3-pack Hylox Soft Chews (360 Chews) + Free Joint Treats

    3-pack Hylox Soft Chews (360 Chews) + Free Joint Treats
      3-pack Hylox Soft Chews (360 Chews) + Free Joint Treats.

      Hylox „ Soft Chews For Dogs Were Designed With All Aspects Of Joint, Connective Tissue, And Bone Health In Mind. It Contains The Highest Quality Active Ingredients: Glucosamine, Msm, Creatine, Alpha-linolenic Acid, Tumeric, Sodium Hyaluronate, Epa, Dha, Boron, And A Long List Of Antioxidants. These Powerful Active Ingredients Combined With Natural Liver Flavor Create One Tasty, Soft Chewable That Enhances Bone And Joint Health. Glucosamine Is An Easily Absorbed Natural Substance That May Stimulate The Production Of Proteoglycans, Which Help Maintain The Health And Resiliency Of Joints And Connective Tissues. Glucosamine Also Helps To Maintain Synovial Fluid That Lubricates The Joints And Helps Sustain Joint Mobility. Epa And Dha (omega-3 Fatty Acids) Are Vital To Everyday Health, Strong Muscles And Healthy Joints And Help Ease The Stiffness And Soreness From Normal Daily Exercise Or Activity By Cushioning Tissues. Msm, Alpha-linolenic Acid, And Tumeric Play An Important Role In Enhancing Tissue Pliability By Helping To Maintain A Normal Imflammatory Response. These Acids Were Selected Especially For This Formula To Target Tissue That Surrounds Joints. Another Ingredient, Sodium Hyaluronate, Is Similar To The Fluid That Surrounds The Joints In Your Pet's Body, And Fluid Acts As A Lubricant And Natural Shock Absorber For The Joints. Antioxidants Like Zinc, Selenium, And Vitamin C Help Your Dog's Body By Reducing Damaging Free Radicals And Allowing The Body's Cells To Flush Them Out. Boron Is Important Because It Not Only Addresses Tissue Around The Joint, But Full Health And Strength Of Bones. Creatine Is Included To Enhance Exercise Tolerance By Supporting Stamina And Endurance As Well As Normal Muscle Recovery. Hylox Was Formuulated With All Key Aspects Of Muscle And Joint Health: Lubrication, Healthy Non-inflamed Connective Combination, Support Of Bone Health, And Ultimately Joint Mobility. It Can Be Used With Prescription Drugs For Use In: Dogs Plus Free Joint Treats Joint Treats ® Are A Tasty All-natural Pet Treat With Glucosamine, Creatine, Msm, Epa, Dha, Manganese, Zinc, And Vitamin C To Keep Joints Healthy And Dogs Happy. These Powerful Active Ingredients Combined With Natural Bacon, Molasses, And Hickory Smoke Flavor Create One Tasty, Soft Treat. Glucosamine Is An Easily Absorbed Natural Substance That May Stimulate The Production Of Proteoglycans, Which Help Maintain The Health And Resiliency Of Joints And Connective Tissues. Glucosamine Helps To Maintain Synovial Fluid That Lubricates The Joints And Helps Sustain Joint Mobility. Manganese Is Included To Support Bone Heath While Epa And Dha (omega-3 Fatty Acids) Working Together, May Ease The Stiffness And Soreness From Normal Daily Exercise Or Activity By Cushioning Tissues. Zinc Acts As An Antioxidant To Help Remove Damaging Free Radicals, While Msm And Vitamin E May Give A Boost Of Energy. Give Joint Treats To Your Dog As A Reward, While In Turn Helping To Support Healthy Joint Function. All

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, joint Supplements, gt, extra Strength Joint Support, gt, hylox, amp, trade, Nutritional Supplemwnt Soft Chews
      SKU: Hyloxsftchw360

    Frontline Plus For Dogs 0-22 Lbs - Orange, 12 Month
      Frontline Plus For Dogs 0-22 Lbs - Orange, 12 Month.

      Frontline Plus Orange For Dogs 0-22 Lbs Recommended By Veterinarians, Frontline Plus Orange For Dogs 0-22 Pounds Is A Powerful And Easy-to-use Formula Designed To Quickly And Effectively Kill Fleas, Ticks, And Chewing Lice. Frontline Plus Is Specially Formulated For Dogs And Puppies Aged Eight Weeks And Older Weighing Less Than 22 Pounds. Available Without A Prescription, Frontline Plus Only Needs To Be Applied Once A Month For Thorough Pest Control. Flea Life Cycle. View Larger . Tick Life Cycle. View Larger . Quickly Kills Fleas, Ticks, And Chewing Lice This Powerful Formula Kills Up To 100 Percent Of Existing Fleas In The First 12 Hours After Application, And It Continues To Kill New Fleas For At Least One Month Afterward. Frontline Plus Prevents The Development Of New Fleas By Destroying Flea Eggs And Larvae And By Destroying Adult Fleas Before They Have A Chance To Lay Eggs. Frontline Kills Chewing Lice And All Four Major Ticks, Including Ticks That May Carry Lyme Disease, Keeping Both Your Pet And Your Family Protected. Waterproof Formula Thanks To Its Waterproof Formula, Frontline Plus Won't Rinse Off When You Give Your Dog A Bath Or When Your Dog Goes For A Swim. The Active Ingredient In Frontline, Fipronil, Is Stored In The Natural Oils In Your Dog's Coat, So Your Pet Is Sure To Stay Protected No Matter How Many Puddles He Or She Tramps Through. This Frontline Plus Product Is Epa Approved And Registered, So It's Guaranteed To Be The Exact Same Product Sold By Your Veterinarian. Click Here For More Information On Epa-approved Pet Products. Package Contents Box Includes Three 0.67-milliliter Tubes Of Frontline Plus For Dogs. Frontline Plus Orange For Dogs 0-22 Lbs Kills Fleas, Flea Eggs, Ticks, And Chewing Lice Fast-acting Formula Includes 12 One-month Applications Waterproof Formula Easy-to-use Applicator For Dogs Eight Weeks And Older Weighing Less Than 22 Pounds Per Dose: $11.17 More Info Got Fleas? A Product Guide To Flea And Tick Products. Flea Facts You Should Know Interesting Flea Facts To Help Your Pets Be Pest Free. Fleas: Understanding The Enemy All About Fleas And Prevention. Ticks Helpful Information On Ticks And Your Pets. Faqs About Fleas And Ticks Frontline Plus For Dogs Is Available In: Orange (0 - 22 Pounds) Blue (23 - 44 Pounds) Purple (45 - 88 Pounds) Red (89 - 132 Pounds) 3 Month 6 Month 12 Month 3 Month 6 Month 12 Month 3 Month 6 Month 12 Month 3 Month 6 Month 12 Month

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, flea , amp, Tick Supplies, gt, topicals, gt, frontline, amp, reg, Plus For Dogs
      SKU: 12monfronplu

    Babydan Safety Soft Corner Protectors - White (4 Pack)
      Babydan Safety Soft Corner Protectors - White (4 Pack).

      The Corner Cushion From Babydan Is A Transparent Corner Cushion Which Protects Heads And Eyes From Corners Of Furniture And Tables. The Cushion Simply Sticks Onto The Corner Of The Furniture And The Babydan Design Soaks Up Any Impact From The Child Resulting In No Injury. To Fix, Ensure The Surface Is Clean, Dry And Has Is Not Greasy. The Cushions Are Transparent So They Blend Into The Home And Can Be Used All Around The Home. Pack Of 4. Babydan Have Been Manufacturing Child Home Safety Equipment In Denmark And Eu Since 1957 And Arr Proud To Be An Environmentally Accredited Manufacturer (iso:14001)

      Category: New Pet Products, gt, babydan Gate, Panel , amp, Safety Accessories
      SKU: Babydan-safety-soft-corner-protectors-white

    Casual Canine Camo Cap Medium (7 1/2"l X 6"w)
      Casual Canine Camo Cap Medium (7 1/2"l X 6"w).

      Casual Canine Camo Cap Small (7"l X 5 1/2"w) Keeps The Sun Or Rain Out Of Your Pet's Eyes, And The Caps Are Made Of Soft Cotton For Comfort And Easy Wear. Ear Holes Allow The Cap To Fit The Contours Of The Pet?s Head And An Elastic Band Keeps The Cap Firmly In Place. For Proper Fitting, Measure The Head Length 1/2 Inch Above Dog?s Brow To Back Of The Head.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, apparel, gt, other Apparel , amp, amp, Accessories, gt, camo Hats
      SKU: Camocapmedium

    Elastiant - Elastic Adhesive Bandage (4 In X 2.5yds)
      Elastiant - Elastic Adhesive Bandage (4 In X 2.5yds).

      Elastiant - Elastic Adhesive Bandage (4inch X 2.5yards) A Porous, Adhesive, Elastic, Flesh- Colored Tape That Allows The Skin To Breathe. Stretches Around Uneven Surfaces. 2 1/2 Yards. Caution: This Product Contains Dry Natural Rubber.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, health , amp, amp, Wellness, gt, first Aid , amp, amp, Remedies, gt, elastiant - Elastic Adhesive Bandage
      SKU: Elasttape4

    3-pack The Equalizer Carpet Stain And Odor Eliminator (60 Oz) + Free Hair Magnet
      3-pack The Equalizer Carpet Stain And Odor Eliminator (60 Oz) + Free Hair Magnet.

      Cats And Dogs Both Make Great Pets But They Also Make Very Persistent Messes, Especially Stains That Leave Strong Odors. Normal Carpet Cleaners And Odor Removers Won?t Solve The Problem, Barely Masking The Smell Of Some Stains Like Those From Cat Urine. Equalizer, However, Is Scientifically Formulated To Handle The Unique, Persistent Smell Of Animal Messes, Removing Both The Odor And The Lingering Territorial Smell That Brings Animals Back To The Same Place. By Removing The Location Smell Completely, Your Pet Won?t Think About Making A Mess Again In That Location, Which Can Save Your Floor As Well As Your Home. Equalizer Can Take On Stains And Smells From Animal Urine, Vomit, Feces, Blood, Old Food, And More. For Anything That Is Organic-based, This Cleaner Will Do The Job. Equalizer Was Originally Formulated For Veterinarian Clinics To Remove Stains And Smells In The Examining Room. Today, You Can Use The Same Tool To Keep Your House Clean And Your Pet Out Of The Proverbial ?dog House? For Leaving A Mess Behind. Entirelypets.com Stocks The Equalizer Carpet Stain And Odor Eliminator, Which Comes In An Easily Usable 20oz Spray Size For Compact Storage And Quick Application. Reclaim Your Home And Knock Out The Odors With Equalizer! This Bundle Contains: 3 X The Equalizer Carpet Stain And Odor Eliminator (20 Oz) , A Total Of 60 Oz 1 X Jw Grip Soft Hair Magnet

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, cleaning , amp, amp, Sanitation, gt, stain , amp, amp, Odor Removal, gt, vetoquinol Equalizer - Carpet Stain And Odor Eliminator
      SKU: Equalizer-carpet-stain-odor-eliminator-3pack

    Kong Shakers Caterpillar - Medium/large
      Kong Shakers Caterpillar - Medium/large.

      Kong® Shakers™ Caterpillar Is A Large And Exciting Stuffed Toy That Will Drive Your Dog Wild! This Incredible Plush Toy Includes Squeakers In Its Tail And Head To Keep Your Dog's Attention Rapt For Lengthy Periods Of Play. The Head Also Contains A Rattle So That It Even Entices Your Dog To Play While He Carries It. The Kong Shakers Caterpillar Features Plush Ends But A Durable Fabric Composes Its Center To Stand Up Against Chewing. This Caterpillar Is Perfect For Medium And Large Dogs But A Similar Toy Of The Same Size In A Cute Dragon Design Is Also Available. Treat Your Dog To An Awesome Plush Toy For Their Indoor Playtime And Order A Kong Shakers Toy Today! Key Features: Crinkle Toy With Rattle Keeps Dogs Enthralled Dual Squeakers In Plush Provides Perfect Indoor Toy Durable Center Stands Up Against Chewing With Rattles In The Head To Make Additional Noise Available In Dragon And Caterpillar Designs

      Category: Dog Supplies, tg, dog Toys, gt, plush , amp, Stuffing-free Dog Toys, gt, kong, amp, reg, Shakers, amp, trade,
      SKU: Kong-shakers-caterpillar-medium-large

    Petalive Sinu-rite (180 Tablets)
      Petalive Sinu-rite (180 Tablets).

      Petalive Sinu-rite Offers A Homeopathic Formulation Intended For Cats And Dogs With Nasal Congestion. This Remedy Combines An Assortment Of Herbs That Are Officially Monographed In The Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia Of The United States. The Formula Is Also Free Of Added Gluten Or Artificial Flavors And Colors. Petalive Sinu-rite Is Made In The Usa With Ingredients That Are Safe For Your Animal. This Obttle Contains 180 Tablets That Can Be Administered Whole Or Crushed Into Your Animal's Food. Don't Leave Your Pet To Suffer Through Blocked Sinuses; Offer Support With Sinu-rite Today! Key Features: For Cats And Dogs With Blocked Sinuses Includes 180 Tablets Made In The Usa

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, health , amp, amp, Wellness, gt, first Aid , amp, amp, Remedies, gt, petalive, amp, reg, Natural Remedies
      SKU: Petalive-sinu-rite-180-tablets

    Marineland Eclipse Filtration Systems Filter Cartridges Rite-size K (3 Pk)
      Marineland Eclipse Filtration Systems Filter Cartridges Rite-size K (3 Pk).

      Ready-to-use Filter Cartridges Contain Black Diamond Premium Activated Carbon, For Optimum Health And Clarity Of Your Eclipse Aquarium. Double-thick Polyfiber Pad For Added Mechanical Filtration. Fast And Easy To Use! Instructions: Shake Cartridge And Rinse With Water Before Inserting Into Filter. Specifications: For Eclipse System Six Filters.

      Category: Aquarium , amp, amp, Fish Supplies, gt, aquarium Filter Cartridges, gt, marineland Filter Cartridges , amp, amp, Replacements
      SKU: Ritesizecrtdgek3pk

    Sportdog Locator Beacon - White
      Sportdog Locator Beacon - White.

      The Sportdog Locatr Beacon Provides Peace Of Mind By Ensuring That Your Pup Is Visible At Night. This Bright Light Is Made To Be Seen Across Vast Distances And Can Alternate Between Rapid Blinking And A Solid Light To Catch Attention Or Provide Awareness. The Light Is Waterproof And Its Carabiner Makes It Easy To Attach Anywhere. The Sportdog Locator Beacon Includes 2 Replaceable Batteries Which Provide The Light With 250 Hours Of Battery Life. This Beacon Shines A Bright Green Color- But Red And Green Lights Are Also Available. Ensure That You Can Always See Your Dog By Ordering This Locator Beacon Today! Key Features: Provides Visibility With Solid Or Blinking Bright Light Includes 2 Replaceable Cr2032 Batteries 250 Hour Battery Life Carabeaner Attaches Easily To Collars, Backpacks, Belt Loops, And More

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, apparel, gt, pet Id Tags, Lights, , amp, amp, Monitors, gt, sportdog Locator Beacon
      SKU: Sportdog-locator-beacon-white

    Zoo Med Powersun Uv - Uvb (160 Watt)
      Zoo Med Powersun Uv - Uvb (160 Watt).

      Zoo Med Powersun Uv - Uvb A Self-ballasted Mercury Vapor Lamp Which Emits Uva, Uvb And Heat All In One Lamp! Fits Into A Standard Ceramic Socket. (no Ballast Needed.) The 160 Watt Projects Uvb Up To Several Feet From The Lamp's Surface And Is Ideal For Large Terrariums Or Bird Aviaries. Features Include Quality Nickel Plated Threads To Prevent Against Corrosion, And A Full One Year Warranty!

      Category: Reptile Products , amp, amp, Supplies, gt, heating Products, gt, zoo-med Heating Supplies
      SKU: Zoomedpowersun160


      A Thrilling Sequel From An Exciting New Voice In Middle-grade Sci-gi Tracks Two Ocean-born Children Braving The Dangers Of The Above World. The Desert Is No Place For Ocean-dwelling Kampii Like Aluna And Hoku, Especially Now That Aluna Has Secretly Started Growing Her Tail. But The Maniacal Karl Strand Is Out To Conquer The Above World, And The Horselike Equians Are Next On His List. Aluna, Hoku, And Their Friends - Winged Calli And Equian Exile Dash - Race To The Desert City Of Mirage, Intent On Warning The Equians. When They Arrive, Strand's Clone, Scorch, Has Gotten There First. Now The Equian Leader Has Vowed To Take All His People To War As Part Of Strand's Army. Any Herd That Refuses To Join Him By The Time Of The Desert-wide Competition Known As The Thunder Trials Will Be Destroyed. To Have Any Chance Of Defeating Scorch And Convincing The Equians To Switch Sides, The Four Friends Must Find A Way To Win The Trials. The Challenge Seems Impossible. But If They Fail, The Desert - And Possibly All Of The Above World - Will Be Lost To Karl Strand Forever. Here Is The Action-packed Follow-up To Above World, Which Kirkus Reviews Called "a Thrilling Sci-fi Adventure. Imaginative And Riveting."

      SKU: 19308938
      ISBN: 9780763654184
      Author: Reese, Jenn

    The Good Master
      The Good Master.

      No Child Should Miss Out On The Adventures Of Headstrong Kate, A Girl From Budapest Who Spends Summers With Her Cousin Jancsi On His Father's Ranch In Hungary. Horseback Races Across The Plains, Country Fairs And Festivals, A Dangerous Run-in With Gypsies, And The Chores And The Joys - And The Colorful Cultural Trappings - Of Daily Life In Pre-war Europe Create A Vivid, Unforgettable World.

      SKU: 423051
      ISBN: 9780140301335
      Author: Seredy, Kate

    The Dinosaur Hunter
      The Dinosaur Hunter.

      Life On The Ranchlands Of Montana Comes With More Than Its Share Of Trouble. The Cowboys Who Work This Untamed Stretch Of The American West Expect It-and Some Of Them Even Enjoy It. One Of Them Is Mike Wire, A Former Homicide Detective Who Worked The Decadent Hills And Valleys Of Hollywood. Having Enough Of The Murder And Mayhem Of The Big City, Mike Retreated To This Far Corner Of Civilization To Spend His Days Running Tje Square C Ranch And Pining For The Ranch's Owner, Jeanette Coulter. But Mike Is Soon To Learn Murder And Mayhem Can Happen Under Montana's Big Skies, Too. The Badlands Aren't Home To Just Horses, Cattle, Cowboys, And Cowgirls. Beneath The Earth Lie Enough Dinosaur Fossils To Fill Several Museum Collections-and Make A Fortune For Whoever Claims Them First. When A Paleontologist And His Attractive Young Assistants Arrive At The Square C Hoping To Dig, Mike Senses Trouble Is Clinging To Them Like Mud And Manure, For Once Discovered, Those Bones Won't Stay Buried, And Not Everyone Hunting For Them Is Doing It In The Interest Of Science. Soon Mike Will Have To Combine Everything He Learned As A Cop With Everything He Knows As A Cowboy To Protect The People And The Land He Could Never Live Without. Bestselling Author Homer Hickam Enters New Territory Here To Write About A World That Has Fascinated Him For Decades, Drawing On His Own Experiences Fossil-hunting And Getting To Know The People Of Montana. In The Vein Of The Novels Of Larry Mcmurtry And Tony Hillerman, "the Dinosaur Hunter "pays Tribute To The American West And The Attitudes That Make It Such An Incomparable Part Of The Country.

      SKU: 16506411
      ISBN: 9781250001962
      Author: Hickam, Homer

    The Lost Issue
      The Lost Issue.

      For More Than Ten Years, Pop Culture Cultists Have Revered And Adored A Mysterious, Brooding Thirteen-year-old Girl Named Emily The Strange. Nobody Knows Much About The Young Girl With A Porcelain Face And Huge Eyes Framed By Black Bangs, And Her Ever-present Brood Of Black Cats Ony Adds To The Intrigue - But That Hasn't Stopped A Generation Of Rabid Fans From Letting Emily Put Her Spell Upon Them. Now Emily Fans Are Invited Her Odd, Mysterious World - A Place Where Kitty Friends Talk, The Ghosts Of Famous Weirdos Come Out To Play, Reality Is Never Quite What It Seems, And - Above All - A Place Where Anyone Who's Ever Been Considered A Little "strange" Themselves Will Be Made To Feel Right At Home. Dark Horse Comics And The Creative Minds Behind Cosmic Debris Are Thrilled To Present The Second Issue Of Emily, With All New Stories And Art. Each Issue Of Emily Comics Features 48 Pages Of Black, White, And Red Art (with The Occasional Outburst Of Full-color Freakouts ), Illustrating A Wacky Range Of Emily Stories.

      SKU: 7277894
      ISBN: 9781593074296
      Author: Gruner, Jessica / Reger, Rob / Visick, Buffy

    Great Horse Stories
      Great Horse Stories.

      Young Readers Who Love Horses Will Cherish This Blue-ribbon Collection Of 15 Short Stories By Such Famous Authors As Arthur Conan Doule, Zane Grey, And Rudyard Kipling. Selections Include An Abridgment Of Anna Sewell's "black" "beauty, " "the Brogue" By Saki, Mary E. Wilkins Freeman's "the Doctor's Horse," And "carved In Sand" By Erle Stanley Gardner.

      SKU: 1606082
      ISBN: 9780486476698
      Author: Daley, James

    The Cowboy: His Characteristics, His Equipment, And His Part In The Development Of The West
      The Cowboy: His Characteristics, His Equipment, And His Part In The Development Of The West.

      Although The American Cowboy Has Long Been A Favorite Subject For Novelists, Filmmakers, And Illustrators, Too Often The Picture They Paint Bears Little Relation To Reality. Philip Ashton Rollins, Who Lived In The West On And Off Between 1892 And 1924, Set Out To Create A More Accurate Portrait Of This Enduring Icon. Based On What He Himself Witnessed, This Fascinating Study Discusses What Exactly Makes A Cowboy, As Well As Cowboy Weaponry, Clothing, Saddles, And Equipment; The "cowboy Character;" And A Cowboy's Work. In Addition, Rollins Describes The History Of Ranching In The United States, The Raising Of Horses And Cattle, Livestock Rustling, And More.

      SKU: 7379098
      ISBN: 9781602390812
      Author: Rollins, Philip Ashton / Brannaman, Buck

    The Haynes Gm, Ford, Chrysler Engine Performance Manual: The Haynes Manual For Understanding, Planning And Building High-performan
      The Haynes Gm, Ford, Chrysler Engine Performance Manual: The Haynes Manual For Understanding, Planning And Building High-performan.

      More Muscle Under Your Hood Covers Computer Chips To Crate Motors - Early Or Late Model Gm, Ford Or Chrysler - Step-by-step Engine Build-ups - Quick And Easy Horsepower Tips Included In The Engine Performance Haynes Techbook Are These Topics: - Power Planning - Choosing A Speed Shop - Computers And Chips - Ignition Systems - Fuel And Induction Systems - Cylinder Heads, Camshafts. And Valvetrain - Nitrous Oxide, Turbos And Superchargers - Engine Build-ups - Crate Motors And Engine Swaps

      SKU: 6979067
      ISBN: 9781563926938
      Author: Storer, Jay / Haynes, John H.

    More Toronto Sketches: The Way We Were
      More Toronto Sketches: The Way We Were.

      Mike Filey's "the Way We Were" Column In The Toronto Sun Continues To Be One Of The Paper's Most Popular Features. In More Toronto Sketches, The Second Volume In Dundurn Press's Toronto Sketches Series, Filey Brings Together Some Of The Best Of His Columns. Each Column Looks At Toronto As It Was, And Contributes To Our Understanding Of How Toronto Became What It Is. Illustrated With Photographs Of The City's People And Places Of The Past, Toronto Sketches Is A Nostalgic Journey For The Long-time Torontonian, And A Voyage Of Discovery For The Newcomer. Mike Filey Is A Popular Toronto Historian And Is A Former Member Of The Toronto Historical Board And The Ontario Heritage Foundation. In Addition To His Regular Column In The Toronto Sun, He Is A Popular Commentator On Several Toronto Radio Stations. He Is The Author Of Many Books On Toronto, Including From Horse Power To Horsepower, The Ttc Story, And I Remember Sunnyside.

      SKU: 6825874
      ISBN: 9781550022018
      Author: Filey / Filey, Mike / Mike, Filey

    The Adventurous Girl's Handbook: For Ages 9 To 99
      The Adventurous Girl's Handbook: For Ages 9 To 99.

      An Adventurous Girl Is A Force To Be Reckoned With. This Is The Adventurer's Guide To Navigating The Road Of Girlhood With Style, Grace, And Most Of All, Fun. It's Also Packed With The Most Valuable Skills, Secrets. And Age-old Wisdom Ever Assembled For The Modern Girl. Horseback Riding, Ballet Dancing, Throwing The Most Unforgettable Slumber Party Ever, And Dealing With Boys, Playing Sports And Enjoying The Outdoors: These Are The Things That Girls Want, And Need, To Know. The Adventurous Girl's Handbook Is A Treat-pick It Up Again And Again For A New Lesson In Decorating With Beads, Pressing Flowers, Or Decorating Your Bedroom With The Hottest Styles. Here Is The Perfect Book For Smart, Adventurous Girls Of All Ages

      SKU: 11472307
      ISBN: 9781616081645
      Author: Brennan, Stephen / Brennan, Lara


      Hippos Spend Most Of The Day In Lakes, Rivers, And Ponds. So No Wonder Their Full Name Comes From Twk Greek Words, Hippos And Potamos, Which Mean "river Horse." Well-known For Their Large, Barrel Shape And Wide Mouths, Common Hippos Live In The Rivers And Shallow Lakes Of Eastern And Southern Africa. Their Cousins, Pygmy Hippos, Inhabit The Forests And Rivers Of Western Africa. Staying Cool By Staying Underwater Is The Daytime Goal Of Both Types Of Hippos. At Night, They Eat As Much Of The Short Grasses As They Can. Pygmy Hippos Are Becoming More Scarce As Their Habitat Is Being Cleared For Ther Land Uses, Such As Farming. And Although Their Numbers Are Not Yet Dangerously Low, Common Hippos Are Threatened By Poachers, Who Want The Ivory In Their Teeth. Are Hippos At Risk Of Becoming Extinct? Learn More In This Edition Of Nature Watch.

      SKU: 3547902
      ISBN: 9780822575122
      Author: Walker, Sally M.

    Tranceptor, Book Two: Iron Gauge, Part 1
      Tranceptor, Book Two: Iron Gauge, Part 1.

      The Tranceptor Has Escaped The Trap Laid For Her At Waystation 56 With The Help Of Local Boy Hyu. The Fugitives Pause For A Much-needed Rest At A Desert Oasis Where Hyu Receives His Reward - A Sun-drenched Erotic Encounter With Uma And Una, The Tranceptor's Buxom Horsegirls. Meanwhile, Raika Is Forced To Negotiate A Stand-off Between His Co-workers And The Tranceptor's Former Partner-in-crime, The Luscious And Deadly Ravanna Who Is Eager To Be Reunited With Her Well-hung Horseboys.

      SKU: 6952066
      ISBN: 9781561635191
      Author: Conlon, Patrick / Manning, Michael

    Building Shelters, Fences And Jumps: A Practical Introduction For Horse Owners
      Building Shelters, Fences And Jumps: A Practical Introduction For Horse Owners.

      If You Are Considering Buying A Horse Or Are About To Receive A Pony On Loan, This Superbly Illustrated Book Will Guide You Through Constructions That Will Benefit Both Animal And Rider. May Projects Are Discussed, Along With Step-by-step Instructions On How To Build Them. Topics Covered Include Accommodation, As Well As Background Information On Planning Permission; Post-and-rail Fencing; Dealing With Destructive Equines; Easy To Build, Novice Cross-country Jumps; A Step-by-step Guide To Building A Pair Of Show-jump Wings; And Advice On Purchasing The Correct Materials.

      SKU: 7604389
      ISBN: 9781861266583
      Author: Radford, Andy

    The Discovery Of Ywllowstone Park
      The Discovery Of Ywllowstone Park.

      In July Of 1872 Nathaniel Langford And James Stevenson Were The First To Climb The Grand Teton Mountain. Before This Langford Had Made Several Trips Exploring The Area. The Discovery Of Yellowstone Park Is A Journal Written In 1870. It Details The Washburn Expeedition To The Yellowstone And Firehole Rivers. After The Civil War The Country Was In A Depression. When Gold Was Rumored To Have Been Discovered On The Salmon River, Many Men Headed West Not Knowing What Conditions Would Be Like. Langford States This Beautifully In His Introduction. "how Little Did They Know Of Its Exposures The Deserts, Destitute Of Water And Grass, The Alkaline Plains Where Food And Drink Were Alike Affected By The Poisonous Dust, The Roving Bands Of Hostile Indians, The Treacherous Quicksands Of River Fords, The Danger And Difficulty Of The Mountain Passes, The Death Of Their Companions, Their Cattle And Their Horses, Breakage Of Their Vehicles, Angry And Often Violent Personal Altercations-all These Fled In The Light Of The Summer Sun, The Vernal Beauty Of The Plains And The Delightfully Pure Atmosphere Which Wooed Them Day By Day Farther Away From The Abode Of Civilization And The Protection Of Law." This Journal Is An Excellent First Hand Account Of The Men, Their Adventure And A Th Rilling Time In America's History.

      SKU: 7411537
      ISBN: 9781605970233
      Author: Langford, Nathaniel Pitt

    Ulysses S. Grant: Eighteenth President 1869-1877
      Ulysses S. Grant: Eighteenth President 1869-1877.

      When Ulysses S. Grant Was Growing Up In Ohio, His Parents Noticed He Had A Special Talent For Getting Along With Horses. Horses Would Even Let Him Swing Back And Forth On Their Tails Grant's Intellect Of Horses Came In Handy When He Grew Up And Became A Great General. In Fact, Though He Served As President For Two Terms, He Is Best Remembered As The General Who Led The North To Victory In The Civil War. He Turned Out To Be Less Successful As A President, And Was Criticized For Giving Political Jobs To Friends Who Weren't Very Honest.

      SKU: 1668278
      ISBN: 9780516254883
      Author: Venezia, Mike

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