The Dragon Rider Chronicles

    The Dragon Rider Chronicles
      The Dragon Rider Chronicles.

      The Dragon Rider Chronicles Is An Accounting Of Events That Have Transpired In A World Not So Different From Our Own. It Is A History That Parallels Our World, But Instead Of The Horse Being The Main Steed Of Iron-clad Knights, Draogns Are Given That Distinction. Yes, Dragons There Are Tales Of Battles Between Dragon Riders And The Evil Demon Hordes, And Of Riders Who Use Their Dragons As Their Getaway Vehicles After Committing Crimes Of Murder And Thievery. Come Face To Face With The Oldest, Wisest, And Meanest Dragon. Learn Of The Bonding Between Dragon And Rider, Of The Skills They Learned And Demonstrate During The Annual Ames, And Of Heroes And Villains As They Clash In The Skies. You'll Feel The Fright And Tranquility Of Dragon Flight. You May Laugh And Cry As You Read Some Of These Events. You May Even Find Yourselves Dreaming Of Flying On The Back Of Your Own Dragon.

      SKU: 6209352
      ISBN: 9781413780987
      Author: Von Eder, Arturo / Eder, Arturo Von

    72 Pack Spizzles Premium Pig Ears (each)
      72 Pack Spizzles Premium Pig Ears (each).

      Spizzles Premium Smoked Pig Ears Are Full-sized Pig Ears Roasted For Great Flavor With Natural Nutrien Ts Preserved! Spizzle Pig Ears Will Quickly Become Your Dog's Favorite Treat! These Hearty Chews Contain No Artificial Preservatives Or Additives And Are Easier To Digest Than Rawhide. Store In A Cool, Dry Place To Preserve Freshness. A Great Alternative To Rawhide These Pig Ears For Dogs Are The #1 Selling Treats For Dogs, We Buy In Bulk And Have The Best Pricing On Top-quality Ears. Don't Checkout Without Some Pig Ears For Your Pups! See All Spizzles Products. Observation Recommended When Giving Treats To Your Dog

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      SKU: 72-pack-spizzles-premium-pig-ears

    Kala Health Arthrix Plus For Dogs (90 Chews)
      Kala Health Arthrix Plus For Dogs (90 Chews).

      Arthrix Plus For Dogs By Kala Health Is A Great Tasting, Nutritious Supplement Intended For The Long Term Maintenance Of Joint Health. It Is Designed To Help Older Animals And Those With Joint Injuries Live A Happier And Pain-free Life. Arthrix Plus Stands Out Froj Other Joint Health Products Because It Only Contains Branded, Pharmaceutical Grade Ingredients. Our Bioactive, Low-molecular-weight Chondroitin, Optimsm - Brand Msm, Ester-c - Brand Vitamin C And Omnimin - Brand Minerals & Trace Elements Mix, Combined With High Concentrations Of Cetyl Myristoleate (a Natural, Long-chain Fatty Acid With Powerful Anti-inflammatory Actions) And Glucosamine Hcl Ensure Maximum Uptake And Eff Ectiveness. Arthrix Plus For Dogs Was Specifically Designed To Improve The Quality Of Life Of Geriatric Mid- To Large Size Dogs. Arthrix Plus Is Also Beneficial For Smaller Dogs And Cats Suffering From Old Age Stiffness, And Those That Have Suffered Traumatic Joint Injuries. The Ingredients Used In Arthrix Plus Are Of Human Grade Purity And Are Commonly Recommended By Veterinarians. Arthrix Plus Is Not A Drug, So Offering It In Conjunction With Veterinary Medications Is No Problem. Arthrix Plus Is Not A Substitute For Treatment, But A Supportive Means To Assist With Canine Age-related Pains And Discomforts. Arthrix For Dogs Contains A Higher Concentration Of Ingredients Than Our Regular Strength Arthrix, As Well As Additional Ingredients To Provide Even Greater Benefits For Your Aging Dog. These Nutrients Include: ? Cetyl Esters Of Mixed Fatty Acids (200-mg/tablet): An Exclusive And Patented Blend Of Pure Cetyl Myristoleate (40-mg Min. Per Tablet) And Other Esterified Fatty Acids. This Revolutionary Compound Works To Lubricate Joints And Helps To Promote Mobile Joint Function. Cmo Is A Cutting-edge Compound That Promotes The Relief Of Joint Discomfort Following Exercise; More Info ? Msm (optimsm:500-mg Per Tablet): 99.9% Pure Optimsm; Msm Is Bioavailable Sulfur That Gives Quick And Lasting Joint Relief; Click Here To Read More About The Quality Of Msm ? Glucosamine Hcl (500-mg/tablet): Glucosamine Helps To Restore Cartilage And Improve Joint Functioning; Click Here To Read More About Glucosaamine In Dietary Supplements ? Ester-c (150-mg/tablet): This Buffered Vitamin C Is Several Times More Potent Than Ordinary Vitamin C; A Long-lasting, Buffered Form Of Vitamin C With Proven Benefits For Joints; More Info ? Chondroitin Sulffate (:125-mg/tablet): Chondroitin Is A Cartilage Component That Promotes Water Retention And Elasticity And Inhibits The Enzymes That Break Down Cartilage; Our Low Molecular Weight Chondroitin (12,000 Dalton) Ensures Rapid Uptake. Click Here To Read More About Chondroitin In Dietary Supplements. ? Trace Minerals (omnimin:25-mg/tablet): From Great Salt Lake Salts; Very Low In Sodium; Important For The Absorption Of Vitamins And Nutrients; Other Ingredients: Dextrates, Porcine Palatability Enhancer, Poultry Liver Powder, Microc Rystalline Cellulose, S

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, joint Supplements, gt, hip , amp, Joint Maintenance, gt, kala Health Arthrix , amp, Comfort Msm Plus
      SKU: Arthrixplus90

    Biologicvet Biojoint For Dogs - 56 Oz
      Biologicvet Biojoint For Dogs - 56 Oz.

      Biologicvet Biojoint Is Ideal For Pets That Suffer From Joint Pain, Arthritis, Osteoporosis Or Age Related Illnesses. Biojoint Can Be Used Daily As Part Of A Joint Regenerative And Anti-inflammatory Program, Or As A Preventative Program To Impede Premature Wear And Aging. Also Provides Relief From Your Pet's Joint Discomfort By Reducing Stiffness And Tenderness Of Joints. By Improving Joint Tissue Maintenance And Recovery, It Enables Your Pet To Be More Comfortable While Increasing Heir Physical Activity Levels. Herbal Extracts(boswellia Serrata): Provides Anti-inflammatory Support To Relieve Pain And Reduce Inflammation & Swelling Of Joints Facilitative Flavonoids: Protects Against Premature Aging & Disease (grape Seed Proanthocyanidins) And Improves Flexibility In Joints Essential Fatty Acids: Improves Mobility By Lubricating Joints & Tissues Low Molecular Weight Chondroitin: Maintains Water Content & Elasticity Of The Cartilage Between Joints And Helps Block Enzymes That Break Down Cartilage Glucosamine (200 Mg), Msm (200 Mg), Chondroitin (80 Mg): Maximizes Optimal Joint & Cartilage Health Spectrum Of Minerals: Boosts Organic Sulfur Supplementation For Maintaining Healthy Cartilage, Joint Flexibility & Mobility Ground Flaxseed: Promotes Healthy Skin & Coat, Reduces Inflammation And Increases Cardiovascular Health Protection

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, joint Supplements, gt, senior Joint Supplements, gt, biologicvet Biojoint
      SKU: Biojoint56oz

    Pit'r Pat - Liver (.43 Ooz)
      Pit'r Pat - Liver (.43 Ooz).

      These Mini Fun Fish-shaped Breath Freshening "mintsq&uot; Freshen Cat's Breath. Cats Love The Flavor Of These Mints And You'll Appreciate The Natural Breath Freshening Of The Chlorophyll, Green Tea Extract, And Rosemary Oil. Will Even Please The Most Finicky Of Felines. Packaged In A Convenient & Cute Metal Tin. Cats Love Them - Contains Cooked Liver You'll Love Them - Fun Fish Shapes And Irresistible Tin Packaging Pit'r Patâ® Has Ingredients That Help Freshen Cat's Breath No Special Feeding Instructions - Feed As A Treat

      Category: Cat Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, dental Cat Treats, gt, pit, r Rap Dental Treats
      SKU: Chomp300

    3-pack Enercal High Calorie Nutritional Supplement Gel (15 Oz)
      3-pack Enercal High Calorie Nutritional Supplement Gel (15 Oz).

      Enercal Is A Vitamin And Mineral Supplement For Dogs And Cats. Enercal Also Acts As An Added Source Of Energy. Pets Love Its Highly Palatable Flavor. To Acquaint Your Pet To The Flavor Of Enercal, Place A Small Amount On Your Pet?s Nose Or Paw. Key Features: High-protein Nutritional Supplement For Cats And Dogs Highly Palatable 3-pack Of 5 Oz Tube, 15 Oz Total

      Category: New Pet Products
      SKU: Enercal-supplement-gel-3-pack

    Kyjen Mini Squeaker Mat - Gator
      Kyjen Mini Squeaker Mat - Gator.

      Kyjen Mini Squeaker Mat - Gator Is A Durable Toy Your Small Dog Will Enjoy For Hours On End. With 6 Squeakers, Your Dog Can Eliminate One And Still Have Plenty To Work On! Dogs Love To Shake And Flap This Toy's Long Body. This Is The Perfect Toy For The Small Dog That Loves To Tug And Chew. Approximately 7" X 4" Long Lasting Squeaker Double Layer Seams Great For Small Dogs

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Toys, gt, plush , amp, Stuffing-free Dog Toys, gt, kyjen Squeaker Mat
      SKU: Kyjen-mini-squeaker-mat-gator

    Pet Qwerks Plush Sock Monkey Toy
      Pet Qwerks Plush Sock Monkey Toy.

      Pet Qwerks Plush Sock Monkey Toy Features The American Icon: The Sock Monkey. These Creatures Have Been Surging In Popularity Among Pets And Humans Alike! This Sock Monkey Plush Toy Is Adorable And Silly With A Squeaker Inside For Additional Fun. This Stylish Monkey Is The Perfect Mini Friend For Your Pet. Plush Toy With Squeaker Inside Great For Tossing Or Cuddling Measures 10.5 Inches Tall

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Toys, gt, plush , amp, Stuffing-free Dog Toys, gt, pet Qwerks Plush Toy
      SKU: Plush-sock-monkey-toy

    Victor Ultimate Flea Trap Refills (3 Pack)
      Victor Ultimate Flea Trap Refills (3 Pack).

      Victor Ultimate Flea Trap "super Grabber" Glue Discs Refills. These Replacement Refills Are For The Victor Ultimate Flea Trap.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, cleaning , amp, amp, Sanitation, gt, other Cleaning , amp, amp, Sanitation, gt, victor Pest Control
      SKU: Victorfleatrapref3pk

    Weruva Cats In The Kitchen Pouch-1 If By Land 2 If By Sea 8-pack (24 Oz)
      Weruva Cats In The Kitchen Pouch-1 If By Land 2 If By Sea 8-pack (24 Oz).

      Weruva Cats In The Kitchen Pouch-1 If By Land 2 If By Sea Contains Wild Caught Tuna, Salmon And Free Range Beef In A Savory Gravy. This Highly Palatable And Completely Grain And Gluten Free Formula Also Includes Vitamins B And K And Is Perfect For Your Obligate Carnivore. Bpa Free And Easy-to-open Pouches Help Seal In The Food?s Moisture, Which Is Your Cat?s Primary Source Of Hydration. Bring Your Cats To The Heart Of Your Home And Feed Them Delicious Offerings. A Complete & Balanced Meal In A Convenient Serving Size 100% Grain-free High Quality Protein And Hydration.

      Category: Cat Food, gt, wet Cat Food, gt, weruva Wet Cat Food
      SKU: Weruvalandseapk12

    Tennessee Rose
      Tennessee Rose.

      Alabama, 1856. Tennessee Rose Is A Dark Bay Tennessee Walking Horse With A Rose-shaped Marking On Her Forehead. She Loves Dashing Around The Plantation In Thhe Running Walk That Her Breed Is Famous For, Then Coming Back To Her Comfortable Stall And Her Friend Levi, The Slave Boy Who Is Her Groom. But As The Civil War Approaches, Rosie Begins To Question Plantation Life. Is Slavery Fair? Could Levi Be Free? Like "black Beauty, " This Moving Novel Is Told In First Person From The Horse's Point Of View And Includes An Appendix Full Of Photos And Facts About Tennessee Walking Horses And The Civil War.

      SKU: 16738747
      ISBN: 9780375870064
      Author: Kendall, Jane F. / Sheckels, Astrid

    Horsekeeping On A Small Acreage: Designing And Managing Your Equine Facilities
      Horsekeeping On A Small Acreage: Designing And Managing Your Equine Facilities.

      Effective Management Requires Knowledge, Dedication, And A Sincere Interest In The Well-being Of Horses. In This Thoroughly Updated Second Edition Of Her Best-selling Classic, Cherry Hill Explains How To Be A Responsible Steward Of The Land While Providing Horses With The Best Care Possible. Drawing On Decades Of Personal Experience And Recommendations From Hands-on Extension Agents Throughout North America, Hill Proovides Detailed, Practical Information Designed To Help Readers Develop And Refine Their "horsekeeping Consciousness." A Thorough Understanding Of Horses Is Critical To Good Horsekeeping, So Hill Begins By Explaining The Behavior And The Physical And Emotional Needs Of The Horse. She Encourages Readers To Choose A Management Method That Fits Their Lifestyle And Locale. She Then Explains How To Maximize Efficiency Through Careful Planning Of Facilities And Implementation Of Diligent Management Routines That Keep Horses Happy, Healthy, And Safe. Well Organized And Generously Illustrated With Color Photographs And Instructive Plan Drawings, Horsekee Ping On A Small Acreage Is Packed With Information That Horse Owners Need. Acreage Selection, Layout Design, And Checklists For Daily, Weekly, Monthly, And Seasonal Management Routines Are Just A Few Of The Essential Topics Covered In This Invaluable Reference. Since It Was First Published In 1991, Horsekeeping On A Small Acreage Has Sold More Than 160,000 Copies. This New Edition Is Full-color And Has Been Thoroughly Redesigned, Revised, Expanded, And Updated.

      SKU: 7137902
      ISBN: 9781580175357
      Author: Hill, Cherry

    Dragon's Ring
      Dragon's Ring.

      Tasmarin Is A Place Of Dragons, A Plane Cut Off From All Other Worlds, Where Dragons Can Be Dragons And Humans Can Be Dinner. It's A Place Of Islands, Forests, Mountains And Wild Oceans, Filled With Magical Denizens. Fionn-the Black Dragon-calmly Tells Anyone Who Will Listen That He's Going To Destroy The Place. Of Course He's A Joker, A Troublemaker And A Dragon Of No Fixed Abode. No One Ever Believes Him. He's Dead Serious. Others Strive To Refresh The Magics That Built This Place. To Do So They Need The Combined Magics Of All The Intelligent Species, To Renew The Ancient Balance And Compact. There Is Just One Problem. They Need A Human Mage, And Dragons Systematically Eliminated Those Centuries Ago. Their Augury Has Revealed That There Is One, And They Seek Her Desperately. Unfortunately, She's Fallen In With Fionn, Who Really Doesn't Want Them To Succeed. He Has His Own Reasons And Dark Designs. The Part He Hadn't Worked Out Is That She Will Affect His Plans Too. Chaos, Roguery, Heorism, Theft, Love, Kidnapping, Magic And War Follow. And More Chaos. "dave Freer Always Delivers Compelling, Fast-moving And Addictive Fantasy Adventures. Writ E More, Dave." -garth Nix, "new York Times "best-selling Author Of The Abhorsen Trilogy And The Keys To The Kingdom Series "good Characterization, Ripsnorting Action And An Ingenious Plot Make This A Feast For Sword And Sorcery Fans." -publishers Weekly" (starred Review) On Dave Freer's A Mankind Witch"

      SKU: 6716077
      ISBN: 9781439134115
      Author: Freer, Dave

    Frommer's Washington, D.c. Day By Day [attending Map]
      Frommer's Washington, D.c. Day By Day [attending Map].

      These Attractively Priced, Four-color Guides Offer Dozens Of Neighborhood And Thematic Tours, Complete With Hundreds Of Photos And Bulleted Maps That Lead The Way From Sight To Sight. Day By Days Are The Only Guides That Help Travelers Organize Their Time To Get The Most Out Of A Trip. Full-color Package At An Affordable Price Star Ratings For All Hotels, Restaurants, And Attractions Foldout Front Covers With Maps And Quick-reference Information A Tear-resistant Foldout Map-enclosed In A Handy Plastic Wallet You Can Also Use For Tickets And Souvenirs Handy Pocket-sized Trim 22 Self-guided Tours. 34 Maps. One Great Trip. At Last, A Travel Guide That Tells You How To See The Best Of Everything-in The Smartest, Most Time-efficient Way. Written By A D.c. Local, Frommer's Washington D.c. Day By Day Offers You: The Best Of Washington In 1, 2, Or 3 Days\ Complete Coverage Of The Newly Reopened Smithsonian National Museum Of American History Thematic Tours For Every Interest, Schedule, And Taste Walking Tours Of The City's Best-loved Neighborhoods Hundreds Of Evocative Color Photos Bulleted Maps That Show You How To Go From Place To Place Hotels, Restaurants, Shopping, And Nightlife For All Budgets Outdoor Activities, Whether You Want To Ride Horses, Stroll Along The Potomac Rover, Or Bike Ride Or Kayak And Plenty Of Kid-friendly Choices Throughout Frommer's. The Best Trips Start Here. Visit Us Online At

      SKU: 1524811
      ISBN: 9780470497609
      Author: Stanton, Meredith

    Unhallowed Ground
      Unhallowed Ground.

      Like A Combination Of Cold Comfort Farm And Psycho, Gillian White's Brilliant New Novel Begins Very Quietly, Almost Romantically, Then Builds Inexorably To Nearly Unbearable Suspense. It's About An Attractive, Fortyish Widow, Very Lively But Deeply Wounded In Her Psyche, Who Inherits Her Brother's Cottage In A Remote Part Of Rural Devon. Georgie Is A London Social Worker In Flight From Unwanted Tabloid Celebrity When A Child Who Is Part Of Her Caseload Is Killed. The Little Girl's Father Has Been Under Suspicion Of Abusing The Child, And Georgie Is Accused By The Press Of Having Ignored All The Warning Signs And Abandoned The Little Girl To Her Father's Cruel, And Finally Fatal, Beating. An Inquiry Exonerates Georgie, But The Press Doesn't Forgive Her, And She Can't Forgive Herself, So When She Inherits Her Brother's Cottage, She Is Happy To Go There And Sort Things Out. Georgie Settles In And Takes Stock Of Her Neighbors. Chad Cramer, A Small-time Thief And Poacher, Has Appropriated Most Of Her Brother's Belongings And Lives With Donna, A Witless But Somehow Disturbing Waif, Who Is Clearly In Terror Of Chad; The Buckpits, Dairy Farmers, A Ferocious, Brooding Gorgon Of A Mother And Two Hulking, Brutish Sons; And Nancy And George Horsefield, A Well-to-do Married Couple Whose Brightly Expensive Lifestyle Seems To Conceal Some Hidden Tragedy, For Mrs. H. Is Clearly Crazy, And Mr. H., Though He Cares For Her, Is Strangely On Edge.... For A While, Georgie Gets By Restoring The Cottage To Something Approaching Livability And Cleaning Up The Garden Shed, In Which Something Strange Has Clearly Been Going On, And Her Life Seems Almost Idyllic. Then A Darker Note Is Heard. Georgie Sees A Mysterious And Threatening Stranger, Who Runs Away When Georgie Approaches; Chad Cramer Turns Nasty; Donna Begins To Cling To Georgie; Mrs. Buckpit Is Openly Hostile; And Georgie Continues To Be Haunted By The Child Who Was Under Her Care And Died, And By The Thought Of The Child's Father In Prison Now. As The Summer Ends, The Countryside Begins To Turn Savage And Threatening, And Now Real Terror Creeps In. Georgie's Beloved Dog Is Stolen, Her Attempt At Painting Is Livened Up With Splashes Of Blood, An Intruder Stares Into Her Cottage At Night With A Baleful Eye... Finally, Step By Step, The Horror Increases To Psycho Level As A Snowstorm Isolates The Village And Cuts Georgie Off From The World - Leaving Her At The Mercy Of A Killer Whose Identity She Can't Even Guess As The Ax Descends On Her...

      SKU: 6716556
      ISBN: 9781439154892
      Author: White, Gillian

    Alicia Keys: The Piano Songbook
      Alicia Keys: The Piano Songbook.

      Note-for-note Keyboard Transcrauthentic Piano And Vocal Transcriptions Of 18 Of Her Best-known Songs, Including: Fallin' * How Come You Don't Call Me * If I Ain't Got You * No One * Prelude To A Kiss * When You Really Love Someone * Wild Horses * A Woman's Worth * You Don't Know My Name * And More.

      SKU: 63672888
      ISBN: 9781423488538
      Author: Keys, Alicia

    Illustrated Catalog Of Civil War Military Goods: Union Weapons, Insignia, Uniform Accessories And Other Equipment
      Illustrated Catalog Of Civil War Military Goods: Union Weapons, Insignia, Uniform Accessories And Other Equipment.

      Unabridged Reproduction Of Rare And Valuable 1864 Catalog Brimming With Uniform And Dress Regulations, Arms And Ammunition, Horse & ;quot;furniture," Tables Of Military Pay, Uniform Accessories, Insignia And Other Equipment. Detailed Descriptions Of Hats, Coats, "trowsers," Boots, Tents, Swords, More. 226 Illustrations.

      SKU: 1595545
      ISBN: 9780486249391
      Author: Schuyler Hartley Graham Military Furnish / Graham, Schuyler Hartley


      Increasing Up In An Amish Home Is No Protection From Peer Pressure. Reuben Struggles To Balance Wanting To Prove Himself To His Friends And Living Up To The Expectations Of His Parents. On A Dare Reuben Tries To Show How Fast His Horse Princess Can Run And Trouble Erupts. In The Aftermath, Reuben Wonders If He Will Ever Again Feel At Peace With Himself.

      SKU: 3643012
      ISBN: 9780836135930
      Author: Borntrager, Mary Christner

    Great Battles In Australian History
      Great Battles In Australian History.

      'yes, We Could Fight All Right. Nobody Could Fight Better Than Us Diggers.' - Jack Buntine, Veteran Of Gallipoli And The Western Front Great Battles In Australian History Tells The Story Of The Forty Most Remarkable Conflicts Involving Australians Through The Eyes Of The Great Heroes Who Were There. Alongside Them, We Can Ride A Horse Into Battle To Save A Wounded Bugler In The Boer War; Charge Up The Cliffs With The Anzacs At Gallipoli To Help Forge The Legend; Ride History's Last Great Cavalry Charge With The Legendary Light Horse; Shoot Japanese Planes Down As They Bomb Darwin; Beat Off Hitler's Desert Fox, Rommel, With The 'rats Of Tobruk'; Escape From A Viet Cong Ambush In A Tropical Downpour, Or Slide Down A Rope From A Helicopter Into The Jaws Of A Taliban Attack In Afghanistan. Many Of These Great Warriors Won The Victoria Cross; Some Died Winning It. As Historian Jonathan King Takes Us To The Battlefields Of Long Ago And Then On A Rollercoaster-ride Right Up To The War In Afghanistan, He Brings History Alive, Laying Bare The Significance Of Each Battle. Despite The Heroics And The Glory, The Devastation That War Wreaks Is Inescapable. This Book Serves As A Tribute To All The Australian Servicemen And Women Who Have Fought Selflessly For Their Country Over The Last Two Centuries. 'anzac' Stood And Still Stands For Reckless Valour In A Good Cause, For Enterprise, Resourcefulness, Fidelity, Comradeship And Endurance That Will Never Admit Defeat. -charles Bean

      SKU: 16609988
      ISBN: 9781742374574
      Author: King, Jonathan

    This Here's A Good'un
      This Here's A Good'un.

      In Fact, All The Stories In This Collection Are Good'uns. Bill Brett Has A Fine Ear For The Ways Of Speech And A Sharp Eye For The Way Of Life Of The Forests And Swamps Of The Southeastern Region Of Texas. Some Might Say That The Tone Of Many Of These Tales Is More Autobiographical Than That Of His Earlier Collection, "there Ain't No Such Animal, " And Perhaps That's Exact, For In These Stories He Shows A Keen Understanding Of What It Was Like For A Boy Growing Up In The Early Decades Of The Twentieth Century, Passing Into Manhood, And Accepting The Responsibility That Comes With Maturity. But There Are Also Stories Here About Such Topics As The Strains Of Married Life, The Hazards Of An Obsession For Deer Hunting, The Drawbacks To Being Part Of A Family, And The Foibles Of Politicians. In Other Words, Bill Brett Writes With Natural Humor And Perceptive Wisdom About The Way Folks Live Through All Their Years. These Stories Will Appeal To Anyone Who Likes A Well-told Yarn About Boys, Dogs, Horses, Farmers, Preachers, And The Country Life That Was Common To Us All Just A Few Generations Ago.

      SKU: 7183519
      ISBN: 9781585440740
      Author: Brett, Bill / Abshier, Frank

    Indian Embers
      Indian Embers.

      First Published In England In 1949, This Is The Diary Of An English Novelist During The Heyday Of The Raj. "lady Lawrence Was Better Known As Rosamond Napier, A British Novelist Who Had Several Popular Titles To Her Credit Before Marrying And Relocating To The Wilds Of India, Complete With Snakes, Panthers, Travel By Horseback, And Sleeping In Jungles. Her Remembrances Of The Lives Of The Indians And The British Colonists During The Waning Days Of The Raj (the Book Spans 1914 - 26) Can Be Likened To An Indian Version Of Out Of Africa. Napier Presents This Portrait Of A Time And Place Uniquely From A Woman's Point Of View". - Library Journal "rosamond Lawrence's Account Of Her Time In India Stands Out Among The Hundreds Of Memoirs Of The Raj For Its Wit, Intelligence, And Understanding. She Writes With A Clarity And Elegance That Help To Bring That Vanished World Alive". - Margaret Macmillan, Author Of Women Of The Raj

      SKU: 7643405
      ISBN: 9781879434035
      Author: Lawrence, Lady / Wimmel / Wimmel, Kenneth

    Danny And Life On Bluff Point: The Conflict: Book Six In The Danny And Life On Bluff Point Series
      Danny And Life On Bluff Point: The Conflict: Book Six In The Danny And Life On Bluff Point Series.

      The Sixth In A Series Of Historical Novels For Children, "danny And Life On Bluff Point: The Conflict" Finds The Lee Family Engaged In A Social Conflict That Will Test Their Values. It Is May 1895, And The Lee Children Greet The Spring Weather With Jubilation. It's A Time For Picking Wildflowers, Awaiting The Births Of Baby Farm Animals, And Helping Pa And Ma With The Chores. But This Idealistic World Is About To Change. While Riding His Horse One Day, Ten-year-old Danny Lee Meets Their New Neighbor From Virginia, Robert Overhouser, Never Knowing How Much This One Man Will Change His Life. Even Though The Civil War Happened Thirty Years Ago, Some Members Of The Very Yankee Community Of Bluff Point, New York, Are Not Tooh Appy About Welcoming A Southerner Into Their Midst. The Friction Between Mr. Overhouser And The Rest Of The Town Spills Over To The Lee Children, And Danny And His Siblings Soon Find Themselves Coming To The Defense Of The Overhouser Family In School. But Throughout The Conflict Between The Town And The Family, Both Sides Learn Valuable Lessons About Prejudice, Forgiveness, And Acceptance.

      SKU: 2160771
      ISBN: 9780595448081
      Author: Lee, Mary Ellen

    Grandaddy's Street Songs: Granddaddy's Street Songs
      Grandaddy's Street Songs: Granddaddy's Street Songs.

      Roddy Loves To Bring Out The Old Family Photo Album And Listen To Granddaddy Tell Stories About His So Long-ago Days As An Arabber, A Fruit And Vegetable Vendor. With His Horse-drawn Wagon Laden With The Freshest Produce, Granddaddy Would Ride Down The Cobblestoned Streets And Narrow Brick Alleys Of Baltimore, Singing Out His Special Calls To Customers. Singing Along With Granddaddy Makes Roddy Almost Feel Like He's An Arabber, Too, As If Those Long-ago Days Have Come Alive....

      SKU: 3098857
      ISBN: 9780786801602
      Author: Degross, Monalisa / Cooper, Floyd

    8 Pieces A Lot Mixed Style Fashion Hot Sale Women's Sterling Silver Bracelet, Horse's Hoof Five Butterfly Cross 925 Silver Bracelet Emb10
      8 Pieces A Lot Mixed Style Fashion Hot Sale Women's Sterling Silver Bracelet, Horse's Hoof Five Butterfly Cross 925 Silver Bracelet Emb10.

      8 Pieces A Lot ,support Mix Order Can Choose Specify Products, Mixed Batch As Your Needs.our Shipping Is Free To All Country.order Over 300$,we Will Free Ship By Dhl Or Ems.we Have Many Shipping Way To Choose.epacket China Post Air.hongkong Post.. The More You Order,the More Discount For You.w E Have Own Factorey Have More Than 10000 Styles 18k 24k Jewelry ,the Price Is Low.factory Direct Sale!welcome To Our Store.

      Category: Charmbracelets
      SKU: 385590090

    120pcs/lot Mix Order Medieval Figures Atlantis Viking Egyption Warriors Dragon Knights Spartacus Armored Horse Mini Building Blocks Figure
      120pcs/lot Mix Order Medieval Figures Atlantis Viking Egyption Warriors Dragon Knights Spartacus Armored Horse Mini Building Blocks Figure.

      The Minifig Size Is About 4.5cm And Made Of Environmental Abs Plastic. Totally 50+ Types Of Medievval Minifig Available.â to Be Continous Updated.

      Category: Lego
      SKU: 403176902

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