Omega Alpha Vantiox (1 Lb)

    Omega Alpha Vantiox (1 Lb)
      Omega Alpha Vantiox (1 Lb).

      Omega Alpha Vantiox Is A Horse Supplement That Provides Essential Nutrients That Help Protect Muscles. Ensuring That Your Horse Is Properly Trained And In Optimal Shape Can Be An Exchaustive Task. In Addition To Supplementation To Grow Muscles And Maintain Energy During Training And Competitions, It Can Also Be Useful To Ensure That Their Muscles Are Protected From Attrition And Injury. Omega Alpha Vantiox Ensures That Your Horse's Muscles Are Protected By Supplying Your Horse With Ample Vitamins, Minerals And Antioxidants. This Container Comes With One Pound Of Powder- But A Larger Container With Two Pounds Of The Supplement Is Also Avialable. Keep Your Horse's Muscles Protected Securely By Ordering A Container Today! Antioxidants Regenerate Connective Tissue And Vitamin E, Replenish Cell Wall, And Boost Immune Function Contains Zinc And Selenium To Improve Functions Of Important Biomechanical Systems

      Category: Horse , amp, amp, Livestock Products, gt, horse Bone, Joint , amp, amp, Muscle Care, gt, omega Alpha Joint Care For Horses
      SKU: Omega-alpha-vantiox-1-lb

    Equinevet Antimicrobial Wound Cleaner (8 Oz)
      Equinevet Antimicrobial Wound Cleaner (8 Oz).

      This Antimicrobial, Deodorizing Cleanser Is Effective Against Mrsa, Vre, A. Niger, C. Albicans, E. Coli, Ps. Aeruginosa, S. Aureus And S. Epidermis. Loosens And Removes Protein And Wound Debris And Helps Decrease The Risk Of Infection In Superficial Wounds. Sustains A Moist Wound Environment. No-rinse, Non-irritating Formula. Trigger Sprayer Bottle For Easy Application.

      Category: Horse , amp, amp, Livestock Products, gt, horse Wound Care, gt, equinevet Wound Cleaner
      SKU: Equinevet-antimicrobial-wound-cleaner-8-oz

    Adeptus Gleam & Gain Supreme 60 For Horses (3.75 Lbs)
      Adeptus Gleam & Gain Supreme 60 For Horses (3.75 Lbs).

      The Advanced And Concentrated Version Of Gleam & Gain Contains 60% Fat From Healthy Sources That Provide High Quality Omega-3 Fatty Acids. Omega-3 Fatty Acids Are Great For Allergies (especially Skin Allergies), Natural Anti-inflammatory Action, And Of Course Coat Quality. The Primary Source Of The Omega-3 Fatty Acids Is Heat Stabilized Flax Which Also Has A Mild Gel Consistency To Help Cleanse Sand And Dirt From The Gastro-intestinal Tract. This Product Also Contains Concentrated Dha Which Is Great For Stallion Semen Longevity And Potency. The Base Ingredient Is A Prebiotic Yeast Culture To Enhance Digestion Too. This High Fat Product Helps Add Calm Calories To The Diet With Two Or More Scoops, And For Coat Enhancement Just Feed One Scoop. It Is Safe To Add To Any Ration. Please Note: All Food Is Shipped Via Ground Delivery, Only To The Contiguous (48) States. Please Allow 7 To 10 Days For Your Delivery To Arrive. (more Info)

      Category: Horse , amp, amp, Livestock Products, gt, horse Nutritional Supplements, gt, gleam , amp, Gain, amp, reg, Supreme 60 For Horses
      SKU: Gleam-gain-supreme-horses-3-75-lbs

    Honest Kitchen Embark Dehydrated Grain-free Turkey Dog Food (4 Lbs)
      Honest Kitchen Embark Dehydrated Grain-free Turkey Dog Food (4 Lbs).

      Honest Kitchen Embark Dehydrated Grain-free Turkey Dog Food Is A Grain-free Dog Food That Is Made With Cage-free Turkey And Produce Such As Celery, Spinach And Apples. This Natural, Human Grade Food Is Higher In Protein And Fat Making It Great For All Life Stages, Including Puppies, Pregnancy And Nursing. Embark Is Also Great For Dogs Who Have Allergies To Grains, Gluten, Fish Or Beef. It Is Also For Owners Looking To Put Their Dog On A Low Carbohydrate Dog Food. 4 Lb Box Great For All Life Stages, Including Puppies, Pregnancy And Nursing All Natural, Human Grade Grain And Gluten Free Great For Dogs That Have Food Allergies Or Are Sensitive To Grains, Gluten, Eggs, Beef Or Fish All Food Is Shipped Ground Delivery. Please Allow 7 To 12 Days For Your Delivery To Arrive. Please Note, We Do Not Ship Pet Food Internationally. For More Shipping Info Click Here.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Food, gt, freeze Dried Dog Food, gt, honest Kitchen Dehydrated Dog Food
      SKU: Honest-kitchen-embark-dehydrated-grain-free-turkey-dog-food-4-lbs

    Kong Mega Wubba
      Kong Mega Wubba.

      Kong Mega Wubba Unique Large Size: Perfect For Large Dogs And Fun Challenge For Medium Dogs Classic Wubba Design And Fabric More Than Two Feet Long Reinforced Stitching Holds Up To Active Play Ideal For Shaking And Tug Of War Perfect For Multiple Dog Play You Probably Do Not Have The Flash Player Installed For Your Browser Or The Video Files Are Misplaced On The Server!

      SKU: Kongmegawuba

    Sportdog Bark Control - 18 Levels
      Sportdog Bark Control - 18 Levels.

      The Nobark 18 By Sportdog Brand Is An Easy To Use Bark Correction Collar Designed To Safely And Effectively Stop Your Dog?s Nuisance Barking. With 18 Levels Of Stimulation And No Programming Required, You Can Easily And Effectively Control Your Dog's Barking. The Nobark 18's Safety Features Include Perfect Bark Technology, Which Requires Both Vibration And Sound To Trigger A Correction. This Provides Firm, Fair And Consistent Bark Control. With An Automatic Safety Shut-off, You Can Be Sure Your Dog Will Not Be Overcorrected As W Ell. The Nobark Was Also Built To Last; Featuring A Waterproof Collar Receiver, A Long-life, Replaceable Lithium Battery And An Adjustable Collar For Neck Sizes Between 6 And 28 Inches. Automatically Stops Barking Perfect Bark Technology Eliminates False Corrections No Programming Required Collar Adjustable To Neck Sizes From 6 To 28 Inches Waterproof The Lightest Bark Collar Available, Only 1.5 Ounces

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, training , amp, amp, Behavior, gt, bark Control, gt, sportdog Bark Control Collars
      SKU: Scb18

    Stratford Chlorhexidine Dental Wipes (50 Count)
      Stratford Chlorhexidine Dental Wipes (50 Count).

      Stratford Chlorhexidine Dental Wipes Are An Easy Way To Maintain Your Pet's Dental Hygiene Without Brushing. With A Formula Made For Both Cats And Dogs, These Wipes Work To Remove Plaque And Tartar Buildup At Its Source. Chlorhexidine Works As An Antimicrobial Agent To Kill The Bacteria That Cause Plaque And Tartar Build-up. Additionally, Because Tyey Eliminate Bacteria That Causes Malodor, These Wipes Are Excellent At Reducing Bad Breath. Stratford Chlorhexidine Dental Wipes Provide An Antimicrobial Agent That Is Crucial To Maintaining Healthy Teeth And Gums By Preventing Tooth Decay And Gingivitis. This Package Comes With Fifty Wipes To Provide An Ample Supply Of Dental Wipes For Your Pet. These Dental Wipes Will Ensure That Your Pet's Teeth And Gums Stay Safe From Harmful Bacterial, So Order Them Today! Key Features: Kills Bacteria That Causes Tartar And Plaque Buildup Comes With 50 Wipes For Use In Both Cats And Dogs

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dental Products, gt, dental Wipes, gt, stratford Chlorhexidine Dental Wipes
      SKU: Stratford-chlorhexidine-dental-wipes

    Total-zymes Powder (2.22 Oz)
      Total-zymes Powder (2.22 Oz).

      Total-zymes Powder Is A Quality Broad Spectrum Digestive Enzyme Product That Helps Your Pet Get As Many Nutrients As Possible Out Of The Food That They Eat. Feeding Your Pets Cooked Or Processed Pet Food Can Actually Be Detrimental To Their Health. While You May Not Be Able To Feed Your Pet Raw Food, You Can Make Sure That They?re Getting All Of The Nutrients Out Of The Food That You Do Give Them. Broad Spectrum Formulla Total-zymes Powder Allows The Nutrients In Your Pet?s Feed To Reach Them At The Cellular Level. It?s Recommended By Vets And Is Free Of Chemicals, Soy, Artificial Coloring, Preservatives And Gluten. The Product Contains 14 Natural Enzymes And Is Vegetarian Approved. Benefits All Natural Powerful Enzyme Formula One Jar Treats 100 Cups Of Food

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, food Supplements, gt, probiotics , amp, Digestion Supplements, gt, nwc Naturals Total-zymes , amp, Total-biotics
      SKU: Total-zymes-powder-2-22-oz

    Chosen By The Spirits: Following Your Shamanic Calling
      Chosen By The Spirits: Following Your Shamanic Calling.

      - Mongolian Shamaness Sarangerel Provides A Hands-on Guide For Serious Students Of The Shamanic Path. - Includes Complete Directions For Traditional Siberian Rituals, Meditations, And Divination Techniues Never Before Published. - Shows How To Recognize And Acknowledge A Call From The Spirits. - Offers Traditional Wisdom For Nurturing A Working Relationship With Personal Spirit Helpers To Promote Healing And Balance In A Community. The Shaman's Purpose Is To Heal And Restore Balance To His Or Her Community By Developing A Working Relationship With The Spirit World. Mongolian Shamanic Tradition Maintains That All True Shamans Are Called By The Spirits-but Those Who Are Not From Shamanic Cultures May Have Difficulty Recognizing The Call Or Nurturing The Essential Shamanic Relationship With Their Helper Spirits. Buryat Shamaness Sarangerel Has Written "chosen By The Spirits" As A Guide For Both The Beginning Shaman And The Advanced Practitioner. Although Raised In The United States, She Was Drawn To The Shamanic Tradition ,and In 1991 Returned To Her Ancestrla Homeland In The Tunken Region Of Southern Siberia To Study With Traditional Buryat Shamans. Her First Book, "riding Windhorses," Provided An Introduction To The Shamanic World Of Siberia. "chosen By The Spirits" Delves More Deeply Into The Personal Relationship Between The Shamanic Student And His Or Her "spirit Family." Sarangerel Recounts Her Own Journey Into Shamanic Practice And Provides The Serious Student With Practical Advice And Hands-on Techniques For Recognizing And Acknowledging A Shamanic Calling, Welcoming And Embodying The Spirits, Journeying To The Spirit World, And Healing Both People And Places.

      SKU: 4024907
      ISBN: 9780892818617
      Author: Sarangerel

    Desert Survival Skills
      Desert Survival Skills.

      Remote Desert Locations, Including The Chihuahuan Desert Of Northern Mexico, Southern Texas, New Mexico, And Arizona, Draw Adventurers Of All Kinds, From The Highly Skilled And Well Prepared To Urban Cowboys Who Couldn't Lead Themselves (much Less A Horse ) To Water. David Alloway's Goal In This Book Is To Help All Of Them Survive When Circumstances Beyond Their Control Strand Them In The Desert Environment. In Simple, Friendly Language, Enlivened With Humor And Stories From His Own Extensive Experience, Alloway Here Offers A Practical, Comprehensive Handbook For Both Short-term And Long-term Survival In The Chihuahuan And Other Northerly American Deserts.

      SKU: 823423
      ISBN: 9780292704923
      Author: Alloway, David

    The White Horse King: The Life Of Alfred The Great
      The White Horse King: The Life Of Alfred The Great.

      Sometimes The Heroes Of History Are Truly Worthy Of The Golden Reputations They Carry. King Alfred United Anglo-saxon Negland Against A Viking Invasion, Led The English Into Battle Against The Danish Hordes, Created A Renaissance Of Literature And The Arts, Reformed The Legal System, And Set The Stage For A Revival Of Christian Worship. But That's Not What Made Him Great. Ben Merkle Unravels The Tale Of How A Great Man Came To Power During One Of The Most Difficult Periods In English History, How He Led His Nation Through Them, And How He Laid The Groundwork For England's Coming Triumphs On The Global Stage.

      SKU: 7311570
      ISBN: 9781595552525
      Author: Merkle, Benjamin R.

    The Gigantic Book Of Horse Wisdom
      The Gigantic Book Of Horse Wisdom.

      Can You Recall The First Time You Rode A Horse Or Galloped Down An Empty Beach? The First Time You Heard The Knowing "neigh" As The Saddle Shifted On The Proud Stallion's Back? Bring Back Those Wonderful Memories With This Enormous 800-page Anthology. Featuring Personal Insights From Some Of The World's Foremost Equestrian Writers, Including Anna Sewell, Nicholas Evans, Cormac Mccarthy, And Others, It Will Surely Pull The Heartstrings Of Serious Jockeys And Casual Riders Alike. Traveling From The Open Plains To The Cattle Ranches Of The Beauteous Midwest, From The Quiet Seclusion Of Small Town America To The Clamor Of New York, This Special Volume Reminds Us Of All The Little Bits Of Wisdom We Can Learn From Our Equestrian Friends.

      SKU: 7379108
      ISBN: 9781602390966
      Author: Meagher, Thomas / Brannaman, Buck

    Night Of Fire: The Ether Chronicles
      Night Of Fire: The Ether Chronicles.

      "night Of Fire, Night Of Passion" Us Army Upland Ranger Tom Knox Alwways Knew Going Home Wouldn't Be Easy. Three Years Ago, He Skipped Town, Leaving Behind The Only Woman Who Ever Mattered; Now That He's Seen The Front Lines Of War, He's Ready To Do What He Must To Win Her Back. Rosa Campos Is Long Past Wasting Tears On Tom Knox, And Now That She's Sheriff Of Thornville, She Has More Than Enough To Do. Especially When A Five-story Rock-eating Mining Machine Barrels Toward The Town She's Sworn To Protect. Tom's The Last Person Rosa Expects Ot See Riding To Her Aid On His Ether-borne Mechanical Horse. She May Not Be Ready To Forgive, But Rosa Can' T Deny That Having Him At Her Side Brings Back Blissful Memories . . . Even As It Reignites A Flame More Dangerous Than The Enemy Threatening To Destroy Them Both.

      SKU: 19212366
      ISBN: 9780062201096
      Author: Rosso, Nico

    Nickelback: Sheet Music Anthology: Piano/vocal/chords
      Nickelback: Sheet Music Anthology: Piano/vocal/chords.

      After More Than A Decade Of Hits And Sold-out Concerts, Nickelback Presents Their First Multi-album Sheet Music Anthology Designed Especially For Pianists And Singers Who Are Fans Of Nickelback, The Songbook Contains Sheet Music For 15 Selected Songs Spanning 4 Hit Albums, Including The 2009 Album Dark Horse. Titles: Far Away (all The Right Reasons) * Feelina Way Too Good (the Long Road) * Figured You Out (the Long Road) * Gotta Be Somebody (dark Horse) * How You Remind Me (silver Side Up) * I'd Come For You (dark Horse) * If Everyone Cared (all The Right Reasons) * If Today Was Your Last Day (dark Horse) * Never Gonna Be Alone (dark Horse) * Photograph (all The Right Reasons) * Rockstar (all The Right Reasons) * Savina Me (all The Right Reasons) * Shouldave Listened (the Long Road) * Somedqy (the Long Road) * Too Bad (silver Side Up).

      SKU: 2706845
      ISBN: 9780739061817
      Author: Alfred Publishing

    The Kind Of Western I'd Like To Read
      The Kind Of Western I'd Like To Read.

      Follow The Exploits Of A West Texas Cowboy's Journey To Manhood At An Amazing Time On The Frontier Where Wild Indians And Desperate Men Could "chew You Up And Spit You Out" Unless You Have Enough Grit To Plant Your Boots And Say, "no" And Be Ready To Back It Up With Guns, Fists And A Prayer Or Two Thrown In. Add An Older Brother Who Casts A Long Shadow Over You And Takes More Than One Look At Your Girl Who Just Happens To Be The Loveliest Of All Eve's Daughters And You Got The Makings For A Saddle String Pop'n Good Yarn.dwight (buc) Keene Is A Life-time Resident Of Washington State And Grew Up On A Stump Farm The Forth Of Ten Kids And Dreaming Of Becoming A Cowboy And Having Ah Orse Some Day. He Always Maintained He Should Have Been Born In Texas. He Met His Wife Janis In A Little Country Church The Family Attended And She Provides Much Of The Inspiration For The Romance Of This Story. They Moved To The Olympic Peninsula Shortly After Their Marriage Where They Had A Small Cattle Operation And He Owned His First Horse. They Eventually Moved To The Columbia Basin In Eastern Washington Where He Was Involved In The Hay And Cattle Business For Several Years While Their Family Was Growing Up.the Couple Currently Resides On A One Hundred And Twenty Year Old Mountain Homestead In The Olympic Mountains After Having Moved Back To The Peninsula To Open A Feed Store And Gun Shop. They Have Four Grown Children And Eight Grandchildren And Buc Finds Time Between His Family And Business Nterests To Allow His Faith To Inform His Writing And Love Of Humor, Adventure, The Out-doors And All Things Cowboy.

      SKU: 16828451
      ISBN: 9781619046535
      Author: Keene, Buc

    Us Infantry In The Indian Wars 1865-91
      Us Infantry In The Indian Wars 1865-91.

      Thanks To Hollywood's Many Portrayals Of The Us Cavalry, It Is Little Understood That The Infantry Played As Great A Part In The Indian Wars Of The 1860s-80s, And Were More Consistently Successful. The Great Paiute War Of 1866, Where The Infantry Of The Most Renowned Indian-fighting General, George Cook, Excelled In Battle, Together With The Role Of Other Infantry Units In The Final Subjugation Of Geronimo's Apaches In 1886, Are But Two Instances Of Their Achievements. Moreover, After The Custer Massacre, It Was The Infantry Under Gen Nelson Miles Who Out-fought Crazy Horse's Sioux In The Wolf Mountains In 1877; Crazy Horse Christened Them 'walk-a-heaps'. The Struggle Against The Indians Was The Longest War In American Military History And The Indians Were Formidable Opponents. They Knew The Terrain, Could Live Off The Land And Fielded Some Of The Finest Light Cavalry In The World. Facing Such A Determined Foe, One Soldier Even Wrote: "the Front Is All Around And The Rear Is Nowhere." The Us Infantry Endured Years Of Sporadic Battles That Were Bitterly Contested Against An Enemy Who Was Fighting For Their Very Survival. Presenting An Illustrated History Of These Critical But Overlooked Soldiers Of The Indian Wars, And Featuring Their Involvement In The Legendary Battles Of Wounded Knee And Wolf Mountains, This Narrative Includes Details Of Their Tactics, Training, Uniforms And Equipment Cupminating In The Eventual "closing" Of The American Frontier In 1890 And The Final Conquest Of The Indigenous Inhabitants Of North America.

      SKU: 7468241
      ISBN: 9781841769059
      Author: Field, Ron / Hook, Richard

    Five Comedies From The Italian Renaissance
      Five Comedies From The Italian Renaissance.

      At The Turn Of The Sixteenth Century, Italian Playwrights Rediscovered And Recast An Old Art Form - The Ancient Latin Comedy - To Creaye Witty, Ribald, And Intricately Plotted Plays That Delighted Renaissance Audiences With Their Clever Reversals Of Gender And Class Roles. Five Comedies From The Italian Renaissance Brings Together The Best Of These Works In Lvely New Translations By Laura Giannetti And Guido Ruggiero, Who Also Place The Comedies In Their Cultural And Social Context. Presenting A Fresh Perspective On The Italian Renaissance, These Deft Translations Allow Modern Readers To Experience The Original Artistry And Carnivalesque Humor Of These Delightfully Profane And Irreverent Literary Classics. Contents: The Comedy Of Calandro By Bernardo Dovizi De Bibbiena; The Mandrake Root By Niccola Machiavelli; The Master Of The Horse By Pietro Aretino; The Deceived By The Academy Of The Intronati Of Siena; And A Venetian Comedy (anonymous)

      SKU: 3225007
      ISBN: 9780801872587
      Author: Giannetti, Laura / Ruggiero, Guido

    Ruidoso And Ruidoso Downs
      Ruidoso And Ruidoso Downs.

      The Sacramento Mountains Are An Oasis Of Cool Pine Forests, Alpine Meadows, And Fast-flowing Streams. For More Than A Century, The Area Has Been A Summer Haven For People Living In The Surrounding Desert. The Town Of Ruidosoaa Spanish Word Meaning Anoisyaais Named For The Sound Of Water Rushing Over Rocks As The Rio Ruidoso Runs (and Occasionally Rampages) Through The Town. The Townas First Resident, Civil War Veteran Paul Dowlin, Built An Adobe Mill That Harnessed The Ri Veras Pwoer. Word Of The Areaas Beauty Soon Spread. Traveling Over Primitive Roads, First By Horse And Wagon And Later By Automobile, Visitors Escaped The Summer Heat In What Became Known As Athe Playgground Of The Southwest.a Some Came For Horse Racing Or The Gambling And Ngiht Life Offered By The Townas Many Bars; Others Came To Hike, Fish, And Later Ski On The Slopes Of Sierra Blanca, The Mountain Whose 12,000-foot Peak Provides A Stunning Backdrop For The Town.

      SKU: 2695759
      ISBN: 9780738570693
      Author: Kidder, Lyn / Brunell, Herb

    Philosophy Of Love, Sex, And Marriage: An Introduction
      Philosophy Of Love, Sex, And Marriage: An Introduction.

      How Is Love Different From Lust Or Infatuation? Do Love And Marriage Really Go Together "like A Horse And Carriage"? Does Sex Have Any Necessary Connection To Either? And How Important Are Love, Sex, And Marriage To A Well-lived Life? In This Lively, Lucid, And Comprehensive Textbook, Raja Halwani Pursues The Philosophical Questions Inherent In These Three Important Aspects Of Human Relationships, Exploring The Nature, Uses And Ethics Of Romantic Love, Sexuality, And Marriage. The Book Is Structured In Three Sections: Love Begins By Examining How Romantic Love Differs From Other Types Of Love, Such As Friendship And Parental Love. It Asks Which Properties Of Love Are Essential, Whether People Have A Choice In Whom They Love, And Whether Lovers Have Moral Obligations To One Another That Differ From Those They Owe To Others. Sex Demonstrates The Difficulty In Defining Sex And The Sexual, And Examines What Constitutes Good And Bad Sex In Terms Of Pleasure, "naturalness," And Moral Permissibility. It Offers Theoretical And Applied Ethical Approaches To A Wide Range Of Sexual Phenomena. Marriage Traces The History Of The Institution, And Describes The Various Forms In Which Marriage Exists And The Reasons Why People Marry. It Also Surveys Accounts Of Why People Should Or Should Not Marry, And Introduces The Main Arguments For And Against Gay Marriage. Features Include: - Suggestions For Further Reading - Online Eresource Site With Dowloadable Discussion Questions - A Clear, Jargon-free Writin Style

      SKU: 1343621
      ISBN: 9780415993517
      Author: Halwani, Raja

    Montana Royalty
      Montana Royalty.

      It Was Cold, They Were Trapped...and Rory Buchanan Had Made Lov Eto A Perfect Stranger-and Enjoyed It Way More Than She Should Have. But How Was A Regular Girl From Whitehorse Supposed To Know The Royal Protocol For Dealing With A Fantasy One-night Stand? It Soon Became Clear That Devlin Barrow Would Slay Any Dragon For Local Girl Rory-a Court Full Of Nobles Had Even Descended On The Small Montana Community. But This Relationship Was No Fairy Tale. Because Someone Was Willing To Kill To Keep Devlin's Secret Past From Toppling The Royal Hierarchy. And With Rory Pregnant With His Surprise Heir, Her Life Was At Stake As Well.

      SKU: 1099928
      ISBN: 9780373888573
      Author: Daniels, B. J.

    Child Of Earth
      Child Of Earth.

      Kaer's Family Has Volunteered To Emigrate Through A World-gate To Linnea, A World Known For Horses As Large As Houses And Dangerously Mistrustful Natives, In This New Young Adult Novel From David Gerrold. Kaer And His Mothers, Fathers, Siblings, And Cousins Embark On A Training Program In The Linnea Dome Designed To Teach Them To Blend In With Their New Home's Prior Inhabitants In An Environment Free From The Risk Of Discovery. The Dome Itself Should Be Safe, But In A Setting Designed To Be Like Linnea In Every Conceivable Way-from The Long, Harsh Winters To The Kacks, Wolf-like Creatures As Tall As Men-kaer Finds That Even The Simplest Training Exercises Can Be Fraught With Risk.

      SKU: 7796925
      ISBN: 9781932100471
      Author: Gerrold, David

    The Star Makers: On Set With Hollywood's Greatest Directors
      The Star Makers: On Set With Hollywood's Greatest Directors.

      Bob Willoughby Is One Of The World's Foremost Photojournalists Of The Hollywood Movie Iindustry, And Was The First 'outside' Photographer To Work On What Were Originally Closed Sets. Since The Early 1950s He Has Documented The Making Of Literally Hundreds Of Hollywood Films, Taking Intimate Portraits Of Famous Academy Award-winning Stars And Directors That Reflect The Drama And Emotions Of Moviemaking That Exist Both On And Off The Screen. From Such 1950s Classics As George Cukor's "a Star Is Born And Otto Preminger's "benjour Tristesse, Through Such Major Films Of The 1960s And 1970s As Mike Nichols's "who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf? And Sydney Pollack's "they Shoot Horses, Don't They? To Such Films Of The 1980s As John Landis's "an American Werewolf In London And Jean-jacques Annaud's "the Name Of The Rose, This Book Is A Fascinating Album Of Bob Willoughby's Memorable Shots, Accompanied By His Own Fascinating And Incisive Observations Of How Each Film Was Made. "the Star Makers Is A Stunning And Engaging Tribute To The Most Popular Art Form And Some Of The Greatest And Most Creative Personalities Of Modern Times.

      SKU: 7588971
      ISBN: 9781858942339
      Author: Willoughby, Bob / Pollack, Sydney

    Factory Sales Male Bag Retro Crazy Horse Metrosexual Leisure Bags Outdoor Sports And Leisure Fashion Leather Men Square Bag Satchel
      Factory Sales Male Bag Retro Crazy Horse Metrosexual Leisure Bags Outdoor Sports And Leisure Fashion Leather Men Square Bag Satchel.

      Name: Mens Inclined Shoulder Bag Item No: 2131 Material: Crazy Ma Wen Pu Leather Function: Waterproof, Wear-resistant, Breathable Complexion: Black, Brown Size: 15 * 4.5 * 19 Cm (due To Manual Measurement Will Be 1-3 Cm Error) After Packing Weight: 0.5 Kg Gongchuang: Guangzhouyizhi (huangyihan)

      Category: Crossbody
      SKU: 391578395

    Free Shipping! Crazy Horse Genuine Leather Key Pouch Zip Wallet Coin Bag Wallets Women Men Designer Brand Mini Money Wallet Purse Bag
      Free Shipping! Crazy Horse Genuine Leather Key Pouch Zip Wallet Coin Bag Wallets Women Men Designer Brand Mini Money Wallet Purse Bag.

      This Bag Comes With Good Quality ,competitive Recompense And Fashion Style ,you Can Use It In Various Occasions,welcome To Purchase!

      Category: Keywallets
      SKU: 402188649

    Ms1504261 Fashion Jewelry Sets Hight Quality Necklace Sets For Women Jewelry Silver Plated Sea Turtle Unique Design Party Gifts
      Ms1504261 Fashion Jewelry Sets Hight Quality Necklace Sets For Women Jewelry Silver Plated Sea Turtle Unique Design Party Gifts.

      Free Shipping Cheap Set Doctor, Buy Quality Set Of Sexy Girl Directly From China Set Teacher Suppliers: Ms1504258 Fashion Jewelry Sets High Quality Gold Plated Multicolor Horse Design Woman's Necklace Plant Wedding Jewelr

      Category: Earrings, amp, necklace
      SKU: 245729116

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