Greenies Feline Dental Treats - Salmon & Chicken Flavor (2.5 Oz)

    Greenies Feline Dental Treats - Salmon & Chicken Flavor (2.5 Oz)
      Greenies Feline Dental Treats - Salmon & Chicken Flavor (2.5 Oz).

      Feline Greenies Fusion Flavor Dental Treats Provide A Tasty Treat That Cleans Your Pet's Mouth As They Chew. Greenies Feline Treats Are Recommended By Veterinarians For Dental Care In Cats. Greenies Contain A Natural Formula With Added Vitamins, Minerals, Taurine And Chlorophyll To Promote Healthy Teeth And Gums. The Treats Are Also Low-calorie, At Only 1.25 Calories Per Treat. The Crunchy Texture Of Feline Greenies Helps Reduce Tartar Build-up And Freshen Your Cat?s Breath. In Addition To Being Low-calorie And Rich In Nutrients, Greenies Are Nutritionally Complete And Balanced For Adult Cats. Feline Greenies Fusion Flavor Treats Combine Savory Salmon Flavor And Oven Roasted Chicken Flavor That Will Have Yoour Cat?s Mouth Watering! For Further Flavors, Check Out More Feline Greenies Flavor Fusion, Available In Ocean Fish Flavor & Tempting Tuna Flavor Or Try The Classic Catnip Flavor. For More Flavors, Check Out Feline Greenies Flavor Fusion, Serviceable In Savory Salmon Flavor & Oven Roasted Chicken Flavor And In Ocean Fish Flavor & Tempting Tuna Flavor. Key Features: Natural Formula With Added Vitamins, Mineral, Taurine And Chlorophyll Accepted By The Veterinary Oral Health Council For Tartar Control Low-calorie And 100% Nutritionally Complete And Balanced For Adult Cats

      Category: Cat Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, dental Cat Treats, gt, greenies Feline
      SKU: Feline-greenies-dental-treat-chicken-salmon-flavor-2-5oz

    Absorption Corp Carefresh Complete Natural Pet Bedding (30 Liter)
      Absorption Corp Carefresh Complete Natural Pet Bedding (30 Liter).

      Carefresh Complete Natural Pet Bedding Made From Reclaimed Pulp, Carefresh Natural Pet Bedding Is The Safest, Healthiest Pet Bedding For Your Small Animal. Free Of Inks, Dyes, Clay And Chemicals Used In The Paper Making Process, This Remarkably Natural Short-fiber Pulp Is Processed To Remove Potentially Harmful Aromatic Hydrocarbons That Exist In Pine And Cedar Oils. To Ensure The Safety Of Your Pet, This Natural Small Animal Bedding Is Even Tested For Contaminants And Sanitized To 380ā°f To Reduce Bacteria, Mold And Fungus. Carefresh Small Animal Bedding Provides Unsurpassed Odor Control For Your Pet's Cage, Hutch Or Habitat. Unlike Other Types Of Bedding Material, Carefresh Bedding Helps To Control Pet Odors By Working To Suppress The Formation Of Ammonia-the Primary Odor Source Found In Pet Urine. Carefresh Pet Bedding Is Super Absorbent As It Absorbs 3x Its Weight In Liquids From Pet Waste Or Water Bottle Leaks To Ensure Clean And Dry Pet Cages. Lasting Twice As Long As Most Types Of Shavings, This Natural Pet Bedding Also Helps To Save You Time And Money. All Natural Odor Control Formula Absorbs 3x Its Weight In Liquid Fun For Nesting And Burrowing Dust Free Provides Natural Comfort Made In The Usa Pine And Cedar Oil Free Biodegradable

      Category: Small Pets, gt, small Pet Beddings, gt, carefresh Pet Bedding
      SKU: Carefresh-natural-pet-bedding-30liter

    Groomer?s Edge Alpha White Pet Shampoo (16 Fl Oz)
      Groomer?s Edge Alpha White Pet Shampoo (16 Fl Oz).

      Groomer's Edge Alpha White Shampoo Is An Effective Stain Remover And Coat Brighter That Can Be Used Regularly For Show Ring Results. Dilutes 32:1.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, grooming Supplies, gt, general Shampoos , amp, amp, Conditioners, gt, groomer, s Edge, amp, reg, Pet Shampoos , amp, amp, Conditioners
      SKU: Groomers-edge-alpha-white-pet-shampoo-16-oz

    Ruffdawg - K9 Flyer
      Ruffdawg - K9 Flyer.

      The K9 Flyer Is The Next Generation Of Flying Discs. Perfect For Medium To Large Dogs, The K9 Flyer Soars Through The Air With Ease , And Will Provide Your Dog With Hours Of Catching And Retreiving Fun. The K9 Flyer Si: Great For Medium To Large Dogs Rugged And Bendable Tear And Puncture Resistant Gentle On Teeth And Gums 9.5" Assorted Colors Ruff Dawg

      Category: Dog Supplie, gt, dog Toys, gt, balls , amp, Fetch Toys, gt, ruffdawg Chew Toys
      SKU: K9flyer

    Loving Pets Sweet Potato & Chicken Wrap (8 Oz)
      Loving Pets Sweet Potato & Chicken Wrap (8 Oz).

      Now, Health Conscious Pet Owners Can Give Their Pampered Pet A Treat That Has Both The Protein And Nutrients Of 100% Pure Chicken And The Vitamins Of Fresh Fruits And Vegetables. Loving Pets Gourmet Chicken Wraps Are 100% Pure Chicken Filets Wrapped Around Apple, Carrot, Banana Or Sweet Potato. Our Wraps Are All Natural - No Chemical Additives, Fillers Or Byproducts. All Of Our Gourmet Treats Contain Glucosamine & Chondroitin To Help Keep Your Dog?s Joints Happy And Healthy. Your Dog Will Go Crazy For These Treats! Be Sure To Check Out Our ?customer Tails? Section For Countless Statements Regarding These Amazing Treats. Product Features: 100% Pure Chicken Breast Wrapped Around Real Slices Of Dried Sweet Potato Glucosamine & Chondroitin Dogs Love The Taste Recommended For Dogs Of All Sizes And Ages; Provide 1 Treat Per 15 Pounds Per Day

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, functional Dog Treats, gt, loving Pets Gourmet Wraps
      SKU: Lvngptsswtptchkwrp8

    Odorklenz Pet Deodorization Mitt
      Odorklenz Pet Deodorization Mitt.

      Odorklenz Pet Deodorizing Mitt Is Your Best Option For Safe And Effective Odor Elimination From Your Pet When Out And About. Odorklenz Pet Deodorizing Mitt Was Developed As An Easy To Use Mitt That Dispenses Deodorizing Powder Offering On-the-spot Field Treatment For Pets Who Have Been Sprayed By Skunks Or Gotten Into Something Stinking While Hunting, Walking, Hiking Or Playing When A Full Bath Is Just Not An Option. The Patented Technology Neutralizes The Offending Odor On Contact Minimizing The Possibility Of Contaminating The Car, The House, Or You. Odorklenz Contains No Masking Agents Or Alcohol. Sold Individually In A Packet Perfect For Storing With Camping Gear, Hunting Bags, Car's And Garages For Those Emergency Odor Situations.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, cleaning , amp, amp, Sanitation, gt, stain , amp, amp, Odor Removal, gt, odorklenz Stain , amp, Odor Removal
      SKU: Odorklenz-pet-deodorization-mitt

    Outward Hound Automobile Back Seat Hammock Protector
      Outward Hound Automobile Back Seat Hammock Protector.

      Outward Hound Automatic Back Seat Hammock Protector Is A Great For Protecting Your Car Seats And Keeps Your Pet Contained While Creating A Safer Drive For You And Your Pet. It Attaches Easily To Back Seats Of Most Vehicles. Proctects Your Pet From Falling Into The Back Seat Floor Helps Keep Your Seats And Upholstery Clean And Free Of Pet Hair Creates A Barrier To Keep Pets From Climbing Into Front Of Vehicle Reduces Distractions While Driving Product Dimensions: 56"l (door To Door) X 59"w (back Seat To Front Seat)

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, pet Home , amp, amp, Travel Essentials, gt, travel Supplies, gt, outward Hound Travel Supplies
      SKU: Ohhammock

    Ourpets Play-n-squeak Realmouse Cat Toy - Twinklemouse
      Ourpets Play-n-squeak Realmouse Cat Toy - Twinklemouse.

      The Play-n-squeak Twinkle Mouse Satisfies Your Cat's Preying Instinct Safely, And With No Mess. It Will Allow Your Cat The Opportunity To Stay Busy Hunting, Chasing, Stalking And Pouncing. This Cat Toy Has Eyes That Light Up And Twinkle So Your Kitty Can Play At Night! As With All Play-n-squeak Cat Toys, Twinkle Mouse Features The Electronic Realmouseā„¢ Sound Module That Creates The "squeak" That Cats Love. This Cat Toy Is Perfect For Mental And Physical Stimulation-it Keeps Them Alert, Agile And Healthy. Fun And Mentally Stimulating Includes Catnip For That Added Cat Attraction The Only Toy With Electronic Realmouse Sound

      Category: Cat Toys, gt, teaser Cat Toys, gt, ourpets Play-n-squeak Toys
      SKU: Ourpets-realmouse-twinklemouse

    Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Glow For Good Ball
      Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Glow For Good Ball.

      Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Glow For Good Ball Is A Glow-in-the-dark Ball That Offers The Perfect Play Experience For Dogs That Prefer The Night. This Ball Features All The Qualities That Make Planet Dog Toys The Favorite Of Dogs Everywhere- It's Bouncy, Buoyant, And Durable To Ensure That Your Dog's Play Experience Is Limited Only By Your Own Imagination. The Toy Also Features A Minty Fragrance To Further Entice Your Dog. Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Glow For Good Ball Is Made In The Usa And Features A "planet Dog Foundation&qut; Design- Indicating That Part Of The Profits Go To Training, Placing, And Supporting Service Dogs. The Ball Measures 2.5 Inches In Diameter To Ensure That It's The Perfect Size For Most Dogs. Your Dog Will Love This Ball And So Will The Service Dogs Who Are Aided By Your Support- So Please, Order This Ball For Your Dog Today! Key Features: Glows In The Dark Bouncy, Buoyant, Durable, And Minty 2.5" In Diameter Part Of Proceeds Go To Planet Dog Foundation To Support And Train Service Dogs

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Toys, gt, balls , amp, Fetch Toys, gt, planet Dog Fetch Toys
      SKU: Planet-dog-orbee-tuff-glow-good-ball

    Thomas Labs Fish Mycin 250mg - Erythromycin Powder (60 Packets)
      Thomas Labs Fish Mycin 250mg - Erythromycin Powder (60 Packets).

      Erythromycin Powder - Single Use Measured Dose Packets Useful For Control Of Some Common Bacterial Diseases Of Fish Including Aeromonas And Pseudomonas Genera And Mysobacterial Group (gill Diseases, Chondrococcus).

      Category: Aquarium , amp, amp, Fish Supplies, gt, fish Medications , amp, amp, Vitamins, gt, fish Mycin , erythromycin,
      SKU: Thomas-labs-fish-mycin-250-mg-60-packets

    Peril At King's Creek: A Felicity Mystery
      Peril At King's Creek: A Felicity Mystery.

      Felicity Is Spending The Summer Of 1776 At Her Family's Virginia Plantation, King's Creek, Where She Rides Her Beloved Horse Penny Every Day. But Soon Felicity Hears News That British Soldiers Are Burning Patriot Farms And Raiding Their Animals. Could The British Threaten King's Creek...and Penny?

      SKU: 7288300
      ISBN: 9781593691011
      Author: Jones, Elizabeth Mcdavid

    Face To Face With Wild Orses
      Face To Face With Wild Orses.

      You Approach With Caution, Drawn To Their Equine Beauty. The Sleek Stallion, The Magnificent Mare, And The Gentle Foal Look Like Any Happy Family. But Don't Get Too Close. These Are Wild Horses, Untamed By Humans. Now Photographers Yva Momatiuk And John Eastcott Take You Inside The World Of The Wild Horse. This Husband-and-wife Team Of Committed Experts Makes A Case For The Conservation Of One Of America's Favorite Wild Species.

      SKU: 6431258
      ISBN: 9781426304668
      Author: Momatiuk, Yva / Eastcott, John

    Death Of The Iron Horse
      Death Of The Iron Horse.

      The Iron Horse Was Coming...thunderinng And Panting And Breathing Black Smoke, It Was A Fearsome Thing. The Cheyenne People Had Never Seen A Steam Locomotive Before, And It Terrified Them. Would It Come Right Over The Hill, Into Their Camp, Just As The Relentless Soldiers And White Settlers Had Done Before? Powerful Words And Pictures Tell The True Story Of August 7, 1867 - The Only Time An "iron Horse" Was Derailed By Native Americans. It Is A Tale Of Courage And Pride And Of A People Caught Up In An Unequal Struggle To Preserve Their Sacred Way Of Life.

      SKU: 2534050
      ISBN: 9780689716867
      Author: Goble, Paul

    Napoleon's Hemorrhoids: And Other Small Events That Changed History
      Napoleon's Hemorrhoids: And Other Small Events That Changed History.

      What Were Albert Einstein's Last Words? What Was Hitler's Real Name? What Famousartist Was Mistakenly Thought To Be Stillborn? What Sport Did Fidel Castroalmost Play Professionally In America? These Questions And More Are Answeredin Napoleon's Hemorrhoids, A Roller Coaster Of Historical Information. Napoleon'spainful Hemorrhoids Prevented Him From Mounting His Horse To Survey The Battlefield.hitler's Father's Name Was Actually Shicklgruber, But When His Motherremarried, He Took His Stepfather's Name-hitler. Fidel Castro Almost Became A6aseball Player. Picasso Was Stillborn Until His Uncle Revived Him By Blowing Cigarsmoke In His Face. One Actually Knows Einstein's Last Words. They Werein German, A Language His Nurse Did Not Speak.

      SKU: 7445179
      ISBN: 9781616081324
      Author: Mason, Phil

    The Collected Short Stories Of Louis L'amour: The Frontier Stories
      The Collected Short Stories Of Louis L'amour: The Frontier Stories.

      This Third Volume Of Louis L'amour's Collected Stories Gathers Twenty-eight Tales Of The American West In A Keepsake Edition Sure To Delight Fans Old And New. This Collection Is A Thrilling Tribute To The Unique Spirit Of Our Frontier Heritage And Proves Again The Enduring Popularity Of America's Favorite Storyteller. The Essence Of Louis L'amour's Timeless Appeal Can Be Found In These Unforgettable Short Stories. Filled With Men And Women Who Embody The Values We Chersih Most, L'amour's Frontier Tales Satisfy Our Longing For The Inspiration Provided By Those Who Struggle Against The Odds With Justice, Honor, And Courage. Open This Volume Anywhere And You'll Discover Classic Stories You'll Never Forget: Like That Of The Man Who Finds A Gruesome Mystery At The Site Where A Friend's Ranch Has Vanished Into Thin Air, Or The One About The Soft-spoken Youthful Suitor Accused Of Cowardice Who Proves His Courage When The Guns Are Against Him...without Firing A Shot. You'll Read Stories Of Ordinary People Faced With Extraordinary Circumstances, From The Drifter Who Poses As A Murdered Man To Explain A Mystery To The Grizzled Recluse Who Protects A Runaway From A Brutal "guardian" With The Law On His Side. Whether Following The Exploits Of A Couple Taking Refuge In A Cabin With A Group Of Outlaws Who Don't Intend To Let Them See Sunrise Or A Man On Horseback Battling Sleeplessness, Indians, And A Cold-blooded Killer In A Life-and-death Race Through A Harsh Wilderness, These Gripping Tales All Have One Thing In Common: You Won't Be Able To Put Them Down Until The Last Page. For Lovers Of Great Storytelling Everywhere, This Exciting Collection Features The Unforgettable Characters, Heart-stopping Drama, And Careful Attention To Historical Detail That Have Entertained Readers For Decades And Earned Louis L'amour A Permanent Place Among Our Finest American Writers. "from The Hardcover Edition."

      SKU: 11420278
      ISBN: 9780739378069
      Author: L'amour, Louis

    To Shield The Queen
      To Shield The Queen.

      "loyal Servant. Devoted Favorer. Perfect Target." Rumor Has Linked Queen Elizabeth I To Her Master Of Horse, Robin Dudley. And What Rumors, At That: But For His Ailing Wife, Amy, Dudley Would Wed Her Majesty, The Gossipmongers Are Whispering. To Quell Idle Tongues, Elizabeth Dispatches Ursula Blanchard To Tend To The Sick Woman's Needs. But Not Even Ursula Can Prevent The "accident≈quot; That Takes Amy's Life. Did She Fall Or Was She Pushed? Was Ursula A Pawn Of Dudley And The Queen? Suddenly Ursula Finds Herself At The Center Of The Scandal, Trying To Protect Elizabeth Ae She Loses Her Heart To A Frenchman Who May Be Flirting With Sedition Against Her Queen. She Can Trust No One, Neither Her Lover Nor Her Monarch, As She Sets Out To Find The Truth In A Glittering Court That Conceasls A Wellspring Of Blood And Lies.

      SKU: 2760320
      ISBN: 9780743489072
      Author: Buckley, Fiona

    Belle's Journey
      Belle's Journey.

      Belle Is Too Old And Stiff To Pull The Ploughs Or The Wagons Anymore. In Fact, Molly's Horse Barely Earns Her Keep By Carrying The Young Girl To Piano Lessons Once A Week. When Father Wonders If They Should Get Rid Of Belle, Molly Is Delighted At The Thought Of Prancing And Galloping On A Beautiful New Pony. But One Winter Day On The Way Home From Piano Lessons, Molly And Belle Become Lost In A Sudden Blizzard. And Belle, Old And Stiff As She Is, Confronts The Terrible Storm With Every Ounce Of Will She Possesses. No Matter What, Belle Will Not Give Up Until She Brings Molly Home. Set On The Prairies During The Twenties, Belle's Journey Is A Moving Story Of Steadfast Devotion And A Heroic Fight On Account Of Survival. Marilynn Reynolds Is The Bestselling Author Of A Number Of Picturebooks From Orca, Including A Present For Mrs Kazinski, The Prairie Fire, The New Land, A Dog For A Friend And The Name Of The Child, Published In 2002. Her Book Goodbye To Griffiths Street Won The Christie Harris Award In 2005. Marilynn Reynolds Was Born In Sudbury, Ontario, But Has Spent Most Of Her Life On The Prairies. This Life, Combined With Her Mother's And Grandparents' Experiences Growing Up In Wide-open Spaces, Gave Her A Wealth Of Story Material And A Unique Look At Early Canadian Life. Stephen Mccallum Is The Illustrator Of A Number Of Picturebooks, Including A Dog For A Friend, The Good Companion And The New Land.

      SKU: 6836116
      ISBN: 9781551430218
      Author: Reynolds, Marilynn / Mccallum, Stephen

    Why Do Horses Have Manes?
      Why Do Horses Have Manes?.

      Why Do Horses Let People Ride Them? What Did Horses Look Like Milliions Of Years Ago? Can Horses Really Sleep Standing Up? Veteran Children's Author Elizabeth Macleod Answers These And Dozens Of Other Horsey Questions In This Ultimate Companion Book For Young Horse Lovers. Like "why Do Dogs Have Wet Noses" And "why Do Cats Have Whiskers?," The Question-and-answer Format Makes This Book Perfect Both For Browsing And For School-project Research. Kids Don't Need To Own Or Ride A Horse To Love This Book, As It Is Not About Riding But Instead Showcases The Horse As A Fascinating Animal. Humans And Horses Have Shared A Long History Together And This Book Covers It All: When Horses Flew: Famous Horses, Prehistoric Horses, Legendary Horses, Horse Lore And Factspintos, Percherons And Palominos: Breeds, Ponies Vs. Horses, Wild Horses, Horses Around The World, Weird Horsesthe Mane Tale: The Many Quirks Of Horse Bodies And Behavior Straight From The Horse's Mouth: Horse Language, Horse Expressions, Hero Horses, Horse Whisperers

      SKU: 6856277
      ISBN: 9781554533121
      Author: Macleod, Elizabeth

    White Shotgun: An Fbi Special Agent Ana Grey Novel
      White Shotgun: An Fbi Special Agent Ana Grey Novel.

      Special Agent Ana Grey-intense, Unpredictable, Brilliant-returns In An Electrifying New Novel. Even On Leave From The Fbi, Ana Can't Kick Old Habits: When She Witnesses A Drive- By Shooting At An Italian Restaurant In London, She Helps The Injured And Gives Testimony To The Police. Still, It Comes As A Shock When, Soon After, The Bureau Contacts Her-not Because They Want Her To Investigate The Shooting, But Because They Want Her To Investigate The Half-sister She Never Knew She Had, Cecilia, Who Lives In Siena And Is Married To Nicosa, A Coffee Mogul With Suspicious Connections. But Settling Into Their Home Under False Pretenses Is The Least Of The Complications Ana Encounters. The Entire City Of Siena Is Gearing Up For Its Legendary Horse Race, The Palio-the Dazzling Annual Culmination Of Ancient Rivalries Between The City's Many Wards. But When Her Nephew Is Stabbed And Her Sister Goes Missing, Ana Understands With Painful Clarity That There's More Than A Horse Race At Stake Here. And For Ana Herself, It Will Mean An Almost Impossible Choice Between Duty And Family . . .

      SKU: 11655866
      ISBN: 9780307270139
      Author: Smith, April


      Notable For Its Detailed Portrait Of Indian People, Culture, And Its Varied Religions, Kim Is Kipling's Best Serious Long Novel. One Of The Particular Pleasures Of Reading Kim Is The Full Range Of Emotion, Knowledge, And Experience That Rudyard Kipling Gives His Complex Hero. Kim O'hara, The Orphaned Son Of An Irish Soldier Stationed In India, Is Neither Innocent Nor Victimized. Raised By An Opium-addicted Half-caste Woman Since His Equally Dissolute Father's Death, The Boy Has Grown Up In The Streets Of Lahore: Though He Was Burned Black As Any Native; Though He Spoke The Vernacular By Preference, And His Mother-tongue In A Clipped Uncertain Sing-song; Though He Consorted On Terms Of Perfect Equality With The Small Boys Of The Bazar; Kim Was White-a Poor White Of The Very Poorest. From His Father And The Woman Who Raised Him, Kim Has Come To Believe That A Great Destiny Awaits Him. The Details, However, Are A Bit Fuzzy, Consisting As They Do Of The Woman's Addled Prophecies Of "'a Great Red Bull On A Green Field, And The Colonel Riding On His Tall Horse, Yes, And'-dropping Into English-'nine Hundred Devils.'" In The Meantime, Kim Amuses Himself With Intrigues, Executing "commissions By Night On The Crowded Housetops For Sleek And Shiny Young Men Of Fashion." His Peculiar Heritage As A White Child Gone Native, Combined With His "love Of The Game For Its Own Sake," Makes Him Uniquely Suited For A Bigger Game. And When, At Last, The Long-awaited Colonel Comes Along, Kim Is Recruited As A Spy In Britain's Struggle To Maintain Its Colonial Grip On India. Kipling Was, First And Foremost, A Man Of His Time; Born And Raised In India In The 19th Century, He Was A Fervid Supporter Of The Raj. Nevertheless, His Portrait Of India And Its People Is Remarkably Sympathetic. Yes, There Is The Stereotypical Westernized Indian Babu Huree Chander With His Atrocious English, But There Is Also Kim's Friend And Mentor, The Afghani Horse Trader Mahub Ali, And The Gentle Tibetan Lama With Whom Kim Travels Along The Grand Trunk Road. The Humanity Of His Characters Consistently Belies Kipling's Private Prejudices, And Raises Kim Above The Mere Ripping Good Yarn To The Level Of A Timeless Classic. - Alix Wilber

      SKU: 7395862
      ISBN: 9781604440683
      Author: Kipling, Rudyard

    Hub City Anthology 2: More Spartanburg Writers And Artists
      Hub City Anthology 2: More Spartanburg Writers And Artists.

      The Hub City Writers Project Introduces New Places And New Voices In This Collection Of Creative Nonfiction Set In And Aronud The City Of Spartanburg, South Carolina. From A Window Seat On A City Bus To The Hard Pews Of A Country Church, From A Loading Dock To A Horse Farm, These Writers Explore Their Relationships To The Community That Either Gave Birth To Or Nourished Their Art. Writing With Humor, Passion, And Self-revelation, Fourteen New Hub City Writers Take Readers On A Rambling Tour Of Their Hometown: A College Campus At 3 A.m., A Mill Village In The Grip Of Economic Change, A Junior High School Confronting Integration, A Mortuary, An Old-time Barbershop, A Retirement Home, And A Depot Diner. Emerging From Their Essays Is A Greater Story About The Complexities Of Community Life. Anthology 2 Is A Return To The Original Formula For The Hub City Writers Project, Which Began Publishing In 1996 With A Similar Collection Of Nonfiction Stories, Art And Photography. This Book, Hub City's Tenth Title, Is A Celebration Of The Literary Organization's Staying Power And Its Commitment To A Continuing Conversation With Spartanburg.

      SKU: 7711494
      ISBN: 9781891885150
      Author: Teter, Betsy Wakefield

    Over The Moon At The Big Lizard Diner
      Over The Moon At The Big Lizard Diner.

      Big Lizard Bottoms-where Getting Hitched Is A Local Industry-is Not Any Place Lindsey Attwood, A Play-it-safe Paleontologist Who's Sworn Off Romance, Ever Expected To Find Herself. She's Here Posing As A Horse Psychology Student To Help Recover Dinosaur Tracks Stolen From A Local Guest Ranch. After Only A Day At The Ranch, Things Start Spiraling Out Of Control. Her Horse-therapy Horse Hates Her, She's Been Adopted By A Huge Stray Dog With A Bad Reputation, And There's This Local Rancher Who Has Her All Moonstruck. After Years Of Digging Around In The Past, Lindsey's Wondering If It's Finally Time To See What The Present Has To Offer.

      SKU: 1473482
      ISBN: 9780451216649
      Author: Wingate, Lisa

    Lone Eagle
      Lone Eagle.

      In The Wilds Of 1856 Wyoming, The Daughter Of A White Landowner And A Slave Woman Escapes The Harsh Existence Forced On Her By Her Father, Who Treats Her As A Slave Despite Her Fair Skin. When Her Horse Goes Lame, She Steals One From A Nearby Crow Indian Village, Only To Be Caught By Its Owner, The Proud Lone Eagle. But The Warrior's Anger Quickly Turns To Passion For This Willful Woman, And Her Own Desire For Escape And Freedom Turns Into Something Else Entirely....

      SKU: 1475749
      ISBN: 9780451408624
      Author: Edwards, Cassie

    Straphanging In The Usa: Trolleys And Subways In American Life
      Straphanging In The Usa: Trolleys And Subways In American Life.

      A Riveting Look At The Evolution Of Transportation In American Cities, Straphanging In America Begins With An Examination Of The Horsecar And Omnibus, Then Traces The Extraordinary Impact Of The Cable Car, Elevated Railway, Interurban, And Subway On City Life - And The Nation. Capturing People's Imaginations With Its "magical" Use Of Electricity, Trolley Cars Made Pollution-free, Inexpensive, Mass Urban Transportation Possible And Created Suburbs. Interurbans Connected Cities, Spawned New Towns, And Made Overland Travel A National Pastime. Subways Solved The Problem Of Street Congestion. Beyond The Effects On Landscape, Urban Transport Unified Cities As People Of All Economic Backgrounds Rubbed Elbows. Vividly Illustrating America's Urban Transformation, Straphanging In America Captures The Excitement Of A Nation And Its Burgeoning Technology.

      SKU: 539676
      ISBN: 9780195132298
      Author: Sandler, Martin W. / Oxford University Press

    Hot Sale New Arrival 12pcs Profeessional Cosmetic Makeup Brushes With Tin Box
      Hot Sale New Arrival 12pcs Profeessional Cosmetic Makeup Brushes With Tin Box.

      This 12pcs Makeup Brush Sets,use First Class Quality Nylon Hair, Graceful Color,and Eco-friend Plastic Material Handle. It Is Perfect For Beauty Makeup Daily And Professional Makeup. Color:rose Gold Oval & Customized Brush Handle:wooden,bamboo,plastic And More Brush Hair:horse Hair Brush Ferrule:aluminum, Copper Brush Bag:pu Moq:1set And More Style:fashion And Romantic

      Category: Makeupbrushes
      SKU: 398879093

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