Windmills Of The West: Rural Amer Ica's Most Important Invention

    Windmills Of The West: Rural Amer Ica's Most Important Invention
      Windmills Of The West: Rural Amer Ica's Most Important Invention.

      The Windmill Is An Iconic Feature Of The Western Landscape And Was Just As Vital As Railroads And Horses In The Settlement Of The West. For Ranchers And Farmers Who Had Struggled To Pump Water Manually From The Ground, The Windmill Provided An Abundance Of Clean, Pure Water By Tapping Effortlessly Into The Underground Supply. This Allowed Ranchers More Freedom To Graze Cattle On Land That Had No Surface Water And Also Improved Their Quality Of Life. This New Book By David Stoecklein Continues His Photographic Documentation Of The West And Traces The Important Heritage Of The Windmill Throughout The Western States And Old Mexico. His Images Are Accompanied By A Brief History Of Windmills And Quotations.

      SKU: 7831267
      ISBN: 9781935269007
      Author: Lightner, Carrie / Stoecklein, David R. / Epstein, Mark

    Avi-con Bird Vitamins (50 Grams)
      Avi-con Bird Vitamins (50 Grams).

      Avi-con Bird Vitamins Is A Dietary And Supportive Supplement Designed To Provide The Vitamins Necessary For Normal Health And Feathering. Dosage: For Dietary Supplementation, Mix Two Measures (scoop Included) Per Fl. Oz Of Drinking Water Each Day. For Young, Ailing, Or Aged Birds, Double This Dosage. Guaranteed Analysis Per 50 Grams: Vitamin A...50,000 Iu, Vitamin D3...6,250 Iu, Vitamin E...250 Iu, Thiamine (b1)...25mg, Riboflavin (b2)...75mg, Pyridoxine (b6)...25mg, Vitamin (b12)...250mcg, Biotin...1mg, Choline...1,000mg, Folic Acid...15mg, Niacin...250mg, Pantothenic Acid...75mg, Menadione (k3)...50mg

      Category: Bird Products, gt, bird Nutritional Supplements, gt, avi-con Bird Vitamins
      SKU: Avbirvit50gr

    Dogtra Edge Rt 1-mile Expandable Remote Trainer - Up To 3 Dogs
      Dogtra Edge Rt 1-mile Expandable Remote Trainer - Up To 3 Dogs.

      The New Dogtra Edge Rt Is Designed For The Most Demanding Training Environments. Whether You're A Professional Trainer Or A Serious Amateur, The Rt Offers The Simplest Solution To The Most Complex Training. The Rt Transmitter Gives You A 'no Look' One-hand Operation, So Your Eyes Are Always Focused On Your Dog. The 8 Levels Of Nick And Constant Stimulation Coupled With Our Combination Buttons, Offer A Wide Range Of Stimulation For Every Dog And Every Training Situation. Features Include - 1-mile Range, Rapid Charge Batteries, Hard Travel Case And A Fully Waterproof Collar/receiver And Handheld Transmitter. Features: Stimulation/combination Buttons User Expandable To A Three-dog System 'nick' And 'constant' Stimulation Along With A Non-stimulating Pager/vibration Rechargeable 2-hour Rapid-charge Lithium Polymer Battery Low To High Power Stimulation Fully Waterproof Transmitter And Receiver/collar Intensity Selection Dial Stimulation Level (1-8) 1-mile Range Extendable Contact Points (5/8" To 3/4") Other Details: Warranty - 2 Year Limited Lifetie Warranty Power - Low To High Range - 1 Mile Batteris - Lithium Polymer Lcd Screen - No Carrying Case - Yes Expandable - Yes, Up To 2 Additional Receivers Pager Mode ((vibration) - Yes

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      SKU: Dogtra-edge-rt-remote-trainer

    Green Pet Glass & Surface Cleaner (32 Fl. Oz.)
      Green Pet Glass & Surface Cleaner (32 Fl. Oz.).

      Green Pet Glass & Surface Cleaner (32 Fl. Oz.) Utilizes All-natural, Non-toxic, Organic Ingredients That Actually Performs As Well As Conventional Cleaners. Protecting Your Family And Pet's Health Has Never Been So Easy And Effective. Created With Safe And Environmentally Responsible Ingredients, You Will Not Only Have A Cleaner Home But A Green Pet Home! Lavender Scent Non-caustic No Dyes Voc Free No Fillers No Pollutants Chemical Free Non-toxic Natural And Organic Safe For People, Pets And The Environment. Directions: Spray Evenly Over Surface To Be Cleaned. Wipe Thoroughly With A Clean Dry Cloth Or Paper Towel. Store In A Cool Dry Place. By. Green Pet Organics

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, cleaning , amp, amp, Sanitation, gt, other Cleaning , amp, amp, Sanitation, gt, green Pet All-purpose Household Cleaner
      SKU: Greendogspray

    N-bone Puppy Teething Treats Chicken Flavor (3.74 Oz)
      N-bone Puppy Teething Treats Chicken Flavor (3.74 Oz).

      Oral Care For Teething Puppies Chewing Is A Natural Behavior For Dogs So Proper Care Of The Teeth And Gums Start At A Very Early Age. The Teething Period Begins Once The Adult Teeth Start To Come In, Which Causes Pain And Soreness In The Teeth And Gums. Chewing Helps Elevate The Pain And Soreness But Hard Chew Treats Can Damage Or Break Immature Teeth. Any Damage Or Breakage To Immature Teeth Can Expose The Nerve So The Proper Chew Treat Is Critical To The Development Of Teeth And Gums. Puppy Teething Ring Is Flexible And Pliable And Safe For A Teething Puppy Because The Gummy Or Chewy Texture Of The Treat Will Not Break Or Damage Immature Teeth. Helps Relieve Pain And Soreness Edible & Digestible No Plastic, Nylon Or Rubber Highly Palatable & Low Fat Made In Usa Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein Min.30.0% Crude Fat Min.0.5% Crude Fiber Max.2.5% Moisture Max.15.0% Ash Max.3.5% Ingredients: Soy Protein Concentrate, Wheat Gluten, Gelatin, Corn Gluten Meal, Chicken Meal.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dental Products, gt, dental Dog Treats, gt, n-bone Puppy Teething Chew
      SKU: Nboneteething

    Petalive Cushex Drops-s (2 Fl Oz)
      Petalive Cushex Drops-s (2 Fl Oz).

      Petalive Cushex Drops-s Provides A Proprietary Assortment Of Herbs That Aims To Support A Healthy Adrenal Gland In Cats And Dogs. This Select Blend Combines Dandelion, Licorice, Astragalus And Other Select Roots Into A Tincture That Is Safe For Both Cats And Dogs And That Is Free Of Gluten And Artificial Flavors, Colors, Or Preservatives. Petalive Cushex Drops-s Is Made In The Usa With Only Natural Ingredients To Ensure That It Is Safe And Effective For Your Pet. This Bottle Contains 2 Fluid Ounces Of The Drops To Provide An Ample Supply For Your Animal. Grab These Herbal Drops For Your Cat Or Dog Today! Key Features: Supports Adrenal Gland Balance All-natural Herbal Formula Is Safe For Cats And Dogs Made In The Usa

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, health , amp, amp, Wellness, gt, first Aid , amp, amp, Remedies, gt, petalive, amp, reg, Natural Remedies
      SKU: Petalive-cushex-drops-s-2-fl-oz

    Petarmor All Cats (3 Month)
      Petarmor All Cats (3 Month).

      Petarmor For Cats Petarmor All Cats (3 Month), Provides The Same #1 Veterinarian-recommended Active Ingredient, Fipronil, In The Same Concentration As Frontlineā® Top Spot. You Get The Same Flea And Tick Protection At A Significant Savings. Petarmor For Cats Acts Fast. It Is An Effective, Long Lasting, Waterproof, And Easy-to-use Application For Killing Fleas, Ticks, And Chewing Lice On Cats 8 Weeks Or Older. Petarmor For Cats Stops Infestations Of Fleas, Ticks And Chewing Lice When Used As Directed. This Product Is Not Manufactured Or Distributed By Merial, The Makers Of Frontline Top Spot Features: Petarmorā® For Cats Acts Fast And Is An Effective, Lasting, Waterproof, And Easy-to-use Application For Control Of Fleas, Ticks, And Chewing Lice On Cats And Kittens. When Used As Directed, Petarmorā® For Cats Can Stop Infestations Of Fleas, Ticks, And Chewing Lice And Help To Prevent Reinfestation On Cats And Kittens, Including On Breeding, Pregnant And Lactating Bitches. Petarmorā® For Cats Also Aids In The Control Of Sarcoptic Mange Infestations. Applh Monthly To Eliminate Sarcoptic Mange Mites. Directions: Fleas - According To Research Studies, Adult Fleas Are Killed For Up To Three Months Following An Application Of Fipronil. If, However, Your Cat Or Kitten Is Susceptible To Flea Allergy Dermatitis, Or If You Believe There Is A Risk Of Reinfestation, Apply Every Month. Ticks - Each Application Kills Ticks For One Month Or Longer. For Best Control Of Ticks, Apply Once Every Month. Chewing Lice - Each Application Kills Chewing Lice For One Month Or Longer. For Best Control Of Chewing Lice, Apply Once Every Month. How To Apply 1) Open The Child Resistant Package According To The Directions On The Back Of The Sealed Inner Package For Each Pipette. 2) Snap The Tip Of The Pipette Away From You. 3) Part The Cat's Hair And Place The Tip Of Th Epipette Behind The Neck And Between The Shoulders. Ensure That The Entire A Pplication Of Petarmor For Cats Is Contained In A Single Spot On The Cat's Skin. Be Sure To Squeeze The Applicator Thoroughly So That The Entire Contents Are Applied. Petarmor For Cats Kills Adult Fleas Kills Ticks Kills Cyewing Lice Fast Acting Waterproof Approved For Kittens 8 Weeks And Older More Info Flea & Tick Supplies Shop All Flea & Tick Supplies How To Control Fleas Find Out More Information On How To Control Fleas Flea & Tick Buyer?s Guide A Guide To Help You Select Which Flea Protection S Right For Your Pet Got Fleas? Understanding And Protecting Your Pets From Fleas

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      SKU: Petarmor-cat

    Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Whistle Ball Dog Toy
      Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Whistle Ball Dog Toy.

      Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Whistle Ball Dog Toy Whistles While Soaring Through The Air To Create A Uniquely Enthralling Play Experience. This Ball Is Fashioned Such That Air Creates A Whirring Whistle As It Passes Through The Ball, Creating Louder Whistles When Traveling Faster. The Toy Is Also Glow In The Dark, Which Pairs Excellently With The Whistling Noise It Produces To Offer An Ideal Toy For Dogs With Poor Vision. Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Whistle Ball Dog Toy Is The Perfect Fetch Toy And Is Buoyant To Allow For Fun Play In The Water. The Ball Also Features A Minty Fragrance To Entice Your Dog And Is Made Here In The Usa With Non-toxic Material To Ensure That It's Safe For Your Pet. This Toy Is Perfect For Dogs Of All Sizes- So Order It For Yout Pup Today! Key Features: Glows In The Dark And Whistles While Traveling Through The Air Durable, Buoyant, And Minty 2.5 " In Diameter

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Toys, gt, balls , amp, Fetch Toys, gt, planet Dog Fetch Toys
      SKU: Planet-dog-orbee-tuff-whistle-ball-dog-toy

    Snack 21 Salmon Skin Bones (box Of 18 Bones)
      Snack 21 Salmon Skin Bones (box Of 18 Bones).

      Snack 21 Salmon Skin Bones Are One Of The World's Finest Foods In A Treat For Your Dog! These Dried Salmon 'bones' Are Wholesome, Nutritious And Naturally Delicious. Snack 21 Salmon Skin Bones Are Made From 100% Salmon Skins And Folded Into Your Dog's Favorite Shape, A Bone! There Are No By-products, Filters, Preservatives, Coloring Or Artificial Flavoring. They Are Full Of Rich Omega-3 Fatty Acids, High Quality Protein, And Natural Vitamins And Minerals. 18 Bones 100% Salmon Skin Rich Omega-3 Fattyacids Natural Vitamins And Minerals

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, bully Sticks , amp, Natural Animal Parts, gt, snack 21 Body Parts
      SKU: Snack-21-salmon-skin-bones-box-of-18-bones

    Timberline Wax Worms (1000 Count)
      Timberline Wax Worms (1000 Count).

      Waxworms (galleria Mellonella) - For A Tempting, Tasty Treat, There's Nothing Like A Soft, Juicy Waxworm. These Soft-bodied Grubs Top Off A Diverse Diet Like Nothing Else. Try These Great Little Grubs Today ? They're Available In A Wide Array Of Quantities. Soft & Juicy Waxworms 1000 Count Bulk Waxworms All Live Pet Food Are Charged As Vaccine Shipping Which Will Be Shipped Overnight . A $29.95 Flat Rate Fee Is Charged For All Orders Containing Live Pet Food. For More Shipping Info Click Here. All Sales Are Final No Refund Or Exchange

      Category: Reptile Products , amp, amp, Supplies, gt, reptile Food, gt, timberline Live Pet Food - Waxworms
      SKU: Timberline-1000-wax-worms

    Vectra For Dogs & Puppies 2.5 To 10 Lbs - 6 Doses
      Vectra For Dogs & Puppies 2.5 To 10 Lbs - 6 Doses.

      Vectra For Dogs & Puppies Protects Your Dogs Against Parasites And Pathogens. Vectra For Dogs & Puppies Uses A Three Pronged Approach To Keep Your Pet Safe From Disease Carrying Agents By Utilizing Dinotefuran And Pyriproxyfen. The Dinotefuran Is An Insecticide That Functions By Causing Continuous Stimulation Of The Nervous System Of Insects Upon First Contact. This Stimulaation Leads To Tremors And Quick Deaths In Insects As They Land On Your Dog. Pyripoxyfen, An Insect Growth Regulator, Works To Prevent Development Of Fleas In Their Early Stages. This Keeps Them As Eggs, Larvae And Pupae Until The Other Active Ingredients Functionally Decimate Them. Vectra For Dogs & Puppies Has Been Clinically Shown To Provide Fast-acting Protection Against Fleas Lasting Up To One Month. In Adition To Repelling Mosquitoes And Sand Flies, Vectra For Dogs & Puppies Repels And Kills Fleas Quickly And Effectively. In Fact, It Has Been Clinically Shown To Begin Killing Fleas Within The First Six Hours Of Use. Vectra For Dogs & Puppiies Remains Effective After Bathing And Is Easily Applied Via The Vectra Applicator. Vectra 3d Comes In 2 Dosing Sizes Based On Your Dog's Body Weight. The Product Is Available For In Packs Of 3-doses And Packs Of 6-doses. Vectra For Dogs & Puppies Comes In 4 Dosing Sizes Based On Your Dog?s Body Weight. The Product Is Available For All Weights In Packs Of 3-doses And Packs Of 6-doses. This Package Of Vectra For Dogs & Puppies 2.5-10 Lbs Is For Small Dogs Between 2.5 And 10 Pounds And Comes With 6 Doses. Please Read The Application Instructions Thoroughly Before Applying Vectra To Your Pets. Key Features: Kills Fleas Of All Life Stages On Contact Before They Can Bite Repels Fleas For Full Month Per Dose For Dogs And Puppies 2.5 To 10 Lbs Contains: Dinotefuran And Pyriproxyfen Comes With Patented Applicator For Easy Application

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, flea , amp, Tick Supplies, gt, topicals, gt, vectra For Dogs
      SKU: Vectra-dogs-puppies-2-5-to-10lbs-6-doses

    Abe Lincoln At Last!
      Abe Lincoln At Last!.

      Jack And Annie Are Ready For Their Next Adventure In The "new York Times" Bestselling Middle-grade Series-the Magic Tree House Are You Ready For A Presidential Adventure? Jack And Annie Are They Are Trying Tl Get A Special Feather That Will Help Save Merlin's Baby Penguin, Penny. When The Magic Tree House Whisks Them Back To Washington, D.c., In 1861, Jack Can't Wait To Meet Abraham Lincoln Himself But The New President Is Too Busy To See Them, As He Is Desperately Trying To Save A Nation In Crisis. When Jack And Annie Ask For Some Magical Help, They Go Back Even Further In Time To A Mysterious Woods. Are These The Same Woods Where Abraham Lincoln Takes His Daily Horse Ride? If So, Can An Orphan Named Sam Help Them Find Abe? Or Will Jack And Annie Have To Help Sam Instead? It's A Race Against Time As Jack And Annie Try To Do The Right Thing. Plus, They Still Have To Aid A President And A Troubled Nation, As Well As Get The Object That Will Save Penny The Penguin Visit The Magic Tree House Website

      SKU: 16389796
      ISBN: 9780375868252
      Author: Osborne, Mary Pope / Murdocca, Salvatore

    Shy Boy: The Horse That Came In From The Wild
      Shy Boy: The Horse That Came In From The Wild.

      "to Appreciate "shy Boy, "" Writes Horse Gentler Monty Roberts, "you Must See Him Or His Kind Running Free And Easy, In A Wide Open Space." This Compelling Story, And The Breathtaking Photographs That Accompany It, Offer A Chance To Do Just That. During A Dramatic Three-day Ride Across Miles Of High Desert, Monty Roberts Used All His Skill To Connect With The Little Mustang He Finally Befriended. In The Year That Followed, Shy Boy Grew To Love Life On The Farm, Playfully Demanding Attention, And Becoming Fascinated By Children. After A Year Of Challenges And One Frightening Illness, The Wild Horse's Exceptional Spirit Earned The Respect And Admiration Of His Trainers. And, As A Result Of A Pbs-aired Program Based On His Initial Encounter With Roberts, "shy Boy" Gained International Fame. Yet Throughout This Extraordinary Year, Monty Roberts Struggled With The Question, "would "shy Boy" Rather Be Free?" With Trepidation, He Took Shy Boy Back To The Wild To Let Him Choose. The Event, And Its Stunning Conclusion, Are Memorably Captured In These Magnificent Photographs And In A Story That Is Both Unforgettable And Inspiring.

      SKU: 188402
      ISBN: 9780060932893
      Author: Roberts, Monty / Dydyk, Christopher

    Phantom Stallion #7: Desert Dancer
      Phantom Stallion #7: Desert Dancer.

      As Samantha Adjusts To Having A New Step-mother, She Must Help The Phantom Find His Missing Lead Mare. But When She Does, Can Sam Return The Mare To Her Herd? An Injured Mustang Is Taken Off The Range. Sam Wants To Do The Right Thing, But Does That Mean Taking The Horse Away From Her Wild Herd?

      SKU: 173692
      ISBN: 9780060537258
      Author: Farley, Terri

    Tug Of War: Classical Versus "modern" Dressage: Why Classical Training Works And How Incorrect "modern" Riding
      Tug Of War: Classical Versus "modern" Dressage: Why Classical Training Works And How Incorrect "modern" Riding.

      Describing The Basic Anatomy And Physiology Of The Horse, This Book By An Experienced Veterinarian Identifies Widely-used Incorrect Training Methods-especially In Dressage-that Can Undermine A Horse's Health And Well-being. Starting With The Question "who Is Responsible For This? "the Book Looks At Breeders, Breed Associations, Instructors, Judges, Riders, Spectators, And The Governing Bodies Of Horse Sports. The Hyperflexion Issue, The Discussion Shows, Is That Training Affects Horses Both For Good And For Ill, And Riders Should Reject Any Methods That Cause Pain Or Fail To Respect The Mental Habits And Physiological Needs Of Their Animals.

      SKU: 7055531
      ISBN: 9781570763755
      Author: Heuschmann, Gerd / Abelshauser, Reina

    Everything Butt Art On The Farm
      Everything Butt Art On The Farm.

      From Cows And Pigs To Horses And Sheep, Kids Will Be Amazed At The Farm Creatures They Can Learn To Draw Beginning With One Simple Shape: A Butt. This Giggle-inducing Activity Book Teaches Step-by-step Drawing In A Way That Is Fun And Approachable And Encourages Creativity And Sharing. Fascinating Facts About Life On The Farm Accompany The Colorful Illustrations, And Activities Such As Connect-the-dots, Color-by-number, And Mazes Keep Kids' Attention Between Drawings. The Silly Shape Concept Reaches A New Level With Butt Hunt, In Which Children Try To Find All Of The Butt Shapes Hidden Throughout The Book. Young Artists Can Log On To To A Corresponding Website That Enables Easy Sharing, Saving, And Viewing Of Their Drawings.

      SKU: 13312109
      ISBN: 9780983065715
      Author: Snyder, Brian / Moniello, Alexis

    The Destruction Of The Bison: An Environmental History, 1750 1920
      The Destruction Of The Bison: An Environmental History, 1750 1920.

      The Destruction Of The Bison Explains The Decline Of The North American Bison Population From An Estimated 30 Million In 1800 To Fewer Than 1000 A Century Later. In This Wide-ranging, Interdisciplinary Study, Andrew C. Isenberg Argues That The Cultural And Ecological Encounter Between Native Americans And Euroamericans In The Great Plains Was The Central Cause Of The Near Extinction Of The Bison. Drought And The Incursion Of Domestic Livestock And Exotic Species Such As Horses Into The Great Plains All Threatened The Western Ecosystem, Which Was Further Destabilized As Interactions Between Native Americans And Euroamericans Created New Types Of Hunters In Both Cultures: Mounted Indian Nomads And White Commercial Hide Hunters. In The Early Twentieth Century, Nostalgia About The Very Cultural Strife That First Threatened The Bison Became, Ironically, An Important Impetus To Its Preservation.

      SKU: 1717040
      ISBN: 9780521003483
      Author: Isenberg, Andrew C. / Andrew C., Isenberg / Worster, Donald

    Governors Island:
      Governors Island:.

      Purchased From The Manhattan Tribe Of The Wappinger Confederacy By The Dutch, Governors Island Has Long Been The Secret Island In New York's Harbor. Although This Pristine Island Has Appeared On Maps Since The 1600s, Little Regarding It Has Been Known By The Populace. It Has Been The Site Of Horse Races, Inventions, College Classes, Hangings, Military Musters, And Unidentified Bones. All Of These Are Part Of The Unique History Explored Within The Pages Of Governors Island.

      SKU: 2692721
      ISBN: 9780738538952
      Author: Glen, Susan L. / Shaver, Michael

    Bridgeport:: 1900-1960
      Bridgeport:: 1900-1960.

      Bridgeport: 1900-1960 Presents A Fascinating Look Into The History Of Bridgeport Through Vintage Postcards From The Cityas Formative Years. These Vintage Postcards Depict The Change And Expansion In Bridgeport During The 20th Century, From The Growth Of The University Of Bridgeport From A Small Junior College Into A Major University To The Changes In Transportation From The Horse And Buggy To Early Automobiles And Trolley Cars. Bridgeportas Waterfront Played An Important Role In The Development Of The City, Drawing Visitors And Wealthy Residents Who Built Homes Along The Shore. Following The Two World Wars, The City Saw A Large Population Increase, And A Building Boom Soon Followed. Factories And Homes Were Built, Retail Stores Moved In, And Recreational Options Increased To Serve The Needs Of The Thousands Of People Who Came To Bridgeport Seeking Employment.

      SKU: 2694967
      ISBN: 9780738562513
      Author: Pehanick, Andrew

    One Good Regiment
      One Good Regiment.

      This Is The First Regimental History Of The Thirteenth Pennsylvania Cavalry, Also Known As The 117th Regiment Of Pennsylvania Volunteers. This Is Not A Tale Of The Romance Of War And The Women They Left Behind. It Is About Men Who Become Bored With Routine Camp Life And Freezing Nights In Tents Without Heat. Men Who Learn First To Care For The Horse And Then For Themselves. Men Who Learn To Be Accustomed To Hunger And Sickness And Death, Long Before Fighting Their First Battle When The First Bullets Fly They React As Men Could Be Expected To React. Confused And Led By Some Men Who May Not Have Understood The New Way Of War, The Outcome Of The First Encounter Is Predictable. Later, In One Of The Lesser-known Battles Of The Gettysburg Campaign, The Regiment Is Ordered In Front Of Enemy Artillery During A Midnight Ambush And Suffers Casualties Of Almost Half The Regiment. But They Learn, And They Prevail, And When Grant Turned The Union Army Into The Wilderness In 1864 The Regiment Knew What They Had To Do. And They Did It Well, Serving With Gregg, Sherid An, Custer, Hancock, And Others. When Grant Asked For "one Good Regiment" Of Cavalry For An Assignment, The Thirteenth Was Chosen. Using Letters, Diaries, Photos, And Official Corrsspondence, Some Of Which Are Published Here For The First Time, The Author Tracs The Lives Of Cavalrymen At War. With Brutal Honesty, Humor, And Humanity, The Men Struggle To Survive Sickness As Well As The Hail Of Bullets And Cannonballs. They'll Tell You How They Felt Aboug The Life They Lived, And The Bond With Their Friends And Fellow Soldiers That They Were Dying For.

      SKU: 6842862
      ISBN: 9781552124604
      Author: Hand, Harold

    Columbia Civil War Landmarks
      Columbia Civil War Landmarks.

      Centered In The Confederacy's Atlantic States, Columbia Was One Of Three Untouched Southern Capitals At The End Of 1864. Its Factories Produced Uniforms, Swords, Belts, Bullets, Gunpowder And Cannon Balls, All Vital To The War Effort, Until The Fiery Onslaught Of Sherman's Invasion Cut A Swath Through The City. Tom Elmore, Local Civil War Historian And Tour Guide, Presents Over Sixty Significant Sites Throughout The Greater Columbia Area That Were Marked By Moments Of Triumph And Devastation During The War. Readers Will Find The Stories Behind Both Well-known And Infamous Places, Including The Horseshoe On The University Of South Carolina Campus, The Gruesome 1864 Prisoner Of War Camp, The Ruins Of One Of The Largest Textile Mills Ever Built And The Monument Commemorating The Spot Where The Great City Was Surrendered.

      SKU: 13043306
      ISBN: 9781609491215
      Author: Elmore, Tom

    Braxton The Bull
      Braxton The Bull.

      Braxton Is A Bull Who Lives On A Farm. Though He Desperately Wants To Be Scratched And Tickled Behind His Ears, Like The Other Animals Are By Visitors, Everyone Runs Away When He Charges To The Fence. Braxton Becomes Very Sad. His Best Friend, A Horse Called Snowdrop, Tells Braxton He Needs To Be More Graceful And Gentle. Perhaps He Should Take Ballet Lessons Though A Bull In Ballet Class Is Silly Sight, Braxton Embarks On The Adventure With Winning Results. Monika Trickett Grew Up In A Small Village In England And Currently Resides In Midhurst, Ontario, Canada, About One Hour From Toronto. Ms. Trickett Is Finishing Her Next Children's Book, Doogan And The Cardboard Box.publisher's Website: Http: //

      SKU: 10826502
      ISBN: 9781609760632
      Author: Mon, Aunty

    Gittin' Western: A True Adventure Of Body, Mind, And Spirit
      Gittin' Western: A True Adventure Of Body, Mind, And Spirit.

      "sometimes Frightening, Sometimes Funny, But Always Genuine And Fascinating, "gittin' Western" Opens A Window Into A Lifestyle Most Of Us Have Dreamed About But Few Dared To Pursue. Heartily Recommended." -kathy Tyers, Best-selling Author Of "firebird Trilogy" Refusing To Live A Life Of Quiet Desperation, Duane Wiltse Breaks The Bondx Of The Status Quo By Leaving His Extended Family And Job Security In Michigan. Seeking The Freedom And Adventure Of Living On A Ranch In The Shadows Of The Rocky Mountains, The Wiltse Family Relocates So Their Patriarch Can Wholeheartedly Pursue His Goal Of Establishing A Big Game Hunting Business In The Rugged Wyoming Landscape. Through The Professional Dangers Of Forest Fires, Bear Attacks, And Runaway Horses And Mules-and The Personal Challenge Of Coping With Illness, Divorce, And Grief-wiltse Learns First-hand Lessons Of Life And Death. This Engaging Memoir Vividly Reveals The Complexities Of A Maturing Man, Enterprising Father, And Driven Husband Struggling To Achieve His Dream.

      SKU: 7407294
      ISBN: 9781605280011
      Author: Wiltse, Duane

    Entertaining Easy Classics, Volume 2 [with Cd (audio)]
      Entertaining Easy Classics, Volume 2 [with Cd (audio)].

      18 More Easy Arrangements Of Classics Including: Peter And The Wolf (prokofieff) * Piano Concerto No. 2 (rachmaninoff) * Reverie (debussy) * Sonata In C Major (mozart) * The Sorcerer's Apprentice (dukas) * Swan Lake (tchaikovsky) * The Wild Horseman, Op. 68, No. 8 (schumann) * And More. The Cd Features Demonstrations Of Each By The Arranger, Steve Rawlins.

      SKU: 10280464
      ISBN: 9781423497608
      Author: Rawlins, Steve

    James Hall, Literary Pioneer Of The Ohio Valley
      James Hall, Literary Pioneer Of The Ohio Valley.

      "james Hall, Literary Pioneer Of The Ohio Valley " Was First Published In 1941. Minnesota Archive Editions Uses Digital Technology To Make Long-unavailable Books Once Again Accessible, And Are Published Unaltered From The Original University Of Minnesota Press Editions. For Generations The Attention Of Students Of American Literature Has Been Directed Toward The Altantic Seaboard, But The Rise Of Regional Literature And The Development Of Genuine Artists In Various Parts Of The United States Has Caused Them To Turn Their Scrutiny Westward. High On The Western Horizon Of The Early 1800's Stands James Hall, A Literary Pioneer In The Ohio Valley, One Of The Minor Literary Figures Whose Influence On The Artistic Consciousness Of The Frontier Was Widely Felt. Author, Critic, Journalist, Editor, Publisher, And Historian-few Men Have Had More To Do With The Early Cultural Development Of The Middle West. Every Historian Of The Ohio And Mississippi Valleys Is Indebted To Hall For Facts And Details Of Life In America In The Early Nineteenth Century. A Circuit Judge When There Were Only 55,000 People In All Illinois-he Had An Unparalleled Opportunity To Observe The Life And Customs Of The Times. A Publisher Of The First Literary Magazine West Of The Ohio When There Were More Indians And Horse Thieves In The State Than There Were Literate Readers-he Had A Virgin Field For Awakening The Artistic, Literary, Even Scientific, Interest Of The Frontier. He Organized The First State Historical Society Of Illinois, Was State Treasurer, Published Two Newspapers, Welcome Lafayette On His Triumphal Tour, Edited The First Literary Annual In The West, Awarded A Prize To Harriet Beecher (stowe) For Her "new England Sketch," Published In His Magazine. Moving To Cincinnati When It Was At The Peak Of Its Sectional Importance, An Intellectual And Cultural Oasis On The Frontier, Hall Continued His Sponsorship Of Education And Culture. James Hall's Own Published Works Were Multitudinous In The Fields Of Fiction, Biography, Poetry, Criticism, History, And Anthropology. His Picture Of The Prairies In His Day Is Still One Of The Best Accounts Ever Written And His "indian Tribes Of North America " A Monumental Volume, But None Of His Works Is Of First-rate Importance. Nevertheless, Because Of The Tremendous Variety Of His Activities And The Breadth Of His Influence, He Left His Stamp Upon The History And The Literature Of The Region. Hall's Work Is An Honest, Vigorous Record Of The Path Of The American Pioneer In The Days Of The Rapid Growth And Expansion Of A New Nation, And An Understanding Of His Contribution Is Obligatory For Every Serious Student Of American Literature.

      SKU: 3475509
      ISBN: 9780816659449
      Author: Flanagan, John T.

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