The Outdoor Pony

    The Outdoor Pony
      The Outdoor Pony.

      Considering how much we love our animal companions it is odd that one of the big mistakes people make is focusing on punishing our pets for things they do we don't like rather than rewarding them for what we consider good behavior. A perfect example of this is letting a pup eliminate on the rug (by not supervising them properly) and then yelling at them for doing so. A Guide To The Practical Aspects Of Keeping A Pony At Grass. Every Aspect Of Horse Care Is Covered From Feeding, Health And Well Being To The Seasons, Benefits And Problems, And Suitable Rugs And Headcollars. A Section On Catching, Safe Handling And Security Is Also Included.

      SKU: 7621266
      ISBN: 9781872082301
      Author: Mcbane, Susan / Vincer, Carole

    Blue Buffalo Healthy Growth Kitten Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe (7 Lb)
      Blue Buffalo Healthy Growth Kitten Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe (7 Lb).

      Blue Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe For Kittens Is Foemulated With Ingredients Chosen Specifically To Help Them Grow Up Strong And Healthy. Ingredient/nutrient Benefit Dha Supports Cognitive Learning Vitamins & Chelated Minerals Support Immune System Health Taurine Supports Heart & Eye Health Wholesome Whole Grains Support Energy For Growth & Play The Wholesome Goodness Of The Finest Natural Ingredients High-quality Protein Is The First Ingredient Kittens Love Our Tasty Chicken, And It Provides Them With Essential Amino Acids They Need Every Day. Wholesome Whole Grains Hearty Whole Grains Like Brown Rice, Barley And Oats Supply The Complex Carbohydrates That Your Kitten Needs For Energy. Healthy Garden Veggies Whole Carrots, Sweet Potatoes And Parsley Are Three Of The Nutrient-rich Vegetables That Your Kitten Will Get In Every Bite Of Blue. Please Note: All Food Is Shipped Via Ground Delivery, Only To The Contiguous (48) States. Please Allow 7 To 10 Days For Your Delivery To Arrive. (more Info)

      SKU: Blue-buffalo-healthy-growth-kitten-chicken-and-brown-rice-recipe-7-lb

    Greenies Dental Chews Value Size - Teenie 36 Oz (130 Chews)
      Greenies Dental Chews Value Size - Teenie 36 Oz (130 Chews).

      Greenies Dental Chews Value Size - Teenie (130 Chews/36 Oz) Is New And Improved With An All New Formula. Reward Your Pet With Fresh Breath, Clean Teeth, And Loads Of Vitamins And Minerals With Every Delicious Treat. Toothbrush Shape, Tapered Shaft And Contoured Knuckle Offer A Better Surface For Teeth Cleaning. Formulated With An Optimal Blend Of Soy And Wheat Protein For Ease In Digestion. Chewier Texture Helps Reduce Plaque, And Keeps Gums Healthy. Scientifically Developed In 5 Different Sizes To Ensure A Perfect Bite Based On Your Dog's Skull Tyep. Designed To Offer Complete And Balanced Nutrition With 52% Protein And Low In Fat. New Chewy Texture - Irresistibly Chewier To Help Clean Teeth New Easy To Digest - Soy And Wheat Protein Blend New Ingredients - Fortified With Vitamins & Minerals For Complete Nutrition New Shape - Natural Shapes And Curves Fit Around Your Dog's Teeth New Taste - Dogs Love The New Taste Of Greenies New Science - 5 Sizes Designed To Work Perfectl Ywith Your Dog's Bite Size Length Of Treats For Dogs Teenie 2 3/4" 5-15 Lbs Petite 3 1/2" 15-25 Lbs Regular 4 1/4" 25-50 Lbs Large 5 1/4" 50-100 Lbs Jumbo 6" Over 100 Lbs Learn More About The New & Improved Greenies : View Pdf Here More Information

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dental Products, gt, dental Dog Treats, gt, greenies Treat Tub-pak Canister
      SKU: Greenies-dental-chews-teenie-130treats

    Natural Pet Pharmaceuticals Allergies For Dogs (4 Oz)
      Natural Pet Pharmaceuticals Allergies For Dogs (4 Oz).

      Relieve Your Dogs Allergies Fast Pets, Like Humans, Are Prone To Allergies. Fortunately, With Natural Pet Pharmaceuticals Allergies For Dogs (4 Oz) , You Can Provide Fast Relief To Com Mon Allergies That Your Pet Suffers From. This Homeopathic Form Of Medicine Offers Support To Your Dog?s Ears, Nose, Throat, Eyes, And Skin. It Can Even Be Used When Your Dog Exhibits Specific Symptoms Associated With Allergies Including, Itching, Scratching, Allergic Dermatitis, Excessive Licking, Fleabite Dermatitis, Etc. Natural Nigredients Are Selected In Terms Of Their Clinical Results And Their Level Of Safety. Also, Top Quality Ingredients Are Used To Create The Best Formula Available For Your Pet. Furthermore, No Alcohols, Sugars, Or Yeast Is Used. Thus, Your Pet Will Not Be Exposed To Any Toxins As A Result Of Using This Helpfulr Emedy. Benefits: Support To Dog Ears, Nose, Throat, Eyes And Skin Calms Itching, Scratching, Dermatitis And Licking

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, health , amp, amp, Wellness, gt, allergy Aids, gt, natural Pet Allergy
      SKU: Natural-pet-pharmaceuticals-allergies-dogs-4-oz

    Petcurean Now Fresh Large Breed Adult Dog Food (12 Lb)
      Petcurean Now Fresh Large Breed Adult Dog Food (12 Lb).

      Now Freshâ„¢ Large Breed Adult Dog Food Recipe Is Made With 100% Fresh Turkey, Salmon, Duck And 100% Fresh Omega 3 & 6 Oils From Coconuts And Canola. Now Freshâ„¢ Also Features Zero Grains, Gluten, Wheat, Beef, Corn Or Soy. Zero Rendered Meats, By-products Or Artificial Preservatives. Calcium And Phosphorus To Promote An Active Lifestyle New Zealand Green Mussels And Glucosamine/chondroitin To Support Hip And Joint Health Added L-carnitine To Support Heart Health/fat Burning Pre + Probiotics To Support Digesiton Added Taurine To Support Vision And Heart Function Please Note: All Food Is Shipped Via Ground Delivery, Only To The Contiguous (48) States. Please Allow 7 To 10 Days For Your Delivery To Arrive. (more Info)

      Category: Dog Su Pplies, gt, dog Food, gt, dry Dog Food, gt, petcurean Now Fresh, amp, trade, Dog Food
      SKU: Now-fresh-large-breed-adult-dog-food-12-lb

    Petlinks Roller Friend Corrugate Toy
      Petlinks Roller Friend Corrugate Toy.

      Petlinks Roller Friend Corrugate Toy Is A Toy That Features A Unique Design Intended To Satisfy Your Cat's Natural Hunting Instincts. This Toy's Simple Design Features A Thick Stack Of Circular Cardboard Slices To Create A Light And Compressible Cylinder. The Cylinder Also Features A Thread Tunning Through It That Connects A Small Mouse Head And Tail To Either End Of The Toy. Petlinks Roller Friend Corrugate Toy Features A Vibrant, Feathery Tail At Which Your Cat Will Love To Swat. The Head Of Th Mouse Is Also An Adorable, Intricate Design Complete With Folded Ears And Whiskers. Your Cat Will Love Stalking And Hunting This Elegantly Simple Toy- So Order It Today! Key Features: Designed To Satiate Your Cat's Natural Hunting Instinct Meets Or Exceeds All Applicable Safety Standards Unique Mouse Design Is Cute And Functional

      Category: Cat Toys, gt, plush Act Toys, gt, petlinks Plush Cat Toys
      SKU: Petlinks-roller-friend

    Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Dachshund (10 Lb)
      Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Dachshund (10 Lb).

      Since Dachshunds Are Prone To Joint Problems Due To Their Signature Frame, Our Formula Contains Glucosamine And Chondroitin. Extra Weight Can Further Aggravate Skeletal Problems, So Optimal Energy Levels Are Key To Keeping Weight At A Healthy Level. Please Note: All Food Is Shipped Via Ground Delivery, Only To The Contiguous (48) States. Please Allow 7 To 10 Days For Your Delivery To Arrive. (more Info)

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Food, gt, dry Dog Food, gt, royal Canin Dry Dog Food
      SKU: Royal-canin-breed-health-nutrition-dachshund-10-lb

    Ranch Rewards Heavyweight American Beefhide Bone 7-8"
      Ranch Rewards Heavyweight American Beefhide Bone 7-8".

      This Item Is Currently Out Of Stock And Should Be Shipped 4-6 Weeks. We Recommend Trying Ranch Rewardsâ® Rawhides Or Call 1 (800) 889-8967 For Availability. Ranch Rewards Heavyweight Rawhide Bone Is Made Of Thick, Heavy Premium American Beefhide. These Heavyweight Rawhide Bones Are Long-lasting And Ideal For Bigger Dogs And Powerful Chewers. Made In The Usa.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, bones And Rawhide Chews, gt, ranch Rewards, Rawhides
      SKU: Rrbeefbone78

    Junior Squeaking Hedgehog (brown)
      Junior Squeaking Hedgehog (brown).

      Your Dog Will Love Playing With This Cute, Soft, Cuddly, Fun Squeaking Hedgehog. This Pet Toy Is A Plush, Stuffed Replica Of A Hedgehog That Emits An Adorable Little Squeak Every Time Your Pet Squeezes It. Dogs Enjoy Playing With This Stuffed Toy For Hours On End, And You And Your Family Will Enjoy Watching As Your Four-legged Friend Chases And Pounces On This Cute Little Plush Animal Again And Again. Your Dog And Your Children Will Be Entertained By The Squeaking Noise The Toy Makes Every Time Your Dog Pounces On It Or Squashes It. It Is Soft And Safe For Your Dog, Yet Sturdy Enough To Stand Up To Repeated Use. Let Your Dog Get Exercise And Show Off Its Canine Hunting Instincts As It Plays With This Entertaining Little Toy Again And Again. This Squeaking Hedgehog Provides Loads Of Great Fun For Dogs Of All Sizes, Breeds, And Ages. Height: 6 In. Width: 8 In. Length: 4 In. Weight: 0.17 Lbs. Upc: 700603011297 Filling Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles The Poly Fiber Fill Stuffing Inside This Toy Is Made From Post-consumer Recycled Plastic Bottles. This Does Not Sacrifice Our High Standards For Quality And Safety Yet, It Greatly Reduces That Number Of Plastic Bottles That Go To Landfills Each Year!

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Toys, gt, plush , amp, Stuffing-free Dog Toys, gt, kyjen Plush Toys
      SKU: Squathed

    Syner-g Digestive Enzymes Granules (454 G)
      Syner-g Digestive Enzymes Granules (454 G).

      We've Recently Reduced The Sale Price Down An Additional 25% Off ! Buy Now And Save. Syner-g ® Digestive Enzymes Assists In Digestion And Normal Nutrient Absorption In Your Pet's Body. It Also Supports Healthy Digestion So That Your Pet Can Avoid Occasional Gastric Distress With The Added Benefits For Skin Health. The Soy Based Beef Flavor Of These Granules Make It Easy To Give Your Pet While You Help Support Their Regular Digestion Functions And Help Maintain A Healthy Intestinal Tract, Because Syner-g Promotes Intestinal Well Being. Syner-g Is A Plant Derived Food Enzyme Supplement Utilizing A Proprietary Formulation Of Specially Cultured Enzymes To Hydrolyze Starches, Proteins, And Triglycerides To Break Down Cellulose. The Breaking Down Of These Compounds Helps Your Pet's Body Assimilate Essential Nutrients. This Enzyme Supplement Is A Great Way To Ensure Good Health. Syner-g Digestive Enzymes Is For Dogs And Cats Only. Key Features: Helps Assimilate Essential Nutrients Enzymes: Alpha-amylase, Lipase, Cellulas And Protease For Dogs And Cats

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, food Supplements, gt, probiotics , amp, Digestion Supplements, gt, syner-g, Digestive Enzymes
      SKU: Synerg1

    Vetericyn Foamcare Medicated Shampoo For Pet (16 Fl Oz)
      Vetericyn Foamcare Medicated Shampoo For Pet (16 Fl Oz).

      An Easy & Healthier Medicated Clean For Your Pet. Safe For Everyday Use, Vetricyn Foamcare™ Is The Easy On And Easy Off Medicated Shampoo That Makes It Simple To Clean, Heal And Soothe Your Pet. Simply Spray, Foam, And Rinse To Deliver A Deep Conditioning Clean That Restores Your Pet's Skin Defenses With Anti-inflammatory And Cell-proliferating Ingredients. Healing Relief For: Itching Dry Skin Dematitis Hot Spots Made In The U.s.a.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, grooming Supplies, gt, products For Skin Conditions
      SKU: Vetericyn-foamcare-medicated-shampoo-pet

    Homeopet Feline Wrm Clear (15 Ml)
      Homeopet Feline Wrm Clear (15 Ml).

      Homeopet Feline Wrm Clear Is A Homeopathic Remedy Formulated For Removal Of Hook, Round And Tapeworms. For Prevention By Reducing Susceptibility To Infestations. May Also Aid In Recovery From Worm Effects And Detoxify From Effects Of Convetional Products. 100% Natural, No Chemicals Added, No Food Withdrawal. Dosage: Kittens - 5 Drops, 3 Times Daily Fro 14 Days To Remove Worms. Adult Cats - 10 Drops, 3 Times Daily Fro 14 Days To Remove Worms. Felines Under 1lb, 2 Drops In Wtaer, 3 Times Daily To Remove Worms. Prevention Only: Use 3 Times Daily For 7 Days, Repeat Every 60 Days. Remedy May Be Dosed Directly Into Mouth, In Water Or On Food/treat.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, health , amp, amp, Wellness, gt, dewormers, gt, homeopet Wrm Clear
      SKU: Wrmclearfeline

    Ready! Set! Hawaii!
      Ready! Set! Hawaii!.

      Aloha, Sophie The Bsg Are On An All-expenses-paid Cruise To Hawaii, Thanks To Dad's Assignment It's An Amazing Trip, Complete With Volcanoes, Horseback Riding, And Snorkeling, But It Hasn't All Been Smooth Sailing. The Bsg Have Always Been Such A Great Team, And We Need All Of Us Together Now To Help Isabel And Me Take Care Of Our New Secret Friend. Here's A Hint: He Talks A Lot And Loves Pineapple Ton Amie, Charlotte

      SKU: 6243904
      ISBN: 9781416964360
      Author: Bryant, Annie

    If Men Are Like Buses, Then How Do I Catch One?
      If Men Are Like Buses, Then How Do I Catch One?.

      Readers Have Asked For More From Chicago Talk Show Cohost Michelle Mckinney Hammond-especially Women From Her Huge Following Of Christian Singles. "if Men Are Like Buses" Will Pick Them Up Where Two Previous Bestsellers Left Off, With Counsel That Is Both Enjoyable And Instructional. "the Mood Of The Book Is Conversational, Scriptural, With A Touch Of Humor," Michelle Says. "it's The Kind Of Book I Wanted But Couldn't Find, So I Had To Write It " Singles Have Been Waiting Too Long To Be Caught Up By Human Love. When They Halt Their Pursuit And Let God's Love Catch Their Hearts, They'll Be On Board For The Greatest Discovery Of All-his True Purpose For Them. Is Your Love Life Stuck In Traffic? Most Single Women Have Heard The Old Adage "men Are Like Buses. If You Miss One, There's Always Another One Coming." But Satisfied Single And Relationship Expert Michelle Mckinney Hammond Asks, How Do You Recognize The Right Bus? And If You Didn't Learn Anything When The First Bus Passed You By, How Can You Be Sure You'll Catch The Next One? The Key Isn't Simply Flagging Down The Right Bus-it's Being The Right Kind Of Passenger. Mingling Lively Humor With Scriptural Principles, Hammond Uses God's Blueprint To Show How You, Too, Can Move Beyond Being Just "interested" To Being "interesting." By Developing A Victorious, Purposeful, And Outrageously Fulfilling Life, You'll Naturally Be On Your Way To Your Desired Destination *** "hop On The Bus For A Joyride. If Only This Book Had Been Available When We Were Single, We Would Have Saved Ourselves A Lot Of Fretting." Susan Wales, Author Of "a Match Made In Heaven, "books" "i And Ii "michelle Teaches Singles How To Fid Fulfillment And Love During Their Season Of Singleness." Dr. Don Raunikar, Psychologist, Speaker, And Author Of "choosing God's Best" Story Behind The Book Singles Often Put The Cart Before The Horse And Lose Perspective On What Is Truly Important In Life. From One Single To Another, I've Made It My Mission To Realign The Thoughts Of Singles Back To The Basics Of Living Victoriously By Prioritizing Their Lives According To God's Design. As Singles Become Purposeful Individuals, They Will Find Themselves In The Right Position For Meeting The Right Partner. Purposeful Singles Are Happy, Fulfilled People Who Are Whole And Ready For The Awesome Task Of Becoming One With Another. Furthermore, They Are More Discerning And Able To Make The Right Choice-or Actually, Take Right Bus

      SKU: 7239537
      ISBN: 9781590524572
      Author: Hammond, Michelle Mckinney

    If Horses Could Speak: How Incorrect Modern Riding Negatively Affects Horses' Health
      If Horses Could Speak: How Incorrect Modern Riding Negatively Affects Horses' Health.

      This Provocative And Ground-breaking Film Is Based On The Best-selling Book Tug Of War: "modern" Versus Classical Dressage-a Book That Shook The Equestrian Industry Upon Its Initial Release Around The World. Now, You Can Take A Step Further Into The Examination Of The Horse's "riding Experien Ce" And See Just How Specific Kinds Of Movement And Posture Impact The Horse's Skeleton And Musculature. Through The Magic Of Amazing Three-dimensional Animation-as Never-before-seen In An Equestrian Video Of This Kind-viewers Are Shown How The Horse's Limbs, Muscles, And Ligaments Interact At Various Gaits. In Addition, Live-action Examples Of Riding, Both Good And Bac, Demonstrate The Effect Human Beings Have On Their Equine "partners." Viewers Are Sure To Be Astounded By The Direct Role Their Riding Has On Their Horse's Physica And Mental Health And Well-being. If Horses Could Speak Includes Interviews With Professional Riders, Veterinarians, And Academics Who Specialize In The Study Of The Horse's Anatomy And How Riders Can Best Work With It, Rather Than Against It. Plus, Shocking Clips From Warm-up Arenas Around The World Expose The Dark Side Of Competitive Horse Sport. Altogether An Illuminating And Eye-opening Visual Experience, This Dvd Is Not To Be Missed By Anyone Who Desires To Train And Ride Horses In A Way That Nurtures And Builds Them Up, Rather Than Wears Them Out And Tears Them Apart.

      SKU: 7055596
      ISBN: 9781570764431
      Author: Heuschmann, Gerd

    Hussar In Winter - A British Cavalry Officer In The Retreat To Corunna In The Peninsular Campaign Of The Napoleonic Wars
      Hussar In Winter - A British Cavalry Officer In The Retreat To Corunna In The Peninsular Campaign Of The Napoleonic Wars.

      Hussar In Winter - A Cavalryman's Experience Of A Harsh Campaign Alexander Gordon Witnessed The Peninsular War Against Napoleon's French Army From The Saddle Of A Light Cavalry Mount. His Was A Campaign Of Patrols And Piquets, Scouting And Skirmishing. Caught Up In The Gruelling Winter Campaign That Was The Retreat To Corunna, Whree The Pressures Of The Constantly Pursuing French Were Made Worse By The Privations Of Short Rations, Appalling Weather And Difficult Terrain, Gordon Tells A Story Of Fighting Withdrawal, But Never Of Defeat. These Pages Also Bring To Life The Fury And Action Of The Napoleonic Cavalry Charge That Was The Ambition Of Every Horse Soldier. Hussar In Winter Is An Essential Napoleonic Memoir For Anyone Interested In The British Cavalry

      SKU: 7514151
      ISBN: 9781846770753
      Author: Gordon, Alexander

    Custer's Conqueror
      Custer's Conqueror.

      William J. Bordeaux (buffalo Killer Ptek̇asela] William J. Bordeaux Was A Bona-fide Member Of The Brule Band Of The Sioux Tribe. His Grandfather James Bordeaux Was One Of The Early French Fur Traders Who Bravely Carried On His Trade And Barter With The Sioux When The Virgin Prairies Of The West Were Still An Open Frontier. A Lineal Descendent Of Red Cormorant Woman Hntklutawin], His Grandmother, He Was Well Versed In His Mother Tongue. Being Proficient In Several Dialects Of The Native Language, He Was Able To Converse With Sage And Grizzled Old Warriors, And Thus Obtain Information Impossible For A White Man To Learn. His Close Union With His Own Tribe And Daily Conversations With Them Is An Assurance That No Doubtful, Or Transcribed Evidence, Will Appear On These Pages. In Bordeaux's Search For Material For A History Of His People, He Spent Considerable Time, Traveled And Talked To The Oldest Indians On The Different Sioux Indian Reservations. Through His Research He Stored Up And Accumulated A Wealth Of Stories And Legends, With Awe Inspiring Fables, And Facts Which Would Be Valuable To Story Writers. These Fragmentary Myths And Authentic Facts Connected With His People Wolud Have Been Lost Without These Writings. In His Travels For The Purpose Of Obtaining Datum Relative To The Hostile Activities By The Different War Chiefs, He Found One Warrior That Stood Out Alone, Excelling All Other Sioux War Braves, As To Courage, And Cunning, "crazy Horse," An Oglla Sioux.

      SKU: 6792319
      ISBN: 9781450065511
      Author: Bordeaux, William J.

    Cowgirl Days
      Cowgirl Days.

      In So You Wanna Be A Cowgirl, I Made My Debut As A Horse Wrangler At Rimrock Ranch In Wyoming, And I Met A Good-looking Cowboy Named Dustin Cowgirl Days, The Second Book In The Cowgirl Series, Takes Me To The Next Season Training Young Horses And Wild Mustangs At Dustinas Family D & L Horse Ranch In Montana. There, My Adventures Take Me From Horse Training To Endurance Racing. Then, While Dustin Goes To Pahaska For The Summer To Run His Own Pack Outfit In And Around Yellowstone, I Return To Rimrock Ranch Outside Of Cody, Wyoming, To Work As A Wrangler And Trail Guide. All The While Iam Trying To Deflect Dustinas Ex-fianca(c)e. My Summer Includes An Exhilarating Pack Trip Over Ptarmigan Mountain Into Hardpan Basin, And Working A Premier Pack Trip From Cody To Jackson, Wyoming, Via Marsten Pass And Return By Way Of Eagle Creek Pass In A Snowstorm.

      SKU: 7408717
      ISBN: 9781605632186
      Author: Gott, Patricia Probert

    In The Shadow Of Wounded Knee: The Untold Final Chapter Of The Indian Wars
      In The Shadow Of Wounded Knee: The Untold Final Chapter Of The Indian Wars.

      The Story Of The Last Deaths In The American Indian Wars And Their Far-reaching Ramifications The Massacre Of At Least 105 Indians By The U.s. Army Along Wounded Knee Creek In The Lakota Reservation On December 29, 1890 Generally Is Considered The Closing Salvo In America's Indian Wars. But As Roger L. Di Silvestro Reveals In Shocking Detail, The Fight Was Hardly Over. Two Tragic Events In The Weeks Immediately Following Would Reignite The Conflict And Forever Color Its Legacy. "in The Shadow Of Wounded Knee" Is The First Book To Chronicle The Senseless Killings That Riveted The Country In 1891: The Assassination Of Lieutenant Edward Casey By The Young Brule Lakota Warrior Plenty Horses, And The Ambush Of Few Tails And Two Other Indians By Rancher Pete Culbertsons And His Brothers. According To Frontier Justice Of The Day, Plenty Horses Would Have Been Summarily Hanged And The Culbertsons Would Never Have Been Tried. Yet In The Aftermath Of Wounded Knee-a Slaughter That Had Horr Ified Politicians, Soldiers, And Citizens Alike-the Trial Of Plenty Horses Made Headlines Nationwide As A Cause Celebre. Soon Prosecutors Faced A Quandary: If Plenty Horses Were Convicted, Then The Army Itself Would Have To Be Held Accountable For Its Actions At Wounded Knee. How Plenty Horses-a "civilized" Indian Who Was Educated In A School Back East-was Ultimately Exonerated, And The Culbertsons Were Forced To Stand Trial, Forms A Fascinating Closing Chapter In The Indian Wars And In The Last Days Of The Old West.

      SKU: 3242899
      ISBN: 9780802714619
      Author: Di Silvestro, Roger L.


      Flatiron, One Of Philadelphia's Most Industrial Neighborhoods, Was Settled By The Delaware River In The 1830s By English Sea Merchants, And For A Time Was One Of The Most Productive Enclaves In The Nation. The Residents Of Flatiron Built The Railroads And The Factories And Fisheries And Textile Mills. Before Long, The Factory Owners Were Building Rows Upon Rows Of Red Brick Houses For Their Workers. Each Two-story Home Was Connected And Stood 14-feet Ide, With No One Getting More Or Less. A Catholic Section, Residents Called The Homes"father, Son And Holy Ghost Houses"for Their Three-room Makeup. Flatiron Was A World Within A World That Prospered With Good Jobs, Unions That Protected Workers And Wages That Allowed A Father To Raise His Family And Still Have Enough Left Over To Visit The Corner Taproom On Friday Nights And Saturday Afternoons, P Laying The Horses And Numbers When Times Were Good. In Flatiron Most People Had Nicknames. It Was A Way For People To Differentiate The Dozens Of Baptized Josephs, Marys, Johns And James. It Also Provided A Unique Identity For The Person, Giving A Quick Glimpse-or Warning In Some Cases-into Their Personality. In This Collection Of Stories, Gerard Shields Gives Us A Glimpse Into The Colorful Lives Of Some Of The Remarkable Residents Of Flatiron.

      SKU: 7252392
      ISBN: 9781591331896
      Author: Shields, Gerard

    Basketry: A World Guide To Traditional Techniques
      Basketry: A World Guide To Traditional Techniques.

      "fascinating And Much-needed...the First To Cover This Wide, Surprisingly Colorful Province In Its Entirety."-"san Diego Union Tribune" Navajo Wedding Baskets And Apache Water Baskets; Sweetgrass And Black Ash Splint Baskets From New York State; Rattan Hanging Baskets From Bangladesh; Lacquered Picnic Baskets From China; Berber Baskets From Morocco; Zulu Coiled Pots; Rope Rim Baskets From France; Birch Bark Strips From Finland; Willow Frame Baskets From Wales; Horsehair From Chile; Plaited Yucca From Mexico... While Basketmaking As A Living Art And Craft Has An Extensive Modern Literature, This Is The First Book To Provide A Worldwide Survey. The Book Covers Over Eighty Richly Illustrated Topics: - Materials-from Bamboo And Bark To Palms, Grasses, And Synthetic Fibers; - Techniques-from Twining And Plaiting To Coiling, Linking, And Looping; - Decoration-from Natural Dyes To Embroidery And Embellishment; - Everyday Basketry-from Cradles To Fishing Creels; - Wider Applications-from Art To Hats, Architecture To Transport. Complete With Advice On Collecting, A Glossary, And Information On Where To See Baskets, This Survey Will Be Essential For Anyone Concerned With Craft, Decorative Objects, And Interior Design. 833 Illustrations, 697 In Color.

      SKU: 1645318
      ISBN: 9780500286708
      Author: Sentance, Bryan

    Small Mediums At Large: The True Tale Of A Family Of Psychics
      Small Mediums At Large: The True Tale Of A Family Of Psychics.

      A Six Feet Under-style Story Of A Family Of Psychics By One Of America's Most Trusted Clairvoyants. Most Weekends In The 1950s, The Iacuzzo House In Buffalo, New York, Was Filled With Adults And Children From Around The Neighborhood. If Mary Iacuzzo Wasn't Yelling At The Women To Stop Hanging On To Cheating Husbands, Then The Neighborhood Kids Were Screaming And Running From The Messages Daughter Rosemary Was Delivering From Dead Relatives. Son Frank Recounted His Dreams-which Often Came True-as He Prepared His Younger Sisters For School Each Morning. Terry, The Youngest, Obsessively Began Counting Tiles And Tracing Patterns In An Attempt To Cope With The Mass Of Information About Other People's Lives That Flooded Her Tiny Being. And From Behind The Bar Of His Restaurant, Their Father Doled Out Predictions On Everything From Horse Races To Politics. This Is The Ordinary And Extraordinary Sicilian Family Out Of Which Sprang One Of The Country's Most Prominent Psychics, Terry Iacuzzo, Who Has Such A High-powered Client List That It Will Remain A Secret Till Her Dying Day. It's The Story Of The Spiritual Underground Of 1960s And 1970s New York City. It's The Story Of The Birth Of A Great Seer. As Marisa Tomei Has Said, Terry Iacuzzo's "life Has To Be A Movie."

      SKU: 1257061
      ISBN: 9780399152351
      Author: Iacuzzo, Terry

    Pennsylvania Voices On Healing
      Pennsylvania Voices On Healing.

      Pennsylvania Voices On Healing: Cancer Survival Through Prayer Painting And Writing Art, Biblical Discussions, Prayer Journal By Patricia J. Pasda And Maryann Pasda Diedwardo Christian Fiction Writers. A Fiction Novella Presents Healing Endeavors. Our Story Combines A Tribute And A Story As Well. Rooted In Our Love For Prayer And Horses, Novella Exists As A Short Writing Rooted In Love. We Create A Novel For All Ages But Particularly For The Youth Of A Global Society Where The Search For Love Is The Greatest Quest Of All. Land Knows No Boundaries. Dirt, Sand, Piles Of Moss Exist And Float As Life Forces Of The Planet Earth. On A Ride Through Journey, We Found Our Hearts. A Work Of Fiction, A Collection Of Beautiful Art, A Writing Journal, And A Testimonial To The Goodness And Healing Of Jesus, We Show The Love Of God Through Characters Who Exemplify Strengths Found Through The Holy Spirit. In 2000, When Their Father's Illness Forced His Relocation To A Nursing Home, Patti And Maryann Turned To Prayer. Then, Patti Was Diagnosed With Cancer. "i Survive The Cancer Treatments Through Prayer, Painting And Writing. We Are Christian Authors Who Praise Our Shepherd Jesus For The Gifts Of Writing And Painting. Thank You, Jesus Who Gifted Patti Pasda With The Survival Of Cancer To Aid Others Through Prayer, Painting And Writing. We Affirm That Our Story Is The Creation Of God's Wisdom."

      SKU: 7383593
      ISBN: 9781602669475
      Author: Diedwardo, Maryann Pasda / Pasda, Patricia J.

    New Crazy Horse Multi Function Wallet Card Hand Strap Folding Folio Leather Case Cover For Ipad Pro 10.5
      New Crazy Horse Multi Function Wallet Card Hand Strap Folding Folio Leather Case Cover For Ipad Pro 10.5.

      Made Of Pu Leather , Have Black,brown.,hot Color Choices. With Strap .easy To Take It When Use

      Category: Tabletpccases, amp, bags
      SKU: 400648917

    Factory Price Horse Yin Yang Fire And Water Women Necklace Yin Yang Fire And Water Pendant Glass Photo Cabochon Necklace Free Shipping
      Factory Price Horse Yin Yang Fire And Water Women Necklace Yin Yang Fire And Water Pendant Glass Photo Cabochon Necklace Free Shipping.

      Pendant Size:2.7cm Chain Length:50cm Color:silver Necklace Type:chains Necklace Gender:women/man Chain Type:link Chain Metals Type:zinc Alloy Quantity:1pc

      Category: Pendantnecklaces
      SKU: 390834924

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