Fromm Four-star Cat Food - Salmon Tunachovy (15 Lb)

    Fromm Four-star Cat Food - Salmon Tunachovy (15 Lb)
      Fromm Four-star Cat Food - Salmon Tunachovy (15 Lb).

      Fromm Four-star Nutritionals Gran-free Sa Lmon Tunachovy Dry Cat Food Combines Delicious Salmon, Tuna, And Anchovy For A Mediterranean-inspired Meal That's Full Of Healthy Fatty Acids And Dha To Keep Your Kitty's Brain Sharp As A Claw. It's Loaded With Fresh Veggies Like Tomatoes, Spinach, And Eggplant To Provide A Healthy, Balanced Meal That's Perfect For Everyday Feeding. Key Benefits: Made Without Grains Yucca Schidigera Extract Reduces Odor In Stools Contains Healthy Probiotics To Promote Intestinal Function Made In The Usa

      Category: Cat Food, gt, dry Cat Food, gt, fromm, Cat Dry Food
      SKU: Four-star-cat-dry-salmon-tunachovy-15lb

    12 Month Provecta Advanced For Cats (5-9 Lbs)
      12 Month Provecta Advanced For Cats (5-9 Lbs).

      Provecta Advanced For Cats Is A Convenient Spot-on Flea Treatment To Keep Your Kitty Pest-free For Up To A Whole Month With A Single Application. This Topical Medication Effectively Kills Both Adult Fleas And Flea Eggs To Prevent Fyture Reinfestation. Monthly Use Of Provecta Will Keep Fleas Off Your Felines And Prevent Diseases Like Flea Allergy Dermatitis. The Long-lasting Waterproof Formula Will Stay On Your Cat Even After Bathing So You Don't Have To Worry About Losing Potency. Kills Fleas And Flea Eggs To Effectively Break The Flea Life Cycle Prevents Reinfestation Convenient, Easy-to-apply Monthly Topical Solution Fragrance Free For Use On Cats 8 Weeks And Older Weighing 5-9 Lbs

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, flea , amp, Tick Supplies, gt, topicals, gt, provecta Advanced For Dogs , amp, Cats
      SKU: 12-month-provecta-cats

    Animal Planet Zebra Dog Costume - X-small
      Animal Planet Zebra Dog Costume - X-small.

      Transform Your Pet Into A Wild Animal With The Zebra Dog Costume . This Costume Features A Marvelous Zebra Pattern And Is Complete With A Hood And Zebra Tail To Give Your Dog A Fashionable Costume This Halloween. The Costume Has A Mane And Zebra Ears For The Full Effect And Fits Comfortably On Each Of Your Dog's Legs And Over His Back. The Hood Also Comfortably Wraps Around His Head To Make Sure He Enjoys Looking Adorable To The Fullest Extent Possible. The Zebra Dog Costume Comes In A Variety Of Sizes To Fit Any Dog, For More Information Regarding Sizing See The "more Info" Section Of This Page. Check Out The Main Costume Page For A Guide To Measuring Your Pet. Your Dog Will Look Great In The Zebra Dog Costume, So You Should Order It Today! Key Benefits: Comes In Extra Small, Small, Medium , And Large . Fits Comfortably Looks Great! *all Pet Costume Sales Are Final. No Returns Or Exchanges.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, apparel, gt, dog Costumes, gt, animal Planet Zebra Dog Costume
      SKU: Animal-planet-zebra-dog-costume-x-small

    Coenzyme Q10-10mg (100 Capsules)
      Coenzyme Q10-10mg (100 Capsules).

      Coenzyme Q10-10mg Supports Cardiovascular And Gum Tissue Health In Cats And Dogs Of All Weight Ranges. This Specialty Supplement Is Veterinarian Formulated To Improve Your Pet's Metabolism, Which Improves Their Blood Sugar Balance And Creates A Ripple Effect To Provide A Wide Array Of Health Benefits. Coenzyme Q10-10mg Increases The Cellular Energy Your Pet Receives From Their Food, Which Helps Keep Your Pet's Heart Healthy. This Bottle Comes With 100 Capsules To Provide An Ample Supply For Any Cat Or Dog In Need Of Cardiovascular Or Periodontal Support. Improve Your Pet's Heart And Dental Health By Ordering This Supplement For Your Pet Today! Key Features: Supports Cardiovascular And Gum Tissue Health For Dogs And Cats Of All Weight Ranges Includes 100 Capsules

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, food Supplements, gt, vitamins, gt, vetriscience Cardio Strength , amp, Coenzyme Q-10
      SKU: Coenzyme-q10-10mg-100-capsules

    Exclusively Pet Jerkeez Dog Treats - Bbq Chicken Flavor (7 Oz)
      Exclusively Pet Jerkeez Dog Treats - Bbq Chicken Flavor (7 Oz).

      Exclusively Pet Jerkeez Dog Treats Are Chewy Treats That Contain Real Chicken And Feature Unique Flavors That Dogs Love. These Treats Are Made Without Filler Ingredients Like Wheat, Corn, And Soy And Is Also Free Of Any Added Sugars. Each Treat Is A Thin Strip With A Texture That Makes It Easy To Tear Away Parts Of The Trwat And Control The Size Of The Portion You Give Your Dog. Exclusively Pet Jerkeez Dog Treats Are Made In The United States And Come In A 7 Ounce Resealable Package To Preserve Freshness. Though This Package Features Treats With A Palatable Bbq Flavor, Pizza And Taco Flavors Are Also Available. Your Dog Will Love These Palatable Treats, So Order Today! Key Features: Natural Chicken Is Primary Ingredient Contains No Added Sugars, Wheat, Corn, Or Soy Made In Usa With 7 Oz Resealable Bag

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, jerky Dog Treats, gt, exclusively Pet Jerky Treats
      SKU: Exclusively-pet-jerkeez-dog-treats-bbq-chicken

    Microbe-lift Herbtana Fresh Water (16 Oz)
      Microbe-lift Herbtana Fresh Water (16 Oz).

      100% Natural Expellant For Parasitic Diseases Provides A Chemical-free Treatment Effective Agaainst Parasitic Diseases Including: White Spot (ich) Costia Flukes (gill & Skin) Trichodina Chilodonella Oodinium Microbe-lift/herbtana Is A Unique, Herbal, Immune-enhancing Stimulant, Which Reduces: Skin Flukes, Gill Flukes, Ich, Oodinium, Costia, Chilodonella And Trichodina. Parasitic Infections Are Characterized By Symptoms, Such As: Milky Skin, Flashing And Heavy Breathing. Parasites Are Generally Present On Most Fish At Very Low Levels At All Times. These Are Naturally Controlled By The Fish's Immune System. When Stress Levels Increase, The Ability Of The Immune System To Respond To Its Requirement To Control The Natural Level Of Parasites Is Directly Affected. This Poor Response Allows Parasites To Increase In Numbers, Thus Causing Any Of The Serious Above Mentioned Health Issues In The Host Fish. Microbe-lift/herbtana Supports The Fish's Immune System, Driving Off The Excess Parasites. Since They Cannot Return To The Fish During Treatment, The Majority Of The Parasites Will Starve Without A Host. Shake Well Before Using

      Category: Aquarium , amp, amp, Fish Supplies, gt, fish Medications , amp, amp, Vitamins, gt, microbe-lift Supplements And Medications
      SKU: Herbtanafresh16oz

    3-pack Citrus Magic Litter Box Odor Eliminator Light Citrus (33.6 Oz)
      3-pack Citrus Magic Litter Box Odor Eliminator Light Citrus (33.6 Oz).

      Citrus Magic Litter Box Odor Eliminator Works To Eliminate Odor In Your Cat's Litter Box To Keep Your Home Smelling Clean. When Used Properly, This Odor-eliminator Can Reduce The Amount Of Litter Needed To Maintain Your Cat's Litter Box. The Fine Powder Keeps The Litter Fresh Which Means Replacing Your Cat's Litter Less Often. Citrus Magic Litter Box Odor Eliminator Is Perfect For Households With Multiple Cats. This Formulation Features A Citrus Scent And Comes With 11.2 Ounces Of Powder- But It's Also Available In A 40-ounce Size Or With A Pleasant Fresh Linen Scent . You'll Love How Effectively This Product Controls Odor- So Order It Today! Key Features: Extends The Life Of Your Litter And Eliminates Malodor Great For Households With Multiple Cats Comes In 11.2 Oz Or 40 Oz Sizes Features Pleasant Citrus Scent 3 Pack Of The 11.2 Oz, Total Of 33.6 Oz

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, cleaning , amp, amp, Sanitation, gt, stain , amp, amp, Odor Removal, gt, citrus Magic Stain And Odor Removers
      SKU: Litter-box-odor-eliminator-light-citrus-3pack

    Living World Dome - Large
      Living World Dome - Large.

      The Living World Dome Is Made Of Durable Plastic That Is Stain And Odor Resistant, And Comes In An Assortment Of Colors. It Is Easy To Clean, And Provides Your Pet With A Proper Hideout. It Creates An Additional Nesting Option For Your Pet And Allows Them To Have Space Of Their Own. The Living World Dome Is A Great Addition To Your Pet's Home. Provides Your Pet With A Proper Hideout Space Made Of Durable Plastic Stain And Odor Resistant Easy To Clean Works Great With Living World Hamster Fluff Options: - Available In Small, Medium And Large Sizzes.-comes In An Assortment Of Colors. Dimensions: Small - Approx. 6`` Diameter X 3.5`` Height. Opening: 2.5`` Width X 2.5`` Height. Medium - Approx. 10.5`` Diameter X 7`` Height. Opening: 3.5`` Width X 4.5`` Height. Large - Approx. 15.5`` Diameter X 9.5`` Height. Opening: 4.5`` Width X 6`` Height.

      Category: Small Pets, gt, small Pet Habitats , amp, amp, Accessories, gt, living World Pet House
      SKU: Living-world-dome-large

    Living World Wooden Perch 12 In (2 Pack)
      Living World Wooden Perch 12 In (2 Pack).

      The Living World Wooden Perch Is A Great Addition For You To Join To Your Bird's Cage. It Is Recommended For Use With Small Birds Such As Parakeets, Canaries And Finches. The Wooden Perch Comes In A Pack Of Two And Is The Ideal Replacement For Damaged Or Chewed Perches. The Living World Wooden Perch Helps Stimulate Activity And Natural Chewing From Your Bird. Having Multiple Perches Throughout Your Cage Provides Your Bird With Plenty Of Places To Climb And Play From. Replacements For Damaged Or Chewed Perches Stimulates Activity And Natural Chewing Ideal Resting Spot Multiple Perches Promote Climging Pack Of 2; 12-inch Length

      Category: Bird Products, gt, bird Toys , amp, Accessories, gt, living World Bird Perches
      SKU: Living-world-wooden-perch-12-inch-2-pack

    Bio-nutrition Pentaflex Ha (3.7 Lbs)
      Bio-nutrition Pentaflex Ha (3.7 Lbs).

      Pentaflex Ha Is A Comprehensive Joint Supplement For Horses And Dogs. This Supplement Contains Glucosamine Hci, Chondroitin Sulfate, Hyaluronic Acid And Methyl Sulfonylmethane (msm) In An Easy To Feed, Natural Molasses And Apple Flavored Formula. Horses And Dogs Alike Love The Natural Flavor. Feeding Pentaflex Ha To Your Horse Or Dog Aids In Promoting Enhanced Mobility And Healthy Joints. 106-day Supply For Horses, 400-day Supply For Dogs Natural Flavors That Horses And Dogs Love Comprehensive Formula Includes: Glucosamine, Msm, Chondroitin And Hyaluronic Acid

      Category: Horse , amp, amp, Livestock Products, gt, horse Bone, Joint , amp, amp, Muscle Care, gt, bio-nutrition Pentaflex
      SKU: Pentaflex-ha-3-7lbs

    Animed Pure Msm Dietary Supplement (16 Oz)
      Animed Pure Msm Dietary Supplement (16 Oz).

      Pure Msm Dietary Suplement By Animed Horse Care Is A Bio-available Source Of Dietary Sulfur For Connective Tissue Support. Msm Is A Natural Antioxidant; Antioxidants Help Remove Damaging Free Radicals. Msm Pure Powder, As A Dietary Supplement, Is A Bio-available Soure Of Dietary Sulfur For Connective Tissue Support. Msm Is A Natural Antioxidant; Antioxidants Help Remove Damaging Free Radicals. ? Purest Form Available. ? Will Not Get Hard. ? No Fillers. Active Ingredients: Assay Of Contents Per Ounce: Methylsulfonylmethane* 28,265mg Guaranteed Analysis: Methylsufonylmethane (minimum) 100%

      Category: Horse , amp, amp, Livestock Products, gt, horse Bone, Joint , amp, amp, Muscle Care, gt, animed Pure Msm For Horses
      SKU: Puremsm

    Fondle Odor Exterminator - Sandalwood Spray (7 Oz)
      Fondle Odor Exterminator - Sandalwood Spray (7 Oz).

      Pet Odor Exterminator™ Air Freshener Spray Uses Enzymes To Effectively Attack And Remove Pet Odors From Any Environment. This Specialty Pet Spray Works To Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh And Clean. Simply Spray The Enzymatic Form In The Area You Want To Freshen And Let The Pleasant Aroma Fill The Air. Pet Odor Extrrminator Air Freshener Spray Is Easy To Use And Each Bottle Contains 7 Ounces Of Spray. This Bottle Features A Pleasant Sandalwood Aroma, But There Are Also A Wide Variety Of Pleasant Scents Available. Don't Put Up With The Smells Of Wet Dog And Cat Litter Any Longer- Order This Amazing Air Freshener Spray Today! Key Features: Enzyme Formulated Spray Attacks And Removes Pet Odors Available In A Wide Variety Of Pleasant Aromas Made In The Usa

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, cleaning , amp, ap, Sanitation, gt, stain , amp, amp, Odor Removal, gt, pet Odor Exterminator, amp, trade, Sprays
      SKU: Sandalwood-spray-7-oz

    Vetoquinol Zylkene 225mg (30 Capsules)
      Vetoquinol Zylkene 225mg (30 Capsules).

      Zylkene Is A Complementary Feed For Cats And Dogs Which Contains A Natural Product, Derived From Casein, A Protein In Milk. It Is A Molecule Well Known To Promote The Relaxation Of Newborns After Breastfeeding. Launched In October 2013, Zylkene Has Become A Familiar Product For Veterinary Ssurgeons, Behaviorists, Nurses And Pet Owners For Use In Helping Pets Cope When Facing Unusual And Unpredictable Situations Or Before Occasions Such As A Change In Their Normal Environment.

      Category: New Pet Products, gt, vetoquinol Zylkene, amp, reg,
      SKU: Vetoquinol-zylkene-225mg-30-capsules

    Zack & Zoey Elements Shimmer Owl Sweater - Blue (large)
      Zack & Zoey Elements Shimmer Owl Sweater - Blue (large).

      W-h-o-o-o- Can Resist Zack & Zoey⮠Elements™ Shimmer Owl Sweaters? With Their Intricate Eye-catching Detail, They're Real Attention Getters! The Popular Sparkly Look Is Stunningly Displayed In This Turtleneck Sweater With A Shimmering Owl Applique Made Of Silver Sequins With Rhinestone Eyes. The Square Body Shape Provides Full Body Coverage. Features A High-cut, Stay-dry Belly. Sizes: Xxs 8" Xs 10" S 12" M 14" L 16" Xl 18" Materials: 100% Acrylic, Plastic Sequins And Rhinestones Care: Turn Garment Inside Out And Machinery Wash In Cold Water On Gentle Cycle. Line Dry. Supervision Is Recommended While Your Pet Is Wearing This Garment.

      SKU: Zack-zoey-shimmer-sweater-blue-large

    Beautiful Jim Key: The Lost History Of The World's Smartest Horse
      Beautiful Jim Key: The Lost History Of The World's Smartest Horse.

      Beautiful Jim Key - The One-time Ugly Duckling Of A Scrub Colt Who Became One Of The Most Beloved Heroes Of The Turn Of The Century - Was Adored Not For His Beauty And Speed But Rather For His Remarkable Abilities To Read, Write, Spell, Do Mathematics, Even Debate Politics. Trained With Patience And Kindness By One Of The Most Renowned Horse Whisperers Of His Day - Former Slave, Civil War Veteran, And Self-taught Veterinarian Dr. William Key - Jim Performed In Expositions Across The Country To Wildly Receptive Crowds For Nine Glorious Years, Smashing Box Office Records, Clearing Towering Hurdles Of Skepticism And Prejudice, And Earning The Respect And Admiration Of Some Of The Most Influential Figures Of The Era, From Booker T. Washington To President William Mckinley. This Is The Remarkable True Saga Of A Truly Exceptional Animal - And The No Less Exceptional Man Who Ledd Him To Greatness.

      SKU: 175391
      ISBN: 9780060567040
      Author: Rivas, Mim Eichler

    Northwestern Pacific Railroad
      Northwestern Pacific Railroad.

      The Northwestern Pacific Railroad - The Redwood Empire Route - Once Stretched Its Shining Track From Humboldt Bay To San Francisco Bay. Created By The Amalgamation Of 42 Different Companies, The North Coast Railroad Network Ranged From The Sonoma Prismoidal, An Early Wooden Monorail, To Broad-gauge Logging Lines Built To Be Hauled By Horses. In Between Were The Two-foot Sonoma Magnesite Railroad, The Narrow-gauge North Pacific Coast, And Standard-gauge Lines. Determining The Route Of Major Highways, This Versatile Transportation System Also Inc Orporated Electric Interurbans, Ferry Steamboats, Sternwheel Riverboats, Tugs, Car F Loats, And Unusual Connectors Like Funiculars And Scenic Tourist Railways. From The Time Of Its Formation In 1907 Until The 1970s, Northwestern Pacific Trains And Boats Were Loaded With Passengers And Freight.

      SKU: 2691965
      ISBN: 97807385311212
      Author: Codoni, Fred / Trimble, Paul C. / Northwestern Pacific Railroad Historical Society

    Team Roping 101: The Complete Sport From Header To Heeler
      Team Roping 101: The Complete Sport From Header To Heeler.

      In This Handbook, World Champion Ropers And Professional Instructors Offer Advice And Valuable Tips On Coaching Students, From Groundwork To Preparing For And Entering Competition. Starting With A Thorough Introduction To The Basics-including Rope Selection, Horses, And Rider Proficiency-this Handbook Is The Official Resource To Roping From The United States Team Roping Championships, The Governing Organization Of The Sport. With Complete Information About The Rules And Regulations Of The Sport, It Illustrates How Team Roping Evolved Into A Sport When A Couple Of Cowboys Turned A Common Ranching Procedure-that Grew From The Securing A Steer For Branding Or Medical Issues-into A Competition. Covering All The Essentials, From Rope Handling Both On And Off The Horse And The Ins And Outs Of A Competition To Official Rules And Evaluating Personal Runs, This Indispensible Guidebook Is A Must-have For Anyone Interested Or Involved In Team Roping.

      SKU: 12568283
      ISBN: 9781570764714
      Author: Starnes, Kayla

    Inside The Halo And Beyond: The Anatomy Of A Recovery
      Inside The Halo And Beyond: The Anatomy Of A Recovery.

      In July 1998, When Maxine Kumin's Horse Bolted At A Carriage-driving Clinic, She Was Not Expected To Live. Yet, Less Than A Year Later, Her Progress Pronounced A Miracle By Her Doctors, She Was At Work On This Journal Of Her Astonishing Recovery. She Tells Of Her Time "inside The Halo," The Near-medieval Device That Kept Her Head Immobile During Weeks Of Intensive Care And Rehabilitation, Of The Lasting "rehab" Friendships, And Of The Loving Family Who Always Believed She Would Heal. " S]he Resonates Wisdom While Announcing A Triumph Of Body And Soul."-anne Roiphe, New York Times Book Review "maxine Kumin Brings The Sensitivity And Imagination Of A Poet To Her Extraordinary Ordeal."-richard Selzer, Author Of Mortal Lessons: Notes On The Art Of Surgery "from A Singular Experience She Has Created A Lesson That Is Universal, Which, It Seems To Me, Is The Essence Of Being A Poet."-abraham Verghese, Author Of The Tennis Partner

      SKU: 1200351
      ISBN: 9780393322613
      Author: Kumin, Maxine

    Summer Of Fifty-seven (softcover)
      Summer Of Fifty-seven (softcover).

      "stop The Car, I Mean, Slow Down, Please. Do You Think There Might Be Any Work Around Here, Mister?" Steve Jonas Is 19 Years Old In The Summer Of 1957, Riding His Thumb North And West. He Hitches Into The Two-horse Town Of Jackson, Wyoming In A June Snowstorm, And Comes Face To Face With The Grand Teton Range, The "peaks That Shine By Night As By Day." Jonas Finds Work In The National Park, Building The Mountain Trail That Is To Shape The Course Of His Coming-of-age. It Is The Late 1950s, A More Innocrnt And Sweeter Time Than The Turbulent Decades To Come, But The Realities And Aspirations Of A Young Man In Summer Are As Always: Work, Adventure, Romance, Conflict. Characters Larger Than Life Fill His Days And Nights: Dikc Robbins, The Backcountry Expert Who Can Do Absolutely Anything, Including Fly; Nebraska Cowboy Jim Burdock, With The Trick Of Looking Fast, But Actually Moving Slow; The Haunting, Enigmatic Kitty, Just Out Of Reach. And Towering Above The Others, Billy Jiggs From Driggs, Idaho, Profane Master Of Men, And Timber, And (surprisingly) Music. In The Background Are The Ghosts Of Two Free-trapping Mountain Men From The 1830s, Still On The Move. As Jonas Finds (and Occasionally Loses) His Way In This Country Of The Heart, As The Trail Moves Forward Yard By Yard, The Seeds Of His Future Life-trail Take Fire, Root, And Blossom. Stephen C. Joseph Began His Life In Medicine As Peace Corps Physician In Nepal. Later, He Spent Three Years In Central Africa With A Team Establishing A New Medical School. He Has Been Chief Of Pediatrics In A Remote Northern Canadian Health Zone, And A Senior Professional With Both Unicef And The Agency For International Development. Dr. Joseph Was Alsocommissioner Of Health Of The City Of New York (his Book Attached The Early Years Of The Aids Epidemic, "dragon Within The Gates," Was Published By Carroll And Graf), Dean Of The University Of Minnesota School Of Public Health, And Assistant Secretary Of Defense For Health Affairs. He Is An Elected Member Of The National Academy Of Science's Institute Of Medicine, And A Former Executive Board Chair Of The American Public Health Association. An Avid Outdoorsman (though Born In Brooklyn), Dr. Joseph Resides In Santa Fe, New Mexico With His Wife, Elizabeth Preble, And Their Dogs And Llamas.

      SKU: 3795633
      ISBN: 9780865344730
      Author: Joseph, Stephen C.

    How To Find Trouble Free Horse Boarding Even If You Are New To Horses: What You Must Know, Ask, And Look For When Searching For Th
      How To Find Trouble Free Horse Boarding Even If You Are New To Horses: What You Must Know, Ask, And Look For When Searching For Th.

      For Many Of Us, Owning Our Own Horse Is The Ultimate Dream. But, Unfortunately, Most Of Us Dont Have The Luxury Of Keeping Our Horses At Home And Have To Rely On The Services Offered By A Horse Boarding Stable. Choosing The Right Home Away From Home For Your Horse Can Be A Daunting Process. Do You Really Know What Your Horse Needs To Be Happy, Safe And Healthy? The Past 10 Years Have Taken Ronaye Ireland On A Very Unique Journey Few Of Us Will Ever Experience. Shes Gone From Being The Uninformed Boarder And New Horse Owner To Designing And Constructing Her Own Boarding Facility And Running The Business. Her Horse Boarding Stable Is Living Proof Of What Works. And In This Book She Shares Her Insights And Lessons Learned So You Dont Have To Learn Through Trial And Error And The Expehsive Vet Bills So Many Of Us Experience Unnecessarily. Youll Discover: How To Choose The Boarding Style That Suits Your Lifestyle What Your Horse Really Needs To Be Happy, Safe, And Healthy How To Uncover Hidden Costs And Build A Realistic Budgets O You Can Afford To Keep Your Horse How To Make Sure Your Horse Can Be The Athlete You Want Him To Be Without Him Getting Cranky, Lethargic Or Sick How To Recognize A Barn Owner Who Is On Top Of Their Game Or Better To Be Avoided How To Do A Simple Calculation That Will Tell You Whether Or Not Your Horses Daily Needs Are Going To Be Taken Care Of How To Spot The Signs Of Stress That Point To Key Emotional Problems You Never Wantyour Horse To Have How To Do Your Possess Air Quality Test By Paying Attention To These Simple Signs How To Size Up A Place Without Ever Having To Speak To A Person How To Avoid A $500 Vet Bill By Paying Attention To This Safety Hazard You Never Thought Would Be A Problem How Common, And Sometimes Required, Practices Can Have Serious Consequences For You And Your Horse How Not To Let Your Childs Dream Become Your Nightmare Because You Didnt Know To Ask These Questions How To Make The Transition From One Barn To Another As Smooth As Possible How To Pick The Right Horse Transport Company So That Youre Not Left Standing With Your Fingers Crossed Hoping That Your Baby Is Safe And So Much More This Book Is Packed With Solid And Practical Information And An Absolute Must Read If You Have To Rely On The Services Offered By A Horse Boarding Stable To House Your Horse. It Will Tell You Exactly What You Need To Know, Ask And Look For When Looking For That Happy, Safe And Healthy Home For Your Horse And A Fun Place For You.

      SKU: 9965466
      ISBN: 9781933817651
      Author: Ireland, Ronaye

    Call To The Post: Johnny Longden's Glories And Goofs
      Call To The Post: Johnny Longden's Glories And Goofs.

      Johnny Longden Was The World's Winningest Jockey For Fourteen Years. In His 40 Years Of Riding, The Jacques Stable Was The Only One That Johnny Ever Signed A Jockey Contract With. From Coalmine Rags, As A "grease Monkey," Johnny Went On To Become One Of The World's Richest Athletes. His Many Glories Such As: Winning The Triple Crown; Being The Only Person To Train As Well As Ride A Kentucky Derby Winner; And Riding A Stakes Winner In His Final "call To The Post." He Also Made Some Goofs That Consisted Of: Needlessly Cuttinng Down Horses; Pulling An Ace Horse; And Financially Arranging For A Booki E And An American To Claim My Dad's Aging Champion Racehorse. This New Release Is A True Story And Good Raeding About A Hall Of Famer Who Was English Born, Canadian Raised To Become An American Citizen.

      SKU: 6543705
      ISBN: 9781434378392
      Author: Jacques, Leo Louis

    The Cowboy: Representations Of Labor In An American Work Culture
      The Cowboy: Representations Of Labor In An American Work Culture.

      What Are The Connections Between Cattle Branding And Christian Salvation, Between Livestock Castration And Square Dancing, Between Cattle Rustling And The Making Of Spurs And Horsehair Bridles In Prison, Between Children's Coloring Books And Cowboy Poetry As It Is Practiced Today? The Cowboy Uses Literary, Historical, Folkloric, And Pop And Cultural Sources To Document Ways In Which Cowboys Address Religion, Gender, Economics, And Literature. Arguing That Cowboys Are Defined By The Work They Do, Allmendinger Sets Out In Each Chapter To Investigate One Form Of Labor (such As Branding, Castration, Or Rustling) In The Cowboy's "work Culture". He Looks At Early Oral Poems Recited Around Campfires, On Trail Drives, At Roundups, And At Home In Ranch Bunkhouses, And At Later Poems, Histories, And Autobiographies Written By Cowboys About Their Work - Most Of Which Have Never Before Received Scholarly Attention. Allmendinger Shows How These Texts Address Larger Concerns Than The Work At Hand - Including Art, Morality, Spirituality, And Male Sexuality. In Addition To Spotlighting Little-known Texts, Art, And Archival Sources, The Cowboy Examines The Works Of Mark Twain, John Steinbeck, Willa Cather, Louis L'amour, Larry Mcmurtry, And Others. Unique Among Studies Of The American Cowboy, Allmendinger's Study Looks At What Cowboys Thought Of Themselves, And The Ways In Which They Represented Those Thoughts In Their Own Prose, Poetry, And Artifacts. Richly Illustrated With Photographs Of Cowboys At Work And At Play, Many Previously Unpublished, The Cowboy Will Interest Scholars Of American Literature And History, And American Studies, As Well As Those Interested In Western History And Culture,folklore, And Gender Studies.

      SKU: 534433
      ISBN: 9780195072433
      Author: Allmendinger, Blake

    Caravan To Tibet
      Caravan To Tibet.

      In The Last Years Of The Nineteenth Century, A Caravan Of Traders Sets Off From The High Hills Of Kumaon, India, For Tibet. They Traverse Dangerous Passes And Brave Blinding Snowstorms, In Order To Carry On Their Traditional Trade In The Tibetan Markets. Among Them Is Fourteen-year-old Debu's Father. Many Days Later, When The Caravan Returns, Debu Is Heartbroken To Learn That His Father Was Lost In One Of The Treacherous Passes. Somehow He Cannot Believe It, And When A Tibetan Trader Turns Up In The Local Market Wearing An Amulet Remarkably Similar To His Father's, He Is Convinced That His Father Is Alive, Somewhere In Tibet. Debu Joins The Next Caravan To Tibet To Look For His Father, Little Knowing He Is Setting Out On The Most Perilous, Yet Most Exciting Journey Of His Life. The Adventures Follow Thick And Fast-a Forced Stay In A Monastery With A Young Lama Who Takes A Fancy To Him; His Capture By A Band Of Bandits Led By The Cruel, Mysterious Nangbo Gifted With Magical Powers; A Stay In The Goldfields Of Thok Jalong; And Finally Ending With A Heart-pounding, Breathtaking Horse Race.

      SKU: 437207
      ISBN: 9780143330127
      Author: Agarwal, Deepa

    Men Cotton Solid Polo Long Sleeve Shirts Sports T Shirts Embroidery Small Horse Logo Plus Size Usa American Flag Italy England Brazil Shirts
      Men Cotton Solid Polo Long Sleeve Shirts Sports T Shirts Embroidery Small Horse Logo Plus Size Usa American Flag Italy England Brazil Shirts.

      We Are Focus On The Usa Brand Polo,the Tags,table The Same As The Office One,and It Quality Is Best.if You Need More Detailed Pictures, Please Send Me A Message! Competitive Price ! More Discount For More Orders ! Quality First ! Client First ! Excellent Service ! Fast Shipping ! Mix Order Available ! Drop Shipping Available ! Welcome To Retail And Wholesale.if You Interested ,pls Feel Free To Contact Me,we Will Reply You As Soon As Possible

      Category: Men, spolos
      SKU: 401358842

    Modern Oil Painting (no Frame) Abstract Horses Canvas Animal Giclee Wall Art Picture For Living Room Home Decoration (size:5 Sizes)
      Modern Oil Painting (no Frame) Abstract Horses Canvas Animal Giclee Wall Art Picture For Living Room Home Decoration (size:5 Sizes).

      We Are A Painting Factory That We Can Provide Different Size Different Style Paintings You Need,the Size Or Frame Or Not.any Request,contact With Us Please.

      Category: Paintings
      SKU: 397295457

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