Earthbath Oatmeal & Aloe Shampoo Vanilla & Almond (16 Fl. Oz.)

    Earthbath Oatmeal & Aloe Shampoo Vanilla & Almond (16 Fl. Oz.)
      Earthbath Oatmeal & Aloe Shampoo Vanilla & Almond (16 Fl. Oz.).

      Earthbath Oatmeal & Aloe Shampoo Vanilla & Almond (16 Fl. Oz.) Earthbath Specially Formulated This Oatmeal & Aloe Itch Relief Shampoo To Address The Needs Of Beloved Pets With Dry Itchy Skin. Oatmeal And Aloe Vera Are Recommended By Veterinarians To Effectively Combat Skin Irritation, Promote Healing, And Re-moisturize Sensitive Dry Skin. This Luxurious Shampoo Is All Natural, Soap Free And Ph Balanced To Clean And Deodorize Safely And Thoroughly, Leaving Your Pet's Coat And Skin Brilliantly Clean, Soft, Plush And Smelling Better Than Ever Before. Safe For All Pets Over 6 Weeks. Ingredients: Purified Water, Natural Cleansers, Colloidal Oatmeal (3%), Aloe Vera, Almond And Vanilla Essences. All Ingredients Are Natural, 100% Biodegradable, And Extra Gentle On You And Your Pet. Instructions For Use: Shake Well Before Using. On A Wet Coat Lather Your Pet Thoroughly With A Few Good Palm Fulls Of Earthbath Totally Natural Pet Shampoo. Remember To Eliminate All Escape Routes Well In Advance (a Tip: Once Your Pet Is Slippery Wet, He Or She Is Suddenly Smarter And Faster Than You Are). Work Lather From Head To Tail Paying Special Attention To Irritated Areas. Keep Out Of Eyes. Leave On For At Least 90 Seconds To Allow Oatmeal Aloe And Deodorizers To Work Their Magic. Rinse Off. Towel Dry Thoroughly With A Big Hug. Dilute 25:1. Safe To Be Used Undiluted If Desired.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, grooming Supplies, gt, general Shampoos , amp, amp, Conditioners, gt, earthbath Totally Natural Pet Care Shampoos
      SKU: Earthbathoatmealaloe

    Animal Necessity Joint Guard (45 Capsules)
      Animal Necessity Joint Guard (45 Capsules).

      Protect The Joints Of Your Pet With Joint Guard (45 Capsules), Your Pet Will Have Stronger Joints. Depending On The Weight Of Your Pet, Give Them Between Half Of A Tablet Daily To Two In The Morning And One At Night. You Can Either Give Them To The Animal Directly, Or Place Them In Their Food For Easier Distribution. As Your Pet Becomes Older, They Will Probably Not Be In The Same Condition As When They Were Younger. Animal Necessity?s Products Are Dedicated To Relieving Any Pain Your Pet Might Be Feeling In Their Joints And Protecting Them From Injury. Benefits: Made Out Of A Fusion Of Helpful Components Maintains And Improves Range Of Motion And Comfort Good For Animals Of Any Sizes Mall Tablet For Easy Intake

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, joint Supplements, gt, hip , amp, Joint Maintenance, gt, animal Necessity Joint
      SKU: Animal-necessity-joint-guard-90-capsules

    Choco No Se Classic Water Feeder Bottle (13.5 Oz)
      Choco No Se Classic Water Feeder Bottle (13.5 Oz).

      The Choco Nose Classic Water Feeder Bottle Provides The Perfect Hydration Solution For Your Pet's Cage Or Kennel. This Water Bottle Features A Patented Leak-proof Nozzle That Makes It Easy For Your Pet To Drink While Preventing Spills. The Top Of The Bottle Can Also Be Opened So It Can Be Refilled With Ease. The Choco Nose Classic Water Feeder Bottle Features Two Points Of Attachment So That It Can Be Secured To Any Cage Or Kennel Without Issue. In Addition To A Simple Screw Cap That Presses The Bottle Against The Side Of Any Cage, The Secondary Bracket Allows It To Hang Securely Over The Appropriate Cross-wire. Provide Any Caged Pet Easy Access To Water With A Bottle That Won't Make A Mess And Order The Classic Water Feeder Today! Key Features: Patented Leak-proof Nozzle Keeps Home Clean And Tidy Easy-open Top Makes Refilling Bottle Simple Two Brackets For Screw Mount To Sides Of Cages Or Hang Mount To Cross-wire Of Cages

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, feeding Supplies, gt, travel , amp, Disposable Bowls, gt, choco Nose Water Bottles
      SKU: Choco-nose-classic-water-feeder-bottle

    Finish Line Ultra Apple-a-day Electrolyte (5 Lb)
      Finish Line Ultra Apple-a-day Electrolyte (5 Lb).

      Apple-a-day Electrolytes Are Formulated To Replenish Lost Minerals As Well As Prevent Dehydration.water Intake And The Appetite Of Your Horse Will Also Increase.feed One Ounce Daily.salt Potassium Chloride Sodium Bicarbonate Calcium Carbonate Magnesium Sulfate Calcium Lactate Zinc Sulfate Manganese Sulfate Ferrous Sulfate Copper Sulfate Cobalt Sulfate Product Features Apple-a-day Electrolytes Are Formulated To Replenish Lost Minerals As Well As Prevent Dehydration. Water Intake And The Appetite Of Your Horse Will Also Increase. Feed One Ounce Daily. Salt Potassium Chloride Sodium Bicarbonate Calcium Carbonate Magnesium Sulfate Calcium Lactate Zinc Suggested Usage: For Horses At Rest In A Hot Environment Or For Horses Performing Light Work At Normal Temperatures: 1/2 Oz Daily For Horses Doing Moderate Work At Normal Temperatures Or Light Work In Hot Climates: 1 Oz Daily. For Horses In Heavy Training In Normal Temperatures, Or Moderate Work In Hot Climates: 1-1/2 Oz Daily. For Horses In Intense Training In Hot, Humid Climates: 2 Oz Daily.

      Category: Horse , amp, amp, Livestock Products, gt, horse Nutritional Supplements, gt, finish Line Horse Supplements
      SKU: Finishlineappleday

    Petsafe Gentle Leader Quick Release Headcollar - Fawn (medium)
      Petsafe Gentle Leader Quick Release Headcollar - Fawn (medium).

      More Than 5 Million Dog Owners Have Found The Secret To Stress-free Walks! The Gentle Leader Headcollar Stops Pulling, Lunging, Jumping, And Other Unwanted Behaviors With Immediate, Gentle Control. Unlike Traditional Collars, The Gentle Leaderā® Places Pressure On The Back Of The Neck Instead Of The Front Of The Delicate Throat, Preventing Choking And Coughing. The Nose Loop Allows You To Direct Your Dog?s Head In The Direction You Want To Go. Most Dogs Quickly Learn To Stop Pulling And Start Paying Attention To You During Walks.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, training , amp, amp, Behavior, gt, training Collars, gt, petsafe, amp, reg, Gentle Leader, amp, reg, Quick Release Headcollar
      SKU: Gentle-leader-quick-release-head-collar-medium-fawn


      Your Dog Will Love His Very Own Ipaw'd ! This Soft Chew Toy Is Designed To Resemble The Popular Device. The Plush Outer Material Won't Harm Your Pet's Mouth, And Can Safely Be Used For A Game Of Fetch In Or Out Doors. The Toy's Face Features Decorative Stitching. The Built In Squeaker Will Keep Your Dog's Interest. Measures 7 ¼" Long, 5" Wide, And 1 ½" Tall. Chew Toy Modeled After Popular Device Squeaker Inside To Hold Interest!

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Toys, gt, plush , amp, Stuffing-free Dog Toys, gt, dog Diggin Designs Plush Toys
      SKU: Ipawd

    Odorklenz Washing Machine Deodorizer
      Odorklenz Washing Machine Deodorizer.

      The Odorklenz Washing Machine Deodorizer Has Been Specifically Designed To Help Remove And Neutralize Odor Causing Residues That Build Up In Your Washer Over Time ? Especially In The Areas You Can?t See But Can Definitely Could Be Coming From Residues Left Behind In Your Washer. High-efficiency Machines Today Use Less Water, Which Results In A Build-up Of Odor-causing Residual Your Washing Machine That Is Transferred To Your Laundry. Fights Odor-causing Residues With An Earth Mineral Technology That Was Designed To Attack And Neutralize The Odors At The Source Without The Use Of Masking Agents Or Toxic Chemicals. Non-toxic & Fragrance-free He Friendly Safe To Use On All Machine Types Fast-acting Works To Remove The Toughest Washing Machine Odors Guaranteed. 3 Cycles.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, cleaning , amp, amp, Sanitation, gt, stain , amp, amp, Odor Removal, gt, odorklenz Stain , amp, Odor Removal
      SKU: Odorklenz-washing-machine-deodorizer

    Proneurozone Medium And Large Dogs (60 Tabs)
      Proneurozone Medium And Large Dogs (60 Tabs).

      Canine Cognitive Health Supplement Proneurozone Is Specifically Formulated To Protect The Senior Canine Brain From Oxidative Damage And To Prevent Age-related Behavioral Changes Thar Lower A Dog's Quality Of Life. Antioxidant Formula Contains Ingredients Which Have Been Shown To Enhance Brain Health. Flavored Chewable Tablets Recommended Usage: 40-90 Lbs. 1 Tablet Per Day. 90+ Lbs. 2 Tablets Per Day. Ingredients: Acetyl-l-carnitine, Brewers Yeast, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Spirulina, Soy Lecithin, Grape Seed Extract, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Vitamin E, Cysteine, Fruit And Herbal Extracts, Folic Acid, And B Vitamins. Guaranteed Analysis Per Tablet: Vitamine E 10 Iu Thiamine (b1) 5 Mg Riboflaven (b2) 5 Mg Niacin (b3) 10 Mg Vitamine B6 1 Mg Vitamine B12 0.003 Mg Folic Acid 0.14 Mg Acetyl-l-carnitine 200 Mg Alpha Lipoic Acid 100 Mg Bioflavanol 50 Mg Cysteine 10 Mg

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, food Supplements, gt, antioxidants, Immune , amp, Cognitive Support, gt, proneurozone
      SKU: Prmeandlado6

    Reef Crystals Reef Sharp (200 Gal)
      Reef Crystals Reef Sharp (200 Gal).

      Enriched Formulation. Optimum Effectiveness. Formulated Specially For Use In Reef Aquariums, Reef Crystals Contins Essential Ocean Reef Elements In Concentrations Greater Than Those Found In Natural Sea Water: Extra Calcium To Help Ensure The Growth Of Large And Small Polyp Stony Corals As Well As Coralline Algae Extra Trace Elements To Provide An Additional Measure Of Vital Nutrients Extra Vitamins To Ensure Healthy Growth And Survival Of Corals, Anemones And Other Invertebrates In A Captive Environment Metal Detoxifier - To Neutralize Traces Of Heavy Metal Often Present In Domestic Water Supplies. Net Wt: 7 Lbs. Note: This Product Requires To Be Shipped Via Our Pet Food Ground Method Only And Does Not Qualify For Free Shipping.

      Category: Aquarium , amp, amp, Fish Supplies, gt, aquarium Water Treatments , amp, amp, Additives, gt, instant Ocean Sea Salt
      SKU: Reefcrstlsrfslt200g

    Rinse Ace Pet Bathing Tether
      Rinse Ace Pet Bathing Tether.

      Why Wrestle With Your Dog At Bath Time? Rinse Aceā® Bathing Tethers Hold Your Dog Comfortably In Place While Keeping Your Hands Free. The Durable Nylon Straps Can Be Easily Adjusted To Accommodate Pets, Showers And Tubs Of Practically Any Size. Just Place The Powerful Suction Cups On Opposite Surfaces, Connect The Straps To Your Pet's Collar, And You're Ready To Bathe! Two Tethers Included Keep Your Hands Free Strong Suction Cups Resist Tugging Adjustable Straps Fit Any Size Pet, Shower Amp; Tub

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, grooming Supplies, gt, bathing Supplies, gt, rinse Ace, amp, reg, Shower Sprayers , amp, amp, Tethers
      SKU: Rinse-ace-pet-bathing-tether

    Tomlyn Protecta-pad Cream (4 Oz)
      Tomlyn Protecta-pad Cream (4 Oz).

      Repair The Calloused Pads Of Your Dogs Tomlyn Protecta-pad Cream (4 Oz) Is A Specialty Care Product That Works Well For Certain Dogs That Have Dry, Calloused Pads. This Is Very Typical With Hunting Dogs. However, It Is Also Very Common Among City Dogs Because They Spend Much Of Their Days Walking On Cement Sidewalks That Have Been Exposed To A Lot Of Chemicals. When The Protecta-pads Are Used, The Calloused Areas Are Softened. Also The Pliability Of The Pad Area Increases. At The Same Time, The Resiliency Of The Pad Remains Consistent With The Same Tissue. This Product Can Also Be Used On The Elbow Area Of Pets To Provide Relief To Joint Callouses That Result When They Spend Too Much Time Sleeping On Rough Surfaces Like Rugs. Generally, It Is Best To Use This Product One Time A Day. Benefits: Provides Relief To Joint Callouses Reduces Tension But Allows Pad To Keep Its Resilience

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, skin , amp, Coat, gt, skin , amp, amp, Coat Topicals, gt, tomlyn Protecta-pad Cream
      SKU: Tomlyn-protecta-pad-cream-4-oz

    Portions From A Wine-stained Notebook: Uncollected Stories And Essays, 1944-1990
      Portions From A Wine-stained Notebook: Uncollected Stories And Essays, 1944-1990.

      Charles Bukowski (19201994), One Of The Most Outrageous And Controversial Figures Of Twentieth-century American Literature, Was So Prolific That Many Important Pieces Were Never Collected During His Lifetime. "portions From A Wine-stained Notebook "is A Substantial Selection Of These Wide-ranging Works, Most Of Which Have Been Unavailable Since Their Original Appearance In Underground Newspapers, Literary Journals, And Even Porn Magazines. Among The Highlights Are Bukowski's First Published Short Story, "aftermath Of A Lengthy Rejection Slip"; His Last Short Story, "the Other"; His First And Last Essays; And The First Installment Of His Famous "notes Of A Dirty Old Man" Column. The Book Contains Meditations On His Familiar Themes (drinking, Horse-racing, Etc.) As Well As Singular Discussions Of Such Figures As Artaud, Pound, And The Rolling Stones. Other Significant Works Include The Experimental Title Piece; A Fictionalized Account Of Meeting His Hero, John Fante ("i Meet The Master"); An Unflinching Review Of Hemingway ("an Old Drunk Who Ran Out Of Luck"); The Intense, Autobiographical "dirty Old Man Confesses"; And Several Discussions Of His Aesthetics ("a Rambling Essay On Poetics And The Bleeding Life Written While Drinking A Six-pack Tall]," "in Defense Of A Certain Type Of Poetry, A Certain Type Of Life, A Certain Type Of Blood-filled Creature Who Will Someday Die," And "upon The Mathematics Of The Breath And The Way"). What Is Ultimately Revealed Is An Unexpectedly Learned Mind Behind His Seemingly Off Hand Productions. "portions From A Wine-stained Notebook "is Essential Reading For Bukowski Fans, As Well As A Good Introduction For New Readers Of This Innovative, Unconventional Writer.

      SKU: 3847920
      ISBN: 9780872864924
      Author: Bukowski, Charles / Calonne, David Stephen

    Friday's Child
      Friday's Child.

      "a Lightsome, Brightsome Comedy." -kirkus Reviews "nimble, Lighht-hearted Chronicle Of High London Society In Teh Time Of The Regency." -the New Yorker Georgette Heyer's Sparkling Romances Have Charmed And Delighted Mill Ions Of Readers. Her Characters Brilliantly Illuminate One Of The Most Exciting And Fascinating Eras Of English History-when Drawing Rooms Sparkled With Well-dressed Nobility And Romantic Intrigues Ruled Thhe Day. Heyer's Heroines Are Smart And Independent; Her Heroes Are Dashing Noblemen Who Know How To Handle A Horse, Fight A Duel, Or Address A Lady. And Her Sense Of Humor Is Legendary. When The Incomparable Miss Milbourne Spurns The Impetuous Lord Sherington's Marriage Proposal (she Laughs At Him-laughs ) He Vows To Marry The Next Female He Encounters, Who Happens To Be The Young, Penniless Miss Hero Wantage, Who Has Adored Him All Her Life. Whisking Her Off To London, Sherry Discovers There Is No End To The Scrapes His Young, Green Bride Can Get Into, And She Discovers The Excitement And Glamorous Social Scene Of The Ton. Not Until A Deep Misunderstanding Erupts And Sherry Almost Loses His Bride, Does He Plumb The Depths Of His Own Heart, And Surprises Himself With The Love He Finds There. "reading Georgette Heyer Is The Next Best Thing To Reading Jane Austen." -publishers Weekly Georgette Heyer (19021974) Wrote Over Fifty Novels, Including Regency Romances, Mysteries, And Historical Fiction. She Was Known As The Queen Of Regency Romance, And Was Legendary For Her Research, Historical Accuracy, And Her Extraordinary Plots And Characterizations.

      SKU: 6055201
      ISBN: 9781402210792
      Author: Heyer, Georgette

    Horses Her Way
      Horses Her Way.

      Beautiful Brisa, With Her Sunset-pink Coat And Blonde Mane And Tail, Happily Sets Out To Make The World-and Everything In It, Including Her Fellow Wind Dancers-as Lovely As She Is. Sounds Like A Plan-that Only "one" Horse Can Love

      SKU: 944636
      ISBN: 9780312562793
      Author: Miller, Sibley / Chang, Tara Larsen / Gershman, Jo

    Jb Andrew: Mustang Magic
      Jb Andrew: Mustang Magic.

      He Was Born, Wild And Free, In The Vast Mountainous Scrublands Of Nevada. Until He Was A Year Old, No Human Hand Touched H Im, Though He Knew Something Of The Danger People Represented To The Herd. But One Fateful Day, The Herd Was Chased By A Huge Black Creature In The Sky, And The Yearling Was Separated From His Mother. In Blind Panic He Ran, But He Could Not Outdistance The Terrifying, Whirling Thing Above Him, Or The Humans On Horseback That Surrounded Him. Before Long, Jb Andrew Would Come To The Attention Of Many. He Was Big, Leggy, And Awkward, But He Had A Long, Graceful Stride And Was Chosen For An Inmate Prison Program Where He Woould Be Trained And Made Ready For Adoption. Jb, Short For Jail Bird, Had A Special Quality That Forced People To Take Notice. Before His Retirement Years Later, He Would Win Hearts And Trophies In The Elite Competitive Dressage Ring By Becoming The First And Only Wild Mustang To Attain Success In The Sport. He Paved The Way For People To Dream, Believe, And Succeed And In Doing So, Jb Became One Of The Greatest Ambassadors For Wild Mustangs The Breed Has Ever Known. Third In The True Horse Stories Series, Jjb Andrew: Mustang Witchery Is As Warm As It Is Inspiring.

      SKU: 3986075
      ISBN: 97 80887768378
      Author: Andrekson, Judy / Parkins, David

    A Statistical Approach To Betting The Horse Races
      A Statistical Approach To Betting The Horse Races.

      "a Statistical Approach To Betting The Horse Races" Provides Historical Results From Over 8,000 Races And 23 Racetracks. In The Beginning Sections, Simple Probability And Statistics Are Discussed To Give The Reader A Basic Understanding Of How Statistics Relate To Gambling In General. Other Basics Such As Morning Line Odds, Real Time Odds, And The Para-mutual Betting System Are Explained. Finish Position, Trifecta, Superfecta, And Pick-3 Statistical Results Are Provided In Track By Track Easy To Read Hit Frequency And Efficiency Charts. The Data Is Based On The Final Real Time Odds With The Race Favorite Being The "a" Horse. The Next Most Bet Horse Is The "b" Horse And So On To The Last Horse In The Race.

      SKU: 4346900
      ISBN: 9780976249702
      Author: Ross, James / Kwiatkowski, Catherine / Kehl, Thomas

    Isaac Asimov's Book Of Facts
      Isaac Asimov's Book Of Facts.

      Within The Pages Of "isaac Asimov's Book Of Facts "are Many Hours Of Entertaining And Informative Reading-little-known Facts That Will Make You Exclaim, Time And Again, "i Didn't Know That " Here Are Some Of The Intriguing Facts You Will Find In This Book: -emperor Caligula Appointed His Favorite Horse As A Consul Of Rome. -eskimos Use Refrigerators To Keep Food From Freezing. -for Distances Of Up To 150 Feet, An Alligator Can Outrace A Man. -in 1896, Two Men Rowed Across The Atlantic. -the Number Of Possible Ways Of Playing Just The First Four Moves On Each Side In A Game Of Chess Is 318,979,564,000. -jimmy Carter Was The First U.s. President To Be Born In A Hospital.

      SKU: 1674787
      ISBN: 9780517065037
      Author: Asimov, Isaac

    Amanda In Spain: The Girl In The Painting
      Amanda In Spain: The Girl In The Painting.

      Amanda Jane Ross Is Certainly Becoming A World Traveller; She's Now In Sunny Spain On Vacation With Her Friend Leah. While There, She Encountersa Mysterious Young Girl Who Looks Eerily Like The Girl In A Famous Painting She Saw In A Madrid Museum. Even Weirder, The Girl Keeps Showing Up Wherever Amanda Finds Herself - Madrid, The Remote Mountains Of Rural Spain, The Beaches On The Mediterranean Sea, A Lively Fiesta And The Busy Streets Of Barcelona. Amanda Wants To Help This Sweet, Young Girl And Her Beloved Pony Escape The Clutches Of A Mean Horse-dealer. Come With Amanda On Her Next Adventure As She Attempts To Unravel The Mystery Behind The Girl In The Painting While She Treks Across Spain - Always One Step Ahead Of Danger

      SKU: 13989190
      ISBN: 9781926760551
      Author: Foster, Darlene

    Animal Feeds, Feeding And Nutrition, And Ration Evaluation With Cd-rom [with Cdrom]
      Animal Feeds, Feeding And Nutrition, And Ration Evaluation With Cd-rom [with Cdrom].

      Feeds, Feeding, And Animal Nutrition Is The First Book Of Its Kind To Finally Pair Ration Formulation Software With The Book To Create A Comprehensive Learning Solution. The Animal Feeding And Nutrition Industries Are As Computerized As Any Industry In The World, But The Challenge Has Been To Find Software That Can Effectively Accompany A Book And Give The Reader Everything They Need To Succeed. This Is A Deficiency That Has Now Been Addressed. The Ration Formulation Software Has The Same Functionality As That Used In The Industry Today And Covers Each Species Discussed In The Book. Along With The Software, The Book Includes The Most Current Information On Animal Feeding And Nutrition Available, Including Full Species Coverage Such As Four Ruminants, Swine, Chickens, Rabbits, Horses, Dogs, Cats, Trout, And Catfish. The Book Also Extensively Covers Dietary Energy, Water Requirements For Livestock, And Feed Milling.

      SKU: 6043846
      ISBN: 9781401826406
      Author: Tisch, David A.

    The Quick-change Artist Quick-change Artist Quick-change Artist: Stories Stories Stories
      The Quick-change Artist Quick-change Artist Quick-change Artist: Stories Stories Stories.

      In These Stories Of Magic And Memory, Clustered Around A Resort Hotel In A Small Virginia Community, Cary Holladay Takes The Reader On An Excursion Through The Changes Wrought By Time On The Community And Its Visitosr. From The Quiet Of A Rural Forest To The Rhythms Of Rock And Roll, The Quick-change Artist Is At Once Whimsical And Hard-edged, Dizzying In Its Matter-of-fact Delivery Of The Fantastic. Romance, A Sense Of Place And Belonging, And The Supernatural-especially In The Lives Of Children Coming Of Age-offer Windows Into Worlds Beyond The Ordinary Throughout The Quick-change Artist. In The Title Story, A Young Chambermaid Is In Love With A Foreign Magician Who Performs At The Hotel Where She Works. In "heaven," Set During The 1918 Flu Epidemic, A Struggling Mother And Son Rely On The Support Of Their Fortune-telling Plow Horse. The Narrator Of "jane's Hat" Recalls A Childhood Enlivened By An Unusual School Principal And A Friend Who Starts Finding Beauty Everywhere. Horses And The People Who Love Them, Wanderers And Those Who Feed Them, Creatures That Disappear And Those Who Search For Them: These Are Stories With A Constant Heart.

      SKU: 3272780
      ISBN: 9780804010924
      Author: Holladay, Cary


      Choose Your Horse. Hold On Tight. The Music's Starting And You're On Your Way.

      SKU: 2516090
      ISBN: 9780688009090
      Author: Crews, Donald

    The Blue Revenge
      The Blue Revenge.

      The Blues Face Good Times When Sol And Jeremy Find Happiness With Cinda And Ginger, But Then Sol Is Mauled By A Mountain Lion, Nad Jeremy Must Face Losing His Adopted Son To Jamieas Grandparents. They Are Surprised To Learn Joelas Wife Is More Than They Know. Just Who Is Lisa? Then The Blues Realy Go Savage When Someone Starts Killing Their Horses And Beating Their Wives. Sheriff Blue Learns Itas Like Chasing A Room Full Of Wildcats When His Six Cousins Turn Apache.

      SKU: 6372706
      ISBN: 9781424140527
      Author: Rose, Marnie


      Adventure Guides Are The Perfect Travel Companion For The Modern Explorer. Whether You're Looking To Backpack Around Your Home State Or Boost The Number Of Stamps In Your Passport By Traveling Overseas, These Books Will Heighten Your Travel Experience. Our Team Of Knowledgeable Authors Offers Comprehensive Introductions That Cover History, Geography, Climate, When To Go, Transportaiton, Planning And Culture. Region-by-region, The Books Then Delve Intot He Heart Of The Area, With Driving Tours And Side Trips To The Best Museums, Historic Sites And Shops. But The Focus Is On Activities, And You'll Learn About The Best Spots For Diving, Snorkeling, Horseback Riding, Hiking, Biking, Rock Climbing And More. Extensive Listings Of Recommended Tour Operators, Too. Select Places To Stay And Eat, As Well As Regional Festivals And Celebrations. Comprehensive Coverage Of Molokai, Maui, Lanai, Hawaii, Kauai And Oahu, Plus The Less-visited Islands. The Best Diving, Trekking, Cruising, Kayaking, Shopping And Surfing From A Long-time Hawaii Resident. Cultural Insight, Including Background, Cuisine And Language. Tips On Traveling Solp In Hawaii.

      SKU: 6881284
      ISBN: 9781556508417
      Author: Penisten, John

    Gefullte Teigtasvhen: Empanada, Jiaozi, Maultasche, Ravioli, Pirogge, Xiaolongbao, Fruhlingsrolle, Pelmeni, Teigtasche, Mandu, Bao
      Gefullte Teigtasvhen: Empanada, Jiaozi, Maultasche, Ravioli, Pirogge, Xiaolongbao, Fruhlingsrolle, Pelmeni, Teigtasche, Mandu, Bao.

      Kapitel: Empanada, Jiaozi, Maultasche, Ravioli, Pirogge, Xiaolongbao, Frhlingsrolle, Pelmeni, Teigtasche, Mandu, Baozi, Krntner Nudel, Mant, Dim Sum, Chinkali, Tortellini, Kreplach, Wareniki, Schlutzkrapfen, Momo, Uszka, Chuuschuur, Wan Tan, Buuz, Samosa, Tortelloni, Bapao, Boraki, Gyoza. Aus Wikipedia. Nicht Dargestellt. Auszug: Manti, Also Manty, Mantu, Mantou, Or Manties (turkish: Kazakn:, Pronounced; Kyrgyz:,; Uzbek:,; Persian: ), Are A Type Of Dumpling In Turkish Andd Various Central Asian And Northwest China And Caucasian Cuisines, Closely Related To The East Asian Mantou, Baozi, And Mandu. Manti Dumplings Archetypically Consist Of A Spiced Meat Mixture, Usually Lamb Or Ground Beef, In A Dough Wrapper, Either Boiled Or Steamed. 'manti' Indicates Either Singular Or Plural. Manti Were Carried Across Central Asia To Anatolia By Migrating Turks In The Chingizid-timurid Periods. According To Holly Chase, "turkic And Mongol Horsemen On The Move Are Supposed To Have Carried Frozen Or Dried Manti, Which Could Be Quickly Boiled Over A Camp-fire." In Turkey It Is Also Called Tatar Bregi (tatar Bureks), Which Indicates Its Relation To Nomadic Peoples. A Mid-15th Century Ottoman Recipe Survives, With The Manti Filled With Pounded Lamb And Crushed Chickpeas, Steamed, And Served Topped With Yogurt Mixed With Crushed Garlic And Sprinkled With Sumac. Manti Are Popular Throughout The Former Soviet Union, Where The Dish Spread From The Central Asian Republics. In Armenian Cuisine, The Manti Are Filled With Minced Lamb, Or Beef (less Common), With Finely Minced Onions And Various Other Delicious Spices. The Manti Are First Fried Lightly In Butter Then Boiled Or Steamed In A Tmoato-based Broth And Topped With Garlic Yogurt; They May Also Be Baked And Have Chicken-based Broth. Dry Sumac And Pepper Are Sprinkled On Top To Taste, Along With Yogurt. The Size Of The Individual Manti Varies From Dumpling-size To Penny-size, Dependi...http: //

      SKU: 10334889
      ISBN: 9781159003227
      Author: Gruppe, Bucher

    Waterproof Men Watches Thin 40mm Dial Leather Luxury Brand Shopping Big Sale Wholesale Price Cheap Horse Fifth New Top
      Waterproof Men Watches Thin 40mm Dial Leather Luxury Brand Shopping Big Sale Wholesale Price Cheap Horse Fifth New Top.

      Special Discount!!! Factory Outtlet Sales!!.top Quality; Competitive Price; Fast Free Shipping;combin Order;drop Shipping Available;best And Timely Service; 100% Satisfaction;big Discount For Big Order.

      Category: Wristwatches
      SKU: 402435610

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