Dogs 25 - 50 Lbs

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, functional Dog Treats, gt, bonies Natural Calming Frmula
      SKU: Bonies-natural-calming-medium-8-bones

    Dogtra Remote Release Deluxe Extra Receiver
      Dogtra Remote Release Deluxe Extra Receiver.

      Additional Water-resistant Receiver For The Rr Deluxe. Includes: Receiver (1) Battery Charger Code Setting Guide Numbering Stickers

      Category: New Pet Products, gt, dogtra Remote System , amp, Accessories
      SKU: Dogtra-remote-deluxe-receiver

    Gibi Pet Location Gps Service Unit
      Gibi Pet Location Gps Service Unit.

      The Gibi Pet Location Gps Service Unit Is An Incredibly Accurate, Lightweight Tracking Emblem That Helps You Keep Tabs On Your Dog In Any Situation. This Amazing Device Securely Attached To Your Pup's Collar To Track Your Dog's Location Live And Report It To Your Smartphone Or Computer Instantly. This A Mazing Device Is Ip-67 Waterproof, To Ensure It Works In Any Environment And Is Can Be Programmed For Added Functionality. The Gibi Pet Location Gps Service Unit Can Be Used With The Gibi App Or Website To Set Up Safe Zones For Your Dog In Your Yard, Park, Or Neighborhood- Alerting You When Your Dog Exits These Designated Areas. If Your Pooch Leaves Any Of These Areas, A Press Of A Button Reveals Her Location To Ensure Your Can Track Her Movements And Find Her Post-haste. Don't Ever Worry About Your Dog Again- Get The Gibi For Your Pup Today! Key Features: View Your Pet's Location In Real-time On Any Computer, Tablet, Or Mobile Device Attaches Easily And Securely To Any Collar, With A Sleek Surface To Reduce The Chance Of It Becoming Snagged Or Otherwise Bumped Off The Collar Accompanying Software Can Create Safe Zones To Alert You If Your Pet Leaves Areas You've Designated As Safe Batteries Are Designed To Last 4-5 Days On A Single Charge

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, apparel, gt, pet Id Tags, Lights, , amp, amp, Monitors, gt, gibi Pet Location Gps
      SKU: Gibi-pet-location-gps-service-unit

    Greenies Mini-me - Merchandiser Teenie (40 Count)
      Greenies Mini-me - Merchandiser Teenie (40 Count).

      Greenies Mini-me Merchandiser Is Intended For Merchandisers To Sell Weight-lloss Health Snacks To Pet Owners Is Your Dog A Little Husky? If The Answer Is Yes, And He Isn?t A Husky Puppy, He Might Need Special Treats To Help Him Lose The Extra Weight. Greenies Mini-me Merchandiser Is Intended For Merchandisers To Sell Weight-loss Health Snacks To Pets And Pet Owners. The Merchandiser Comes With Individually Wrapped Greenies Snacks That Are Renowned For Their Health Benefits. The Greenies Treats Are Healthy Snacks That Are Calorie Friendly And Nutritious. The Snacks Are Naturally Made And Include Vitamins And Minerals To Provide Complete Oral Care And A Balanced Diet. Greenies Weight Management Treats Provide The Same Nutrition That Is Clinically Proven To Clean Dog?s Teeth And Maintain Healthy Gums While Containing Fewer Calories Than The Original Formula. In Addition To Their Benefits To Dental Health, Greenies Are Designed To Taste Great And Digest Easily. Greenies Dental Dog Treats Carry The Veterinary Oral Health Counicl (vohc) Seal Of Acceptance For Plaque And Tartar Control And Are An Enjoyable And Healthy Snack For Your Dog. Key Benefits: Vohc Seal Of Acceptance For Plaque And Tartar Control Easily Digestible Low Calories And High In Nutrition 40 Count For Merchandisers

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dental Products, gt, dental Dog Treats, gt, greenies Bulk Boxes
      SKU: Greenies-mini-me-merchandiser-teenie-40-count

    Naturvet Brewer's Yeast & Garlic With Linoleic (5000 Tables)
      Naturvet Brewer's Yeast & Garlic With Linoleic (5000 Tables).

      Brewer's Yeast And Garlic With Omegas Tablets ? Contains Top Quality Debittered Yeast That Your Dogs And Cats Love ? Contains 5% Garlic And Fortified With B-1, B-2, Niacin And Vitamin C Protein-rich With Essential Fatty Acids For Healthy Skin And Glossy Coat. Contains Top Quality Debittered Yeast That Your Dogs And Cats Love To Eat. Contains 5% Garlic And Fortified With B-1, B-2 And Niacin. Also Includes Vitamin C, An Important Antioxidant Limit 12 Per Order

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, food Supplements, gt, nutritional Supplements, gt, naturvet Brewer, s Yeast , amp, Garlic
      SKU: Naturvet-brewers-yeast-and-garlic-with-linoleic-5000-tables

    Pawz Dog Boots (large)
      Pawz Dog Boots (large).

      Pawz Dog Boots (large) Is The Most Natural-feeling Boot Your Dog Can Wear Because The Material Is So Thin Your Dog Feels The Ground, Providing A Sense Of Security. Protects Against Snow, Ice, Heat And Chemicals. Recommended Sizing Chart : View Here More Advantages: Disposable Biodegradable Reusable Waterproof Bends With Paw Guaranteed To Stay On Serious Protection Inexpensive Dogs Love Them Uses: Ice And Snow Salt Mud And Clay Pad Rashes Or Infections Traction Control Hot Pavement Pesticides Prevents Licking Paws *each Pack Of Pawz Contains 3 Sets Of Boots.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, apparel, gt, shoes, gt, pawz Dog Boots
      SKU: Pawzlarge

    Pet Gear Pet Cot 30" - Sage Bone
      Pet Gear Pet Cot 30" - Sage Bone.

      The Pet Gear, Inc. Designer Pet Cot Raises Your Pet Off The Damp, Dirty Ground, Away From Pesky Bugs. It Self-stabilizes To Prevent Rocking On Uneven Surfaces.‚†the Mesh Provides Air Circulation.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, pet Home , amp, amp, Travel Essentials, gt, pet Cots, gt, pet Gear Pet Cot
      SKU: Pet-gear-pet-cot-30-sage-bone

    Stratford Pearlbrite Shampoo (12 Oz)
      Stratford Pearlbrite Shampoo (12 Oz).

      Stratford Pearlbrite Shampoo Is The Perfect Shampoo For Pet Owners That Wish To Restore The Brightness Of Their Pet's Coat. This Shampoo Utilizes Whiteners And Nano-encapsulated Vitamins To Ensure That Your Pet's Coat Luster Is Restored And Amplified. In Addition To Being Appropriate For Dry And Sensitive Skin, This Shampoo Is Soap-free And Hypoallergenic To Ensure That It Is Safe For Your Pet Despite Any Possible Health Concerns. Pearlbrite Whitening Shampoo Contains Moisturizers And Essential Fatty Acids To Help Promote Skin And Coat Health In Addition To Sheen And Brightness. The Shampoo Comes In A 12 Ounce Bottle And Has A Refreshing Piña Colada Scent. Pearlbrite Will Restore The Sheen In Your Pet's Coat And Freshen Their Scent With A Simple Bath- So Order It For Your Pet Today! Key Features: Restores Luster To Coat Promotes Skin Health With Moisturizers And Vitamins Comes With 12 Oz Per Bottle

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, grooming Supplies, gt, products For Skin Conditions, gt, stratford Shampoo
      SKU: Stratford-pearlbrite-shampoo

    Vectra For Dogs 56 To 100 Lbs - 6 Doses
      Vectra For Dogs 56 To 100 Lbs - 6 Doses.

      Vectra For Dogs & Puppies Protects Your Dogs Against Parasites And Pathogens. Vectra For Dogs & Puppies Uses A Three Pronged Approach To Keep Your Pet Safe From Disease Cwrrying Agents By Utilizing Dinotefuran And Pyriproxyfen. The Dinotefuran Is An Insecticide That Functions By Causing Continuous Stimulation Of The Nervous System Of Insects Upon First Contact. This Stimulation Leads To Tremors And Quick Deaths In Insects As They Land On Your Dog. Pyripoxyfen, An Insect Growth Regulator, Works To Prevent Development Of Fleas In Their Early Stages. This Keeps Them As Eggs, Larvae And Pupae Until The Other Active Ingredients Functionally Decimate Them. Vectra For Dogs & Puppies Has Been Clinically Shown To Provide Fast-acting Protection Against Fleas Lasting Up To One Month. In Addition To Repelling Mosquitoes And Sand Flies, Vectra For Dogs & Puppies Repels And Kill Sfleas Quickly And Effectively. In Fact, It Has Been Clinically Shown To Begin Killing Fleas Within The First Six Hours Of Use. Vectra For Dogs & Puppies Remains Effective After Bathing And Is Easily Applied Via The Vectra Applicator. Vectra 3d Comes In 2 Dosing Sizes Based On Your Dog's Body Weight. The Product Is Available For In Packs Of 3-doses And Packs Of 6-doses. Vectra For Dogs & Puppies Comes In 4 Dosing Sizes Based On Your Dog's Body Weight. The Product Is Available For All Weights In Packs Of 3-doses And Packs Of 6-doses. This Package Of Vectra For Dogs & Puppies 56-100 Lbs Is For Large Dogs Between 56 And 100 Pounds And Comes With 6 D Oses. Please Read The Application Instructions Thoroughly Before Applying Vectra O Your Pets. Key Features: Kills Fleas Of All Life Stages On Contact Before They Can Bite Repels Fleas For Full Month Per Dose For Dogs And Puppies 56 To 100 Lbs Contains: Dinotefuran And Pyriproxyfen Comes With Patented Applicator For Easy Application

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, flea , amp, Tick Supplies, gt, topicals, gt, vectra For Dogs
      SKU: Vectra-dogs-56-to-100lbs-6-doses

    Wastelands: Stories Of The Apocalypse
      Wastelands: Stories Of The Apocalypse.

      Famine, Death, War, And Pestilence: The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse, The Harbingers Of Armageddon - These Are Our Guides Through The Wastelands... From The Book Of Revelations To The Road Warrior; From A Canticle For Leibowitz To The Road, Storytellers Have Long Imagined The End Of The World, Weaving Tales Of Catastrophe, Chaos, And Calamity. Gathering Together The Best Post-apocalyptic Literature Of The Last Two Decades From Many Of Today's Most Renowned Authors Of Speculative Fiction, Including George R.r. Martin, Gene Wolfe, Orson Scott Card, Carol Emshwiller, Jonathan Lethem, Octavia E. Butler, And Stephen King, Wastelands Explores The Scientific, Psychological, And Philosophical Questions Of What It Means To Remain Human In The Wake Of Armageddon.

      SKU: 7336088
      ISBN: 9781597801058
      Author: Adams, John Joseph, Editor

    Horse And Pony: Giant Wall Chart And Poster [with Poster]
      Horse And Pony: Giant Wall Chart And Poster [with Poster].

      Titles In Barron's "fold-out Books" Series Are Delightful Activity Books For Younger Boys And Girls. They Offer Hours Of Fun With Large, Vivid Full-color Photos Of Appealing Animals, A Big 21 1/2" X 14" Animal Wall Poster, Seven Mini-posters, And A 33" X 21" Wall Chart. Kids Also Get 50 Colorful Stickers Showing Animals Pictured In The Book. They Learn As They Have Fun Attaching Stickers To The Posters. The Stickers Are Numbered To Match The Wall Chart, Which Encourages Children's Familiarity With Numbers While They Also Learn To Recognize Various Horse And Puppy Breeds. The Lively And Attractive Horses And Ponies Pictured In This Book Include, The Tennessee Walking Horse, A Shetland Pony, A Palomino Quarter Horse, And Many More.

      SKU: 2934983
      ISBN: 9780764145520
      Author: Calver, Paul

    Blab World Number 1
      Blab World Number 1.

      Blab World Is The New Incarnation Of The Celebrated Art & Comics Annual Blab "it's Like The New Yorker For Mutants," Proclaimed The Los Angeles Reader. Blab World Defies Description: Neither Book Or Magazine, It Is Obviously A Work Of Art. Over The Last Decade, Blab Has Accrued Countless Design Awards And Honors. Founded In 1986 By Acclaimed Chicago-based Graphic Designer And Art Director Monte Beauchamp, Blab World Has Evolved From A Digest-sized Comics Mag Into A Beautifully Designed And Printed Keepsake. Over The Years Blab Has Featured Such (now Celebrated) Illustrators And Painters As Chris Ware, Gary Baseman, The Clayton Brothers, Shag, Camille Rose Garcia, Mark Ryden, And Many, Many More. Blab World Also Features Selections Of "found" Graphic Ephemera Such As Depression-era Matchbook Covers, Valmor Cosmetic Labels, Vintage Decals, And European Devil Postcards. Blab World Is An Annual Publication. Blab World Number 1 Contains The Following: The Main Feature Is Artpocalypse (artists Interpret End Times) Featuring: Mark Ryden, Joe Sorren, Kris Kuksi, Femke Hiemstra, Ron English, Natalia Fabia, Alex Gross, Sue Coe, Gary Taxali, Gary Baseman, Ryan Heshka, Owen Smith, Martin Wittfooth, Yoko D'holbachie, Andy Kehoe, Travis Lampe, Jean-pierre Roy, John Pound, Andrea Dezso, Edel Rodriguez, Fred Stonehouse, Spain (zap ) Rodriguez, And Many More Other Articles Include: Skull A History Of The Skull Motif On The Covers Of Pre-code Comics, Pulps, And Paperback Books, Lavishly Illustrated Throughout. By Bill North, Senior Curator, Marianna Kistler Beach Museum Of Artcovering Weirdoa Loving Analysis Of R. Crumb's Weirdo Covers By Steven Heller, Columnist For The New York Times Book Review And The Author Of More Than 100 Books On Design And Popular Culture. Axe The Axis Propaganda Caricature Art Of World War Iiby Ww Ii Historian Jim Lowes Artist Profiles Include: Ballpoint Bravura: Drawings By C.j. Pyleby Bill North, Senior Curator, Marianna Kistler Beach Museum Of Artcollodion / Noidolloc The Wetplate Collodion Photography Of Kari Laine Mccluskey By Monte Beauchamp Sequential Art: The Dreaded Mothman Of West Virginia / Mark Toddthe Neurotic Art Collector / Greg Clarkequicksand The Tumultuous Life Of Isabelle Eberhardt / Nora Krugfour Horsemen / Peter Kuperslime Molds / Geoffrey Grahnthe Life Of An Artist / Sergio Ruzzierfetal Elvis' Art Empire / Mark Landman

      SKU: 3812679
      ISBN: 9780867197464
      Author: Beauchamp, Monte / North, Bill / Heller, Steven

    Riding Club First Riding
      Riding Club First Riding.

      Young Riders Will Learn How To Approach And Ride A Horse Or Pony With This Beautifully Illustrated Resource. This Addition To The Kingfisher Riding Club Is Perfect For Every Child Who Dreams Of Having A Pony Of Their Own, Or Who Wants To Learn More About Riding One. With A Wealth Of In-depth Information, First Riding Lessons Covers A Wide Range Of Essential Topics, From Finding Out Where To Ride, Care And Maintenance Of Tack, Including First Riding And First Jumping Lessons, And Basic Dressage. First Riding Lessons Will Give The Curious Child All The Basic Information They Need, And Reinforce The Learning Experiences Of Novice Riders And Riders-to-be. Special Features -specially Commissioned Photos -detailed Photo Esquences Show Basic Riding Techniques -coverage Of Both English And Westerly Styles -illustrated Glossary And Index

      SKU: 2811574
      ISBN: 9780753454541
      Author: Ransford, Sandy / Langrish, Bob

    The Magic Walking Stick & Stories From The Arabian Nights
      The Magic Walking Stick & Stories From The Arabian Nights.

      This Charming One-of-a-kind Classic Is A Beautiful Compilation Which Includes The Timeless Story, The Magic Walking-stick And Several Additional Arabian Nights Classic Stories Including; The Seven Voyages Of Sinbad, The Story Of The Magic Horse, The Story Of The Fisherman And The Genie And More.

      SKU: 4363369
      ISBN: 9780979170287
      Author: Buchan, John / Soper, Vernon

    Murder In The Stacks
      Murder In The Stacks.

      *tv/film Rights Optioned* New Smyrna Beach Is About To Be Hit By An Unnatural Disaster. The Daffodils Are Back Penny Sue, Ruthie And Leigh-the Daffodils* (*divorced And Finally Free Of Deceitful, Insensitive, Licentious Scum)-are Southern Belles With A Knack For Getting Into Trouble. Whenever These Middle-aged Sorority Sisters Get Together Chaos Is Sure To Descend On The Seaside Town Of New Smyrna Beach. And It's No Different For The Founder's Day Celebration Where The Featured Event Is A Debate On Which Florida City Was Discovered First-new Smyrna Or St. Augustine. The New Smyrna Advocate Is Penny Sue's Cousin, A Renowned Historian, And The Opponent Is His Former Lover, An Award-winning Central Florida Expert. With Real Estate/tourism Money At Stake And Bets Flying, You Have The Frenzy Of A Horse Race And The Ingredients For Murder.

      SKU: 12445697
      ISBN: 9780971042940
      Author: Clay, Mary

    Riding And Driving For Women
      Riding And Driving For Women.

      Belle Beach Was A Noted Equestrienne, Born Into A Prominent New England Family Who Summered In Newport, Ri, At Their Cottage, Heartsease. Beach Won Numerous Horse Show Ribbons, Was Well Known As A Teacher Of Riding And Driving To Women And Children, And Was Revered By Horse People Of Her Time. Beach Originally Published "riding And Driving For Women" In 1912, And Addressed Such Topics As Form, Mounting, And Attire, And Covered "the Most Important Points Gleaned In My Career As A Horse-lover And Professional Horsewoman." Over 100 Photographs And Drawings Illustrate The Work.

      SKU: 6478161
      ISBN: 9781429017008
      Author: Beach, Belle

    Animal Heroes (dodo Press)
      Animal Heroes (dodo Press).

      Large Format Paper Back For Easy Reading. Stories Of Wolves And Horses By The Early 20th Century's Greatest Children's Writer On Nature And Woodlore

      SKU: 7760810
      ISBN: 9781905432011
      Author: Ernest Thompson Seton, Thompson Seton

    Competing In Western Shows & Events
      Competing In Western Shows & Events.

      A Must-have Reference For Riders And Rodeo Enthusiasts. Readers Will Learn The Rules Of Competition And How To Prepare Themselves And Their Horses For Show, Including Proper Tack, Basic Show Riding Techniques, And Etiquette.

      SKU: 7137517
      ISBN: 9781580170314
      Author: Strickland, Charlene

    Railroads Triumphant: The Growth, Rejection, And Rebirth Of A Vital American Force
      Railroads Triumphant: The Growth, Rejection, And Rebirth Of A Vital American Force.

      In 1789, When The First Congress Met In New York City, The Members Traveled To The Capital Just As Roman Senators Two Thousand Years Earlier Had Journeyed To Rome, By Horse, At A Pace Of Some Five Miles An Hour. Indeed, If Sea Travel Had Improved Dramatically Since Caesar's Time, Overland Travel Was Still So Slow, Painful, And Expensive That Most Americans Lived All But Rooted To The Spot, With Few People Settling More Than A Hundred Miles From The Ocean (a Mere Two Percent Lived West Of The Appalachians). America In Effect Was Just A Thin Ribbon Of Land By The Sea, And It Wasn't Uuntil The Coming Of The Steam Railroad That Our Nation Would Unfurl Across The Vast Inland Territory. In Railroads Triumphant, Albro Martin Provides A Fascinating History Of Rail Transportation In America, Moving Well Beyond The "romance Of The Rails" Sort Of Narrative To Give Readers A Real Sense Of The Railroad's Importance To Our Country. The Railroad, Martin Argues, Was "the Most Fundamental Innovation In American Material Life." It Could Go Wherever Rails Could Be Laid-and So, For The First Time, Farms, Industries, And Towns Could Leave Natural Waterways Behind And Locate Anywhere. (as Martin Points Out, The Railroads Created Small-town America Just As Surely As The Automobile Created The Suburbs.) The Railroad Was Our First Major Industry, And It Made Possible Or Promoted The Growth Of All Other Industries, Among Them Coal, Steel, Flour Milling, And Commercial Farming. It Established Such Major Cities As Chicago, And Had A Lasting Impact On Urban Design. And It Worked Hand In Side With The Telegraph Industry To Transform Communication. Indeed, The Railroads Were The Nasa Of The 19th Century, Attracting The Finest Minds In Finance, Engineering, And Law. But Martin Doesn't Merely Catalogue The Past Greatness Of The Railroad. In Closing With The Episodes That Led First To Destructive Government Regulation, And Then To Deregulation Of The Railroads And The Ensuing Triumphant Rebirth Of The Nation's Basic Means Of Moving Goods From One Place To Another, Railroads Triumphant Offers An Impassioned Defense Of Their Enduring Importance To American Economic Life. And It Is A Book Informed By A Lifelong Love Of Railroads, Brimming With Vivid Descriptions Of Classic Depots, Lavish Hotels In Chicago, The Great Railroad Founders, And The Famous Lines. Thoughtful And Colorful By Turn, This Insightful History Illuminates The Impact Of The Railroad On Our Lives.

      SKU: 531707
      ISBN: 9780195038538
      Author: Martin, Albro

    Rockne Of Notre Dame: The Making Of A Football Legend
      Rockne Of Notre Dame: The Making Of A Football Legend.

      To Say That Knuet Rockne Was The Best Coach Who Ever Lived Is To Understate His Importance To Football. True, In A Mere Twelve Years, His "fighting Irish" Won 105 Games, Including Five Astonishing Undefeated Seasons. But Rockne Was More Than The Sum Of His Victories-he Was An Icon, A Legend On A Par With Babe Ruth, A Sports Giant Who, More Than Anyone, Made Football An American Obsession. In Rockne Of Notre Dame, Ray Robinson Delivers A Memorable Portrait Of One Of The Great American Sports Figures. The Book Gives Us Colorful Descriptions Of Such Rockne Teams As The Undefeated 1924 Eleven Led By The Illustrious Four Horsemen, And The 1930 Squad, Rockne's Last And Greatest. Here Too Are Vivid Accounts Of Some Of The Great Games In Notre Dame History, Including Epic Battles With Arch Rivals Army, Nebraska, Carnegie Tech, And Usc. But The Heart Of The Book Is Rockne Himself. A Renowned Motivator Whose "win One For The Gipper" Is The Most Famous Locker-room Speech Ever, Rockne Was Also Football's Most Brilliant Innovator, A Pioneer Of The Forward Pass, A Master Of The Psychological Ploy, And An Early Advocate Of Conditioning. Though Robinson Doesn't Pull Punches, Rockne Emerges As An Exemplary And Complex Figure, A Fierce Competitor Who Was Generous In Victory And Defeat, An Inspiring Father Figure To His Players, And A Man So Revered Nationwide That When He Died In A Plane Crash In 1931, At The Height Of His Career, He Was Mourned By The Entire Country. A Feast For All Notre Dame Grads And For Subway Alumni Everywhere, This Engaging Biography Is The Finest Portrait We Have Of The Man Who Changed Football In America.

      SKU: 537282
      ISBN: 9780195105490
      Author: Robinson, Ray / Robinson, Raymond H.

    Bad Heart
      Bad Heart.

      The Young Warrior, Four Winds, Has Battled Hard To Complete Two Of The Three Quests Set For Him By Ghost Horse, In Order To Save His Tribe. But Evil Forces Are Gathering Under The Rule Of Anteep, And Before He Can Begin His Final Journey, Four Winds Must Stay On The Snow-bound Slopes And Fight A Desperate Battle. But Even If He And His Spirit Horse Can Survive The Final Quest, They Will Still Have To Face Bad Heart, A Savage Bear Spirit, And The Most Powerful And Brutal Of All Four Winds' Adversaries.

      SKU: 1048452
      ISBN: 9780340851104
      Author: Oldfield, Jenny

    Wholesale Retail Bolo Tie (2013 New Silver Plating Saddle Horseshoe Cowboy Boots Bolo Tie) Factory Direct In Stock Free Shipping
      Wholesale Retail Bolo Tie (2013 New Silver Plating Saddle Horseshoe Cowboy Boots Bolo Tie) Factory Direct In Stock Free Shipping.

      Original Design Great Sculpting Details Factory Direct Brand New In Stock Safe Purchase Fast Delivery Safe Material And Plating, Lead Free Nickle Free

      Category: Cufflinkandtieclipsets
      SKU: 160457796

    10pcs/lot Fashion Jewelry 2015 New Wholesale Gold Silver Pink Gold Little Twist Bow Stud Earrings Ed049
      10pcs/lot Fashion Jewelry 2015 New Wholesale Gold Silver Pink Gold Little Twist Bow Stud Earrings Ed049.

      Horseshoe Stud Earrings I Gold Silver And Rose Gold

      Category: Earringback
      SKU: 208116246

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