The Messiah Of Midtown Park: A Contemporary Comedy-drama (screenplay)

    The Messiah Of Midtown Park: A Contemporary Comedy-drama (screenplay)
      The Messiah Of Midtown Park: A Contemporary Comedy-drama (screenplay).

      "the Messiah Of Midtown Park" What Will Happen When The Messiah Comes? Who Will He Be? "the Messiah Has Not Come Yet " - Rabbi Joshua Sedaka, California Council Of Rabbis "the Second Coming Of Jesus Christ Is Near." - Rev. Albert Periwinkle, Executive Director Of The Proteestant Fundamentalist Alliance "we Don't Know When Our Lord Jesus Christ Will Return, But He Will.""we Are Waiting For The Tenth And Final Messiah. He Will Come Riding On A White Horse, Carry A Sword Of Flame, And Destroy The Wicked." -swami Rabindranath Yogananda, East -west Hindu Brotherhood In America " We Are Waiting For The Twelfth And Final Messiah, Al Mahdi. He Will Descend Near The White Tower Of Damascus." -imam Anwar Yamani, National Islamic Brotherhood Seventy-seven-year-old Shlomo Hirsch Has Known For 55 Years That He Is The Messiah, But He Has Never Known What To Do About It. He Realizes That He's Not Getting Any Younger, As He Sits And Feeds Pigeons Daily In Midtow N Park. Time Is Running Out. He Must Reveal Himself To The World Finally, He Hits On A Plan

      SKU: 2150270
      ISBN: 9780595328567
      Author: Gompertz, Rolf

    Cloud Star Buddy Biscuits - "itty Bitty" Bacon & Cheese Madness (8 Oz)
      Cloud Star Buddy Biscuits - "itty Bitty" Bacon & Cheese Madness (8 Oz).

      At Just 3/4" Each, Don't Let The Diminutive Size Of These Treats Fool You... They're Packed With Flavor!the Bacon And Cheese Treats Are Perfect For Dogs Who Prefer Savory Rather Than Sweetness. Real Usda Certified Chicken, Not Chicken Meal, Byproducts, Or Digest. High Quality Ingredients Can Make A Huge Impact On The Long-term Health Of Your Pet. Free Of Corn, Soy, Sugar, Salt, Dairy, And Egg. Made From Natural Ingredients Great Taste Your Dog Will Love! Free Of Artificial Colors And Flavors Great For Dogs With Allergies Ingredients: Unbleached White Flour, Whole Wheat Flour, Cheese, Bacon, Vegetable Oil, Mixed With Tocopherols (natural Preservative).

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, all-natural Dog Treats , amp, Biscuits, gt, cloud Star Buddy Biscuits
      SKU: Bbbacon8

    Bettie Fetch Toy Tail Waggin Teal (blue) - Small
      Bettie Fetch Toy Tail Waggin Teal (blue) - Small.

      Bettie Fetch Toy Keeps Pets On Their Paws With The Unique Erratic Bounces. It'll Provide Your Pooch With Hours Of Fun And Exercise. Bettie Fetch Toy Is Perfect For Playing By The Waters Or Tossing Around In The Park. The Triple Prong Shape Is Great For A Game Of Fetch Or Tug-o-war. The Hollow Legs Allows You To Stuff Tasty Treats For An Extra Reward To Pets. Constructed Of Permanent, Non-toxic, High Performance Rubber And Plastic. Measures 6" Across

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Toys, gt, balls , amp, Fetch Toys, gt, otis And Claude Bettie Fetch Toy
      SKU: Bettiebluesm

    Canine Red Cell (32 Oz)
      Canine Red Cell (32 Oz).

      Canine Red Cell Is A Liquid Supplement That Provides Dogs With Additional Vitamins, Minerals, And Iron. Canine Red Cell Is Specially Formulated For Hunting, Field, Show And Race Dogs To Ensure That They Are In Optimal Health For The Demanding Activities In Which They Participate. It Is Also Perfect For Old Or Incapacitated Dogs And Puppies That Need More Nutrients To Get Along Properly. Red Cell Can Easily Be Mixed In With Your Dog's Food For Daily Administration. Canine Red Cell Will Is Beef And Liver Flavored To Ensure Your Dog Will Eat It When Mixed Into Food Or On Its Own. A Bottle Of Canine Red Cell Comes With 1 Quart Of The Supplement. Order Canine Red Cell For Your Dog Today And Notice The Difference It Makes In Overall Health. Key Features: Contains Minerals, Vitamins, And Iron Comes In 1 Qt/32 Fl Oz Container Beef & Liver Flavored

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, food Supplements, gt, vitamins, gt, canine Red Cell
      SKU: Canine-red-cell-32-oz

    Cosequin Ds Plus Msm Chewable Tablets (250 Count)
      Cosequin Ds Plus Msm Chewable Tablets (250 Count).

      Cosequin Ds Plus Msm Chewable Tablets (250 Count) For Dogs Assists Joint Health In Dogs Using A Proven Safe, Effective And Bioavailable Formula. This Potent Formula Contains Trh122 Chondroitin Sulfate, Fchg49 Glucosamine, Methylsulfonylmethane (msm) And Manganese Ascorbate To Support And Maintain Healthy Joints For Your Dog. Proven Results And High Standards Cosequin Features An Exclusive Formula That Has Been Shown To Be Safe, Effective, And Bioavailable In Peer-review, Published, Controlled, U.s. Veterinary Studies. Manufacturing Is Done In The United States And Follows Standards Similar To Those Practiced By The Pharmaceutical Industry. These Results All Contribute To Cosequin Being The #1 Veterinarian Recommended Brand! Which Dogs Benefit From Cosequin? Joint Health Assistance Isn't Only Necessary For Senior Dogs. If You Notice Your Dog Having Difficulty With Strenuous Activity, Such As Walking Up Stairs Or Jumping Up To Bed, Your Dog May Benefit From Cosequin Ds. Safe Formula Studies Conducted To Check The Safety Of Cosequin Have Shown No Adverse Effects In Blood Work Parameters, Including Complete Blood Count, Biochemical, And Clotting Values. High Standards And Proven Results Have Earned Cosequin A High Reputation Among Veterinarians And Is The #1 Recommended Brand. Cosequin Ds Chewable Tablets Plus Msm (60 Count) Glucosamine/chondroitin Sulfate Supplement Msm Added For Total Joint Support Supports Cartilage Production Proven Results Manufactured Using High Standards More Info Nutritional Supplements These Supplements Can Improve Joint Health. Alternative Joint Supplements These Supplements Are Used To Help Maintain An Animal's Health. Healthy Diet Guide Some Tips To Keep Your Furry Friend Healthy. Pet Arthritis Pst Arthritis Guide For Dogs & Cats Find The Right Cosequin Pack For Your Dogs Cosequin Ds Chewable Tablets Cosequin Ds Capsules 90 Counts 90 Counts 132 Count 132 Count 250 Count 250 Count 650 Count 800 Count 2 Pack - 500 Count 2 Pack - 500 Count 3 Pack - 750 Count 3 Pack - 750 Count 650 Count 12 Pack - 3000 Count

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, joint Supplements, gt, extra Strength Joint Support, gt, cosequin Ds , double Strength, - Cosequin For Dogs
      SKU: Cosequin-ds-plus-msm-chewable-tablets-250-count

    Dogtra Super-x 1 Mile Remote Trainer - 2 Dogs
      Dogtra Super-x 1 Mile Remote Trainer - 2 Dogs.

      Designed For X-treme Training Conditions, A Professional Grade, Long-range E-collar With X-cellent Durability And Dependability. The 3500ncp Labeled The Super-x Because Of The X-tra Features, X-ceptional Range And Is Designed For X-treme Training Situations. Features: Controls 2 Dogs At Once Designed For X-treme Training Conditions Completely Waterproof, 1-mile Range Rechargeable 2-hour Rapid Charge Lithium Polymer Battery Regular And Mild Stimulation Adjustment For Highly Sensitive Dogs Low To High Power Transmitter Rheostat Intensity Dial That Allows For Gradual Adjustment In Stimulation Intensity 0-127 Levels Stimulation Type-nick, Constant, And Non-electrical Stimulating Pager/vibration Anti-microbial Plastic Casing Blue Illuminated Lcd Screen Displays Exact Numeric Level Of Stimulation Clearly And Accurately Tri-color Led Battery Life Indicator Easy To Use, Ergonomic Transmitter Also Available In A Two-dog System: 3502ncp Super-x

      Category: New Pet Products, gt, dogtra Remote System , amp, Accessories
      SKU: Dogtra-super-x-remote-trainer-2-dogs

    Earthbath Green Tea Leaf Wipes (100 Count)
      Earthbath Green Tea Leaf Wipes (100 Count).

      Earthbath Green Tea Leaf Wipes Are The Perfect Way To Clean Your Pet Between Baths And Leave Your Pet With A Fragrant Green Tea Scent. These Grooming Wipes Can Be Used Topically To Directly Clean The Coat And Skin Of Your Pet. The Wipes Also Work To Restore The Luster To Your Dog's Coat And To Remove Odors. These Wipes Are Perfect For Cleaning Pets, Whether You Or Just Touching Them Up Or Using Them As A Water-free Alternative To Bathing. Earthbath Green Tea Wipes Are Alcohol-free And Safe For Daily Use On Your Animals Even When Using Spot-on Flea Control Treatments. These Wipes Come In A Tub Of 100 Wipes That Will Keep Them Moist Until The Day They're Used. Keep Your Pet Smelling Fresh And Order These Wipes For Your Pet Today! Key Features: Safe For Daily Use And Will Not Remove Spot-on Flea Control Treatment Wipes Away Debris And Odor And Shines Coat Safe For Kittens, Puppies, Cats, Dogs

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, grooming Supplies, gt, grooming Sprays, Wipes , amp, amp, Foams, gt, earthbath Grooming Wipes
      SKU: Earthbath-green-tea-leaf-wipes

    Naturvet Senior Digestive Support (60 Chewable Tablets)
      Naturvet Senior Digestive Support (60 Chewable Tablets).

      Older Dogs Can Suffer From Digestion Problems Even Though Nothing Has Changed With Their Diet Or Drinking Resources. And If A Dog Can't Regularly Digest Its Food On A Normal Cycle, Other Health Issues Can Begin To Occur Ranging From Malnutrition To Problems With Eyesight, Strength Loss, Tooth Loss, And Rapid Critical Organ Failure. Just Like Humans, Dogs Depend On Their Diet Being Balanced Every Day. This Is Where Naturvet Senior Digestive Support Becomes An Important Element In Keeping An Older Dog Healthy. Naturvet Senior Digestive Support Adds Into A Dog's Diet Probiotics And Prebiotics. Both Work Well To Help A Dog's Digestive System Build Up The Enzymes Needed To Properly Break Down Food And Pull Out The Valuable Nutrients. That In Turn Allows The Canine To Eat Better And Not Suffer Food Deficiency Issues Or Constipation, Either Of Which Can Lead To Bigger Health Issues Over Time. Instead, Your Dog Enjoys A Health Digestion Tract And Doesn't Suffer From Stoppage Or Poor Internal Processing. As A Result, Naturvet Senior Digestive Support Helps Your Dog With The Following Benefits: ? Improved Dietary Health By Introducing Ositive Bacteria Which Help A Canine's Intestinal Enyzmes Function Properly. ? Reduced Canine Intestinal Blockage And Constipation Which Can Contribute To Cancer In A Dog. ? Regular Processing Of Food And Waste Which Improves And Helps Maintain A Dog's Internsl Health. Limit 12 Per Order

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, food Supplements, gt, probiotics , amp, Digestion Supplements, gt, naturvet Digestive Supplements
      SKU: Naturvet-senior-digestive-support-60-chewable-tablets

    Omega Alpha Gastra-fx (32 Oz)
      Omega Alpha Gastra-fx (32 Oz).

      Omega Alpha Gastra- Fx Is A Liquid Supplement That Supports The Stomach And Treats Gastrointestinal Problems In Horses. This All-natural Formulation Uses Each Assortment Of Herbal Ingredients To Normalize The Stomach Functions By Soothing And Healing The Gut. The Process Of Soothing The Gut Also Works To Reduce Inflammation In The Digestive Tract. Omega Alpha Gastra-fx Is In A Liquid Form For Optimal Absorption That Makes It Easy To Dispense Orally To Your Horse. This Container Comes With 32 Ounces Of The Supplement To Allow Continuous Administration, Which Is Recommended For Horses So Long As They Are Not In Foal. Promote A Healthy Stomach In Your Horse By Ordering Today! Key Features: Treats Ulcers And Other Stomach And Gastrointestinal Problems Soothes Gut And Relieves Inflammation Of Digestive Tract Comes With 32 Ounces Of Liquid Supplement

      Category: Horse , amp, amp, Livestock Products, gt, horse Digestives, gt, omega Alpha Horse Digestive
      SKU: Omega-alpha-gastra-fx-32-oz

    Petlinks Cardinal Call (assorted) Cat Toys
      Petlinks Cardinal Call (assorted) Cat Toys.

      Petlinks Cardinal Call Looks And Chirps Like A Real Bird Grabbing The Attention Of Your Feline. It Brings Out Their Natural Hunting Instinct And Helps To Release Energy So You Have A Calmer Happier Cat. The Petlinks Cardinal Call Chirps While Being Played With But Is Silent When At Rest. The Long Lasting Battery Lasts For 8,000 Activations. 4" X 6" Motion Activated Chirping Sound Brings Out Your Cat's Hunting Instinct Long Lasting Battery

      Category: Cat Toys, gt, plush Cat Toys, gt, petlinks Plush Cat Toys
      SKU: Petlinks-cardinal-call-assorted

    Redbarn Bully Super Braid 6"
      Redbarn Bully Super Braid 6".

      Redbarn Bully Super Braid Sticks Are Long Lasting, Fully Digestible Dog Chews Made From Natural Slow Roasted Beef Muscles. Slow Roasting Brings Out The Maximum Natural Flavors Of The Beef And Takes The Utmost Care And Preparation To Make The Best Treats For Your Dog To Enjoy. These Bully Sticks Are A Healthy Way To Satisfy Chewing Urges All While Maintaining Your Dog's Dental Health By Scraping Away Plaque And Controlling Tartar Buildup As They Chew. Redburn Bully Super Braid Sticks Bring The Best Natural And Healthy Treats For Your Dog. 6 Inch Bully Stick Net Weight 1.2 Oz (34g) Made In Paraguay

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, bully Sticks , amp, Natural Animal Parts, gt, redbarn Bully Stick
      SKU: Redbarn-bully-super-braid-6-inch

    Stride Stableone Paste (60 Ml)
      Stride Stableone Paste (60 Ml).

      Stride Stableone Paste Is A Supplement That Uses Enzymes And Probiotics To Catalyze The Digestive Process In Horses. This Paste Contains Everything Your Horse Needs To Support Healthy Digestive Functions. This Formula Is Made To Support Horses That Are Suffering From Colic, Ulcers, Diarrhea, Weight Loss, Loss Of Appetite, And Other Digestive Issues. Its Also Perfect For Horses In Critical Care Or Undergoing Surgery Or Antibiotic Therapy. Stride Stableone Paste Can Help Manage Stress-induced Stomach Problems And Is Great For Horses That Are Traveling. This Syringe Comes With 60 Milliliters Of Paste- But There Is Also A Powdered Form Of The Supplement Available. This Catalyst Will Ensure That Your Horse's Digestive Problems Are Soothed- So Order Now! Key Features: Includes Enzymes And Probiotics To Aid Digestion Good For Horses With Colic, Ulcers, Diarrhea, Appetite/weight Loss, Stress, Or Any Surgery Or Antibiotic Therapy That Affects Health Conditions 60 Mml Syringe For Easy Administration

      Category: Horse , amp, amp, Livestock Products, gt, horse Digestives, gt, stride Stableone Horse Digestives
      SKU: Stride-stableone-paste-60-ml

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, April & Splinter Aquarium Ornament Set
      Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, April & Splinter Aquarium Ornament Set.

      These Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Aquarium Ornaments From Penn-plax Are A Great Way To Liven Up Any Aquarium. These Ornaments Are Made From Non-toxic Polyresin Material And Are Safe For Your Fish Tank. With The Official Licensed Ornament You Can Bring The Fun Oof The Movie To Your Aqaurium. This Set Contains These Aquarium Ornaments: 1 - Raphael 3.75" 1 - Michelangelo 3.75" 1 - Leonardo 3.75" 1 - Donatello 3.75" 1 - Master Splinter 3.75 1 - April O'neil 4" Please Note: All Orders Will Be Shipped Out Within 10-15 Business Days.

      Category: Aquarium , amp, amp, Fish Supplies, gt, aquarium Decorations , amp, amp, Ornaments, gt, teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Aquarium Ornament Sets
      SKU: Teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles-april-splinter-aquarium-ornaments

    Zack & Zoey Elements Textured Stretch Hoodie - Xsmall
      Zack & Zoey Elements Textured Stretch Hoodie - Xsmall.

      Zack & Zoey Elements Textured Stretch Hoodies Use An Attractive Stretch Fabric On The Chest And Sleeves, To Accommodate Even Large-chested Dogs.

      SKU: Zack-zoey-textured-stretch-hoodie-xsmall

    The Horse And The Plains Indians: A Powerful Partnership
      The Horse And The Plains Indians: A Powerful Partnership.

      Indians Lived Scattered On The Great Plains Of North America For Thousands Of Years, Traveling Slowly On Add A ~ Of And Using Dogs To Help Draw The Travois Sledges Carrying Their Goods. Then In The Early Sixteenth Century Spaniards Arrived, Bringing Their Horses With Them. Horses Were Vital To The Spaniards, So They Outlawed The Trading And Selling Of Horses To The Indians. But Horses Escaped From Captivity And Lived In The Wild, And Indians Quickly Realized How Valuable They Could Be. Their Culture Was Transformed. The Plains Indians, Especially The Blackfoot And The Crow, Used Their Horses To Travel Across The Mountains And Hunt Buffalo, While The Nez Perce In Idaho And Oregon Became Famous For Developing The Spotted Appaloosa. Horses Are Now Used In Indian Fairs And Rodeos. Young People Especially Take Pride In Proving Their Enudrance During The Big Foot Memorial Ride To Honor Those Who Died During The Wounded Knee Massacre.

      SKU: 16434025
      ISBN: 9780547125510
      Author: Patent, Dorothy Hinshaw / Munoz, William


      Grace Has Just Signed Up For Horseback Riding Lessons. Her Brother, Owen, Started Riding Horses Last Year And Encouraged Grace To Join In The Fun. Because Of Her Small Size, Grace Is Paired With Fancy, A Sweet Welsh Pony . But Even Though Fancy Is Small, The Pony Still Seems Big To Grace. Follow Grace As She Learns To Tack, Ride, And Hopefully Win Her First Blue Ribbon By The Time Her Lessons Are Over. With Fun Facts About Welsh Ponies, This Easy-to-read Chapter Book Is Perfect For Any Girl Who Loves Horses

      SKU: 1840271
      ISBN: 9780545120982
      Author: Earhart, Kristin / Alba, Elisabeth

    The Sound Of One Horse Dancing
      The Sound Of One Horse Dancing.

      Twenty-seven-year-old Tim Halladay Is A Rising Star In The Three-martini Lunch World Of Madison Avenue In The Early 1970s. In Only Five Years, Tim Has Become A Vice-president At The First Ad Agency He Interviewed With, In Charge Of Some Of The Most Prestigious Accounts Listed In Advertising Age. But A Week Before Thanksgiving, His Life Takes A Serious Hit. After A Hard-drinking, Sex-filled Night, Tim, The "golden Boy," Arrives Late To Work. He Suddenly Finds Himself Fired Without Explanation. With Three Hundred Dollars In His Savings Account, Tim Wonders How He'll Even Pay The Rent. As Tim Comes To Tterms With His Unemployment, He Reminisces About His Life And The Circumstances That Have Brought Him To This Crucial Crossroads. Everything In His Life-his Emotionally Unstable Upbringing, His Service In The Army During The Troubled Years Of The Vietnam War, His Affair With A High School Girlfriend, His Experiences At William And Mary During The Jfk And Lbj Years, His Relocation To Manhattan In The 1970s, His First Job In The World Of Advertising, And His Adventures As A Closeted Gay Man In The Stonewall Era Greenwich Village-contributed To Both The Downfall And Redemption Of Tim Halladay.

      SKU: 15300755
      ISBN: 9781462050635
      Author: Baker, Tom

    Manga: An Anthology Of Global And Cultural Perspectives
      Manga: An Anthology Of Global And Cultural Perspectives.

      Once Upon A Time, One Had To Read Japanese In Order To Enjoy Manga. Today Manga Has Become A Global Phenomenon, Attracting Audiences In North America, Europe, Africa, And Australia. The Style Has Become So Popular, In Fact, That In The Us And Uk Publishers Are Appropriating The Manga Style In A Variety Of Print Material, Resulting In The Birth Of Harlequin Mangas Which Combine Popular Romance Fiction Titles With Manga Aesthetics. Comic Publishers Such As Dark Horse And Dc Comics Are Translating Japanese "classics," Like "akira," Into English. And Of Course It Wasn't Long Before Shakespeare Received The Manga Treatment. So What Is Manga? Manga Roughly Translates As "whimsical Pictures" And Its Long History Can Be Traced All The Way Back To Picture Books Of Eighteenth Century Japan. Today, It Comes In Two Basic Forms: Anthology Magazines (such As "shukan Shonen Jampu") That Contain Several Serials And Manga 'books' (tankobon) That Collect Long-running Serials From The Anthologies And Reprint Them In One Volume. The Anthologies Contain Several Serials, Generally Appear Weekly And Are Likewise Thick, Up To 800 Pages, That They Are Colloquially Known As Phone Books. Sold At Newspaper Stands And In Convenience Stores, They Often Attract Crowds Of People Who Gather To Read Their Favorite Magazine. Containing Sections Addressing The Manga Industry On An International Scale, The Different Genres, Formats And Artists, As Well The Fans T Hemselves, "manga: An Anthology Of Global And Cultural Perspectives "is An Important Collection Of Essays By An International Cast Of Scholars, Experts, And Fans, And Provides A One-stop Resource For All Those Who Want To Learn More About Manga, As Well As For Anybody Teaching A Course On The Subject. >

      SKU: 3599994
      ISBN: 9780826429384
      Author: Johnson-woods, Toni

    Heartbreak Hills
      Heartbreak Hills.

      Liv Winchester Is Devastated When It Appears That She Will Have To Leave Arizona To Return Home To Vancouver. She's Been Looking Forward All Year To Spending Summer On Her Grandparents'ranch, And She's Just Tried Out For A Precisiondrill Riding Team. Her Sister, Sophie, Is Less Disappointed As She Hopes Time Away Will Give Her A Chance To Get Over Her Massive Crush On Shane, Who Helps Out On The Ranch. Things Only Get More Complicated When He Rescues Liv From An Accident And Cares For Her Horse, And Liv Also Finds Herself Falling Hard For The Young Cowboy.with Their Perfect Summer And Their Friendshipat Risk, The Twins Have Never Been Further Apart. But When Shane Is Trapped By Smugglers In An Old Inn In A Ghost Town Named Heartbreak,liv And Sophie Must Put Aside Their Rivalry And Attempt A Daring Rescue.

      SKU: 6847617
      ISBN: 9781552859988
      Author: Siamon, Sharon

    The Lakota Sioux
      The Lakota Sioux.

      The History Of The Lakota People One Of The Best-known Native Peoples In America Is Often Understood Solely Through Conflict. Legendary Figures Such As Sitting Bull And Crazy Horse, As Well As The Clashes With The United States At Little Big Horn And Wounded Knee, Have Defined The Lakota Sioux For Many. However, The Lakota Sioux Presents A Broader History, Including The Lakota's Evolving Relationships With Other Indian Groups, Europeans, And Americans And Their Critical Rle In The 19th-century Fur Trade. This Informative Book Documents The Lakota Sioux's Ongoing Struggle To Remain A Distinct People And Culture In A Rapidly Changing World To At Once Be Part Of And Yet Remain Separate From The United States And Mainstream American Society. Readers Will Learn About This People's History, Its Storied Clashes With American Military Forces, And Its Place In Today's Society.

      SKU: 7392188
      ISBN: 9781604138009
      Author: Rzeczkowski, Frank / Rosier, Paul C.

    Science And The Secrets Of Nature: Books Of Secrets In Medieval And Early Modern Culture
      Science And The Secrets Of Nature: Books Of Secrets In Medieval And Early Modern Culture.

      By Explaining How To Sire Multicolored Hores, Produce Nuts Without Shells, And Create An Egg The Size Of A Human Head, Giambattista Della Porta's "natural Magic" (1559) Conveys A Fascination With Tricks And Illusions That Makes It A Work Difficult For Historians Of Science To Take Seriously. Yet, According To William Eamon, It Is In The "how-to" Books Written By Medieval Alchemists, Magicians, And Artisans That Modern Science Has Its Roots. These Compilations Of Recipes On Everything From Parlor Tricks Throu Gh Medical Remedies To Wool-dyeing Fascinated Medieval Intellectuals Because They Promised Access To Esoteric "secrets Of Nature." In Closely Examining This Rich But Little-known Source Of Literature, Eamon Reveals That Printing Technology And Popular Culture Had As Great, If Not Stronger, An Impact On Early Modern Science As Did The Traditional Academic Disciplines.

      SKU: 2545420
      ISBN: 9780691026022
      Author: Eamon, William

    Rocky Mountain Rendezvous: A History Of The Fur Trade Rendezvous, 1825-1840
      Rocky Mountain Rendezvous: A History Of The Fur Trade Rendezvous, 1825-1840.

      An All-new, Redesigned, And Retypeset Edition Of The Original Classic On The Fur-trading Rendezvous That Took Place From 1825-1840 In The Central Rockies. These Rendezvous Were Originally Commercial Gatherings Where Furs Were Traded For Necessities Such As Traps, Guns, Horses, And Other Supplies. But More And More They Became Rich Social Events At Which All Kinds Of Human Emotion Were On Display. Carefully Crafted And Compiled From Primary Sources, Rocky Mountain Rendezvous Includes Fascinating Text By Fred R. Gowans Accompanied By Firsthand Accounts Of The Rendezvous From Scientists, Artistx, Militar Personnel, Government Explorers, And Missionaries. The Descriptions Are Illustrated With Maps, Photographs, And Drawings. "for Fur-trade Scholars The Book Is Important As A Guide To Rendezvous Sites. For Casual Readers Or Neacomers To Western History, It Serves As A Fine Introduction To A Hard Time In A Hard Country-a Time That Today Is Covered With A Patina Of Romance." The American West.

      SKU: 3916947
      ISBN: 9780879051938
      Author: Gowans, Fred R.

    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Official Strategy Guide (xbox And Pc)
      Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Official Strategy Guide (xbox And Pc).

      Bradygames' "grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Official Strategy Guide" Includes The Following: The Missions: We'll Guide You Through Three Cities, A Sprawling Wilderness, And Loads Of Action. Where To Go, Who To Meet, And What To Do To Earn The Most Cash And Respect. The Maps: The Most Complete Visual Reference For San Andreas. Each City And Territory Is Charted To Detail Every Square Mile. Find Everything. The Extras: The Missions Are Just The Beginning. We Reveal A Lifetime Of Diversions By Covering All The Odd Jobs, Extra Missions, Unique Jumps, And Bonus Items San Andreas Has To Offer. The Vehicles: A Virtual Showroom Of Every Mode Of Transportation At Your Disposal. The Secrets: Every City Has Its Hidden Spots That Only The Locals Know About. We Show You Where They Are. Find Every Gang Tag, Collect Every Oyster And Horseshoe, Snap Every Photo-op, Launch Every Stunt Jump, Locate Extra Power-ups, And More Bonus Fold-out: Required Odd Jobs Map Platform: Xbox And Pc Genre: Action/adventure This Product Is Available For Sale Worldwide.

      SKU: 2765320
      ISBN: 9780744005547
      Author: Bradygames

    Superior Position
      Superior Position.

      Former Army Sniper Bill Tatum Likes His New Job. As Deputy Sheriff Of Mineral County, Colorado, He Gets To Ride A Horse And Wear A Cool Hat, But He Never Expected To Find A Dead Woman In The Hills Behind His Cabin. Tatum Never Expected To Find Himself On The Wrong Side Of The Crosshairs, Either. The Woman With The Bullet Hole In Her Temple Was A Reporter From The Rocky Mountain News, And Her Journal Reveals Secret Affairs, Political Corruption, And A Pending Environmental Disaster. But Tatum Has Little Time To Ponder Motive, Because The Bullets Are Flying. No One Is Safe From The Deadly Accurate Vengeance Of A Well-placed Rifle Bullet. As Tatum Muddles Through The Deception And Lies In His Once-innocent Alpine Village, The Sniper Stays One Step Ahead Of Him, Killing Mercilessly, Then Disappearing Into The Colorado Wilderness, Eliminating Carefully Chosen Targets With Impunity. Tatum Cannot Overcome The Sniper's Meticulous Planning And Penchant For Public Assassinations. When His Suspects Fill Up The County Morgue Instead Of The Jail, Tatum Realizes He Must Fall Back On His Training As An Army Sniper To Regain Superior Position And Stop The Terror From The Ridge Above.

      SKU: 7780923
      ISBN: 9781930486515
      Author: Mcnamara, Evan

    The Edge Chronicles 4: The Curse Of The Gloamglozer
      The Edge Chronicles 4: The Curse Of The Gloamglozer.

      A Spectacular Series, Filled With Memorable Characters From Gnokgoblins And Banderbears, To The Avaricious Mother Horsefeather, The Lost Knights Of The Twilight Woods And The Loathsome Screed Toe-taker Skulking In The Mire. "from The Hardcover Edition."

      SKU: 1957728
      ISBN: 9780552554251
      Author: Stewart, Paul / Riddell, Chris

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