Return Of The Bird Tribes

    Return Of The Bird Tribes
      Return Of The Bird Tribes.

      Chapter One The Bird Tribesi Remember The Day When I Walked Across The Open Prairie With My Head Hled High And My Feathers Blowing In The Wind. The Soldiers Saw Only My Silhouette Against The Sky. I Wallked Slowly Toward Them, Arms Extended From My Side, Palms Facing Them In A Gesture Of Peace. I Watched The Waves Of Love Emanate Forth From My Hands, As Powerful As The Love I Expressed Before And After Golgotha.the Soldiers Shot Me Dead.i Knew They Would.but Their Children Have Been Brought Up On My Teachings, Have Loved My Spirit And Have Understood Enough Of My Creative Principles To Sail To The Oon. Could I Have Taught Them In Another Way, When Their Bullets Flew And My Feathers Blew In The Breeze That Day? Could I Have Spoken More Plainly Than Through The Example Of My Deeds?i Have Died A Million Deaths And Lived As Many Lives To Teach The Warrior Tribes What They Would Not Learn In Any Other Way. In The End, I Am The Victor, Because The Warrior Tribes Are Changing, Fundamentally, While I Am Rising Again And Again, Leading Them And Their Kind Ever Onward Toward Their Destiny Among The Midnight Stars.i Live Everywhere, All Over The Earth. I Have Memories To Draw Upon Wherever There Were Gentle People Through Whose Lives I Knew The Land. If I Try, I Can Remember Their Place Names, Their Faces, The Streets Of Their Villages, Their Dances Around Autumn Fires When The Forest Floor Smelled Of Dry Leaves And Moonlight Filtered Shadows Through The Naked Trees. But Other Things, I Do Not Have To Try To Remember, Because Those Things I Can Never Forget. I Am Those Things.i Am Often The Mountain Lakes, Because These Were The Last Places My People Lived Before They Flew, Before They Left Theirhuman Forms And Took To The Airs Of Spirit Or Realms Of Nature To Wait For Cycles And Changing Seasons To Bring Their Time To The World Again.i Could Show You Where Five Hundred People Lived On The Shores Of One Such Lake. Yet You Might Glimpse A Human Only Occasionally. As You Might See An Otter, Beaver Or Raccoon, So Blended Were Their Ways And So In Harmony With Earth And Sun Their Living. But The Time Of Which I Speak Was Long Before The Recent European Migrations, Long Even Before Civilizational Influence Touched Olmec Or Mayan Heart.our Cultures Were Pacific Then In This Undiscovered World Between Troubled Asians And Warring European Tribes. Your Records Speak Little Of The Americas, Because Until Recently Our Cultures Here Did Not Create History. Our Ways Were Simple. Our Troubles - Until About Twenty-five Hundred Years Ago - Were Few.only A Few Of Our Consciousness Have Dressed In Human Form These Twenty-five Centuries Now Past. Yet When We Did, You Could Not Distinguish Us From The Others. We Did Not Fight. When I Put On My Headdress And Rode My Horse Across The Prairies, I Was Teaching. I Was Not Fighting. I Taught With Feather-shafted Arrows And Landscapes That Cradled The Sunlight In A Thousand Sacred Meanings. I Drew The Cavalry To The Prettiest Valle

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      ISBN: 9780062501882
      Author: Carey, Ken

    Advocate Pettest 21g Twisttop Lancets (50/box)
      Advocate Pettest 21g Twisttop Lancets (50/box).

      Advocate® Pettest 21g Twisttop Lancets Have An Ultra-fine Gauge (30g), Tri-bevel Tip For Virtually Painless Sampling. Our Consistent Depth-penetration Control Is Effective And Penetrates The Skin Every Time, So There Is No Need For Multiple Jabs With Each Test. The Advocate Lancets? Universal Design Fits Almost All Lancing Devices. 50 Sterile 21g Lancets Safe And Easy Method To Obtain A Blood Sample From You Pet Tri-bevel Tip For Virtually Painless Sampling Constistant Depth Penetration For Animal Use Only

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    Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain-free Jerky Treats - Chicken (3.25 Oz)
      Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain-free Jerky Treats - Chicken (3.25 Oz).

      Wilderness Trail Treats Chicken Jerky Blue Wilderness Jerky Is A Hearty, Protein-packed Chicken Strip With More Than Enough Taste To Satisfy The Wolf Spirit In Your Canine Carnivore. Made With The Finest Natural Ingredients, Wilderness Jerky Is A Wholesome Treat That Will Help Support Your Dog?s Strength, Health And Vitality. No By-products Or Artificial Anything Wilderness Trail Treats Are Made With The Finest Natural Ingredients And Have No Chicken Or Poultry By-product Meals And Are Corn, Wheat And Soy Free. A Perfect Grain-free Treat High-quality Poultry Makes Blue Wilderness Jerky The Perfect Treat For Dogs Who Are Fed A Grain-free Or Raw Diet. It?s Jerky With A Wild Side!

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    Dechra Dermallay Oatmeal Spray (gallon)
      Dechra Dermallay Oatmeal Spray (gallon).

      Dechra Dermallay Oatmeal Spray Is A Simple Topical Solution That Provides Relief From Dry, Itchy Skin On Sensitive Cats, Dogs, And Horses. This Spray Includes Ceramides To Aid In Moisturizing, Repairing And Restoring Dry And Damaged Skin That Are Offered Through A Select Blend Of Herbal Ingredients. Dechra Dermallay Oatmeal Spray Is Formulated Not Only To Improve Skin Health But Also To Restore Luster To Your Animal's Hair And Coat. This Container Includes A Full Gallon Of The Spray To Provide The Perfect Refill For Any Dermallay Spray Bottle. Order This Cost-effective Way To Care For Your Animal's Skin Today! Key Features: Promotes Healthy Skin And Coat Formulated For Cats, Dogs, And Horses Made In The Usa

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    Exo-terra Jungle Vine - Small
      Exo-terra Jungle Vine - Small.

      Exo Terra Jungle Vines Can Be Used For Decorative Purposes Or For Enlargement Of The Dwelling Area. These Water-proof Vines Are Bendable, Twistable Life-like Vines With A Natural Feel And Look And Can Be Twisted Together With Vines Of Different Sizes To Create A 3-d Habitat. Perfect For Arboreal Reptiles And Amphibians. Waterproof Natural Feel & Look Ideal For Arboreal Reptiles And Amphibians Creates A 3-dimensional Habitat

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    72-pack Fat Spizzle Twists (7-8")
      72-pack Fat Spizzle Twists (7-8").

      72-pack Fat Spizzle Twists (7-8") Are Formed Into A Spjral Shape Then Roasted In Its Natural Juices To A Crunchy Texture. These Highly Palatable Treats Become Chewy When Wet, Helping To Keep Teeth Clean And Provide Hours Of Long Lasting Enjoyment. Spizzles Are 100% All-natural, The Way Nature Intended To Deliver High Quality Chew Time Enjoyment While Cleaning Teeth. Spizzles Are Also From Free Range Grassfed Cattle And Are Preservative And By-product Free.

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    Fluval 1 "plus" Foam Insert (2-pack)
      Fluval 1 "plus" Foam Insert (2-pack).

      Fluval 1 "plus" Foam Insert (2-pack) Is Specially Developed As A Standard Filter Medium For The Fluval 1 Plus Underwater Filter And Maximizes Surface Contact Between The Water And The Media. The Large Filtering Surface Ensures Efficient Cleaning Of The Aquarium Water And Maximizes The Colonization Of Beneficial Bacteria. Foam Insert Provides Mechanical Straining Of Particulate Waste. It Prevents Particulate Waste From Prematurely Clogging Other Filter Media In The Module Stack.

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    Furminator Long-hair Deshedding Tool For Small Cats
      Furminator Long-hair Deshedding Tool For Small Cats.

      Furminator Long-hair Deshedding Tool For Small Cats Is A Deshedding Tool For Cats With Coats More Than 2 Inches. This Furminator Features Patented Deshedding Edges Designed To Reach Beneath Long Topcoat To Gently Remove Undercoat And Loose Hair. Used And Recommended By Professional Groomers And Veterinarians, Furminator Deshedding Tools Are The Only Tools Guaranteed To Reduce Shedding Better Than Any Brush, Rake Or Comb. Fo Long Hair Cats Up To 10 Lbs. 1.75? Deshedding Edge Designed For Coats Longer Than 2 Inches Reduces Shedding Up To 90% Stainmore Steel Deshedding Edge Reaches Deep Beneath Your Cat's Long Topcoat To Gently Remove Undercoat And Loose Hair. Furejector Button Cleans And Removes Loose Hair From The Tool With Ease.

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    Herbsmith Dog Breath Dental Chews - Large Dogs
      Herbsmith Dog Breath Dental Chews - Large Dogs.

      Introducing A Whole New Way To Address Dog Breath: Dog Breath Dental Chews By Herbsmith! Dog Breath Dental Chews Are Made With Spearmint, Parsley, And Sea Algae To Promote Healthy Teeth And Fresh, Minty Breath In A Fun-to-eat Treat. Fresh Breath And Clean Teeth For Your Dog Just Got Easier! No Brushing. No Spraying. No Struggle. Just A Fun-to-eat Treat! Dog Breath Coats The Teeth With Active Ingredients ? Sea Algae To Soften And Break Down Tartar And Plaque Build-up, And Spearmint And Parsley To Freshen Breath. They Are Great For Dogs That Are Unable To Undergo Anesthesia For Regular Dental Cleanings, Dogs That Are Particularly Tartar Prone, And Dogs Whose Owners Want To Help Dental Cleanings Last A Little Longer. - Grain-free - Made In The U.s.a.

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    Living World Harness/lead Medium Assorted Colors
      Living World Harness/lead Medium Assorted Colors.

      Living World Harness And Lead Set Provides A Safe, Practical And Convenient Way To Walk Your Small Pet. The Harness Is Made Of Soft, Lightweight And Breathable Polyesetr Fabric That Fits Very Comfortably Over Your Small Pet's Body. It Is Easy To Slip On And Fastens Securely With Velcro And A Snap-on Clip. It Is Fully Adjustable Around The Neck, Chest And Stomach Areas. The Wear-resistant Harness Has A Polyester Lining That Prevents Fraying.the Lead Is Made Of Soft, Stretchy Polyester Material For Handling Comfort. The Harness Has A Finder Bell To Help You Track Your Pet. Size: Medium, Suitable For Ferrets And Rats. Neck: 15 - 20 Cm (5.9 - 7.9"), Stomach: 25.5 - 30.5 Cm (10 -12"). Assorted Colors (navy, Red, Purple)

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    Naturvet All-in-one (60 Soft Chews)
      Naturvet All-in-one (60 Soft Chews).

      Naturvet All-in-one Includes A Uniquely Comprehensive Assortment Of Nutrients To Promote General Health In A Tasty Treat That Dogs Love.  this Supplement Contains Vitamins, Antioxidants, Minerals And Fatty Acids That Work To Promote 4 Different Areas Of Health. These Palatable Soft Chews Are Made Without Wheat Or Other Filler Ingredients Right Here In The Usa To Ensure Their Quality. Naturvet All-in-one Support Skin & Coat Health While Supporting Joint Health And Normal Digestion. This Container Comes With 60 Soft Chews- But There Is Also A Larger Container With 120 Soft Chews Available. Promote Healthy Living In Your Dog With This Incredible, Palatable Supplement- Order Now! Key Features: Supports Skin & Coat Health, Joint Health, And Digestive Function Includes 60 Palatable Soft Chews Wheat-free Made In The Usa Naturvet University Product Education Vitamins & Minerals (pdf) Limit 12 Per Order

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    Adeptus Nimble Mega Nutrient For Pets (480 Gram)
      Adeptus Nimble Mega Nutrient For Pets (480 Gram).

      Nimble Mega Nutrient Pet Contains It All! Within This Comprehensive, All Inclusive Formula Are Several Patented Ingredients Proven For Digestibility And Efficacy. Fills In The Gaps In Your Pets? Diet? Great For Cats And Dogs. Nimble Mega Pet Covers 5 Supplements In 1 Scoop! 1. Premium Joint Support (combines Glucosamine With Patented Ha, Collagen, Chondroitin & Cetyl Myristoleate) 2. Soft Tissue & Skin Support (collagen, Biotin, Amino Acids, Plus Organic Minerals) 3. Coat Health And Shine (omega-3 Fatty Acids Including Dha) 4. Potent Antioxidants (vitamin E And Vitamin C) 5. Prebiotic Digestive Aids. Great To Add On To Fortified Diets And Essential To Add To Raw , Unfortified Diets Or Lower Quality Pet Foods.

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    Nupro (5 Lbs) For Dogs
      Nupro (5 Lbs) For Dogs.

      Nupro All Natural Dog Supplement Is Scientifically Balanced Formula That Is High In Vitamins, Minerals, Enzymes, Amino And Fatty Acids. Nupro Provides The Necessary Raw Ingredients (missing From Cooked And Processed Dog Food), With Easily Digestible Whole Foods, Specially Designed To Condition Your Dog Into First Class Health. More Information Daily Feeding Instructions (scoop Inside) Under 5 Lbs. 1/4 Scoop 5-10 Lbs. 1/3 Scoop 10-20 Lbs. 1/2 Scoop 20-40 Lbs. 1 Scoop 40-70 Lbs. 1 1/2 Scoops Over 70 Lbs. 2 Scoops What Do Dog Owners Say About Nupro? Promotes Hair Growth Stops Itchy, Dry, Flaky Skin & Hot Spots Helps Repel Fleas For Energy And Blood Building Steady Nerves - Better Disposition And Alertness Fertility In Females - Potency In Males Will Help Arthritic Conditions Combats Allergies Fat Burner Improves Appetite Aids Digestion And Helps Relieve Gas Excellent For All Ages From Puppies To Geriatric Recommended By Veterinarians

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    Pet Therapy Wrap With Therapy Gel - Stifle (large)
      Pet Therapy Wrap With Therapy Gel - Stifle (large).

      Designed For Larger Breeds, Our Pet Therapy Wrap System Has All The Features You?d Expect To Find From An Industry Leader Like Caldera International. You Can Quickly Fit Large Sized Dogs With Our Pet Therapy Wraps Without Added Struggling Or Discomfort. The Velcro‚ģ Straps And Adjustable Quick Release Buckle System Make The Device Easy And Straightforward To Secure In Place. Any Dog Will Appreciate The Wrap?s Flexible Fit And Mobility While Receiving Hot Or Cold Therapy Treatment. With Soft Fabric Against The Body And A Pliable Gel Pack, There?s Litttle Chance For Irritation, Assuring A Comfortable Application For Any Targeted Joint Or Muscle Group. Durable Four-way Stretch Neoprene And Quality Stitching In Each Pet Therapy Wrap Means Its Designed For Repeated Use. All Sizes Have A Simple Color-coded Inside Panel That Provides A Useful Organnizational Aid. Fits Most Standard Large Dogs Such As: Akita, Anatolian Shepherd, Bernese Mountain Dog, Bouvier De Flandres, Doberman, Greyhound, Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, German Shepard, Rhodesian Ridgeback & Rottweiler Contains Complete Set: One Large Stifle Wrap, One Large Back Boomerang, One Large Anchor And One Large Stifle Therapy Gel Pack. Design And Endorsed By Leading Veterinarians And Animal Surgeons Aid With Post-operative Recovery And Soft Tissue Injury Treatment Adjustable Contour Fit Allows Pet Mobility Practical, East To Use And Non Toxic Machine Washable Anti-bacterial Fabric Works Both Hot (microwave Or Hydro Collator) And Cold (freezer) This Pet Therapy Wrap Is Designed For Both Right And Left Applications.

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    Shed-pro Granules For Dogs (40 Servings)
      Shed-pro Granules For Dogs (40 Servings).

      Shed-pro ® Granules For Dogs Provides Vitamins, Minerals, And Natural Oils To Help Maintain Healthy Moisturized Skin And A Shiny Coat On Your Dog, Which Helps Minimize, Control Normal Shedding. Shedding Is A Normal Process And Seasonally Can Increase. When Your Dog's Skin Is Moisturized And Healthy, It Naturally Sheds Less. The Ingredients In Shed-pro Have Been Carefully Selected To Support Health And Moisture Of Skin So The Hair Is Retained And Remains Full And Healthy. Garlic Has A High Sulfur Content That Can Tone The Skin And Give Hair More Luster. The Ingredient Sulfur Works With B Complex Vitamins To Support The Body's Metabolism And Keep Youthful Elasticity In Tissues, As Well As Keeping Dandruff From Forming. Another Important Ingredient Is Cod Liver Oil, Which Contains Vitamin A And Docosahexaenoic Acid (dha) To Nourish The Skin. Additionally In Cod Liver Oil Are Omega-3 Fatty Acids And Eicosapentaenoic Acid (epa) To Soothe Skin In Cases Where Seasonal Dryness Can Cause Flaking And Itching. Lecithin And Safflower Oil Are In Shed-pro As Moisturizers That Help Dry Flaky Skin By Retaining Moisture. When Hair Follicles Are Not Clogged And Skin Has Proper Moisture, Hair Falls Out Less. Added Sunflower Oil Acts As An Antioxidant As It Is Rich In Vitamin E Or Tocopherols, Which Aid In Neutralizing Free Radicals That Damage Skin And Hair Cells. Sunflower Oil Is A Natural And Healthy Way Of Maintaining Great Skin, Thanks To Its Calming And Emollient (moisturizing) Properties. Sunflower Oil Is Also Rich In Vitamins A, C, And D With Healthy Carotenoids And Waxes That Form A Protective Barrier On The Skin. Sunflower Oil Is An Important Source Of Gamma Alpha-linolenic Acid (gla), That Is Often Used For Aging Dogs With Thinning Hair. Finally, Zinc Is Important In Normal Hair Growth And Retention. The Shed-pro Formula Of Natural Ingredients Will Provide Your Dog's Skin And Coat With The Nutrients Needed To Have Moisturized Skin That Holds On To Thick And Healthy Hair. The Great Tasting Fish Flavor Of These Granules Is Easy To Administer Right On Your Dog's Food To Maintain Normal Shedding Without Interfering With Your Dog's Natural Shedding Cycle. For Use In: Dogs

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    Sojos Complete Dog Food - Turkey (2 Lb)
      Sojos Complete Dog Food - Turkey (2 Lb).

      Sojos® Complete Dog Food Is A Nutritionally Complete Freeze-dried Dog Food That Will Keep Your Beloved Canine Happy And Healthy. This Healthy Formulation Includes Real Raw Meat And Is Free Of Grains, Gluten, Gmos, Soy, By-products, Preservatives, Artificial Colors And Flavors, Added Sugar, And Added Salt To Ensure That It Is Safe For Your Pet's Digestive System. Sojos Complete Dog Food Provides Up To 10 Pounds Of Food With Each 2-pound Bag Once Water Is Added To Unlock Its Nutrients And Activate Its Enzymes. This Resealable Bag Includes A Delectable Turkey Recipe That Is Made Here In The Usa, But This Flavor Is Also Available In An 8-pound Package. When It Comes To Food- Don't Settle For Anything Less- Order Sojos Complete For Your Dog Today! Key Features: Freeze-dried Raw Meat In Formula That Is Free Of Gmos, Grains, Soy, By-products, Fillers, Preservatives, Artificial Colors Or Flavors, Added Sugar Or Salt 2-pound Resealable Bag Preserves Freshness And Makes 10 Pounds Of Food By Simply Adding Water 100% Natural Dog Food Made In The Usa Please Note: All Food Is Shipped Via Ground Delivery, Only To The Contiguous (48) States. Please Allow 7 To 10 Days For Your Delivery To Arrive. (more Info)

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    Endura Flap Pet Door - Thermo Sash 2e With Sureflap Microchip Bronze Frame (22"-25")
      Endura Flap Pet Door - Thermo Sash 2e With Sureflap Microchip Bronze Frame (22"-25").

      The Thermo Sash 2e Combines The Dual Pane Thermo Sash With The Sureflap Microchip Pet Door. When These Two Best-in-class Products Are Combined‚†the Result Is An Electronic Pet Door For Your Sash Window Superior To Anything Previously Available. The Thermo Sash Employs Dual-pane, Low 'e' Glass Together With Beefy Framing, Automatic Width Adjustment And Full Weather-stripping Which Offers The Best Performance Available In A Manual Sash Window Pet Door. The Sureflap Microchip Pet Door Works With Either Your Pets' Microchip (compatible With The Following Commonly Used Microchips In North America) Or An Included Rfid Collark Key. This Door Includes A 4-way Lock (in Only, Ut Only, Locked Or Unlocked) And Has A Timer Control So You Can The Settings To Activate At A Given Time. It Has A Lock That Prevents The Flap From Being Pushed In By Using Two Locking Points. There Is A "raccoon Mode" Which Engage Additional Locks. No Tools Are Need For Installation!

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    Hairy Maclary From Donaldson's Dairy
      Hairy Maclary From Donaldson's Dairy.

      With Cumulative Rhymes And Sunny Ink And Watercolor Illustrations, This International Favorite Chronicles The Escapades Of Our Hero Hairy And His Crew Of Five Kooky Canines. In This Introductory Book In The Hairy Maclary Series, All The Pooches-from Big-as-a-horse Hercules Morse To Schnitzel Von Krumm With The Very Low Tum-meet Their Feline Match.- Lynley Dodd'-s Books Have Sold Over 2 Million Copies Worldwide.

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      ISBN: 9781582460598
      Author: Dodd, Lynley

    The Ghost Of Crutchfield Hall
      The Ghost Of Crutchfield Hall.

      When Twelve-year-old Florence Boards The Crowded Horse-drawn Coach In London, She Looks Forward To A New Life With Her Great Uncle And Aunt At Crutchfield Hall, An Old Manor House In The Englis H Countryside. Anything Will Be Better, She Thinks, Than The Grim London Orphanage Where She Has Lived Since Her Parents' Death. But Florence Doesn't Expect The Ghost Of Her Cousin Sophia, Who Haunts The Cavernous Rooms And Dimly Lit Hallways Of Crutchfield And Concocts A Plan To Use Florence To Help Her Achieve Her Murderous Goals. Will Florence Be Able To Convince The Others In The Household Of The Imminent Danger And Stop Sophia Before It's Too Late?

      SKU: 12809694
      ISBN: 9780547577159
      Author: Hahn, Mary Downing

    The Silent Boy
      The Silent Boy.

      Katy Thatcher Was The Bright And Curious Daughter Of The Town Doctor. She Was Fascinated By Her Father's Work, And Even As A Child She Knew That She Too Wanted To Be A Doctor. She Wanted To Know About People. Perhaps It Was This, Her Insatiable Curiosity, Or Simply The Charm Of Jacob's Gentle Intimacy With Animals Large And Small, That Fueled Their Friendship. Although Jacob Never Spoke To Her Or Even Looked At Her Directly, Katy Grew To Understand Him From The Moments They Spent Together Quietly Singing To The Horses. She Knew There Was Meaning In The Sounds He Made And Purpose Behind His Movements. So Whej Events Took An Unexpected And Tragic Turn, It Was Katy Alone Who Could Unravel The Mystery Of What Had Occurred, And Why. A Two-time Recipient Of The Prestigious Newbery Medal, Acclaimed Author Lois Lowry Presents A Sensitive And Moving Story Of A Wide-eyed Young Girl Growing Up At The Beginning Of The Twentieth Century And The Influence Of The Farm Community Around Her. Through Katy's Eyes, Readers Can See The Human Face So Often Hidden Under Modern Psychological Terminology And Experience For Themselves The Haunting Impact Of Her Friendship With The Silent Boy.

      SKU: 2338770
      ISBN: 9780618282319
      Author: Lowry, Lois

    Ambush Creek
      Ambush Creek.

      When U.s. Marshal Piedmont Kelly Is Asked By Cochise Sheriff John Henry Stevens To Look Into The Suspicious Activity Of Three Unsavory Bounty Hunters, He Rides Into What Looks Like A Battle's Aftermath, With Bullet Holes Riddling A Ranch House, But No Sign Of Those Engaged In The Gunplay. Kelly Finds Nothing To Indicate That The Mysterious Rancher Living There Fit The Description Of The Bounty Hunters' Quarry, Either. Kelly Sets Out To Locate The Missing Man. Enlisting The Tracking Skills Of His Old Friend Spotted Dog - The Chiricahua Apache Whose Life He Once Saved - They Follow Four Horses From The Rancher's House All The Way To Desert Belle, A Dusty Town That Holds Grim Memories For Kelly. They Ride Straight Into A Deadly Game Where $50,000, Several Livees, And The Survival Of The Gilded Lily Mine Are At Stake.

      SKU: 10205562
      ISBN: 9780803477803
      Author: Dunlap, Phil

    Unseen America: Photos And Stories By Workers
      Unseen America: Photos And Stories By Workers.

      Through The Lenses Of Do-nated Cameras, This Inspiring Collection Of Photographs Serves As A Testimonial To The Lives Of People Society Often Overlooks: The Working Class. They Are Everywhere - The Low-wage Workers Who Make Our Clothes, Look After Our Children, And Open Our Doors. They Are The Millions Of People Who Form The Fabric Of Our Society - But Theirs Is A World Rarely Seen. In Unseenamerica, A Program Created By Es Ther Cohen, Thousands Of Workers Were Given Cameras And Lessons In Photography, And Then Asked To Document Their Lives. Through This Collection Of Black-and-white Images - Sometimes Poignant, Sometimes Celebratory, And Always Honest - The Workers Gave Voice To Their Lives. "a Lot Of People Assume You Are What Your Job Is: Taking Out Garbage Or Fixing Plumbing," Says Sam Contreras, A Building Maintenance Worker And Participant In The Program. "they Don't Realize That There's An Artful Soul To Everyone." From A Wroker Who Photographed A Horse And Buggy Because She Says She Feels Like The Horse, To A Well-known Chinese Architect Turned Trucker Whose Photograph Of A Bridge Represents His Path From That Life To This One, The Moving Stories And Images In "unseenamerica" Give An Authentic - And Much-needed - Look Into The Lives Of Working People.

      SKU: 176624
      ISBN: 9780060594060
      Author: Cohen, Esther

    The 4th Tennessee Cavalry: The Services Of Smith's Regiment Of Confederate Cavalry By One Of Its Officers
      The 4th Tennessee Cavalry: The Services Of Smith's Regiment Of Confederate Cavalry By One Of Its Officers.

      The History Of Vital Confederate Cavalry Regiment This History Of A Famous And Dashing Cavalry Regiment Of The Confederate Forces During The American Civil War Was Authored By A Serving Officer Who Became The Regiment's Adjutant. It Concerns Baxter Smith's 4th Tennessee Cavalry As Distinct From Another-which Bore The Same Number-under Colonel Stearn. Previously Published As 'a Brief History' This Account Paints A Vibrant Picture Of The Regiment On Campaign And On The Battlefield In Such Detail As Only One Among Its Ranks Could Provide. We Join The Horsemen Of The South At Chickamauga, On Wheelers Raid, In Tennessee, Georgia, Virginia, South And North Carolina In Several Actions. Included Within This Book Is An Account Of Bragg's Kentucky Campaign By Baxter Smith-the Regiment's Commander.

      SKU: 7514789
      ISBN: 9781846777394
      Author: Guild, George B.

    Shy Boy: The Horse That Camee From The Wild
      Shy Boy: The Horse That Camee From The Wild.

      World-famous Horse Gentler Monty Roberts Reveals The Unique Rapport He Shares With One Special Horse: A Wild Mustang In This Beautifully Illustrated Book, Monty Roberts's Be Loved Horse Shy Boy Takes Center Stage. In A Gripping, Intimate Narrative And In One Hundred Color Photos, Monty Roberts Relives Their Unique Relationship, Beginning With His First Encounter With The Wild Horse In The High Desert. During A Dramatic Three Day Ride Across A Hundred Miles, Monty Roberts Used All His Skill To Connect With The Little Mustang He Finally Befriended. Throughout The Year That Followed, Shy Boy Grew To Love Life On The Farm, Playfully Demanding Attention And Becoming Fascinated By Children. During A Year Of Challenges And One Frightening Illness, The Wild Horse Earned The Respect And Admiration Of His Trainers-he Had Exceptional Spirit. And, As His Fame Grew Following The Pbs-aired Documentary That Featured His Initial Three-day Encounter With Monty Roberts, Shy Boy Began To Receive Visitors From All Over The World. Yet Throughout Hy Boy's Year Of Fame, Monty Roberts Was Asked, "would Shy Boy Rather Be Free " With Trepidation, He Took Shy Boy Back To The Wild To Let Him Choose: Go With Your Herd, Or Stay With Your Gentler. What Happened Is So Exciting And Moving That It Will Surprise Every Reader. And Like Monty Roberte, Readers Will Fall In Love With Shy Boy.

      SKU: 161747
      ISBN: 9780060194338
      Author: Roberts, Monty / Dydyk, Christopher

    Caballos: Horses, Spanish-language Edition
      Caballos: Horses, Spanish-language Edition.

      This Collection Of Essays Presents The Noble Horse In A Variety Of Modes - Running Free, Working In The Fields And On Ranches, And Galloping On Racetracks And In Shows. Concise Text By Epxerts In Various Equine Fields Is Combined With Hundreds Of Photographs To Provide A Complete Portrait Of This Incomparable Creature. Breeds, Competitions And Races, The Great Schools Of Equestrianism, Life On The Ranch And Prairies, The Role Of Tradition, And The Birth And Growth Of Foals Are Ome Of The Topics Covered In This New Entry In The "cube Book Series, Celebrating The Wonders Of The Natural World In An Innovative Three-dimensional Format.

      SKU: 8599867
      ISBN: 9789707182851
      Author: Bertolazzi, Alberto

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