A Tiger On Horseback - The Experiences Of A Trooper & Officer Of Rimington's Guides - The Tigers - During The Anglo-boer War 1899

    A Tiger On Horseback - The Experiences Of A Trooper & Officer Of Rimington's Guides - The Tigers - During The Anglo-boer War 1899
      A Tiger On Horseback - The Experiences Of A Trooper & Officer Of Rimington's Guides - The Tigers - During The Anglo-boer War 1899.

      A Tiger On Horseback The Riders With The Tiger Skin Hat Bands Rimington's Guides Were An Unusual Unit. Their Strength Was Only In The Region Of 150 Men. They Acted Not Only As Guiddes To The British Army Ensuring That Columns Moved Safely And Effectively From One Part Of The Field To Another, But Also As Scouts Attached To Other Regiments. Working In Small Parties Of Two Or Three They Were Rarely Part Of A Cohesive Unit. Among Its Ranks Were Men Who Were Familiar With The Country, Spoke Native Languages And Acted As Interpreters. This Ind Ependence Placed The Writer In An Ideal Position To View The Boer War Form A Variety Of Vantage Points On Many Campaigns And In A Number Of Famous Battles. This Is An Informally Written Book Full Of Colour And Detail. It Is Enhanced In The Leonaur Edition By 29 Contemporary Illustrations.

      SKU: 7514160
      ISBN: 9781846770876
      Author: Phillips, L. March

    2-pack Simple Solution Training Pads - Extra Large (100 Pad Pack 28" X 30")
      2-pack Simple Solution Training Pads - Extra Large (100 Pad Pack 28" X 30").

      Cover More Area With The Simple Solution X-large Training Pads . These Protective Pads Measure 28" X 30", 60% Larger Than Traditional Pads! Simple Solutions Training Pads Feature A Super Absorbent Polymer Which Converts Liquid Into Gel, Helping Control Odor And Keeps Urine Locked In Place. The Absorbent Core Can Hold Up To 4 1/2 Cups Of Liquid. Your Floors Will Be Protected By The Strong Plastic Backing. The Embossed Quilt Pattern Traps Urine And Directs Moisture Down, Drying The Pad Quickly. Each Pad Is Treated With A Powerful Attractant To Draw Your Pet When Elimination Is Required, Making Training Fast And Easy. With A Five-layer Construction, Simple Solution Training Pads Trap More Urine And Can Handle Large Breed Dogs, Or Allow For Repeat Uses. Extra Large Training Pads Super Absorbent Polymer Converts Liquid Into Gel Attractant Draws Your Pet When Relief Is Necessary

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, cleaning , amp, amp, Sanitation, gt, dog Training Pads, gt, simple Solutions Training Pads
      SKU: 2-pack-simple-solution-training-pads-extra-large-100-pad-pack-28-x-30

    Angels' Eyes Soothing Nose Glow Moisturizer For Dogs (4 Oz)
      Angels' Eyes Soothing Nose Glow Moisturizer For Dogs (4 Oz).

      Angels’ Eyes Soothing Nose Glow Moisturizer For Dogs Is The Perfect Way To Restore Moisture To Dry Or Cracked Noses. A Healthy Pooch Is Most Often Identified By A Soft, Shiny Coat And A Moist, Cool Nose. When Your Pup’s Nose Is Dry, It May Mean They Are Dehydrated Or Ill- But It Can Also Just Be A Symptom Of The Sunny Climate. Angels’ Eyes Soothing Nose Glow Moisturizer For Dogs Restores Moisture To Noses That May Otherwise Suffer The Effects Of Sunburns Or Other Ski Nafflictions. This Container Includes 4 Ounces Of The Moisturizing Salve That Can Be Topically Applied For Easy Use. Keep Your Dog Looking Dapper And With This Topical Treatment Today! Key Features: Moisturizes And Softens Noses To Leave Them Smooth And Shiny No Washing Or Rinsing Required Simple Topical Application Includes 4 Ounces Of The Salve

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, skin , amp, Coat, gt, skin , amp, amp, Coat Topicals, gt, angels, Eyes, amp, reg, Soothing Nose Glow , amp, amp, Paw Moisturizer
      SKU: Angels-eyes-soothing-nose-glow-moisturizer-dogs-4-oz

    Blue Buffalo Chicken & Brown Rice Small Breed Recipe For Adult Dogs - 15lb
      Blue Buffalo Chicken & Brown Rice Small Breed Recipe For Adult Dogs - 15lb.

      For Small Breed Adult Dogs, Try Blue Buffalo Chicken And Brown Rice Recipe. The Ingredients Found Within Blue Buffalo Chicken And Brown Rice Address The Needs Of Adult Dogs, Including: High-quality Protein To Develop Healthy Muscles Wholesome Grains Which Provide Energy For An Active Life Glucosamine To Support Joint Health Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids Which Grant A Shiny Coat And Healthy Skin Calcium, Phosphorus And Essential Vitamins For Strong Bones And Teeth Blue Buffalo Features The Finest Natural Ingredients In Their Pet Food Formulas. The Chicken Provides High Quality Protein Which Grant Dogs The Essential Amino Acids They Need Daily. Wholesome Whole Grains Provide A Source Of Energy For Your Dog In The Form Of Complex Carbohydrates. The Healthy Garden Vegetables Found In Blue Buffalo's Formula Include Whole Carrots, Sweet Potatoes And Peas. This Blue Buffalo Recipe Is Enhanced With Lifesource Bits. Lifesource Bits Contain A Special Blend Of Vitamins, Minerals And Antioxidants Which Promote Immune System Health, Support Life Stage Requirements And A Healthy Oxidative Balance. Ideally Formulated For Small Breed Adult Dogs Features The Finest Natural Ingredients Enhanced With Lifesource Bits Please Note: All Food Is Shipped Via Ground Delivery, Only To The Contiguous (48) States. Please Allow 7 To 10 Days For Your Delivery To Arrive. (more Info)

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Food, gt, dry Dog Food, gt, blue Buffalo Dry Dog Food
      SKU: Blue-buffalo-chicken-brown-rice-small-breed-recipe-for-adult-dogs-15lb

    Denamarin For Large Dogs Over 35 Lbs (30 Tabs)
      Denamarin For Large Dogs Over 35 Lbs (30 Tabs).

      Denamarin S-aadenosylmethionine (425 Mg) And Silybin A+b (35 Mg) Is A Nutritional Supplement Containing The Antioxidant Silybin Used To Improve Your Pet?s Liver Function By Increasing Liver Glutathione Levels. The Tablets Come In Three Different Strengths; For Cats And Small Dogs, For Medium Dogs, Or For Large Dogs. Benefits: Supports Healthy Liver Function By Raising Antioxidant Levels Silybin Aids Digestion And Absorption Of Nutrients From Your Pet's Diet No Known Side Effects

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, kidney, Liver , amp, amp, Renal Health, gt, liver Support Supplements, gt, denamarin For Dogs , amp, Cats
      SKU: Denamarin-for-large-dogs-over-35-lbs-30-tabs

    Kong Refillables Duckie Catnip Toy
      Kong Refillables Duckie Catnip Toy.

      Kong Refillables Duckie Catnip Toy Combines The Alluring Effects Of Catnip With A Fun Toy That Your Cat Will Love! This Toy Features The Design Of A Small Animal Made From A Soft Plush Fabric That Are I Deal For Cats That Love To Bat Around Their Toys With Their Paws. The Toy Alos Opens Up With Hidden Flaps To Reveal An Inner Cavity That Is Made Specifically To Store Catnip. Kong Refillables Duckie Catnip Toy Also Comes With A Small Supply Of High-grade North American Catnip That Will Drive Your Cat Wild. This Toy Comes In The Shape Of An Adorable Duck, But There Is Also A Hedgehog Version Available. Your Cat Will Love The Enthralling Play Experience Of Kong Redillables, So Order Today! Key Features: Made With Soft, Comfortable Fabric Holds Catnip And Is Easily Refillable Comes With Ppremium Catnip Refill

      Category: Cat Toys, gt, catnip Toys, gt, kong Catnip Refillables Animals
      SKU: Kong-refillables-duckie-catnip-toy

    Marina Aquavac Easy Clean Water Changer (25' Hose)
      Marina Aquavac Easy Clean Water Changer (25' Hose).

      The Hagen Marrina Aquavac Easy Clean Gravel Cleaner And Water Changer Is In Our Opinion The Best System Of Its Type In The Aquarium Industry. This System Is Amazingly Easy To Use; Connect It To Your Sink Faucet, Clean Through Your Gravel With The Unique Vacuum Tube And Then Simply Refill Your Tank With The Flick Of A Switch. With The Aquavac Your Going To Cut Your Maintenance Time In Half! The Aquavac Works Via Water Pressure From Your Tap And The Included Suction Pump That Once Connected To Your Faucet You Simply Twist The Pump Valve Down To Drain (or Suction The Gravel) And Then Twist It Up To Fill The Aquarium. Full 18 Long Gravel Cleaner Tube - Extra Long For Easy Cleaning Of Taller Aquariums Plus The Special Shape Allows Corners To Be Easily Vacuumed. Brass Adapter - The Other Brands Plastic Adapter Tends To Strip Over Time. Not So With The Aquavacs Brass Unit That Fits Securely To Most Standard Faucets. Regulation Valve - Equipped With A Special Valve To Regulate The Water Flow While Cleanin Gor Filling Your Aquarium. Suction Cup Brackets - Ensures The Gravel Cleaner Stays In Place When Starting The Water As Well As Going Hands Free In The Filling Process. Fish Guard Strainer - Keeps Your Fishsafe When The Aquarium Is Being Drained. Exclusive Gravel Guard - No Other System Has This Design Which Keeps Gravel From Becoming Trapped In The Hose When Cleaning The Aquarium. Br> Product Features Brass Adapter For Standard Faucets Female Hose Adapter To Connect To Most Industrial Faucets And Outdoor Hose Faucets Valve To Regulate The Water Flow When Cleaning Or Filling Your Aquarium Suction Cup Bracket That Insure The Gravel Cleaner Stays In Place When Starting The Water Fish Guard Strainer To Ensure The Safet Yof The Fish When The Aquarium Is Being Drained, Gravel Guard That Ensures That No Gravel Is Trapped In The Hose When Cleaning The Aquarium

      Category: Aquarium , amp, amp, Fish Supplies, gt, aquarium Maintenance , amp, amp, Supplies, gt, marina Aquarium Accessories
      SKU: Marinawaterchanger25

    Oster Power Pro Ultra Clipper Kit With Blade And Storage Case
      Oster Power Pro Ultra Clipper Kit With Blade And Storage Case.

      Powerpro Ultra Clipper Kit With Blade And Storage Case Imagine The Same Powerful, Professional Cutting Performance You Are Used To With Oster Clippers, Packaged In One Easy To Use, Lighter, Longer-lasting Cordless Number That Delivers Optimized Cutting Performance The Ultimate Clippers. Replacement Blades Features & Options Optimal Combination Of Power, Speed And Sweep For Superior Cutting Performance - Runs At 3300 Spm New Lightweight, Ergonomic Design For Increased Comfort - Over15% Lighter Previous Model And Soft Touch Non-slip, Comfortable Grip Increased Battery Run Time For Added Convenience - Up To 60 Minutes - 2 Batteries Included For Non-stop Run Time - No Memory For Consistent Run Time **** All Clippers Include Cryogen-x Agion Blade With Antimicrobial - Reduces The Growth Of Bacteria, Mold And Mildew. ****

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, grooming Supplies, gt, hair Trimmers , amp, amp, Scissors, gt, oster, amp, reg, Electric Clippers , amp, Trimmers
      SKU: Osterpowerpro

    Petmate Vari Kennel Fashion Upto 15 Lbs - True Blue
      Petmate Vari Kennel Fashion Upto 15 Lbs - True Blue.

      Petmate?s Vari Kennel Ultra Fashion Provides You With A Safe Travel & Training Kennel For Your Pet. The Durable Plastic Shell Comes With Heavy-duty, Easy To Assemble Hardware. Each Kennel Features An Easy-open Squeeze Latch, Metal Side Vents To Promote Healthy Air Flow & An Interior Floor Moat To Keep Your Pet Dry. Convenient Tie-down Strap Holes Allow You To Zip-tie The Kennel Together For Added Security During Airline Travel. The Vari Kennel Ultra Fashion Is Eco-friendly & Meets Most Airline Requirements. Durable Plastic Shell Easy-open Squeeze Latch Interior Floor Moat Convenient Tie-down Strap Holes

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, pet Home , amp, amp, Travel Essentials, gt, pet Carriers, gt, petmate Kennel Carriers
      SKU: Petmate-vari-kennel-fashion

    Spizzles Monster Angus Wishbone (8"-12")
      Spizzles Monster Angus Wishbone (8"-12").

      Spizzles Monster Angus Wishbone Are 100% Natural Solid Beef Tendons That Make Excellent Long Lasting Chews, Satisfying Your Dog's Natural Urge To Chew. These Angus Wishbones Are Great For Cleaning Teeth And Reducing Tartar Build Up. All Of Our Beef Tendons Are Baked With Natural Smoke And Flavorings With No Artificial Ingredients Added. Sourced Fresh And Priced To Move! Save Even More When Buying A 12 Pack Or A Box Of 48 ! See All Spizzles Products. Observation Recommended When Giving Treats To Your Dog

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, bully Sticks , amp, Natural Animal Parts, gt, spizzles, amp, reg, Natural Animal Parts
      SKU: Spizzles-monster-angus-wishbone-10-12

    Telfa Amd Pads Sterile (3'x4") - 50 Pack
      Telfa Amd Pads Sterile (3'x4") - 50 Pack.

      Telfa™ Amd™ Antimicrobial Non-adherent Dressi Ng Is Impregnated With Phmb (polyhexamethylene Biguanide), A Powerful Yet Safe Antiseptic That Has A Broad Range Of Effectiveness Against Gram-positive And Gram-negative Microorganisms, Including Some Multi-drug Resistant Strains Such As Mrsa. This Product Provides Healthcare Facilities With A Low-cost, Prophylactic Method Of Treatment Without Changing Nursing Protocol. Has A Perforated Mylar Film With An Absorbent Core That Makes It Ideal For Use As A Primary Dressing For Lightly Draining Wounds.

      Category: Horse , amp, amp, Livestock Products, gt, horse Wound Care, gt, kendall Wound Care
      SKU: Telfa-ad-pads-sterile-3-x-4-50-pack

    Vetbiotek Biohex Shampoo (1 Gallon)
      Vetbiotek Biohex Shampoo (1 Gallon).

      Biohex Shampoo Is A Broad Spectrum Cleansing Shampoo For The Management Of Dermatological Conditions. It Combines A Proprietary Formulation Of Chlorhexidine, Miconazole And Microsilver Bg For Enhanced Antiseptic Activity. Ceramide Iii Healths Support Healthy Skin.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, grooming Supplies, gt, products For Skin Conditions, gt, vetbiotek Biohex, amp, trade, Shampoo
      SKU: Vetbiotek-biohex-shampoo-1-gallon

    Zoo Med Turtle Lamp Combo Pack
      Zoo Med Turtle Lamp Combo Pack.

      Zoo Med Turtle Lamp Combo Pack Includes Repti Tuff (turtle Tuff) Halogen Lamp And A 13 W Reptisun® 5.0 Uvb Mini Compact Fluorescent Lamp. Repti Tuff (turtle Tuff) 50w Blubs Are Heavy Duty, Splash Proof Halogen Lamps. This Lamp Acts As A Heat Source For Aquatic Turtles, Or Other Water Based Terrarium Animals. This Long Lasting Bulb Lasts For An Average Of 2500 Hours! The Reptisun® 5.0 Mini Is A 13 W Bulb Is Ideal For Tropical Reptiles And Amphibians. The Special Uvb Transmitting Quartz Glass Grants Maximum Uvb Penetration. The Cool Burning Mini Compact Fluorescent Bulb Screws Into Standard Threaded Sockets, Which Eliminates The Need For A Separate Ballast. Uvb Emissions Help Prevent Or Reverse Metabolic Bone Disease And Uva Increases Feeding, Mating, And Other Natural Behaviors. Includes Repti Tuff (turtle Tuff) Halogen Bulb, And Reptisun 5.0 Mini Repti Tuff Bulb Is Heavy Duty, Splash Resistant, Long Lasting Uvb Helps Prevent Or Reverse Metabolic Bone Disease

      Category: Reptile Products , amp, amp, Supplies, gt, lighting Products, gt, zoo Med Lighting Supplies
      SKU: Zoo-med-turtle-lamp-combo-pack

    Ride Smart: Improve Your Horsemanship Skills On The Ground And In The Saddle
      Ride Smart: Improve Your Horsemanship Skills On The Ground And In The Saddle.

      Under One Title, Craig Cameron Brings Together A Thorough Look At Horses And Their Nature And Good, Solid Horsemanship Skills That Suit Both Novice And Experienced Riders. The Book Is Divided Into Sections, Each Dealing With A Different Aspect Of Horsemanship. The First Delves Into The Psychological And Physical Realities Of Horses As A Species And How Man Can Best Understand Them To Develop A Positive, Partnering Relationship With Them. Other Sections Cover Groundwork, Including Early Handling, Round-pen Exercises, And Riding Techniques That Enable The Horse To Perform Basic As Well As Intricate Maneuvers. Each Chapter Includes Interesting Sidebars That Complement The Main Text. Sidebars Include "true Story," An Anecdote Or Story That Relates To The Chapter's Subject Matter; "here's How," A Tip That Pertains To The Chapter's Focus, And "a Better Way," A Troubleshooting Section That Offers A Step-by-step Exercise People Can Do To Work The Horse Through A Problem Noted In The Chapter.

      SKU: 4111209
      ISBN: 9780911647662
      Author: Cameron, Craig / Martindale, Cathy / Bonge, Ron

    Translucent, Volume 2
      Translucent, Volume 2.

      Dark Horse Manga Steps Into Shojo With A Daring, Imaginative Series That Puts A Sci-fi Twist To Typical Gakuen Mono Shizuka Shiroyama Is An Eighth Grader With A Mysterious Disease That Periodically Turns Her Somewhat Transparent... And Occasionally Completely Invisible She Needs Support From Her Friends And Family To Stay Solid, Both Literally And Figuratively, And This Teen-centric Romantic Comedy Explores Both Shizuka's Struggles As She Copes With The Incredible Translucent Syndrome And Her Struggles With Personal Insecurities, Early Career Aspirations, And Boys In This Volume, Mamoru And Shizuka Finally Go On An Official Date, Okouchi - Their Friend And The Student Body President - Decides To Be A Pushy Cupid, And A Trip To The Beach Leads To Some Heartbreaking Moments. Writer And Artist Kazuhiro Okamoto Crafts An Excellent Shojo Series That Is Both Smart And Sensitive, With Plenty Of Humor And A Dash Of Angst.

      SKU: 7278087
      ISBN: 9781593076771
      Author: Okamoto, Kazuhiro / Plechl, Heidi

    Seafaring Lore & Legend: A Miscellany Of Maritime Myth, Superstition, Fable, And Fact
      Seafaring Lore & Legend: A Miscellany Of Maritime Myth, Superstition, Fable, And Fact.

      "a Valuable And Lively Resource. Jeans Sorts Truth From Fiction With A Sure Hand And Does Full Equity To Both." -peter Stanford, President Emeritus, Nationa Maritime Historical Society "a Veritable Sourcebook Of Nautical History, Beliefs, And Heritage. Every True Mariner Will Get Lost In This Book."-"boating" "seafaring Lore And Legend" Is A Storehouse Of Wonders For Those Who Love The Sea. From Noah's Ark To Thor Heyerdahl's Raft, From Atlantis To The Northwest Passage, Author Peter Jeans Scours The Ages And The Seven Seas For Fanciful, Inspiring, And Bizarre Tales Of Sea Monsters, Ghost Ships, Lost Continents, Castaways, Pirates, Explorers, Superstitions, And Customs. Discover The Surprising Truths Behind: The Origins Of Naval Salutes And The Beaufort Scale Flogging A Dead Horse And Other Oddities Of Nautical Custom Sea Chanties, Scurvy, And The Hardships Of Life At Sea Infamous And Noteworthy Sea Captains And Their Ships Famous Wrecks And Mutinies Mermaids, Sirens, And Sea Nymphs Nautical Superstitions Such As The Albatross And Fiddler's Green And Much More This Is A Book You Can Open Anywhere To Savor For A Few Minutes Or An Afternoon. But Be Careful: It's Easy To Lose Track Of Time At Sea.

      SKU: 256831
      ISBN: 9780071486569
      Author: Jeans, Peter D.

    Isocrates Ii: Loeb Classic Lib #229
      Isocrates Ii: Loeb Classic Lib #229.

      The Importance Of Isocrates For The Study Of Greek Civilisation Of He Fourth Century Bce Is Indisputable. From 403 To 393 He Wrote Speeches For Athenian Law Courts, And Then Became A Teacher Of Composition For Would-be Orators. After Setting Up A School Of Rhetoric In Chios He Returned To Athens And Established There A Free School Of 'philosophia' Involving A Practical Education Of The Whole Mind, Character, Judgment, And Mastery Of Language. This School Had Famous Pupils From All Over The Greek World, Such As The Historians Ephorus And Theopompus And Orators Isaeus, Lycurgus, And Hypereides. Isocrates Also Wrote In Gifted Style Essays On Political Questions, His Main Idea Being A United Greece To Conquer The Persian Empire. Thus In His Fine Panegyricus (written For The 100th Olympiad Gathering In 380) He Urged That The Leadership Should Be Granted To Athens, Possibly In Conjunction With Sparta. In The End He Looked To Philip Of Macedon, But Died Just As Philip's Supremacy In Greece Began. Twenty-one Discourses By Isocrates Survive; These Include Political Essays, Treatises On Education And On Ethics, And Speeches For Legal Cases. Nine Letters Are Also Extant; They Are Concerned More With Public Than With Private Matters. The Loeb Classical Library Edition Of Isocrates Is In Three Volumes. Volume I Contains Six Discourses: To Demonicus, To Nicocles, Nicocles Or The Cyprians, Panegyricus, To Philip, And Archidamus. Five Are In Volume Ii: Areopagiticus, On The Peace, Panathenaicus, Against The Sophists, Antidosis. Volume Iii Contains Evagoras, Helen, Busiris, Plataicus, Concerning The Team Of Horses, Trapeziticus, Against Callimachus, Aegineticus, Against Lochites, And Against Euthynus, S Well As The Nine Extant Letters And A Comprehensive Index.

      SKU: 2467691
      ISBN: 9780674992528
      Author: Isocrates / Norlin, George

    Top O' The Mournin'
      Top O' The Mournin'.

      When Irish Eyes Are Lyin'... Emily Andrew Is Earning Some Much-needed Green By Navigating The Twisting Roads Of Ireland With A Group Of Seniors, Including Her Beloved Nana. But Once The Hearty Troupe From Iowa Lands On Irish Sod, Trouble Starts Brewing: There's A Death-defying Incident With A Horse-drawn Carriage . . . And A Gender-bending Encounter Wirh Emily's Ex-husband Jack, Now Known As Jackie. No Wonder Emily Has Come Down With A Smarting Case Of Hives The Plot Thickejs Like Irish Stew When The Group Settles Into Ballybantry Castle, Where A Ghost Is Said To Wander The Halls. But It's No Blarney When A Very Real Corpse Turns Up In One Of The Guest Rooms. While The Murderous Malarkey Has Emily Step-dancing As Fast As She Can, One Sure Thing Emerges From The Mists: Not Even St. Paddy Himself Could Drive Out The Spiteful Serpent That Slithers Among Them

      SKU: 2758569
      ISBN: 9780743458122
      Author: Hunter, Maddy

    Horse Sense
      Horse Sense.

      Henry Ward Beecher Said "the Common Sense Of One Century Is The General Sense Of The Next." That Said, These Pocket-sized Humor Books Pack Quite A Bit Of Punch-lines That Is. With More Than 1.5 Million Copies In Print, Their All-new Look Will Leave A Whole New Generation In Stitches

      SKU: 6368006
      ISBN: 9781423607076
      Author: Bender, Texas Bix

    Legends Lake
      Legends Lake.

      "joann Ross Triumphs Again " Said "romantic Times" Of Fair Haven. Now The Talented Author Returns To The Bewitching Irish Countryside In This Irresistible Tale Of Love's Extraordinary Possibilities. Prepare To Be Spellbound By The Magic Of In The Exclusive World Of Horse Racing, Alec Mackenna Is Known As A Hardheaded Trainer Who Cares More For An Animal's Welfare Than The Financial Bottom Line. After A Public Altercation With A Callous Owner Leaves His Career On The Brink Of Ruin, Alec's Only Chance For Redemption Is Legends Lake, A Thoroughbred With Triple Crown Potential And A Dangerous Problem That Could End Both Of Their Careers. Alec Escorts The Colt From The Bluegrass Hills Of Kentucky To The Emerald Pastures Of Ireland To Meet The Wom An Who Bred Him, In Hopes That She May Have The Answers That Will Save Them. Kate O'sullivan Is Happy To See Her Beloved Horse Come Home, Even Under Such Disturbing Circumstances. In Spite Of The Irascible Yank Who Came With Him, She Has The Feeling That Something In Her Life Is About To Change Forever. As Alec And Kate Work To Unravel The Mystery Of Legends Lake, They Discover Their Shared Concern For The Troubled Racehorse Could Turn Into Something Extraordinary For Each Other.

      SKU: 14712617
      ISBN: 9781451655551
      Author: Ross, Joann

    Journey With Loshay - A Tibetan Odyssey
      Journey With Loshay - A Tibetan Odyssey.

      This Is An Amazing Book Written By A Truly Remarkable Man The Long Rider Author Was A Scottish Medical Missionary Who Had Become Tibetan In All But His Broad Highland Brand Of Personal Enthusiasm. Relying Both On His Companionship With God And On His Own Strength, He Undertook A Life Few Can Have Known, And A Journey Of Emergency Across The Wildest Parts Of Tibet. In 1950 The Com Munists Advanced Into Tibet, And A Warning Had To Be Taken To India. The Only Way To Achieve This Was By Riding Through The Himalayas The Author Was A Superb Horseman; He Loved The Tibetans' Horseplay And Their Ribaldries; His Body Was An Engine As Efficient As Theirs For Mobile Operation In Low Temperatures At 20,000 Feet And He Could Forget About Baths For Two Months As Happily As They Could For Their Whole Lives.

      SKU: 7238752
      ISBN: 9781590481684
      Author: Patterson, George / Pilkington,, John

    Don't Park On The Roof
      Don't Park On The Roof.

      High No A New York City Rooftop Santa Claus Slides Down A Chimney With His Sack Of Toys. It Is His Last Stop Before The Reindeer Fly Him Home To The North Pole. But When Santa Returns To The Roof, The Reindeer And The Sleigh Are Gone. He Takes Off On A Bus In Pursuit And Then Transfers To A Horse Drawn Carriage. When The Trail Goes Dead In Times Square, He Switches To A Leaky Party Balloon For An Air Search That Ends With A Scary Landing. Even A Tip From The Statue Of Liberty Doen't Lead To His Reindeer. Just When It Seems All Hope Is Lost, Santa Finds Out That Sometimes The Wrong Road Guides You Home.

      SKU: 6419303
      ISBN: 9781425770969
      Author: Falk, Barbara Bustetter

    Why Does My Horse . . . ?
      Why Does My Horse . . . ?.

      Based On An Analysis Of How Horses Naturally Behave, This Practical And Helpful Handbook Addresses Common Problems That Owners Have With Their Horses And How To Overcome Them. Horse Owners Learn To Use A Horse's Natural Instincts As A Sociable Her Animal To Curb Such Behaviors As Fidgeting During Grooming, Pushing Their Owners Up Against A Wall, And Kicking Their Stable Walls. Written In An Accessible, Easy-to-reference A-z Format, Each Behavior Problem Is Addressed Both In Terms Of What Causes The Behavior And What Can Be Done To Solve It Before It Becomes Habitual And A Danger To The Horse And Its Rider.

      SKU: 822621
      ISBN: 9780285635623
      Author: Mcgreevy, Paul

    1999 In Horse Racing: 1999 Racehorse Births, 1999 Racehorse Deaths, Takeover Target, Makybe Diva, 1999 Grand National, Perfect Dri
      1999 In Horse Racing: 1999 Racehorse Births, 1999 Racehorse Deaths, Takeover Target, Makybe Diva, 1999 Grand National, Perfect Dri.

      Chapters: 1999 Epsom Derby, 1999 Cheltenham Gold Cup, 1999 Prix De L'arc De Triomphe, 1999 Melbourne Cup, . Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 18. Not Illustrated. Free Updates Online. Purchase Includes A Free Trial Membership In The Publisher's Book Club Where You Can Select From More Than A Million Books Without Charge. Excerpt: The 1999 Epsom Derby Was A Horse Race Which Took Place At Epsom Downs On Saturday June 5, 1999. It Was The 220th Running Of The Derby, And It Was Won By Oath. The Winner Was Ridden By Kieren Fallon And Trained By Henry Cecil. The Pre-race Favourite Dubai Millennium Finished Ninth. Further Details Of The Winner, Oath: Notable Runs By The Future Derby Participants As Two-year-olds In 1998. Early-season Appearances In 1999 And Trial Races Prior To Running In The Derby. Group 1 / Grade I Victories After Running In The Derby. ...more: Http: //booksllc.net/?id=1147203 5

      SKU: 8775695
      ISBN: 9781155999906
      Author: Books, Llc

    Authentic 925 Sterling Silver Bead Charm Blue Enamel Tropical Seahorse Pendant Beads Fit Women Pandora Bracelet Bangle Diy Jewelry Hka3555
      Authentic 925 Sterling Silver Bead Charm Blue Enamel Tropical Seahorse Pendant Beads Fit Women Pandora Bracelet Bangle Diy Jewelry Hka3555.

      Materail:925 Sterling Silver , Crystal Weight:2g .package With Opp Bag Warranty:100% 925 Sterling Silver,if No, We Pay You 10 Times Of This Price

      Category: Metals
      SKU: 396798908

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